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This article appears in the August 22, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

So, Hitler Invaded Poland

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 13, 2008

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Through the bold, and fully correct action of Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the matter of the British Foreign Office assets' orchestration of a war crime by George Soros puppet Mikheil Saakashvili against the people of South Ossetia, a proximate threat of nuclear weapons confrontation between Russia and London's accomplices was averted for the present time.

The elementary fact of the matter is that Georgia's Mikheil Saakashvili, a puppet of Britain's George Soros, ordered the armed invasion of South Ossetia on behalf of an attempted bluff against Russia which was launched under the direction of Soros' superiors in the British Foreign Office of Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. Subsequently, it became clear to relevant British circles that the attempt to bluff both Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin into submission had failed. The reactions of President George W. Bush, Jr. and Senator John McCain were utterly stupid; while, naturally, the reaction of George Soros' puppet, Senator Barack Obama, was predictable.

Clearly, there was never any excuse, even that of extenuating circumstances, which could cover over the simple fact of the war-crimes for which Georgia President Saakashvili was guilty in this matter. Nor is there any stubborn denying of the fact that the Saakashvili virtually created by British Foreign Office asset Soros was acting on behalf of an attempted, ultimately nuclear strategic bluff of Russia's government. Nor, is there any competent reason to doubt that Prime Minister Putin's reaction to Saakashivili's war-crime aborted what could have become a missile-crisis-like nuclear showdown involving the forces of both the U.S.A. and British allies in western and central Europe. Leading elements of the British press admit that Putin's actions wrecked Britain's strategic nuclear bluff. Compared to London's voices, the U.S. press and government voices have behaved with absolute stupidity in this matter thus far.

Once the fact of the war-crime, and the fact of the clear intention of Saakashvili, Soros, et al. is duly taken into account, as has already been done, effectively, the legal debate must end, and the makers of history must be permitted to take charge, instead of the lawyers, and make the new ruling body of law which will emerge from a global conflict thus unleashed. The fact of the matter is that the lawyers have failed because of an inherent, systemic incompetence in their inherently tragic, current, essentially Sophist notion of what law should be. The fate of humanity as a whole, will be determined, even during the relevant, immediately short-term period ahead, by the conflict with the Sophist character of what has become the currently dominant, philosophically Liberal practice of international law, as opposed to those common aims of mankind implicit in the creation of our Constitutional United States.

There is no hope for the continuation of civilized life on this planet, for generations yet to come, unless, and until we have uprooted the implicitly imperial, predatory system of monetarist Liberalism which has now brought the planet as a whole to the brink of a global new dark age which would be comparable to, but far worse than the so-called New Dark Age of Europe's mid-Fourteenth Century.

The principal expression of this life-or-death crisis for civilization as a whole is the proposed new form of global imperialism, a virtual new "Tower of Babel," called Globalism. Either we return to the goal of a global system of respectively sovereign nation-state republics, or there will be nothing resembling civilized human life on this planet for a lapsed time of generations yet to come.

What the British Foreign Office intended by its deployment of its George Soros, in eastern Europe (and other places), was an undermining of a system of sovereign nation-states in favor of a "globalized" world empire of so-called "free trade" run by predator financier interests centered in the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financial-monetary interests centered in the British empire. To bring that evil state of world affairs into being, two targets must be destroyed: the U.S.A. and Russia; without peaceful cooperation centered on a network of nations united around those two keystone powers of the present moment, there is no hope for a civilized life of mankind for generations yet to come.

People who have a different agenda, are effectively idiots, or worse.

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