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This article appears in the December 26, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Ivanov Is Right On Mumbai Terror Attack

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Dec. 19—Lyndon LaRouche today praised Russia's Federal anti-narcotics service director Viktor Ivanov, for singling out the Afghan heroin trade as the source of funding and logistics for the Nov. 26 Mumbai attacks. In an interview with the Russian daily Rossiskaya Gazeta, Ivanov identified Mumbai organized crime boss Dawood Ibrahim for providing logistical support for the attack. Ivanov described this as "a burning example" of how illegal drug-trafficking networks are used for terrorism. A report on the Ivanov comments, and on a new Russian-Indian initiative against narcoterrorism, published on Dec. 18 in the Times of India, noted that Moscow "believes that Dawood's drug network, which runs through Afghanistan, was used to finance the terror attack."

LaRouche commented:

I can fully corroborate the charges by Mr. Ivanov, linking the massive opium and heroin trade out of Afghanistan to the Mumbai attackers. I have additionally received reports from highly placed U.S. intelligence officials, that the Mumbai assault teams were given at least two years of advanced special warfare training, prior to the attack. The caliber of the training, and the asymmetric military character of the attacks represent a threat, greater than the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, despite the much higher casualties in the 2001 attacks. The fact is, as American specialists emphasized recently to me, the Mumbai attack can be repeated in any major city in the world.

The nature of the Mumbai attack makes it more important than ever, that there be a total crackdown on the international illegal drug trade. Knock out the global flows of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and other dangerous illegal drugs, and you dry up the main source of funding for these narcoterrorist capabilities worldwide.

This means going after George Soros and everything he represents. The onetime self-admitted Hitler collaborator, who is now the most prominent promoter of the illegal drug trade in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, and in the Americas, is a scourge upon all nations. British Foreign and Commonwealth Office asset Soros is the personification of the Brutish control over the multi-trillion-dollar illegal drugs and weapons trade. Wipe out the illegal drug trade, and you not only shut down the major logistical support for global terrorism and asymmetric warfare; you shut off one of the major sources of cash into the Anglo-Dutch offshore money laundering centers, typified by Dubai and the Cayman Islands.

So, don't talk to me about so-called Islamic terrorism or 'Islamo-fascism.' Are there Islamist networks, almost exclusively Saudi-funded, that are engaged, as in Mumbai, in these asymmetric warfare actions? Of course. But, if you don't start, from the top down, and tackle the George Soros/British sponsors, then going after Soros-used networks will never get you to the desired results.

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