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This article appears in the July 24, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

It Is Time To Declare War

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

July 17, 2009

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The common error presently encountered even among leading circles today, is the common tendency of the post-industrial cultures of the Americas and Europe, to threaten war against the noisy brat next door, as a way of pretending not to notice the arrival of the powerful invading forces which have just now reached the outskirts of the city. Such behavior is typical of the fiercely militant cowards who limit their attention to the "more credible" issues of "immediate concern."

We must recall, from experiences such as World War II, that it is stupid strategy to appeal, by populist rhetoric, to the stupid prejudices of those who appeal to the lower, more simple minded passions, and related issues, of those who rely upon the populist passions of people who prefer, like the French masses of 1939-1940, not to be forced to actually think in the needed, more profound way.

"What, therefore, did President Franklin Roosevelt do, when the Japan fleet attacked Pearl Harbor?" He declared war against the empire of the world. It was chiefly war against that British Empire which had created the Adolf Hitler regime in Germany; but, it was also, as Roosevelt made clear, a recognition that the real, larger warfare was against that British Empire which had created Adolf out of British mud. For President Franklin Roosevelt, it was a continuing war against that British Empire which had created and deployed Adolf Hitler as its puppet, with much assistance from those Anglophile oligarchs who reigned over Britain's tool, the so-called "Wall Street" gang, who were the enemies of our own republic within, as without our United States.

When the enemy is assembled in great numbers at your doorstep, do not attempt to defeat him there; attack him on those crucially significant strategic flanks, as General Douglas MacArthur did, where he is vulnerable to defeat.

When facing sundry resolute enemies, the first step to victory, is to commit one's self, and one's own forces, to win war. So, did Franklin Roosevelt, from the moment he had succeeded in gaining the 1932 Democratic Party nomination. Once the war was declared, in his own mind, against the same enemy he faced, in that campaign for the Presidential nomination, he knew what was against him: he was conducting strategic warfare: essentially, against the British Empire. Within a matter of days prior to his inauguration, he knew already that he would probably have to fight actual warfare, first, against the British Empire's unleashed tool, the Adolf Hitler dictatorship which had just conducted the Reichstag coup d'etat in Germany.

Today, the enemy against which we must declare war, and for the same cause, is the same British Empire; times have changed, but the quarrel between those two principal opposing species of adversaries, has not. So, a similar set of considerations confronts us today. In the meantime, there have been some changes in the detailed features of the conflict; but, while the personalities have largely changed (barring the fact that I am a living adult left over from the last phase of that war, as most today are not), the clash of species, that between actually civilized society and its adversary, the British empire, remains the same.

Now, as then, the purpose of war is not to destroy the ultimate adversary physically, but politically; to destroy its power to continue to exist as the keystone element of a world empire of monetarism. That specification, including its all-important exclusion of purposes beyond the actual intention, is the most crucial feature of any morally tolerable declaration of war. The purpose of war must never be anything but to do good in a manner specified by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa's De Pace Fidei, and, the echo of Cusa, as the 1648 Peace of Westphalia.

[This does not mean that we intend to shoot former brutish Prime Minister Tony Blair, but, perhaps, express our generosity, Nancy Pelosi-style, by offering him the uplifted authority for that queenly imperial miss-direction to which he might have yearned, hopelessly, on Earth, by awarding him nothing less than the entire territory of a suitable asteroid, where Ms. Pelosi might visit him as a royal guest of honor.]

Obama's Crimes Against Humanity

President Barack Obama has earned his urgent impeachment from office, for reason of having already, persistently, even fanatically, committed himself to explicit crimes against humanity, and that massively: as by virtue of his fanatical insistence on promoting the same explicit crime against humanity which was expressed in Nuremburg and related tribunals in the matter of the Adolf Hitler operations conducted under auspices of the notorious Tiergarten Vier (T-4). These are, indeed, a matter of high crimes and misdemeanors.

However, it does not follow that I am committed to his being ousted under a bill of impeachment. Sometimes, as in his case, there may be alternatives in the form of measures which provide for his continuing to hold the office of President for some time, under the condition that we might treat him as undergoing suitable treatment for that mental disorder which is the apparent root of his propensity for perpetrating crimes against humanity.

Obviously, the collection of so-called "behaviorist economists" associated with T-4-modelled crimes against humanity, must be summarily ousted. Certain other persons complicit in promoting the same Nuremberg-crime kinds of offenses, must be released. Otherwise, if at all possible, we must find means to craft an arrangement under which the nation is protected against Obama's specific madness, and yet the intent of the relevant Presidential election is afforded every possible consideration.

Our most urgent concern, beyond such protective measures, must be to emphasize that Obama's criminal disposition has been expressed under the influence of the British empire's criminal influence upon him, the same "genetic" quality of criminal influence expressed by the role of the British monarchy and its Wall Street accomplices, in placing the criminal Adolf Hitler into power in Germany. It is that British empire whose influence must be uprooted permanently from this planet, without impairing the otherwise, legitimate sovereignties of the United Kingdom.

That is my own, personal, declaration of war against the British empire which holds the mentally impaired President Barack Obama in its sway. The need for action is urgent, but the action to be taken must be truly Christian, in the sense that we must not take a single step beyond those strictly limited, specific objectives. More severe condemnation should be reserved for the implicit complicity of the British government under Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has committed great crimes, including the launching of the war in Iraq under fraudulent pretexts, and comes under appropriate scrutiny in the matter of the documented degree of Anglo-Saudi responsibilities for the so-called "9/11" act of Anglo-Saudi assisted acts of terror and mass-murder against the nation and people of our U.S.A.

The specific charge of high crimes and misdemeanors against this U.S. President, at this time, is his current, publicly stated intent to arrange the premediated deaths among our citizens, a method of mass-murder of the nation's own nationals, and others, copied exactly from the Adolf Hitler regime's "Tiergarten Vier (T-4)" mechanisms.

The Crucial Point of War

A civilized act of war, under what is properly regarded as natural law, is not a license to destroy a nation, but to remove a specific evil, that in a fashion which, for a civilized form of modern society, is done in a manner consistent with that standard of international law which the systemically wicked Prime Minister Tony Blair has defied, the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. That man is not civilized by any decent modern standard of international law. The same, regrettably, must be said of President Barack Obama.

It is by actions such as a proper declaration of war, as that by President Franklin Roosevelt, that we must bring a meaningful quality of lawful order to dealing with what may be actually, or potentially lawful conflicts among nations. Under such auspices, a declaration of war becomes an instrument for the truly peaceful and just outcome of a conflict which leads, otherwise, into chaos.

The crimes against humanity by the British Empire, on the one side, and President Obama, on the other, must be distinguished properly, and then brought to a proper conclusion, also properly. That should be understood as in the nature of a properly civilized conduct of strife among nations. What I am proposing in both cases, that of both the British Empire and Obama, would be a blessing to all mankind.

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