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This article appears in the April 10, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A New World Currency As Fraud

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 13, 2009

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For example: The March 27, 2009 edition of featured an article, date-lined March 26, headlined "Obama makes his first anti-Russian statements." That false charge against President Obama, clearly has the paw-prints of current British efforts at subversion of Russia. However, the actual fact to which that misleading headline is attached, is that someone in the editorial department of Pravda had been duped into swallowing and regurgitating a British swindle, a proposal for a swindle known as "a single world currency," a swindle also imposed upon some official circles in China.

In this respect, Russia is not unique among today's nations. Similar attempts at inducing political-economic suicide in Russia, China, and other places, are being spread among duped leading circles of many nations; a virtual epidemic of a fatal economic disease is being spread, world-wide, in this way. However, nations which allow themselves to continue to be misled in this way, will be now soon doomed by their own choice.

In general, the problem is, that, speaking generally, the government of Russia, like most of the leading governments of the world today, has shown no significant comprehension of the real nature of either the present world economic crisis, or possible cures. This is largely due to the success of British imperialist interests in befuddling, not only some leading circles in Russia, but virtually every presently leading government of every part of this world. If beliefs of that sort prevail, there is no hope for any part of civilization, even leading existing national cultures, for a very long time still to come.

It is typical of imperialist methods which the British Empire of Lord Shelburne adopted, explicitly, from the legacy of the notorious Roman emperor Julian the Apostate, to induce nations to destroy themselves by swindles of that sort. Swindles such as British schemes for supranational "world currencies" are much safer, and often more feasible weapons of mass destruction than nuclear ones, provided that credulous dupes can be found among governments of the intended victims.

The source of that unfounded opinion's circulation in Russian circles, like those of the sociopath Larry Summers inside the U.S.A., is clearly an echo of the work of certain known British financier networks which have also been operating similarly inside certain Russian circles. Nonetheless, while the intrinsic silliness of the headline is clear, there are, unfortunately, many people in various nations, who may not actually be British agents, but whose ignorance of the principles of economy nonetheless permits them to be duped into promoting swindles such as investing in schemes resembling a John Law bubble of an Eighteenth-century past, or, similarly, the fraud of "a single world currency," today.

Those who would shape economic and financial policies of nations should, first, reassess the competence of their opinions, before expending efforts on supporting what may well be the fantasies which they may have been induced to adopt.

Preface: Worse Than Absurd!

The run-up to, and proceedings of the so-called G-20 conference, have a quality which suggests that all these discussions might have been a parody of the notorious "Marat/Sade" of playwright Peter Weiss. What has been proposed by a number of leading nations represented, verges on the taking of cyanide as an assured remedy for a severe headache. If what has been proposed, as by both the current U.S. government, and haters of the U.S. dollar, alike, were adopted, the result would be fairly compared to going to an actual Hell in a global game modeled on the board game of "Monopoly."

In other words, as on the occasion of the lemming-like, panic-stricken adoption of the clinically insane G-20 resolution announced to us from London this Thursday morning, the ignorance displayed by a panic-stricken, complicit set of heads of state and government: ignorance is not innocence.

—Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 2, 2009

When we reconsider the relevant record of experience of nations since the self-inflicted phase of the decline of ancient Sumer, there is, in fact, no more common folly committed in the domain of economy, than belief that money-as-such has a self-evidently inherent, economic value. For what should be recognized as known historical reasons, the decline of what had been the once vigorously productive Sumer, for its time, has been a known origin of such follies occurring within the region of Europe and West Asia, still, today.

Since those ancient times in that part of Southwest Asia, in particular, the deluded belief in the existence of some allegedly intrinsic monetary value, has been predominant among virtually all of the known cases of globally-extended west Asian and European history for no less than something in the range of 5,000-6,000 years. The blame for the original spread of that pandemic of what is called "monetarism" today, is often to be blamed on ancient Babylon, as that was done, implicitly, by no less an authority than the Christian Apostle John, in what he presented as his dream of an Apocalypse. Accordingly, for all truly witting Christians, for example, still today, since more than two centuries past, the British Empire has truly earned the title of "The Whore of Babylon."

The recent, implicitly Apocalyptic, and hopefully temporary flight from reality by the U.S.A.'s President Barack Obama (under the whorish-like influence of the Mephistophelean Larry Summers and his current Faustian dupe, Timothy Geithner), is a case in point. To this end, inflation now being what it is these days, the magic number is not "Thirty pieces of Silver," but "Twenty" (or, less, even none), for the occasion of the conference of the symbol-minded "G-20 summit."

The essential purpose for the calling together of this coven, by London, is the British Royal Family's currently cultish devotion to a frankly fascist, Satanic plot, the "Global Warming" swindle of "The World Wildlife Fund," a fraud conceived jointly by the British consort Prince Philip and his now-deceased, leading accomplice, that formerly privileged member of Hitler's Waffen-SS, the Netherlands' Prince Bernhard.[1] The objective of both the monumentally evil Bertrand Russell, his follower Prince Philip, and those dupes who have been foregathered for support of Philip's coven, is Philip's stated intention of bringing about the rapid reduction of the present world's human population, from a quantity in excess of six and half billions human souls, to as he has insisted, not more than two. Adolf Hitler, if we might imagine his hearing of this, would have suddenly blushed, and then turned bleakly white, enraged by envy, his shrieking heard from even his place in Hell, "Plagiarat!"[2]

For, surely, the number of deaths which Prince Philip's "Global Warming!" swindle would bring upon this planet, would become, quickly, vastly greater than all of the lives lost, from all causes, planet-wide, in the course of "World War Two." Prince Philip, like the monstrously evil Bertrand Russell earlier, now aided by his wobble-headed son, and also by his lackey and former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, has insisted on draconian actions which would do nothing as much as expressing the intent to bring about a vast, global genocide, in the numbers of billions, on the premise of, and the explicit intent expressed by both the Prince and Russell.

What the misguided Russian influentials have done, is usually not intended by them to accomplish genocide; but, the effect of their participation in current proposals for new global agreements, would, nonetheless, have the same outcome in practice, whether they adopted an explicitly neo-malthusian intention, or not. Such are typically British methods, as in the tradition of the Fabian Society's British fascist Oswald Mosley.[3]

It should be emphasized here, that the mass-base of support which Prince Philip's planned genocide had gained inside the U.S.A. during the course of the recent forty years, had been found, chiefly among the so-called "68ers," such as those notoriously dionysiac, often drugged rioters, who erupted, as the second Columbia University campus "strike" of that year did, emerging from their Satanic pits during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of the period following the March 1, 1968 monetary conference. It was, often, during the same period, those same "68ers" who formed the core of fanatical dupes supporting the schemes of Prince Philip's and Prince Bernhard to the present day, as their duped fanatics are typified by the intellectually pathetic form of Vice-President Al Gore. Such was the breeding of the younger generation among today's mentally deranged true believers in the "environmentalist" cult of today.

The key to the means by which the swindle of "global warming" dogma is spread into the ranks of so-called economists today, has been the presumption that economic processes can be treated as being intrinsically monetary processes. Indeed, under present world crisis-conditions, that belief in monetarism could, in and of itself, drive the entire planet, now very soon, and very quickly, into a "new dark age" more disastrous that any known, preceding occurrence of such a phenomenon in recorded history.

I. The Science of Physical Economy

As I have emphasized, repeatedly, in earlier published locations, all economies grow, or dwindle, or even live or die, on the basis of what are essentially physical economies: contrary to the fantasy known, and practiced as monetary systems. Otherwise, the contrary, morally legitimate systems of money-economies are designed to conform, in their effect, to the intention of a true physical economy, or, what is sometimes called a "protectionist" or "fair trade" model of national economy, or of world trade.[4]

The U.S. constitutional requirement for a form of regulated national economy, inheres in both the principle adopted, explicitly, from Gottfried Leibniz's second attack on the British evil of John Locke, as Leibniz is echoed in the 1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence, and in the U.S. Federal Constitution's same governing principle, that as expressed in its Preamble.

The most recent of the modern expressions of this principle of that American System of political-economy by the United States, was the anti-Keynesian policy set forth by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, prior to the virtually treasonous action of Roosevelt's treacherous successor, British imperialism's puppet U.S. President, Harry S Truman, the latter an action of treachery perpetrated by a Truman who virtually kissed, not the Blarney Stone, but, implicitly, the soiled rumps of both Roosevelt foe and fascist John Maynard Keynes and of Winston Churchill, a foul act by him done within mere hours of President Roosevelt's death.[5]

The effect of the overriding of the just-deceased President Roosevelt's Bretton Woods policy, merely hours after his death, was the first of a series of steps downward in U.S.A. and world economic policy which were taken over the entire span beginning the day after Roosevelt's death, April 13, 1945, to the present time of the London G-20 abomination.

Looking at this change, from Roosevelt's U.S.A., to the contrary, Anglo-American commitment of President Harry S Truman (a man with only a bare-S, rather than a middle name), we must resort to the actually scientific insight into Truman's character or (if you prefer to be precise in the matter) lack of character; we must, therefore, remind ourselves of the way science examines the phenomena left by once-living species, a view in which science defines the specificity of that type of creature. This is done, when done competently, by resort to the same method of dynamics re-introduced explicitly into modern science, during the 1690s, by Gottfried Leibniz, and in a fulsome way, by a Bernhard Riemann writing in such locations as his celebrated 1854 habilitation dissertation.

The same method applies, "locally," so to speak, to the cases of what are to be recognized as distinct types of human behavior, but, even more significantly, to the case of an ordered succession of a "sub-species" of types of human behavior in the mass. Thus, we can distinguish such a "sub-species" as, for example, the American patriotic tradition specific to the case of President Franklin Roosevelt, as opposed to the colonial, anglophile, forelock-grabbing mentality which must be recognized as key to understanding the Presidencies since Truman, to the present day. Benjamin Franklin's, George Washington's, and Alexander Hamilton's political-economic species, in this sense of contrasts, is also distinguished from the relative apostasy of Thomas Jefferson during his time as President. Jefferson differed, as did Dolly Madison's husband, from the common tradition expressed, in 1814, then by the role of the later President Monroe; but, similarly by the political role of John Quincy Adams, from his role as Secretary of State and President, until his death; and, by the role of President Abraham Lincoln; by President William McKinley; and, by Franklin Roosevelt.[6]

The specifically rooted quality which distinguished the United States advantageously from the nations of Europe, up to the present moment, had been the founding of the future United States, as in the Massachusetts of the Mayflower Pact and Massachusetts Bay Colony over the interval 1620-1688, as that earlier Massachusetts legacy was re-activated by Benjamin Franklin's role of leadership in the making of the U.S. constitutional republic. We of that ancestry came here, not as refugees from Europe, but in service of that relevant legacy of Nicholas of Cusa adopted by Christopher Columbus: to create a bastion where the best of European culture could flourish, freed from the immediate grip of the morally rotting tradition of oligarchical supremacies dominating the cultures of Europe, still, to this present day.

From an historically, actually American type of cultural standpoint, the implicitly fascist, rabid anglophiles, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and the anglophiliacs Truman, Nixon, the Bushes, and former Vice-President Al Gore, have been, essentially, depraved expressions of the influence of the intrinsically oligarchical corruption more native to the worst periods of nations of Europe, especially Fabian-dominated Britain still today, rather than the U.S.A.

The principled contrast between the Presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt and the pro-fascist Churchill's and Keynes' virtual lackey Harry Truman, was systemic on precisely that account. Our truly efficient patriots are the advocates of the lasting supremacy of a global system of perfectly sovereign nation-state republics, as the right and obligation of each and all definable nations. We are the advocates of a relationship among these sovereigns corresponding to the 1648 Peace of Westphalia; when we are our true selves, we abhor any system of government, such as that of the implicitly fascist (e.g., Fabian) former Prime Minister Tony Blair, which is antithetical to that Peace of Westphalia, even though we wish the best for those who have been bound by a governing system which was polluted with traces of oligarchical defects.

The Difference in Systems

Nothing demonstrates this species-difference among our patriots and our anglophiles more dramatically, more indelibly, than the consent of some among us to the legacy of the former British imposition of, and maintenance of the system of captured Africans' subjection to a condition of British maintenance of chattel slavery within the territory of the U.S.A. until Appomattox. Nothing was more alien to our patriots than that treasonous promotion of London-steered capture and looting of Africans made slaves; it was essentially a form of treason imposed upon us by no one as much as the British system and its Nineteenth-century Spanish accomplices in this practice, the same British and Spanish allies which were the principal enemies of our U.S.A. up through the fact of Appomattox.

Yet, it must also be remembered, still today, that the only probable objection which stood in the way of President Abraham Lincoln's definition of the then-defeated Confederacy as a practice of treasonous adherence to the British Empire, was Lincoln's intention to bring about the reconciliation of those who had actually been serving as instruments of treason on behalf of Lord Palmerston's British Empire, to return, like prodigals, to the patriotic fold. We should hope for a similar redemption among our Liberals of today.

The American System of political-economy, as it was defined for practice through the instrumentality of our first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, was an expression of such an intention to free all mankind from submission to European and other forms of slavish degradation to expressions of that ancient oligarchical tradition as old as Babylon, a kind of degradation which was otherwise signalled by the tragic figure of Pericles. Unfortunately, in general, well-known historians who have dealt with this case have missed the most essential, and, currently most relevant, imperialist implication of Athens' guilt in its criminal action, against Melos, like that of Prime Minister Tony Blair and British asset and U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney, in launching what became an echo of the folly of Athens' Peloponnesian War.

Our Historical Origins

The origin of the American System lies, essentially, with a policy adopted by the principal founder of modern science, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, who had also introduced, earlier, the design adopted, during the Fifteenth-century Renaissance, for the modern nation-state, within his Concordancia Catholica. Cusa had also established the principle of all competent modern science, with his De Docta Ignorantia, and had also prompted the policy of European trans-oceanic exploration and colonization. It was the influence of Cusa's proposal to this latter effect, which had explicitly motivated Christopher Columbus' adoption of the commitment to take up such a venture, circa A.D. 1480, and to actually launch the first voyages premised on that specific intent, beginning A.D. 1492.

All the principal English-language colonization of North America had been centered initially in New England during the interval 1620-1687. It was here, in that way, that the principled character of what became the U.S.A. republic had been planted, and nourished.

While the role of the Seventeenth-century Winthrops and Mathers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony had been the beginning of what was to emerge as the United States, the corruption imposed upon New England, by James II's and William of Orange's brutish reign in London, from 1688-89 onwards,[7] forced a shift in the center of the development of the future republic into the Pennsylvania colony, and, thereafter, in the broader way defined by my associate H. Graham Lowry's 1987 How the Nation Was Won.[8]

What had happened to prompt this noble development of our republic, had actually been planted, as if in seed and root, during the period beginning the Fall of Constantinople, in A.D. 1453. That fall had been orchestrated, centrally, by Venice's usurious monetarist oligarchy; but, the Ottoman conquest of that city through Venetian complicity in orchestrating this development, and, especially, in disrupting the great ecumenical embrace of A.D. 1438-1453,[9] fostered the conditions for a general moral degeneration of European civilization, a decadence which persisted, despite such notable preceding exceptions as France under Louis XI and England under Henry VII, through the long period of persistently recurring religious warfare throughout Europe during the interval A.D. 1492-1648.

In that setting, the efforts to carry out Cusa's policy in the Americas were ruined, repeatedly, by the corruption which controlled the mother countries of Spain and Portugal themselves during that long period of Habsburg tyranny. It was the horror represented by the aggravated state of affairs set into motion by the degenerate regime under England's James I, which prompted representatives of the best currents within England and the Netherlands to launch the colonization in what became known as "New England," and, in a similar fashion, the Pennsylvania-centered developments later.

With the decadence of the later Stuart monarchy and, especially the brutishness of William of Orange's regime, there was, as Graham Lowry accounts for this situation, a brief period, under Queen Anne's reign, in which the influence of Gottfried Leibniz was a serious threat to the brutish Liberal regime emerging from around William of Orange. With the attack on Leibniz by the authors of the Isaac Newton hoax, England was doomed to an orgy of the Liberalism of the followers of Paolo Sarpi from which that nation has not recovered to the present day. There lay what Graham Lowry identified as the historical "missing link" in American history: how a circle centered upon Benjamin Franklin came to adopt the policies of Gottfried Leibniz as the keystone for the preparation for and establishment of our constitutional republic.

The crafting of both the U.S. 1776 Declaration of Independence and the subsequent U.S. Federal Constitution, were premised on this role of the direct influence of the specific conceptions of principle, by Leibniz, on the shaping of both of these two great constitutional foundations.

Then, during the period of the U.S. War for Independence, and the echo of that in the war, led by President Abraham Lincoln, against the British Empire and its American puppets, we have the great moral position and responsibility of the United States, in its presently continuing war against our natural, historic enemy, the Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperial system, against which our true patriots continue to struggle against Fabian imperialist London, still today. It is what is, in fact, our republic's still continuing war, as the paradigm of a true republic, against the depravity inherent in the Anglo-Dutch Liberalism which is the heritage of Paolo Sarpi, against which all among our efficiently patriotic forces must be arrayed in a great struggle for the honorable future of mankind, still today.

Could there be a clearer case of pure evil, than the person and projects of London's prize agent, still today, George Soros? As subsequent history shows, this man, while still an adolescent, was permanently brainwashed, at that time, brainwashed not only into serving the machinery of the mass-murder of an approximately half-million Hungarian Jews, but became, within himself, an incarnation of that Nazi evil into which he had thus been brainwashed into becoming, and a type of brainwashed creature which he remains, even to the present day. Could any clearer evidence be required, of the evil of that British empire, knowing exactly what this poor, so monstrously depraved, and wretched Soros represents, as shown by London's use of him as today's leading drug-pusher of the world, a London which uses that wretch, so shamelessly, so openly, together with Lord Malloch Brown, as typical of its agents of evil? Could there be, therefore, any greater evil of note on this planet today, than that British empire which reveals its own portion of leading damned souls employed in this way? Could there be anything on this planet more evil than the Faustian Soros himself, but the Mephistopheles, Prince Philip, who co-spawned the great genocide machine of this World Wildlife Fund in his true faith of service to the Bertrand Russell and Adolf Hitler traditions?

Anything that Soros touches, turns automatically into you know what.

II. The Matter of World Economy

It must be stated, at this point in this report, that any actual collapse of the U.S. dollar would set off an immediate, global chain-reaction, sending the entire planet into a collapse from which, unless we act now to prevent this, civilization would not recover for a long time to come. Thus, there is no way in which a system which proposes to exclude the U.S. dollar, could survive even during the very short term. That is to emphasize, that if the U.S. dollar ceases to maintain approximate parity among the principal national economies within the world system, the collapse in value of the outstanding U.S.-denominated obligations, would plunge every part of the planet into a virtually immediate general breakdown-crisis, into a prolonged new dark age from which few among today's national cultures, and only a relatively small minority of the population of the world would survive in the end.

The G-20 resolution, just announced, would, if ratified by the United States, be the virtually certain and sudden destruction of the United States. This would be, if we consented to agreement with that G-20 report, an implicitly treasonous development of the type which has been the leading intention of the British monarchy and its system in these proceedings. However, if the U.S. dollar plunged, as such a "reform" was intended to do, the collapse of the fictitious mass of outstanding, dollar-denominated internal credit, brought about by either a devaluation, or a hyperinflation of what are nominally U.S.-dollar-denominated obligations, would, in itself, prompt the sudden collapse of the entire world physical economy into a generations-long, global, physical new dark age of our planet as a whole.

That presently immediate world situation came into being in the following way.

The World Role of U.S. Credit

Since the 1968-1981 shift into what was termed a "post-industrial society," as in the wake of such essentially treasonous events and institutions as the U.S. Nixon Administration and David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, the U.S.A. ceased to be a net producer of physical wealth, while devolving, under British imperialist influence, into what has been identified, as today, as a "post-industrial" piece of decaying, physical-economic wreckage.

Since the radical changes in the world monetary system, since the 1968-1973 interval, what had been the former, primary role of the post-World War II U.S. dollar has been supplanted by the increasingly dominant role of a union of the Anglo-Dutch-Saudi variety of imperialist interests typified by Prince Bandar, and rallied around the dominant role of the petroleum spot-market and the dubious operations of the BAE. However, despite this post-1968-1973 down-grading of the U.S.A. itself, in this process, the growing potential for a general collapse in relative value of U.S.-dollar-denominated debt, has remained the ticking bomb whose explosion, now, could bring down the entire world system.

The world has recently entered, since July 2007, into precisely such an extremely acute state of instability, chain-reaction style.

It must be stressed, as I shall make clear in the course of this report, that without the presumption that that mass of presently existing dollar-denominated debt is fungible, we have reached the point of a potential, global hyperinflationary explosion (or, simply a general collapse of the entirety of the present world system). That means that an immediate collapse of the perceived value of the dollar itself would trigger a general, and quasi-permanent, physical-economic, chain-reaction form of breakdown of every national economy of the world, that occurring in the modality of a more or less simultaneous implosion of the physical economy and culture of every people of the world.

Here we meet the true implications of the foolish choice of title and content for such potentially fatal aberrations as expressed by the referenced piece in the March 27, 2009 edition of Implicitly, the title of that piece has the aroma of an economic suicide-note.

Looking back to an earlier time, this present state of crisis can also be fairly stated as, that the world's present economic systems have reached a state of general crisis, at which all of the accumulated evils piled up since the ugly morning of April 13, 1945, when the nation awakened to realize that Harry S Truman had become President, have now come to a point that we must either return the United States to the intended policy-outlook for the world of President Franklin Roosevelt as of April 12, 1945, or there will be no world as we now know it, for any place on this planet.

The fault is not something which happened only recently. Although there have been points in U.S. history at which we could have still turned the world back into the direction which President Franklin Roosevelt had intended for the post-war world, yet, nonetheless, the future prospects for humanity as a whole have been moving in a downward direction since the fateful morning of the day after President Franklin Roosevelt's death, and the return, under President Truman, to control of the direction of the economy generally back into the hands of the same Anglo-American pro-fascist, "Wall Street" and related types which had run, temporarily into the background on the day the Japan fleet had attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor.

Now, almost sixty-four years later, the eyes of the world have now turned about, like those of a battered donkey which has been pulling the wagon too long for all these decades, the wagon of the monetary system itself. That donkey has turned, looking backwards to face the reigning passengers in that cart, to inform each and all of that wagon-load of the leaders of the world's monetary systems: "You are all, now, dead meat!" With that said, the donkey severs the traces, leaving the wagon and its passengers abandoned to whatever is about to descend upon them. We have now reached the set of circumstances, such that, without the sudden adoption of a viable replacement for each and all of the world's present monetary systems, there is no hope for the planet as whole, for a rather long time to come.

The instant reaction of typical heads of financial systems and governments to that warning signal from the laboring donkey, will be, that they will call out their curses to the retreating posteriors of the donkey, shouting predictably: "Nonsense! We will simply refuse to allow you to replace our present financier-ruled system. Reform? Perhaps. Change our system itself? Never!"

They who had been assembled at the G-20 meeting, will soon either accept the change, or they, like those fools which even a tired old donkey would despise, will virtually cease to exist as players on the stage of history. There is no actually existing third way.

Despite the silly headline, to which I have referred, in the March 27, 2009, Russia, as a partner of the U.S.A., does have a crucial role to play in the process of rescuing the planet as a whole from the currently onrushing plunge into the depths of a prolonged, global, "new dark age" for all humanity. The doubt lies in the question: "Will the U.S.A. and Russia agree to play their needed role of cooperation in current world history?" The needed change would be sudden, and deep-going, both economically and culturally. It would be a turning back to the way of thinking associated with President Franklin Roosevelt.

The Science of Economy

During the turning-point represented by U.S. Fiscal Year 1967-68, a critical change had been accomplished, very much for the worse. The rate of replenishment and growth of the essential economic infrastructure of the U.S. economy, passed a zero-point, at which the new supply of relevant categories of basic economic infrastructure was less than the margin of infrastructure lost, per capita and per square kilometer, through attrition.

This signal development, was aggravated by the combination of the rioting "68er generation" and the advent of the takeover of the direction of U.S. economic policy-shaping under Presidents Nixon, Ford, and, worst of all, the celebrated dupe of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission hoax, Rockefeller-selected President Jimmy Carter.[10]

There was a hopeful moment, in the moments immediately after President Ronald Reagan's election, during which my initiative for changes in economic and strategic policies could have prevented the downward slide of the U.S.A. throughout most of the 1980s; the combination of that Soviet leadership of Andropov, and, especially, British asset Gorbachov, prevented such remedies from being taken up.

The result of that was an October 1987 depression fully comparable to that of 1929, but the appointment of swindler Alan Greenspan prevented lawful remedies for what became the now, worse crisis. The postponement of the inevitable reckoning already apparent then, through swindles such as "financial derivatives" scams in general, and the "Y2K" hoax, delayed the crisis up to the springtime that President Bill Clinton was about to leave office. Eight years of a fanatically British dupe, George H.W. Bush as Vice-President, followed by four years under him as President, and, later eight more years of a new Bush Presidency, have imposed an awesome state of ruin in our U.S. economy, and, also, the world at large. There is no mystery in this, if we recall that Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of those Bush Presidents, had, on orders from the head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman of Brown Brothers, Harriman affiliation, moved to rescue Montagu Norman's protege Adolf Hitler, financially, in time to put Hitler in the position of London's asset as Germany's dictator.[11]

So, technically, the U.S. economy was in a relative state of decline for the long term, relative to the Franklin Roosevelt legacy, from the moment Truman took office.[12] With sundry ups and downs since then, the long-range trend in physical economy has been down, notably since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and had turned negative during the 1968-1973 interval.

Today's Crisis

Since the time between 1968 and 1973, when the U.S. ceased to actually control the international monetary-financial leadership of the world, since the oil-price-hoax of the Anglo-Dutch-Saudi gang took over to replace what had been the remains of the so-called "Bretton Woods," fixed-exchange-rate system, the world at large has been operating on a net physical-economic deficit. This margin of deficit was offset by a growing margin of credit based on accumulated, yet-to-be-paid margins of growing world debt, largely U.S.-dollar-denominated debt. In the final, terminal phase of this general economic insanity among a set of nations considered as a whole, the continuing existence of the financial-monetary system has depended chiefly upon the margin of a growing over-hang of debt which was chiefly denominated in dollars, although the control, pivoted on the leverage expressed by the petroleum spot-market and kindred scams, was exerted by the London-centered manipulations of the world system generally. Meanwhile, under Presidents such as Nixon, Carter, Reagan, two Bushes, and Bill Clinton, there was very little actual U.S. resistance to the relevant kinds of specific swindles run by Anglo-Dutch-Saudi agencies operating with the benefit of complicity from among the Wall Street gang.

Under that regime of that 1968-2009 interval to date, a vast amount of paper has been accumulated in the form of dollar-denominated obligations at the same time that the value-content of the dollar was being willfully collapsed by current U.S. policy itself. Therefore, given the vast accumulation of debt, relative to declining rates of production, should the valuation of those U.S.-dollar-related monetary assets/obligations be sharply decreased, every national economy of the world would be presently, suddenly, shut down as a result of the inevitable, global, monetary implosion, as surely as the German Mark of October-November 1923.

The only effective measure for preventing such an outcome of the recent G-20 farce, would be to put the dollar-system itself into reorganization in bankruptcy, that done along exactly the lines which I outlined, with relevant specifics, in my international webcast of July 25, 2007. Had the measures of reorganization-in-bankruptcy which I proposed then been adopted by the U.S. government, the world would already be in a condition of economic recovery today. Already, everything done by the U.S. government, notably the Congress under the malicious direction of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as action or relevant negligence, since July 2007, has been done willfully as, speaking practically and morally, virtually criminal actions taken in intentional, direct opposition to my perspectives presented during July-September 2007.

So, the frenzy of men and women of influence driven into virtual insanity by their own misdeeds of this 2007-2009 interval to date, has brought the world as a whole to the present brink of a global, generations-long new dark age.

The detonator of such a breakdown-crisis lies in the present danger of a sudden devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Such a collapse of the dollar would bring every national economy of the world to a sudden, virtual halt, leading into a general, mass-homicidal form of breakdown-crisis of the world's physical economy as a whole.

Dollar-credit so identified has value only to the degree that the U.S. dollar, in its role as a promissory note, is able to maintain its recent relative standard of value in the world system as a whole. The desperate situation of China today illustrates that point; if the value of those promissory notes known as the U.S. dollar falls, China's situation becomes virtually hopeless, with no actual remedy available to China from parts of the world other than the U.S.A. itself. A collapse of the world population-level from over six billions, to less than two billions, in a relatively short lapse of time, is, presently, the likely outcome of any serious effort to sustain the policy-outlines associated with the just presented G-20 program.

The avoidance of such a sudden calamity now, depends upon actions to ensure that such a deep collapse of the U.S. dollar does not occur. This requires the elimination of the types of schemes which are, variously, either stated, or implied in the just-published G-20 document. It requires action of that sort, to halt the present panic; it requires the abandonment of those so-called "green" lunacies emanated from the leader of Britain's World Wildlife Fund, Prince Philip, who is, in both word and practice, the greatest and worst genocidalist in known world history to date.

Were I President, I know exactly what must be done; if President Obama will not heed my advice, I fear that civilization will soon be a thing of the past, that for a long time yet to come.

Now, I shall explain what all that means, now from the standpoint of economy as a physical science.

III. Value in Physical Economy

The essential distinction of a society premised on the notion of the modern sovereign nation-state, such as the American System expressed by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Federal Constitution, is its distinction from, and opposition to empires such as the present continuation of the British imperial (neo-Venetian) form of a monetarist system which has been derived from the revisionist version of the Venetian model presented by the founder of modern Liberalism, Paolo Sarpi.

This innate superiority of our Constitutional American System, over the parliamentary systems of Europe, for example, is located essentially in two fundamental principles of the modern nation-state, principles which I have pointed out, again, in the course of the preceding chapters of this present report. Were we freed of what we might term the "Wall Street" factor of corruption in the monied strata of society, the inherently superior quality of our American culture would be more efficiently manifest, as it was under the leadership of President Franklin Roosevelt, as the benefits of his reforms took hold during the succession of his terms in office until near the close when his weakening under the strains of warfare conditions showed its effects.

On the first account: Those principles of Leibniz, as adopted by the circles of Benjamin Franklin from Leibniz's second rebuttal of the slave-trafficker John Locke, served as the foundation of the U.S. constitutional system. Respecting the founding economic policy of the United States as a system, these principles of Leibniz also served as the axiomatic definition of the American System of political economy, as that system was elaborated by the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Our system is not a monetary system, such as that which presently dominates Europe, for example; our constitutional system is a credit-system, which is the natural opponent of the implicitly imperialist character of all monetarist systems.

Our Leibniz-based American System, as its design was specified by Hamilton, served as the basis for the conception of development of the U.S. foreign policy, as elaborated by John Quincy Adams during his term as U.S. Secretary of State. With the U.S. victory over the British Empire's puppet, under President Lincoln, the U.S. developed the transcontinental railway system which was the first to successfully challenge what had been the dominant maritime power of British imperialism throughout the world. We did this both at home, and in its beneficial implications for post-1876 continental Europe. President Franklin Roosevelt, a fully conscious and devoted defender of the American System in the tradition of his ancestor, and Alexander Hamilton collaborator, Isaac Roosevelt, brought the practical definition of that further development of the same American System to reach a new height of development in the recovery, under his Presidency, an achievement which laid the basis for the astounding victory led by the U.S.A. in what is called "World War II."

Since President Franklin Roosevelt's death, there has been a highly significant, relevant advance in respect to knowledge of economics as a science. This has been my own development, under the influence on thinking about economy of such progress in science as by reflections, by me, on the work of Bernhard Riemann, Albert Einstein, and Russia's Academician V.I. Vernadsky. This influence has been chiefly, the concept of physical economy as a leading branch of physical science, as I have led in developing this improved conception. My more or less unique contributions in this field, based upon the influence of Bernhard Riemann's revolution in physical science, have made possible crucially important advances in the notion of economy practiced as science, although these advances have not thereby contradicted, but only improved the expression, qualitatively, of both the earlier intention of the leading founders of our republic, and also the benefits of that European scientific tradition since the astrophysical principles of Sphaerics introduced to European culture by the Pythagoreans.

On the second account: More recently, the implications of that legacy have been typified by my 1995-96 introduction of the pedagogical device of what I have named a "Triple Curve," as a device for competent long-range economic forecasting. The included significance of that "Triple Curve" has been proven to aid practical comprehension of the principle of the science of physical economy among broader layers of professionals and serious-minded laymen alike.

Presently, my own work in this field is of crucial, life-or-death importance for the devising of the policies needed to defend our presently endangered planetary social system as a whole. Therefore, a few prefatory qualifying remarks on the nature and relevance of my contribution to scientific method in economy, provided here as the opening of this chapter of the report, are essential sources of competence for any among today's governments in the world, for the practical purpose at hand.

The Relevant Issues of Science

Therefore, on that account: near the beginning of my discoveries in the science of physical economy, shortly after the close of World War II, I became attracted to the relevant subject of the nature of the elementary differences, respecting the principle of life, between Russia's biochemists A. I. Oparin and V.I. Vernadsky. Oparin represented an approach provoked by an attempt to trace the origins of life from the chemistry of abiotic states which he treated as pre-biotic, whereas Vernadsky defined living physical space as a distinct phase-space, distinct from non-living processes, corresponding to a universal physical principle of life per se. I could not accept the implied conclusions of Oparin's admittedly learned, clever, and pedagogically informative presentation of the case. I could welcome Oparin's questions in this topical area as bearing upon some of the chemistry relevant to the preconditions for living processes, but not as the sufficient insight into the actually qualitative, rather than quantitative distinction of living from non-living ones. It was my early 1953 "full conversion" to the standpoint of Bernhard Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation, which defined my entry into the active profession of a science of physical economy. This was the factor which was essential for my subsequent, relatively unique successes in long-range economic forecasting, since 1956-1957, and up to the present time. [13]

These considerations led me, over time, to my later, confident adoption of certain crucial implications of the work of Academician V.I. Vernadsky. Adoption led to scientific commitment.

So, today, there is nothing in my discoveries in this field which actually overturns the conception of economy founded by Leibniz, beginning about 1671, and as developed by the founders of the American System, such as Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton; but, much of even crucial importance has been added, such as the implications of the discoveries of Academician Vernadsky. My own contributions to this ongoing work of economics as actually science, now provide a set of analytical tools whose power is located far beyond any other, earlier approach known to me, and probably to anyone else, today. The most crucial feature of this advantage, is the result of taking into account the systemic implications of Academician Vernadsky's "division" of the universe among three phase-spaces: the abiotic, the Biosphere, and the Noösphere. I pointed that out in my Kiev paper on The Principle of Mind.[14] I shall restate that in relevant terms, shortly, below.

To use necessary technical language, the specific principle on which the outstanding success of my own method depends, relative to other competent professionals in the field, is my explicit insight into, and treatment of the role of the Leibniz infinitesimal, as ontological, rather than mathematical, in defining the physical system of the universe as implicitly anti-entropic.[15]

This view of mine, which is essential for competent, long-range economic forecasting, is contrary to the familiar, mechanistic fantasy associated with the names of Rudolf Clausius, Herrmann Grassmann, Lord Kelvin, et al. It is contrary to the earlier, Eighteenth empiricist adversaries of Leibniz's work, such as Abbé Antonio Conti, Voltaire, D'Alembert, Euler, and Lagrange. It is contrary to the mechanical positivism of Ernst Mach, and to the more wild-eyed reductionism of Bertrand Russell's Principia Mathematica and the pro-Malthusian, Cambridge school of systems analysis. In a related way, I echo the great Eighteenth-century mathematician Abraham Kästner's opposition to the essentially arbitrary, radically reductionist, a-prioristic notion of a Euclidean geometry.

The practical significance of my view of the Leibniz infinitesimal as ontological, rather than mathematical, is to be located in such places as Albert Einstein's view of the unique validity of the uniquely original discovery of universal gravitation by Johannes Kepler, the view, shared by Einstein, that the universe is finite, but not bounded.

This technical language signifies, that, as Leibniz emphasized, Kepler's unique discovery of the universal principle of gravitation, as a principle which bounds the domain of mathematical representation, represents a state of ontologically actual existence within which the mathematical representations of the sense-appearances of the Solar System are to be regarded as confined; but, it is only the mathematician, rather than the universe which is bounded. It is a physical, not a merely mathematical concept which undergoes development through the scientists' insight into the matter of a universal principle of anti-entropy.

This notion, as underlined by Einstein's notion of the combined implications of the work of Kepler and Riemann, defines the Leibniz infinitesimal as pertaining to the principle of change of systems, either as systems are shown to be rooted in processes of replicatable development, or as revolutionary (i.e., anti-entropic, ontologically creative) changes, as these are inherent in whole systems, such as that universe within which mathematics is bounded.

Hence, the ratios thus presented to mere mathematics, have a resonance of a notion of "infinitesimal;" but, this does not mean smallness in the sense of the reductionist mathematician, such as a Leonhard Euler, or, such as the foolish follower of the cults of Ernst Mach or, worse, Bertrand Russell.

This implication in the work of Leibniz himself, implied problems of thought which could only be brought into order on the basis of the higher order of considerations provided by the work of Bernhard Riemann. Hence, Albert Einstein's view of the universe as Riemannian, which was already the implied characteristic of the work of Kepler and Leibniz.

Thus, contrary to reductionist mythology, Clausius, Grassmann, and Kelvin were misguided victims of their silly belief in empiricist ideologies. Contrary to their adoption of the a-priorist notion of the formalist mathematician, the real universe is essentially anti-entropic, as Leibniz's and Jean Bernouilli's elaboration of the notion of a universal physical principle of least action specifies. Bernhard Riemann, with crucial prompting from Dirichlet's famous principle, presents modern science with the implicit principle of an intrinsically anti-entropic universe, a principle expressed most directly, in my own speciality of economics, in the physically efficient role of discovery of knowledge of universal physical principles, in advancing the expressed relative population-density of the human species.

That much said as introduction, I now summarize the most essential elements of the relationship of this just identified subject-matter to the essential characteristics of a successful form of modern society. We begin this review with some essential facts about relevant features of the accomplishments of Vernadsky.

Vernadsky's Solar System

As I emphasized in The Principle of Mind, Vernadsky's crucial experimental investigations, defined Earthly reality as composed of three respectively unique categories of physical-chemical existence: 1.) the abiotic (e.g., "pre-life"); 2.) living processes and their specific products and by-products (the Biosphere); and, the categorical quality of human cognition which is experienced only in the existence of humanity and those effects which are uniquely products of human activity and existence (the Noösphere). The most interesting way of distinguishing each among the three categories, is in terms of the "historical" changes in the composition of planet Earth, as expressed in terms of the changes in the relative composition of these three categorical components of our evolving planet.

The Biosphere increases its relative portion of the planet, relative to the categorically abiotic (hence the efficient principle of life, absent from the abiotic phase-space as such). The Noösphere increases its portion of the planet relative to the Biosphere (the fruit of the efficient principle of human individual cognitive powers of creativity, such as universal physical principles). Thus, in these terms of reference, life is a more powerful principle than non-life, whereas the creative powers of the human individual, represent a more powerful principle than life otherwise. The most crucial among these relationships is the voluntary quality of the expression of the noëtic powers of creativity of the human individual mind, a power which expresses itself as a willful expression of choice absent within the two inferior phase-spaces.

The point which I have just presented in this manner, is illustrated by contrasting the potential relative population-density among the so-called "higher apes," with that of humanity. It is fair to say, as a matter of emphasis, that when mankind reaches above a certain level of population-density comparable to that adducible from the comparative cases of the higher apes, the potential relative population-density of the human population depends upon the power of mankind located in those noëtic powers which are a specific potential of only the human individual among all living species. Mankind is the most powerful influence for willful forms of progressive change to higher states which is presently known to us from within the physical universe.

Of Powers & Their Penalties

Actually we do have much relevant evidence respecting the nature and expression of those noëtic powers specific to the human individual personality.

For example, during a fairly estimated recent span of about two millions years, the planet Earth has been living in a presently continuing "ice age." The fact of the "ice age's" continued influence over the surface of the planet as a whole, is clear, and clearly continuing at the present time. In the meantime, climate is altered for reason of various causes, but, amid those other changes, the role of built-in glacial cycles in the order of an approximate net of 100,000 years is commonplace. We are now leaving a warming period, and proceeding into what popular opinion would identify as an oncoming "new ice age," during which we might expect the cumulative effect of a lowering of the level of oceans by about 400 feet, as it rose by about 400 feet during the coming-out of the last peak period of glaciation.

One of the notable features of the evidence gained respecting the emergence out of the last peaking of the process of glaciation, is the existence of various expressions of what we would like to name "calendars" developed, chiefly, by maritime cultures which were regularly engaged in seasonal oceanic migrations, obviously involving flotillas of craft comparable to the craft associated with Vikings and the earlier maritime cultures known from the emergence of coastal settlements, now submerged, and otherwise, among the settlements of a characteristically maritime culture. Indeed, the leading cultures manifest in that context of the relative great melt of the most recent heavier glaciation, have been the chief evidence of the roots of what the ancient Egyptians and other maritime cultures of the emerging Mediterranean region came to know as the science of Sphaerics which the Pythagoreans knew from the science transmitted to them from ancient Egypt and from the associated maritime tradition of neighboring, associated Cyrenaica.

Such ancient maritime cultures have given us the concept of universal, as expressed in the relationship between trans-oceanic navigation of migratory flotillas and readings of the heavenly planets and stellar constellations. In principle, this quasi-historical experience is what was expressed in the method employed by Johannes Kepler's unique discovery of the principle of universal gravitation, as presented in detail in his The Harmonies of the World. Albert Einstein's appreciation of Kepler's discovery as both the foundation of modern applied physical science, and as implicitly Riemannian, is to the point.

When we examine closely the unique approach employed by Kepler for his original discovery of the general principle of gravitation later plagiarized crudely by court gossips associated with Isaac Newton and the dogma of René Descartes, we should recognize, as Albert Einstein did, where the notion of universal is located in the thinking of known ancient and modern civilization.

As the case of Kepler also indicates, the notion of the human individual mind's capacity for developing true science, needs to take into account the evidence which Vernadsky's definition of the Noösphere presents: the power of human creativity relative to the abiotic domain and Biosphere of Earth. It is mankind's ability to base the notion of astrophysical science, as in the calendars expressing long cycles, as of approximately 26,000 years, not later than in culures dated from about 6,000 years ago, that we get a firm grip on the idea of the reality of the ontological states called human individual scientific and related creativity, states which define that superior power of the human mind over both the Biosphere and abiotic domain by considering the relative rates of change of the composition of the planet Earth in terms of abiotic, Biosphere, and Noösphere.

That much said, on background, now define economy in terms of serious practice of physical economy, rather than inherently dumb, and superficial financial accounting. Consider this matter as follows.

The 'Law' of Physical Economy

The fundamental, systemic distinction between the human being and lower forms of life, is that only the human mind is capable of discovering universal physical principles. It is through those principles, so discovered, that mankind secures the unique power of our living species, to increase, willfully, the potential relative population-density of the human race, as no animal species can produce that effect in principle.

Although, in the animal kingdom, we have the natural history of the rise from the marsupials to the mammals, and the physical-evolutionary advancement of existence-potential in animal evolution generally, only mankind—only the individual human mind—can consciously discover an actual principle of nature, a principle whose appropriate application makes possible the increase of the potential relative population-density, and also the quality of life, of the individual members of our societies.

The effect of such uniquely human discoveries of universal principles of our universe must contribute to solving a characteristic problem of human existence in general. The problem is typified by the following type of case.

Complexes of animal and other species interacting to define an habitat, have an ecological potential, as a dynamic system, which operates within relevant, specific boundaries of what are termed ecological limits. Mankind's increase of our species' population, runs far beyond the relatively predetermined limits for any set of animal species sharing a given habitat. However, ecology as defined more or less usefully for animal species and their specific habitats, does not apply to humanity. Through the cultural development of human populations and their cultures, the potential relative population-density of mankind is virtually without anything approaching the kinds of boundary-conditions which are typical of animal ecology.

However, there is a condition attached to mankind's exception to ecological boundaries of population growth. Not only is the potential relative population-density of any specific human culture in its current state of development, bounded by the requirements of its habitat's environment, but man's ability to expand its population, and to raise its physical standard of living, outruns the limits of the environment, as "environment" applies in the domain of animal ecology. Mankind must therefore advance in the sense of science, technology, and social culture, in ways which counter the threat of humanly caused relative depletion.

Presently, for example, given a present world population in the estimated order of between 6.5 and 6.8 billions individuals, the comfortable standard of existence for a high quality of population and its culture requires a rapid ascent to increasing rate of reliance on the higher energy-flux density of the power and physical capital intensity of investment of capital goods of production and associated basic economic infrastructure.

This requirement can not be expressed in counting of calories. On this account, the typical "greenie's" views are not only incompetent, but, in effect of their practice, clinically insane, and inherently mass-murderous social policies. The measurement of required power for society is in energy-flux density, measured as in density of power applied per square unit of cross-sectional intensity per second. It is not calories which we require, but measurement in a density of calories-per-second-per-square centimeter. This is the standard for measuring the relatively useful quality of fuel, as the comparative power to do work, a standard by which we measure the relative utility of fuels. (Anyone who believes that a calorie of sunlight, or windpower is equal to a calorie of nuclear power, should be hustled to the nearest relevant psychiatrist for emergency assistance.)

The same requirement for increase of energy-flux-density in sources of power for society, applies to the need to remedy the relative depletion of raw materials, and so on, through human activity. In general, the latter requirement obliges us, in the first instance, to upshift to methods of extraction and production which are both increasingly capital-intensive, and require upshifts to sources of power which are of increasing general energy-flux-density. Hence, a present world population in excess of five billions persons can not be sustained indefinitely without an upshift into nuclear and higher sources of energy-flux density in generation and application of power. This requirement is associated with a need to compensate for drawing down so-called natural mineral and biological resources, by scientific-technological upshifts which are expressed, in effect, as increases of the capital-intensity of investment of capital improvements of production and infrastructure, per capita and per square kilometer of territory.

Restate what I have just outlined, as follows.

Since we are lowering the ratio of the residual abiotic component of our planet, as in consuming mineral resources left behind as the mortal residue of once-living processes, or as primitive abiotic materials, we must increase our efficiency, which can be done only in capital-intensive modes of both production and social existence. In other words, we must make relatively less the equivalent of more.

The notion that a zero-growth human ecology could avoid such requirements, is clinical insanity, speaking functionally. Mankind can not exist without progress in the Noösphere. The progress of the Noösphere depends upon progress of the equivalent of "capital gains," again per capita and per-square-kilometer of the Biosphere.

Think of restating the same principles of practice which I have just listed in terms of what I stated a bit earlier, as the functional set of inequalities in the relationship among the abiotic, the Biosphere, and the Noösphere of any relevant case of a habitable planet.

Now, restate the same kinds of sets of inequalities, respecting abiotic, Biosphere, and Noösphere in terms of the changing quality of the average individual member of society. On this account, we may, as a matter of shorthand, indicate that this requires the qualitatively progressive development of both the individual, and the individual's anti-entropic mode of development of cognitive powers with respect to qualities of modes of employment and in respect to the equivalent of Classical artistic cultural progress in the society as a whole, and in the individual member of that society.

Man, made in the image of the Creator, can succeed in that assigned mission, only on the condition that mankind represents the actively creative, self-development of the Noösphere. To survive in the image of the Creator, man must make himself to act in the likeness of the Creator.

IV. National Credit-Systems

If President Obama had been some second-rank figure of his administration, the firm tongue I am obliged to deploy here, would not have been necessary, or even appropriate. In the case of a sitting President, a person who has relevant standing in knowledgeable practice as a public figure and a top-ranking authority in his field, as I am, will sometimes take a President to an educational experience in the intellectual "wood shed," but only if the matter requiring correction of the President's errant policy involves a clear and present danger to the welfare of both that President and the general welfare. Such is the proper nature of the relationship of a citizen of exceptional qualifications to be a President under a true republic, when this is required under the relevant, exceptional circumstances, as now. This present moment is precisely such a circumstance; the fate of our nation is now immediately imperilled, and the President's greatly misguided actions during his ill-advised visit to London, have now become a leading cause of that immediate peril to the nation.

What President Barack Obama has committed himself to do, is, among other things, to deprive the citizens of the United States of any effective control over the national currency of the United States. In effect, President Obama has proposed, for the moment, at least, to make the United States with its ordinary citizenry a poor, looted colony of the British empire.

It is notable that the British Empire has repeatedly insisted that it is not an empire, even at the same present moment, as now, that it claims the authority to continue being one. Under the proposed new monetary reform presented in the G-20 proceedings, if the U.S.A. accepts that, the status of the U.S.A. as a mere colony of the British Empire would become the actual status of the United States, and that of virtually every other nation of the world.

Whatever President Obama might have been misled into thinking that he has done, he has actually promised to sell our republic into bondage for the price of a proverbial bowl of personal pottage. At the moment the Congress of the United States still has the power to say, "No," if we can find a majority of actual patriots in the body currently; President Obama has no authority to sell the people of the United States into slavery to a foreign imperial power. The first step which must be taken, is to warn President Obama that he has no right to sell the people of the United States to a foreign power, especially not to a British Empire against which the U.S.A. had had to fight, repeatedly, as in 1776, in 1812-1815, in 1861-1865, to gain and save our freedom from British rule since February 1763. In the 1970s, the United States was essentially raped by the British Empire and its Saudi allies, in the infamous petroleum crisis which the British and Saudi interests associated with Prince Bandar used to wreck the U.S. dollar, and to render the world subject to looting by the swindle known as the Anglo-Dutch-Saudi spot market in petroleum. No sane and literate American patriot would entrust our republic's fate to a British empire.

The additional, closely related problem has been the existence of a powerful, British-allied party of treason inside the United States itself, the "treason party" constituted of the representatives of the interests of the British East India Company which has had dominated control of Wall Street and related financial power over much of U.S.A. affairs since the days of Judge Lowell and the treasonous agent and British spy Aaron Burr, right up to the present day. That is the same British empire responsible for the organization of the African slave-trade against both the people of Africa and the United States, as organized by the British empire and its Spanish royal lackey, that up to the time that the United States under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln, had led the U.S. to victory over Britain in both the defense of the United States and in defeating the Hitler-like crimes against both the United States and the nation and people of Mexico through the complicity of the Habsburg family in a British-directed operation conducted with support of Spain and the British puppet otherwise known as the dictatorship of Napoleon III in France.

Not only was President Obama's gesture of submission to British policy wrong, both morally and in about every other way imaginable; it was error in aid of a ruinously stupid economic policy. It is the stupidity of the economic and related policies permitted by President Obama, which now threatens to destroy the United States and its citizenry through the hyperinflationary, monetary and bailout swindle to which President Obama, no Dick Whittington, acceded in his visit to London.

Admittedly, the President has no significant competence in economic and related matters. The palpable source of the guilt of his administration in this respect, has been the President's credulous submission to the relevant Mutt-and-Jeff performance of Presidential advisor Larry Summers and the lackey role which Summers has induced the wimpish Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to accept. The extenuating feature of this folly is that Larry Summers has a track-record as being a brutish sort of pathological personality, whose track record in public and private political and economic affairs, inside the U.S.A. and abroad, should have kept foxy Summers out of any access to in President Obama's Presidential hen-house. The apparently overwhelming evidence is, that President Obama has failed to stand up to the bullying of Larry Summers' worse than utterly incompetent demands.

Clearly, President Obama and Secretary Geithner both played Trilby to Summers' Svengali. Thus, the same President Obama who had showed commendable independence during British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's visit to Washington, D.C., just a short time earlier, now played lackey to both Brown and the British royal family during the period of the G-20 summit.

I believe that I have now made that preceding point clear to any literate audience. It is time to turn attention to another urgent aspect of the present crisis-situation menacing the continued existence of our republic, and, in fact, the fate of humanity as a whole. What President Obama has indicated he is willing to do at London's insistence, is both a threat to the people and nations of the planet as a whole, and a piece of monstrous incompetence in statecraft, and in economy generally. Were President Obama's present policies to be continued, the United States itself would not survive.

In short: President Barack Obama crossed the line. I am not about to cross him off for the mistakes he has made thus far; but, he urgently requires a brief trip to the woodshed; otherwise, without that trip, his chances for a successful Presidency would be very poor.

'A New World Currency?'

Since the beginning of our Federal Republic, it has been an essential element in all of our achievements, that any patriot government of our republic has rejected the corruption of our economic affairs by subjugating our republic itself to a foreign subjection of our republic to general monetarist order in our sovereign economic affairs. In keeping with that principle, all true patriotic officials of our republic have rejected absolutely the imposition of an international so-called "free trade" policy upon our sovereign internal affairs. There have been treasonous and kindred foreign violations of our principle on this account, but the principle of sovereignty of a republic under a protectionist system has been the characteristic policy of all competently informed patriots of our nation.

Now, monetarist systems have been, admittedly, commonplace in European practice for no less than the period since the ruinous Peloponnesian War. A monetarist system existed, in fact, in ancient Greece, as attested by such evidence as the function of the array of treasuries flanking the temple of Apollo at Delphi. The existence of monetarist systems was prevalent in the Mediterranean, as in near-Asia and the latter's empires, and was the characteristic of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine empire, and the monetarist system of Venice which manipulated the affairs of the medieval Europan system through the time of the 14th-Century "New Dark Age."

Out of the religious wars of Europe from the Habsburg expulsion of the Jews from Spain, in 1492, until the 1648 Peace of Westphalia: In the aftermath of the 1648 Peace, the dominant force within Europe had shifted from the Mediterranean littoral to the maritime powers, rallied around the influence which had been established by Paolo Sarpi, a Sarpian Liberal philosophical influence based strategically, as maritime powers, on the coasts, ports, and mouths of rivers flowing into the Baltic, the North Sea, and the Atlantic. Both the older, Mediterranean traffic of Venice and the new Liberal Venetian monetary-financial powers oriented to the Atlantic maintained an ultramontane mode of monetary-financial system as the central, actually imperial form of monetary power dominating Europe and the Atlantic traffic generally.

The British Empire emerged in February 1763, as both the private empire known as Lord Shelburne's British East India Company and the old Venetian monetary system around which the kind of banking power echoing the former, bankrupted Fourteenth-century Lombard League, formed an imperial monetary system, in which Anglo-Dutch maritime power occupied a central, dominant position. The complex of private monetary and banking power which established forms of implicit or formal contract agreements with the power of assorted individual nations, has remained the essential form of imperial power in the world since the consolidation of maritime and related power in the hands of Anglo-Dutch mercantilist and usury interests. That is the essential, converging meaning of empire in the history of modern Europe since the aftermath of the A.D. 1453 Fall of Constantinople.

The establishment of the constitutional republic of the United States has been the principal exception to imperial power on this planet since 1789, and, more emphatically, since the victory of the United States over the British imperial forces deploying the Confederacy. There have been tendencies to draw the United States into the British imperial system centered in the Bank of England and later, the London-controlled Basel Bank for International Settlements. This has been a tendency toward reassimilation of the U.S.A., into the British empire by the Wall Street gang whenever the wrong political flavor of candidate has gained the Presidency and control over the U.S. Congress, but although President Franklin Roosevelt's actions put a check on the British subversion of U.S. institutions, the U.S.A. never broke, until now, with its Constitution.

Otherwise, the chatter about "U.S. Imperialism" from certain quarters of the world, is not only incompetent, but, at the present time, a threat to the continued existence of civilization. There is British imperialism; if you do not think so, it were better than you keep silence on such matters until you have grown up to the level that you no longer make the mistake of presuming that there is presently any empire on this planet but the British empire.

That said, let us turn our attention to the deeper matter.

The American System of Political-Economy

There are two crucial points to be stated and developed briefly at this point. The first, is the need to make clear the difference between a credit-system, such as the constitutional design of the American System of political-economy, and a monetary system, the latter the system of the British Empire and the other traditional systems of Europe, among others, today. The second point is to identify why we must treat the proposals for various forms of "globalization"—as in "Tower of Babel"—with at least as much and deep a form of hatred as we should muster as resistance to fascism. Globalization is a form of fascism, but is the worst form. It is true imperialism.

To come directly to the first point: money has no intrinsic economic value, contrary to the opinions of such poor wretches as the marginal utilitarians.

Economic value is expressed in the form of a net increase, in an economy as a whole, of the potential relative population-density of the society. The form and quality of action which produces either a maintenance, or a gain in a society's physically efficient gain in net relative potential population-density, is what I have defined earlier in this report as the required form of the function of the three phase-spaces of the human physical economies.

The source of this quality of gain of an economy as a whole, is the net increase in potential relative population-density of a society through means comparable to net gains in the abiotic and Biosphere, or through those developments of the human culture and its Classical modes of artistic expression which specific functions of the human cognitive powers focus upon social relations as such, as Percy B. Shelley's A Defence of Poetry addresses this. In the last aspect of matters, it is in the power of human Classical-artistic modes of communication, as in Classical poetry, drama, music, and Classical art, that the noëtic qualities uniquely specific to the human mind are summoned and honed in manners which, in turn, promote the development of the individual power of creativity which is then applicable to the matters of physical science and physical production.

The inseparable functional relationships between Classical art and physical scientific progress in principle, define the practical significance of the institution of the sovereign nation-state economy. When Classical poetry of language, for example, is disassociated from the mind which is engaged in the physical management of productive economy and basic economic infrastructure, what might be termed the relative idiocy of a "Tower of Babel" effect takes over the destiny of humanity. If Classical art, as associated with language-culture, is separated from the environment in which a people develops its physical economy, then neither culture, nor production could continue to succeed. The proper name for "Globalization" is, "Satan and his humanoid beasts live here."

Thus, in summary, we have two crucial points to consider.

First, unless man develops the Biosphere, in the manner I have described, respecting the principled features of Academician V.I. Vernadsky's discoveries, society will be destroyed by attrition. If production is not organized in terms of sovereign national cultures, the society will fail for reason of effects of bestialization. If the emphasis is not on a commitment to reject what is called "environmentalism," society will now disintegrate, if only for that reason, alone.

Thus, the organization of the economy of the nation-state, and of relations among the respective sovereign nation-state cultures of the planet, must be organized around the notion of a credit-system, rather than either a monetary system, or monetary systems.

On this latter account, since money has no intrinsic value in a real economy, but only a conventional valuation, the proper organization among nation-states is that of fixed-exchange-rate credit-systems, not monetary systems, Such credit-systems and their function, are the proper basis for organization of trade and other relations among the respective sovereign nation-states of the planet. The essential function of such fixed-exchange-rate systems of trade and investment, is the mustering of increasingly long-term average lapsed-times of investment in increasingly, physically, capital-intensive investment in the basic economic infrastructure of both production and human life.

The voluntary regulations of such systems of cooperation among the respective sovereigns, are those adduced from the nature of the relations in progress of a Vernadskyian ordering of mankind's management of the ratios of relationship among the abiotic, the Biosphere, and Noösphere, as I have indicated in the preceding chapter.

[1] Deceased 2004.

[2] Britain's retort to such a complaint from Hitler would be: "Shut up, silly man; we invented you!"

[3] Like its precedent, French anarcho-syndicalism, the Fabian Society was always an essentially British form of fascism. Oswald Mosley, the leading official fascist of the British Fabian Society of the 1930s, was not an imitation of Mussolini, but, rather, Mussolini was an imperfect approximation of what the Fabian Society of H.G. Wells had intended. Typical fascists who, at one or another time avowed such commitments, included John Maynard Keynes, and the predominantly existentialist leaders of the European Congress for Cultural Freedom. Professor Milton Friedman and his associate George Shultz, are typical of the true fascist type otherwise to be recognized as, like Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair, fascist products of British imperial Fabianism. The most typical varieties of mass-murderous fascisms have been the population-control movements which included the rabidly "green" Nazi leaders of the 1920s, such as Hermann Göring, who happened, also, to be largely products of Fabian-orchestrated influences rooted in the British Empire's circles of followers of such as the Thomas Huxley who created H.G. Wells, such as Cecil Rhodes.

[4] E.g., "protectionist."

[5] Keynes' claim to a fascist pedigree was clearly established in the 1937 edition of his General Theory in a Berlin edition. On that occasion, Keynes frankly stated, in the introduction to that edition, that his own intention to publish the work in German, and in Berlin, first, was his confidence that his ideas would receive a warmer acceptance in Hitler's regime than among plausibly civilized nations.

[6] Alexander Hamilton emphasized, that he had acted to aid in making Thomas Jefferson President, a Jefferson not the same man he had been under the living influence of Benjamin Franklin, in order to prevent a traitor and British spy and agent of the British East India Company, Aaron Burr, from securing the election. Later, however, unlike Aaron Burr's and Martin van Buren's asset, Andrew Jackson, Jefferson's outlook was improved. Dolly Madison had been selected for marriage to her husband, the later President, by Aaron Burr. The "war hawks" of President Madison's time did not exactly win the war of 1812 with the British, but their actions saved the honor and future of our constitutional republic.

[7] Note the charming account, by Thomas B. Macaulay [The History of England from The Accession of James I], of the rule and fall of Sir George Jeffreys of "Bloody Assizes" notoriety. Macaulay's image of Jeffreys' fleeing a vengeful mob, adorned only in his nightshirt, took a bit of license with history, but, at least, it had an element of literary charm.

[8] H. Graham Lowry, How The Nation Was Won: America's Untold Story (Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1988).

[9] Cf. Toward a New Council of Florence, William F. Wertz, trans. (Washington, D.C.: Schiller Institute, 1993).

[10] Ex-President Carter later went through an epiphany of sorts, and has played a useful part since; but, that was after the damage was done.

[11] Later, Churchill abandoned Hitler, once a synarchist government in France had opened the gates for a victory of the relatively inferior Wehrmacht force over the physically superior French forces. However, Churchill and his cronies in the British establishment, who had put Hitler into power, came to abandon Hitler, but never their motives for having put him into power. My own right-wing and related political adversaries in the U.S.A. today, are of the same political breed as the U.S.A.'s own pro-fascist, Wall Street-centered gangs, who had also sympathized with Britain's love for Hitler up to the over-running of France. The Bush family is typical of that fascist-leaning set. There is very little in the political careers of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, Jr., which does not conform to what might be expected of the family tradition of friends of Hitler such as Prescott Bush

[12] Few Americans, including most ostensibly leading economists and politicians, have any actual comprehension of, even regard for the fact that a modern economy is defined not by apparent trends of months or even years, but by physical-capital cycles, including those forms of basic economic infrastructure on which the productive sector of the economy as a whole depends. For the typical citizen and family household, a quarter-century brings a young adult's sex-life near to its close. During the same approximate spread of time, inter-generational cultural conflicts emerge, such as that which defined the presently reigning "baby boomer" generation. Fifty years of adult life has already entered the approaching termination of that life as a whole, and with it, much of the knowledge of experience embodied in the most matured section of the still living portions of the senior generation. Only those among us who have come to recognize a span of centuries, even millennia, as the measure of the experience relevant for understanding the process of history today, are capable of an actually scientific insight into the underlying processes shaping world and national history currently. When a citizen speaks proudly of "my personal experience in life," competent historians and other policy-shapers are tempted to leave the premises in disgust.

[13] The most crucial features of my adoption of Riemann's standpoint in his 1854 habilitation dissertation, are located in the two opening paragraphs and the single, concluding sentence. Once the implications of those features are assimilated, progress through the whole is sometimes stubborn business, but the direction becomes clearer and clearer as progress is made toward such further goals as those of the work of Beltrami, Einstein, and Vernadsky, and, also, back to Cusa and Kepler and the relevant Classical Greek science.

[14] EIR, April 3, 2009.

[15] An echo of the closing sentence of Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation.

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