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This article appears in the September 10, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Leaf from FDR's Book:
And It Will Be Good

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.

September 1, 2010

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Since our launching of the working conception of the present form of the NAWAPA project and the principal supporting features required for the implementation of that as an international project of economic recovery launched by our U.S. republic, we have made good progress in designing the leading "works" of the economic recovery to be now set into motion before October. That much set into place thus far, we must now add the action of setting actually breathing life into the design for that economic recovery.

We must therefore take a leaf out of President Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 book. To revive an economy whose living heart would soon cease breathing, even in as little as weeks, were President Barack Obama to remain in office, we must commit ourselves, not merely to act in President Franklin Roosevelt's sense of urgency in Spring-Summer 1933; we must take certain sweeping actions, as he did then, to actually set the general economic recovery into motion.

I have a special, probably indispensable role of national leadership to play in setting this action of recovery into actual motion. The situation that implies is essentially the following:

I am presently at the brink of 88 years of age. Speaking in relative terms, my role is indispensable in certain crucial respects, but remarkably good health at 88 is, despite all else, 88. Not only must you take that fact into consideration; I must take that fact into account in my way, as you must, for your own part in actually effecting this recovery in yours.

The general outline of the measures to be taken by the NAWAPA project and the essential associated actions, is coming ever more clearly into view, as we shift the emphasis from the broadly clear essential elements of NAWAPA itself to the mobilizations of the national economy in the broader terms that the sustaining of the NAWAPA project itself already implies. To come directly to the point I am stating here, we must quickly, as if almost instantly, launch almost exactly the type of broadly defined measures of action which President Roosevelt set into motion as an essential emergency recovery operation during his first year in office, even during his first weeks in office. Exactly that must be done very, very soon.

The nut to be cracked, is, essentially this. We must virtually shut down Wall Street and what its associated financial-monetary system implies, both in this nation, and globally. That means that we must immediately restore the full impact of the original 1933 Glass-Steagall measure, cancel the obligation to sustain a flow of "monopoly game money" into the Inter-Alpha apparatus which subsumes our own "Wall Street" and its arrant swindlers, and divert the flow of credit presently being fed to a "bail-out" effort, into the guts of a physical recovery of our nation and its component states and municipalities.

This measure requires, and is fully consistent with the form of restoration of a commercial banking system under the terms and conditions implicit in Glass-Steagall. However, this also means, that we can not wait for the flow of capital into NAWAPA and corollary reforms to lift the economy out of the disaster which the combination of the George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama administrations had done to destroy this nation's economy since July 2007. We must use much of the flow of funds taken, summarily away from what we know as London and Wall Street interests, to "kick start" the basic structures of national, state, and local government, in an expression of the same spirit of a sense of urgency which President Franklin Roosevelt's administration understood, and did in 1933-1934.

This clearly means a shift in the direction of flows comparable to, but on a vastly larger scale than under President Roosevelt during 1933-1934. I am fully aware of the crucial implications of the notion of "in the longer term"; but, it is what happens now, in the very short term, which will settle the issue of the rebirth, or death, of not only our own republic, but all of the nations of the world, at large, in the time-frame of the coming twenty-four months.

The prospects for the immediate weeks ahead, under a post-Obama Presidency, can be excellent, even despite the agony of the urgent actions to be taken to save this nation during the first weeks beyond. Taking away the most expendable elements of the Obama Presidency's system, will leave us with a remaining executive branch which has the potential to deliver the quality of leadership this situation requires at this time. As for the U.S. Congress, the expulsion of the Obama elements of the Administration within the framework of the several coming few weeks, will do wonders for the mental health of the legislative branch. It is getting through the measures which must be taken during the remaining three months of this calendar year which will be the proverbial "make or break" interval for not only our republic, but the nations of the world as a whole.

The key to understanding the greatest source of danger to the planet during the months immediately ahead, is the crucially needed understanding of the implications of what has happened, since 1971, with the British empire's launching of what became the British empire's Inter-Alpha Group, which now controls an estimated 70% of the entirety of the world's present banking system. The British launching of the sterling devaluation of Autumn 1967, the February-March 1968 revisions of the dollar, and the wrecking of the U.S. economy, under President Richard Nixon in Summer 1971, had combined effects which have been the chief, ever-worsening curse of this planet considered as a whole since those times to the present date.

In the kind of global crisis which the actions of the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations have brought down upon us since the close of July 2007, the great danger is the threat that the world as a whole, not only the United Kingdom and our United States, will be plunged into a kind of dictatorship worse than Adolf Hitler's. Such a danger of fascism, as that which threatens under Obama now, was already the potential growing out of the economic and other effects of the prolonged Indo-China War of approximately 1964-1975. The Nixon Administration could have become a dictatorship, already had that President not been ousted when he was.

The only safeguard for our system of government under such conditions as the present world crisis of 2007-2010, is to ensure that the passions of the great majority among our citizens are confidently in charge of the realization of the aims of our constitutional system of government. The watch-word is, therefore, what we must do for our citizens, must be for the realization of the intentions of our Constitutional system of government, rather than what the tyrannical character of the present Obama administration demands the privilege of doing to impose its whims at the expense of the rights and of the justice for the people: that the system of our Constitutional system of self-government, of the people, by the people, and for the people, not vanish from this Earth.

To this end, we require much more than care for the needs of the people. We must care, above all else, for meeting the urgent needs of the people, that according to the principles of our Federal Constitution, as the crisis faced by President Franklin Roosevelt shows us the true meaning of our constitutional system under terms of grave crisis like those we suffer today.

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