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This transcription appears in the August 19, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Only Solution Is To Fire Obama;
Restore Glass-Steagall

Lyndon LaRouche opened the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee-TV Weekly Report on Aug. 11 with the following remarks.

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We had an event, yesterday, a diplomatic event in Washington, D.C. The most significant part of that event is obviously the thing that was least on the schedule, and that is, as most of the diplomats there indicated, they have no comprehension of what the world situation is, or their immediate situation, right now. They're all trapped in a fantasy-land, which presumes that things aren't as bad as they are, a gross underestimation of the crisis which faces humanity now. For example, what we're dealing with immediately is the threat of, say, as early as Saturday, there could be a collapse of the entire world system, a chain-reaction collapse. We're on the edge now, of the decisions which will decide that. Perhaps some of these nations will be frightened enough not to do the stupid thing, the absolutely stupid thing, but none of them will be bright enough to know what to do, to be successful, in dealing with it.

And that's the mission before us. And that's the subject of the discussion here, today....

We are in a general breakdown crisis. And anyone who thinks there is not a general breakdown crisis, who does not think there's an immediate collapse of civilization, beginning in the trans-Atlantic region and extended to the rest of the world: We are looking at a breakdown crisis which has planet-wide, immediate implications. And all those people, who think there are little solutions on the way up there, or little things that can be worked out, or ways to postpone the crisis, are idiots!

We're now in a breakdown crisis. We do not produce enough, presently, to sustain people, in terms of the immediate needs of mankind! This is true in the United States, as in food supplies for the coming year; this is true in Europe; this is true in much of the rest of the world, they just don't know it. Their ignorance of reality is what seizes them and controls them, and controls their fate. That's where we are.

A Lack of Willingness To Comprehend

We had a diplomatic session, in Washington yesterday, and that is what we found. It was the largest diplomatic turnout we've had—and among all these people, there was a general expression of absolute confusion and misunderstanding of what the world situation is.

This, of course, is helped by the press, and similar kinds of things. It's helped by the politicians: Our politicians, generally are absolute idiots; there are a few exceptions. But the Democratic Party, the Republican Party—the main body of them are absolute idiots. They have no comprehension, and they lack the willingness to comprehend! They lack the willingness to understand the crisis! They lack the willingness to face reality! And this is typically a Boomer problem. They will not face reality: The entire system is now coming down. If there's not a radical and sudden change in direction, civilization is going under.

It can go under now. It can go under, who knows what day? Who knows how soon? But the potential for an immediate collapse exists this week: It came into existence on Sunday [Aug. 7], when everything was set up for a general breakdown crisis of the entire international financial-monetary system. And in all the governments of the world, there's not one which has shown understanding of the nature of this crisis. And therefore, what we have to say here—even though we may be regarded as a small voice in the world—it's probably the only thing that's worth hearing at this time.

The whole thing is coming down. Everyone in government is generally, more or less, a fool. They're in a state of denial, and that's the kind of question we have to take up today. Because somebody has got to speak the truth, when you're on the edge of a potential slide into Hell. And that time is now. We don't know when it would happen; we don't know if it would happen at some particular time, or in some way or another. We do know what the potential is. We do know that under present principles, under present guiding policies of the governments of the world, there is no chance for the survival of humanity. And only if there is a change, of the relevant type, will mankind come out of this thing safely.

And Hell is beginning now. We entered Hell this week. That question, when you begin to feel the heat, is the only question, and why.

And that's what we face. And we've got to get ourselves up to scratch on this level. Don't talk about this solution, that solution, this solution—forget it! It's very simple: What has to be done, is simply to put the entire financial-monetary system through a breakdown crisis, a managed breakdown crisis, in which, first of all, Glass-Steagall is essential.

Without Glass-Steagall and without firing the President of the United States, there's no chance for civilization. This man has to be thrown out of office now! If he is not thrown out of office, very soon, there's no chance for humanity! Because he's jamming up the works under British control. The only thing we have in our favor, is that some of the Europeans, including some of the British, realize what they're doing: They're gambling with extinction. Not extinction now, but a process that leads to extinction.

And therefore, that's the question we have to take up now, the question I posed yesterday.

Denial of Reality

I saw, in that group of diplomats, there, I saw complete consternation, complete denial of reality, complete ignorance of reality! Which reflects the fact that the governments of the world are not in reality. They're in a fantasy-land. And the time has come when it's all coming down. Unless we can reverse it—and it can be reversed, by the right decision: Fire Obama! Get him out of there! We have all the grounds for doing so! If we don't get him out of there, you will not find a political force capable of removing him and removing his policy. If you don't throw him out, no United States! That's where it stands. He has to be thrown out now, and there are grounds for doing so; several procedures exist. That's where we stand.

Which means there's a change in thinking among the political forces, the leading political forces, in the United States, among other places, as well as in Europe. And it has to be a change from what they think. It will not be a negotiation with them, on compromise! There is no compromise.

Glass-Steagall is indispensable; it is not the solution: It's the precondition for the solution! And the precondition is to junk, entirely, the so-called Green movement. That's the problem. The Green movement is what's killing us; it's killing humanity. If you don't throw the Green movement out, if you don't throw Obama out now, you're not going to have civilization!

So, you don't have a right to negotiate this, because if you don't come up with the right answer, there is no civilization. Therefore, if you don't agree with what I'm indicating has to be done, your ideas are worthless; you're self-doomed by your own folly. It's come to that point: The habits you've acquired, the people out there, the habits they've acquired, are the thing that dooms them. And it's those habits, that kind of thinking, which must be thrown out the window, to get back to the American System, and what the American System represented under Franklin Roosevelt and similar kinds of leaders.

Without doing that now, without cleaning up the act now, in that way, there's no chance: You've come to the end of the line, and the decisions you make now will be either salvation or doom.

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