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This article appears in the January 7, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LPAC Now Brings the World's News!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 28, 2010

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From Chicago to the White House, to Brazil, and to the entire Trans-Atlantic world, the news of the world today is that, as of January 1, 2011, President Barack Obama's world is crashing down, and the world of Obama's British masters, as well. While Winter comes, the fate of London, Wall Street, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the trans-Atlantic world, is not far behind.

The continued, now runaway, hyperinflationary crisis of Brazil and the BRIC globally, has become an immediate reality which threatens to bring down the economy of the world as a whole, that around the issues of the imminent, January 1st hyperinflationary crisis of the world of 2011. The spread of the 12% borrowing rate, is only the beginning of a pattern of mixed hyperinflationary explosion and virtually total economic breakdown, like that of 1923 Germany in effect, which now threatens to bring the entire trans-Atlantic world, and soon beyond, down, unless the drastic reforms which I have proposed are instituted in the virtually immediate future.

The pre-conditions for such a breakdown-crisis pivotted on the effects of the shift from the conditions of 2010 to 2011, are already pre-fulfilled at the present moment; only a slight delay in the actual arrival of January 1-2, 2011 had delayed the effects of the presently accumulated state of de facto bankruptcy in key centers of the trans-Atlantic part of the world system. Hence, the dubious "magic" in the name of fiscal December 31, 2010.

The essential fact of the matter is, that the measures launched, in the aftermath of Wall Street's 1929-like, October 1987 stock-market crash, measures launched under the guidance of then incoming, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, had unleashed an intrinsically hyperinflationary trend in utterance of essentially worthless, speculative monetary assets. The effects of those Greenspan policies reached a peak in the wave of so-called "Federal bail-outs" of both London and Wall Street in the post-September 2007 interval. Under President Barack Obama, this wild-eyed monetarist insanity, has literally skyrocketted in the role of the Federal Reserve System's bail-out of the British-created Inter-Alpha Group since the January 2009 inauguration of a mentally frail London asset and dupe, President Barack Obama.

However, Obama being Obama, the mark of the bellwether is to be recognized in the role of now former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the virtual mother, politically and in other respects, of Blair's implicit dupe, the mentally impaired President Barack Obama.

The center of what is coming down, is located in what was launched as a replacement for the Bretton Woods system as of approximately August 15, 1971. Only a U.S. return to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Bretton Woods victory over John Maynard Keynes, at the Bretton Woods conference, could provide the stop-gap measure needed to halt a presently onrushing collapse of the trans-Atlantic portion of the world. At the present moment, only the immediate U.S. re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law could force the measures needed, in both the U.S.A., and the trans-Atlantic region generally, to put the brakes on the immediately threatened, post-January 2011, hyperinflationary blow-out of the trans-Atlantic sector of the world.

The center of the immediate threat of a post-January 1 breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic system, is located, immediately, in the role of the mentally impaired President of the United States; either President Obama must simply resign of, ostensibly, his own personal volition, or resign for reasons of health, according to Section IV of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Federal Constitution. Otherwise, there is no visible hope in sight for a general breakdown-crisis, spreading, from the trans-Atlantic sector, into the Asian sector, during the course of the weeks and months immediately ahead.

It is notable, that the world has just received the public announcement of President Barack Obama's Adolf-Hitler-like Executive Order 1233, an Order of none other than that President himself, enacting a virtual carbon copy of the 1939, T-4 Death-care panel law of Adolf Hitler, the beginning of the program of genocide for which culpable Nazi doctors and others were condemned to death at the Nuremberg trials. Admittedly, President Obama has repeated his own public, fraudulent denials of such an intention by him; now, the fact that such measures are launched specifically by him personally, puts both the guilty tradition of the Swastika and the personal guilt for the T-4-like genocide laws on both former, lying British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his implied copy-cat, the President Barack Obama who wears, implicitly, both the moustache and Hakenkreuz of the Adolf Hitler of 1939-45.

Those with the power to act to halt these two great threats to all humanity, the "bail-out" policies of London and Wall Street, and the Obama copy of Hitler's T-4 doctrine, are implicitly accomplices in the relevant practice of crimes against humanity.

It must be emphasized and clearly understood, that the two subjects which I have emphasized here, the imminent physical collapse of the world's economy (beginning in the trans-Atlantic region and spreading into Asia and beyond), and what precedent defines as practices of genocide consistent with the Adolf Hitler model, must be halted and uprooted.

However, the fact that these offenses against humanity itself, are expressions of criminal intent among the authors of such policies, does not, in itself, provide a sufficient remedy for the crimes which I have identified here, in this statement of mine, thus far. The urgently needed remedies for the conditions of such threats to humanity must also be supplied.

No honest and fully sane patriot of the United States among those holding high office in the States or in the institutions of the Federal Government, can continue to be reluctant in taking those clearly definable, remedial actions needed to rescue both the United States of America and affected other nations, from the disastrous state of affairs which Obama's continued occupation of the Presidency now virtually assures.

The Remedy: A U.S. Credit System

The United States' most notable quality of responsibility, given the presently immediate threat to the very existence of the welfare of nations, is to be located, essentially, in the fact that the history of the crafting of the Federal Constitution of our republic, since the period under the leadership of the original Royal charter of the Massachusetts Bay colony, has given us the powers of a constitutional credit system, rather than the relics of the Roman empire and feudalism found, still today, as the outlook of the traditional practice of a monetarist system by most of the nations of Europe and the former Eurasian and African colonies of the British imperial system.

Presently, the only foreseeable remedy for the peril which the United States and Europe immediately share, lies in those great reforms which were set into motion, as revivals of the laws and related practices of a constitutional credit-system, on which the creation of our U.S. constitutional order has always depended, repeatedly, in the proverbial "long run."

The immediate implementation of the following measures by the United States itself would provide the virtually immediate opportunity for a "buying into" the advantages provided to such immediately prospective partners of the U.S.A. as what are freshly affirmed as the sovereign nation-states of Europe and the principal nations of Asia, China and India. Significant agreement from among those prospective partners of the U.S. return to a Bretton Woods-style of a fixed-exchange-rate system, would be sufficient basis for the extension of the same advantages to other nations to be included as equally sovereign partners of the initiating group from among the leading European and Pacific partners of the U.S.A.

The establishment of such a global system of partnership among sovereigns would require measures of internal reform of each of the sovereign partners, measures consistent with the 1933 U.S.A. enactment of the Glass-Steagall law. This reform would purge corrupt speculative debt from the books of account of sovereign governments, thus allowing the establishment of a global, fixed-exchange-rate credit system among the partners to the new treaty agreement. Such necessary reforms have been approached in varying degrees, in the past, and are imperatives demanded by the current global situation.

Those reforms, if taken rather immediately, would be sufficient to halt the globally general economic-breakdown-crisis presently approaching existentially terminal conditions. The durability of those reforms will then depend upon the powers of and among nations for creating credit used for increase of employment of labor-forces in the use of high-energy-flux-density application of power to forms of production and employment which increase the physical productive powers and means of existence among the potential labor forces of nations.

Admittedly, such absolutely indispensable directions in reforms among cooperating nations will cause a debriding of much of the world's nominal forms of monetarist assets from the books, and thus eliminate what are in fact the great masses of socially useless speculation and of the financial institutions associated with such forms of financial waste-matter. The perceived principle of moral law expressed in this way should be clear: humanity, as humanity, has no option but to cleanse itself of the imperialist form of monetarist practices which have controlled and ruined the great part of mankind's world today.

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