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This article appears in the August 8, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mr. Paulson's Consensual Folly

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

July 30, 2008

The purported remedy presented by a committee-in-fact headed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson, is typical of the case in which a purported remedy has been chosen which is a more virulent expression of the same disease which has been the cause of our nation's frantically accelerating economic ruin up to this time.

The essence of Secretary Paulson's calamitous folly in this case, is that the frantic lusting for a consensus has resulted in the design of a proposed remedy designed to defend the disease.

In the case of a potentially terminal phase of a sickness such as that which grips Europe and North America at this instant, we are menaced by a man-made catastrophe caused by the very policy-shaping doctrines of practice which Secretary Paulson and his accomplices have rushed to defend. Thus, do fools, not God, create all those catastrophes which plunge entire civilizations into catastrophes comparable to that of Europe's Fourteenth-Century New Dark age.

The only remedy which would work is that which I have proposed. My proposal kicks against the pricks, admittedly. Admittedly, I rejoice in the opportunity to do just that. That, on principle, is the only kind of action which could actually work.

Therefore, if our nation goes to Hell, as it seems soon hell-bent under the designers of such false remedies as that just proposed by Paulson, et al., the blame lies entirely on their intellectually cowardly failure to choose the non-consensus option which I have presented.

All great tragedies of history were, by definition, created by a consensus, just as a tragically misguided Secretary Paulson et al., out of weakness of nerve, have chosen to prostitute themselves to a clearly fatal consensus of predatory financier interest looting of our nation and its people, rather than risk the displeasure of that predatory financier rabble, a financier interest only typified by such predators as Felix Rohatyn and George Soros, which has chiefly caused the already onrushing doom of our own and other nations at this time.

There is only one morally acceptable remedy in the eyes of all true patriots at this time. Proceed in the footsteps of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, or be destroyed as if by the Creator Himself for failing to do so.

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