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The Senators Did Not Grasp the Reality

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 28, 2011

What I have heard of the members of the Senate, suggests that they either have shown no competent understanding of their situation, or, that some Senate leaders must be in a state of headlong flight into the never-never realm in which they have chosen to believe. In reality, they are facing the rather immediate reality of a fascist dictatorship brought into being by a British puppet called Obama, like legendary ostriches (imaginary ones, of course) stuck with their heads in the sand, and their butts about to be kicked to death. They have, thus far, dispatched our republic to be extinguished by a replication of Hitler's emergency laws—just as those damned, British-owned, German social-democrats had virtually marched toward entry into concentration- and death-camps, or into the other forms of submission. The lesson to be learned is: don't trust Satan to be kind to you.

Senator Kerry's address in defense of Obama's efforts to establish a dictatorship, is a case in point. A descent into utter sophistry!

Only a delusion, blackmail, or something to kindred effect, could have prompted any of those Senators who were not evil themselves, into seeking a pact with Satan—a trust based on Satan's promises to his tool, Barack Obama.

Since my more than fully confirmed forecast of a late February 1957 launching of the "worst recession of the post-war period" then to date, I can recall a series of my earlier forecasts; this had represented a limited number of forecasts of financial-economic crises, all of which, since Summer 1956, had been fulfilled in a timely fashion. The chief reason for the uniqueness of my successes in that field was more due to the stupidity of my putative rivals in such business, than any really extraordinary powers of my own. They believed in statistics as their god, and were duly rewarded for that heathen's folly.

The notion of money, as such, as a standard causal factor in the rise and fall of economies, has been both an old tradition among the nations, and one among the greatest causes for the related woes of the Mediterranean and trans-Atlantic regions from the time of the collapse of the Achaemenid empire, and ruin of a leading European culture of the Mediterranean littoral, the culture of Greece. The root of a pattern which has persisted through the present time, has been a pattern of three, successive re-incarnations of a chronically ruined Roman empire, including the threat of a terminal end to a succession of all Roman imperial "world" models, including that of a British imperium which plots to the effect of its own, self-inflicted doom, taking the other nations of the trans-Atlantic region down with it.

The fact to be emphasized on this account, is that there is no causal relationship which has been marked by a succession of choices of a chronically failed set of successive reigning monetarist systems as such, and, sometimes the rise of physical economies, such as that of our original United States. In fact, since the collapse of ancient Greece earlier, in the fratricidal Peloponnesian warfare, to the insurgence and pending doom of what is now the fourth Roman empire, the empire of Elizabeth II, every nation of Europe has tumbled into virtual servitude to some formation of inevitably failed experiments of the same type of monetarist system as its failed predecessor.

Now, the insane notion of a globalist government featuring a veteran fascist agent of the Hitler-led slaughter of the Jews of Europe, Britain's George Soros and the pack of scoundrels who serve him, carries the flag of obscenity worn by those bought, body and soul, by drug-trafficking's Soros. He has been the man who bought a U.S. Presidency for Barack Obama, bought, to a large degree, with drug-trafficking's money, for the British monarchy. In this way, that wretched creature, who is now fairly considered as morally insane, the Nero-like creature known as Barack Obama, came into, and has continued to hold an incredible, Mussolini-like grip on U.S. power.

The time has more than come, when such precisely accurate statements of fact as that which I have just cited, are the expression of the only morally competent view to be presented as a summation of our republic's present situation. In this fashion, even some Senate Democrats tend to bargain for a compact with Satan, the devil himself, in their disgusting folly of actually proposing to unleash a new year of Hell for our republic, among others of the trans-Atlantic region.

It is, of course, one thing to compromise, and quite another to become compromised for the sake of cutting some deal against our republic, such as that currently arranged between Wall Street and London. So, Wall Street had sold out to Britain's protégé, Adolf Hitler, up to the point that Winston Churchill desperately needed the (temporary) war-time alliance with our President Franklin Roosevelt. As soon as President Franklin Roosevelt were dead, a Wall Street-tied, former Senator Harry S Truman, delivered the U.S.A. into a new pact with the same old British devil who had actually created Adolf Hitler, that done with much help from what had been the former pro-Hitler forces of Wall Street money, as under the same leadership of the Prescott Bush who had funded Hitler, that both by Prescott Bush himself, and his relevant descendants.

The entire United States now hangs waiting for the United States itself to be destroyed, over the coming weeks, under the reign of a system called "governance." Under that system by which our already lamed sovereignty will be soon destroyed, as early as even during the immediately coming weeks, if the Obama administration were not given the kind of true justice it so much deserves: expulsion. The tools of folly in the Senate have now acted "in the spirit of compromise" to put our republic into a compromised state tantamount to the death of our Constitution.

"Damned fools: have I not forewarned you," and that with nothing less than accuracy, and that in my capacity as the most successful economic forecaster over decades. The historic fact of the situation, is that the election of President Barack Obama, with his backer's, George Soros's propensity for the liberalism of drug trafficking, was to a large degree paid for with proceeds of British-controlled narcotics trafficking, a virtual puppet of Queen Elizabeth and Soros, an Obama, who is presently being permitted to commit the highest of all treasons against our United States. All capped by the "compromise" with the Devil, proposed on behalf of what is apparently, so far, some among our Senate.

The Role of the Infamous Adam Smith

The essence of the crime, is submission to the cult of Liberalism.

The chief expression of that widespread incompetence of the economics "expert," has been their devotion to the intrinsic evil of a method of statistical mis-forecasting based on the incompetence associated with the doctrine of Adam Smith in Smith's 1759 Theory of Moral Sentiments: belief in the myth that the only knowable substitute for physical reality is the doctrine of pleasure and pain.

For reason of the lunatic's doctrine of Adam Smith, we are, as a nation, now barely weeks away from a very serious and treasonous destruction of our nation, a destruction being aided for the moment, in the name of "compromise," such as in the recent address by Senator Kerry. If Senator Kerry's antic rambling were to prevail in practice, the consequences will be bloody beyond the range of present imaginations.

Therefore, it had been already time to pin-point the root of the folly shown so far in the Senate in this matter. Such a compromise is one of the chief threats against our constitutional form of self-government. There can be no acceptable compromise with the irrationalist's opportunism expressed in Senator Kerry's address.

Why a Senator Kerry in whom I had had reason to see a serious competence, should have compromised himself so painfully in this way, I do not actually know. The fact persists that it was a horrible departure from any semblance of actual reason. I can best say of that, that these are times, presently, when once bold men and women are terrified into strange, fear-stricken madnesses.

'She Was Compromised'

All that much said, there is no available, morally acceptable compromise with President Barack Obama. He must be ousted on clearly established, existing premises, with no morally acceptable alternative to that relatively immediate result. I write "she," I mean the British Queen herself. A puppet, such as Obama and his presently terrified followers, has no right to operate on the basis of claiming protection under an "oath of office."

The same goes for the entire pack of clearly defined Soros lackeys currently polluting our institutions of government.

The urgent characterization of the present situation, is essentially strategic. The system of "governance" introduced to the official British vocabulary by the officially lying skunk known as former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is, by implications, the most thoroughly evil sort of system of "governance" yet conceived in modern times, the case of Adolf Hitler given due consideration. Insofar as the consequences of a concession to such an arrangement would extend the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth to the form of a world-system of imperial dictatorship of the type nakedly proposed by the evil, drugging promoter George Soros.That Soros who is a notable accomplice in that British scheme, is to be fairly considered as one who is perhaps the most despicable personality on this planet today, with a record of service to the evil cause of the Hitler horror against European Jewry which could never be forgiven even still today, that not so much for his role then, as his failure to acknowledge the horror of his role in service to the Nazi regime, which could not be quieted to the present day.

The powers entrusted to Soros by the British monarchy itself, through the present day, keep the sheer horror of his existence in evidence, to the present day. There is little difference between Soros and the spirit of the Hitler regime still today. The common quality shared by Hitler and Soros, maintains those ties between them as active still today. Hitler might be almost forgotten; Soros, still today, keeps those ties between Hitler and himself alive, still now.

Obama, so far, has turned out no better than Soros.

Even putting both Hitler and Soros aside for a moment, the British imperial system of today, is no better, today, than it was in the Nineteenth Century in the Indian sub-continent, or in Africa; most of Africa today, is a case in point.

After all, such depravity as that is a British monarchy's imperial tradition as an imperialism of African slavery and drug-trafficking. After all, it was the British empire established by the February 1763 Peace of Paris, which created the British empire in fact, the empire rooted in the tradition of the New Venetian Party's William of Orange which had launched what was to be the British-empire-in-fact through the course of the so-called "Seven Years War." It was the British who ran the capture and trade in African slaves by Britain's captive Spanish monarchy, on behalf of the British monarchy, throughout a great part of the Nineteenth Century, and there have been but rare exceptions to that tradition in the conduct of the British empire centered in London, to the present day.

As for the British population, a people is defined, indelibly, by the crimes in which they are implicated by their concessions.

I personally, have no native impulse to be nasty in this matter. However, truth is truth, and must be said so that evil is not tolerated. The spread of an intent to create a mass-murderous form of British world-empire, as under Queen Elizabeth now, that in the dubious name of the explicitly imperialist doctrine of "governance," is, de facto, a declaration of war against the sovereignty of every nation, even the British population itself.

That much said up to this point, the emphasis must now be placed in blame for all that British evil on a more deeply situated kind of deep-going fault: such is the "Liberal System" of such as Paolo Sarpi and his offspring, Adam Smith.

The Evil Named 'Liberalism'

The particular achievement of "the" Adam Smith, properly so named in a likeness to the legendary "Old Adam," has been to have spoken Paolo Sarpi's principle of pure evil in plain English: the "pleasure-pain" principle.

After all, if you have rejected the practice of reason, from what court can you expect justice? For example, for you, Senator Kerry. Read Senator Kerry's recent exercise in sheer irrationalism, in a pled defense of the crime of the implicit treason of President Barack Obama. Kerry provides us an important example of a case in point.

Senator Kerry's message, when measured, door to door, is mere rhetoric; it contains no moral principle; rather, it is explicitly amoral, completely bereft of the footprints of any actual principle. The visible substitute for principle in his oratory, is the doctrine that no actual principle may be considered. Whatever worthless patchwork results in what must be brought to a vote eventually, results in the same indicated outcome, which would be the shipping of our republic into the sheer Hell of conceding the right to criminal, implicitly treasonous behavior of a Barack Obama. The roar of a dirty old, defeated, lion with no actual teeth.

True patriots were made of sterner stuff than that.

Once Obama were granted the power to violate the Constitution, which Kerry has pledged to President Obama, that is surely the access to Hell, to the descent of our republic into a Hell based entirely on the presumptions of the Adolf Hitler "emergency powers" decree. Were Kerry's plea sustained, either submission to a Nazi-like dictatorship in the U.S.A. were virtually guaranteed, or a bloody civil war would erupt in the United States against a corrupted government which had betrayed its Constitution, on one cheap, fraudulent pretext, or another. The American people, knowing they were surely about to be killed by Obama's Nazi-like measures, would be driven to desperate means to overthrow the overthrowers, the traitors to our republic who had permitted Obama to get by with such a monstrous, virtually Satanic crime, a criminality like that of the Roman Emperor Nero.

I suspect that the Creator Himself, seeing the very existence of His mankind so menaced, must play a hand Himself.

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