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This article appears in the October 2, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Nero Was Also Dumb

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 13, 2009

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In the following report, I approach my subject on two levels. My deeper subject-matter, is the objective form of the presently onrushing, global economic disaster, a general economic breakdown-crisis which presently grips the world in its entirety. That is to be treated as a pandemic disease of the world's economy at this moment: it is the disease of monetarist oligarchism. From place to place, the symptoms appear to vary, but in every nation, the sickness which produces the apparently varied symptoms, remains the same for all.

Here, before focusing on that deeper problem, I must first identify some leading subjective factors which have impelled erring governments to bring down upon us all, that objective disaster which has descended upon us now.

Therefore, to enable even the professional to begin to understand the deeper issues which beg our attention now, requires a certain set of prefatory remarks, which I provide below. So, to understand what had become the recently, rapidly waning influence of President Obama, until now, you must consider his case in the following prefatory terms.


It has been the habit of many entrenched systems of government, or of a set of governments, to define its notion of essential self-interest by what it believes to be the special class of interest which it chooses to represent. This is reflected in subsuming principles of dynamics.

So, for example, the association of executives of insurance companies whose adopted notion of special self-interest is premised on the notion that the HMO system, on which they leech, must reign more or less eternally, in service to the cause of their companies', and their own personal enrichment.

So, in past times, the suffering caused for some, was the price which they are compelled to pay, to support the pleasurable gains of some others. Today, while a few still profit, temporarily, in that fashion, virtually no one will benefit from the disaster which, if the fact be known, has been descending upon virtually everyone since I first announced the arrival of this still remorselessly proceeding, global disaster, in my international webcast of July 25, 2007. The actual breakdown began about three days later. Nonetheless, fools in high places, are still referring to this presently accelerating, global breakdown-crisis, even still today, as "a recession."

Now, the unleashing of the general monetary-financial breakdown-crisis which emerged under, and, largely by the reign of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and also President George W. Bush, Jr., has now steered U.S. affairs to the place that an actual, general monetary-financial-economic breakdown-crisis of both the U.S. economy and the monetary-financial markets of the entire world, has been in full-steam progress, thus now bringing the world as a whole to the present point of entry into a presently onrushing, total breakdown of all of the economies of the world. This takes the form of a crescendo of a set of events in a manner resembling the start of a gigantic, hours-long fireworks display, ending with an awful, grim, seemingly eternal silence, a silence resounding in its special fashion around the world. So, a global new dark age of all mankind approaches; it has already begun.

Moments are passing as events are leading in the direction of that proximate point of maximal, global calamity. Even during the short time during which more and more citizens, especially those usually well-informed in such matters, are considering what they regard, wishfully, as the mere possibility that this crisis has been converging for some past years on a deadly conclusion respecting the principled, threatening implications for mankind generally. They pray that bad things will go away, but are willing to do nothing to actually prevent the oncoming disaster, if that would mean accepting some significant change from those foolish, presently habituated ways which have brought this disaster upon them, in the first place.

So, what have been still, presently leading policies, promote fateful developments which have pushed an already sickened state of the world's affairs beyond mere threat, to an actuality whose exact date is not certain, but with global effects certainly leading into an imminent, general, global breakdown-crisis. This is a crisis which can not be delayed much longer, unless we pre-empt that doom, by transforming the present world monetary system soon, by replacing it by the kind of credit-system based on that notion of a credit-system which is rooted in the pre-history of the United States since Seventeenth-century New England, a credit-system rooted in Benjamin Franklin's notion of a Federal paper-money system, a notion which is deeply embedded in the U.S. Constitution's mandatory requirement of a credit-system, excluding a monetary system.[1]

So, the present, world-wide monetary-financial system, has already entered the collapse-phase of the greatest, global breakdown-crisis to have hit the entire world economy all at once, since thousands of years past. Furthermore, this crisis could not have developed as has been the actual case, but for the top-down control over the world economy by dominant political and related interests who have refused to believe any warnings, no matter how true, or properly obvious, of that present, real danger which challenges what continue to be their habituated beliefs.

In fact, there is no hope for any part of humanity unless the victims of such delusions among presently dominant, imperial, monetarist form of political-economic interests replace those beliefs by forces representing policies entirely contrary to those of what have been the dominant, London-centered interests which have long reigned over the presently dying world monetarist system.

In that setting, the funding of the taking of the U.S. Presidency by Barack Obama has been both a product of these catastrophic trends, and the likely undertaker for the interment of not only the U.S.A. over which he presently presides, but the entire planet, unless, as is not entirely unlikely, control over the situation by the British monetarist system, were soon superseded by such means as placing him under the supervision of more powerful forces representing the constitutional credit-system of our United States, forces acting from within the institution of the U.S. Presidency. Therefore, Obama must soon change, or be exchanged, thus correcting the error of those who had elected him.

Where Is Obama Going?

So, for chiefly this reason, the present case is, that underneath the sophistries which that recently fading President has been perpetrating, in bringing such a collapse about, his behavior as President, to the present date, is to be fairly regarded as not merely stupid; if continued, it would be a trigger which brings down civilization globally, for generations yet to come, as I shall explain this in this report.

There are, of course, available options for escaping from this global trap, if we are willing to adopt, and to carry out some very specific reforms, soon enough. A former chief of the U.S. Federal Reserve System, Paul Volcker, has served as a current rallying-point for a significant ration of those committed to bringing on a rational solution for the present threat of global disaster. I do not necessarily agree with Paul Volcker on all important points, but he is right on crucial points, and is, thus, a rallying-point for the sane and well informed in general. The combination of the modest ability to react to a threat to civilization, to muster actions to tame that threat, and, hopefully, conquer it, is the frequent starting-point of great enterprises on behalf of more or less all mankind.

The concern which I and some other important professionals in this matter have come to understand more fully, has been prompted by a characteristic trend inhering in that President's behavior, both in his role as President, now, and, earlier, during his campaign for his Presidential nomination. The kindest choice of stated conclusion to be drawn, is that his policy-shaping is chronically "stupid." He did not create the problem; he is not intelligent enough to have done that. But, it is his ignorance, and the foolishness of his impulsive lurches, which make his combined role as a former Presidential candidate and current President a great threat to our republic, and, therefore, also, all mankind. He must be brought under control by competent leadership, or impeached, quickly, unless he is willing to accept the needed changes in his own behavior.

In the meantime, the citizens of our U.S.A. will not tolerate his incumbency kindly, unless, and until he effects those radical changes from what has been his recent behavior.

Many will ask the rather silly question: to what degree is the fault for Barack Obama's systemic failures chiefly his own, rather than those features of his behavior in office which have been induced by an influential preponderance of the cluster of so-called "behaviorist" advisors? By advisors, I mean those controllers who have played upon his mental and related weaknesses, thus producing what are best identified, clinically, as the moral failures which he has introduced to the office of President, up to the moment of my presenting this report.

Notably, to put certain annoying, but unignorable issues out of the way of our discussion here, that President's health-care policies show us, that the political expression of his moral failures in behavior to date, is of the form that, he has presented himself, in his actions as President, that virtually without notable exception, as being deplorable at best, and, as in his health-care policies, an echo of Adolf Hitler in his social policies. Obama did not invent these policies; we must not forget that his existence as President was orchestrated by a vast funding by alien, British and other international forces, to serve those policies; those have been, and remain presently, the self-same policies which, if allowed to continue, will wipe every presently reigning government on this planet from a continued existence, while plunging the planet as a whole into a deep, dark age for more than a generation yet to come. Don't waste time blaming him for this; after all, he was only the Golem of the story.

For example:

There is a precise, confirmed case to be presented, as in the analysis of these, his manifestly crucial defects in personality, up to the present time. His case, to that effect, is one whose essentials I had presented in what has since proven to be virtually perfect in essential detail, as when I had first identified this pathological trait in his character, publicly, in my April 11, 2009, international webcast. Given current, and crucial evidence which I have acquired since that time, I must say that there is virtually no evidence which I have found which could competently challenge the conclusions which I presented then, or, here and now, within the body of this present report.

Some leading features of his case are to be considered here, in this opening of my presentation, to illustrate the point.

Obama's Obvious Personal Faults

So far, in the evidence, including that of direct observation of the consistent pattern shown in those of his public addresses which I have monitored, either directly, in his own voice, or in published texts, I have observed nothing which contradicts the judgment that he has behaved, "underneath it all," as a person in the fashion of the type classed as a rather nasty sort of "idiot-savant." This is a type of behavior one might expect in any virtual copy of the narcissistic Emperor Nero. However, that much said, his manifest state of mind also suggests that it would be useful, as I do at the outset here, to compare his case, also, to the mental state attributable to some examples of that Golem unleashed by the foolish sorcerer's apprentice in the famous tale about the Rabbi of Prague.[2]

That President—or, perhaps it was a committee of tele-prompters dictating his behavior on some of those occasions—seems to have memorized some bits and pieces of his public utterings. Yet, at the same time, especially in what has become the pattern in his more and more boring and vacuous public speeches which I have witnessed, he fails to show even a bare understanding of the import of some among the key words he is uttering. Otherwise, his frequent public appearances have lately reached the point of appearing to be an attempt to bore even his carefully pre-selected audiences to death, that increasingly, while promoting policies which will actually kill them in other ways. That President does not wear well, and is near to being worn out. There is no excuse for the way in which he has behaved.

If we compare those somewhat varied views of his behavior, the most accurate among the increasing number of hostile judgments of him, are supported by evidence which were sufficient to demonstrate that he is actually quite limited, intellectually, in a certain fashion, and often speaks in the specific hollow-sounding manner of a fast-talking street-charlatan, whose skill is that of swindling the unwary, if only temporarily. All taken together, his case is that of one which experience suggests might be considered as typical of persons of a certain type of crippled mental powers. I point, in his case and its like, to a class of such persons, who are essentially feral, and that in a certain brutish, hit-and-run way of bilking the unwitting; they are also people who, apart from those intellectual shortfalls of the essentially "just plain dumb," are also, at the same time, both slyly manipulative and stupid creatures; but, like the fast-talking version of a sneaky, lean and hungry, poisonous, snake, all of which is frequently suggested by this President's sophist's manner in public appearances.

I repeat: I mean by that, as I said of him during what now seems to have been my virtually prophetic international webcast of this past April 11th, that his public behavior as candidate and President must be assessed as the Roman Emperor Nero could be assessed, as when the time had come that Nero was on the verge of murdering the person which had been, earlier, his very much beloved mother, and then of repeated attempts at killing his faithful advisor Seneca, all just before killing himself, as in the pre-programmed culmination of the perpetrator's committing suicide in the culmination of replaying some modern computer game.[3]

Once that set of considerations is taken into account, it is important for the survival of our nation, that citizens, especially those with relatively greater political responsibilities, must recognize the particular quality of that streak of the specifically brutish, and also British, sort of traits which have permeated the underside of that wild-eyed, lying sophistry expressed in much of Obama's policy-shaping statements. I point especially to those pertaining to the exemplary sophistries of this President's Hitler-like health-care policies, which have become a leading feature of the moral degeneracy of this Presidency's public performance to date, thus far.

Any competent approach to an assessment of Obama's case on record so far, must take into account the fact, that those odious characteristics of President Obama's behavior, are what I warned my audience against, in my April 11th webcast, and, more broadly, later. The subsequent lapse of time has, already, more than proven what I have identified on this account from that period of time, to present date. Otherwise, we must emphasize, that it is this manifest character, as it is expressed in this President's choice of a confidence-man's style in political rhetoric, which has, most visibly, and increasingly, enraged what has become that majority of our ordinary citizens whom he has schemed to kill more or less abundantly through his British-style, proposed health-care reforms.

For such reasons, he has lately experienced a degree of accelerating rates of collapse of his popularity as President, that to a degree which is exceptional for any President in our recent national history. This pattern is shown in the accelerated popular anger, anger expressed as a soaring rate of protests against that President, since the time of his return from his flight into the refuge of a prolonged Summer vacation. The issue is not that he has lost popularity; even good men often do, and that, often, even for the good they have done; in his case, he has actually more than deserved, richly, the rising rates of popular contempt which he currently enjoys.

Have my criticisms of his behavior here been harsh? Of course they have been, in accord with my adopted professional duties, as being, myself, among other things, a proven leading economist of the world today, an authority which defines my public obligations on this occasion.

This introduction of my report now proceeds accordingly.

The Mission Now Before Us

The office of the President of our United States should be filled only by a person who comes to meet the standard which our nation's struggle for mankind established, in our resistance against the British empire and certain notable other major evils of our planet. These challenges require a qualified occupant of that office of our President. Admittedly, unfortunately, during our nation's past, our populace has often failed to choose a President who met that standard; but those cases should never be read to suggest that we ought to make a habit of this. Lacking a President who meets that standard, we must seek, if possible, as in past cases of a poor quality of elected President, to transform the incumbent into a person who can approximate, rather than hinder, the required standard of performance.

That President might fulfill that assigned mission by aid of required assistance for meeting the standard which must be seen as one implicitly defined by that great Constitution and by that mission for humanity which was defined in that great struggle of service for the cause of all mankind, the struggle which was waged against the persisting evil of the British empire, then, as now. So, our Declaration of Independence, and the great, subsuming authority in law of the Preamble of the Federal Constitution, have specified this course of action in such cases.

Too many of our elected Presidents have failed to approach that standard which our Federal Constitution prescribes; but, it is the few who have met that standard, as George Washington, John Quincy Adams, the murdered Abraham Lincoln, the murdered William McKinley, and Franklin Roosevelt did, who have appeared on the roster to return us from what had been our nation's erring ways under less worthy men. Presently, not only the continued existence of our republic, but the fate of all humanity, depends, that in the most crucial way, on requiring our republic to play an indispensable role of participating leadership in pulling the planet as a whole back from the virtual brink of a long-lasting hellish disintegration of the society of the planet as a whole.

Hopefully, the severe deficiencies of both intellectual and moral character exhibited publicly by this President thus far in this Administration, could be brought under control, if he were willing to accept that guidance, or, accept, at least sufficient control to make him appear to pass efficiently for the appearance of a real President in the office to which he was elected. I admit, that that change, which I might hope to help to bring about, would seem to be a miracle; but, after all, what are miracles for?

I. The President's Spectral Moustache

It is, therefore, no one as much as President Obama himself, who is to be blamed for that Hitler-like moustache parked, that by the still rising tides of an aggrieved popular opinion, right under his Presidential nose.

Those who wish to doubt that fact, must pause to consider the patterns of samples of a rising surge of recent demonstrations among many of our citizens, which, by now, probably indicate that a clear, and growing majority is responding, in this and other ways, to the effect that this President Obama has copied exactly those kinds of crimes against humanity into his own proposals for so-called "health-care reforms," by reforms which are crimes against humanity perpetrated by this President, crimes which are, in plain and simple fact, exact copies of the comparable crimes of the Hitler regime introduced during the earliest years of World War II. This fact is echoed in the resonance which generated the impact of the negative image of Hitler's moustache as having become the virtual battle-flag of Obama's insurgent, widespread, and rising, hostile popular opposition.

Worse for him, the President has lied wildly about that whole business. The evil motive behind the mass-murderous health-care schemes which he has proposed most energetically, has originated, chiefly, in the British Royal Family, as that reigning circle represented today by Princes Philip and Charles. The broader, international support for that royal family's avowed program of global genocide, is found most immediately among financier predators from such places as the Wall Street institutions and their leading personalities. The latter include those predatory insurance companies and their executives, which have controlled the rapacious HMO system for that same set of Wall Street and London interests who have recently raped the U.S. government's Treasury to the tune of tens of trillions of U.S. dollars, a swindle featuring what were intrinsically fraudulent bail-out schemes. In this, President Obama has been more evil than even President George W. Bush, Jr., in his own continuing conduct of such outright robbery, to present date.

London were actually as bankrupt as Manhattan, but for the fact that London, apart from being a center for coordination of a global imperial system of monetarism, is the principal, longstanding adversary of our republic's existence. Our immediate task, if we wish both our United States and civilization generally to survive, is to force the massively bankrupt London and its Wall Street lackey-system into bankruptcy-reorganization, and, that done, take the direct road to an honest health-care policy, and a general revival of our economy as in our nation's constitutional character as a credit-system, rather than a European monetary system with quasi-feudal, parliamentarian idiosyncrasies.

Unless he can plead regrets for past, and, hopefully, curable insanity on that account, President Obama has been, and would remain a liar and swindler on the issue of health care—or, better said, "death care,"—like his British political controller, Britain's Tony Blair, in the matter of these issues.

For example:

That Sophist (President) Speaks

In his own disgusting, and intrinsically fraudulent efforts to disguise this Nazi-like feature at the core of his own proposed "health-care reform," President Obama has proffered an intrinsically contemptible apology, an outright lie, in his saying that he is motivated by nothing as much as the need to balance the Federal budget. He should balance his mouth, if not the Federal checkbook, too! If he wishes to remain President, he should take my advice on this account very seriously.

When that President speaks of health care now, our citizen should simplify the discussion by remembering the strange death of Britain's Dr. David Kelley, while recalling attention to the fact that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was not only the lying author of a fraudulently conceived long new war in Iraq. Obama crony, lying Tony Blair, actually instituted the mass-murderous, Hitler-like "NICE" program in Britain.

Remember that the Adolf Hitler who had been created by the United Kingdom's Bank of England, and was brought to power in Germany by aid of the corrupt grandfather of President George W. Bush, Jr., Prescott Bush, was the Hitler who had made the same argument then, in his introduction of his "T4" scheme for mass murder, as Britain's Blair has done, and as the "behaviorists" of the Obama administration are copying the British version of that Adolf Hitler health-care program, now.

So, on April 11, 2009, I had detailed that policy for which President Obama has campaigned, until now. Obama's health-care policy, thus far, is a virtual carbon copy of that infamous, Nazi "Tiergarten 4" program, with its homicidal executive feature, which inaugurated the entirety of the genocide perpetrated under the Nazi authority of both the Hitler regime inside war-time Germany and Hitler's practices carried out in occupied territories, all during the course of 1939-1945. Obama has been headed in that same direction, unless he ceases that Hitler policy, and unless the relevant equivalent of moral therapy is successfully applied for his benefit, perhaps "reform school" style.

President Obama, until now, has lately resorted, persistently, to that same mischief which Hitler had deployed, respecting the U.S. budgetary problems. He has done that, more and more savagely, in his addresses of the most recent months, notably since his returning from his August vacation's flight from, apparently, all semblance of reality.

Not only is the margin of looting the U.S.A. of tens of trillions of U.S. dollars of debt, under both Presidents Bush and Obama, as expressed in the present crisis of the national debt, not a result of a nation's moral obligations to provide for the costs of public health of its entire citizenry.[4] The looting was entirely the result of nothing so much as the presently still-continuing, 2001-2009 economic policies of practice of a massive looting of the nation and people of our United States, all done, chiefly, for the sake of the swindlers of Manhattan and London, a pilfering done on behalf of the swindlers' whims, as done by the Presidencies of both George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama themselves.

It is the magnitude of the "bail-out" launched, under both those Presidents, which has become an intrinsically fraudulent debt in the order of tens of trillions of U.S. dollars, and which has bankrupted nearly all of the states of the United States, which is the principal cause of both the suffering of the great mass of our citizens, and of the most immediate budgetary aspects of the present national crisis of the U.S.A. President Obama himself has already created a greater rate of increase of that largely fraudulent debt, as the continuing effect of his own wicked policies during the recent several months, than had already occurred with the swindles perpetrated in the fraudulently adopted name of law, under the entirety of the preceding Bush administration.

It is inherently untruthful even to attempt to deny the fact, either that Obama has lied repeatedly on this matter, or, that we might take in consideration the fact that he had simply lacked the competence to know what the relevant truth is. The other leading feature of President Obama's social and economic policies thus far, has been his fraudulent efforts to deny the monstrous fact, that the greatest part of the present margin of the U.S. budgetary crisis is a product of both those Bush and Obama administrations' commitment to "bail out" British and Wall Street swindlers at the expense of the nation and people of our United States. Thus, a once manically triumphant Obama has now come upon the ominously waning days of what is likely to turn out to be the remainder of his now most unhappy Presidency, unless he heeds my warnings, and changes his ways.

For example, there is no simpler and clearer illustration of Obama's continuation of his predecessor George W. Bush's abominable failure in fact, as President, than what had been demonstrated by the wrongful fate of my own recovery measure, a design in law which I had presented as my 2007 Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA). If that HBPA not been blocked by such members of the U.S. Congress as Senator Chris Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, that despite the wide popular support the HBPA had throughout the state levels of our constitutional system, the United States would have been working its way out of this crisis over the 2007-2009 interval. What has ruined us as a nation since the Summer of 2007, is the undeniably rapacious methods of crooked bail-outs of Wall Street and British monetarist and financial swindlers traced to the continuing immorality shown by such Democrats as Felix Rohatyn[5] and Dodd, and Representative Barney Frank, and by the much-uplifted person of Rohatyn-linked Speaker Nancy Pelosi, since September of that same year.

Admittedly, in that case, President Obama bought into that ruinous political legacy handed to him by wretched fellows such as Senator Chris Dodd, Representative Barney Frank, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As a result of that, the new President has recently suffered the increasing losses in political support which have been largely prompted by his corrupt association with that continued, mass-murderous policy waged against a majority of the households of the citizenry of the United States.

There is little wonder that the U.S. citizenry reacted to Obama's and most among the Congress's cruel follies, with the popular, August eruption of a political mass strike against both the President and the foolish majority of the U.S. Congress.

For the sake of clarity, it must be said, that the fact to be emphasized, is, that had my popular, draft HBPA law, not been blocked so, that despite widespread support for that proposed law from among constituencies of the Federal states, the remedies set forth in my Franklin Roosevelt style of draft legislation would have already enabled the nation to escape the worst of the subsequent crisis. Obama bought into the opposition to my proffer, and is now experiencing an increasingly heavy political price which he has now earned for having done so. He may be President, but I were far, far better qualified, morally, technically, and intellectually, for doing the job; he should learn to accept that crucial fact. Some Presidents have been qualified by the bare fact of an election; others were better suited to the job by intellectual and moral merit. One day, if our republic survives, my point on that account will be more broadly, and better understood.

In the meantime, competent sitting Presidents should not neglect the use of available such special resources as I represent. Only a dummy in that office would not.

Now, once again, while the immediate origin of Obama's own adopted, Nazi-like health-care proposals, is to be found in those of his mentor Tony Blair's NICE health-care policies in the United Kingdom, Blair's policies, themselves, are not only a copy of those introduced earlier, as in a war-time Germany by Adolf Hitler. These are policies which have had their origin in a long-standing British tradition, as in those Hitler-like health-care policies which have been revived by the British monarchy itself, through aid of such morally rotten instruments as what seems to be the habitually lying royal lackey and former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair. The mass-murderous characteristic of these British actions is Malthusian "population policies," policies which take their present origins from the British Royal Family itself, as the case of Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund's pro-genocidal policies of practice illustrates that fact.

To locate the modern roots of specific such pro-genocidal policies as these, it must be emphasized, that the modern origins of such global policies as those of Obama and Tony Blair today, are to be traced from origins in such British sources as that promoter of African slavery, John Locke, and, later, the English-speaking "behaviorists" such as Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham and the circles of that British Foreign Office which was, itself, originally created by such leading representatives of the private company known as the British East India Company of Lord Shelburne and its crowd. That was the Company whose policies of practice created what has become known as the intentionally mass-murderous practice of "Malthusian" population-control, as in British-occupied India, from that time, to the present moment in world history.

As for Obama's personal efforts at participation in such crime, he had had an available choice of better, actually human alternatives set before him at the moment he had entered the office of the President. Now, if he were decent, he would immediately reverse the crooked bail-out of the former George W. Bush, Jr. Presidency, and of British and Wall Street swindlers, and protect the lives of innocent U.S. citizens instead.

Instead, he has, until now, proceeded according to the intention of what his predecessor, George W. Bush, Jr. had attempted, and as President Obama himself has actually acted so far. They have looted and betrayed this nation, by conducting an attempted bail-out of the endlessly, cancerously multiplying, hyper-inflationary mass of monetary waste-paper, waste of the breed uttered by financial swindlers, using the hideous precedent of Alan Greenspan's incumbency at the Federal Reserve system. The action by those Wall Street and kindred swindlers, was only a prelude to a presently onrushing, early general crash of the entire world system into a generations-long, "New Dark Age," one which would, unless stopped now, become a horror even much worse than that which Fourteenth-century, medieval Europe had experienced. No U.S. President who were simultaneously intelligent, sane and moral, would have tolerated what Obama is attempting to do now.

Why has President Obama been such a servant of pure evil as to not merely continue, but even greatly aggravate the corruption shown by his largely witless predecessor, the habitually enraged and snorting puppet-President George W. Bush? As President Theodore Roosevelt's favorite poet, Edwin Arlington Robinson wrote of "Miniver Cheevy," Obama, like another British favorite (of sorts) Teddy Roosevelt, has "had his reasons," and has, thus, bought upon himself and his Presidency the increasing scorn which that preference has now brought upon Obama himself.[6]

Has President Obama been, perhaps, a Golem?

President Obama & the Golem

Try again! Think of President Obama as a Golem, as named in that 2007 English-language edition of Judl Rosenberg's lovely story of The Rabbi of Prague. There have been sundry other descriptions of the creature.

You may recall, that among a number of the circulated, published versions of that story of the Golem, a poor woman, that rabbi's wife, used the opportunity created by the rabbi's temporary absence, to take charge of the rabbi's apprentice, who, then, acting on her orders, turned the Golem loose to do some favors for her. Unfortunately, the apprentice who unleashed the Golem, did not know how to turn it off.

A true nightmare of epidemic calamities was set free!

President Obama has been sometimes like that Golem on one of the Golem's bad days, and, and at other times, acted as a dupe of wicked creatures such as Harvard's veteran, swindling Larry Summers. Yet, sometimes, the President has also served in the sorry role of the sorcerer's apprentice, although never able to play the lyre as, it is said, the Emperor Nero had done.

In the version of the Golem expressed by Obama's case before us now, Obama has sometimes shifted from the role of the sorcerer's apprentice, to become a virtually synthetic personality grafted on some "poor schnook" who is playing the part of a poor, misguided beast, a beast whose personality in office has been pasted together, like the fictional construction of the Frankenstein monster, using such odd pieces and parts of a recipe from a devil's cookbook, as the eminently disposable components of that Presidency, such as Larry Summers and the two senior of three brothers, Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel.

The product of this miserable package suggests the impression of a screeching and howling nightmare, now in the making, all done for the edification of Obama himself, thus creating a story which might be one of fruits not much unlike effects produced from the recipe for killer computer games. In the famous silicon valley model for such stories, a brainwashed zombie, a creature imitating the real-life Emperor Nero, kills a lot of people, and then himself, in playing out a game which, as I have said, had been cooked up by a pack of madmen who appear to be as if crawled up out of from some very deep hole within California's "silicon valley."

The essential fact of the matter, is that that Golem of British behaviorism, the like of which this President sometimes seems to have unleashed in his way, had no soul of his own, at least not a human soul. If Obama does have a human soul (and I am not presuming that he does not have one such hidden and suffocating, under the rubble in some dusty, locked closet somewhere), the point is that it should be clear to you, from the way this made-up personality of today's sometimes real-life Golem, Obama, was crafted, that he is, thus, like a variety of Golem who has shown no regard for the fact of the millions of intended victims of his plan, like that of Adolf Hitler in the same 1939-1940 opening phase of more general mass-murder, which, President Obama has attempted to unleash, thus far. That sort of political reputation is deserved by anyone visibly responsible for such mass-deaths of human beings, such as those deaths being promoted now under the current trends, and nose, of President Obama's current "death care" policies.

It is most notable, on this account, that the President is to be seen by a growing large percentile of the population as clearly oblivious of the fact that real human beings have actual souls, souls with creative powers. No specimen from a pack of Golems such as Obama and his crew of behaviorists, (or Obama's crony, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair whose "NICE" plan was copied from that of Adolf Hitler's 1939-1940 "Tiergarten 4") would ever take actually human values into consideration in the course of building up their shared, Adolf Hitler-like scheme for the mass-killings of people according to the schemes of the British royal family, or Tony Blair, as copied by Obama and his "behaviorist" cronies" who treat citizens, just as Adolf Hitler did, as "lives not worth living."

Do not forget, that from the start, according to the story, the Golem, like Mrs. Shelley's copy, the Frankenstein monster, had no actual soul of his own. In the case of Obama and his behaviorist cronies, we must presume that some among the real-life Golems, such as, sometimes, Obama himself, had each had a human soul at some time in their past, but had mislaid it long before reaching the state expressed by the formation of the present Obama Administration. Or, think of the unfortunate violet of the Mozart song "Das Veilchen," in which some foolish girl, like Obama, or the like, had crushed the flower of a soul along the way, a flower crushed with an utter disregard for the fact that that flower might have been the soul of one of her abandoned, if obviously silly, admirers.

That much said, let us translate the poetic imagery of the story of the Golem, into the prosaic language of mathematical science. Enough of that useful fantasy which has now served an assigned educational purpose! See President Obama's manifest quality of "soul-less-ness" of his behavior so far; see it in earthly clinical language. Obviously, neither Obama, nor his behaviorist cronies, show any sign of having a soul, individually or collectively, in their current public performance: nor does Obama's perverted mentor, the ever-evil, lying, former British Prime Minister, and part-time "Chicago Boy," Tony Blair.

Some say that Obama's crony, the evil Tony Blair, has become a Christian of late. Does that lying report not shock you? The question then posed, thus, is, "Who from Hell sneaked that critter, like yet another, dolled-up baboon, from an early Eighteenth-century scandal, into the church of a British parish, possibly under the cover of some kind or another of darkness?" In such worse than dubious cases as Blair's, a more strenuously rigorous practice of scientific proofs must be called into play, if we are to locate the hellish depths of that relevant perpetrator's depravities.

Now, therefore, for the sake of finding proofs, translate these facts into the language of competent physical science, into the language of what I have associated with the term for the healthy form of the human mind, "Type 'B'." How did an apparently soul-less Obama, Tony Blair's friend, become such a terrible person as he has been of late? If he is actually as stupid as he appears to be, how in the name of Jomo Kenyatta whom the British had virtually redesigned in a prison camp, did he acquire such a disgusting susceptibility? The published writings of then MI-5 official Major Frank Kitson, illustrate how unwitting puppets are used as expendable materials for operations such as the British empire's co-option and use of its captive dupe of Kenyan ancestry, President Obama.

Was Obama, somehow, indirectly, a victim of the kind of schemes associated with that Frank Kitson?

I would suggest, most strongly, and with the best sort of evidence supplied by my years of experience in the counter-intelligence arts of insight, that Obama is, like the Golem of the story himself, a man who wears the shackles of his own emotionally soulless, stupefying cupidities in political office: he hangs, presently, on his own petard, a recklessly ambitious fool, as a President predestined to be used-up rather quickly by the British empire which treats him, now and tomorrow, as a fool they intend to manage among the creatures in their barns—until such time as his mere continued existence annoys them.[7]

The British management of Obama has been effected, as in Chicago and other places, by aid of the induced ambitions of nothing so much as what had become his own soulless folly. There are two kinds of slaves: those burdened by iron shackles, and those, like President Obama, either enshackled to the slavery of their own cupidities, or by a simple lack of anything deserving the reputation of actual morality. Perhaps that could be changed for the better in his case, not by easy methods, but what would seem to have been a miracle, a virtual expelling of some evil spirit which had occupied the soul of some tortured creature.

Yet, be aware, that what I have written here so far, while all true, is only to be seen, up to this point, as what is only on the surface of a more profound, deeper reality, which, in turn, is to be seen as follows.

II. If He "... only had a brain"

(From the song of the Scarecrow in the staging of the Wizard of Oz.)

That much now said as necessary on those topics, thus far: we must now focus on a much deeper issue of the design and conduct of a government such as our own uniquely composed, U.S. republic.

During the Summer of 2007, the nations throughout the planet as a whole, entered, neither an economic "Depression," nor an economic 'Recession;" but, rather, what has clearly shown itself to have been a general physical-economic breakdown-crisis of the entire planet.

So that the readers may be clear about both the meaning of the scientific term "general breakdown-crisis," and its practical meaning in the context of the present world crisis, I explain the term as follows:

This Breakdown-Crisis

Since I introduced the improved functional representation of a general breakdown-crisis, at the beginning of 1996, my fifty-five years of consistently conceived, and uniquely successful forecasts of principal developments in both the U.S. and world economies, underwent a significant improvement which was been premised on the improved form expressed in terms of three denominated factors, as follows.

  1. The presently soaring, already hyper-inflationary rate of monetary emissions under the policies associated with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan;
  2. The more recent, sharp, now plunging downward, rate of financial collapse throughout, in the real economy, since August 2007 (apart from purely monetary emission on merely monetary account);
  3. The steeply downward, physical-economic turnover, per capita and per square kilometer, in employment and production, measured as a percentile of total population at an adjusted currently standard rate, of both the labor force and the social and age categories of the population.

For purposes of classroom, and similar pedagogy respecting basic instruction in this concept, I have usually simplified the given representation in such a way as to provide meaningful indications of current relative changes in trends among those three categories. These simplifications have not impaired any of the other essential features which I have emphasized for the occasions of my discussion of this matter with laymen.

In short: that improved pedagogy of 1996 has worked, providing the most successful forecasts for the U.S. economy, in particular, in modern times. These forecasts of mine have been since studied by relevant leading professionals in the field, who have not only shown a good understanding of the method which I have employed, but have been working to the effect of what must be expected as great improvements in detail over the level which I had achieved earlier.

For the usual economist, or related professional, the contrary, consistently failed methods of forecasting usually encountered, academically or otherwise, are premised on the mistaken notion of chronological statistical forecasting, which is, intrinsically, and in manifest performance, utterly useless for serious forecasting for real economies in general.

In a real economy, as contrasted with customary, and what had been usually failed accounting and related fruit of statistical-chronological methods, we must treat relevant social behavior en masse as located within and also interacting with constraints such as those changes in intensity of capital formation and technologies which define both the principal requirements and options of an economy whose potential is shaped by willful advances, or declines in technology. That, done as technology, must be measured in both trends in increase (or decrease) of energy-flux density, such as capital-intensity, that in general, and at the point of technological advancement, and must also take into account the effect of retrograde tendencies within the broader environment.[8]

This presents us with a convenient, and expandable array of selected parameters at the disposal of the competent economist, an array of concepts which are, presently, relatively limited in number, and which involve both adequate rule-of-thumb estimates of trends and their effects, and also the interaction of social processes with the changing physical potential respecting upward and downward trends in relative productivity per capita and per square kilometer.

The most relevant recent outcome of employing that approach, presents us the following portrait of the trends during the 2007-2009 interval to present date. The result of this approach, shows both the United States and Eurasia (in particular) to be dominated by a situation of the following broad characteristics.

Throughout the relevant period, since the economically catastrophic Gulf of Tonkin hoax,[9] but especially since the devastating changes which occurred during the interval February-March 1969 through 1973, changes in the physical and fiscal parameters of the Trans-Atlantic economies as a whole, combined with the initial wrecking, and later elimination of the anti-inflationary advantages of a fixed-exchange-rate system, have pushed the world economy into what has been, especially since 1987-1990, a purely out-of-control, net post-industrialist form of monetarist system.[10] Worst of all, have been the impositions of the conditionalities imposed upon all of continental Europe by the combined repressive and regressive interactions of the accomplices of Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, George H.W. Bush, and the 1986-2009 role of long-term British asset, and apparently traitor to about everything, Michael Gorbachev.

In these matters, the lowering of capital-intensity, and lowering of the mean level of energy-flux density in applied power, have been an essential feature of the pathway leading toward the physical-economic breakdown of each economy so afflicted.

Since the crucial economic and strategic U.S. developments of 1968-1981,[11] there has been an accelerating physical-economic decadence in all economies of the trans-Atlantic region, a form of decadence inherent in tendencies toward "globalization," a trend which has now led the entire planet to the August 2007 brink of a sudden outbreak of a process leading into a general breakdown-crisis.

The more conspicuous "markers" of the actual breakdown of the entire world economy have been: a.) the combination of the soaring hyper-inflation in monetary aggregates (especially since late 2008); b,) the post-August 2007 process of collapse in financial throughput for (especially) agriculture, manufacturing, and per-capita capital-intensity of production (as with continuing effects of the post-January 2006, willful collapsing of the auto industry sector's productive employment and wrecking of the capital-intensity associated with that sector and its industrial and comparable products); and c.) the accelerated collapse of the percentile of productively employed persons of the U.S. and European labor-force, and households, within the total potential labor-force.

These three principal determinants: a.) soaring monetary hyperinflation upward; b.) a plunging net financial throughput in the economy, excepting monetarist developments as such; and c.) the accelerated contraction of employment in production and related technological, cultural, and in essential capital infrastructure, have created a currently accelerating, general breakdown-crisis throughout the world's economy, a process whose patterns on a presently global scale, are comparable in effect, as patterns, to what happened in the special case of the Versailles-driven, specially contained breakdown-crisis in Germany of the late Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 1923.

Under these conditions, those who speak of a mere "recession," or, worse, who blather drunkenly about a lurking process of recovery, are either utterly stupid, hysterically insane, or simply lying their heads off. Without addressing the triple-curve factor which I have outlined, summarily, just here and now, there is no hope that the planet as a whole could discover how to avoid the already "seismic" movements toward a general physical and mental breakdown of every part of the economy of the world as a whole.

So, this development, which I had defined as virtually immediate, in an international webcast dated July 25, 2007, erupted several days later. At that stage, the storm could still have been managed, but only if certain steps, which I had specified, were taken, preferably before the close of the U.S. official fiscal year. Unfortunately, the worst choice of reaction was adopted, instead. Now, the present world monetary system is almost certain to enter a general, planet-wide wave of breakdown-crises by, or near the end of the present calendar year.

In the meantime, the mere fact that leading press, and official circles of the planet are still foolishly naming the present state of global affairs a mere "recession," attests to the terror-stricken incompetence of virtually all among the leading national governments of the planet. We are, to be exact, on the brink of a long, planet-wide "new dark age" of all humanity, unless certain very radical remedies are in force very soon.

Before presenting the appropriate remedial action here, we shall prepare the way for that topic by settling accounts with certain important and relevant environmental considerations of social psychology among leading world circles today.

Some Exceptional Moral Features

In the history of oppressed peoples, there are, often, relatively larger, or relatively small rations of estimated numbers of cases of psychological exceptions to those more numerous cases, cases in which the tiresome habit of slavery or simply acceptance of prolonged persecution, takes away the fighting spirit of potential patriots who would otherwise prefer be comparable to our own, heroic Frederick Douglass. The pre-Nineteenth-century persecution of the European Jew, especially in Eastern Europe, presents such exceptional cases as the wonderful achievements of Germany's Moses Mendelssohn, a Mendelssohn who was hated, and feared by the despicable Immanuel Kant.[12]

Often, the larger countable number of heroes, even when this is a small percentile of the relevant part of the population, is the more significant factor politically. This ironical pattern is specific to the effect of the development of the creative mental powers of the human individual. It is the quality of ideas within the population, as of a relatively shrinking number of more creative persons, which determines the net trend in development of the population as a whole. Hence, in their efforts to subjugate a population, oppressors gain by chopping off those parts of the population which exhibit a relatively greater scientific-cultural potential. The deployment of the post-World War II, mind-numbing, existentialist counterculture, in western Europe, illustrates the way in which such effects have been orchestrated, in more economically advanced parts of Europe, as the case of the existentialist 68ers illustrates the causes of the cultural and economic decline of nations such as France and Germany under the reign of functionally illiterate "green ideologies." On balance, the so-called "environmentalists" are the relatively stupidest, as also more irrational section of the population in North America and Europe. In these cultures, it is the dynamics defined by the quality, rather than quantity of ideas available to the population, and in the population, rather than the mere number of such more developed minds, which is crucial for the future prospects of the population as a whole.

Moses Mendelssohn is to be compared to the case of our own Frederick Douglass on this account. The two are different cases in some important respects, with Moses Mendelssohn unsurpassed in this respect; but one principle unites those two different qualities of truly fighting spirits of freedom, the one risen above the slavery of the Jew of the Europe of that century, and the other, about a century later, who did not wait for freedom, but, like President Abraham Lincoln, took the cause of freedom which could only be achieved in the U.S.A., then, through the victory of the Union cause, and each also gave it expression: each according to his fashion. It was the same principle which both of them, however different otherwise, shared in common. It is a principle which must be considered by all among us engaged in matters of high responsibilities for government, today.

It is those who continue, still today, to deprecate either or both of those cases of such true heroes as those, who err. By the very nature of actual social processes in known history of cultures, it is the exceptional individual, as typified by these cases of Lincoln, Moses Mendelssohn, and Douglass, who contributes the decisive role, for better or worse, when those who had been the typically paradigmatic types had, mostly, all failed. Yet, even most among those persons today who might either agree with me, or tend to agree with me in this matter which I have just so stated, have not yet gone deeply enough, themselves, into that subject which is otherwise a reflection of their own direction in belief concerning the subject of those essential principles of government which confront us with undeniable force in the present crisis of today's civilization at large.

Nonetheless, despite such limitations as those, the deeper, essential principles must be taken into account, here and now, by anyone who would think to set the standards for dealing with the presently onrushing general physical-economic breakdown-crisis of this present-day planet, either in part, or as a whole. As I have argued the point at considerable length, and in detail, in a work just recently first published,[13] to understand those principles on which we must rely to escape the presently onrushing disaster of a prolonged, planetary, new dark age, the craftsmen of appropriate statecraft for these times, must focus attention on the implications for statecraft, of the role of Classical notions of poetic creativity and of Classical drama, in their shaping the great discoveries of both physical science and nation-building.

That practice of statecraft which had been the more prevalent during the recently past century, expresses a tradition of practice which now locates all nations as presently lurching, as if willfully, to the brink of virtual Hell; that prevalent tradition has depended upon the role of what may be fairly identified as a "modernist," existentialist trend in culture, a trend whose intention and effect has been to make governments and peoples mad, by destroying the essential interdependence of Classical modes in art and what we call physical science, as this evil was done by the existentialists generally, and also the thoroughly malignant, former Congress for Cultural Freedom. The effect of that form of dis-union of the mind from the senses, has created that popularized, essentially existentialist mass-insanity, without which the true lesson of the legacy of Hitler and his like could not have been forgotten by leading governments and their constituencies, as is the case today.[14]

Shelley's Principle of Progress

It has been given to the greatest Eighteenth-century Classical poets, such as Gotthold Lessing, Moses Mendelssohn, Friedrich Schiller, and, implicitly, Percy Bysshe Shelley, to locate the typical expression of any great upward surge in a potentially great people, in the role of Classical poetry and Classical modalities in music, such as those of Johann Sebastian Bach, and as Gottfried Leibniz's 1690s discovery of the modern principle of dynamics exemplifies the same done for physical science.

In society, as in competent physical science, or both combined, they serve as a great upward movement which combines the cause of freedom with the spirit of creativity as the "spirit of their time," as this is distinct from, and passionately opposed to the forms of cultural pessimism inhering in the reductionist cult of "rugged individual" existentialism.

Take a comparable case from Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the principle of universal gravitation, as detailed in the full spread of his The Harmonies of the Worlds.

There are actually two general discoveries expressed in that location. In the lesser aspect of this twofold discovery by him, he provided, uniquely, the formulation of the relations among the planetary bodies within the Solar system known since that time. However, the greater, the more profound, and much less frequently understood implication of that work, was expressed by insight into this, as emphasized by Albert Einstein's treatment of Kepler. Einstein adduced the fact that Kepler had destroyed the reductionist sophistry of Aristotle and Euclid, by emphasizing Kepler's role in defining the universe as finite, but also not bounded by a reductionist notion of entropy. For that, neither Kepler, nor Leibniz, nor Einstein, has ever been forgiven by the Liberal so-called "science establishment" to the present day.

Nonetheless, all among the greatest thinkers in physical science and artistic culture, such as Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Pierre de Fermat, Leibniz, and Bernhard Riemann, situate the natural role of man in the universe as subordinating, scientifically and poetically, both all inanimate and other living processes other than man himself, as in a single, creative universe, as this anti-reductionist optimism is implicit in Albert Einstein's conception of our universe as finite, but not bounded by the kinds of misleading, Aristotelean presumptions which crippled the work of as capable a scientist as the positivist and Karl Weierstrass follower David Hilbert.

So, mankind is defined by the kind of optimism expressed by Riemann, Einstein, and Vernadsky, and at the same time by the subordination of all relations among particular objects in space-time to that principle, that the relations among distinct objects are bounded by a "force," that of dynamics, which is superior to all notions of kinematic or kindred, reductionist presumptions. In competent science, as in Classical poetry, it is not the relationship among things which defines the universe, but that the relationship among things is subsumed by the higher authority of the universe which contains those ostensibly interacting things, as in Einstein's view of the uniquely original discovery of the principle of gravitation, by Kepler.

All great societies could become great only to the degree they had seized upon the endless principle of universal progress, a principle, as defined by Leibniz, and by Bernhard Riemann's habilitation dissertation later, an intrinsically inspiring, universal principle of dynamics.

Brain, or Mind?

Essentially, this specific intention of the existentialists, especially in its willful post-1945 campaign for destruction of all Classical artistic accomplishment, presents us with the most relevant problem to be overcome now. This evil influence has acted to produce the effect of the widespread inability of both governments and citizens, to make a competent distinction between man and beast, a lack of the developed power of distinction which has been brought to the fore by the Nazi-modeled health-care policies of the British monarchy and, also, the "behavioralist" lunacy of the Obama Administration's recent and current health-care initiatives.

Hence, we have the inherent bestiality which must be debrided, now, from both the ranks of the present Obama Administration, and for the ridding of that administration of any, apart from that President himself, who represent a philosophical world-outlook coherent with the Nazi-modeled (e.g., existentialist) world-outlook of the Administration's policy-crafting team, including, of course, the required good-riddance of Larry Summers.

However, that is not quite enough. Getting rid of infestation with wicked policy-shaping influences, is not sufficient means for overcoming the vast, already onrushing world-wide calamity of the moment. The rescue of civilization from the already onrushing general breakdown-crisis of the planet at large, also requires, like command in a major war, a bit of true genius here and there.

Obama is certainly no genius, but his administration must be changed in such a way that he might appear to have become one, as through his submission to the appropriate preconditions for his function in that office.

The contrast of ape to man, casts what we must address, here and now, as serious doubts concerning the misguided effort to locate the distinction of man from ape, as lying within the specific bounds of the physiology of the brain as such. We might locate the distinction of the human mind from any ape's, by regarding human creativity as lying in that to which the physiology of the cognitive-synthetic distinction of human intelligence is, so to speak, "attuned,"[15] a quality of universal principle which all lower forms of life lack, the higher apes included.

The argument which such distinctions evoke, is made clearer from the standpoint of my argument respecting the implications of the "Type 'B' " state of the individual human mind which is encountered in the discovery and related application of the act of a discovery of a universal physical principle, in such a case as Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the general principle of gravitation, as detailed within his The Harmonies of the Worlds.

The relevant argument follows, experimentally, from the recognition of the fallacy of an intrinsically pessimistic presumption, that sense-perceptions, in and of themselves, rather than dynamics, represent a direct experience of the real world in which, and on which, actions corresponding to discovery of experimental proof of universal principles could conceivably depend.[16] The erroneous presumption, that creativity, when it occurs, corresponds to a relevant physical-brain function defined in terms of a naive notion of a self-evident correspondence between reality and sensory experience as such, is a fallacy to be demonstrated by the contrasting cases of truly crucial discoveries of universal principle, rather than the primitive mind's naively reductionist, a-priori presumptions akin to Euclidean a-priori assumptions.

The typically empiricist's erroneous presumptions of sense-mind relationships, are illustrated by the fact that no valid discovery of principle actually occurs within the bounds of the mere formalities of a deductively consistent mathematics.[17] The discovery occurs, in itself, within the domain of the imagination; whereas, on the contrary, the validity of what is believed to have been discovered to be a principle, is indispensable for empirical demonstrations of that principle which has been discovered. The significance of this distinction becomes more readily accessible, after the relevant person has thought through the implications, for mankind as a whole, of the moment a human being might have traveled from a point within Moon-Earth orbit to the orbit of Mars, at a constant rate of acceleration/deceleration along a trajectory of approximately a constant 1-Earth-surface gravity. As in the case of dynamic relations in astronomical space-time, reality is actually experienced, as such, only if our notion of actual, externally sensible reality is located in the contrast of the specifically noëtic functions of human cognitive potential, to the imaginary objects which we regard as what are merely sense-impressions.

As reality lies outside our skins, we must never forget that mere reflections of what sense-perceptions suggest might be the world around us are inherently misleading thoughts. The function of the combination of the relationship between the cognitive powers of the human mind and that mind's critical-experimental, dynamic standpoint in the treatment of mere sense-impressions, is the means by which we escape the prison of our sense-organs, to synthesize crafted, more or less functionally reliable images, images corresponding to that which actually exists, such as true causes, beyond the confines of the functions of sense-perceptions as such.

The necessity for my introducing those matters here, at this point in the report on the subject of the principles of economy for this present time of crisis, is that the more commonplace, "common sense" view of these matters becomes dangerously nonsensical, whenever the individual's relationship to the actuality of the uniquely human action of conscious creativity is the topic being considered.

Thus, failure to take into account that character of the uniqueness of the existence of actually willful creativity as a human function in society, always leads to a morally depraved conception of human nature, and to corresponding states of depravity in man's lawful conduct of the affairs internal to the society of which he, or she is a part. President Obama's pack of "behaviorists" are typical of the kind of moral degenerates associated with acceptance of the radically reductionist ideologies such as empiricism. The behaviorists, and their like, leave the distinction between the creatures we eat and the people we meet, out of the relevant equations which recognize the distinction of man from mere beast.

Such are clues to the innate moral depravity of the members of the family of the British monarchy, such as Princes Philip and his son Charles. The mythically original oligarchical strata which prescribed the imposition of bestial status upon the so-called "lower classes," were presumed to have been conscious of the distinction between themselves, as having human potentials, and those esteemed by them as the "lower classes" consigned to a destiny under conditions of "zero technological growth," as Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound points out this putatively ontological distinction between the tyrant and his subject. Princes Philip and Charles have degraded themselves to the category of murderous tyrants who also inhabit, and represent the depraved mentality of slaves: in a simple phrase, "a pack of commonplace, contemptible, mass-murderous gangsters."

The matter of the defining of the epistemological characteristics of the specifically human individual mind, which I have posed in these immediately preceding paragraphs, is crucial for understanding the special quality of the potential of the individual human mind.

It is that creative potential which provides the unique remedies available to a global society menaced by the presently onrushing, general economic breakdown-crisis of planet-wide society today.

But, "Who Can?"

To turn attention back to the implicitly psycho-sexual impotence of much Eighteenth-century science and politics, such as I. Kant: Kant's problems, which are numerous, and often disgusting, are faults which he shared with others of kindred, reductionist persuasions, faults such as the neo-Aristotelean presumption that there is no real principle of creativity.[18] This is the same general form of error which spoiled the life's work of the otherwise accomplished David Hilbert more than a century later. The acceptance of the doctrine of those Olympian haters of the fires of creativity, Aristotle and his follower Euclid, posed the presumption that the creation of the universe had reached a conclusion, at which point a Creator was no longer required (and, that, as Philo of Alexandria implicitly accused an already long-dead Aristotle, that the Devil himself might take charge, once the Creator had been declared impotent).

The essential distinction of the human individual from all among the beasts, is that, whereas living processes, such as those of plants and animals generally, have creativity built into their existence, yet it is not within what passes for their apparent will-power. That human capacity which sets mankind apart from, and above, other living species, is that quality of creativity which does exist in the behavior of the universe at large, but does not exist in mathematics as such. It exists only in what Plato and his predecessors identified as the universal principle of hypothesis. A beast, or a Kantian, might conjecture; but, among all living species, only the human mind faithful to its true nature can create.

This power of creativity, while expressed in qualitative forms of progress in physical science, exists ontologically as a form of knowledge only in the case of the individual human intellect. The proper habitat of that creativity, lies not within the domain of mathematics as such, but in the superior power exerted over mere mathematics, the power expressed in the Classical artistic modes of discovery of higher orders of existence, discoveries which are expressed, as such, in the form of artistic innovative creativity, such as great Classical poetry, Classical modes in music, and in graphic art. It is that higher domain of Classical modes of artistic creativity, which is the essential domain of human creativity in everything, physical science included.

The song of the Scarecrow was amusing, but creativity does not exist in the mind as common opinion defines it. Human willful creativity exists, essentially, only as the conjunction of the Classical artistic mode of the imagination with the otherwise stagnating actuality of those fixed habits which the Scarecrow foolishly mistakes, momentarily, for eternity.

III. The Economic Principle of Dynamics

The subsuming, immediate challenge to all mankind today, lies in the domain of the indispensable role of thermonuclear-fusion-powered, relativistic travel of human beings to and from Earth and Mars. That will not be the final answer to anything; but, it will be the gateway for mankind's reach to anything beyond that particular accomplishment. Earthlings which are not preparing, competently, for someone's early "round trip" travels to and from Mars, are going nowhere, nowhere just as the policy-making of the Obama administration is already wandering today.

During recent months, relevant circles among my associates and I, have been focused on those expressions of the uniquely original contributions of Bernhard Riemann which are to be located, most emphatically, in the work of Albert Einstein and Academician V.I. Vernadsky. The most notable implications of that work, are those which bear on such topics as the integrated functions of space, time, matter, and the Riemannian physical dynamics of the principled roles of inorganic, living, and human cognitive functions within science and its application as a whole body of unified experience.

This is scarcely a matter confined to my associates' work, not by any means. The work to be done now, was already well defined in scientific work, in a preliminary sort of fashion, even as early as several generations past, with the traces of immediately relevant work in that direction done as early as a full century ago. The basis for preliminary work leading to early Twentieth-century accomplishments, was already prepared by the heirs of France's Monge, Lazare Carnot, and Alexander von Humboldt in France, Germany and more distant places, by Carl F. Gauss and his collaborator Wilhelm Weber on electrodynamics, by Lejeune Dirichlet, and in the revolutionary new foundations supplied by Bernhard Riemann, beyond the middle of the Nineteenth Century.

The revolution in science by Riemann preceded the crucial breakthroughs accomplished by Albert Einstein and V.I. Vernadsky during the first half of the Twentieth Century. In turn, this progress of recent centuries would not have been feasible without the developments of science by the Pythagoreans and Plato, or their follower the Cyrenaican Eratosthenes working at the great Library in Egypt.

In other words, fundamental scientific progress is not a parade of isolated discoveries by isolatable individuals. Every valid discovery of principle has sprouted from preceding generations of work already in a stage of progress. The individual true discoverer dies as mortal persons do, but his or her role as discoverer was generated before he or she was born, and lives on as an integral part of a continuing process of discovery long after the accredited discoverer is dead. That is to emphasize, that men and women do die, but the role of the great discoverer, such as those authors of all modern European science, Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa, lives on as an active force, as an immortal part of a virtual simultaneity of eternity, within the development and employment of that process of discovery of which they are to be experienced as a still a living part among us, today.

So, today, certain fruit of that immortal tree of progress has presented mankind with a new harvest, mankind's immediate prospect of breaking free of captivity in that small niche of our Solar System, which is the surface of our Earth, moving into more distant reaches within the universe which we inhabit.

These and related considerations have led, by necessary implications, to that concept of general relativity which is necessary to encompass the set of relations so defined in the unified way which is required by the very nature of such a view. That pursuit has brought us now, to the stage of developments at which the indicated task is the reconciliation of those considerations with that notion of general physical relativity now focussed upon human travel, to and from Earth, that within the relatively nearby locations of our Solar system.

That means, as a practical matter, that the subject of the division of material among non-living, merely living, and human intellectual activity, must now be considered as nearing readiness to be placed under the umbrella of that practical expression of relativistic space-time of continually accelerated/decelerated transport of people to and from relatively nearby bodies in space, such as Earth's Moon, and, beyond, Mars.

The significance of that is not limited to the matter of space travel; its significance lies in gaining an actual state of existence in which mankind is not being limited by inability to achieve a status for mankind as inhabiting a range of nearby physical space-time. That is no mere quibble; the distinction lies not in some act as such, not in the matter of merely defining some presently presumed limits of human existence itself, but in defining the nature of the universe which mankind inhabits. The practical issue is, therefore, also, defining the implications of this for every human individual's sense of the purpose of his, or her own mortal existence.

At the present moment, the pathway to future existence of a human civilization on our planet named Earth, is being blocked, perhaps almost fatally, by the current policies of both the British Empire and its virtual pawn, the Obama administration. Actually, the goal of space-travel is no great distance away from us presently. I am not referring to such matters as some presumed urgency of considering the presently conjectured threat of our Sun's blowing up at some distant time, or simply rendering Earth itself uninhabitable. I am referring to the inevitable consequences of permitting the existence of the kind of sick mentality which is typified by that malthusian's lunatic fantasy called "cap and trade." I am pointing out that "renewable conditions" have never existed on Earth, and never will. The law of anti-entropy governing existence within this universe is, "progress or die."

I explain.

Life On Earth Now

The present level, or, even a greatly reduced level, of potential human population-density on this planet, would presently depend on the effects of an oncoming using-up of the richest of those resources which were left behind by the accumulation of the long-dead bodies of plants and animals. So far, modern science has enabled us to overcome the effects of such long waves of depletion, through advancing technology from burning of trash, to wood and charcoal as fuels, to coal, to coke, to natural gas, and so on. The scientist's term for the progress needed to offset the using-up of deposits left behind by once-living plants and animals, is "a required increase in the currently standard 'energy-flux density' of primary sources of power in use." We have already reached the point, that any nation which does not base its current practice on the general use of nuclear fission, and upon the prospect of development of, and general reliance on thermonuclear fusion, is a nation which has, in effect, already certified itself as about to die within the larger sense of matters at hand.

That is to say, that forcing ourselves to rely on depletable resources left behind by as much as a billion or so years of accumulation of the residue of the dead bodies of plant and animal life, means a lowering of the relative "energy-flux density" of mankind's marginal ability to continue to exist.

On this account, there is, ultimately, no difference between maintaining anything reaching to something near the present population of this planet, or even the population potential of two hundred years ago, without adopting those forms of fire which will be, speaking historically, soon required to sustain any durable form of human civilization on Earth. To make the same point in other terms of reference, the ability to sustain even a much smaller population on Earth than exists today, requires mankind to develop, and use those technologies which are defined by the possibility for human travel to and from the planet Mars.

That means the need for the rapid expansion of the use of nuclear fission as the principal means for human civilized existence now, and the rapid progress toward the general reliance on thermonuclear fusion as the required power resource of oncoming generations. This means, in turn, that mankind has now entered the "space age" of continued human life within the bounds of the nearby precincts of our Solar System.

That also means, in turn, that the marker for a program of human survival, has been the implications of the role of controlled thermonuclear fusion in relativistic modes of acceleration/deceleration, as applied to development of those electromagnetic-gravitational field conditions, which had been emphasized by Albert Einstein as a corrected concept of gravitation, as for the case of the presently defined requirement for human travel to and from Earth and Mars. The forecastable lapsed time of travel for each jump between those planets is in the range of days, as by the use of Helium-3 found on our Moon as fuel.

The use of such technologies for such and other purposes, means the sudden appearance of a revolutionary, working conception of man's place in a relativistic universe. We are talking about a credible state of affairs defined by goals within the reach of a generation of human beings who have been recently already born.

The Struggle For Life

Now, return to the issue posed at the beginning of this present chapter.

With human individuals, our bodies are mortal, and often painfully so; but, that is the end of our essential similarities to the beasts. Whereas the power of creative evolution among lower forms of life lies within the biological process, with mankind the power of anti-entropic creativity is essentially willful and conscious. This is expressed in society in a form which the greatest theologians identify as the immortality of the human personality, the immortality, relative to the merely biological, which continues to live, efficiently, as an active principle within society long after the body it had inhabited is long since dead.

The more closely to this view of practiced creativity the consciousness of the individual is linked, the more clearly that person experiences a notion of what is termed "a simultaneity of eternity." Now, since the mistaken notion of space, time, and matter has been recognized as a false view of the reality which we inhabit, and has been discredited as a poor man's fable, the actually creative personality's sense of personal identity is associated with a type of notion of physical-space-time, rather than matter, space, and time, a sense of personal identity associated with the theological conception of a simultaneity of eternity.

This notion has arisen in physical science through a certain view of the immortality which the human personality acquires through the efficient sharing of notions of principle across the span of what is otherwise a sense of intimacy with persons living thousands of years distant in the past ordering of experience. It is the experience of sensing oneself closer to what we know as a deceased person, even across the span of millennia, than to the persons who are merely in time-bound proximity to one another. This is closest to our sense of this sort of connection, in the case that we are not empiricists or reductionists otherwise, but replace the simple notion of a sense-certainty of time, by relationships defined as to ordering by the "hereditary" ordering of the dependency of present conceptions of universal principle, upon the precedence of what thus appear to us as "earlier" experiences in the sequence determined by the dependency of relatively newer ideas on the development of principled conceptions which are of ideas which precede other ideas of principle as a matter of a principle of discovery.

So, mind has superseded biology, and, therefore, the notion of time as such, according to a principle of epistemology. Those epistemological connections now supersede a reductionist sense of "time" as such.

It is that notion which supplies that quality of an apprehension of immortality through this relationship to the notion of a simultaneity of eternity as superseding reductionist notions of chronology.

Now, we are obliged to take up the notion of physical space-time relativity, by the challenge of voyages to and from Mars. Clock-time no longer has the same meaning as it was possible to argue for it when we saw ourselves as Earth-bound. Clock-time no longer commands as it did prior to the reign of the sensuous experience of relativity. We are then rewarded by a new quality of happiness of which people might have dreamed, but had yet to experience in past times.

It is that experience of happiness which should move us, as we free ourselves from the identities of beasts.

[1] So, it was U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's greenback system which defeated the British Empire in the U.S. Civil War.

[2] Cf. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "Cervantes Would Have Been Impressed," EIR, May 25, 2007, a book review of Judl Rosenberg, The Golem, and the Wondrous Deeds of the Maharal of Prague, Curt Leviant, trans. (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2007).

[3] My frequently stated concern for creating an adequate protective screen around this incumbent, presently failed President, reflects the threat to that President's life which comes chiefly from those in the United Kingdom who would see that action as a way of covering the embarrassment which that President is becoming, more and more, from Obama's increasingly highly embarrassing failures. Ironically, if I am recognized as working to protect this poor British puppet's life, I suspect that, then, they would lose some of their inclination to see his death as their option for lessening the embarrassment of his behavior as having been a British imperial stooge (a "Trilby") of such "Svengalis" as the evil Tony Blair.

[4] The propaganda proposing that President Obama's health-care proposals were intended for the benefit of any class of U.S. citizen but some extremely wealthy persons-in-need, was nothing but a fraud. It was the Wall Street bail-out launched beginning September 2007, which is the chief cause of the actually present downturn in health-care conditions.

[5] Of New York "Big Mac" notoriety.

[6] Some people thought that what Britain's H.G. Wells wrote about his meeting with U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was in bad taste. It was the critic of Wells who was in bad taste. Wells was complimenting Teddy for those susceptibilities which a British spy would desire of his American puppet. Apparently, if only apparently, Her Majesty appeared to enjoy the touching family visit with the Obamas, but did not, apparently, like them enough to have offered them some royal hay from the stable.

[7] A horse with very bad manners was seen standing, as if stunned, alone, in the place from which the barn had just miraculously escaped.

[8] For example: the profound effect of the fact that U.S.A. net basic economic infrastructure has been in a long-term net decline since Vietnam War year 1966-67.

[9] That war could have been launched only over the dead body of a President John F. Kennedy who reflected the expert warning by General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur against "land wars in Asia." Since the 1945 inauguration of President Harry S Truman, the weakening and ruin of the U.S.A. and its economy, through land wars in Asia, has been the snickering British favorite trick for inducing the U.S.A. to ruin itself, its influence in the world, and in its economy.

[10] Not only has the increase in production in developing nations, including China, been largely a transfer from the formerly industrialized nations to developing nations, but this has been accompanied by a reduction of the payments made to the recipient, developing nations. The unpaid margin of about $2 trillions to China, is merely a significant part of this net reduction in net world output which has occurred in the process of transfer.

[11] The British orchestrated, 1968 monetary crisis of the U.S. dollar, the British orchestrated break-up of a fixed-exchange-rate monetary system, the 1975-1981 wrecking-role of the Trilateral Commission, and the bringing in of Alan Greenspan in the aftermath of the October 1987 stock-market crash, and clinically insane forms of licensing of implicitly hyperinflationary monetarism, have been the dominant trend in the increasingly, post-1989 "globalization" of the world economy. The physical globalization of the world's economies has been the most explosive feature in the wild-eyed vulnerability of all nations to the effect of the presently onrushing crash of the world's presently hyper-inflated monetary system.

[12] I.e: "I can't."

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[14] Typical of the relevant evidence, is the case of the intimate friend of existentialist Hannah Arendt, her fellow-German existentialist Martin Heidegger, who served as a Nazi anti-semite professor at Freiburg during his 1933-1945 occasion, an existentialist legacy which is typical of existentialists such as Jean-Paul Sartre and the U.S. intellectual authors of much of the circles of the Weatherman cult gathered from among the circles of Mark Rudd et al. during the fascist-style radicalism among the so-called "68ers." Existentialism is fascism, as it was the dominant strain in the European Congress for Cultural Freedom.

[15] As "basement" discussions with Sky Shields, et al., have made strong references to Wolfgang Köhler's implicit emphasis on this distinction of ape from man in his The Mentality of Apes. Scientific and comparable individual human creativity is rooted in the powers of Classical artistic creativity, in the powers of imagination which must be tested, and measured, by methods of crucial experiment.

[16] E.g., The Science of Physical Economy, op. cit.

[17] While most of the theorems associated with Euclidean geometry, are simply products of valid Greek science extant prior to the appearance of Aristotle as a putative successor for a deceased Plato, the a-priori assumptions with which Euclid prefaced The Elements, were fraudulent, as Bernhard Riemann was to lay down the relevant law with the opening two paragraphs and concluding sentence of his 1854 habilitation dissertation. Deductive mathematics is not the basis for physical science, but merely a tool employed in exploring the domain of the creative imagination.

[18] The theological condemnation of Aristotle by Philo of Alexandria.

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