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This article appears in the June 4, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 27, 2010

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Considering the relevant, stubbornly recurring patterns of evidence accumulated since the Obama Presidency's monstrous, Hitler-like health-care scheme was prominently reported in April 2009.

It should be our present conclusion, now, that, over the course of the interval since his January 2009 inauguration as U.S. President, it has now been shown by President Barack Obama's behavior, that the effect of his variously enacted and actually established policies, is, as a matter of fact, more and more, that of an agent of a British empire working to destroy our United States, as his behavior in the matter of the scandalous case of British Petroleum illustrates the point.

That is to say, that the effect of his practice upon the lives and welfare of our people, has been: that a pattern has been shown, chiefly, by economic policies whose expressed intent has been like a housewife's dosing an unwanted husband's still-living body with a slow accumulation of arsenic. In this case, Obama's, the action is treasonous in a matter of a willfully induced effect.

In this case, the only reasonable conclusion must be, that his poisonous dosages of his victim, our U.S.A., are rather large, and that the effect has become the evidence that the intention of President Obama's policy of practice in this matter has been to rapidly ruin our United States of America's sovereign independence, that for the pleasure of the present, imperial British monarchy.

Such is that incumbent President's monstrous policy, a policy being continued currently by means of actions which are currently reducing our republic, step by step, to a captive piece of shattered wreckage, through measures including the following three categories:

  1. By usurious and related policies of induced ruin of both our nation's sovereignty and general welfare;

  2. By use of included means of implicitly treasonous policies which are shown to have been launched as a matter of concerted action by the British Empire under Queen Elizabeth II;


  3. By the complicity of that monarchy's reign's current puppet-in-fact, a more and more "Emperor Nero-like," U.S. President Barack Obama.

Thus, the Obama Presidency's challenge to the proper conscience of all of the fully witting patriots of our own republic, is one which goes far beyond what might be considered as merely sufficient grounds for "impeachment-in-fact" of a certain, errant incumbent of the U.S. Presidency: President Barack Obama.

Obama's continued holding of that office, including his ruinous influence over the institutions of the Federal Government in general, has now shown us a pattern of his behavior which, in credible, practical effect, constitutes an immediate threat to the continued existence of our sovereign constitutional republic, and also to the general welfare of the peoples of our planet as a whole.

It is to be emphasized, on this account, that as in Afghanistan, today, the present British Queen and President Barack Obama share the coloring of a declared commitment to the fully witting promotion of a mass-murderous production in support of an international traffic in illicit drugs. In fact of conspicuous practice, the Queen does push dope—globally!

Therefore, our own currently recommended policy must be, chiefly, the following remedial measures:


  2. WE MUST ADOPT THE ENERGETIC PROPOSAL FOR A CERTAIN, CRUCIAL POSITIVE MEASURE: A FOUR-POWER, NEW, VIRTUALLY GLOBAL INITIATIVE, that by the initiative of no less than the U.S.A., Russia, China, India, and other willing sovereigns, thus initiating the relaunching of the world's real economy on a global scale, through ending the reign-in-fact of the British Empire of Queen Elizabeth II over matters bearing on the vital, sovereign interests of both the U.S.A. and of other nations. That is a goal to be made achievable through establishing a global Glass-Steagall standard of a benefit shared among willing sovereign nations, a goal effected through the intended, relatively global establishment of a fixed-exchange-rate credit system whose benefits are to be shared among all willing nations who become party to such an agreement.

  3. WE MUST ESTABLISH AN ECONOMIC-DEVELOPMENT POLICY FOR OUR PLANET'S PEOPLES, one premised upon an included commitment to a science-driver program for mankind's future, to be gained through aid of the realization of space-colonization goals.

An Urgent Lesson in Economics!

I. The Roots of the Evil of That British Empire Which We Must Act To Remedy on the Behalf of All Nations and Their Peoples

It had been well said by the celebrated scholar George Santayana, that: "those who refuse to remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Unfortunately, although the name of "history" is still in the dictionaries, the practice of knowledge of actual history, as distinct from academically flavored anecdotes, has been virtually banned, increasingly, from our public memory, since the assassination of essential political truths by the so-called "Warren Commission."

Santayana was correct.

There is a qualitative distinction between the parades of merely, "ostensibly academic" anecdotes which pass for "history" in most of academic and like places today, and, the contrary option, that of discovering the actual long-ranging dynamic of real history.

For example:

During approximately the Seventh Century B.C., the sovereign maritime powers of Egypt, the Etruscans, and the Ionian seafarers based in the western coast of Anatolia, had joined in a naval alliance for defense against the Mediterranean maritime forces centered in the city of Tyre. The relevant pattern of that maritime conflict in the Mediterranean region had not begun then; but, it expressed a pattern which is notable, still today, as being continued through the time of what were called the Punic Wars, and beyond.

The imperial maritime power of Tyre itself, had been broken, later, through the leadership of Alexander the Great in bringing about the process of destruction of what is commonly referred to as the Persian Empire of that time. This latter accomplishment had occurred during a time that an Athens-centered alliance of the sea peoples known popularly today as "the ancient Greeks" had, previously, defeated the maritime forces of the Persian empire, but, had, themselves, then fallen prey to the folly of the imperialist schemes of fratricidal warfare which had been arranged for them as that perennially evil, monetarist, Delphi Apollo cult's orchestration of the Peloponnesian War.

In modern times, the British Empire, which followed the model of the Delphi Apollo cult's orchestration of the Peloponnesian War in such matters as this, has also gained and maintained its imperial power, similarly, beginning with that pattern known as that Eighteenth-century "Seven Years War" which has been since repeated, again, in the British orchestration of the Napoleonic wars, and, again, of all other major warfare in the trans-Atlantic world, including two so-called "world wars," the prolonged "cold war" of 1946-1989, the prolonged Indo-China war, and beyond, up to the present day in the British drug-trafficking center called Afghanistan.

In the real history of the world, Napoleon Bonaparte was a British agent in effect, whether he recognized that fact or not. Virtually all the major wars of the world since the so-called "Seven Years War," such as the Napoleonic wars, were organized as wars by the British empire as implementations of the same methods expressed in the British luring of its intended victims of continental Europe into fighting silly wars which accomplished the effect of clearing the decks of the world for the establishment of the British empire of that time as an enterprise of a private company known as the British East India Company. This was the same British scheme which was the cause of the launching of the fight for freedom against the British East India Company and its traitorous accomplices among us, which led us fatefully to the necessity of fighting our War of Independence against a British empire which, in fact, remains the chief enemy of our own and many other nations still today.

Santayana's warning was right again, and yet again, up through the royal British dope-pushers luring a foolish, British-controlled Obama government of the United States, into the lunacy of its war in a world opium capital called Afghanistan presently!

Similarly, from the time of the death of Macedon's Alexander the Great, through the time of the agreement reached on the Isle of Capri between, on the one side, the party of the Octavian who would become known as Augustus Caesar and, on the other, the party of the priests of the Cult of Mithra, the established powers of the three maritime, religious powers of Rome, Egypt, and Mithra, dominating the Mediterranean, were assimilated into a form of the imposition of a greater power known as the Roman Empire.

Hence, from that time onward, until the victory of the United States in securing its freedom in fact from the tyranny of British Empire, at Yorktown, the imperial leading maritime power of the world, which had been formerly based in the Mediterranean, is to be recognized presently in the expression of a power which had passed, repeatedly, through a succession of particular expressions of a continuing, imperial maritime power which has been modeled on the monetarist policies of such as the representatives of the Delphi cult of Apollo.

Such was the case of the Roman Empire figure of the Plutarch who was the last triumphant imperialist priest of that Delphi Cult of Apollo which was a great political power within the ruling circles of the Roman empire itself. Such is the true past of the world's only true, monetarist empire of today, as expressed in the so-called British Empire in both its associated British Commonwealth and its Wall Street, the Boston Vault, and Chicago arms.

In the same imperialist tradition, since the onset of the decline of the Second Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire, approximately 1000 A.D., then with the rise of the power of the usurious power which came to be formed around the creation of the City of Venice, until the victory at Yorktown: the trans-Atlantic world had been long dominated, for much more than a thousand years, by a succession of European imperial monetarist maritime powers modeled upon a succession of the Delphic system. The emergence of the British empire in the February 1763 Peace of Paris, is typical of that legacy.

Thus, what is happening world-wide at this present moment, is a now global breakdown-crisis of that British fag-end of what had emerged out of the Delphic legacy of the Peloponnesian War and ancient Roman imperialism, an imperialism which has emerged out of the continuity of more than 3,000 years of European history which, as I have just emphasized here, is a continuity expressed in such forms as the ancient Mediterranean-centered maritime imperialism of what had once been a triumphant imperial Rome. The last reigning relic of that imperial tradition today, is the presently disintegrating British model of what is continued, still today, as the ancient European monetarist form of maritime imperialist system.

Such is the key, to be found in history, for reaching a competent understanding of the roots of the present, terrible, global economic breakdown-crisis under way for civilization as a whole.

Contrary to popular history, it is not events which drive the processes of history; it is the processes of history which drive events.

II. The Doom of the British Empire

What can be competently identified as "modern history" began within the opening decades of Europe's Fifteenth Century. This continuing process of modern history's principal, subsumed phases of development, which came to include Pacific and Indian Oceans cultures as already the European, is divided in respect to the principally controlling forces chiefly responsible for its successive phases of effects, as, approximately, among,

  • first, the Fifteenth-Century European Renaissance;

  • second, the Sixteenth-Century phase of the combined effects of the religious warfare of 1492-1648, and of the initial Habsburg-dominated colonization of post-Christopher Columbus Central and South America;

  • third, the French- and English-speaking Seventeenth-and-Eighteenth-centuries development of the transformed quality of predominantly English-speaking European civilization which was planted in North America; and,

  • fourth, that great existential, global conflict centered in the conflict which has been continued between the United States of America and the British Empire throughout the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries—and now into the Twenty-First Century.

There had been, admittedly, relatively powerful earlier cultures in the trans-Pacific and related regions during ancient times preceding the consequences of the Fifteenth-Century rise of modern Europe out of the process leading into the Fifteenth-century founding of modern European development through the rate of increase of regional productive power, per capita and per square kilometer, which had left the continents of Africa and Asia behind until the time that the impact of the development of the cultural forces specific to the culture of European science and technology was being assimilated by other continents. This later breakthrough into the domain of the admittedly still limited, modern technological progress of Asia and Africa came as a by-product of the same initiative projected by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa which launched the modern European discovery of and developments within the Americas.

This distinctive significance of the development of modern Europe since the impetus of the great ecumenical Council of Florence, is properly understood as an echo of the revolutionary changes under Charlemagne, and such later initiatives on which the launching of the European Fifteenth-century Renaissance would depend, as typified otherwise by the exemplary role of Dante Alighieri and his tradition.

Looking more deeply into the general history of mankind's known civilizations, the pattern of once-rising and fallen civilizations and their cultures, has had the function of a testing of mankind's capacity to purge itself of those cultural habits which had been the chief causes of great failures of entire civilizations which have, so to speak, "cleared the decks" of past history of failed experiments in culture and statecraft. The same logic poses the warning, that either we free European civilization of the disease represented by the present British empire, or European civilization is already plunging the planet as a whole into a great, genocidal catastrophe of numerous generations' duration.

The British empire and its economic-policy and related influence, is, therefore, speaking scientifically, not a culture, but the political-cultural equivalent of an awesomely evil, venereal disease, which produces nothing as much as the foulest effects in morals and economy wherever its cultural infection spreads

So, Cato said: Carthage is to be destroyed!

The common distinction of those novel developments within this history which have emerged since the onset of Europe's Fifteenth Century, has been, chiefly, the turn of the official language of administration of the western part of European society, away from the Latin which dominated the long reign of the western part of the Roman Empire and its medieval successors, and into the modern European reform of national language cultures, which was developed through the promotion of the literate development of popular languages, as through the initiatives of the refinement of, most notably Dante Alighieri, the reform launched in favor of what has been identified, in pejorative terms, as "the vulgate."

This development of literate forms of popular languages, as by the initiative of Dante Alighieri, earlier, and Dante's call for the introduction of the modern sovereign nation-state, in his series entitled De Monarchia, posed an issue which provided a setting for the later revolution, by Nicholas of Cusa, which was the launching of modern European science and modern, post-feudal forms of national economies. The great ecumenical Council of Florence consolidated these great advances which are to be usefully identified as the birth of modern trans-Atlantic Classical scientific and artistic culture. The concept of the modern sovereign nation-state republic was realized in Nicholas of Cusa's Concordancia Catholica, while the principle of modern science was introduced to the world in Cusa's later De Docta Ignorantia. All competent traces of modern physical science since A.D.1440 are traced from De Docta Ignorantia through such avowed followers of Cusa as Luca Pacioli, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Johannes Kepler who prompted the work of such as, most notably, Gottfried Leibniz and his successors through such celebrated figures as Abraham Kästner, Carl F. Gauss, Lejeune Dirichlet, and Bernhard Riemann.

This cultural revolution was not an uncontested set of changes. The Classical revolution signaled by the great ecumenical Council of Florence, was a contested advancement in the human social condition, an advance opposed with increasing force from a Venice which, now, once more, dominates the monetarist systems of the Mediterranean and beyond, as monetarism had ruled the economies of the Mediterranean world since prior to the emergence of a Classical Greek mode of maritime-based culture. The force of Venice which resisted the birth of modern science and also the impact of the great ecumenical Council of Florence and such figures of that Council as Nicholas of Cusa, had also sought to destroy both modern civilization's Classical art, and science-oriented economy, a resistance, promoted by Venice, which came to be centered in the medieval relics of the legacy of the Habsburg imperial dynasty. The latter were the relics which have continued to dominate, recurrently, most of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking regions of South and Central America, with what have been, speaking historically, relatively brief exceptions, since that time, up to the present date.

World civilization is now being tested; either we rid it of that venereal-like disease which is British reigning ideology and its spread, or entire nations and cultures of the planet will, once more, die now, as similar purges of similar forms of corruption have, in their own past times, reigned too long to be tolerated by the Creator. Do not blame God. That is not theology; that is living history, once more, today.

That was the warning of Aeschylus, especially in his Prometheus trilogy. Nations must use nuclear and thermonuclear fire, for example, or be doomed!

Santayana was right.

III. In Defense of Mankind

The universe itself is creative, or, as I read Albert Einstein's comment on the great, unique act of genius known as Johannes Kepler's unique discovery of the universal principle of gravitation, the universe is always finite, but never bounded.

The great Russian Academician V.I. Vernadsky's central achievement is to be summarized as his contribution to the notion that all aspects of the universe are creative, which is to say anti-entropic, whether the lithosphere, the biosphere, or the noösphere, but, that, among all of these, only the human mind is actually, willfully creative.

As we see ourselves as Earthlings, we can not say that only what we might recognize as human beings are the only form in which our specifically human qualities of cognitive creativity, as in Classical art and science, are to be found in our relatively very large, as also finite universe. After all, the manner in which we imagine the form of that we see as ourselves in terms of "external" sense-perception, is not the actual form in which our personalities actually exist; but, we can be certain that the creative power which distinguishes us from all other kinds of known living beings, is in the likeness of the notion of a Creator, but excepting errant solipsists, since the principle of willful creativity exists manifestly in the known expressions of the universe, we can be content with the thought that if any different species of willfully creative beings exists "out there," their intended role converges on that great principle which our given nature has assigned to us to play, if, and we might assume that, we are playing the role on behalf of the future which is intended for us by our very own given design.

One of the great misfortunes which European cultures have wreaked upon themselves, is our presently prolonged toleration of that essential form of evil which the great Aeschylus attributed to the nature of the servants of the evil Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus' own Prometheus trilogy. Here, precisely, as in the figure of that Olympian Zeus, lies the essential evil of the household of Prince Philip's British royal house, the truly satanic, Hitler-like evil also represented by figures such as Bertrand Russell and his followers. Here lies the essential principle of tragedy which permeates the known dramas of Aeschylus. That evil—the evil expressed by Prince Philip's advocacy of the World Wildlife Fund, is the essence of the great sin against the Creator which the very existence of that House of Windsor represents in the world at large today. Embrace such policies, and the civilization which continued to do so today, will surely leave the company of all humanity, and that now soon, for reason of its being another manifestation of the great crime against the Creator which has doomed the satanic-like arrogance of regimes and cultures in the likeness of what Prince Philip represents, and also his associate, President Barack Obama, unless Obama either suddenly changes his ways, or is removed by the lawfully willful action of our citizenry.

The citizens of our United States will remove Obama from the Presidency, that he might enjoy a long life of cruel disgrace, now; but, we must admit, only if the citizens will now, thus enable themselves to free civilization at large from the great wave of destruction which Obama's submission to his British imperial master would bring upon our world, and ourselves, now. For Obama himself, we must say: "Resign and report, now, or prepare yourself to enjoy a safely long and healthy life in the ever-loving embrace of infamy. That fate might seem like Hell to you, but, be assured, as Dante Alighieri might say, 'it would be only just.' "

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