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This article appears in the July 15, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Is It Not Treason?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 30, 2011

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The argument presented by Senator John Kerry, in defense of President Barack Obama's guilty violation of the Federal Constitution is, in itself, beyond all reason. The argument which the Senator presented in defense of his own shocking, utterly incompetent argument, has been one of the most disgusting pieces of sophistry on record. The question is, was that Senator blackmailed in some fashion? Certainly, submission to blackmail gives neither the Senator nor the Senate exculpatory credit. Clear and plain evidence by the errant President himself might be explained by death threats against the Senator. Since the culpability of the President himself is so clear, and so clearly proximate to treason on behalf of the Brtish monarchy against our United States, the lack of credible explanations offered by Senator Kerry, is most troubling for those among us who had remembered him as being neither a traitor nor a fool. The President had violated the law, and that with the most flagrant shamelessness. This fact raises the question: "Is this President, whose popular support is being that of a decimated minority, willing to lie his way into a coup d'etat conducted in British interest as a betrayal of our United States to a foreign tyrant?"

A most fundamental, and clear, historical, and living principle of our Federal Constitution, is the issue at stake in this morally shabby affair:

In the matter of the Senator's culpable actions in this instance, the process leading from the victory of the original Thirteen States, to the adoption of a Federal, constitutional form of our Republic, was a carefully deliberated movement of our republic, out from under existence under a European style of parliamentary monetarist system, into a sovereign republic whose only competent basis for a continuing defense, was by a credit-system, against British and other foreign predatory powers waiting to strike us afresh.

At the same time, our most ancient foe had been then, and now, the same British imperial system which became the ruling authority in all major wars experienced by our sovereign nation since the February1763 Peace of Paris through the launching of the U.S.A. into the British-lain, imperialist trap of the prolonged U.S.A. warfare in Indo-China, as also the most recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars, that Iraq war organized through a lying British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who has been among the most disgusting of the official, stinking eggs lain by the present British Empire in its recent history.

All through the years since the outbreak of our American Revolution, the intention of the British Empire, to the last report of today, the British monarchy, has been the subversion of our republic as the chief obstacle to its ambitions for becoming a global imperial power in the tradition of the original Roman empire under Augustus Caesar. That was made the doctrine which Lord Shelburne had deployed in creating the original British Foreign Office, and which continues as a doctrine of intended practice up to the latest report of the present day.

The fact that imperialism is the characteristic of the British monarchy of today, was made clear afresh by the currently reigning Queen of England, by her public utterances in world affairs during the period of the recent Denmark proceedings on Her Imperial Majesty's behalf. It was made clear by ugly threats made on behalf of the British Foreign Office, threatening the United States should there be a probable intent to re-enact the original Glass-Steagall (domestic) U.S. law. The current U.S. President, a contemptible lackey known as Barack Obama, is at the beck and call to heel by the agents of the current British imperial Queen. Our disgusting President and his lackeys were successful in preventing that vote from being brought to decision under the preceding term of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Presently, the very continued existence of the United States is on the verge of extinction in its present, constitutional form. It is precisely here, on this point, that the disgusting behavior of Senator John Kerry et al. is brought home.

The crucial fact of this matter, at the present moment, is that the present international monetarist system is at the brink of the self-destruction of both the current European system, and also the ruin of the collection of formerly sovereign nation-states now kept in bondage to a British imperial domination and accelerating economic ruin by a European system which is itself careening into general chaos throughout the continental states of western and central Europe.

The crucial point at strategic issue, at this present moment, is that the pending re-enactment of the 1933 Glass-Steagall law, would transfer the corrupt form of a mass of inherently fraudulent speculative debt, from the domain of the responsibility of the Federal government and states of our Union for those specific varieties of gambling debts, back into the accounts located outside the obligations of both the Federal government and out from the obligations now crushing the states of our Federal, Constitutional union. The effect of that urgently needed, and fully valid reform, under our Federal Constitution, would create the conditions under which our looted Federal states, and the Federal Government, too, would secure, and that immediately, the ability to restore our economy, and to return justice to our presently looted and menaced citizens.

The question is thus posed: "Who in Hell is Senator John Kerry serving with the corrupt attempts to assist the British imperial Monarchy to destroy our freedoms and reduce our citizens to a most murderous form of destitution?"

Senator John Kerry must answer that question honestly, with no slippery evasions of the type made in his search of the appearance of legality in an action which goes to the heart of the violation of our Federal Constitution. Throw the usurers out of the Temple, John, and abandon your recently wicked ways!

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