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This editorial appears in the December 4, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Queen in Check!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 29, 2009

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How typical of the special rules of the British imperial game of chess: to leave its Queen in check!

For the thinking sort of Briton, their Queen's brief, November 27th speech opening the Commonwealth event, had the nerve-jerking overtones of the last days of East Germany's Honecker's denial of the already onrushing doom of the last remaining hours of the East Germany regime, in her wildly bragging claims that the motions about to be presented to the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit would "continue to affect the security and stability of millions for years to come."

Such grandiose chatter as her address, reminds one of the way in which Erich Honecker met his fate; as, so, the Queen now reviews her own, crumbling, old regime. With her claim that her Commonwealth empire, virtual captives included, represents about one-third of world population, and about one billion young, she, like the doomed Achaemenid Darius III, has enormous forces nominally at her disposal. Yet her empire is falling, less from the valor or cleverness of its adversaries, than the burden of its own, dead intellectual weight.

There is no chance that that Queen can prevail; unfortunately, there is no certainty, given the present state of the government of the United States, that our United States will not also be destroyed, not by British might, but by joining her in the following of that same neo-Malthusian doctrine of the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change, which is presently rushing the British empire, and much of the other foolish parts of the world to their own, common early doom.

The warning rumbles of a strategic quality of global cultural earthquake are already being felt in the political tremors around the failed Obama "White House," and the ominous signals from Dubai.

The reduction of the physical productive powers of labor, and of the physical infrastructure on which the realization of that productivity depends, is a matter of physical science, a matter of those increases of the levels of energy-flux-density supplied to the processes of environment, production, and the models of education for the mind of the members of the population. In other words, the point is now reached, that the survival of what could be considered civilization, depends upon dumping everything which the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change proposes.

Therefore, the Queen's empire is thus doomed by its own practiced intentions; nothing more than that, is now required, to ensure the impending fall of her House.

In the meantime, electable remedies for this threatened doom of the planet's economy do exist. The agreement recently struck between Russia and China, is most notable among the achievements thus far. However, all workable remedies require the immediate dumping of the proposed objectives of the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change. Were such an agreement actually installed, the planet as whole is doomed to immediately beginning a planetary new dark age of a profundity and scale beyond what happened to Europe in the so-called "New Dark Age" of Europe's Fourteenth Century.

The Principal Remedies

The solution for this threatened, planet-wide breakdown-crisis of civilization, is best defined by aid of reference to my consistently successful "Triple Curve" treatment of not only the crises which have struck the U.S.A., Europe, and beyond, since 1966, but which provides the necessary insight to all of the relevant crises of the U.S. economy since the February 1957 onset of the deepest U.S. post-World War II recession up to that time.

Later, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the U.S.A. has drifted, or been driven down-hill by its own adopted, British neo-Malthusian trends in policy of practice. The most prominent expression of that descent into depravity has been expressed under the banner of "environmentalism."

Thus, the British monarchy, rather than simply choosing this fraudulent foolishness of "environmentalism" for its own private enjoyment, aims to impose the virtual genocide which such a policy entails on humanity generally, that through the specific means prescribed for the forthcoming Copenhagen Summit.

Whether, or not, the British empire will succeed in thrusting its wicked intentions upon nations represented at the Copenhagen Summit, the British empire has less chance of coming out on top than did the land-based Achaemenid emperor Darius III against the combined maritime power represented in the imperial Mediterranean forces led by Alexander the Great at Gaugamela.

The physical-economic and military strategic superiority of maritime culture over the land-based oligarchical systems of ancient and medieval cultures, led to the selection of the monetarist-imperialist forces associated with the Anglo-Dutch, Atlantic-based maritime power over the world at large, and to the superiority of the American System over the still-pro-oligarchical social systems of Europe, despite the essentially treasonous role of that Wall-Street-centered offshoot of the British East India Company nested, more or less treasonously, inside the U.S.A. itself.

So, in short, the monetarism of so-called Asian cultures suffered from their strategic weakness, as land-based powers, relative to landed nations whose principal source of physical-economic power for development was that of maritime powers.

However, once the nations and cultures of the world approached a condition of being placed on an approximately equal strategic footing, through, most emphatically, the development of continental railway systems, there has been a tendency of economic potential to favor railway-based interiors over maritime systems, economically.

However, the fact remains, that the combination of the increase of usable increases in energy-flux density applied per capita and per square kilometer, determines the relative physical-economic potential of nations per capita and per square kilometer, all other related considerations taken into account.

The Development of Man

Above all the foregoing strategic considerations, the essential thing about nations and their economies is the development of the creative powers of the human individual, as advances from relatively lower, to relatively higher degrees of modes of sources and applications of power, per capita and per square kilometer represent this.

Those advances in cultural development of the individual and the population, which make possible both the maintenance and the increase of the productive powers of human labor, reflect the essential difference which sets the human individual, apart from, and above all beasts. It is the cultural development of the physical-creative potential of the individual, that as much through Classical culture (rather than today's relatively depraved popular cultures) which defines that quality of development and expression of the human individual on which both the maintenance and the increase of the potential relative population density of the human species depends.

A zero-technological growth economy is already the economy of a dying, ultimately doomed culture. Britain as it is typified by the utterings of the present British monarchy, can not prevail; at its worst, it could only drag the rest of the world down with it, if we are foolish enough to follow its recommendations.

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