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This article appears in the October 9, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Death Under the Brutish Boot

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 28, 2009

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The probably stunning, but not really surprising election results in Germany yesterday, must be assessed in their global context, that of a continental Europe under the reign of the British imperial boot. For this very reason, I have insisted that any rescue of civilization from the effects of a momentary British domination of the planet generally must come through common actions of global reform launched by a power-bloc composed, essentially, of the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India, a power-bloc representing sufficient power, combined, to break the dictatorship of the present, London-centered monetarist system over the economic life of the planet in general.

For Germany, the ugly state of current continental economic and related affairs was cast at the moment the Germany led by its Chancellor Helmut Kohl, was crushed by the joint action of Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, her toady, French President François Mitterrand, and her nastily whimpering lackey, U.S. (Sir) President George H.W. Bush. That threat had the character of a virtual declaration of war against Germany, an effect complemented by the terrifying assassination of that nation's leading banker, and leading supporter for the economic initiatives of Chancellor Kohl at that time. The commitment to the currency selected for continental Europe's colonies, the Euro, combined with the effect of the British Queen's yacht Britannia at the coast of Italy, has more or less effectively sealed the gloomy fate of continental Europe since those times.

Under these conditions, the only presently visible hope on the horizon for Europe, lies in the prospect of rallying a group of relatively less powerful nations composed of the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India in a newly established credit-system as a complete replacement for the imperial monetarist system of John Maynard Keynes et al. The combined power represented by those four major sovereigns, when associated with supporting participation from certain nations of Asia and elsewhere, is sufficient to craft a global system composed of respectively sovereign nation-state republics around a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, as opposed to the intrinsically imperialist monetary system currently dominated by London and the parasites of Anglophile Wall Street.

Without such a four-power-centered force against the British empire now, there is absolutely no hope that the world as a whole will not be plunged, very soon, into a general breakdown-crisis of the economies and governments of the planet as a whole.

Without such a four-power agreement against the British empire, there is no hope for something resembling civilization, during the coming generation or longer, throughout the entirety of the planet as a whole. A reduction of the world's population from a presently estimated 6.7 billions, to less than two, over a span of one or two generations, were the likely outcome of a global sweep of a general breakdown-crisis due to strike with great force, throughout the planet, beginning very soon.

Until the change from a monetarist, to a credit system of the type specified by the U.S. Federal Constitution, there is no hope for a civilized form of society on this planet for a generation or more to come. It would be the darkest period of time, of probably several generations' duration, throughout this planet, in the civilized memory of human society today. Do not be surprised by that; the world has spent more than two generations in creating the presently global onrush of a global economic breakdown-crisis. The hope for the future would be that we could eradicate the hegemony of the cultural influences, over past several generations, which had brought this present crisis about, that within no less than a pair of generations since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy unleashed the ruined long war in Indo-China, with the present hope that several new generations would bring the world back to a take-off point matching what we have lost since about the Spring of 1968.

Those Who Have Doubts

Given all that bad news for the planet as a whole, the relatively good news is that a leading circle of U.S. economists has come to agreement with me on the causes of the present general crisis now gripping the U.S.A. and European nations as a whole. For all competent such economists, my pedagogical "Triple Curve," first presented publicly, in January 1996, as part of my U.S. Presidential-nomination campaign at that time, is now proven to have been the only competent estimate of the direction of the economy during any point since that time.

All varieties of monetarist dogma for economics have now failed, totally, and miserably. All the economists and relevant others who rejected both my warnings and my analysis on which they were premised, have been proven not merely wrong, but intrinsically incompetent. It is that incompetence which, unfortunately, still controls the policy-shaping of all but a few nations of the Keynesian-ruined economies of the world today. For just that reason, all recent so-called G-20 and similar "summits" have been far less than sane, let alone useful. The governments are trying so hard to continue the presently hopelessly bankrupt monetary system, that they would, it appears, prefer to die, rather than offend the authorities who have installed and maintained the rule of this presently doomed system.

Apart from those competent economists who now recognize the nature of the present world economic crisis as I have defined it, there has been no competent understanding of the present world system among most of the governments around the world. Virtually all among them have failed, and that miserably, because they have continued to prefer the monetarism of Keynes to the reality represented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt's effected, or projected, anti-monetarist reforms prior to the advent of the renewal of British imperialist practices by Churchill accomplice President Harry S Truman, beginning April 13, 1945, the day after President Franklin Roosevelt had died.

Now, without an agreement to replace the present world monetary system, by the Hamiltonian credit-system already embedded as a fundamental principle of the U.S. Federal Constitution, that done through an agreement shared among the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India, there is presently no hope for civilization in any part of the planet for a generation or more yet to come.

That is not a matter of popular opinion; it is a matter of fact of nothing other than simply reality.

Therefore, nations which do not share my outlook on this account, must necessarily be pessimistic about the chance of their own survival during the generation ahead. We have come to a time, when science, rather than opinion, will determine the fate of the human race. Therefore, the majority of the present population of western and central continental Europe must be expected to be deeply pessimisitic. And why not? As long as they believe in the policies they presently condone, there is no rational choice visible to them, but to be demoralized.

They will even consent to the mass-killing of their own infants, ageing, and simply ill, as that British puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama, with his Hitler-imitating IMAC scheme, has demanded on behalf of his dedication as his faithful service, not to the citizens of the U.S.A., but to his shrilly demanding and threatening, tyrannical masters in London, such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair now.

So, for Obama now, that moustache stays on! He can not be rid of it; he has, on his own will, embedded it in his Nero's soul. Should he rip it out, it would quickly grow back again before dawn.

The Remedy

The indispensable key to an economic recovery, is an action based on the principle of the Franklin D. Roosevelt-sponsored Glass-Steagall Act, through which all the monetarist garbage of the U.S. system is cancelled, in favor of honoring banking debts and assets which conform to the Glass-Steagall standard. This would put many surviving banks into Government-protected reorganization in bankruptcy, but so what? It is cancelling the essentially fictitious forms of outstanding monetarist claims, which is the indispensable first step for maintaining civilized life, and actual net economic growth on this planet. Without that action, there is no hope for mankind in any part of this planet during the future time just ahead.

Such action by the government of the U.S.A., would be what is required by the U.S. Federal Constitution, creating what is known as a credit-system, as opposed to a monetary system. A monetary system is a form of imperialism under which private financier interests create a system of debt, imposed upon governments. The U.S. Federal Constitution has outlawed a monetary system, otherwise called a "free trade" system, which is, thus, prohibited from acting as a power above the sovereign nation-states. Only the credit uttered by sovereign nation-states can be used as the basis for currency and credit within any sovereign economy.

The only possible hope for civilization now, is action by a set of cooperating leading nation-state powers, to impose the reform known as a sovereign national credit-system upon their sovereign affairs and treaty-relationships. We must simply cancel all contrary types of indebtedness among nations, by such a return to the principle of inviolability of the constitutional sovereignty of the nation-state republic in these and related matters.

Thus, the establishment of a fixed-exchange-rate relationship among participating sovereigns, defines the credit-system of the planet—usury be hanged!

Such a cooperating association of nation-states under such a credit-system is now the only option available: Do it or die?

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