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This article appears in the December 10, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Lot of Plain Facts

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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Nov. 28—Take the current British imperial rape of Ireland, yet again as since the presently long tradition of William of Orange's reign (in particular), as a case in point.

First, of all, for me, coming fresh from a review of the design for global hyperinflation just uttered as a report from the European group mustered for the rape of Ireland, and, imminently, Spain, too, the most important thing to do, is to warn the prospective suckers, including certain governments in that class presently, not to make the same kind of stupid blunder which was made among all of the then constituted nations of Europe, excepting the perpetrators, the British and Dutch of the time, whose role as credulously quarreling underdogs, was made in duping Europe into that so-called "Seven Years War" of 1756-1763 which launched the British Empire and set the stage for the wrecking of virtually all of Europe at that time, for the ensuing, combined effects of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, that through and beyond the 1812-1815 schemes of London and Metternich in the course of the Vienna Congress.

The really controlling issue is, now, as often in the past, as between the contending boxers in the ring, the profits gained by the promoters. Those two successes of a rising world-wide British, neo-Venetian imperialism, then, have proven typical of every damnedly foolish thing most nations have done in fighting wars since such cases as both the Homeric Siege of Troy and the Peloponnesian War. Every damned major war which has poisoned this planet to date, including every war fought by the United States at British behest since August 1945, has been brought on by the British empire's school-book lesson from its famous study of the history of the rise, as much as the decline and fall of the Roman empire.

Every even necessary war the United States had ever been obliged to fight, including "The French and Indian Wars" run in tandem with "The Seven Years War," has been the fruit of the imperial policy of reign-and-ruin by the British empire since that time. Every war fought in European civilization, since the Punic War and the defeats of the Persian Empire by the leadership of Alexander the Great, was always a reflection of the role of the form of imperialism which is known, still today, as monetarism. The British rape of Ireland, by other dupes of the British empire, is nothing but a naked reflection of the potential fatal error of subjecting the economies of nations to the syphilis known as monetarism.

Learn from Human History as Such

Modern science's study of evidence of the salination of a fresh-water glacial lake now referred to as the present Black Sea, has pointed toward a true physical history behind the legend of Noah's Ark. What about what has been often debated as the legendary doom of "The Cities of the Plain"? When must we also consider that under the heading of what should be regarded as a myth with some shadowy antecedent in the misplaced reality of some historical past? The latter is to be considered in light of such factual evidence as that of man's development of trans-oceanic maritime cultures, and the specific character of the calendars which could have not been produced except by such maritime cultures, so that it is the myth of the ancient Mesopotamian roots of European cultures, which were better suited to a notion of fairy-tale-like "rewritten history" as adopted standard myth.

As in the case of the Homeric saga of Troy, conclusive scientific proof exists for a host of famous myths which have been proven, by science, to have been the product of a tendentious rewriting of much of what has become a traditional set of what had passed for mythical beliefs respecting ancient history. On this account, we must also point attention to currently popular, but false beliefs, such as the case of the crucially strategic falsehood expressed currently as the now rapidly waning, but still sometimes asserted belief in President Barack Obama's sanity.

For the purpose of presenting the relevant subject, take such cases as that of the virtual mother of all the greatest falsehood of European legendry, the chronically lying Apollo-Dionysus Cult of Delphi, which describes the ruling tyranny of one class of traditional ancient Greece as being "gods," and the remainder merely "mortals" from whom the use of "fire," such as nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion, was banned, then, as from the modern dionysians of the homicidally inclined "environmentalist" ("environmental" as in "lunatic") fads among the followers of the current British monarchy's avowedly pro-genocidalist, World Wildlife Fund cult of today. For that purpose, focus on that later tradition passed on from the ancient Delphi cult which provided European traditions with that cult of imperial monetarism which has dominated European tradition, the Mediterranean-centered monetarist cult, from its rise to power as a social-economic system, up through the present day of current British imperial rule under Queen Elizabeth II now.

Take the very fact, that most of the nations of the planet, including our own United States presently, are loutish dupes of the imperial tradition expressed currently by the role of the British empire in the crushing of all of continental Europe in the conditions imposed by threat of military force, as presented to Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl by France's President François Mitterrand, and backed by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and U.S. President George H.W. Bush, in the context of the collapse of the former German Democratic Republic of eastern Germany. The root of such submission, which for the United States is expressed by the "Wall Street gang," by the British control over both the importing of African slaves into the United States (as through Britain's Spanish royal puppets of the Nineteenth Century, and the British-created puppet known as the uncle who shaped the character of his nephew Theodore Roosevelt), is the expression of the fact of that global British empire expressed by the role of the British imperial Inter-Alpha Group founded to supersede the U.S. fixed-exchange-rate system in 1971.

It were timely, on this occasion, to mention a certain type of highly relevant facts.

The chief expression of British imperialism's control over some among even our own Presidents, such as Theodore Roosevelt, who had been the youthful protégé of his uncle and British-controlled Confederacy spy-master James Bulloch, such as Ku Klux Klan fanatic and British tool Woodrow Wilson, and such as Calvin Coolidge, President Harry S Truman, and, currently, British puppet Barack Obama, is rooted, typically, in the British hand in our Boston and Wall Street merchant banking powers operating in tandem with foreign, British monetarist interests still today.

Through the hand of concerted British and Wall Street-centered interests in usually controlling the financial system, and, therefore, most of the crucial elections in our nation, the capable expressions of efficiently knowledgeable, patriotic forces within the ranks of our leading private and public political institutions have been limited, as under patriots such as Generals Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, and numerous other leading professional qualities of leading cases of genuine patriots within our ranks. There have been few leaders who have been, at the same time, efficiently patriots of our republic who have understood this pollution of our political and social processes, and who have been able, at one time or another, to express that quality in the degree that a President Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and notables such as, later, William McKinley, and Franklin Roosevelt did.

For example, President Ronald Reagan had some most estimable elements, such as his original CIA chief represented; but two Bushes and a subsequent Barack Obama have almost totally ruined us during 1989-1992, 2001-2008, and 2009 to the present date—thus, leaving but 1993-2000 as significant possibilities for improvement which were not, in fact, much helped by the incumbency of Vice-President Al Gore during President Clinton's run-up to the launching of his second term.

It has not been defective choices of elected Presidents which have ruined us as much as the powerful influence of a very large and demanding part of our, usually London-controlled, financier oligarchy, as that was typified by the direct backing of Hitler personally by Brown Brothers Harriman's key officer Prescott Bush, the father of President George H.W. Bush: the latter who is almost as fanatical in his hatred toward me as had continued to be expressed by the former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachov whose administration demanded my assassination by the U.S. government, in mid-1986, and who, I have reason to believe, cultivates the same hostility from those times toward me personally still today. Every time I pass the highway sign reading "George Bush Intelligence Center," I laugh with a sense of pity for that libelous treatment of a leading U.S. institution.

Benjamin Franklin had suggested that we dump the lot of these Tory rascals on a ship bound for England. As usual, Franklin's matured instincts have been proven excellent once more, by the history of our nation during, most notably, the balance of time over the course of the most recent century.

Now Comes the Reckoning

What is happening to the world in its entirety today, as distinct from what happened to Germany to bring Adolf Hitler into power, since 1923 there, is that, the mischief created by the British empire, in launching what is called "World War I" and in support of the Hitler option until the Fall of France in 1940, is now echoed in a financial and economic breakdown comparable to that of the crucial turn in 1923 Weimar Germany, which is now operating, unloosed, on an approximately global scale.

The character of this present British imperial threat to our United States, and to relevant other leading nations, a threat embodied in the evolution of the imperial Inter-Alpha Group's financial complex since 1971 to the present moment, is that the failure to rid the planet of the financial frauds represented by the desperately bankrupt, London-steered Inter-Alpha Group, which is the world's present world financial-monetarist empire, would mean the quick dumping of every nation and people on this planet immediately into a genocidal and global new dark age, which would be worse than the effects of the European Fourteenth-century New Dark Age.

Any person who is actually moral and also not insane, even criminally insane, could not, and will not tolerate this criminality expressed by the present advocates of surrender of all nations, including our own United States, to this worse-than-Hitlerian monstrosity.

The lessons of history, even those darkly obscured by ancient mythical accounts, are now set before us. Is this civilization still fit to survive? The crisis imposed now on Ireland, reminds us that there are times, like these, when the history of Ireland could turn out to be a very large chunk of the future history of the world.

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