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This article appears in the June 24, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Sing: ‘Sleepers Awake!’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 16, 2011

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The outbreak of mixed, but converging developments of today may not turn out to have been the overdue "Watergate"-type experience of an outgoing President Barack Obama; but, for the moment, the signs accumulated today make it a likely set of events. That President's violation of the "War Powers" Act is complemented by a converging set of resonant developments, which could—mind you, "could"—be the early undoing of that President's incumbency. Not a moment too soon! It now appears that the count-down began with the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. It appears that the Erinyes are gathering above the heads of those intended to become the doomed.

During the years immediately following the close of World War II, a cult preaching the lunacy of "there are no conspiracies in history," achieved a certain degree of approbation from chronically enraged numbers of post-World War II Liberalism. A fundamentalist quality of worship of belief in statistics replaced sanity as the official mood of those and subsequent times. Now, as in the breaking news of this present day, all trends have suddenly changed; the formerly presumed trends have been virtually wiped from the blackboard, where the sudden appearance of new, contrary trends has been given a certain kind of official birth.

This is not to say that what were formerly considered as trends had not existed; rather, simply said, the agenda had been, rather suddenly, changed. Statistics is, once again, exposed as the religion of dead souls.

In this moment of time, it were appropriate that we assist the perplexed in their recovering from the season of madness which prevalent devotees of statistics always live in. Suddenly, that madness is exposed as really having been, all the intervening time, as having been sometimes appropriately described as the demonic character of the Laplacean folly which that folly really always was.

The pivotal point on which the fraudulent picture of history, and of true physical science, is hung, is the failure of the believer in such, implicitly mathematical or kindred fatalistic follies. To wit: the developments which are marked by the coincidence of President Obama's violation of the War Powers Act and the hopelessness of the economy of the "Euro" and related systems, have come to a breaking-point at which the apparent trend of world events throughout the trans-Atlantic sector, has suddenly ceased to exist in the form of even what were apparently a fungible proposition even among increasing numbers among the witless or mad.

Implicitly, what erupted as Dominique Strauss-Kahn's removal from the action intended to be assigned to the IMF, has shown the truly witting, even the reluctant ones, that the gamble on another major round of "bail out" was an impossible dream, a nightmare beyond belief. Since that moment Strauss-Kahn had intended, but was prevented, to board the plane, a certain likeness to a ticking clock on the international monetarist bomb, has been exhausting the remaining weeks, from behind the ominous situation developing behind the screens of wishful dreaming. Suddenly, during the recent several days preceding today's singular events, everything appears to have changed. It was already changing, even for those now suddenly overtaken by today's surprise.

There is a matter of deeper principle at issue here, now.

The error of Laplace, as my associate Sky Shields had emphasized a bit more than a week earlier, and as I had insisted repeatedly on the same point with a slightly different choice of argument, over the course of recent times. The essence of the matter, was that Laplace demanded the right to predetermine the future, when he had no competent conception of what that the future is. Laplace, like many other ostensibly leading mathematicians, and the virtually walking dead alike, had no conception of the way in which the universe changes itself, as through the action of the willfully creative powers of the human mind.

How To Change the Future

The great, truthful mystery of it all lies within the expression of the creative powers variously attributed, uniquely, to both a universal Creator and to the potential of the individual human mind. Indeed, not only living processes, but the individual human mind embodies powers which are truly creative, which transform the moment of the past or present, alike, into a new quality of existence which had not existed before that time. Time is measured so, when it is assessed appropriately, and never in any contrary way.

Time is not what measures existence. It is the yardstick of change in realities which defines time. Time, when defined ontologically, is a physical, not an abstract reality. The measure of time is relative creativity treated as a universal physical principle characteristic of ontological change, of creativity so understood.

It is that attitude of practice in the universe which is, therefore, the only definition and measurement of time.

The urgent question, the most urgent question placed now immediately before us the living now, is the challenge of transforming a presently soon doomed civilization into one which is growing once again. We must, as President John F. Kennedy once spoke: We must do it because it is there.

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