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This article appears in the July 31, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: We Can Now Beat Back
The Enemies of the U.S.

Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on the Jack Stockwell radio program, broadcast live on KTKK, from Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 21. An edited transcript is presented here. PDF version of this transcript

Stockwell: Well, good morning, sir!

LaRouche: Good morning to you.

Stockwell: And you're still alive, and that's always a good thing, I think.

LaRouche: Well, I think that some President of ours is not too happy with that.

Stockwell: No, and I definitely want to get to that. I have a series of questions to ask you.

I want to jump back to September 2007, and you said, back then, and it disturbed me when you said it, because housing prices were still moving up—that we were in a total financial breakdown. And if I remember, Lyn, the verbiage you used was something to the effect, "It's over. It's done. There is no recovery. There isn't any way this is going to turn around without bankruptcy of the entire financial system." You said that in September 2007. Other people, a year later, were saying, "Boy, nobody saw this comin'. Boy, were we ever surprised!" Well, obviously, they hadn't been listening to you.

So, now, approaching August 2009, two years later, what are we to do at this point?

LaRouche: There's only one thing we can do: The present international monetary system is hopelessly bankrupt. The process of mismanagement, to use a polite, nice term, has reached the point that you can no longer reorganize this system, there's too much filth in it: You have to put it through bankruptcy reorganization.

Now, under our Constitution, we have a capability, which no other country in the world really has. That is, since our Constitution was based on precisely this kind of problem. During the course of the Revolutionary War, our banks, which were then banks of separate states, or what had become states by virtue of the war, were bankrupt because of the war debt. And Alexander Hamilton, during this period, came up with a remedy for this, which he said: Well, the problem is, we can solve the problem of bankruptcy, but we don't have a Federal government. We have a government of a group of states. The states are bankrupt, or their banks are bankrupt. The only way we could organize this in bankruptcy, to get this mess over with, is to go through a form of bankruptcy reorganization, which depends on having Federal government.

So the concept of having a Federal Constitution, as opposed merely to the government we had under the Declaration of Independence, came about this way. Hamilton said, we need a Federal government, otherwise we can not solve this bankruptcy caused by the war debts of the separate states. And that's how our system, which is a credit system, which is unique in the world, came into being. This is the intrinsic superiority of our system of government over any other that has ever existed on this planet, as a matter of fact.

So therefore, the remedy is, we can go to a number of major powers which can do something about this—which includes Russia, China, and India—they're major powers. That if you get those nations, and a few others, together with the United States, on putting the world through bankruptcy reorganization, we can come out of this thing safely.

If, however, we continue to try to bail out this bunch of swindlers—it's a completely fraudulent mass of debt, if we try to bail this out, as we've been doing under George W. Bush, and under the present President, that will kill the United States; it will kill the world. There's no possibility that any nation of the world will survive economically, without putting the whole system into that kind of bankruptcy reorganization, using the U.S. Constitutional provision, which is the central feature of our Constitution, to put this thing into bankruptcy, reorganize it, create new credit, cancel this worthless debt—that is, this speculative debt—honor the decent debt, the Glass-Steagall standard, and we can come out of this thing quite alive. If we don't do that, we won't!

We've Bailed Out a Bunch of Thieves!

Stockwell: You have all the financial powers of the world fighting that very thing; the Fed is not going to be happy with that kind of concept; the City of London, the European Union, they're not going to be happy with what you're suggesting at all, are they?

LaRouche: Well, they didn't like our Constitution in the first place! And we have a bunch of guys in New York City and related places, who are all a bunch of thieves. There's no reason we should be continuing—we should never have bailed these guys out! They are gamblers, they gambled, and they lost! And we are not responsible for bailing out Las Vegas!

Stockwell: I was watching some CNN stuff last night, and they were talking about how, well, they've been given all these trillions, they've only paid out 10% of it, but what would really help right now is a second round of economic stimulus.

LaRouche: The stimulus package is a piece of idiocy. First of all, if you shut down General Motors, you shut down the auto industry, you take the entire Great Lakes region and you shut it down, as has been done, since the Summer of 2007; if you continue to bail out people who should not be bailed out, they should be imprisoned—that's the way to support them, they get taken care of in prison. For example, who did Madoff cover up for in his guilty plea? Who were the people who received the money, which he stole for them?

Stockwell: Yeah!

LaRouche: And so, you've got a situation, the Federal Reserve System is hopelessly bankrupt! It's a private company, with a charter by the Federal government; the Federal government has to put the Federal Reserve System into receivership, under the Treasury Department, and put it down in the basement of some building someplace, under, say, a new National Bank, where they can sort out the mess that has created by Bernanke and his predecessor.

Stockwell: You know, one of the far right-wing arguments about the very thing you just said, Lyn, is, if the government has made such a mess of every other social thing they seem to grab ahold of from time to time, how could we ever possibly trust them with a central bank, and going back to the American System that we've used in the past?

LaRouche: The problem is not with the government, the problem's with the people we put in it. And you've got a situation, where Republicans and other so-called conservatives are fishing around for the "right line" on this thing, and realizing that Obama is not merely a guy they have to beat for the sake of the Republican Party, but that Obama is virtually insane! And that he should be put into custody on the basis of, he needs protection from his own insanity.

But this is a fact! This is not a charge, this is a plain fact! This guy's nuts!

Stockwell: Well, I remember a certain author who wrote a book about the previous President, being insane—his name escapes me at the moment—Bush on the Couch, I think was the title of the book. And he seemed quite disturbed and concerned that somebody like George Bush could be running free in Washington. What evidence do you have of the current President belonging on the same couch, this early in his administration.

LaRouche: I don't know that he belongs on the same couch. George Bush is more understandable for the average person, a much more understandable kind of clinical insanity. He's just plain stupid, and corrupt, and mean. And he sort of takes after his father, but some of the brains got missing along the way, probably by way of his health-care treatment, during the time he was serving in the Texas Air Guard.

But no, this guy is, as I said, on April 11 of this year, that this President has a psychological profile almost identical with that of the Emperor Nero. He's not really intelligent. He has a kind of "gift of gab," but if you examine what he says—first of all, his policies are those of Adolf Hitler, his health-care policies, which is his main program. Cap and trade is a very similar kind of program. So these two issues by him, which he's pushing, are criminal in their intent, that is, by the Nuremberg standards, they're criminal, but he also can get off the charge because he's insane! And he needs protection.

He is not intelligent. He has a gift of gab, but if you look at him closely, he spouts words, and foolish people who aren't onto the game, think that those words mean something; often they don't, he just says those for effect. He is a Narcissus case. He has the same mental profile as the Emperor Nero. And this guy has got to be put under protection for his own sake.

Obama's Hitler Health Care

Stockwell: All right. Let me get into his health-care plan. Because it looks like it might not fly. It looks like it's really running up against some obstructions in the Senate. I want to ask you a question about the odds of it still getting passed. And then, number 2, I have a question that personally bothers me about some of the things you've said in the past, regarding swine flu and vaccines.

In fact, let me ask you that question first: I'm a health-care provider. I'm what's known as a NUCCA doctor [upper cervical chiropractic]. My specialty is the brainstem, and in the imbalance in that area, the deleterious effects that it creates to the entire body. And I deal with vaccine injuries all the time in my business. And I see you representing two different viewpoints at two different times: One time, you'll talk about the British-led scheme to depopulate this planet that's represented by NICE [the national health rationing program] in the U.K. and Obama's health-care program; and, at the same time, I almost get this idea that you're behind the mass vaccination of people using a vaccine, which at best is untested, at worst, has killed a bunch of homeless people in Poland who were being used as guinea pigs, and I can't help but believe that mass vaccination of the population is just another depopulation scheme.

LaRouche: No, it's not. We know the main pattern here—

Stockwell: No, Lyn. Lyn, I want you to hold that, we have to take a commercial break for a moment. But when we get back,—if I'm off in left field, give me some more information here. But I am not, by any means, a proponent of mass vaccinations of what can only be described as an untested vaccine. And I can't help but feel the influence of the Anglo-American oligarchical control of this planet being at the root of that concept.

Lyn, I know that the [anti-]vaccination concept can fall under kind of a populist idea. However, there's always something behind something, and then there's something behind that. Can you clarify on that?

LaRouche: Yes. Go back to 1918, and the way the Spanish flu came into the United States. For example, my mother survived the Spanish flu during that particular period; many others did not. Now, you have to look at this as a public health, strategic question, not as a vaccination question. Remember, many vaccinations which have been required, and have been very helpful over the past decades, have saved many lives.

Then you have the other side of the question: Given the British Empire's policy, as stated under this Prince Philip, as supported by Al Gore, and so forth, is dirty work possible? Yes! But, is dirty work the explanation for this phenomenon? No!

The phenomenon is a result of conditions, public health conditions which are the result of the policies of the United States and Europe, and so forth, over a long period of time, especially, since Spring of 1968. In Spring of 1968, this country underwent a change in control. As of the beginning, before March of 1968, the dominant population on this planet in terms of influence, was my generation. These were the blue-collar workers, and so forth and so on. With the Spring of '68, with what happened internationally, with this new generation, the new anarchist generation, the new fascist generation, typified by Mark Rudd, for example, you had a shift in control of public opinion and institutions, such that the present Congress is dominated by 68ers, of that particular influence.

So what's happened is, we have gone, since the Spring of 1968, from a still-lingering commitment to scientific and technological progress, to a post-industrial ideology, a fascist ideology which is called "leftist." The source of this thing, is the same source as Adolf Hitler: Hitler was a creation of the British Empire, of the British monarchy, and he has a health-care policy—the same health-care policy of Adolf Hitler is the exactly, identical policy of President Barack Obama, today.

Now, Obama represents the 68er generation, the most corrupt side of it, which has dominated the planet. They have a policy, which is the policy of Bertrand Russell, the policy of the British government today, the policy of Hitler—and the Obama policy is the exact copy of the health-care policy of Adolf Hitler, for which we condemned people in the Nuremberg trials. And so, the point is, to stop the President before we have to put him through a Nuremberg trial!

It is those conditions of life, of public health conditions, which have caused a lot of these problems. In this process, you can not exclude tinkering with bad vaccines. But vaccines are not in themselves intrinsically bad; they're good. We have saved many lives, through vaccines. They always come, when they happen, usually as a surprise, because the diseases are a surprise. And we've developed the ability to develop vaccines in response to a new disease. So the fact that you say, they're not tested—well, they are tested. The question is, who's testing them?

Admittedly, I'm always concerned that there's some monkey business going on there. But in this case, the causes of this pandemic, are so obvious and so general, that if somebody's doing some monkey business, they're in a minor league, compared to the big leagues of the main infection.

Stockwell: Well, when you say, "what's behind this is so obvious," I can't help but believe there's some orchestration behind the administration of this program to try to control the swine flu, when you see where it originated from, when you see how it's manufactured, what kind of DNA is present in this viral structure—I can't help believe that there's some depopulationist ideology supporting it.

LaRouche: No, look right there. You've got it in the policies of the U.S. and European government, and the governments of South and Central America, and Africa, and so forth, since 1968! These are policies which were uttered by Bertrand Russell, and anyone who admires Bertrand Russell's philosophy, is part of this. Look, when you have the President of the United States has the same policy on health care as Adolf Hitler did, between 1939 and 1945, and when this policy comes, not from anyplace else, but from the British system, the NICE system, this is also a Hitler policy, and the Hitler policy on health care came from Britain in the first place!

Stockwell: All right, now, you have said that about three times in this last half-hour: Please be very specific, where you see the current—and this is for the benefit of my audience; I already know the answer to this, but I want you, for the benefit of my audience, to specify, the similarities between what he's pushing in Congress right now, and what showed up in Germany.

LaRouche: Well, what he's doing now, he passed a law which was classified in Germany, under Hitler, as Tiergarten 4. There was an office in Berlin, in the Tiergarten area, and the office was called Tiergarten 4. From this office, which was a policy enunciated publicly by Adolf Hitler, and by that administration—and also at the same time by the British—but in his case it was special. So, this was the policy for which we accused the Hitler regime of genocide. This policy, the exact, same policy, is the stated policy of President Obama, including Orszag, etc. The behaviorist medical policy—what the President of the United States is pushing as his leading policy, the thing he's willing to fight and kill for, is this health-care policy, for which there is no difference, between the health-care policies of Adolf Hitler, for which we killed people at Nuremberg, and the policies of the current President of the United States: Identical! Word for word, identical.

Anybody could compare the two laws: It's black and white! We've documented it, we've presented it. There's no excuse for anyone saying it's not true, because it's been out all over the place. Anybody who wishes to know it, can know, there's no secret, it's open: the President of the United States is effectively susceptible of being charged with Nazi crimes against humanity.

British Stoke the Flames

Stockwell: Well, you can go to the government website and look up the health-care bill, and if you want to take the next two weeks to read it, what you're saying there is spelled out, word for word. And if you go to, there is an update on that page, that gives you, page by page by page, as to what this health-care plan calls for. And it is unbelievable in some of the horrific wording, and intimations that are made in this document, that your health-care decisions will be completely taken away from you and given to some governing board, and they will decide who gets health care and who doesn't get the health care, not based on some medical professional's educated opinion, but based on what the review board decides is necessary and not necessary. And that's only one aspect of it. So when you say that it parallels the Nazi health plan, I can understand that.

Now, let me move in another direction: One of the things that gave President Obama the support that he had a year ago, when he was running [for President], was his promise to curb what was going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to start the soldier-return program, that would bring an end to our imperialist involvement around the planet. What you see now, seems to be an upscaling of our Iraq involvement, our Afghanistan involvement; and if you bring what's going with the Uighurs, the Afghans, the Tibetans, the Xinjiang province, the Army of the Republic of China, the People's Republic of China, it looks to me like what Obama is doing, is turning up the burners under what George Bush started.

LaRouche: More than that, but it's the British burners.

Remember, people have got to realize, the United States, up until 2007, was still the largest source of credit internationally, despite the fact we were already going bankrupt. But we were uttering the credit on which the world depended, including China, other countries, whose market was depending on U.S. credit, largely. Even though the British were dominating the system, the U.S. was uttering the credit. Since the Summer of 2007, September, approximately, we have been losing that position, and under the thieves of Wall Street, who stole everything in sight with the help of the British, we've now completely looted, with the bailout bill and all this crap: We have been destroyed.

Now, the whole system is coming down. In the meantime, the system is controlled—see this is the case of Tony Blair: We have been given positive evidence—we now have it secured from the government—that 9/11 was an Anglo-Saudi operation against the United States, done for the benefit of the Bush Administration. The evidence is clear: Prince Bandar, then the ambassador from Saudi Arabia to the United States was key in this operation; we have the names from the government evidence of three of the guys who were actually piloting the planes in that operation; and there was a vast coverup, by the Bush Administration and others. But this is out: It came from London! It came from the Saudi-British al-Yamamah operation against us!

The same operation under Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister, who is no good—evil, absolutely evil—they got us into an Iraq war! A completely fake, and fraudulent Iraq war, for the sake of making the Bush Administration plausible, under a stupid President.

Then, we've gotten into this Afghanistan war; we've gotten into it for the same reason: There is no reason, no military reason for the Obama policy in Afghanistan! We're now in danger of a complete explosion, in the entire region, spilling over. The Uighurs operation is a British intelligence operation, run in part through a Washington office. It's just one of many little operations, terrorist operations, which are orchestrated under many pluralities, and they're spreading all over the world.

We're on the verge of a general breakdown, first, number-one, in the world financial-economic system. We can fix it; I know how to fix it. It can be fixed. But unless it is fixed, we're seeing a new dark age, which is going to reduce the world's population down in the direction of about 2 billion people from presently 6.7. That's where we're headed.

And these are conditions, this fighting in Afghanistan is a crime against the United States! We are not going to accomplish anything by helping the British run a drug operation in Afghanistan. Our job is to get out of that, and take British agents, like George Soros, who is the world's biggest drug-pusher, and is in the middle of this thing, and our biggest enemy on that ground, and take care of these guys! Get them out of the system.

So, we have to look at these things, not in the terms of, somebody did something wrong on a particular occasion, like breaking a store window. This is a case of a long-term struggle between the United States and our enemies in the world, including some inside our own country, like Wall Street. And we are being betrayed, we're being sold down the river.

Stockwell: Now, that's not an easy thing to do. It's not an easy thing to do, to take a country like the United States and sell it down the river. A lot of people in this country simply do not trust our own government, and there are these right-wing groups all over the place, pushing for several states to have a secession legislative move; they're talking about the coming martial law; they're talking about the breakdown of highway transportation; everything that is moving towards an almost isolationist attitude, with several areas and sections of the country having to survive on their own, and people do not look past the government as being their enemy, in the sense that you're always saying that the problem is the British, not our own government. Why is that?

LaRouche: Well, it's always been that way. Remember, you have to look at the history, where we came from. We had a dark age in the 14th Century, we had one-third of the population was wiped out during that dark age, it was largely, like today, diseases. It had an economic cause, like today. But diseases spread and were encouraged. And so you lost one-third of the population of Europe, in a short period of time, and you lost half the parishes in Europe in that period. It was called the New Dark Age.

We're now entering the conditions of a new dark age. Fortunately, if you look at what some of the Republicans are doing, including some of the right-wingers, they're not really nuts. They are groping, like politicians, for: What is a minority party, i.e., the Republican Party, going to do under these conditions? Well, they decided to pick up on policies of the type I push. Why? Because, they may hear what I have to say, but they have their own agenda. Their agenda is, Obama is going down. More and more leading Democrats want to get rid of Obama now.

Stockwell: Yes.

LaRouche: The Republicans want to get rid of him, and they've got a policy to get a coalition of sane Democrats, which are increasing in number by the day, and Republicans, and get rid of this Obama problem.

Will the Obama Presidency Last?

Stockwell: Now, the thing you were saying there: Several leaders of the Democratic Party in Congress want to get rid of this Obama problem. Specifically, what leaders are you referring to, and what are their plans? Because I know, even the African-American community is not very happy with him, because he hasn't done a damned thing for them.

LaRouche: Well, you find a differentiation: In the Northern states, in particular, the identifiable African-American community, which is a little more sophisticated on economic questions than the Southern part, for historical reasons, that they are saying one word to describe their former support for the Obama candidacy. They word they're using is "betrayed"! This scumbag has betrayed us. And the Southern states are a little bit slower in catching onto reality, for reasons which are historical reasons. But in general, you will find now, on the health-care policy, Obama is now a loser. The polls show that Obama is going down. He knows it, he's hysterical. He's getting desperate, and will take desperate action, because he knows that his image as the new Emperor Nero is going down! So, we don't have a hopeless situation; you have a dangerous situation.

This is a fight we have to win to save the nation and to save civilization. We can lose it. But right now, the trend is moving in our direction, of beating this thing back.

Stockwell: What kind of support do you see—you know, I know that the financial world has gone completely off the deep end, in following the British program for America's future—what do you see, say, in the military? Is the President having any trouble with getting the military to go along with his upscaling the Iraq/Afghanistan involvement, the possible invasion of Pakistan, and an eventual confrontation with the Chinese over what's going on with the Uighurs, the Afghans, the Tibetans?

LaRouche: Well, you have a group which is typified by the Hillary Clinton factor, or what is today the Hillary Clinton factor, inside the Obama Administration itself: That you have a group of people who were in there before, who are in there now, in terms of our governmental institutions, which are our defense, our intelligence, and our military leadership. The leadership there is a good leadership; if we eliminated the people who are immediately associated with Obama, such as his behaviorist group, Larry Summers and a few people like that, you would find we have a government that could function and function rationally.

So this is not a little minority; the majority is against Obama today.

But you have a phenomenon, where you have a newly installed President, and you have usually this first year of toleration of whatever kind of idiot you just elected there. But he's losing that. But the gut is, the gut institutions of the United States are against, in their direction of motion now, in the direction of a majority which is an anti-Obama majority. He now knows it! He has been informed. He is now hysterical, because he knows that time is against him, even in the relatively short time. He knows that by Autumn, he could be finished. And the forces are out there, really to assist him in being finished.

Stockwell: What do you see happening in the marketplace, especially the stock market, bond market, Aug. 1 through Oct. 31? Because, I've been telling my people, "Get out!"

LaRouche: Well, it's dead! You don't want to go into your tomb now, do you? It's already dead!

Stockwell: Well, a lot of people don't look in the long term, because I've had a couple of my patients come back to me here, just yesterday morning in fact, and said, "Dr. Stockwell, you've seen the market moving up lately. Surely you're going to reassess the value of being in that place." I said, "Get out!!"

LaRouche: You're right! You're giving them the best health-care advice you could possibly give them, just that!

Stockwell: So, that's not where you would suggest someone putting their money in the next few months?

LaRouche: No! There's only one thing we can do: We have, and you know, this is what I'm working with, on this opposition to this, not just opposition to Obama! I've been working to try to save the United States from this kind of insanity for a long time! And now, I think we're on the uptick. I think we're in a position, not that I can guarantee any success, but we're in a position where I can say, fairly, that we now have the option of succeeding and beating back the enemies of the United States, and getting back to a U.S. role in leadership in the nation of the type we used to have, long ago. We're back at that point.

So, one should not be pessimistic in terms of trends, and long-term trends. It's the very short term, that is the problem, because there's nothing about this Administration and its policy which any sane person would consciously vote for! Or support. And now, the mood is, "How do we get rid of it?" And this is a general thing: It's in Asia; it's in Russia; it's in China; it's in India; it's in most of Africa; not among the drug pushers and those interests in South and Central America, but in Europe and so forth, the tendency is, "Let's get rid of this, while we still can!"

Stockwell: Well, I'm kind of wondering if, when the big issue came out regarding whether or not Barack Obama, Barry Soetero, whatever you want to call him, was actually an American citizen, it started to die down a few months ago, and now it's coming back with an even stronger resurgence. Could this be one of the possible ways in which the Congress goes after him?

LaRouche: No. No, it won't. The point is, you've got a bunch of these certain kind of right-wingers who are not entirely sane, but you are talking about the normal American, who may be Republican or Democratic, who's rather conservative on these wild-eyed, 68er ideas. So you had a fascist movement, which is the 68ers, and they're called the "left wing," and then everybody else is called the "right wing." It's a crazy time.

The problem here essentially is, the American people, leaders of all kinds, realize that this is a loser. But Americans tend to be opportunistic sometimes, about their politics. They wait until they see things blowing in their direction before they decide to go to war.

Stockwell: Boy, is that ever true!

LaRouche: So, that's our problem.

'What's in it for Me?'

Stockwell: You know, a lot of people will sit there and watch the Earth disappear under their feet, until they find a way to make some money out of it. And then when they find the wind blowing in their direction, then suddenly, they'll jump on the wagon and start defending the Constitution. But up to that point, it's kind of a "what's in it for me?" attitude, and I think it comes out of the Baby-Boomer generation.

LaRouche: Well, the point is, "what's in it for me?" is: How do we get rid of this Administration? Health care? Economy? Look at the rate of unemployment: Take the Great Lakes area, for example—it's dead! We've lost our industrial base, and Obama put the finishing touches on it! Bush set it up, and they did it. The bailout did it! We could have saved that; we could have saved the whole system! But they sank it.

So, what we've got now, is people are looking for survival, and they realize that this Obama Administration is not their friend. And the people who created the Obama Administration, and the British are not their friends either! So, you're getting a revolt of that type around the world. But you get the kind of Summer patriots; but there are guys out there, these average people out there, in California, in the Midwest, in the Great Lakes area, these people in the main, are frightened and angry.

Stockwell: Well, a lot of those people in the Great Lakes area are the ones who voted for him.

LaRouche: Yes, well, they hate him, now.

Stockwell: Well, I guess so. Now, let me jump off onto another planet, really quick: Had John McCain won, do you see anything different today, as opposed to Obama being in there, if McCain won?

LaRouche: No, the only winning question was the question of Hillary. McCain is not the most—

Stockwell: Right. I was working towards Hillary, but let's go ahead and jump to that.

LaRouche: But McCain is not really a factor. He may have been a factor, when he was first running against George W. Bush, but he's lost that since then. But there are, in the institutions of government and finances and so forth, in the United States, are an institutional factor, which can move with both parties, or leading factions of both parties. If these certain Democrats and certain Republicans move together, saying, we have to have a patriotic unity about certain basic issues of survival of this nation, that's where, for me, real politics lies today. We've got a bad President, we've got to get rid of this Presidency, and we've got a lot of good people who want to do it, and can do it, and I'm with them!

Stockwell: Where do you see Hillary playing in this, and why in the world did Obama put her in as Secretary of State?

LaRouche: Because he was afraid of her being in the opposition out there.

Stockwell: So he wanted her close to him?

LaRouche: No, he wanted her under his thumb.

Stockwell: That's what I mean.

LaRouche: Yes. Remember, you have to look at the history of the Emperor Nero, and if you've studied the Roman history of the Emperor Nero and how he went down, and you look at Obama, you're looking at the same historical kind of phenomenon.

Stockwell: Well, he's going to have people he's going to start pointing fingers at, like Nero did. And Nero, of course, would take these people, and they would disappear, and they were the "cause of the problem," so he could try to go on looking better.

LaRouche: I'm number-one on that popularity list. Obama hates me and fears me more than anyone! And he does it, because of his psychological makeup.

Stockwell: Well, you take his teleprompter away from him, and he's worse than George Bush.

LaRouche: Well, he is much worse than George—he doesn't know what he's saying. He doesn't care what he's saying. Take that speech he made, with [New Jersey Gov. John] Corzine, on health care: Saying, "I'm the world's greatest genius on health care." So I responded to him!

The guy's is not the greatest genius—as matter of fact, he's no genius at all! He's just a mouth!

Be Prepared

Stockwell: All right. We only have a few minutes left, so let me ask you this: That momentous day, 9/11/2001, you were my guest that morning, while the attack against the World Trade Center, against America, was taking place. And there have been many stories about who was behind what, and who was doing what to whom. And one thing that has been consistent, is the things that you said that morning, about who was behind it, what was necessary for this to happen, and who would end up being blamed for this, have all played out perfectly as you said.

Now, coming up here, on July 27, a week from yesterday, through the 31st of July, is another major FEMA exercise. And this one's a little different, because this one involves the entire United States, not just New York City; and it's one of a nuclear attack, in the sense of what can we do, to prevent a nuclear attack from occurring in America? It's supposed to originate from Region 6 of FEMA—Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and I think Arizona, is in Area 6—I may be wrong about Arizona; but it's supposed to originate from there. It involves all the governors, and the highest state officials of all states, a lot of public officers in the sense of the constabulary, all the way down to local city police, who are supposed to be involved in this, coast to coast. Word on the street is the reason why Governor Palin resigned, as of this coming Sunday, July 26, is so she will not be forced to be a part of this the following Monday, July 27, when this exercise begins.

Now, you guys have a great intelligence network, and that's one of the reasons why I enjoy reading Executive Intelligence Review magazine. In the couple of minutes that are left, can you comment on this coming exercise that begins Monday of next week?

LaRouche: There is no doubt, that you go back to Hilex, back in '75, where I was faced with a similar situation: I had information at that point, which is inside information which fell into my hands rather fortuitously, that the incoming Carter Administration, or the people who controlled it, were going to try to pull some kind of nuclear confrontation at that time. I organized a Presidential campaign, at that time, to expose this. I did. We succeeded in blocking it, and creating such a scandal that it was not done, but other things were done. I got into really serious trouble, with various institutions, because of that, and because of what I did with the Reagan Administration early on. All the troubles I've had, have had that essential problem, come from that source.

But we're now faced with something which is a similar kind of situation: The threat does not come so much from that source. Obviously, the Obama Administration and its British handlers would like to pull a stunt like that now, because Obama's afraid, and his advisors are afraid, that he's going to lose it very soon. This may be his last chance to keep his Presidency, before he's dumped. So therefore, it's dangerous.

However, the international situation is also significant, and whether this kind of stunt could be pulled off, or not, is going to depend upon the international situation, international reactions, international stopgaps, which are being put into place now.

Stockwell: So: In other words, keep your wits about you.

LaRouche: That's right. Be prepared.

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