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This transcript appears in the July 29, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Either Obama Goes Or the U.S.A. Goes

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Lyndon LaRouche delivered this webcast address from Northern Virginia on July 21, 2011. LaRouche's national spokeswoman Debra Freeman was the moderator.

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Debra Freeman: Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. I'd like to welcome you to today's webcast on behalf of LaRouche PAC. My name is Debra Freeman and I'm Mr. LaRouche's national spokeswoman.

In beginning today's event, I think that it would be irresponsible not to take note of the fact that this is a sad day for the United States. At approximately 5:57 this morning, the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Cape Kennedy, and although it was a safe, and in fact, perfect landing, and that's something that we are grateful for—we're happy that the astronauts came back safely—it is also the case that that landing had, really, the nature of a funeral, because it was the end of not only the 30-year mission of the Space Shuttle itself, but thanks to Barack Obama, if he were to have his way, it would mean the end of manned spaceflights on the part of the United States.

Now, if you don't like that—I know I don't like it—if you don't like that, then I suggest you listen very carefully to what Mr. LaRouche has to say today. Because, what I know he will do, is give you a very clear road map, as to what you can do about it. Because, while it's appropriate to be momentarily sad at this event, the fact is, that there is a solution to it. And the solution lies in removing Barack Obama from the Presidency, and beginning to impose the kinds of solutions that can restore our nation, and in fact, restore our species to its rightful mission on this planet.

So, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Lyndon LaRouche.

Lyndon LaRouche: Thank you.

We are now, as we have been doing in the previous two days—we're going to take on the essential fraud of a President who is not a President, who is some kind of freak: Barack Obama. If we don't get Barack Obama out of office very soon—and there are three ways to get him out: One, he runs scared, in order not to go to prison, like Nixon did. Number two, he's kicked out of office by Section 4, of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And in that case, he goes that way. The other way is a straight impeachment.

If this bum is not out of office, you're not going to have a United States. So there is no basis for tolerating this President in the office of President now! The problem is, the issue is not made clear because we have a bunch of cowardly generations. Not my generation; my generation is World War II. I'm one of the last survivors, or active survivors of that period. And other generations, generally, are cowards: They will never tell the truth. They will always mix things up and say, "Well, maybe it could be this," or that sort of talk. As a result of that kind of talk, if no decision is made, which would save this nation from extinction, we're close to the end, now! You're talking about September-October; you're talking about an already dead nation if no change of this type is made.

So what we are going to do today, as we've been doing in sessions earlier this week, on Tuesday evening—and that's recorded in an audio version; what we said yesterday, on the Wednesday program which we ran, which was a scientific presentation, with some special features included; what we're going to say today, is recast that whole picture in essentials [July 20 LPAC-TV Weekly Report] [[]]. The elimination of Obama from the Presidency, is the absolute precondition for the survival of the United States and generally for the human race. Because if he is allowed to remain in office, the chain-reaction effect throughout the world will mean the greatest kill of human beings in all known history today. If you want to be exterminated, keep him in office, permit him to remain in office. The man is purely evil. Everything he represents is a lie!

The problem is, there are many other liars. They call themselves "scientists." They specialize in lies. I shall deal with that.

The Oligarchical Principle: the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Okay, the key issue here is that people have adopted a policy called a Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a complete fraud. There is absolutely no truth to it. Now, this is easily demonstrated, actually, scientifically. There's no doubt. Anybody who believes in the Second Law of Thermodynamics is mentally ill, whether they know it or not, whether they did it deliberately or not. Because the known organization of the universe is against that assumption for a Second Law of Thermodynamics. But this is used as a way of destroying humanity.

I'll get to exactly what that means, but first of all, let's take the issue itself.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics presumes, that there's a barrier in the universe, such that there's always a deterioration in terms of the potential population-density of the people of the planet. That is an absolute lie! Anybody who believes in the Second Law of Thermodynamics: They flunk science—or science flunked them—one of the two.

There is no basis for tolerating, or proving, or permitting the fraudulent Second Law of Thermodynamics being introduced as a policy-maker inside the United States or Europe, or elsewhere, but the United States, in particular. But that is the argument which is used for the so-called—what do you call it? You call it anything dirty—that's what it is. But it's the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics which is behind the so-called Green movement.

The Green movement is designed by certain people, and has been designed over many centuries, millennia even, to kill people. The motive for the killing is called the oligarchical principle. The key example of that officially in European history, is located in the period of the reign of King Philip of Macedon. Philip, during his reign, made an agreement with the Persian Empire. That agreement was the agreement to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, in effect: It's called the oligarchical principle. The argument was that the oligarchical class must rule the world, and that the people who are not in the oligarchical class will be classed as cattle, or some kind of animal. They will be reduced in numbers, they will be kept stupid, they will be prohibited from having access to scientific and related knowledge. The population will be regulated, accordingly, to fit what you can accommodate with a certain low level of technology, how large a population of the slaves can you maintain.

The point is, if you increase the productivity of the slaves, through scientific or similar kinds of progress, then they will take over! If they're numerous and skilled, they will take over. Then what happens to the oligarchy?

It was this agreement, that's called the oligarchical principle. And the history of European civilization since that time, actually, also since earlier times, had been based on that concept of the oligarchical principle.

The typical example of this, is the monetary system: If you believe in monetarism, you are believing in that principle, the oligarchical principle. It's a lie! The lie is the Second Law of Thermodynamics in modern times. Anybody who believes in an attritional principle is actually stupid in science. Any scientist who approves it is either a liar, or just plain ignorant, or stupid.

Because, the evidence before us demonstrates that that is a lie! The policy that is driving the Obama Administration is a mass-murderous policy which is a lie! Everything in the policy is a lie. Anybody who recites it, with a university education, they're a liar! Maybe they're stupid—that's probably their escape clause.

That's what the danger is. You have it now—it's clear. Prince Philip of England said 2 billion people is the maximum allowed, before! Now, they've reduced it to 1 billion people that are allowed to live. The rest of you are going to be killed, because you've got to fit a policy of world population of 1 billion people or less.

The British Empire Is the Enemy of Humanity

You are supporting Obama? Who are you going to eat? Who are you going to kill? What about the people called professors, scientists, experts, who support this policy? They're worse than Hitler, far worse than Hitler. Hitler was a junior league type, with this crowd.

Who is this? Who's behind it? The British Empire, the Queen of England! The President of the United States, right now, is an enemy of all humanity. He's a bigger enemy of humanity than Adolf Hitler was. If you support his policy, the Green policy, you are supporting a Hitler policy against yourself.

Now, this has been going on for a long time. Look at Africa: Africa is an area of permanent cannibalism by the British and others. And you support this policy? You tolerate this policy? You support a member of the Senate, or a member of the House of Representatives, who supports this policy? Aren't you a mass-murderer, an accomplice in mass-murder against probably yourself and your neighbors.

This is a lie! There's no truth to it! What's the truth? Well, it happens, for the past, approaching a billion years or so, there has been a study of life on Earth, all kinds of life; the evolution of life, development of life-forms, so forth. And this process, of change in the nature of species existing on the planet, the change in the size of the population of animals, various kinds of vegetation and so forth, and human beings—and human beings have only been around for a few million years of all this period.

But throughout this period, there have been periodic mass-kills, of species of society, or plant life, animal life, and so forth—mass kills. But, every mass kill is associated with the elimination of some species, but the emergence of species which are of a higher order than those which are killed. This is the principle. The universe is anti-entropic. There is no Second Law of Thermodynamics. There's only an evil lie.

That's the record.

For example, we have the delightful myth about the people living in the so-called Stone Age, or the ancient Stone Age, the great kills. But when they were killed, these animals which were killed were very inefficient animals relative to what replaced them later on. It wasn't one species for another, that replaced the other. It was a general increase in what we call the energy-flux density of the human and other species, plant species, other things, a constant increase of progress to higher forms of life, with greater power than the species that had died out.

Now, in all these cases, the changeover, from a lower level of life existence, to a higher form, has usually depended upon a change in species. The inferior species died out, but they were replaced, not one for one, but in terms of total variety, they were replaced by higher orders of species, more developed, more productive. A general increase in the energy-flux density of living processes on this planet! Not only are the species improved, in net effect, but the energy-flux density represented by this change is always continued. There has never been a period, that corresponds to the idea of environmentalism.

All environmentalism is a lie! It's a vicious lie whose consequence, when applied, is genocide.

Now, Africa is typically an area of genocide. Who practices genocide in Africa? Well, first of all the British. They are the principal means there of genocide. Who else does it? Well, others do it, the people who own Africa, who control the population, who control their conditions of life; who prevent the development of water systems, all of these kinds of things. There is deliberate genocide against Africa!

The Green Movement Is a Crime of the Monetarist System

And the particular significance of this, is the fact that they are now bringing it to you, in Europe, and in the United States. Genocide is being brought against you. And you vote for a Greenie? You tolerate a Green policy? The fact of the matter—that the characteristics of living processes on this planet, and in this system, otherwise, as we know the system as a whole, the Solar System and what we know of the processes in the galactic system, in the galaxy of which we're a part—these processes are always anti-entropic. That is, the energy-flux density, represented by each type of species, is increased to a higher level—the direct opposite of the argument of the Green movement. The Green movement, if allowed to exist, will destroy much of the human race, and send it backward. Anybody who supports the Green movement, is, in effect, either clinically insane or a criminal. The Green movement is a crime; it is not a political movement.

The basis is the oligarchical principle. The argument was, as in the case of King Philip of Macedon and the Persian Empire, which made the agreement with him, was that the areas around the Mediterranean at that time would be under the rule of the oligarchical principle; which means that the ordinary folk are going to be kept not too numerous, and cheap, and living miserable, and frequently culled in their numbers! So, there will be just enough people, among the human beings as opposed to the oligarchs, to be convenient for the oligarchs. And the rest of them were superfluous. Kill 'em!

Wars were organized, as an aid to decimations of populations, for the Green movement of the past. Cultures were destroyed, for the same purpose. And this is what is running the United States, right now, under Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is a stooge for the British Empire. The British Empire is a continuation of the original Roman Empire, a continuation of the Byzantine Empire, of the Crusader system. The British Empire is not something that comes out of the Queen: The British Empire is a system, a monetarist system. The world is dominated by a monetarist system!

Now, what's the meaning of a monetarist system? Well, a monetary unit has no intrinsic value, no intrinsic physical value. No value for humanity. It's simply an arbitrary instrument, which came into existence as the product of a cult which is called the oligarchical system. Prince Philip: No more than 2 billion people on the planet; kill the rest of them. Keep bats in your belfry, what the British modern family does. Same thing all the way through, same kind of thing. This is what our problem is.

The problem is, the suckers believe the stuff. Members of Congress, members of the Senate, other members of government, universities! Science departments of universities believe in this crap! You get degrees for believing in this. Not much of a future, but degrees, you get. You're buried, wrapped in some kind of a symbol of the universe degree—the parchment—you get a piece of parchment, and they wrap your corpse, after it's dried, in parchment, in order to regulate the size of the population.

And you suckers believe it? You think this is science? You think because the guy's some professor at some university that he's a scientist? It's a freak show! He's a freak! He's out there in costume in various senses and ways. And you look at him, "Oh!! There is a Professor! They're all geniuses, aren't they? They know the secrets of the universe! They know things you don't know, they know!" In order to be able to know what they know, you have to become a professor, in a certain university, and emblazoned with all kinds of decorations and instruments and so forth. And you are now admired: "He's a Professor! He knows!" And that's the farce.

So, we believe in this.

Obama Is Putting Your Life in Danger!

Now, what we've done, and as I say, there were two previous sessions of our organization which dealt with this problem. One, we had a meeting of the National Executive Committee, on Tuesday this week, and the record of that discussion exists as an audio production, available to you. We did a second piece yesterday, in a video type of production of one hour and two minutes [LPAC-TV Weekly Report:], which presents the argument for the case, and also amplifies that. Sky [Shields] did one part of the thing; I did another part; and this young lady, Alicia [Cerretani] did the other part.

And we presented four points, four different points on this. It's available to you. Use it. It's there. Sky did a brilliant job in his part on this one, just a very concise, effective presentation of a scientific argument on this question. I'm trying not to tread on the area they covered, because you'll have these things as a permanent record for you to consult as to what's going on here.

So therefore, we have to, in a sense, destroy everything that's tied to the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration is simply an agent of the British Empire. He's a British stooge; the corrupt money which brought him into office was provided largely by people from Britain. And they violated the law, up and down, in the way they financed Obama's election. He shouldn't be President. He should have been sort of impeached before coming into office. You know, a pre-impeachment would be appropriate for his case.

But the point is, that we are imprisoned, by people who control our destiny, on the basis of what is called now a Green policy. Germany, other countries of Europe, are imprisoned by that. Mass genocide in parts of Africa, spreading genocide, intended for other parts of the world: genocide. You vote for President Obama, support him, you're a promoter of genocide. You have no moral right to avoid impeaching this clown. Because if you don't impeach him and throw him out, you're going to have the worst dark age that mankind has ever experienced, and it's coming on right now, under his present term, as President.

And you've got a bunch of cowards called "Members of Congress," and leading politicians, who won't fight him, who won't oppose him, who won't thrown him out! And every day you don't throw him out, you're putting your life and your whole family's life in danger! You're putting everything you know in danger! Every day he's there, more will unnecessarily die! Murdered by the Green policy. Because there won't be enough to eat.

Already, in the United States today, we are not producing enough for Americans to eat! Can you imagine what that's going to look like next January and so forth, by that time? How many of you will be dead of starvation because there's a vast gap in what's needed for human consumption of what's going to be available.

Look what's happening in Africa now, the genocide in that corner of Africa. You tolerate this present President, you're guilty of supporting and tolerating genocide. Not only genocide against other nations, but against yourself.

So we come into a situation in which the welfare of the future of mankind depends upon people who have the guts to take this on, and fail to compromise with anything resembling the Green policy. It's important to know that this is a fraud. It's important to say that this is a fraud. People will attack the policy, they will say, "Well, it's not fair. It doesn't do something for us. We need this, not that." All these petty, silly little arguments about minor things that don't mean anything, in place of the fundamental question: As long as this President is President, you don't have a chance.

Not chasing this President out of the Presidency is an act of suicide. And that's what this proves. If we look at what we call the energy-flux density of the various forms of life in the Solar System, and we study that, we see that there is always this rise in energy-flux density, that is, the amount and concentration of power, in the form of energy-flux density. That's what it's based on: higher energy-flux density.

The Issue Is Energy-Flux Density

Green is dead. Solar power is murder. Because, take the case: Look at a little thing like solar power, sunbeams. Now, you are familiar with them, largely, well, if you've got a sunburn or something like that, that's one way. But you're also familiar with them as something else. You're familiar with them as green. You're familiar with them, in our time, as the solar radiation which, applied to plant growth on Earth, increases the net effect of energy-flux density.

If you take the solar power, solar radiation, and you consume it as a power source, what's the effect? You do not get chlorophyll. And the generation, for our time, for the human race's time, the generation on which progress depends, is chlorophyll. The capture of solar radiation into the form of the magical little creature called chlorophyll. And this little creature gives you, not just something, it gives you plants—otherwise, you wouldn't have them. It gives you trees, a special kind of plant. It gives you weather systems, on which you depend. It's all done for free, by the solar radiation process, and anti-environmentalist, shall we say, system.

If you're an environmentalist, you're asking to be killed. Solar radiation will kill you; it won't feed you, it'll kill you. Solar radiation impinging upon plant life, the real green, gives you the basis for much of the entirety of the possibility of human life on this planet. If you convert solar radiation into solar cell-power, instead of into the benefits of green, then you're killing the human race.

If we look at it from another standpoint: Let's take the total amount of calories, as measured in energy-flux density, from solar radiation and similar kinds of radiation. What is the effect of that? How does that work? And you look, then, at living processes generally, over the period that we know, say, approximately about a billion years or so, something like that. What happens? The planet Earth and the Solar System increases its potential productivity for human life, in direct and indirect ways. If you convert it to the raw consumption of the direct solar radiation, it will kill you. Solar radiation, used as it should be used, increases the power of the human species.

What we're doing now is killing the human species: Every windmill you see is killing people, not just birds. Every solar collector you see is killing people, when the measure of the potentiality of the human species, is actually the increase of the power.

So, when they talk about a Second Law of Thermodynamics, they're lying! There's no truth to it. The truth of the matter is, the possibility of the increased conditions of human life, or any other kind of life, the whole history that we know of life in this Solar System, is based on that principle! Take down the windmills. Destroy the solar cells. We may keep a few for exhibits. For helping to cook people! Hmm?

But that's what we're up against. And it's the failure of lying scientists, who tell you, that these instruments are good—they're liars! If they're not simply stupid. The same thing is true with the windmills. People who believe in windmills are stupid or liars!

There is no such thing as a tendency toward a depletion of power, what some of you call energy-flux density, on this planet. The history of living processes, the history of the Solar System, says that the logical, natural tendency which rules the universe and rules our Solar System in particular, is a constant rise, through the action especially of life, the rise in what's called energy-flux density.

So there is no such thing, as an attritional factor, in human life on Earth. Mankind dominates this planet in a way it was never true before. Mankind is an active part—in other words, you don't have a universe, or a Solar System, or an Earth, which is using up something. Actually, human life in this system increases the productivity of the system.

We are not a waste product—unless we eat too much, which will have certain effects. We're not a waste product. We are an active, leading part of the universe, in the part we live in! Mankind is a leading contributor to the conditions of life, of all kinds of life, not every particular species, but all kinds of life.

We Are an Essential Part of the Universe

Now, this comes to the big question: What does this all mean? What it means is elementary. It means that we are an essential part of the universe. We are a leading part of the universe, in the part we occupy. We are exemplary of processes, which approach those of human species. We are a creative force. We're not something on the sidelines; we're integral to the creative forces of development within our part of the universe. We exemplify, in what we're able to contribute, those processes, which dominate and run the universe!

The universe is like that! So science should mean this. Everything else is a lie.

But the lie has a function, an evil function. And the lie is to reduce the human population. Why? Because mankind's natural tendency is to make what we call discoveries in universal physical principle, or things equivalent to that. This is not something man may or may not do. The very existence of mankind introduces this factor. We are the most important positive factor in the universe, at least as far as we know, in the territories we know.

Human beings are the driver of progress on this planet. The increase of energy-flux density by the action of human beings is the leading force and factor in developing life on this planet.

Why do we have to believe this crap? Because the enemy of mankind, the oligarchs, believe that they, as oligarchs, a tiny part of the whole population, have the right to control and exploit people. They believe that people are cattle, whose only function is to be sufficient in their labor and numbers to provide the oligarchs with sustenance, as oligarchs. And anything that gets in excess of that, they have to periodically clean out! Every mass-base of genocide on this planet, of true genocide, that is, the willful practice of genocide by nations and by cultures, is based on the ironclad Green principle! On the principle of so-called environmentalism. Environmentalism is the greatest evil that we know on this planet. We give into it, we're either stupid, or evil, ourselves.

Then, why would you support a politician, who would vote the Green ticket? Your voting for genocide. You're making Hitler look like a small-time piker compared to you. That's the case.

Now, you know what people are saying out there, you know what you see in the press, you know what you see in the magazines, you know what comes out of the universities, and out of the mouths, or some other part of professors—you know this thing. And yet, you consent to it! You consent to it either by supporting it, you consent to it by condoning it, you concede to it by saying, "Well, uh, they made the laws."

What is law then? Is it lawful to practice genocide against human beings? To practice genocide willfully against human beings? Is that lawful!? What do you do with such a law? What do you do with such a lawyer? You hang him! As a criminal! He's no good. What do you do with a politician, who supports Green policies?

This is reality! We face the fact that the human species is being destroyed, now, by the Green movement. That the Green movement is a fraud; every argument for the Green movement is a fraud! It's a lie, and it's a murderous lie, a mass-murderous lie!

Why do you vote for a politician who supports that policy? Why do you tolerate a politician who supports that policy? You say you would like to get hands on Hitler, who's already dead, and kill him? What you've got is something worse: It's called the President of the United States! He's worse than Hitler! And people say, "You can't say that about our President!" Why not? He's a criminal. His actions are a crime! He's a threat to humanity! Why do you apologize for him? Why do you apologize for the politician? Why do you apologize for the press? Why do you apologize for people who spread this crap? Which is killing our people! Killing civilization! And you are willing to accept the authority of a Congress which votes for this crap? How are you going to free yourself of death, mass death, if you don't stop supporting the so-called Green movement. You have not got a chance and the human race doesn't have a chance.

So where's your morality? You say you have morals? What's your morality and its effect on humanity? What's your morality if you believe in the Green movement? It's killing people already; it's killing them en masse already! I mean, most of the people in this room would be dead, in short order, unless this movement is stopped, the Green movement.

What's lacking? Honesty and courage. Honesty and courage. That's the problem before us, that simple. Anything contrary to that, is a lie.

Mankind Is Immortal

Well, that's not the limit of the problem. Let's take the case of the Solar System and our galaxy. The Solar System is a part of the galaxy; it's a wandering part inside the galaxy; it goes up and down, and so forth. And the movement of these parts of the galaxy back and forth results in things called mass kills, great kills. The dinosaurs were killed off by such an operation, the only way they were killed.

But then, the universe, especially our galaxy, has a marvelous thing: It, too, increases the energy-flux density embodied in it. It grows! It grows like a living thing. Well, what's the difference between an animal then, and a man? Mankind makes the decision willfully. We are capable of increasing the energy-flux density in the universe, willfully.

Now, the universe does this anyway. The universe is always productive. The difference is that mankind is consciously productive. Mankind's discovery and knowledge of science is conscious action, and the rate of increase of productivity of mankind, and productivity of everything in the system, depends upon the creative powers which are uniquely specific to living human beings; properly educated living human beings of course.

That is the secret of life. That's the secret of the universe: That we, as mankind, are a greater force for improvement of the universe than any other form of existence. We, as human beings, are the greatest force for good known to us today. There are lots of parts of the universe we don't know, but just to stick to what we do know, the neighborhood we know: Mankind is the greatest creative force within the universe, as far as we know it.

It's the creative powers of mankind, because all forms of life, all forms of existence, are creative! They all, in the process—when they die, for example, they will die out, and they die out, as being replaced by a higher form of living process, or higher form of existence generally, than what they replace. It's not a one-for-one replacement, but in general, the whole system is of that nature.

The one thing that's great is the human species: Why? The human species is the miracle species. Every form of life, other than mankind, for example—there are other considerations—but every form of life other than mankind is doomed to extinction in the cyclical process of development of evolution of the universe. That's what we know. We know it immediately, and we adduce that for this system at large—every form!

Mankind is not only the most productive form, in terms of rate of increase of productivity, in the universe as we know it, but mankind is the only species which can continue to live, among all the living species we know. In most cases, you look at the history, close to 98% of what we know of having been living species are extinct! And yet, in the process of extinction the universe improves. Because each generation of creature, does its job, and dies, and passes the torch on to the next species, or the next series of species. That's the way it works.

And mankind does not only do that, with the greatest efficiency in potential of all known living species, but mankind is the only species which is potentially capable of being an immortal species. That is, a species which never dies.

Now, this is conditional: In principle that's true. Mankind in principle is an immortal species. That doesn't mean we're going to live forever as individuals. It means the human species is capable of living forever! If we do the right thing, and don't do the wrong thing. Whereas, there's no other living species, which has a built-in capability, as a species, of surviving the upward evolution of the varieties of existence within the universe as we know it. We are the only immortal species.

Now, that's on the condition that we live up to that challenge. It means scientific progress; it means increase in the energy-flux density of great orders of magnitude; it means an explosion of achievement, whereby we're able to protect human life within this galaxy, within this region of the universe. We're capable of doing that, if we do it, and if we commit ourselves to it appropriately, we are the kings and queens of the universe, apparently. Or, maybe there's some other species we don't know of up there, that shares that dignity. But that's what we are.

Now, this is the meaning of immortality, which is the proper principle for looking at this whole process. We are all going to die, probably. Maybe somebody comes up with an invention and changes that rule. But in the history of mankind, so far—oh, a few million years, that's all mankind has lived in this planet; but in this process, we become more powerful as a species. We become more creative.

In being creative, we develop the means to ensure that we can survive the next great kill change, that we could have survived, for example, the dinosaurs, who were wiped out in one big mass kill. We have the potentiality, in what we call scientific and related progress, to build a condition under which we are able to develop a system to protect and maintain human life in continuity, under conditions which, for an animal species, otherwise, would be dead!

Now, how does this occur? This occurs by discoveries, like physical scientific discoveries of mankind. That's how this occurs. Therefore, we develop means, we might call them scientific instruments, other, similar kinds of means, by which we're able to build protection for the human species. This power of protection comes from the inventions and similar kinds of progress in the condition of the existence of the human species. We can protect ourselves. We are more powerful, we have means that are more powerful! We can protect ourselves. And by building protection for ourselves, we can endure and tolerate conditions that mankind otherwise would never be able to tolerate.

We are, thus, immortal, through scientific exploration, through scientific migrations, and similar kinds of things, we are capable of expanding the role of mankind more broadly in the galaxy and in the system. Mankind is an immortal species, which the discoveries of new great principles, like scientific principles, means that mankind is enabled to protect itself, against conditions which would otherwise be the kind of great kills, which wipe out entire species. That's us!

But that's not for the oligarchs. The oligarchs say, if we can do that, we human beings can do that, we don't need the oligarchs, any more. And we never did! It's the overcoming a destruction of the system of oligarchism, which is typified by the Queen of England, typified by the piece of trash called Obama! That is the issue.

Not merely to save mankind, to protect mankind, to improve the conditions of life. But on the conception that mankind has some kind of a special gift from the universe, that mankind as a species has a higher destiny than any other known living species to us today. That destiny is ours! It belongs to us, providing we live up to what we are, human creative beings. It belongs to us.

Somewhere in this process, in our development of discoveries of great scientific principle, we developed the means by which not only to preserve the human species, where no other species known to us could be preserved. But we have a mission, a divine mission in the universe to be the power, the growing power within the universe, which is capable of doing other great things for the improvement of the universe, as such.

That should be our self-conception. That's the immortality of the person. Think of a scientist, who makes a great discovery. He dies. The great discovery lives on as a permanent benefit built into the system. It leads as a foundation, for the development of still-higher states of development of humanity. So mankind is of a type of species, which is, in principle, immortal in potential. We live in the service of the universe, as a willful, creative force, within the service of the universe: That's us.

We Are a Sacred Species

Therefore, we are immortal, not because we might live forever, but because the effect of what we do as human beings will live forever: We are among the assigned authors of the improvement of the universe, to whatever purpose we find landing in our laps. We are a sacred species, because we have the power of immortality, made available to us, and into our hands, by these means.

Now, that was the tendency, when people left Europe, and came to New England. That was the intention: to take the natural potential of mankind as already developed and transport it away from a place where it would be crushed, into a place where it was intended to be expressed.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony became the symbol of that. Then, with William of Orange's ascension to power, which was the beginning of the British Empire, we were crushed in Massachusetts. But the principle was maintained, and was expressed then in our Constitution, if you understand our Constitution. That's what was expressed there: the sense of humanity, a moral sense of an immortal species. Not immortal because it's sitting there being immortal, but because its activity, its contribution to the condition of mankind, is of the quality of willful immortality: a purpose for mankind, a destiny for mankind, which is conditional on the willingness of mankind, to adopt that destiny and practice it.

Can you think of yourself as being a part of a species that just plain dies, without any change in improvement in what you are able to do? Can you be satisfied and pleased with that? Can you be pleased with the idea that the species you represent is suddenly going to become extinct? Can you like that? Can you work to that end? Or would you be despairing?

But the fact is, as scientific progress has enabled us to demonstrate this, in an exemplary way, at least, if not a perfect way, we have a divine intention for our existence, which is the maintenance and improvement of the universe. We're now modest in our skills, but the principle is there. The principle of those who have gone before us in the great achievements of mankind, have done the same thing, served that same principle.

So it's not merely a matter of avoiding "bad things," which the Obama Administration is—very bad—which ought to be eliminated immediately! We have various instruments to do it, as I said. There are three ways we can get rid of him—and quickly. And it must be done—quickly. How will we do it? We crush his power. We take the instruments of power out of his hands! By getting our citizens to take their legal right to create laws which take the power out of the hands of these pigs! That's what we must do.

We must do it with a sense of a divine mission, that we are a unique species, insofar as we know what we are. We are an immortal species of mortal people. Our immortality lies in what we discover and contribute to the future of mankind. That is made evident to us, just by what we experience. It's made evident to us; that's our assigned mission because that's the possibility before us. That's the challenge before us.

We're all going to die, so what's the purpose in our living? Are you just something like a bug that just happens to live and then dies? Is that what you are? Is that what you wish to be?

Or, do you not recognize that we, as human beings, have the power of creativity, as no other known species, known to us presently, has. And any species that has the same power, anywhere in the universe that we discover, has implicitly the same divine mission that we as human beings have. We never die. The effect of our living lives on, if we live that way.

It's that conviction that gives us the power, the will, and the joy, to be a human being! That's the basis for the true sense of citizenship of a person in our nation: This is us! This is the meaning of our existence. This is our purpose for existing! This is our rejoicing in the fact that we exist, that we make children, we make other human beings, to continue and to improve in this same direction.

That's what we must fight for! Not bickering about this point, and that law, and that law. But a matter of principle: Are we realizing the divinity, inherent in a special quality of mankind, as not known to us, presently, in any other species. That's our intention. That's the meaning of life: If you're going to die, and we all must expect to die, now, then what do you have? You have the intention of your effect in the universe. You are creating an effect which is immortal. And therefore, you are immortal. You are a member of an immortal species.

And you have the power and authority which goes with that, implicitly. The universe has pointed it out to you. Experience has pointed it out to you: That's your power, that's your authority. That's your joy! That's your pleasure in being human, and being alive, and having a special kind of immortality, that your life will always mean something to humanity, in practice, if not in knowledge. But you will be able to know that your life has an immortal meaning.

That's the basis for our republic. That's the basis for our proper policy. That's the basis for our proper law. This other stuff is crap! It's a great lie, put upon us by evil, evil called the oligarchical principle; the oligarchical principle embodied in the British monarchy; the oligarchical principle embodied in Barack Obama!

Are you going to fight for humanity? Are you going to defend humanity? Are you going to defend the idea of an immortal species, as mankind? (Not excluding the fact there may be other immortal species somewhere in this universe.) That's the challenge.

And I think, without that concept, and without that challenge, I don't believe there is any possibility of true morality. That's what has not been said. Only by saying that, and understanding that, and adhering to that, acquiring the confidence that that represents, acquiring the intention that that implies: That is what it is to be a human being! And by asserting that law, we are asserting the role of humanity as qualifying itself as an immortal species. That's what you have to counter to this crime called Obama.

Thank you.

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