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Act Now!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 24, 2009

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Since his visit to hug the wicked little Queen in London, President Barack Obama no longer pretends to be the person he only seemed to be, briefly, during that preceding, initial, short "honeymoon" phase of his Presidency. To a certain degree, I can account for certain exact evidence of his current behavior, both as to its character, and to its, presently threatened, horrid outcome for the world, if that pattern is allowed to continue without a sweeping reversal, very soon, of every policy he has put forward since that pilgrimage to worship at the shrine of imperial Buckingham Palace. The real story is the terrible things which will take over the world, things which might seem to strike sooner than you could say "Adolf Hitler," unless certain very specific, and very radical changes which I propose are made very soon.

Under these present circumstances, when I must dare to tell the truth about this matter, no matter what, I have an awesome, relatively unique moral responsibility to tell you the following.

As I forewarned, in my international webcast of July 25, 2007, the entire planet has been gripped by what has been, exactly as I had warned then, the uninterrupted process of unfolding of a planet-wide general physical-economic breakdown-crisis. I not only delivered the warning, but specified the immediate actions needed to avert an accelerating process of a general economic breakdown-crisis.

Those who know the relevant facts of modern history since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, will recall that my first forecast, which warned, in mid-1956, of a severe recession to be expected to hit during the interval of February-March 1957, was followed by a general warning, uttered during 1959-60, of a potential slide into a breakdown of the fixed-exchange-rate system beginning the second half of the 1960s; of the October 1987 recession; of an "economic mud-slide" to spoil President George H.W. Bush's re-election-campaign; of the breakdown of the system to hit about the millennial turn of 1999-2001; and, my January 3, 2001 forecast of a major terrorist assault against the U.S.A. to be expected that year. And, so on. Every forecast development which I have made during the 1956-2007 interval, has always come on within the indicated time-frame of the forecast.

It is most notable, and of the greatest relevance to what I state in this present report, that the reason for my relatively unique success as a forecaster, lies not in my presumed genius, but in the incompetence of what could be considered my leading rivals. I know that statistical forecasting by monetarists is a profession designed to lure incompetents into their own richly deserved contempt. My forecasts were premised on the role of choices of policy in bringing on the catastrophes which strike down the reputations of the devotees of statistical forecasting. It is reigning policy, not statistics, which brings on all of the relatively more notable economic catastrophes in modern history.

Since then, I have been proven right beyond any sane man's doubt, when all my putative rivals from among the otherwise sane and reasonably literate, who had opposed me, have been shown to have been terribly wrong. Therefore, one might think that a President Barack Obama would have been both intelligent enough, and also sane enough, to have avoided coming into conflict with my forewarnings. He has clearly failed, as President, so far, on that account. If he dislikes what I have said, and I have little reason to doubt that he does, he has no one as much as himself, to blame.

This pattern of failures of this same time, from around the world, has been the case not only inside our U.S.A. since the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, globally; it has now been demonstrated, again, by a pattern of foolish conduct by President Barack Obama and his administration: a present pattern of bad conduct which vacillates within the bounds of a type of health-care and other specific types of current economic behavior, as by Peter Orszag, Larry Summers, and Ezekiel Emanuel, which the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis had condemned as "crimes against humanity."

What I have just said, is not a subject for classification as either fair or unfair comment; it is the only judgment which is both within the realm of truth, sanity, and decency, alike; it is the only fit opinion for those of reasonable sanity and intelligence who have the wit, guts and honesty to state things as they are.

The fact is, that with the election of President Obama, we, and the world at large, have been swindled by the highest-priced, bought-and-paid-for Presidential election in modern world history. In a large degree, it has proved to have been "the best Presidency which the combination of international drug-money, such as that of international dope-pusher George Soros, and kindred international financial swindlers, could have bought."

The kindest thing that could be said about President Obama's currently adopted policies, is that they are not only evil in the specifically fascist intentions which they express in practice, as in notable instances which are essentially exact copies of Adolf Hitler's policies, as in the case of his current health-care and so-called "environmentalist" policies: even though they might be viewed as honest mistakes made by the clinically insane. Whatever else should be said of this matter, he has been, clearly, brainwashed by his current choice of "behavioral" psychologists. Without removing the influence of those brainwashers and their frankly fascist financier accomplices, there is no hope for our U.S.A. during the present calendar year, or, for that matter, for the world at large, unless the current policies of the Obama administration are changed, in the way which I have indicated, very soon.

Your response to my warning, thus becomes your choice of your own personal destiny. Wake up! Before it is, soon, too late.

Notably, the President himself has admitted this fact, if only implicitly, in the way he has attempted to excuse his current behavior. We must emphasize the fact of his adopting a virtual carbon-copy of the Adolf Hitler health-care policies, later judged to be genocide, of September 1, 1939. So much money had been sent down into the sewers of London and Wall Street, for bailing out international financial swindlers, that there is virtually nothing left over, in Obama's stated opinion, for either expansion of production, or health care. Rather than imposing rising death-rates on the U.S. population, he should have cancelled bail-outs to the fraudulent claims of the planet's greatest financial swindlers, by putting the system into bankruptcy-reorganization. He should have acted to increase the productive output of the nation's economy, rather than wrecking it with lunatic, pro-genocidal, neo-malthusian ruin. His policy of practice has become, thus far: sacrifice the baby for the sake of the very, very, dirty, financial bath-water!

In uttering his lame excuses for looting the treasury to fatten the swindlers, this current President has left us with the fact, that the only way the U.S. could survive, even almost two years later than July 25, 2007, is by reversing the intrinsically fraudulent "bail out" of Wall Street and London, to put the system into bankruptcy-reorganization, as I specified this then. In a choice between serving the swindlers and the people of the United States, President Obama has chosen the side of the swindlers who contributed so much to buy themselves his presently less than worthless Presidency.

The only hope for his Presidency, now, is that he must betray the swindlers who bought him his election; he must do this in order to serve the citizens of the U.S.A., people whose trust in him he has presently betrayed, and to whom he owes the burden of his declared oath of office.

That warning by me, is not a description of a merely possible outcome of the present administration; it is already the settled character of the administration, and its ultimate self-destruction. This horrid, present destiny of his could not be changed, unless we rid the Presidency of the administration's currently dominant influences, the influences of, among others, Larry Summers and the "Behaviorist" swindlers, who purchased this President's conscience for such a high price. Only if the President were induced to throw out Summers and the Nazi-like Behaviorists of Peter Orszag, et al., would the potential of the remaining elements of the current administration come to play a dominant role in a happier choice of direction.

My Authority In This Matter

Only if the adoption of the policies which I have specified since my international webcast of July 25, 2007 were to replace, entirely, the current policies of the U.S. Congress and Presidency since Labor Day, 2007, would there be any foreseeable hope for the survival of a planetary civilization during the lifetime of the presently living generations.

I have not only earned the right, but the obligation, and competence, as a forecaster, to say this, without fear of misjudgment in saying so. Short of losing my life, or subjection to grievous physical torture for saying so, I have already done much more than pay my political dues for the right to speak as I do, and every sane figure in leading circles of our standing institutions of government knows that this is a true fact. Anyone who knows and is willing to acknowledge the fraud done, officially, by the customarily lying mass-media, and otherwise, against me and my associates, during the recent term of nearly three decades, knows this to be the true case.

First of all, what must be done, is to cancel the entirety of the current President's current policies and program, and that of his immediate predecessor, immediately. He must not be awarded even a single foolish year to continue his present trend of efforts to destroy our nation, and civilization generally; the change must come suddenly, and now. There is nothing good in any of his current economic policies. We have nothing, really, to risk, in expending whatever effort might be needed to induce him to modify his behavior; humanity at large could only gain what humanity as a whole could not now afford to lose.

You ask me: "Will he be willing?"

He would be if the citizens and institutions of our United States are resolved to give him no other choice. The fate of all nations of the world now hangs on the relatively immediate such action, to quickly and suddenly change the behavior of this President, by our United States, now, for no lesser reason than that your sister might not end up in somebody's gas oven.

Back then, there were assurances that, "It can't happen," but it did. Now, we blame Hitler, and we are right; but, we should have also dealt with the power which created Adolf Hitler's regime, the same British monarchy of Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund of today, a monarchy which we of the U.S.A. had later rescued as the price of ridding the world of Britain's creation, Adolf Hitler, then.

Whatever the differences between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler, there is nothing essentially different between the social policies into which creatures such as Larry Summers and Peter Orszag have guided President Barack Obama now, and both the intent and outcome of the regime of Adolf Hitler, then. This time, it is not only European Jews, Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians, and the aging and ill generally, who are the exemplary victims of monstrous crimes against humanity, but also your American neighbor with a slight fever, or a curable injury, next door. Obama's personally advocated policies are intentionally genocidal by that same World War II period's standard. After all, genocide and slavery have been the hallmarks of the British empire, as this is still so on the continent of Africa, or the Arab victims of London's Sykes-Picot program of petroleum marketing in Southwest Asia, still today.

In certain, recently published reports, I have set forth the account of history which provides insight into the nature and origins of the presently reigning system of imperial financier-oligarchical reign known popularly as "the British Empire," the empire otherwise known, in fact, as the specific form of continued Venetian financier-oligarchical rule in the current form of the Venetian financier legacy of Paolo Sarpi's system of imperial Liberalism.

The only remedy for the perils of the planet at this menacing instant, is the American System of political-economy associated with the notions of a credit-system, rather than the always intrinsically imperialist monetarist systems. Only action led by a concert of the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India, could form the initiating body of action needed to rescue the entire planet from a descent into Hell right now.

Unfortunately, the nations of continental western and central Europe are not free, at the moment, to participate in the founding of the new world credit-system of associated, respectively sovereign nation-states. For the moment, the last vestige of true sovereignty among the nations of western and central Europe went down the road to imperial Hell under the initiatives of Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her leading accomplices, U.S. President George H.W. Bush, and France's anti-Gaullist President Fran├žois Mitterrand. Only by breaking the agreement made against Germany and other nations of the western, central, and eastern European continent then, could any among those nations now be freed to resume their sovereignty over both their foreign and internal affairs.

In fact, while many silly people, including many people in very high places, speak ignorantly of the U.S.A. as having replaced a former imperial role of the Anglo-Dutch-Liberal monetarist system, the fact is that the only reigning imperial system of this planet now is the London-centered, imperial system of monetarism known as the dogma and practice of "free trade."

There are only two choices of systems. One a system of respectively, perfectly sovereign nation-states. The other, the enemy of the sovereign nation-state, is known as monetarism, or free trade. The imperial power which must be destroyed, if any nation is to become sovereign again, is the elimination of monetarism in any form.

Monetarism means the existence of a system of money-values which is independent of national sovereignty, and is therefore the imperial power to which all nations accepting monetarism are subject as imperialism's mere colonies.

The case of the present world crisis-swindle has been based entirely, absolutely on the affirmation of the superior authority of monetarist claims over national economies, to which a treasonous gang controlling high-ranking positions in the U.S. government and Federal Reserve System have, in fact, acted as accomplices of an alien, monetarist financier power, a power to loot and ruin many nations which should have been sovereign, including our own United States as the looted victim of treasonous complicity even from among our own influential parties and elements of government.

In that respect, and on that account, the current policies of the United States, under present circumstances, are treasonous in their effect, if not the conscious intention of the damnable fools who have permitted this situation to develop.

On this account, I am a true patriot of our republic. Can you truly say the same about yourself?

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