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This article appears in the May 9, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Bind the Wounds

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 30, 2008

Former U.S. Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. speaks in his capacity as the responsible official of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) on the implications of the recent crisis in this Obama nomination campaign.

The difficulties presently plaguing Senator Barack Obama's campaign for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination prompt me to speak out in the effort to bring an added note of much-needed political sense in the currently ongoing Presidential primary campaign.

It should be said, and widely agreed, that in the event Senator Obama's campaign founders under the weight of certain recent developments, we must recognize, nonetheless, that the supporters of Senator Obama's campaign have certain highly relevant citizen's rights, especially citizens in the lower eighty percentile of income brackets. I emphasize mainly the right of those citizens to be fairly represented, not dumped, were the Senator's campaign, for example, to founder.

The essential interest of the citizen lies in the success of the U.S. Presidency, not some misconceived proprietary interest in the outcome of some "spoils system." That citizen is presently menaced, as is most of the world as a whole, by a terrible, hyper-inflationary form of ongoing collapse and threatened disintegration of the entire world's economic and related systems. The real issues of politics today, world wide, are not partisan as much as they are viciously existential. We should govern our politics, and our selves, accordingly.

For this presently skyrocketing crisis, there are certain remedies available under the specific form of design of our peculiar constitutional system of Federal government, which are more or less unique and globally relevant advantages inhering in our history and our constitutional system. Regrettably, virtually none of those remedies are being deployed at the Federal level in the Presidency or Congress at this time. The effects of the presently escalating global financial and physical economic crisis are actually worse, even more menacing, in the presently disintegrating systems of western and central Europe, than in the U.S.A. itself; the actual, or threatened effects on the conditions of life of most of the world, are, so far, worse than we face, presently, here.

In this circumstance, with the remedies, like those employed by President Franklin Roosevelt, available under the influence of our history and our constitutional system, we have the responsibility of turning those features of our constitutional system employed by that great President, to succor the well-being of our nation and the generality of its citizens and their offspring, and also to promote the defense of the general welfare of the nations and their people of this planet.

Therefore, let us now choose this moment of crisis to affirm that the constituencies associated recently with the cause of Senator Obama's campaign will be assured, by all of us—at the least, most of us—of the promotion and protection of those citizens' interest in our Presidency, more than the special considerations which might be sought as the rewards of a successful candidate for the Presidential nomination and Presidency. Most of those citizens, like the rank and file of the supporters of Obama's and Senator Hillary Clinton's candidacies, have inherent rights which must be protected by the institution of the Presidency. It is those rights, especially those of the lower eighty percentile of our family income-brackets, which must be served as a commitment to be expected of all of us who care.

Those rights, that perspective, is what seems to me, to have been often lost in the hurly-burly of the current Presidential marathon up to this point. It is the interest of the electorate in what we should require of the new Presidency, not in a particular candidate, which must be supported in principle by us all.

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