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This statement appears in the October 24, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

U.S. Must Take Up Lavrov's Offer Now!

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In an article published in the magazine Profile this month, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov presented a clear offer for the United States to join in talks with Russia to deal with the world crisis. Lyndon LaRouche responded in a LaRouche PAC statement issued Oct. 15:

This statement by Lavrov is of crucial importance for every U.S. patriot seeking a present way out of the general breakdown crisis which has just been aggravated in the extreme by this weekend's foolish decision of the George W. Bush, Jr. action in support of Alan Greenspan's latest swindle, launched this week.

The essence of President Bush's latest folly, is the failure of many U.S., and also European leaders, including some influential Russians, to grasp the essential nature of British imperialism today. The usual, childish mistake, is to presume that modern imperial systems, such as the world's presently dominant empire, the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier oligarchy, is located in any one nation. It is more in the character of a vast fungus, or slime, as expressed by the vast, quadrillions-dollars derivatives bubble, which is the root of the present global crisis. This derivatives bubble belongs to no nation, but preys upon all.

The center of the bubble is located in the only true imperial power of the world today, the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier system and its Saudi auxiliary. Entire nations, and their governments today, are merely satrapies of the world's only true empire, the British derivatives-bubble empire, by which many governments, included the United Kingdom, are actually ruled. London is merely the principal public convenience of that world empire represented by the quadrillions-dollar derivatives bubble which former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan did so much to create, that by methods of fraud for which Michael Milken was sent to prison.

That is the world's enemy, the great blob of so-called 'globalization' preying upon the world today. That is the British imperialism of today.

The remedy for our affliction with that globalized parasite lies in the design of the constitutional conception of national banking which our Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton adduced as the uniquely U.S. principled conception of national banking. It is through employing that U.S. principle of national banking as the cornerstone of a global credit-system, to replace the world's presently bankrupt monetary system by a fixed-exchange-credit system composed by the mutual consent of the majority of nations constituting the sovereign nations of the world.

Russia's proffer of proposed cooperation with the U.S.A. in launching such a form of 'New Bretton Woods' in the likeness of that presented in 1944 by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, would be the first practical step toward creation of a new world credit-system to replace the hopelessly bankrupt London-centered present system.

Given the present fact, that the United States and other nations are presently in a hopeless situation, for which the present U.S. Government, and many others, have adopted no other remedies, only idiots in Washington, D.C. would not move to accept Russia's offer of cooperation in building the needed new system of global economic cooperation—now!"

Lavrov on 'the America of FDR'

Lavrov's article, entitled "Face to Face with America: Between Non-Confrontation and Convergence," emphasizes that "the U.S. is our most important partner regardless of the present state of our relations...." America is on the threshold of major changes Lavrov wrote, changes which have already affected Russia, Europe, and other nations. These changes were forced on Russia; the U.S. has long "had the possibility to choose between recognizing the necessity of changes on the basis of sober analysis or to wait until they descend—as a harsh exigency. The present situation may well indicate that in U.S. history a lengthy cycle is drawing to an end—the one that was commenced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal." Lavrov warns of the danger of war: "History indicates that in the past, major economic and financial upheavals led to aggressive policy on the international stage," although Russia is determined not to wage wars abroad.

In a globalizing world, isolation and self-isolation are not a rational choice. True progress can be achieved only through joint efforts and close cooperation. That's exactly what Russia offers to all our international partners, America in the first place," he wrote. Referring to Britain, Lavrov said that Russia can still work with it internationally, even "if our bilateral relations with this or that country reach the freezing point. Something like this is now taking place in our relations with Britain. But the U.S. is not Britain.

Can we afford or, to be more precise, can the world afford any further alienation between our countries, for which Alexis de Tocqueville predicted a great future? Should it be two separate futures or, perhaps, one common destiny? I profoundly believe in the latter....

Americans will have to stop 'feeling lonely in their might,' " he wrote. "I would add that everyone needs the America of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, an America which is not afraid of change.

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