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This article appears in the March 23, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Our World's Fast-Waning Options

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 8, 2012

Profound matters at issue are sometimes presented to us from amid grotesque settings of misbelief.

As of the close of Russia's March 4, 2012, Sunday election, the British-controlled enemies of Russia, who were typically represented by my rather long-standing personal enemy, the British empire's notorious tool, Mikhail S. Gorbachov, had represented less than 20% of the Russian vote cast, according to the end-of-the-day estimates on the Russian election and related developments.

Therefore, on the basis of that and related evidence, the urgent question is: is it now this fact, taken together with the immediate push for an Israeli war against Iran, which now signals us toward what the British empire, backed by British puppet-President of the United States, Barack Obama, now intends to unleash as an intended, full-scale, thermonuclear-weapons-launch against Russia, China, and related targets, now, in addition to other victims of British empire-led, and implicitly treasonous crimes against humanity, targets such as those of the British tool, the Emperor Nero-mimic, U.S. President Barack Obama, against such targeted, sovereign nation-states as Syria and Iran. The British and their nominally American puppet-President, Obama, are following up the Hitler-like, war-criminal actions of the Obama puppet-regime in Libya.

Gorbachov has been, unfortunately, relevant. Had Andropov and Gorbachov, as de facto British puppets, and also some leading American fools, not prevented the adoption of what U.S. President Ronald Reagan had put forward as what I had launched as my Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), the history of U.S.A. relations with the Soviet Union, and, later Russia, would have taken an entirely different track. None of the crises which both Western Europe and Eastern Europe have suffered since that time, would have occurred as they did. My intended science-driver operation would have become the rich destiny of a shared science-driver orientation which would have defeated our republic's truly principal, British adversary since the likes of the British "Wall Street" agents Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, and their treasonously inclined, corrupt fool Andrew Jackson. Such have been merely typical among the elements of that British imperial program which has destroyed the peace and economy of the world among leading groups of nations then, as still today.

What has now happened thus far, instead of my own initiative for what had become known as a "Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)" has been a London-Wall Street swindle which has now brought the entirety of the trans-Atlantic region of the planet into the wretched state of a presently doomed, intrinsically physical-economic, as much as hyper-inflationary, breakdown-crisis of the entire trans-Atlantic community. However, as I shall indicate in due course in this present report, there is the still remaining, proverbially "last-minute" prospect of a brilliant new triumph of mankind awaiting our species, if we will adopt the great potential opportunities before us, on the condition that we will be agreed to change our presently foolish ways, in time.

For the most crucial of the answers to those and related questions which those British-led crimes pose, we must look back to the instance of the British-led opposition to U.S. President Ronald Reagan's March 23, 1983 presentation of his proposal for A Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). None of the leading questions pertaining to a presently swelling campaign of world-wide mass-death, today, could be competently understood and answered, until the significance of that original SDI is carefully, precisely and urgently reconsidered now.

For the key to the answer to related such historical questions, look back to a policy which I had first presented at the close of Summer 1977, during one of my stays in Europe, through President Ronald Reagan's March 1983 proposal to Moscow then, and beyond. That Summer 1977 was the time of the birth of that policy-conception of mine which would come to be known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), as later adopted by U.S.A. President Ronald Reagan. Unless you understand that single fact, stretched from late Summer 1977, to the present day, you do not understand the trajectory of the military or related history of the world over an interval since the beginning of those intervals of time, the history which currently threatens you, still today, with a repose in Hell, unless you intervene to deserve better, in an appropriately timely manner now.

To enjoy what is sometimes called your "personal freedom to choose," you must also recognize that you have thus also earned the punishments which you have helped to bring upon yourselves, at least as much as the pleasure you have adopted as your own on that account. "Free to choose," can turn out to signify more the freedom for you to enjoy the pains of the sequels of intent or neglect which you have brought upon yourselves. Often it is your own choice of opinion which will ruin you, as it has done in the cases of your complicity in the choices of George H.W. Bush, his son, George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama. Was that the work of public, or, perhaps, somebody's pubic opinion?

The Evil British Empire

Now, we have come to the time that the British empire has currently launched the attempt to push forward the greatest crime against humanity in all modern world history. This crime, an attempt at virtually global thermonuclear, mass bombardments, an intended, and prepared crime, which has been perpetrated, chiefly, by British influences, has been prepared for immediate deployment under the rubric of a massive, fully intended British scheme of "pro-environmentalist" genocide throughout the planet. This is a crime aided by the British orchestration of an attempted thermonuclear war against the principal and other nations of Eurasia and other places; it is not only necessary, for the sake of the existence of humanity on this planet, to defeat the evil schemes of that British empire and its puppets;[1] it is essential to define and implement the means needed to properly identify, understand, and remove that evil from among important nations of this planet.

Here, we examine the profundity of the lessons to be learned from this, learning, hopefully, from insight into a far deeper, and long-ranging, ontological basis of your experiences.

An Introduction:

Evolution Today

During the recent years, up through the present date, the set of associates of mine known as "The Basement Team," had developed what have proven to be, chiefly, an important series of closely related scientific discoveries. What that team has discovered, has been premised chiefly on already well-established, consolidated sets of facts of scientific discovery by others. My team of associates, with some important points of participation in this by me, has pulled the relevant evidence, included their own added discoveries, together, that chiefly by means of some crucial discoveries of their own. My contribution has been crucial in bringing the needed conclusions of that team together.

These discoveries, whose most crucial implications have been drawn out by my own work during the recent several years, have included what has been a long-overdue clarification of the fact, that a fairly estimated, ninety-eight percentile of living species had come, and vanished from our planet Earth. The deeper meaning of my associates' accomplishments, which I present in this present location, had been developed, chiefly by me, in a wider dimension on the included basis of my own original work, including work done by me since a time even long before those present "Basement" associates of mine had been born.

For example, this has been the fruit of my original presentation of the evidence defining the underlying basis for a science of forecasting of those kinds of developments which must be classified under the specifications of the competent form of a science of physical economy, as that science had been illustrated by my own discoveries in that field, as by those discoveries added, recently, for today.

Both of two converging sets of scientific developments, my associates' and my own, the one in physical biology, the other in the science of physical economy, are now combined, in effect, to demonstrate the fact of the absolutely, and intentionally fraudulent character of what was introduced, fraudulently, after the 1866 death of Bernhard Riemann, by such as Rudolf Clausius, as an intrinsically absurd, alleged "Second Law of Thermodynamics."

That experience shows more clearly than otherwise, why the British imperial monarchy has presently demanded a rapid, mass-murderous collapse of the human population of our planet from seven billions persons, to less than one. Most among our readers here, are almost certainly among those on the British monarchy's urgent, global death-list today. A thermonuclear attack on Russia and China (two among the leading, presently proposed, British and Obama targets for virtual extinctions), would have, for you and other intended victims, the chain-reaction-like effect of bringing the human species to the verge of extinction, that for already noted reasons which I shall explain within the context of this present report.

The most crucial of the practical issues on the table of strategy for this present time, is the fact that the presently intended program now staged for launching by that present British monarchy, has been the British empire's intention to bring off such an act of global genocide with the help of the present British monarchy's mentally deranged puppet, the Emperor Nero-like, unbalanced mind known as that of U.S. President Barack Obama. That British monarchy's repeatedly stated intention, is to kill off all but about one billion of the world's present, seven billions human beings; however, it were likely that, under conditions of thermonuclear warfare launched by Britain and its current puppet, President Obama, the result might far exceed such a mark, might set off even an ultimate extinction of the human species: whether the principal criminal, the British empire, had intended that ultimate outcome, or not.

The launching of mass-killings directed against a list of targets including Russia, China, Libya's now late President Muammar Gaddafi, and, soon thereafter, the similar targetting of Syria and Iran, represent the using of the aforesaid targets of those three nations as "detonators" to trigger a war of thermonuclear mass-extinctions against Russia, China, and related targets for intended extinctions. The primary source of the publicly avowed intention for that horror of global population reduction on such a global scale, is an expression of the "green" neo-malthusian dogma of the presently proposed mass-kill phase of the British monarchy's current phase of the global oligarchical system on this planet.[2]

The British imperial intention in that prescribed global atrocity, includes two leading, alternative options, as follows. The first choice of the British monarchy and its confederates, is to threaten Russia, China, et al. with a thermonuclear mass-extinction within their own present domains, seeking, thereby, to proffer the immediate alternative option of those targeted nations' submission to the conditions, acceptance of which would be then followed by imposing mass-deaths upon those targets by a somewhat slower, alternative means which would be more pleasing to the scheme of genocide (and, for the British side, incidentally, less strain, less risk, and fewer general losses on the side of the British and their selected accomplices). However, if Russia, China, et al., resist those demanded terms of submission, a presently prepared, probably full-scale thermonuclear launching remains to be promptly set into motion, without explicit warning, by the British empire. In either of these alternatives, the ability to launch such horrors on mankind require the pre-condition that the British monarchy were able to secure the intended degree of support from clearly treasonous elements of the U.S. Presidency, such as those currently associated with President Obama, for this British imperial monarchy's operation.

Those alternatives are the present fact of the matter, silly doubters notwithstanding. Hence, all sane, serious and patriotic military leaders of the U.S.A., and relevant leaders within other leading nations, know that a British-directed provocation by Netanyahu and others, the latter including both the British monarchy and the Obama Presidency itself, is directed to the launchable alternative of setting off a global thermonuclear barrage without notice, a barrage whose immediately intended effect would be no less than a relatively global, mass-extinction.

How will it be known when that barrage is being delivered, until the time of the first crushing barrage has happened? But, then, if the targeted nations are still able, they will quickly launch their own counterattack by comparable means. The consequences of such developments are, by their nature, incalculable.

The immediate danger to humanity comes, therefore, not only from the British empire, but also from the actions which an "Emperor Nero-like" British puppet, Barack Obama, is now preparing to unleash (with the adequate thermonuclear resources of the United States) as a mass-extinction of much of the world's population in a single, "surprise-like" thermonuclear "blast" which only the U.S.A. possesses the adequate means to deliver.

Those are the most essential facts of the present world-wide situation. Only homicidal lunatics, or simply cringing cowards in positions of power, could deny these essential facts.

'Conscience Doth Make Cowards of (Almost) All'

I have some relevant memories from what are now many decades ago.

My own first relevant political action after my World War II military service, was a very brief 1947 letter to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, then in authority at Columbia University, in which I had urged him to seek election to the Democratic Party's nomination for the U.S. Presidency against the depraved incumbent, and Churchill and Wall Street flunky, Harry S Truman. My specific, stated intent was to requicken what had become, under President Franklin Roosevelt, the cause of the victory in World War II, of all among those citizens who had served, to bestir the conscience of the nation to return to those intended, post-war intentions of the President Franklin Roosevelt, whom the wretched Harry S Truman had betrayed.

General Eisenhower had responded to my message, with his own clearly stated intention, which one should have expected from a seasoned commander of a great force, who would have been accustomed in his replies, to what I would describe in retrospect still today, as the relatively most concise, but what could only be read as an efficiently clear intention. That set of facts has remained within the bounds of the essence of my outlook still today, as then.

The later election of Dwight D. Eisenhower as President, and, then, the role of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's proposed champion of our patriotic mission, President John F. Kennedy, had presented richly hope-filled prospects in precisely the same sense of intention as my brief 1947 letter to General Eisenhower, and my confidence in his reply. So, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, as subsequent events have shown, has killed the essential intention of Franklin Roosevelt, as also those of the United States since the Warren Commission's abominable act of implicit consent to the murder of the Kennedy brothers.

Since that time, the reverberating effect of the Warren Commission cover-up of the Kennedy assassination, has rotted-out more and more of the moral fiber of the later leadership of our Federal Government, and of our population generally. Only a relatively few deeply committed figures, today, have lived to share, now, the devotion to the truth on that account which I still share as a personal commitment in turn.[3] For today, Presidents and all, it appears that the political stuffing has been taken out of almost all of our certified national leaders, that, it appears, almost as soon as they had entered the political orifice of "go along, to get along."

Nonetheless, weeping does almost no good for long, nor even at all; now, the matter is simple, very simple: get the proverbial "guts" to overturn the British imperial scheme, or prepare to be sent into something tantamount to a quality of extinction resembling the K-T doom of the dinosaurs.

However, there is a far deeper aspect of the whole matter to be considered by me in this matter, here and now:

Now, in the following pages, examine the later, and deeper facts behind all the points which I have listed in this introduction. As you shall read, in due course here: these are facts which go very, very deep.

Look back to my "two-volume" report: I Keep a Promise Made on September 30: The Mystery of Your Time[4] and Science-vs-Oligarchism[5]. I had left to a future occasion to treat what might become an intended, crucial sequel to those two volumes, that done solely for reason of the immediate urgency of other tasks. Since that time, I have reconsidered that postponement; the matters to be added can not wait now. Therefore, now, reference that two-volume piece as the present starting-point of reference for the point from which I now proceed in the following pages: as you and I venture here into the domain of reality which lies only beyond—as if "outside"—the domain of the regime of human sense-perception.

I. Speaking as if to the Creator

The essential error of presumption in even what might pass credibly for scientific arguments delivered so far, as even in the known history of mankind, is that such presumptions are burdened with a systemically false quality of error, which remains the typical presumption, even in scientific circles: the notion that the ideas of universal physical principle could be effectively encompassed explicitly within the bounds of "underlying sources of proofs" attributable to human sense-perceptions. The result of that viciously systemic error of sense-perceptual-based presumptions, is the attempt to build up what passes for knowledge, by resort to the means of what might be defined as the simplest rudiments of scientific knowledge (e.g., so-called "elements") from mere sense-perceptions as such.

The most efficient, outstanding access to true insight into this problematic feature, of even the relatively best of merely customary teaching of physical science, even in creditable institutions today, has been that approach which has appeared from among a series of great intellects beginning with the true founder of all competent modern science, Nicholas of Cusa,[6] and thence, through such followers of Cusa as Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, and Bernhard Riemann.

Otherwise, the most useful steps toward freedom from those past customary follies which have been posed within an otherwise competent notion of science, are steps which are to be recognized in that developmental process described as leading from the fundamentals of the work of Bernhard Riemann, through exemplary successors of Riemann such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein, and, then, V.I. Vernadsky. However, it is now essential that we advance beyond even those desired achievements. We must call into question certain among an array of what have come to be accepted as the fundamentally axiomatic, but systemically mistaken presumptions of education, as from cradle to death.

From that point of view which I emphasize here, the essential notion of science must be associated with the notion, that the higher authorities of principle which I point out here, are defined by the principle of command which may be stated as: of that higher which always, necessarily, rules over that which is lesser: the notion of a higher, universality of creativity, under which all that is less is subordinated by universal principle. The truth respecting the very existence of that which is lesser than universality, depends upon that which is its superior.

Only the universe in its ontological essentiality could define a true existence. This most essential of all facts must supplant the pathological form of blind faith in particularity which pollutes the mind of the credulous habit of dependence on "starting with" so-called "elementary particulars"of what are considered the "elements" presumed to underlie higher education taught as from below.

Hence, for example, consider Vernadsky's principle of the willfully certain superiority of human creativity: one which reflects the existence of a certain power in the universe; an agency which exerts the superior power over that which is less than human creativity is the notion of creativity in Vernadsky, which is implicitly definable (initially) from the standpoint of such as Cusa, as in his De Docta Ignorantia, through, in succession, most notably, Gottfried Leibniz, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein as those who have preceded V.I. Vernadsky. However, as is to be recognized in the essential conflict between such as Plato, and his opponents such as the radical reductionist Euclid (or, for example, the doctrine of Karl Marx), there is a universality of ontological difference separating those two. opposing types of world-outlook from one another.

The vicious lunacy polluting what is presently presumed as an "elementary" education, which is often presumed as being the fundamental principle of education, makes the error of presuming that the "underlying elements" of taught science (and the like) are the only valid cause, for education, of the existence of the relatively superior subject-matter! Compare the erroneous notion that mere particles are the "building blocks" of the universe, as a matter of contrasts. So, the great Nineteenth-century genius, Bernhard Riemann, employed the concluding portion of his 1854 habilitation dissertation, to deliver a much-needed warning against the misuse of deductive mathematics as the foundation of physical science. So, the great V.I. Vernadsky, who discovered that the physical principles of life and of human creativity, pre-existed the existence of elementary parts as such, had expressed this not by deduction, but as a matter of essential ontology.

Competent science henceforth, must contain that principled correction, a universal quality of correction.

The universe has created, as from above, in its expression of wholeness, that which is enabled to lie within it. Man's obligation is to act on that universe through a universal quality of that efficiency by means of which mankind has been demonstrated to express a principle of creativity, which, when appropriately understood, points mankind to its next chore, that of discovery of a power of creativity which had not been mastered, nor, possibly, even existed, earlier.

Take, as a useful illustration of this point, the astounding effects of the work of such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein which redefined the notion of physical universality, if, then, by only a preliminary approach to such notions of universality, as against the reductionists of both the late Nineteenth-century Austrian school, and of the more viciously, satanically evil Bertrand Russell and his own present-day as earlier devotees.

For example, consider the role of the principle of "matter-anti-matter actions," as superior (i.e., a subsuming authority) with respect to simple thermonuclear fusion, as thermonuclear fusion is superior to fission, and it, in turn, to all that is less than nuclear fission. Above all, including that which is above the notion of the existential principle of our galaxy, leads our mind's eye to ever higher orders of conception, to the notion of an explicitly universal principle of creativity per se, which acts within the universe from the top, down, rather than from "elements": which, for our experimenters, changes the universe through the top-down application of such discovered knowledge of man's willful potential to recreate, to change the universe we inhabit, as if, by means provided by what mankind may adopt as a new discovery of some true principle, as from "the top down."

All of these exemplary categories, those to which I have just referred as matters of illustration, are to be subsumed as efficient conceptions under the reign of an essentially necessary power of what is properly named as a universal principle of creation as such. Such a notion as that was already specified as a quality of knowledge which is implicit in what is effectively the corresponding traits of what is associated with "scientific creativity" as the expression of a top-down command of the higher power in the universe.

On this account, it is to be added and so recognized, that the distinction which V.I. Vernadsky has identified as human creativity, as being a power specific to the human mind, is to be recognized as a power superior to all animal behavior. In Vernadsky's work during approximately the last decade of his life, he viewed relevant matters of universal scientific fact, by adopting the urgently needed correction supplied from the standpoint of Bernhard Riemann; on this account, he had accomplished a great leap for all subsequent mankind in respect to the notion of a universal principle of creativity. That is a principle of creativity which identifies the actual specificity of that creativity in the universe which distinguishes mankind as a force within the universe, which is a force operating, as if top-down, in respect to all known matters which mankind has shown itself able to know as elements in a universality of creativity: man in the likeness of an ultimate power of a Creator as being in and of the universe.

While what I have just summarized in this fashion, is true; the problem which I am addressing explicitly here, is that of the inherent tendency for adopting the standpoint of mere bestiality, as in the case of the intrinsically fraudulent, reductionist role of Euclidean geometry, in the fashion which is commonly promulgated in classroom and related beliefs, which tend to lead mankind into a process of self-willed destruction, as that is typified by the popular, academic and other reductionist modes of argument and belief prevalent currently.

The Crucial Theological Implication

As clearly implied for competently educated persons today, all that I have just written above, is clearly true. The question which is thus posed, becomes, therefore, why should those often treated as if they were the ostensible overlords of mankind, ever be believed to the contrary? Why has the most wretched belief called "reductionism," ever been tolerated? The answer to that question is, "the oligarchical principle." Virtually entire populations of nations have made themselves willfully stupid on this account. Why? How has this been done? Why has this been done? Who has done it?

The only competent reply to that question is, the oligarchical principle, as that oligarchical principle was explicitly fostered (notably) by the (frankly) Satanic cults of Euclid and Aristotle, as opposed to Plato. Or, to restate the same point in a better mode of clarity in expression; why has mankind submitted to the depravity inherent in that oligarchical system typified by the imperial British monarchy and its "fellow-travelers" of today?

It were relatively more readily adducible, that all that is worthy of the name of physical science, is represented only by truly universal principles, as defined, not from the parts upward, but by discoverable principles applied for efficient proof, experimentally, downwards. This is a quality of the human mind, a quality fairly named "human individual creativity," which is not presently known to us to exist in any other known, specific form of life, but, which is demonstrated to us, on a qualitatively lower expression, as by the powers of living processes which distinguish them from the processes of non-life, but which exist in a humanly willful form presently known to us, only by human life. It does not exist in the form of deduction.

Animal life, and stubbornly stupid people, alike, can recognize and employ life-forms' activity, and human beings who are otherwise defective, that to a similarly inferior mental effect, respecting actual human creativity, may, somewhat like trained animals, imitate what has been demonstrated by mere copying (e.g., merely deductive human behavior in an animal-like mode of imitation).

So, before returning to the subject of the still relatively rare phenomenon of a conscious form of human creativity per se, we must examine the problem of what is most fairly classed as "oligarchical behaviorism" which remains, to this day, the popular intellectual weakness of the thinking of the majorities of populations: the weakness which prevents the majorities of human populations of today from commanding an efficiently actual creativity, which were otherwise a natural potential of all healthy human individuals.

II. On the Oligarchical Principle

It is fairly and truly said, that the essential distinction of mankind from all the lower forms of life presently known to us, is the quality of what is defined as the distinguishing principle which separates a true development of the human mind, such as that of a Plato, from the outlook of malicious fools such as that notorious hoaxster, Euclid. The fools include those who, in one way or another, have lost access to powers of human creativity which they may have enjoyed at some earlier, better times. This particular form of depravity in human development, may reflect the effects of a lack of opportunity for development of innate creative potential; or, it might be considered as a change of character of persons and groups of persons, through an induced form of adaptive "demoralization," such as torture, or related expressions of great fear, or, it may be said, either by being terrorized in that way, or simply as a matter of "opportunism."

Cases of such communicable forms of adaptive depression, which are often, euphemistically mis-identified as "being practical [e.g., 'obedient']," are notable in the cases of what are often identified as so-called "lower social classes." The most useful attempts to define this problem as a form of social pathology, are presented in the Classical Greek legacy of Zeus-Apollo versus Prometheus. The essence of the relevant notion, is to be found in the identification of Prometheus with the use of the power of willful use of fire. Only truly human beings are potentially capable of the willful employment of fire; men and woman who are not overlords of the type associated with the Apollo cult, are ordered to submit, as by the worshipers of Apollo, to subjugation to the quality of condition of life of mere cattle-like creatures. That is the quality of subjugation which is met in such notable examples as the original Roman Empire, Byzantium, the old-Venetian monetarist system which deployed the Crusaders, and the New Venetian system of such as William of Orange and his British, Anglo-Dutch, imperial successors to the present date.

The contemporary, morally depraved class of British-directed "environmentalists," are typically victims of being reduced in practice to be less-than-human, by the Roman imperial legacy expressed as the present-day British Empire's depraved "greenie" category.

Thus, for as far back as a more or less well-defined, literate account of history could reach, the human cultures of the Mediterranean-centered region of this planet, and more, have shown, that what has passed for nominally European-centered civilization (for example) has been dominated by the state of moral disorder formally describable as a reigning oligarchical form of tyranny. The form of such tyrannies can be usefully separated between forms of oligarchical tyrannies which may be properly identified as of either, or both maritime, or riparian forms.

With the emergence of the original Roman Empire, the previously conflicting modes of oligarchical systems within and bordering the Mediterranean were united as a single "world" empire which had taken initial shape as the Roman Empire.

The most notable peculiarity of that virtually world-empire form of European cultures, has passed, chiefly, through, four, successively, intrinsically doomed, distinct qualities of form of content: (1.) The original Roman Empire; (2.) Byzantium; (3.) The so-called Crusader system; and, (4.) The "New Venetian empire," spawned by the followers of Paolo Sarpi, and the spawn of such as the New Venetian party's William of Orange. William was of that same empire fairly identifiable, still today, as the presently mass-murderous, British world empire under the current reign of Queen Elizabeth II.[7]

It is essential to emphasize the fact here, once more, that that system of intended world empire, whose origin had been rooted in a maritime mode of imperial, virtually world-wide rule, is the basis for the presently immediate threat of an intention to reduce the population of the entire planet from a present level of seven billions living persons, to the current British empire's goal of reaching an early reduction of the world's human population, from a recent level of seven billions persons, to less than one.

The result of such a survey, compels us to compare the history of imperialism with that of the extinction of the Earth's great reptile-like breed which occurred, as at the beginning of the Cenozoic, which is known as the "K-T" extinction. As when the "mass kills" of Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic are compared with the breakdown-phase of the original Roman Empire, its successor the Byzantine, its successor "the Crusader system," and its impending successor, the British empire, we have the basis-elements needed to understand a certain apparent similarity between the extinction of entire sets of species, and the direction of developments which are now the immediate threat of the extinction of the human species under the domination of the British empire today.

Is Britain Now a Doomed Dinosaur?

Indeed, the so-called "green policy" of the British imperial monarchy, now, is an appropriate virtually human copy of the mass-extinction of the dinosaurs, then. Those nations and persons which prefer not to join the dinosaurs in extinctions of species, will, certainly, reject the mass-suicidal doctrines of the so-called "environmentalist's" choice of a cessation of movement. The difference between all preceding "mass kills" of successive Roman empires, and the situation of the human species under the virtually global domination of the British empire today, is that the magnitude of the forces of mankind's threatened extinction under the British empire of today, has reached the level of warfare fought to a point of human mass-extinction under wars fought with a massed deployment of thermonuclear detonations.

Beyond that point, the comparison just presented breaks down, in the following terms.

The "Basement Team" members Sky Jason Shields and Creighton "Cody" Jones have led in conducting a leading role in our scientific teams' successes on the subject of the evolution of living and related species. They have conducted a leading role in a graphic scientific report which had been first published under the title of "The Economics of Extinction and the Principle of Progress."[8]

The work of that "Basement Team" on this account, not only has a very significant importance in respect to the matter in this present report, but has contributed significantly to advances in research pertaining to matter-antimatter and related subjects of presently great urgency for the security of the possibility of continued existence of human life today. That same point for emphasis bears most emphatically on the urgency of matters bearing on the prospective colonization of Mars, and the related urgency of emphasis on the actual development of scientifically known potentials for man's ability to reach the distance between our Moon and Mars within a foreseeable lapse of a single week of travel, and the ability of mankind to protect the human species on Earth from the extermination of the human species, on Earth, by an asteroid or the like hitting Earth—defenses of the human species which the mentally depraved President Barack Obama strictly forbids.

The case of a foreseeable human flight of one week's duration of fusion-driven travel between Earth and Mars, is typical of a range of developable measures which mankind must accomplish in a foreseeable time within this present century, if the human species is to continue to exist.

However, there is a deeper, more urgent consideration to be taken into account in this matter. For example: our human species, which has existed on Earth only some mere millions of years of life, is presently gripped by a change in condition within the galaxy which it inhabits, which has not previously existed during the time during which the human species has existed. While many features of the effect of this change in our Solar system's position within the galaxy are yet to be adduced, the need to advance the science and related technology of human life within our Solar system, is clearly the threat which we must be working now to treat. We must develop the conditions of human life on Earth and within the Solar system, by means of which we will become enabled to meet this oncoming galactical challenge.

The most essential feature of the case which I have just posed here, is the subject-matter of human creativity, when that creativity is applied to the known, if still uncertain principles of the universe by means of which our human species could be enabled to continue to exist successfully during a future space of time which reaches throughout the unfolding of the remainder of this century, into centuries to come.

The one feature of this thought which I have thus expressed to you here, which is certain, is that we must rid the systems of government of this planet, from all significant remnants of the oligarchical principle. That means, emphasis on those known powers of physical creativity which are innate to the human species, but which are antithetical to the adopted notions of self-interest of forces of evil typified by the British Empire of today and predecessor systems of oligarchical domination extant heretofore: the same intention on which Nicholas of Cusa premised the warning to Europeans to cross the great oceans of our planet, to, as a result develop North America to be a refuge for the sake of future benefit by which to secure a survival of the peoples of an oligarchism-riddled "old continent" for the sake of the true, inherent goals of our human species, as now.

[1] The current, British monarchy-led plan for its (and President Barack Obama's) launching of a massed-attack with thermonuclear means has two presently intended phases. First, to threaten a general thermonuclear assault en masse against Russia, China, and related targets; but to offer, but only briefly, certain pre-conditions of surrender first, and then direct a mass-killing operation more strenuous than that delivered against a defeated Russia. If Russia and China refuse to submit to those conditions, then a full-throated thermonuclear mass-kill, would be unleashed sometime soon. The result of the latter option of attack would be a fully mass-attack intended to destroy the targeted nations at first shot; therefore, that could be, probably, the not necessarily intended extinction of the human species. Hence, the apparent wiggle-waffle of President Barack Obama during his public chat with Israel's grotesque Netanyahu.

[2] Clausius' fraud relied upon his deliberate misreading of the discovery presented in 1824 by Sadi Carnot. Clausius' swindle depended upon overlooking the reality of scientific practice, that for which an experimental fact is not necessarily also intended to be mistaken for the proof of an alleged universal physical principle. Hence the fraud by Clausius et al., in claiming actually non-existent evidence of an actually fraudulent "Second Law of Thermodynamics."

[3] I have experienced some politically rough treatment for the policies which I had uttered prior to my leading role in creating the SDI policies which President Reagan had proffered in March 1983. After that, the intention of relevant factions within the governments of both the U.S.A. and Europe, assumed the expressed intention of my virtual extinction and that of everything which I have represented, especially on the matter of the SDI.

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[6] E.g., De Docta Ignorantia , 1440.

[7] The oligarchical principle as such, reaches much further back as a virtually world-wide mental-moral disorder of human society.

[8] E.g., see Executive Intelligence Review, February 3, 2012 (../../other/2012/3905week ly_rpt_extinction.html) or Lyndon LaRouche PAC ( The general law adducible from the physical history of our Solar system, has two most prominent characteristics for understanding our Solar system today. That that system's action is defined as an increasing energy-flux density of the evolution of life within that system, and that systems which fail to meet that standard, are implicitly en route to extinctions. Human life is, implicitly, a systemic quality of exception to that customary form of ultimate destiny; the human species is enabled to evolve to a higher (willful) standard of energy-flux density (true self-creativity); other presently known species are not.

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