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This article will appear in the December 3, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Funeral March of Our Marionettes

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 27, 2010—People are not necessarily marionettes, but most among our leading politicians and so-called economists, most of the time, seem to be just that about now. The case of what is thought of as the present "Ireland crisis" of the British imperial Inter-Alpha Group, appears to be just that at the present moment.

While only silly people actually believe in statistical economic forecasting, and they are clearly in the majority currently, in reality, there is systemic difference between competent economic forecasting, of which most of the world's economists are presently ignorant, and so-called "statistical forecasting." Whereas, as I have demonstrated successfully, repeatedly, in my own case, that the causes, probable form of, and approximate timing of an oncoming threat of a crisis can be foreseen, the way in which a probable economic, or related crisis in a nation, or among nations will unfold, or might be averted, is understandable, but, "in principle," is not "predictable" in a statistical-mechanical way. The very essence of the distinction of the human species from the beasts, is the voluntary factor uniquely specific to the Creator, or to mankind.

A general economic crisis within a group of nations, or of some region of the world, may be expressed in one or more of a variety of forms. What is certain, is the fact that potential for such a crisis has assumed a systemic form; however, even then, the "choice" of which among several forms might be chosen, remains an open question within a narrowing range of options as a critical point in that process is being approached.

Take two cases of leading significance for the cases immediate at hand now: the Trans-Atlantic Crisis, and the global crisis.

Currently, the trans-Atlantic economy has been dominated, increasingly, in a manner as since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The foolish choice of the unnecessary U.S. engagement in a needless, decade-long war in Indo-China, which was the undoing of the United States, is a leading choice for an illustrative case in point. The effects of that war led into the British orchestration, under Prime Minister Harold Wilson, of the U.S. crisis of February-March of 1968, and the social explosion of the "68ers" leading into the election of the U.S. Nixon Administration and the British-directed virtual simultaneity of the mid-August 1971 wrecking. A wrecking, by that administration, of the stabilizing role of what had been the fixed-exchange-rate system, by the virtually simultaneous launching of the new world monetary system, the British empire-launched "Inter-Alpha Group."

That change which occurred during 1968-71, combined with the effect of the Anglo-Dutch-Saudi petroleum hoax, led into the almost fatally ruinous U.S. Carter Administration, and, thence, to the catastrophic intersection of what I had forecast as the echo of the 1929 "Stock Market Crash," This was combined with what was to prove itself to have been the wrecking of the U.S. economy in favor of the hyper-inflationary potential of the policies under Federal Reserve Chairman (and de facto British empire asset) Alan Greenspan. Greenspan's long and ruinous reign overlapped, functionally, the 1989-1990 launching of the ruin of European economy through the effects of the launching of what was to become the presently awful crash of the Euro system through the joint actions of England's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, France's President François Mitterrand, and U.S. President George H.W. Bush. That action, identified with "the Maastricht agreements," has become the keystone of the presently onrushing disintegration of Europe, including the United Kingdom, in progress now.

For the purpose of achieving a competent understanding of the presently onrushing breakdown-crisis of the present world monetarist system, it must be emphasized, that there were crucial steps along the pathway from the death of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt through the present time, occasions at which voluntary avoidance of each step of this crisis were within the power of discretion of the United States, and each combination of leading powers of the world at large. Essentially, such options are implicitly within the powers of the will of leading governments of the world, as now.

The voluntary quality of the distinction of man from all beasts, lies in the existence of options for changing the system which is the current carrier of what had seemed, retrospectively, to have been a predictably "inevitable" crisis. The principal, and most frequent cause of all major crises of civilization, has been the refusal of relevant powers to recognize, and to eliminate the existing system which had maintained the policy-structure under which the conditions for an existential quality of crisis had been engendered.

The British system, with its perennially imperial influence on the leading combination among the money-systems of the planet, has been, since the accession of William of Orange and, then, since the death of Queen Anne, the consistent, either direct, or contingent cause of all of the major economic crises of the planet since the onset of the 1492-1648 launching of a virtually permanent state of successive waves of mass-murderous warfare within, and reaching beyond the European system. The most notable of the launching-pads for the reign of warfare centered upon the British East India Company and its outgrowths, has been what is called the Liberal system, the system which bans actual truth in favor of the degraded system based on "pleasure and pain," the Liberal system rooted in the designs of Venice's Paolo Sarpi.

There lies the blame for the great, and accelerated rates of suffering throughout the world presently, especially, for the present moment, in the trans-Atlantic, near-Asia, and African sections of the planet. Admittedly, Asia contains some terrible poverty, but, excepting for the effects of the collapse of the trans-Atlantic region, the threat to nations such as China and India is located in the threat of the presently rather immediate, post-August 2007 crash of the trans-Atlantic world.

Thus, it is fair, and very useful to say, that the present world crisis's roots are to be located in the trans-Atlantic system. The specific cause for this pattern of accelerating ruin of the trans-Atlantic world lies within the related influence of the British imperial system currently associated, since August 1971, in the superseding, then, of the fixed-exchange-rate system by the British imperial Inter-Alpha System. The de facto bankruptcy of that latter system, defines the immediate cause for the presently onrushing and accelerating rate of collapse of the planet as a whole. The removal of that bankrupt system of great monetarist fraud, is the certain target which must be now removed from the world's systems of economy and international trade.

Even the survival of the British economy now depends upon a sudden and ruthless debriding of the world economy from the rotting remains of that monstrously bankrupt Inter-Alpha System and its Wall Street appendages. A return to an emergency mode of establishing a combination of a virtual "Glass-Steagall" law and an associated emergency approach to a fixed exchange-rate system of sovereign national currencies, is the absolute precondition for preventing, now, an accelerating plunge into a planetary new dark age which would be, most probably, of several generations.

There have been elements in British policy-shaping, which have relished the prospect of destroying the United States through inducing a mentally ill, Emperor Nero-like, U. S. President Obama, to block a re-enactment of Glass Steagall. Ironically, that very blocking would ensure the doom of the United Kingdom: British leading opinion is often not actual British interest.

What Will the British Do?

There are options for the British economy, on condition that it severs itself from the Inter-Alpha System "as a system," while turning to a protectionist system which would nest the British economy within a protectionist form of global fixed-exchange-rate system. Time to get back to a certain starting-point!

At that point, the British economy's revival and continued survival will depend on some relatively painful, but nonetheless salutary adjustments. The most basic change in design under a fixed-exchange-rate reform, would be the adoption of an "economic platform" of basic economic infrastructure of the type which I have illustrated by the general, continental case of the implementation of a NAWAPA system for North America as combined, in an integral fashion, with a vigorous program of both nuclear and thermonuclear power development, and both high-speed, heavy-duty rail and maglev systems, and other essential elements of manufacturing and agricultural development which would be implicitly required sources for support of the NAWAPA development. Magnetic levitation transport-systems, rather than push-me, pull-me rail systems, are most highly recommended, specifically, for heavy freight delivery into the mountainous ranges which are at the core of a NAWAPA installation.

The increased rainfall patterns which NAWAPA brings to the North American continent, and for the Russian, U.S.A. and Canadian leading role in developing the great scientific and other potential of the Arctic, ensure the revived agricultural productivity and relevant climate-change required for sustaining even the existing levels of population at acceptable standards of living.

To realize the types of objectives implied by these exemplary remarks bearing on a British reform for survival and recovery, Britain, among other nations, must rediscover the truly competent substitute for the popular, but incompetent use of the term "infrastructure." This means that the traditional, geopolitical notion of Britain as seated in a maritime power, must be recognized as a piece of archaic folly. It is the increase of combined increase of physical-capital-intensity and intensity of the Promethean excellence of rising energy-flux density into new goals for mankind's place in not only its Solar System, but the galaxy on whose fringe our Solar System is sustained by the medium of cosmic radiation, which must be targets of our intentions as a human species.

If such are not the intentions, not only of Britain, but the world at large, as we see the rise of such backward directions in intentions in certain large but also smaller but ingenious nations in Asia today, then this planet would be a damned poor planet on which to live for several generations just ahead. Unfortunately, it is the only planet currently available to us, and that for a considerable amount of time still to come.

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