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This editorial appears in the Feb. 15, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mitt Romney Walks Out

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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Mitt Romney, who had recently returned from the Mormon inauguration of a new leader of that church, has apparently reacted to his very poor showing in the recent Republican primary, by suddenly dropping any active role as a contender for the Republican Presidential nomination. Barack Obama is heing hit hard from London with the beginning of a massive international campaign to eliminate him from the competition for the Democratic Presidential nomination. New York City Mayor Bloomberg—who laid out his own and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's explicitly Benito Mussolini-like fascist corporatist "infrastructure" policy at a Los Angeles meeting, with with avowed accomplices and Governors Schwarzenegger and Ed Rendell—is moving like a juggernaut toward what his backers have presented as an intended fifty-state campaign for the U.S. Presidency. In the meantime, Senator John McCain appears to have virtually locked up the Republican nomination.

Where does Bloomberg, a publicly avowed follower of the corporativist economic and social "infrastructure" policies of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler's Hjalmar Schacht, fit into the mainstream Presidential primary campaigns?

The fly in flirty corporatist Bloomberg's campaign is that both Senators Obama and Hillary Clinton are still very much in the race, at this moment, despite the credibly avowed intention of British and related circles to bring Obama down. That would leave Senator Clinton as the remaining candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination.

Will Bloomberg actually run for President? On which ticket: Democratic, Republican, or "Independent"? I am confident that I can already identify some of the leading options here, as follows.

Republican Option: A McCain-Bloomberg ticket, in which case it would be expected that Bloomberg would soon succeed McCain in the Presidency, for health reasons, and the not entirely excluded possibility of Leonora Fulani as successor to Condolezza Rice.

Democratic Option: Following the London orchestration of Obama's downfall, Hillary is also eliminated in some way, and Bloomberg's machine grabs the Presidency and, with the support of Schwarzenagger, institutes the immediate reign of a neo-Schachtian, corporativist fascist program of Lazard Freres-created George Shultz "revolution in military affairs" crony Felix Rohatyn, in the U.S.A. Remember that Shultz and Rohatyn were leading accomplices in creating the neo-Nazi government of Chile's President Pincohet and its Nazi-advised mass-murder machine in the states of the Southern Cone of the Americas.

I do not believe that Mayor Bloomberg would attempt to parody Ross Perot's 1992 "spoiler" campaign. Such a role does not fit the current intentions of those who created and have deployed Mayor Bloomberg.

So far, while the current Chicago Board of Trade favorite, Obama, has garnered support with much help from Senator Edward Kennedy's circles, he has shown no evidence of a credible kind of intention to launch a meaningful and relevant kind of reform. He is long on populist rhetoric, but bereft of any economically credible reforms; and, like Representative Barney Frank, has violently rejected the only practical economic reform which would be actually relevant to the lower eighty percentiles of the nation's family income brackets.

Nonetheless, although there is nothing of competent substance in the stated campaign program of Obama so far, his significance is that he has captured the imagination of a significant minpority of the electorate. If both he and Hillary were eliminated by the various, London-steered coup-d'etat methods being deployed against both those candidates now, and their replacement by a Bloomberg or McCain-Bloomberg ticket, the likely result would be immediate adoption of the specific fascist economic and social programs being pushed by fascist-Felix Rohatyn today. That is the only way I foresee the significance of Mayor Bloomberg's firm intention to seize the Presidency, to ends pioneered by both London's puppets Hjalmar Schacht and Adolf Hitler, or the fascist economic and social politics associated with Lazard Freres in France then.

The damnable foolishness of many political figures is to regard the election of a President as a form of sports tournament. The credulity of foolish citizens is to see this as a contest among sports teams, or color gangs, rather than as a moment of global crisis in which the policies at stake will, as in this case, be a matter of choice of the fate of nations, even the planet as a whole, for generations yet to come,

The assassinations, and ensuing cover-ups of issues motivating the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, together with Rev. Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, during the 1960s, are recognized by any competent political or economic analyst, as assassinations which caused an immediate shift in national U.S. policy, and were intended to bring about those shifts.

President John F. Kennedy ran for President on the ticket of President Franklin Roosevelt's memorable policies. His assassination, which made the long and ruinous U.S. War in Indo-China possible, and the terror this struck in President Johnson, according to Johnson's own account(!), resulted in a sudden and ruinous change in direction, against the FDR legacy which John Kennedy committed himself to renew, and into the disasters which sent the U.S. economy spinning consistently downward in measurable physical-economic terms, per capita and per square kilometer, over the entire period since the U.S. Federal budget of 1967-68.

On such matters I enjoy the authority of being the only visible long-range economic forecaster who has been consistently on the mark since 1968. My "Triple Curve," first published widely since January 1996, has been the only factually validated long-range forecast over the entire interval since. Hence I am greatly feared, and therefore hated by both stubborn fools and crafty evil-doers, such as George Shultz and fascist Felix Rohatyn, to the present date.

The U.S.A. is now plunging into the deepest pit it has known since about 1960. There are actions, actions which confirm to the stated intent of our Federal Constitution, by means of which we could do as President Franklin Roosevelt did, to rescue our nation and its people from a presently ongoing plunge which has no visible bottom. As this was made clear in the recorded California gathering of Governors Schwarzenegger and Rendel, Mayor Bloomberg, and the Rockefeller Foundation's Judith Rodin, the policy which they outlined (on recorded camera) was explicitly a fascist "infrastructure" program modeled exactly on the precedents of Mussolini and Hitler, a program which, by its nature, must lead to similar outcomes. However, this time, were the present followers of those fascist intentions to succeed in gaining the U.S. Presidency, they and their British masters would be soon destroyed utterly by the results of their own choice of economic policy.

The word to the wise citizen has thus been given to you. The rest, you should be capable of thinking through, yourself.

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