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This article appears in the July 1, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Drum-Beats Over Libya

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 26, 2011

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The early impeachment and ouster of President Barack Obama is almost inevitable as an event before or during the coming Summer months, unless the backers of Obama, especially from London, were to copy the Adolf Hitler option with the likeness of the British creation, Adolf Hitler's March 23, 1933 Ermächtigungsgesetz. The danger of the latter development has just been greatly increased by an opportunist vote in the U.S. Senate, a vote made in de facto opposition to my own principles, from others' stated policy for this occasion.

The Senate majority has, thus, made a lalapalooza of an amazing mistake, a mistake fairly characterized as one which reveals a great, great deal about the pettiness of which some legislators are capable, a mistake comparable in the annals of gallows humor, to cutting off one's face to save one's buttock, or, in the alternative, the loss of one's buttocks to save the appearance of a face.

The trans-Atlantic region, in which our United States is situated, still, despite its Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama, as a crucially important part, is now that largely self-inflicted target for destruction, to which it were doomed if it continued to fail in effecting the relatively immediate expulsion of the increasingly despised President Barack Obama from office.

Unlike many other leaders presently incumbent, who seek to compromise with an indictable scoundrel, I come from a tougher, World War II generation. There is some margin to doubt that the majority of the U.S. citizenry sees the matter in exactly those terms; but, the common fact remains that President Obama is popularly despised by the people, and increasingly so, and at an accelerating rate. The crux of the matter is that the present trans-Atlantic system, including the United States itself, is now on the trajectory of the self-doomed, doomed to a general breakdown crisis which is comparable to the hyperinflationary breakdown-crisis in 1923 Weimar Germany.

This comment of mine signifies the fact, in effect, that the only way in which Obama could manage to remain in office, would be to imitate the fascist takeover of the otherwise doomed Hitler government. So, as in Germany then, like U.S. President Barack Obama now, leading figures inside the national legislature, had declined to acknowledge the virtual treason of a sitting President. Thus, our republic is on the verge of capitulation to the incumbency of a President whose actions against the people of our United States demand his prompt expulsion, a President whose virtually treasonous quality of recent actions demanded his impeachment. Like those American notables who had been in the camp of Hitler's backers then, those leading British and Wall Street figures, like the British government of that time, had put Hitler into power, and were those who had orchestrated the process leading into that Reichstag Fire, which was launched as the means to impose a virtually one-party Nazi dictatorship over Germany. That is exactly the situation in which the defenders of the British puppet U.S. President Obama now have tended to situate themselves in respect to the immediate weeks ahead today.

There can be no doubt of that fact of some of our nation's own leading figures today. The general breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic region of the world, has now reached a critical stage of breakdown which leaves the backers of the Obama administration no available option for its continued existence in its present form, except as a fascist dictatorship modelled on that which the Bank of England and Prescott Bush's Brown Brothers Harriman had created for Adolf Hitler, and the Hitler regime's use of the burning of the Reichstag, that most probably under the direction of Hermann Göring, to establish a fascist dictatorship over Germany.

The same danger to civilization today is inevitable unless the U.S. Glass-Steagall law is re-enacted during the immediate weeks ahead. The Obama administration could not possibly continue to exist at this time, unless a fascist dictatorship were imposed by the British monarchy's direction of relevant forces, such as those around Obama, against the United States during either early July, or, at the latest, August of these present Summer months. Those who propose a continued support of the Obama regime will be denounced in future history, if there is any actual future of this nation of ours. Those who condone Obama are fostering such a crime against our republic with their present vacillations.

So, the most dangerous aspect of this situation now threatening a Nazi-like Obama dictatorship in the U.S.A., is the cowardice shown by the Senate Democrats, in capitulating to the immediately threatened, British-steered onrush to an Obama-led fascist dictatorship in the United States itself. Suddenly, I fear, I am, for this moment, the only obvious leader of substance in support of the proper mission of our republic presently operating in the setting of the present government of our United States. However, one may hope, not without premises, for a less pessimistic turn, once the immediate shock of those frightened leaders may have given way to a more sane and sensible outlook.

Fortunately, in one sense, I am a senior, more insightful prominent figure of our republic than those who waffle in the face of virtual treason. I bear the flag which younger leaders have dropped, at least for the present moment. It may be said of those whose nerve has failed them in their fashion, as we may hope only temporarily, we may report that they are, in a certain sense, the victims of the deep cultural pessimism which has reigned, since the U.S. war in Southeast Asia which was unleashed by the cover-up of true authorship which condoned the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

As a consequence of the actions condoned by the Warren Commission, our republic was sent en route toward subsequent destruction by the British monarchy, a foul British role from which many veterans of that war had returned, not in spirit, but in age. Nearly all of the active leaders of this nation from former times are now deceased. Mine is in that way, a relatively lonely devotion, but one for which I am obliged to serve, come what may. The putative outcast may become thus, the hero of this occasion, one still standing to lead in the defense of our republic, when so many elected and other incumbent leaders have failed so tragically.

I shall stand, for as long as I live, even if as a leading patriot by default, if not a martyr, in defense of our republic, come what may. I understand the principle of life after death far more efficiently in practice than most among our obvious political and religious leaders today, and have nothing as much to fear as the world-wide consequences of the destruction of our nation and its patriots now.

I am no sunshine patriot, who would merely bargain with the Devil rather than be devoted to ruining his cause; I am of patriotic disposition. That is only as some leaders in our system should be on their own account. Our people cry for justice, while foolish government promises Habsburg cake.

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