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This article appears in the May 13, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

That Which Could Not Be Sustained

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 3, 2011

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I have just examined the English-language rendering of a printed, pseudo-scientific work, "World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability," issued by theGerman Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU).

In that piece, there is nothing as much either scientific, or even truly novel, as a desperately vicious expression of the Delphic oligarchicalist tradition of "creative destruction" continued into modern European culture, by such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Werner Sombart, H.G. Wells, and the specifically Bertrand Russellite varieties of Cambridge Systems Analysis and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). I point to such examples as Bertrand Russell in his deep-rooted beliefs expressed as the author of such works as his 1946 proclamation of unprovoked "preventive nuclear warfare[1]," or the closely related pseudo-scientific notions of a proposed, mass-murderous program of eugenics, such as those of the "World Wildlife Fund" project and The Club of Rome. All of which is to say, that there is nothing actually very new beyond an added touch of sheer horror for the properly civilized reader, in the content of the subject publication of the WBGU. Something much deeper than merely some particular corrections is required for the case of that WBGU publication's wild-eyed echo of a current British naked revival of the ancient oligarchical types of ideological cults.


When qualified modern scientists have considered the evidence bearing upon the record of the expressions of human life among the generality of life on Earth within the bounds of the influences exerted by our galaxy, the fossil and related records have demonstrated that evidence which is necessary in considering the Riemannian basis for the revolutionary achievements of the great Russian and Ukrainian Academician of our recent century, V.I. Vernadsky. Not only does the fairly known fossil and related record present us with the scientific certainty of a principled nature of about a half-billions years of development of an anti-entropic principle of life within those premises, even despite the frequent mass-extinctions which the same fossil record presents; it shows the overpowering role of that universal principle of human cognition, to be recognized as specifically human individual creativity, which implicitly dominates a known universality of the presently available evidence for a principle of development to which the emergence of our human species attests still today.

When the relevant historical evidence were added to our considerations in this matter, the available historical record, as supplemented by elements of physical archeology, shows us that contrary opinions, such as those of the WBGU piece considered here, are consistent with what is a clearly documented history, the history of that infamous, oligarchical principle which is expressed by such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Britain's Prince Philip and the late Prince Bernhard, as by the so-called Club of Rome, and in the method of Bertrand Russell and his accomplices of the Cambridge School of Systems Analysis and its offspring, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). That is a tradition which reaches back much further in history than the oligarchical principle which is specific to the Delphic cult of Apollo-Dionysus. The British Isles' Jonathan Swift had not overlooked certain essential ironies of this matter.

It is notably relevant to the case of the referenced WBGU piece, that the standpoint of reference for their argument in this matter, is not the evidence of physical science, but, rather, is rooted in the oligarchical tradition whose expression has been typified by the succession of four stages of a Roman Empire, that from that institution's birth on the notorious Isle of Capri, through the reincarnations of the original design for that empire, such as Byzantium, the horrors of the Crusader tradition, and what was given as an horrid birth-pang by the perpetual religious warfare rampant over the 1492-1648 interval. The hopeful success of the Peace of Westphalia on this account, was undermined, and spoiled by those so-called "Dutch Wars" which were heralded by the arrival of the New Venetian Party's William of Orange onto the soil of the British Isles.

My own United States was the outcome of the influence of a great representative of the great ecumenical Council of Florence, an outcome of the most notably included influence of one of the signal founders of both the conception of the modern sovereign form of nation-state, and modern European science, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. The included result of Cusa's discoveries in the creating of an authentic modern science, was an undertaking, as by Christopher Columbus, which Cusa had urged be taken for the purpose of salvaging the achievements of the Renaissance from the resurgence of the Venetian oligarchical influence which had turned Europe back into a long period of religious warfare and into new, Venice-centered oligarchical forms of monetarist systems.

Since that time, the United States itself has teetered between the great principle expressed by its Federal Constitution, and the alien influences of the European oligarchical tyrannies and warfares, such as the influence of the British empire.

It must be emphasized, that the present crisis of the trans-Atlantic region, is to be recognized by any one competently qualified in the history of science, as a general breakdown-crisis of a type which expresses, rather than merely imitating, those repeatedly catastrophic failures of European civilization which are typified by that collapse which the influence of the Delphi cult had imposed upon the leading cultural position of Ancient Greece, and the succession of horrid collapses of European civilization expressed by the ricocheting existential crises of the original Roman empire and its three principal successors thus far.

The implicit effect of the current of thinking presented in the text of the WBGU report, is nothing different, in principle, than a proposed pact expressed on behalf of a program for a great new dark age of civilization, which would be akin to, but worse than that experienced previously, since the rise of the original Roman Empire among Octavian, the priests of Mithra, and the horned goats of the Isle of Capri. In short, witness that struggle of Christianity against the Roman Empire, which was signaled by the order uttered personally from the Roman Emperor then sitting on the Isle of Capri for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and, by that emperor's successors, for the crucifixions of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Such are, in summary, an outline of the facts of the issue to be considered here. It is the great principle which that pattern of facts expresses as the combined subjects of the evolutions of living creatures generally, and the evolution of the creative-mental powers of mankind, alone, which is the essential subject presented for consideration here.

The time has come, in which it is no longer possible to tolerate any such perpetuation of that ancient oligarchical tyranny which has dominated the existence of our human species. The image of mankind as made, and to be developed in the image of the Creator, must now be realized as the practice of freedom from the old evil of the monetarist form of the oligarchical principle associated with Delphi, the principle of evil which is inherent in the argument of the referenced WBGU report. Freedom from the old evil of that oligarchical principle, must now be the practiced freedom, that as the only rule of law which civilized peoples are encouraged to practice upon this planet, and even beyond.

It is not sufficient, therefore, merely to denounce that ancient, inherent evil into which the promoters of the referenced WBGU statement have been lured. We must affirm the truth which must supersede and uproot such kinds of evil; the necessary action is not to simply denounce the errant proposition; the urgent need is to replace it with a truthful account of the nature of mankind.

The evil intent expressed in the referenced piece from the WBGU, is elaborated in fuller bloom as the mass-murderous doctrine of planet-wide genocide articulated for the pages of the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) of May 4th by the current chief of the WBGU, Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber CBE under the title "Generationenvertrag: Vorwärts zur Natur" ["Contract with Future Generations: Forward to Nature"]. Thus, it bears no difference in principle from the long-standing doctrine of Britain's Prince Philip, as set forth in the documents of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), but expresses the inherent evil of the WWF in an even far more brutish form than even the founders of the WWF had presented earlier. This evil, which has been expressed as the underlying trend in British imperialist doctrine since the New Venetian Party's William of Orange invaded the British Isles, is also embedded as the implicit expression of the IIASA with whose spokesman I had running quarrels on this matter of scientific method during the later part of the 1970s. This is a doctrine of genocide beyond anything actually prescribed by the Adolf Hitler regime.

In the meanwhile, if the current U.S. President, who is both a functional puppet of the British monarchy and a proponent of this same British policy, Barack Obama, remains in office, there will probably be no human race worthy of that name for more than a generation or more to come. The documentation proposing the immediate (June 2011) installation of this new scheme for immediate launching of a planet-wide scheme of genocide, one far worse than anything proposed by the war-time Adolf Hitler regime, a scheme which is pouring out of a British-dominated western and central Europe today, portends such a destiny, unless there is an urgently needed return to the underlying principle of the creation of our special United States, very, very soon.

Read the unusually plain language of the two indicated WBGU reports identified here, that you might learn what the British monarchy's agents have dumped, for presently scheduled June 2011 installation, as a policy of genocide uttered against the people of the member-nations of the Euro organization, and, implicitly, a world beyond.

I. The Creative Principle

The study of life on Earth as by my associates, is based presently, to a large extent, on the accumulated fossil and other evidence over a preceding period of approximately a half-billion years. This scientific evidence presents us with a series of ontologically distinct phases of ostensibly self-development of the forms of life which the influence of our galaxy has guided in the development of successively qualitative phases of life and life's effects. The sum of that near billions of years of the relevant span of evidence, shows us that process which has occurred under conditions shaped by the superior power of this galaxy, a process which has been characteristically, systemically anti-entropic, from earlier points of inception, to the present last finding presented to us. As a matter of fact, as this evidence of a half-billion years has shown, the so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics" has always been a fraud against science.[2] Unfortunately, human gulls for such rotten bait as that, have abounded, as to be seen among the premises of some leading universities, and elsewhere, especially since the middle to late Nineteenth Century

It is a matter of the totality of what is known to science up to the present day, that this galactically ordered process of change, has been characteristically anti-entropic in the ordering of successive species, as the notion of the ordering of species is defined for us, today, by the relevant applications of the succession highlighted by the basis which is located only in the discoveries of Bernhard Riemann, as in his 1854 habilitation dissertation. This provides the basis for grounding our insight into that thoroughly revolutionary succession of universally qualitative and profound advances in physical science whose fruits are associated, specifically, and most emphatically with the achievements of Academician V.I. Vernadsky.

When the scope of investigations classed under the titles of the works of Riemann and Vernadsky is applied to the case of mankind, we will have opened a new dimension of qualitative change, beyond that of all other living species, which is now confronting the scientist qualified in such topical areas.

All processes of existence, when considered as predicates of a whole such process, are intrinsically anti-entropic; but, among all species known to us from present or past, at this time, only the human species has exhibited that principle of willful creativity which is a clearly demonstrated potential for the case of mankind.[3]

However, this fact does not end the matter of the deeper, more profound implications of our actual knowledge. To this end, consider the presently manifest token evidence of the possible extinction of our human species within the bounds of this Solar System, if mankind were, now, to accept the implicitly Satanic dogma adumbrated by that British-inspired, clearly genocidal doctrine of the WBGU which is now being dumped, for implied continent-wide imposition, upon the prospective destiny of the nations of the Euro system.

The Survival of Species

The already referenced record of evidence of past forms of life on this planet, includes a galactically-regulated pattern of progress of species, and, with that, systemic evidence of the waves of destructions of most of the species which have lived here, to make way for more advanced ones. As I have already stated above, the universe according to such authorities and Riemann and Vernadsky is inherently creative; but, only mankind is voluntarily creative. Should mankind cease, suddenly, to be creative, which is what the WBGU dogma prescribes in effect, and as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Prince Philip proposes for today, the continued existence our species would be in rather immediate jeopardy. Those who have chosen the indicated WBGU dogma, which is nothing different in principle of intent from the doctrine of such as Britain's Prince Philip, and which was certainly dictated to some rather credulous Germans by British and related sources, have chosen the course leading into the extinction of mankind. The course charted by the WBGU, or any kindred course, is a program of global genocide to be launched under present global political-economic and galactic trends of the coming galactic shift in progress.

No culture of this planet could survive those conditions specified by the WBGU design. Those who do not resist such British schemes as those represented by the published WBGU representations presently in hand, in whatever part of this planet, whether nominally Christian, Jewish, or Islamic, for example, could not survive a self-wrought destination of earned extinction implicit in the WBGU reports' stated implications.

The simplest among the crucial facts to be considered on this account, is the essential role of increase of the relative energy-flux-density required to prevent mankind from falling into the same terminal condition of existence as every other presently extinct species of animal life on this planet.

The point is illustrated in its relatively simplest aspects, by the record of upward progressive changes in relative energy-flux density required to maintain any human culture even in a fixed mode of energy-flux density of culture for the population of that culture as a whole. Zero energy-flux-density growth of society, is cultural death, a process which, when carried to a stubbornly persistent end set forth by the WBGU, is the recipe for the extinction of any variety of extant human culture, and, in the end, the extinction of the human species itself.

Given the deliberately orchestrated collapse in food supplies and other necessities of human existence under the existing cultures today, the physical-economic effect of the enactment of the WBGU policy for Europe, would be the immediate triggering of a general collapse of civilization, first in the trans-Atlantic regions, and then, soon after, the planet as a whole.

To secure the needed trend, upwards, contrary to the hideous fanaticism expressed by the WBGU proposition in this case, requires successively higher energy-flux densities in the per-capita output and consumption in the functional existence of societies. This means, today, emphasis on not merely improved forms of nuclear-fission power, but thermonuclear fusion, and, on the horizon, matter-anti-matter applications. It also means, as in the newly oncoming menace of the current phase-shift of our galaxy, an increase of the "density" of the power commanded by society to provide defenses against those new conditions which mankind, heretofore, has never faced, threatened conditions already posed under the present shift in the relations of the Solar system to our galaxy at large.

The Source of that Danger

Contrary to the perverted opinions akin to the thrust of the present WBGU report of those who represent themselves as scientists, or who insist that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and patterns of tornadoes are intrinsically not predictable, the principle of successful forecasting is an echo of the uniquely original, and exhaustively documented, discovery of the principle of gravitation by Johannes Kepler. Two respectively distinct qualities of sense-perception, visual and harmonic, were required to define a value which was not internal to either of those two. Similarly, to forecast natural phenomena, or the like, it is essential to contrast the measurements of qualitatively different sets of sense-experience-like effects; the more the variety of such principle-like, contrasted considerations taken into account, the greater the accuracy achievable to competent forecasters.

My associates, and those relevant circles consulted, have shown that this also applies to the needed understanding of such subject-matters as tornadoes, and to the forecastable likelihood of an increasing abundance of such events under the present galactic considerations.

The facts so stated are new in the attention they have lately received; but, in principle, consideration of the evidence of just such dangerous developments, guides careful scientific inquiry not only into the causal aspects of such phenomena, but to some clever ways in which mankind might deal with such developments. The difficulty, of late, has been that all remedies for such challenges require some increased expenditure of effort by mankind, effort which were usually not available without an increase in the efforts and resources of energy-flux-density per capita and per square kilometer.

Thus, scientific forecasting of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tornadoes, requires schemes and means for moving endangered populations to safety, and the economic potential to repair the damage left behind, as a cost which can be absorbed, if we choose that course, within the enhanced productive capacity, per capita and per square kilometer by the relevant society. We have but to consider the catastrophes which the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the suppression of his sturdy opposition to launching an insane and prolonged war in Indo-China, caused for the morals and physical welfare of the United States, especially when the social effects of increasing indolence and depravity of expanding portions of our population are taken into account, the same existentialist social depravity which underlies the credulities, and, in effect, sheer madness, of those functionally crippled personalities who would tend to tolerate something akin to the WBGU proposals.

Of those latter susceptibles, we have the following, most relevant knowledge from history as known thus far today.

The genesis of the WBGU proposal, while immediately British in proximate origin, is also of a more ancient origin, as merely typified by the effects on Mediterranean-centered European cultures of such as ancient Babylon, the Achaemenid Empire, the Trojan War, the Peloponnesian War, and the rise of the successive Roman empires of Rome, Byzantium, the original Venetian monetarist form known as the Crusader system, and the British empire spawned as the "new, fourth" Roman Empire established through the Sarpian initiative of that New Venetian Flag of the invader William of Orange, and set fully into motion by the combined elements of the so-called Seven Years War and by the Roman-imperial modeled reforms set into motion under Lord Shelburne.

The shape of European history, in particular, since the times of what Solon of Athens, Socrates, and Plato abhorred as the reign of the Delphic Apollo-Dionysus cult, and such consequent, monstrous follies as the Trojan and Peloponnesian wars, has been a European history dominated by what is known as "the oligarchical principle," an arrangement under whose reign the encumbrance known as the oligarchy kept a limited and depressed mass of humanity as virtual cattle, as such arrangements have been continued into modern times under the hegemony of that monetarist system which is the true essence of the British empire still, at the present moment, as through Africa today: that British empire is the true captor of the present Euro system of its continental European captives.

The attempt of the Empire, such as the monetarist British empire which is the only significant empire operating in the world today, has been the difficult task of balancing the desire for the power of the imperial oligarchy itself, by taking into consideration the advantages of scientific and related knowledge, but without letting the subjects operate in ways which would allow the ruled the notion of their having the ability to live and act in ways which would enable the general population to free itself from an assigned role as the virtual cattle-like property of the reigning oligarchy. The willing aspects of the submission of many of the African slaves transported, on behalf of the British empire by Britain's royal Spanish lackey into the United States, and the fierce effort by the British empire to create and maintain the Confederacy with the assistance of London-controlled circles of such as an implicitly treasonous "Jacksonian democracy," typify the case.

The United States has always been the principal source of the torment enjoyed by the imperial British ruling castes on this account. However, the difference now, is that the world at large has developed to the point that the ability to maintain the present rate of increase of world population could not be accomplished without raising the level of scientific and related culture to that of a society oriented to a succession of phases of nuclear-fission and to the prospect of thermonuclear fusion as the dominant sources of power. This requires a development of the mental life of peoples to levels beyond the ability of what has been the presently globally extended British empire-in-fact. The punctum saliens of the existential crisis thus posed to the British empire and its Wall Street and comparable lackeydoms, demands the combined effects of the systematic destruction of our United States, and the thrust of the world population at large, into a relatively minuscule level of population-density, probably much less than two billions of population.

Combine such a British oligarchist design with the presently onrushing developments in the Solar system's relationship to its galaxy, and the prospects for the extinction of mankind were set potentially into motion.

Such is precisely the issue posed by the clear language of the WBGU draft policy.

II. The Economy and the Human Mind

The modern European adoption of the doctrine of the infamous Paolo Sarpi, introduced a modification on the earlier, Aristotelean sort of oligarchical principle of the Delphi cult, a doctrine under which a crude reductionism was embedded in the conditioned habits of the relevant populations. That is the doctrine of today's British empire, among other victims of such teachings, as the argument is presented in Adam Smith's 1759 Theory of Moral Sentiments. According to Smith's argument, human knowledge is limited to a pleasure-pain notion of sense-perceptual experience, with no regard for the existence of actually scientific principles.

Under this pathetic practice of what is often termed "empiricism," the case is, as Adam Smith himself emphasized in 1759: "Hunger, thirst, the passion which unites the two sexes, the love of pleasure, and the dread of pain, prompt us to apply those means for their own sakes, and without any consideration of their tendency to those beneficent ends which the great Director of nature intended to produce by them." When that point by Smith is considered more carefully, we are obliged to recognize that the notion of actual "truth" is excluded from considerations bearing on the definitions of lawfulness; truth, as an effective physical science serves as a standard for truthfulness, is put aside by the ideologues associated with that Smith, to clear away all opposition to variously arbitrary forms of the mere opinion which is consistent with such modern practice as that of the Liberalism associated with the Venetian legacy of Paolo Sarpi.

That effective disregard for truthfulness, which is inherent in modern Liberalism as, earlier, in its ancient and medieval predecessors, is given its approximately universal expression under recklessly prevailing notions of law, as in the form of a virtual worship of Mammon, or what is called monetarism.

In any competent expression of physical science, for example, the increase, or mere maintenance of levels of existence of populations, is governed by adducible, universal physical principles, or by reasonable approximations of the effect of such principles. Monetarism excludes such considerations as a matter of the monetarist principle itself, as this is currently, and widely illustrated by the trends for moral and physical uselessness expressed as the London market and Wall Street speculation, as by what are essentially fictitious assertions of monetary wealth: merely nominal wealth, such as the trillions of U.S. dollars of what is fraudulently claimed to represent wealth added since the Autumn of 2007.

The adoption of such monetarist schemes, is to be traced to sundry ancient imperial and like sources, as, for example, in the successive phases of degeneration experienced by the once prosperous, pre-Semitic, ancient Sumer's degeneration from a "bow tenure," to monetarist system, as in the degeneration of Babylon later, and the Persian Empire after that. However, the matrix for the emergence of the ancient Mediterranean system is to be associated with the rise of the power and influence of specifically maritime cultures in the Mediterranean, as typified by the development of the profoundly influential frauds practiced by that Delphic cult which is, in fact, the core tradition of the oligarchical forms of European and extended European cultures and their monetarist systems since the fall of the Persian empire into the hands of an imperial form of maritime culture, and the consequent assimilation of the remnant of what had been Tyre and the Persian Empire, into the combination established in Capri, under the role of Octavian, as the Roman Empire. The role of the priests of Mithra in the negotiations with Octavian on Capri, makes that latter point.

In these ancient and later proceedings leading into the modern, implicitly bankrupt British empire of today, the rule of monetarism, as such, has been the basis for the succession of empires which has been the character of European culture as such, to the present day. The arbitrary valuation associated with the imperially regulated use of money, as, for example, with, or without a gold or silver basis, has ruled a Mediterranean-centered culture up through the dates of the presently onrushing general collapse of the entirety of the currently trans-Atlantic aspect of the world's monetarist system. All four phases of monetarism, since the system of monetarism associated with the site of the cult of Delphi, and, most emphatically, the establishment of the first Roman empire, are to be understood by the contrast of the monetarist system to the uniqueness of the credit system, as the alternative to monetarism, a credit system first established in modern law under the pre-William of Orange British colony of Massachusetts, as the American principle was renewed in a more fulsome expression as the anti-monetarist design inherent in the design of the U.S. Federal Constitution as based on a credit system, rather than a monetarist system.

Since that latter time, the history of the trans-Atlantic world, and, also, beyond, has been centered on the systemic differences between European monetarist systems, and their broader extensions, and the contrary notion of economic valuations, a credit system, specific to the development of what became that underlying foundation of the entirety of the Constitution of the United States, the Preamble of that Constitution.

The connection between the Pinetree Shilling developed under the original charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, prior to the relevant rampage of William of Orange, and, later, the U.S. Federal Constitution, was, essentially, the following, as the records of the negotiations leading into the adoption of even the very idea of a Federal Constitution show, as follows.

The war-debts accumulated by the victorious former British colonies in America, were then monetary debts of what had become, now, the states of a Federal American union. In this situation, Alexander Hamilton, a young genius under the influence of Benjamin Franklin, proposed a solution: that the war debts of the respective states of the newly secured nation, be assigned to the credit of a created Federal government, rather than of the various states. This notion of the "more perfect union" emphasized by Hamilton's initiative, came to define an existential quality of remedy for the situation, as expressed in the form of what became the cornerstone of the creation of the U.S. Federal Constitution. The foundation of that Constitution is enshrined and its principal law, indeed, its principle of all law, expressed in the Preamble of that Constitution. Any contrary notion of the intent of that Constitution, is ignorant rubbish.[4]

The common feature thus located between the Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling and the U.S. Federal system of the constitutional dollar, is located essentially in the systemic nature of the distinction between an American constitutional form of credit-system, and a typically European monetarist system.

To secure a competent understanding of these stated considerations, we must consider, as a most important factor, the difficulty of defending our new-born U.S. constitutional form of self-government under conditions introduced under the influence of the British East India Company's resident tyrant, Lord Shelburne. The rise of the implied British empire established by the 1763 Treaty of Paris, and set into consolidated organization as a British Empire, from 1782, under the leadership of the East India Company's Shelburne, became the principal source of difficulties in efforts to maintain the recently established U.S.A.

The French Revolution was the keystone of the operations centered in the role of Shelburne and such Shelburne lackeys as Adam Smith and in the leading sort of relevant role of Jeremy Bentham in the new, Shelburne-created British Foreign Office through which the crisis of the French Revolution was organized. The traitor Aaron Burr, who was the founder of the Bank of Manhattan and a lackey of Bentham operating treasonously within the framework of the new United States, is exemplary, as is the related case of British (Wall Street) puppet and one-time Aaron Burr side-kick Andrew Jackson, et al., et al. The bankers of Boston and Manhattan have been the typification of the British imperial hand (some would say "treasonous") in both the internal and foreign affairs of our United States, most of the time, including, most notably, the present U.S. Presidency, since the time of the 1789 crisis in France.

Once these just presented considerations have been stated, we are now freed sufficiently of the just stated types of considerations, to come to grips, here, with the issue of monetarism as an intrinsically imperialist system, that in the same tradition as the original Roman empire. It is not the colonies or their likeness which constitute that tradition of the Roman empire embodied in the present British system of imperialism centered now in the notion of a British Commonwealth. The imperial power lies ontologically within the monetarist system, a British imperial power once challenged most profoundly by President Franklin Roosevelt, and challenged afresh by the President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated for what the British and Wall Street interests considered a mortal affront to their shared traditions, just as the same British empire is acting now, through such instruments as the proposals of the WBGU, to carry out a long-prepared, presently stated, British scheme for the global destruction of civilization, all done in pursuit of the British imperial intention for a permanent one-world empire which is, at the moment, the leading enemy of all nations and their people presently. The current President of the United States is currently an exemplary, if definably insane under the provisions of the relevant U.S. law, tool of that British empire, just as the currently published WBGU draft expresses what is in specifically British, rather than German, monetarist, and also pro-genocidal interest. It expresses the standing interest and flagrantly proclaimed intentions of Britain's Prince Philip and the latter's nominal present political heir.

More recently, under the fraudulent presumptions of actual law associated with the British imperial dogma of the late, infamous Adam Smith and his dupes-in-waiting, no scientific truth exists under law. Like the trillions of fraudulent debt incurred under both the present and immediately previous President of the United States, the same dirty trick has been played upon the victims of that "Euro" system launched as a rape of Germany concocted under the combined authorities of Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, France's President François Mitterrand, and the U.S.A.'s consenting accomplice, President George H.W. Bush, the latter the son of the same Prescott Bush who uttered the funds to secure the position of Adolf Hitler as the prospective, British-selected tyrant of Germany.

There was nothing which Hitler did, as dictator in Germany, which had not been a quality of behavior intended initially, prior to the fall of France, by the British sponsors of Hitler's career in that position.[5] That fact, however unpleasant a fact for some notables, is the hard truth of the rise of Hitler to power, the same truth inherent in the British doctrine put forward by the nominally German sponsors of the WBGU presently. It is a scheme for the incorporation of continental Europe (and also the United States) into a state of British puppetry under British puppet-President Barack Obama, a puppetry consistent, to an exacting degree, with the long-standing programs of British Prince Philip's "batty" World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

These matters, as I address here and now, are not matters of opinion, not of British fancy, but of scientific fact. Let us come now, as quickly as possible, to the kernel of the matter at hand.

Briefly: The Lunacy of Adam Smith

Adam Smith had then been the author of his 1759 Theory of Moral Sentiments. By 1763, Smith had been coopted by a triumphant Lord Shelburne, into Smith's role as a personal spy against the Americans and France on behalf of the British East India Company's imperial intentions. At a later point, about 1782, Shelburne used both Smith and Jeremy Bentham, as among the key tools used for targeting the nations which had supported the American cause, including France, Spain, and Russia, for destruction. Bentham was key in running the British operations against France on behalf of the British Foreign Office which had just been established by Shelburne during that same year.

Smith's and Bentham's target was chiefly the existence of the United States itself, but also those nations which had assisted in bringing the United States into a victorious existence. The role of the British Foreign Office in the affair of "The Queen's Necklace," was a crucial feature of that effort to strip the newly established United States of its European sympathizers from among the ranks of those continental nations which had been lured into the folly of that Seven Years Wars which had secured the birth of the actual British empire in that fashion.

That much of the relevant political history of the matter

now considered, we must now turn our attention to the science of the matter: the science of that which distinguishes the human species from all other known forms of life.

There is no adequate view of the subject of this present report other than the standpoint which I present, as follows, from this point in the account, onward. In brief, we must explore the principles of economy from the vantage-point of a galactic standpoint. That use of the term "galactic standpoint," signifies that the conditions of evolution, as over a fairly selected half-billion years of fossil and related evidence bearing upon the history of life on planet Earth, have been manifestly crafted by the known forms of principled actions of the galaxy within which our Solar system is situated. This role of the galaxy is extended by the role of our Solar system, to the implied history adduced by aid of accumulated fossil evidence, respecting the history of the rises and falls of the existence of various strata of life-forms on Earth.

The most remarkably startling evidence extracted from examination of this half-billion years of accumulated evidence, is the fact that, whereas, most of the formerly existing life-forms appearing over as long as a half-billion years have been repeatedly culled by mass extinctions, yet the evolution of living species, and the related ordering of the environments in which they had existed, has produced a relatively most recent appearance, over a few millions years, of a unique quality of species known as humanity.

The vast array of our own galaxy, includes a vast assortment of stellar and related phenomena, amid which our Solar system is a borderline newcomer in the main.

The most remarkable of the facts respecting that half-billion years of galactic history, is the peculiar manner of survival of the human species itself, up to the point that the WBGU put a British imperial spin on the matter of fact.

The unique experience of mankind's voluntary capacity to preserve the existence of its species, as no other form of life has been enabled to match this performance, is to be attributed to the specific distinction of the potential powers of the human mind, powers not known to be available to any other species inhabiting our planet. The most typifying expression of this distinction, is mankind's use of sundry forms of Promethean fire. It is, essentially, only by the use of successively higher forms of fire, as from burning of shrubbery and wasted wood, through thermonuclear fusion being developed currently, that mankind has been enabled not only to defend what might be considered as a primitive form of human population-density, up to the majestic numbers and quality of individual development of the citizens of nations presently.

No other known living species has been able to duplicate this capability. Nonetheless, we are inclined to be reasonably optimistic respecting the probability of a species like our own in behavioral characteristics on, perhaps, some solar systems within the vastness of this our own galaxy, or otherwise. The very notion that we might be the only species of our type, would tend to be a source of great pessimism among us, given present cultural trends in our planet, if we thought we had no ontological "cousins" elsewhere within this vast universe.

However, for the moment at hand, we gamble on nothing. The fate of humanity under present trends and known cases, must enjoy the full force of what we must generate as the creation of an optimal chance for our human species under now approaching, galactic circumstances which have never been, to our present knowledge, experienced by a species like our own, elsewhere.

Why the WBGU Scheme Now?

That much said on this subject this far. Granted that the role of the WBGU in this affair is that of what "The American Slanguage" defines as a "German Patsy" for a scheme launched in the interest of the British Royal dynasty. Why the British implicit scheme for such a sudden, and vastly extended policy of genocide against the human species at this time? Do not overlook the fact that this program identified by the WBGU means the slashing of the human population in the order of more than five billions human beings, in rapid order. Granted, that the British empire has always been an essentially predatory force of monetarist empire; why such a sweeping genocide against the British empire's populations, as much as continental Europeans and Americans, among others?

The only credible answer to that question which the WBGU program clearly intends, is that the British empire has decided that it has run out of all other options for maintaining the empire itself. Looting the existing world's population is apparently no longer a choice of option for that empire. Granted, that a more or less deliberate practice of population control was the custom of the original Roman empire and its successors, why such a vast and deep destruction of the wealth which the British empire had worked so diligently to acquire by all means, formerly? Indeed, Prince Philip did specify a two billions ceiling on a permitted world population; why such a drastic and deep cut at this implied rapid pace, and so suddenly? Has the British monarchy gone absolutely mad, or is there some curiously evil intention lurking underneath the appearances presented as implications of the WBGU design? Certainly, the British are clearly quite mad; but, "that mad" is most provocative.

The certainties of the case indicate that the targets of this British policy of global genocide are not limited to Europe and the United States, but include implicit plans against the populations of the great nations of Asia. This is, indeed, an intentional program of genocide on such a vast scale. In fact, such a program poses a threat to the very continued existence of the human species. The question, "Why? Why? Why?" resounds endlessly.

The clear practical answer to such questions, is that this scheme, as outlined by the WBGU, must be eradicated definitively now, in any case. We hanged many accused Nazi accomplices for actual crimes which fell far short of any of the horrors which the WBGU argument implicitly proposes. Above all other considerations, the entirety of the kind of scheme presented by that report must be eradicated immediately as being the worst of the known as intended crimes against humanity known to history up to this point, not only the worst of all of the horrors known to the recorded history of mankind, but a truly Satanic dimension in crimes against humanity.

It must be remembered, that, after all, Adolf Hitler himself was a British creation. Patriotism is not an option when an implicitly satanic quality of empire considers the issues existential. Remember what the British East India Company did in India.

Most to the point; the already existing threat to the human population, even without the evil scheme described in considerable essential features by the WBGU,– the presently pre-existing objective peril to mankind is already severe. We must take civilization in a directly opposite direction, away from such pro-Satanic imperial schemes rooted in the legacy of four successive Roman empires, for an accelerated physical-economic recovery.

The Human Mind

The practical distinction of the function of the human mind, from all other presently known as living species, lies in the ironical fact, that all categories of existence in the known universe, as the categories were defined by the combined, interlocked work of Bernhard Riemann and Academician V.I. Vernadsky, have been intrinsically creative as categorical types. The distinction of mankind among these types, is that human creativity is essentially voluntary.

The key to an efficient understanding of this distinction, is to be located in the properly defined notion of the human "mind." This quality of the human mind is located chiefly in what is fairly to be recognized as the Classical artistic imagination, the form of the activity of the Classical imagination which proceeds from such principles of artistic creativity into the domain of the discovery of what are to be recognized, as implicitly presented in such notable modern locations as Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia (1440). It were as if "play" precedes "physical science's" role in the powers of the human imagination.

In former times, in Germany, for example, the great figures of early Twentieth-century physical science were participants in Classical modes of artistic composition, that to such effect that the Classical-artistic imagination empowered the creative potentials of the power of metaphor, as the means needed to discover an hitherto imaginary, but truly efficient reality formerly beyond the reach of the literal powers of sense-perception as such. This creative intellectual discipline of what we had known in European civilization, in particular, as Classical artistic composition, formed the basis for successful fundamental progress in science, as by such early modern creative minds as that of Brunelleschi's discovery of the elementary reality of the catenary principle of physics, and the broader creativity of Nicholas of Cusa and his celebrated principal followers in science. It was the related fact, that the development of those creative powers permitted the thinker to escape the dungeon-like captivity of primary belief in sense-certainty, to the creative imagination of the poet which provides the clues leading out of the dungeon of sense-certainties into the sunshine of freedom found in the scientific creativity fostered by the role of metaphor in the functions of the Classical artistic imagination.

Such has been the method underlying the principal discoveries of Academician V.I. Vernadsky, notably including the proof of the existence of such distinctly universal categories as the lithosphere, biosphere, and noösphere. The shadows of the artistic experience of the imagination, are thus transformed, by the power of experiment, into the substance of the usable scientific categories of physical existence.

By such means as those, mankind has created such categories of existence as man's ability to recognize and to employ powers such as nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion. It is by categorical means comparable to those, that the human creative imagination adduces from the shadows cast as if on the walls, the sign of a presence of something by which mankind is freed from the kinds of limits of existence of other living species.

Then, that much said this far, we have three Vernadskyan categories: the lithosphere, the biosphere, and the noösphere. The question, therefore, is: what bounds these three as if one? The answer is: the creative powers accessible to the devoted human mind. The consequence of that, is that we must recognize the mind of man, as so expressed, as the principle we must recognize as the principle of the accord of that connection with the highest principle of which we know in the universe: the creative powers of the mind unique to mankind, which are in principled accord with the composition of the universe. That is what distinguishes the mind of man from that of the beasts. However, it is necessary to know that, before such powers might lie securely in one's hands.

We human beings have been given the power to act in accord with that great principle which subsumes the content of our universe. Master it, that we might use that power appropriately. Perhaps then, it will be granted, that mankind has become an expression of the immortal species existing in our universe, a species we love too much to permit its destruction by either the proponents of the theses presented currently by the WBGU, or any other.

[1] Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Oct. 1, 1946.

[2] An extensive video report on these findings is in preparation for early appearance by LPAC's leader of that team. Cf. the report on work by Max Planck already reported in a published LPAC video authored by basement team member Jason Ross.

[3] When we consider the place of our Solar system as a late-comer to our galaxy, we can not assert that life-forms exhibiting our characteristic, apparently distinct, potential for willful creativity, do not exist even within some other part of our relatively vast galaxy.

[4] See Spannaus, Nancy, "A Matter of Principle: Alexander Hamilton's Economics Created Our Constitution," EIR, Vol. 37, No. 48, Dec. 10, 2010.

[5] The British-French intention in this matter, had been to secure a Nazi commitment to a war between Germany and the Soviet Union first; but this had implications which the German military and related institutions would not accept even from the dictator Hitler whom the British had considered their creation and pre-selected puppet of the Bank of England circuits. After a prospective weakening of a German Wehrmacht in a conjectured blood-draining attack on the Soviet Union, the British intended to deal with the U.S.A. in accord with the early 1920s British-Japan treaty for the destruction of the Pearl Harbor base. The arranged collapse of France, placed Britain in a desperate situation. However, once President Franklin Roosevelt was deceased, Britain returned to its earlier intention for the destruction of the United States; the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (and, later, his brother Robert) was "made necessary" by President Kennedy's stubborn refusal to take the United States into a wasting war in Southeast Asia. That intention of the British empire against the United States, is the reigning British strategy for today; the British use of the nominally German WBGU operation under way presently is an expression of that turnabout in British policy, back to the intentions of the early 1920s now recrafted through aid of the massive British funding of the bought-and-paid-for election of the British-created puppet-President known as Barack Obama.

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