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This article appears in the August 3, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Evolution in Our Species

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

July 28, 2012

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During the course of the past week, the rumble of a coming virtual avalanche of spreading shifts away from global chaos, which had first been signaled within important circles within the United Kingdom, has come, like a sort of political land-slide, and echoed during this past week, within our United States of America. Since certain leading circles within the United Kingdom had abruptly launched their initiative for a turn away from the looming shadows of global doom, to a rebirth of Glass-Steagall, and since that hope of a turn away from thermonuclear doom, is now echoed from within our United States, mankind's power for making a future, has prompted a marvelous change in leading circles of our planet, a change which has now been set into motion.

What will actually happen next? I hear the echo from the distant voice of our own Benjamin Franklin: We have won something which appears to be on the way to the birth of something tantamount to the birth of a system of great republics—if we can keep it. Nothing so far is actually assured beyond the birth which has happened yet, but . . . mankind was never really a beast; we are, by nature, a creative being, with the power which no other, known living creature possesses: the power to recreate our own species on a higher level of creation than our species had ever known before. The future is giving birth to a new mankind; but, will it continue to live?

The first thunder over the horizon came with the announcement of a commitment to a still reverberating Glass-Steagall reform within certain significant circles within the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Wales. That is not the end of that change. Now, during the current week, an echo of that has resounded within the leading banking circles, and others, within our United States.

Nothing more is yet actually guaranteed. The child has been born: the question is, will it continued to live and grow? Nonetheless, something great has happened; now, that fact can never be taken away from the effect of its having happened. In that regard, we and our progeny must be followers of the great Johann Sebastian Bach in the sense that we shall now compose our future. This is our species' essential distinction from the lower forms of life, such as the beasts.

I. The Principle: the History of the Future

The time has now come, when we must discard the silly suggestion, that successive generations should "descend" from their parents. Sometimes that happens. It should not be the limit foreseen. Unfortunately, foolish people often tend to follow the idea of a descending direction of history.

"Descent," in a certain sense, does predominate in the long history of the evolution of living species other than mankind, as it appears so to the present time. Mankind is, nonetheless, the intended design of a species, our own, with a different consequence from all known other species. We, therefore, must cease to behave as if mimicking the beasts. We, of the human species, must accept our assigned devotion to perpetual progress, as if from the child of God, to that child's avowed descendant, not of death, but of the rebirth of mankind for a higher and more potent mission within this Solar system, and as higher within this galaxy than has been known to us heretofore.

That is no mere wish. It is, ultimately, the only principle worth knowing.

The parents will die; but, therefore, let them be assured, that what they had lived to do, need not have been wasted, that we are each dedicated to be creators, not wasters. Our current Sun has a prospective limit to its existence; but, that which we must bring about, through the creative progress of mankind, shall not have been wasted, whatever other change may occur. We are, and must be, henceforth, always dedicated to such truly creative missions as those which are to be classed as the duty of a mankind dedicated to the service of an implied, subsuming Creator. Let the best to be said of us be, that we have been truly devoted to the mission of endless creation.

Such is the proper destiny of mankind, a species unlike all others known to us presently. Of that much I am personally assured; that much is accessible to us, if we accept that destiny as being in and to the future. The humble developments set before us through the actions of some within the United Kingdom, and presently within certain similarly inspired circles within our United States, present us with the option of an escape from a particular kind of inferno of madness which has lately gripped our nations, most emphatically in the trans-Atlantic regions.

Let me, therefore, state the principled features of the case so referenced here this far. Let us explore those implications of the siege of Troy, which have haunted so much of mankind, for so long, on the account of that inherently destructive influence, which is aptly identified as the so-called "oligarchical principle."

'Beyond Glass-Steagall'

In its bare-bones aspects, the practice of the Glass-Steagall law which was first set into motion under that title, under President Franklin Roosevelt, has been an urgently needed policy of individual nations and groups of nations, but is not a complete-able accomplishment in and for itself. Glass-Steagall at its best, as this was accomplished in a largely successful degree under President Franklin Roosevelt's administration, was merely a needed, auxiliary feature of a national-banking principle. To succeed in its proper intention, it must be an aspect of a national credit-system of banking and finance, dedicated to the realization of a principle of net physical-economic growth. In this latter respect, Glass-Steagall functions through the creation of both new quantities and qualities of expanded physical investment, and, also, rates of per-capita physical output: measures which ensure the net increase of needed physical progress, per capita and per square kilometer, of each nation, and of mankind generally.

In the presently modern times, mankind has been delivered a qualitatively new power to exist within the range of our Solar system, and, implicitly, beyond. The transition of the quality of mankind's power within the range of our planetary orbit, and also the nearby planetary orbit of Mars and beyond, has presented us with the immediate prospect, within approximately a range of a single future generation, of the use of controlled thermonuclear fusion. Those higher orders of power, higher than nuclear fission itself, present mankind with powers of creativity far, far beyond what the society of today generally comprehends.

The immediately prospective options for mankind, as during the generations in their feasible course of development now, will change everything about mankind's hitherto established powers to exist; and, to achieve nobler roles within our Solar system, and beyond. It is the breaking of the limits of a tradition misconceived as if of squatting on Earth, which the present future now, actually proffers to mankind as a role in the history of our Solar system and also beyond. We must, in turn, permit ourselves to recognize, and foster the greater destiny which lies beyond, as that is being proffered to present and future mankind, as through the implications of a proper apprehension of the meaning of Glass-Steagall when that practice is only typified as integrated with the uplifting of the productive powers of labor of mankind with the reach toward the Moon and Mars.

In the course of pursuing that mission which I have just summarized in these presently given terms, there remains much to be done here on Earth even under presently available means for progress on our planet itself. This points to a subsuming principle, a principle which spans life on Earth, but also with foresight into what is emerging beyond.

II. The Difference of Man from Beast

When we have traced the coming and passing of the most ancient and presently known forms of life, excepting human life from that listing, all remaining considerations respecting known forms of life, excepting mankind, also have had a temporary existence as a form of expression of life. In that respect, our human species has shown a unique potential for functioning as a truly self-creative species. If, when and where, mankind has chosen to limit its species to a fixed capability of practice, our species is self-condemned to a threatened termination of its existence, just as the so-called "green policy" in some cultures presents the oncoming extermination of the population which adheres to that practice of species-suicide.

All parts of the human species which adopt the practice of a "zero technological growth," are implicitly foredoomed to the same penalty of self-extinction as many lost tribes and nations have become largely extinct on that specific account, of fostering a thus- bestialized tradition.

That risk is not limited to the inhering doom of those cultures which practice "zero technological growth." It is also a threat of doom to those cultures which practice restrained scientific progress. Growth of the human population and increase of scientific-technological practice, are inter-dependent considerations.

For example, human existence is not merely conditional on the conditions on Earth; the conditions on Earth are subject to changes in the changing conditions of life within the Solar system. In turn, the conditions for human life within the Solar system as a whole, are shaped by the cyclical and other changes within our galaxy. An increasing risk from pieces of rock and comets within the Solar system, is a current threat to be considered for such reasons as changes in the orbital pathways of our Solar system within the parts of the arm of the galaxy which affect conditional factors.

While the feasibility of human habitation of locations such as Mars, is under discussion, the necessity of preparing for the "defense of Earth" from intra-Solar system and galactic factors, represents a class of challenge which already, currently, demands an efficient defense against human extinction or near-extinction from such hazards, as a practically important challenge for our future life on this planet. Defenses from such hazards to Earth are a subject for mobilizations during the present time on out.

Although those problems which I have just mentioned are already matters requiring preparations put into place, already in the present time, "defense" is not the limit of our urgently needed pre-cautions. The continued existence of mankind within the bounds of not only Earth, but our Solar system, depends upon those defenses which could not be built without regard for galactic factors, in addition to defenses within the bounds of the Solar system itself. This defense, and other needed systemic advances in human practice point to the fundamental implications of mankind's urgent development of thermonuclear-fusion and matter-anti-matter defenses. The urgency for developing such technologies for such purposes, combines with other considerations for the "peppering" (so to speak) of our Solar system with a vast and varied set of arrays of systems built into the Solar system. We, chiefly remaining on Earth for the immediately foreseeable times, will be, in effect, managing an extensive, even vast array of managed systems, scattered throughout our Solar system, by means of which mankind will exert remote control both over the means of action which we deploy within our Solar system and in pursuit of extending the range of the presence of living mankind within that larger domain.

At this present time, the most convenient modes of thinking through such intra-Solar system and related obligations must be under extending a process of development which will express the general, practical deployment of means which are related to increasing emphasis upon applied thermonuclear fusion and matter-anti-matter potencies. The mere entry of methods for mankind's management of such applications will require a change in mankind's thinking respecting both the Solar system, especially within the range of the Mars orbit, and, therefore, a consequent shift of humanity's view of our species' existence, as depending, in increasing degree upon our ability, through "remote controls" and other relevant means, of operating systems of investigations, defenses, and so on, which will be means of human management-awareness which view the Solar system, more and more broadly, as located, remotely, from the vantage-point of those Solar-systemic and still-wider conceptual vantage-points.

This is no mere fiction. This is already a domain of practical action in "mankind's defense," and kindred considerations.

Mankind must first occupy our Solar system within the powers of our mind, and the instruments deployed on behalf of those duties. That duty has, implicitly, already begun.

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