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This article appears in the August 29, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Tale of Two Generations

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee released this statement on Aug. 21, 2008.

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Any U.S. veteran of World War II who can think back to the time of President John F. Kennedy's Administration, should be asking today: Is a U.S. Bush Administration which continues to act as a stooge of that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who brought us the continuing, and spreading, hopeless warfare in Southwest Asia, setting the world up with a "Cuba Missile Crisis" in reverse? Is the ghost of Khrushchev hovering inside the body of U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney? Or, has the George Soros who ran evil errands for Hitler as an adolescent, who created the present lunatic government of Georgia, and who has now virtually created the Barack Obama candidacy, become a key player in bringing the world as a whole into a thermonuclear showdown in August?

These are the kinds of questions reverberating through the halls of governments around the world right now.

We are presently at the brink of global, thermonuclear war, and if we unleash this war, as the current Bush Administration is threatening, we lose civilization, worldwide, for generations to come. This is what will probably happen, if we don't do what we have to do to end this thermonuclear confrontation. This is the time you could lose civilization quicker than you could say "Senator Barack Obama."

Is President George Bush, Jr. on "coke," perhaps? Or, is London's puppet Dick Cheney presently in virtually total control of the White House's inmates? Why this threat of general thermonuclear warfare at this moment in history?

In recent world history, since that 1890 ouster of Germany's Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, which cleared the way for the "World War" which Bismarck warned would be the British Empire's launching of a new "Seven Years War," there has been a remarkable coincidence, as right now, between a threatened global "geopolitical" challenge to British imperial power over the world, and the British empire's pushing other nations into general warfare such as Japan's 1895-1945 warfare against China, done at the prompting of Britain's Prince of Wales Edward Albert. It is no coincidence that the present threat of outbreak of a new "world war," the thermonuclear war we managed to avoid during the 1945-1989 interval, is a threat of a general war breaking, once again, in the ominous month of August. It is no accident that the orders for plunging the U.S.A. into this threatened world war come from Tony Blair's Fabian London, as did World War I, and the placing of London's choice Adolf Hitler into power in Germany. Britain prefers to have others, once again, fall into the strategic trap of something like the original "Seven Years War" of the Eighteenth Century and the Napoleonic wars. However, the threat comes not from the United Kingdom as such, but from the kinds of cabals of financier interests typified by London's errand-boy and Senator Obama backer George Soros.

Make no mistake: today's Russia will not surrender to the present thermonuclear posturing. A new, younger generation has come into leadership in Russia. The present government of Russia will be reasonable where it should be reasonable, but it will not accept the destruction of its sovereignty, nor will it accept London-directed efforts, using the fools in Washington as puppets, to bring Russia to the degree of weakness that Russia could no longer resist the total dismemberment now intended by London.

This new missiles-crisis is not coming from Bertrand Russell's crony Khrushchev. It is important to review the history of that crisis, so that we not be lured into imagining that there is anything like the 1962 missiles-crisis in the confrontation being staged on London's orders to Washington today.

Then, in 1962, the Khrushchev who had reached an accommodation with Bertrand Russell in the setting of Russell's London conference of his World Parliamentarians for World Government, was acting as an opportunist partner of Russell, on behalf of Russell's avowed, continuing intention, since 1945-1946, of using what had seemed an Anglo-American monopoly on nuclear weapons, to force the Soviet Union to submit to "world government," as the U.S. complicity in British operations in Georgia has made the same threat on behalf of "globalization" today. For Khrushchev, the 1962 crisis was a strategic gamble being orchestrated in collaboration with Bertrand Russell, a gamble based on the model scenario of Russell crony H.G. Wells' notorious scenario for world government, "The Shape of Things to Come."

This time, the Anglo-American and Saudi financial cabal behind London's Lisbon Treaty scheme for globalization, is playing for keeps. (Representative Barney Frank is not the actual source of a threat of general thermonuclear war.) Either Russia backs down, or globalization is dead. The presently onrushing general breakdown-crisis of the present world monetary-financial system, leaves no other options available to the Anglo-American-Saudi financier partners. If Russia survives as a sovereign nation, the presently onrushing general financial collapse means that "globalization" is doomed. This time, London is not gambling; it sees the crushing of Russia now as its only way of maintaining imperial hegemony over the world at large. Without Russia's capitulation, the United Kingdom becomes the little nations of England, Wales, and Scotland (which is not a bad option for the inhabitants of that Isle, if you think about that in a civilized way).

Your best option, as a citizen of the U.S.A., is to think very, very seriously about the upcoming major-party nominating conventions. If you do not bring about the nomination of a combination of President and Vice-President who reject the politics of the present nuclear showdown which London's puppet, the George W. Bush Administration, is staging, there might be, very soon, no United States as it exists today, and perhaps no you, nor your city or town, or family, either.

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