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This article appears in the August 8, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Maybe, Obama Is Not `The One'

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 2, 2008

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Since the immediate aftermath of Senator Obama's meeting with more than two dozen economic-policy notables, on his return to the U.S.A., the likelihood of Obama's ever actually becoming President has been placed in serious doubt. This came on the heels of a potentially fatal political blow to Obama's appeal, uttered as an early Republican "October Surprise" by Republican pre-candidate Senator John McCain, and a devastating assessment of Obama's mental state by the Washington Post's Dana Milbank.

In the meantime, a featured video campaign ad published by the McCain campaign, on the subject of "The One," represents a frankly devastating blow to Obama's image, a blow which must be treated as an astonishingly early, Republican "October Surprise."

To give Senator Obama the benefit of a margin of doubt in this matter, there is a very large degree of verisimilitude in these and kindred characterizations of the ominous defects in Obama's public postures thus far. " 'I'm the King of the Hill' posturing by Obama" is the least of the expressed concerns respecting Obama's current, euphoric state of mind.

Apart from those psychological profiles of Senator Obama appearing in the mass media, nothing has appeared in print from the Obama campaign which proffers any response to the reality of the presently onrushing, global financial breakdown-crisis currently hurtling through the international system toward a presently threatened early general breakdown of the world economy as a whole. It would not be unfair to characterize Senator Obama's campaign so far as a "wind-egg." Understandably, the campaign of Senator McCain appears to be drooling with euphoric expectations for as long as Obama continues his, frankly, foolish disregard for issues.

What Should Worry Us

Senator Obama is not a new Adolf Hitler, of course; but, the way in which London-centered interests steered the training and selection of Adolf Hitler as a prospective leader, during the course of the 1920s, is the best known example of a certain way in which puppet-like synthetic leaders are sometimes created out of persons who would ordinarily appear to be the most unlikely types for playing such a role. This is the aspect of Senator Obama's background on which the crafters of the referenced McCain video have focussed their attack. This is the key to the side of Senator Obama on which the Washington Post's Dana Milbank has focussed his attention.

It is important to add another point on this matter.

In dealing with cases such as this, it is important to view the subject personality from the emotional standpoint of a psychiatric patient-physician relationship. The subject must be regarded as a victim of his, or her relevant condition. The intention must be one of the intention to assist both the subject person and the social setting in which the subject's condition is a problematic feature. The object must not be to "kill," but to "cure." This does not mean producing a person who is suited to the position to which he might aspire, but to aim to effects which will be actually beneficial to both that person and the social setting in which he, or she is situated. The situation being, in this case, the threatened doom of the U.S.A. under its presently menacing state of affairs.

In the case of Senator Obama, we must pay attention to two crucial matters. First, what malevolent interests, such as those in Britain, which have selected, and are using him as an expendable tool of their convenience. Second, to provide a safe exit of the Senator from the situation in which he has been placed by the relevant malevolent interests, such as those of British agent George Soros and of Felix Rohatyn, who have created the predicament in which both Senator Obama and the U.S.A. are situated.

Admittedly, Senator McCain has manifest problems which do not commend his election; however, the most urgent problem is the case of Senator Obama. The remedy is to think of throwing both nominations open to consideration of credible alternatives, rather than committing anyone to any one choice, for each case, now. We have a month during which to examine the alternatives; let us not rush into a premature decision, that at a time—the month of August—during which tumultuous developments beyond the present imagination of almost everyone, are in the process of unfolding.

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