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This article appears in the July 3, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche's June 27 Webcast:
`Britain Delenda Est'

Here is a transcript of a webcast address Lyndon LaRouche gave in Northern Virginia, on June 27, 2009, his seventh, so far, this year. The event was simultaneously carried on the Internet at, the website of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC). The completevideo is available. The webcast was hosted by LaRouche's national spokeswoman Debra Freeman. LaRouche's opening remarks were followed by more than two hours of discussion, moderated by Freeman. PDF version of this presentation and the subsequent dialogue with listeners

Today, we should probably say that the best news, is the bad news: That is, those who admit the bad news they are receiving as good news—the fact that they recognize it's bad. Because you have a lot of people out there who have wishful thinking, who are not dealing with reality.

Reality is this: The world has been, since, actually, July of 2007, almost two years, in the process of a general breakdown crisis, of the economy of the entire world. There has been nothing which has halted that process—it is just a process which has started, and it's continuing. Under the present Administration, the situation is more desperate than it was before the inauguration of President Obama. Because, frankly, President Obama is clinically, from the standpoint of his function as President, insane. He is, as I said on the 11th of April this year, that kind of problem. He is essentially an Emperor Nero in temperament; that's the historic figure which he's most closely related to, and nothing good will come out of him, and nothing good will come out of a Congress which submits to him.

This man is, in effect, clinically insane, and he's the President of the United States. And because the United States is essential in a leading role to get the world out of the world's mess, the fact that the United States is in this kind of trouble, means that the entire planet is ready to go. China and Russia, for example, are crumbling. They're crumbling not merely economically, which they are, but they're crumbling psychologically; they've lost their nerve. They're clinging to straws, and to imagination, wild dreams, none of which are true.

So we're in a situation where we're looking at the collapse of civilization. It's already in process, it's not some event that might happen or might not happen: The crumbling of civilization is currently in progress. And it's global civilization. And even though the Obama Administration is a mass-murderous machine, as we see through its health-care policy, even without the murderous policy of the Obama Administration, this planet, if it doesn't change in a certain direction, is doomed in any case. Obama just makes it surer and quicker.

There's nothing in Europe—there's no part of Europe that's capable of handling this situation! Europe is dead, as a factor in escape! That doesn't mean that Europe is necessarily dead. It means that Europe is not a place that's going to take an initiative that's going to save anything, including itself! The initiative will have to come from the United States, and it will have to come from our changing the character of the Presidency of the United States, right now! Because time is running out.

The Intention Is To Kill People

The obvious thing is that the President is insane, and immoral, in terms of his health-care policy. The policy of the President of the United States at present, on health care, is identical with that of Adolf Hitler, in September and October of 1939. The intention is to kill people! That's the policy. And the people behind him, that is, the people who are advising him, are just as evil as anybody who ever worked for Adolf Hitler in Germany: There's no difference in their mindset, there's no difference in their judgment. For example, they will say, typically, as most of you have heard, that those who are approaching the last years of their life, should get it over with! "Die! We're not going to spend anything on health care for people over 80! They're off the charts!"

That's the policy of the Obama Administration! That's the policy for those who have a serious illness which might take them out in a few years, the policy against all kinds of people. It's the same thing that Hitler said!—back in the 1930s, before he made it policy, and it's what he said officially, as German policy, beginning 1939.

He started the same way that Obama proposed to go: Taking the sick, the terminally ill, calling them "lives not worthy of being lived," and killing them! Not just withdrawing health care, killing them! Have the trusty night nurse come in with the right pill, and they're dead in the morning, and a fake death certificate is written out, as to the cause of death. That's what they did in Germany; that's what they're planning to do here, to American citizens.

That's the morality of this Administration! Obama knows it! If he didn't know it before, I sure told him! It's all over the country. His policy is a Nazi health-care policy.

Then you look at the gutless wonders in the Congress and elsewhere, who won't say "Nazi"! Think of all these wonderful people, who condemned the Germans and so forth, for Nazism and for killing people—self-righteous people. And we're doing it here, now! If this President has his way, we're going to do it here, now! And it's already in progress.

The President is also insane on cap and trade, his other main policy: If you do apply cap and trade, you will kill people en masse: It's a program of mass murder. If you tolerate it and support it, you're guilty of complicity in mass murder. You're just as guilty as any German, under Hitler. No different! "Well, we have to go along, because it's the President. We have to go along, because the Congress has capitulated to this President. Look—this is our system, we gotta go along with it!" What did they say in Germany? The same thing. The same thing.

There is no difference between Hitler and Obama, not in terms of policy. I don't exaggerate. I don't speak unjustly. It's those who don't say what I say, who are speaking unjustly! Because if you don't stop Hitler while you can, you're responsible for the results that ensue. If you don't stop Obama's policy now, you're just as guilty as anyone who ever supported Hitler, because you've seen the Hitler policy! It's on record: You saw how it started, you saw how it proceeded, you saw what the result was at the end; you saw the trials that were held in Germany and elsewhere on this issue, at the end of the war! You don't know about this? The map is there! It's exactly the same thing: There is no difference, from a political standpoint, a political moral standpoint, between Obama, now, and Adolf Hitler—none! And if you tolerate it, if you apologize for it, you say, "You can't call him Nazi," you're complicit! You're part of the problem.

We Are a Bankrupt Nation

But behind this, is the great secret: Even without this crap, even without the Nazi policy of the President, and those who support him in this policy, who are also just as Nazi as he is—if they're more sane than he is, they're more guilty, because they should know what they're doing—we're going to Hell anyway. We've been going there, since 2007, when I announced, I said, "We're on the verge of a great collapse in the economy, and it will be a world collapse. It's going to hit the United States, probably by the end of July"—I said this on the 25th of July, 2007—"it will begin to hit in the housing sector, on the most vulnerable part of the housing market, and it will go down, and take down the whole nation, unless we stop it."

What to do? I said: Very simple. We are a bankrupt nation; our financial system is bankrupt. You go into bankruptcy protection of the U.S. system. You don't allow the mortgages to be foreclosed: You put them under protection, under bankruptcy protection. You keep the people in their homes, under bankruptcy protection. You put the banks that are bankrupt under bankruptcy protection. That way you prevent the system from falling. Then you take the measures, step by step, as Roosevelt did, to organize a recovery.

As of September, when I had presented all the steps that I proposed with this effect, Senator Dodd, Barney Frank, and others in the House of Representatives, under Bush and under Pelosi, began to move, to ensure that nothing was done to prevent this catastrophe, which happened then. Nothing was done. Matter of fact, they went in the opposite direction. It got worse. It was terrible under Bush. Obama came in—Obama made it worse than Bush, immediately! By his own choice, by his own Administration's choice.

The result of this process is, there has been a chain-reaction collapse of the physical economy of the world. The rate of depression in the United States, today, already far exceeds the rate of depression, under Herbert Hoover! And it's only begun. We are truly headed for what Prince Philip of Britain has proposed—that he could become a deadly virus, and kill off all people above the level of 2 billion people on this planet, rapidly, by being a disease. Well, we have a flu epidemic, which is capable of inaugurating something like that. It's already fully under way! We don't know how bad it's going to be, but we know the potential: It's a general pandemic; it's been declared as such as by the relevant authorities. And it is hitting: It's estimated now, that a million Americans have been infected already with this flu virus. So we're in that kind of holocaust.

In the case of China, there's no hope for China now. China complaining about the dollar and things like that—there's no hope for China, not under this system! China can not save itself! There's no hope for Russia; Russia can not save itself! I know how to save the United States, Russia, China and some other countries. It can be done. But it means a change in policy!

Britain's 'Nero' Puppet in the White House

What we've done, which has been steered from Britain—and the President of the United States is a puppet of the British monarchy; he's not really a President of the United States—just a puppet, a British puppet; a poor, little Puppet Nero, of the British monarchy. What's been done, is, the system has been oriented to save a ruling financial class of the world. If what had been done, was what I instructed, back then, in 2007, the result would have been, we would have put these bankrupt financial institutions into bankruptcy reorganization. This would have protected and saved the nation, and nations of the world. But they were not prepared to allow that to be done. What they demanded is, that we save the parasites and kill the productive people! Bail out! Bail out! Bail out the thieves who had done most of the stealing, and most of the bad policymaking, which had ruined the U.S. economy and other economies.

Put them into bankruptcy! Close 'em down, in bankruptcy! Save the real industries. Save the banks, the real banks—the ones that are honest, not the high-binder banks. The high binders, let them all collapse, let them all disappear. They're of no use, anyway. We don't need them in management, they've already mismanaged the economy to the extreme. Let them go bankrupt! We'll put them on the welfare rolls, we won't let them die.

But what we've done, is, what the British have done and others have done, they have acted internationally to create a vast empire of wealth, among people who deserve to be shut down, as bankrupt. These people now have the wealth; they typify the ruling class of the planet, the intended ruling class of the planet. The industries are shut down; the farms will be shut down. Unemployment today is worse than it was under Hoover. And it's going to get much worse. Whole economies—look—are going to go down.

For example, the state of California: The state of California is the sixth-largest economy in the planet. It's now disintegrating, by orders of these people. New York is also on the list. The United States is ready to crumble. Not bankruptcy, where a lot of people are bankrupt: You're in a situation, in which government does not exist, local government. Squads of armies, and such things, or hooligans, to manage things, yes. But you find that the city isn't there. City Hall has no authority, it has no power; the employees have been laid off; the police departments are largely laid off; other functions are shut down. And people are sitting there, starving, with nothing, no means, no resort, with no effective government, just like the state of California under Schwarzenegger. No protection of the citizen! No right to life! No institution to guarantee that right! That's where we are going!

The auto industry is gone! Other industries are gone! Agriculture is threatened! And nothing is being done: Obama moves on.

Yes, he is clinically insane. But why is he President, if he's clinically insane? Why doesn't the government itself, his own government, the U.S. government, just say, "Mr. President, you've got a problem. You're sick. You need help. We're not going to kill you, Mr. President. You're not over 80, you know."

The situation is the same in Europe. Europe has no power, Western and Central Europe, no power whatsoever. They lost their sovereignty to the British Empire. Margaret Thatcher took the initiative, supported by President Mitterrand of France, and supported by George H.W. Bush, who's a real kisser of the bottom of the British—his father, after all, put Hitler into power in Germany; that's where the real Bush League started, and it's been the same ever since. So, these three characters: Margaret Thatcher, the Witch of London, François Mitterrand, the longstanding enemy, hater of Charles de Gaulle, and the President of the United States, poor, simpering, silly George H.W. Bush, as President, made an agreement in which they imposed imperial management over all of Western and Central Europe. Europe has no freedom. They are not allowed to create their own currency; they're not allowed to create national credit. They have industries and capacities, still, which if they could organize national credit, properly, continental Europe could unify its efforts among nations, and actually start a recovery program. They are forbidden to do that! By the British Empire! Which now holds all of Western and Central Europe as a colony of the British Empire.

The Solution Lies in Our History

So, the answer to this question lies entirely with the United States. Why?

You have to recall history, as I've referred to it repeatedly, and most people don't know what history is, even. They think it's a chronicle, a series of events—it's not. History is a process. It's like a living organism, a process which generates its development, its successes, its successive phases.

You can't understand the United States, unless you go to its origins. You have to go to Christopher Columbus. It's very important: If you don't understand Christopher Columbus properly, you don't understand where the United States came from. You don't know what's embedded in its character. You don't understand Christopher Columbus if you don't understand Nicholas of Cusa, the man who defined the institution of the modern nation-state, who defined modern science; who set up the end of religious warfare as a policy, which became, again, the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. So, the institutions from which the United States was hatched as a nation, go way back in history, in a history of European culture, in particular.

We were formed, here, to escape from Europe, in order to bring the best of European civilization into a different continent. The effort was made from Spain, into South America, most notably. The effort was made in particular, beginning 1620 in Massachusetts, with the arrival of the Pilgrims, and then the later Massachusetts Bay Colony. The intention was—these were not refugees; these people who created this nation, were not refugees. They came here, to bring the best of European civilization to a new continent, where it would be free of the corruption of Europe! The moral and cultural corruption of Europe, which was largely the history of oligarchy!

We are an anti-oligarchical nation. We have nothing to do in our tradition, with the monetary systems of Europe. We came here, and founded this nation, to be free of the monetary systems of Europe! To be free of things like the IMF, today! To be free of the British Empire. People came from Europe in particular, to this territory, to join and participate in building a nation, which would carry forward the best of European civilization, its best heritage, but free of the oligarchical problem which still sat on top of the people of Europe. People came here, not to get away from Italian culture, not to get away from French culture, not to get away from German culture—but, quite the contrary: to free these cultures, by bringing these cultures here, to bring the best of them here! And to develop, here, the best of European civilization. But free of the oligarchical systems of Europe.

Therefore, we have, embedded in our history, and in traditions of an organic type, which we can evoke any time we have the guts to do so, we can evoke, again, the European heritage which is specific to the United States, a United States which was created to get free of the evil in Europe, the incompetence in Europe. We can launch that again, from the United States, under our Constitution, which was designed for this mission.

What does that mean? That means, now, we need a President of the United States. I think we should put the one we have in a cage, or something like a cage (don't call it a cage, that'll make him unhappy, make him snarl a lot). But put him under supervision of his colleagues in the Presidency, and hopefully, some members of the Congress will help that process. Put him under supervision, "adult supervision," shall we call it? He's not old enough to be President, really. Doesn't have enough experience. And just keep him in there, and tell him what to do: "Mr. President, this morning, you're going to do this. Today, you get Cheerios."

But you just keep him there, because we don't like to disturb, we don't like to make revolutions or other kinds of vicious things, against our institutions. This jerk is now a President, part of our institutions; some dummies elected him, all right? We got the bum, we're stuck with him. Okay, we know how to deal with that. We put him under adult management, adult supervision. He will still be President. He will give the orders. But he will be told what orders he gives. "No, no, Mr. President, you don't do that. We'd have to impeach you, Mr. President. You wouldn't like that, would you? Okay, be good."

A Devotion to the Future of Mankind

So, we have to decide, as a people, we have to come to an agreement, as a people, on what the destiny of our nation, in particular, is going to be: Are we going to restore the United States' commitment, as a nation, to the purpose for which it was created, largely by Europeans, to bring the best of European civilization, European culture, as developed through the Renaissance in particular, to bring that here, as a place of refuge, and to open this up, here, not only to people from Europe, but to people from all parts of the world, to create a nation, a sovereign nation, which would then be a building block, around which to organize the world for its own betterment.

In other words, it's a mission. It's like a religious mission; it's a devotion, to the future of mankind. And a devotion to the assignment of our nation, to perform a mission on behalf of all mankind. It's our mission to be given to all mankind, to be given to a system of sovereign peoples and sovereign nation-states of the planet. And we have, in a sense, lost that.

Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt had that. And, just to repeat, because it's important that we always emphasize this: Franklin Roosevelt was an honest patriot of the United States. He did nothing which was not consistent with the purpose of the Constitution of the United States. He did it under extraordinary circumstances, and some people, to the present day, don't like it—but he was right! Just as Lincoln was right on Greenbacks—he was right! Those who criticized Lincoln for that, don't understand economy, don't understand history: He used the power of the United States to create its own credit, to revive itself.

We were a junkheap at the time that Franklin Roosevelt came into power. But the time he left power, by the time of his death, he had created the mightiest economic power the world had ever seen. It was a power which was then committed to freeing—ending the British Empire! Because Roosevelt understood, the British Empire is the main enemy of civilization! It was then, and it is today! We must get the world free of the British Empire! We must shut down the British Empire! It's been around too long. And we must restore the United States to its Constitutional intention, its mission for mankind.

What is needed, now?

We have to understand that Obama is not the only problem. Obama is chiefly a symptom, a by-product of the problem. The problem is, that the world is run by an empire. That empire is nominally a British Empire. It's the international monetary system, which is controlled by the British Empire. That's the problem.

We have to destroy the British Empire, as Roosevelt had intended to do it, when he was President. He intended to destroy the British Empire at the end of the war. The intention was, as he told Winston Churchill, "Winston! When this war is over, we're not going to have any British Empire on this planet! We're going to free those people, we're going to help them to develop, give them their own nations." He called that the United Nations, to eliminate imperialism from the world, and to create, instead, a planet, organized as composed of respectively sovereign nation-states. To use the vast power of production, which we had created in preparing for and dealing with war against Hitler, and to use that power, to create a process of growth.

Don't shut down our war production plants!, as Truman did, at the behest of Churchill and Company. Convert those plants, into plants for production. Take the capacity we had built up for fighting and winning the war, and use that capacity, with the people in place, to now produce for the world! To free the colonial parts of the world, to rebuild a shattered Europe, to develop the world as a whole. We were a real threat to the British Empire then. We're not today. Because the succession of Presidents, beginning with Harry Truman have, in large degree, betrayed us, sold out, kissed the British butt, and worse.

Put the System Into Bankruptcy Reorganization

So, the issue today is, we have to go back to the Roosevelt tradition, but we have to understand what the tradition was, where it came from in the course of history, following the dark age of 14th-Century Europe. And we have to, in a sense, take charge. And let me just lay out quickly, what that means.

The United States' government must state the policy, that the world as a whole is hopelessly bankrupt, financially; that the present financial-monetary system of the world is hopelessly bankrupt. We are not going to let the people go into bankruptcy. We're going to put the systems that are at fault, in bankruptcy reorganization. We're going to take the parts of the banks, where people's savings and things like that are located; we're going to keep those banks operating, their doors are going to be open, under government bankruptcy protection. The filth, the wastepaper, which we've been bailing out—no, it goes! We collect our assets, we cancel those assets of these wastelings, who've been bailed out by President George W. Bush, and by him, so far. Cancel them!

We then put the entire U.S. currency, in itself, through bankruptcy reorganization, by declaring the banking system in bankruptcy, in a state of reorganization in bankruptcy. We then take the part of the financial assets, so-called, the nominal financial assets out there, which are valuable, which are valid from our standpoint—we protect them. We take Wall Street's interests, and similar scoundrels' interests, these large amounts of money, we say, "Sorry, buddy! Bankruptcy reorganization—and your assets just got chopped."

We then, on that basis, of converting the United States back to what its Constitution specifies, in terms of a sovereign national banking system, we then utter credit of the Federal government. No longer, does the U.S. government borrow money from banks! The U.S. government creates the money, and lends it for its own purposes! The banks will get credit from the U.S. government, just as Lincoln did in the Civil War, and as Roosevelt moved to do, in that direction, before. We now use the U.S. credit system, a Hamiltonian credit system—unlike that trash they have in Europe!—we use that to reorganize the world: by going to other countries, such as Russia, China, India, and other countries, and we ask them to join us, in creating an international credit system, based on the sovereignty of sovereign nation-states.

No more monetarism! No more international financial rule over the planet. No more IMF, which has become quite a different thing than Roosevelt had intended. We use the credit, the credit of government, the credit of the authority of Constitutional government, to create the credit needed for rebuilding, saving, and increasing the economy, for the mission.

We don't go to bankers, international bankers; we don't let them prey upon us! We don't let George Soros into this country! We don't let such filth, the big drug dealers. We are now victims of drugs dealers, the major drug dealers—that's what George Soros is. The British Empire is still a big drug dealer. It's the author of slavery, in former times, and those forms of slavery today.

We create the credit program. What do we do? We create productive power. The power to live, the power to increase our productivity. We rebuild our country: We put back the railroad system, in a new form! We rebuild our industries that we've lost, in a new form. We restore the agricultural intention, as Roosevelt had at the time he died. We put these things into place. We cancel the HMO system, which is a pirate; we go back to the Hill-Burton law, that is, before Nixon. We reestablish that policy. We do these other things which are in our national tradition, which we know will work: We move to save the planet.

We move to our historic mission. Our historic mission was, after European civilization had been collapsed in a great financial swindle in the 14th Century, when a Renaissance freed Europe from the effects of this genocidal collapse—Europe adopted a new mission, a mission to build nation-states instead of empires, and to develop scientific technology, to free man from the condition, under which most people were simply, essentially, serfs, who were not supposed to create things, but only supposed to work as ordered, to create a society of free men and women.

We built such a society, in what became the United States. There were efforts to do similar things in other parts of the world, especially the Spanish-speaking part of the hemisphere. We succeeded, despite the difficulties, despite the fact that the British Empire and others kept trying crush us over these periods. We defeated the British Empire, by freeing the United States from the slave system, which had been given to us by the British Empire. We freed the slaves, to defeat the British! We set forth and we built the great productive machine the world had ever seen!

The American System Copied Around the World

Our example was adopted and copied in Germany, by Bismarck, who copied exactly the American model. This was not a German development; it was a German development based on the American model, explicitly. Right from Abraham Lincoln's circles. Similar things happened in France. A similar thing happened in Russia, in the building of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the development of industry in Russia also came the same way! The prospect for development of China in the same way, came the same way. The development of Japan as a modern nation-state, came the same way. We, in the United States, did this, because we had come chiefly from Europe to here, to build a base in the history of European civilization with which to rebuild the world as a whole, and free it from the evils of oligarchism, which have been typified, since 1763, by the British Empire.

The British Empire is the only empire that exists on this planet today. It's not an empire of the British people. It's an empire of a British system, which is largely based on oligarchical financier interests. We've got to break that empire! To bankrupt it, to bust it. We've got to assemble, as if in war, to break the British Empire! And to get the British Empire's puppet, Obama, under control, under management.

That's what we have to do.

If we don't do that, we are finished—and soon. If we are finished, then, the whole planet is finished. What you see in the cries from Russia about a "new financial arrangement" of China, a new financial arrangement, are cries of despair! They see the situation is hopeless, and they're trying to pretend they're going to survive. They're not going to survive. If the United States goes, every part of the world will go—finished!

And here we are, we get in the position that I'm in, of seeming somewhat like a lone voice in the wilderness. But what I'm saying is the only truth available. There are no contrary policies that will not simply foster the current plunge into doom. This is, for most people in the United States, their last chance. In the period ahead, if we don't change this thing, if we don't turn the Obama Administration around, and bring the United States back to its true mission, its historic mission, there's not going to be a civilization on this planet, for a long time to come.

The population, which is now about 6.7 billion people on the planet, will drop very rapidly, toward less than 2. We've already got a pandemic out there, a global pandemic, which is only the harbinger of the beginning of a general dark age throughout this planet. It's not going to take much, to bring the level of the world population down below 2 billion people, from what had been approaching 7.

As a matter of fact, the British Empire and the Obama policy is exactly that: A policy of genocide. The British have said the policy: You can not maintain a system of the type the British want on this planet, by tolerating a planetary population of more than 2 billion people. The policy of the World Wildlife Fund of Prince Philip, is exactly that. The environmental policy is just exactly that; the cap-and-trade policy is exactly that! It's a policy of genocide! To take the measures which will reduce the world's population from now, nearly 7 billion people—about 6.7 billion it's estimated—to less than 2! And it will work! Except, we can't be sure it will stop at 2; it may go down to half-a-billion people, or less.

That's where we are, that's the decision we have to make. And if we make the decision that that horror is not going to happen, we are going to put Obama under control! And we are going to sneer at members of the Congress who won't do it! Saying, "Coward! Fraidy-cat! Coward! Fraidy-cat! Butt-kisser!"

But, that's the issue: That's the issue we face.

The Presidency Must Do Its Job

Now, what they did is, they foisted a guy on us, Obama, a mental case. I described him on the 11th of April this year, as a mental case! A dangerous mental case. Whom we could control, but we're not controlling him. As I said, you can have an idiot like that in the Presidency. Our system can accommodate itself to dealing with that kind of problem. But he's got to be under control! And the Congress, the leaders of the Congress, have got to learn how to do that, and do it quick. And get the Presidency itself to do its job. And to switch from his policy, to what I've set forth, as a general guideline for policy, here, today, again.

That's our only chance. And if you don't want to do it, talk about death—sending the world population from 6.7 billion estimated today, to less than 2, in fairly short order; seeing a situation worse than what Europe experienced in the 14th Century, the New Dark Age, on a global scale. If you are not willing, to pledge yourself to that purpose, then there isn't much chance for this, or any other nation on the planet. That's the reality, that's the bottom line. And all these cowardly things that people say, "If this... If that... If this... If that..." forget it! Stop it! Stop that chatter!

We have to assert the United States in its Constitutional intention, as embedded in its history: We have to say, we're not going to go down. We're going to put this entire system, now, through the first step, a bankruptcy reorganization. We're going to stop all the measures that were done, since September 2007—all the measures that were taken by the Bush Administration and by the Obama Administration in the wrong direction, and we're going to reverse them! We're going to create a credit system, based on the Constitutional provision on a credit system!

Remember: Our Constitution says, nobody can issue, utter, currency, except by authorization of the Congress and the Presidency. That credit system is the only lawful system for creating money. Which means the Federal Reserve System is going into bankruptcy receivership, and should be absorbed into a Hamiltonian National Bank. In other words, the Federal Reserve System is actually bankrupt. Put that bankrupt institution, which we have to salvage, put that under parental supervision, by putting it into a Hamiltonian design for a National Bank, and putting it under supervision where it becomes Constitutional, at last.

Then, on that basis, we have to create large, voted, credit allowances, for rebuilding our railroads, rebuilding our industries, rebuilding our health-care system, and things like that. That will start the wheels in motion.

If we do that, other nations will join us. I can assure you that Russia, China, and India will probably join us, if we do that! Now, we're demoralizing them. If we do that—if we do that, and get other nations to cooperate in building up an international credit system, based on national credit systems, over long term, 30 to 50 years, by doing that, we can rebuild this planet. We can come out of this alive and well. We can save civilization.

If we are not willing to do that, however, and precisely that, the decision not to do that, is a decision to commit national suicide. And it's coming on fast.

So, all these guys who say, "We-e-ell, some people may not agree with you, you know?" Hey, idiot! Grow up. The decision is not whether you like what I'm saying or not. The decision is: Do you want this country to live or die? Do you want civilization to live or die? That's your choice.

The choice is not some arbitrary pipedream. The choice is what history has taught us, from the entirety that we know of history, especially European history, and its influence. We have to go back to the mission of the 15th-Century Renaissance. We have to relaunch the Renaissance, the sovereign nation-state, the system of sovereign nation-states, of scientific and technological progress, the idea of credit systems, the idea of the elimination of oligarchy! To establish a system of republics, free of rule by oligarchies! Republics based on the power of citizens, to control their own government, with missions of cooperation among the nations of the planet, for the common aims of mankind, for the common benefit for mankind.

That will be a revolutionary, radical change. But if we're not willing to make that change, as I propose it, standing here, then we are not fit to survive, and we will not survive.

See dialogue with LaRouche

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