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This article appears in the September 19, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Since Sunday, Sept. 7th:
Pelosi Democrats Buckle

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 12, 2008

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"...but, you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

—Abraham Lincoln

The thuggery of Felix Rohatyn and British agent George Soros's stooges, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, et al., can turn Democratic 'crats from men and women, into sheep, but they can not make the voters like it. The smell of doom was already quietly surging, like a whisper around Senator Obama's Presidential-election campaign; now, with Secretary Paulson's wild-eyed rant of Sunday, September 7th, the whisper has become a roar.

As of this week since Sunday, anyone out there trying to spread "good news," and to pretend not to see the "bad news," is getting the contempt they deserve from the electorate. The present world financial system has entered its global-collapse phase, and the Democrats in the U.S. Congress are presently in a process of the kind of defeat the party experienced in the 1988 Presidential election-campaign, or worse.

The citizens may not like the bad news coming out of both the economy and official Washington, D.C., but they are showing contempt for anyone who tries to sell them the buncombe of "good news." This was made very, very clear in the political organizing in the nation's streets during the weekdays following Treasury Secretary Paulson's confession of the current Bush Administration's combined economic and political bankruptcy.

Admittedly, the Presidential campaign of Senator McCain is also a disaster, but just not as much of a disaster as Senator Obama's. In all of his campaigning for the Presidential nomination and election thus far, Obama has shown no capacity for conceptualizing any of the leading real issues of these times, neither the real issues of the economy and global strategy, nor the issues confronting our citizens in their local communities and homes. The bitterness which the Obama campaign engendered for itself in the role of Rohatyn's and George Soros's "patsy," Speaker Nancy Pelosi, against Senator Hillary Clinton, has created a gulf of bitterness against both Obama and Pelosi which is not going away during the remaining months of this year, or, probably, for years to come.

The difference is, that the Democratic Party has been the reigning incumbent in the U.S. Congress, and the Republicans have not conducted the intrinsically ruinous kind of fratricide which the backers of Obama unleashed against the pre-candidate with the largest popular vote in the primary elections. What was done, putatively on behalf of Senator Obama's campaign, has been an act of political fratricide which, according to the evidence currently in hand, has discredited, and ruined the Democratic Party for both the Presidential and Congressional campaigns.

In the meantime, the behavior of Senator Dodd and Representative Barney Frank during the recent thirteen months, in sabotaging every necessary measure for preventing the U.S. national bankruptcy which Secretary Paulson declared, in effect, this past Sunday, has discredited both houses of Congress in the eyes and ears of most members. The likes of Paulson, Dodd, Frank, and Rohatyn, and Soros, have, in effect, destroyed the credibility of the Democratic Party's present Congressional leadership for what could be a long time to come.

Those are the facts of the case at the present time. Now, let us shift our attention to the matter of possible remedies for this situation. Neither Presidential candidate has, thus far, presented any proposal which actually addresses the life-death issues now immediately threatening, not only the U.S.A., but the planet as a whole. What are those issues, and what is the remedy?

If you turn off at this point, because you are one of those very silly people who refuse to report, or even face very bad news, your opinions are pretty much worthless in this present crisis-situation.

The 'New Dark Age'

The present world financial-monetary and economic system is not only hopelessly bankrupt, but a collapse comparable to that experienced by Weimar Germany is presently in progress, world-wide. Weimar Germany 1923, was largely confined to Germany's borders itself; the present crisis is world-wide, not that of any isolated case, and has no comparable precedent in history since the plunge of Europe into the "New Dark Age" of the middle to late Fourteenth Century.

This kind of crisis does have potential remedies, but those remedies do not correspond to any attempt at business-as-usual. There is no existing good news to be reported as long as we are refusing to face the reality that the recent and present policies of the U.S. government, and of both leading political parties, are now as hopelessly bankrupt as the silly opinions of Senator Chris Dodd, Representative Barney Frank, and Secretary Paulson, and most of the so-called leading economists wandering among the streets of Manhattan these days.

Since the time, July 25, 2007, I warned of an immediate eruption of a potential break-down crisis of the U.S. financial system, I presented three measures which would have brought the situation under control, had those measures not been prevented by scoundrels such as Felix Rohatyn and British foreign operations agent George Soros. and by such as Senator Dodd and Representative Frank. Now, as Secretary Paulson's Bush-league lunacy of the past Sunday typifies this, the proverbial "word has gone out," the Democratic and Republican leaders are a disaster from which our republic will not survive, unless we make some dramatic changes now. Since I have proposed those changes, and since events had already vindicated my proposals (conclusively, for any fully sane and literate political figures), there is no reasonable excuse for a failure to make the kinds of changes which I have been proposing, and doing that immediately now.

These changes require the support of much of the politically activated layer of our general citizenry. We could not win the confidence and support of those citizens unless we are willing to admit to those citizens, that the behavior of the Congressional leadership over the period since my July 25, 2007 webcast has been a national catastrophe. If the Party leaderships do not confess that they have behaved as virtual idiots, intelligent citizens are not going believe that those politicians are actually willing to make the necessary changes.

It would be helpful, of course, if both leading Presidential candidates, Obama and McCain, would confess publicly; "I really don't know anything about how economies work, so please help me, because we are in a terrible economic crisis caused by the policies our nation has been following during recent decades."

The present, post-1968-1972 world monetary system has been gripped by a consistent decline in the physical economic net-output of the economies of western and central Europe and of the Americas over the entire span of forty years. There have been intervals of apparent financial growth in some nations during those four decades, but when the erosion of infrastructure is taken into account, we should have recognized that the net physical output of these economics, per capita, and per square kilometer of territory of nations, has been in an overall trend of physical decline during this entire span.

The cause for this worsening of the standard of living of the lower eighty-percentile of the U.S. population, in particular, has been twofold. The essential problem has been the effects of the post-1968-1972 changes from a fixed-exchange-rate system, to an intrinsically inflationary floating-exchange-rate system. The net collapse in basic economic infrastructure, during this interval, has been crucial, but also the shift away from emphasis on technological progress toward the decadence of a so-called "post-industrial," "services economy" orientation.

That trend of the recent four decades, must be radically and quickly reversed, or a prolonged new dark age for the planet as a whole were inevitable at this time. This requires practical measures, which I have specified in sundry published locations. It requires an accompanying reversal of the "post-industrial" orientation which has dominated the "post-industrial," "neo-Malthusian," "green," "Baby Boomer" component of the so-called "68er" generation.

Such a change can be executed, if done in cooperation with leading nations of the world such as Russia, China, and India. Otherwise, the escape from a dark age would not be possible on this planet at this time.

Those, essentially, are my politics, and that is your solution, which, otherwise, does not presently exist.

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