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This article appears in the October 26, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Second Friday Begins

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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October 7, 2012

The National Executive Committee meeting of yesterday, (Saturday, October 6th, 2012), was devoted, chiefly, to a presentation and discussion of the most notable origins and causes for the typical lack of competence in the methods expressed by the presently operating, political party systems, both here and abroad. Here, I intend to emphasize, as a particular fact, the existential menaces now confronting the U.S., Western European, and other systems of government. The specific purpose of emphasizing that topic's introduction on this occasion, has been to warn against the means by which the electorate of the U.S.A. has been driven, increasingly, into a relative state of intellectual confusion, and, also, virtual impotence respecting the monstrous challenges which now threaten the continued existence of our species.

That indicated short-coming of our planet has been expressed through a process of seduction into silliness, into which the electorate has been customarily duped, both periodically, heretofore, and more or less frequently: that population has been duped, so, through the mechanisms of the corrupting effects which democratic partisanship plays in "intellectually numbing" both the collective, and individual's mental processes. The threat which that implies, may be expressed by means of the unsuspecting general body of any electorate which has been numbed by the manipulations of partisanship within the electoral processes of any typical, leading trans-Atlantic nation-state, in particular.

The purpose of this present report of mine, is to present measures, by means of which, some important thinkers from among our citizens might gain an urgently needed insight into the means to liberate themselves presently from the particular, wild-eyed swindles inherent in a post-Glass-Steagall (e.g., Dodd-Frank) period, in the 2007-2012 interval most emphatically.

The practical point of this moment, is the fact that if we do not now reverse the trend represented by the effects created by the recent three terms of the U.S. Presidency, two under Bush, and this under Obama, there will be no real United States, and, probably, even no United States, nor even a western Europe (for example) at all, and that very soon.

The leading point of this week's presently new report, is to show how the "spectator-sports" character of customary practices of trans-Atlantic political-party electoral systems, is customarily used, and, also, used most effectively to strip the members of the general electorate of not only their freedom, but of their ability to discover how the traditionally oligarchical characteristics of the present party-systems, work toward promoting our nation's self-destruction, as now. The duped citizens will borrow the populist's characteristic influence, under which the current practices of the leading political parties, breed. The duped ones, in turn, act according to such influences as those which tend to strip the citizen of his or her ability to think about the economy with any actual clarity and competence.

Take the historically exemplary case, of the way in which a pack of swindlers used the candidacy of the dubious, "rage-ball"-President, Andrew Jackson, to loot what had been the wonderful progress toward prosperity of the U.S.A. during the preceding Presidency of John Quincy Adams. The looters deployed by the Jackson administration, had used eight presidential years of "flat bottomed" drive into national bankruptcy of the United States of that time. I point to that resulting state of national bankruptcy which is known as the "Panic of 1837." That same kind of bankruptcy, then, has now been put into effect again, now, by the Federal Reserve System under Ben Bernanke and by his associated pack of both slick Wall Street and foreign swindlers operating in that light.

Actually, the chronic "rage-ball" President, Andrew Jackson, was a mere tool of what were clearly "captive" British agents and traitors, such as Aaron Burr and Martin van Buren, both of whom operated overtly as agents of the British Empire's London, in driving the United States into that bankruptcy over the course of those intervening terms in office. That same operation made possible the effort to carve out a new, insurrectional, British puppet-slave-owners' nation from a large part of the United States, using that treasonous effort made directly through such then well-known identities as agencies operating through offices in New York City (and, also, Boston), which operated on the behalf of the British imperial monarchy and its forcing both slavery and then the U.S. Civil War down the throats of our republic.

But ... That much said, we have the following. The Panic of 1837 demonstrates the fact, that the Jackson Presidency, and all Presidencies like his, such as the recent three terms of the elected "young Bush" and the Obama administrations, now typify the most murderously ascending pattern of swindles against the United States, and its people, of the present century. Those swindlers represent the outcome of an inherent tendency toward corruption in what has been foolishly praised by the dupes as "the Jacksonian tradition." The manifest evil of that tradition itself does not, yet reveal the deeper and deadlier role of institutions of the global reach of both the current British-Saudi monarchy's reign traditionally, and also their original, and present, Obama-linked versions, of what had been originally known as "9-11."

I shall now make the crucial point very, very clear, to those who are both willing and otherwise enabled in the ability to actually think.

I. The Historical Basis

"As On the Playing Fields of Eton'

At first careful consideration, amid the means by which most of our electorate have sometimes been induced to behave as if they were even as dumb as marbles, we find that the mean dirty trick used to confuse them, is to play the same sort of political game which Roman emperors had played by putting a captive people in a situation similar to that of the Roman gladiators: to "live or die" one more time in the torture of one kind of arena, or the mother of another. There is, admittedly, a slight, technical difference between those persons who are creatures of the vapid qualities which are typical of the U.S., British, or continental-European sports-field, and those creatures, those persons whose nature tends to represent the same, deeply debased intellectual level of a cross between recent U.S. general elections, and a session in an ill-kept locker room. So those same two reign, whether in the polling booths, or the stink of that locker-room!

I do not intend to deride athletic sports as such, at least not for as long as the theory of that matter is confined to reasonably beneficial choices of a sport and its honest behavior;[1] but, when election-campaigns take on the competitive attributes of the playing-field of sports, the electoral campaign converges on a kind of depraved intellectual irrelevance, which fits the Hellishness of the depravity of the bloody ancient Roman gladiatorial competitions in the arena. The politics of the arena is the place where "victories" are measured in the notions of the virtual counting of "penalties" adopted from the fields of mere bodily-contact sports, instead of the honor of the real science, upon which the continuation of the human species now so urgently depends.

For example, the possibility for the continued existence of the human species, depends on a social process which is typified by mankind's role in sustaining a continued basis of relationship which, in turn, depends upon human progress in expressing human qualities of relative "energy-flux density," per-capita. That being the case, what, then, must we consider has been the recurring source, historically, of that more or less deadly insanity of such evils as the threat to humanity which is typified by the current spread of what has been the deadly mass-insanity of "environmentalism"?

Over the course of the known history of the human species, there have been recurring periods of mass death, and related effects, which have been caused, chiefly, by the imposition of policies which have had an effect similar to those since the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the effects which came to the surface, especially, since 2007, and the most ruinous effects since late 2008. That is to think back to the howls of those who, more and more, have been shunted into the direction of mass deaths, and into kindred net effects on entire human cultures, including the actual extinctions of some branches of humanity. The spread of the tortured mass-insanity of contemporary so-called "environmentalism," is not only a case of sheer, mass-murderous evil; it is the essence of the very worst crimes of contemporary public behavior against both contemporary and future society as a whole.

The usual apology which has been made in the attempt to "rationalize" the actually mass-murderous evils of "environmentalism," are traceable to the currently avowed policies of the British Queen. Her existential argument on that account, has been, that such a savage reduction of population is considered to be "convenient" among those who share the predatory forms of cult-beliefs of a certain part of both the British oligarchy and of kindred cultures.

One must recall the fact, that the Earth has experienced lesser or greater mass-extinctions of species, as also from the occasional impact of some satellites on the planet. The fact is, that the lesser satellites are also deadly, in similar, but more limited destructions, often enough for some occasionally large-scale effects. Otherwise, the Solar System and the galaxy are constantly in evolution. In the resulting state of current affairs, it is the case, that if man does not progress to the effect of achieving man-made progress of the kind traced from the evolutionary succession of living species, who could yet know what else might, otherwise, threaten our species with its own extinction? And, yet, there are also presently threatened other catastrophes which are not of such a dramatically conclusive degree, but which are threatening to our species, nonetheless.

The Rule We Must Adopt

The general rule of policy needed for mankind, is, therefore, a coherent and progressively anti-entropic evolution of our species, a process of upward development of mankind and its culture, a development of increased "energy-flux density" per-capita which must be sought, and also earned, within civilization's life-processes when considered in their entirety.

Now, Queen Elizabeth II and her like, are committed to reducing the population of the Earth, that with now increasing brutality, from seven billions persons presently, toward about one, or even fewer. This is intended to be brought about by means of a forced acceleration of death-rates induced among certain categories of the human population, as Adolf Hitler did, as by starvation, or, by withholding of needed food and water, and by other, more drastic means and their devices. That was done already against many varieties of targetted victims, under even the early stages of the Adolf Hitler regime, and has nbow been in progress under the current Queen and her accomplices, done currently in British institutions, while the same trend has been escalating since the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama, an escalating rate of murder conducted explicitly by that President, effected by aid of means underway as in the disguise of a health-care policy in a United States under that President Barack Obama.

These facts, are only a beginning of threats of some things new and very awful. There are other issues of very great importance, but, for the present layman, a bit more than too complex.

II. The Human Versus the Bestial Mind: Real Science

The knowledge-form of both human communication and related experience, is to be viewed as embodied in two notable components. The first, is that of what is classed as the differing components of what is identified as sense-perception, or its surrogates. The second, is the effect of the discovery of those adducibly universal principles of knowledge, the which are presently known to exist only within the bounds of sets of universal principles which are not sense-perceptions themselves, but which are nonetheless also typified by universal physical principles and those comparable physically efficient principles which are not located within ordinary sense-perception as such.

At the Foundations of Human Progress

Among the most important of the modern insights into precisely such qualitative distinctions, are those expressed as being "outside direct powers of sense-perception," but which are like the concept of what Johannes Kepler had defined as "vicarious hypothesis," the concept which is otherwise also known as the ontological domain of "metaphor." Both aspects of this conception were drawn by Kepler from the work of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, as in his De Docta Ignorantia.

The notion of "vicarious hypothesis," or, the same thing, "metaphor," implies that the real universe exists essentially, systemically "outside" the domain of what may be classed as ordinary human sense-perception. So, all actually truthful notions in science recognize, that the essential quality of physical reality lies, essentially, outside the domain of sense-perception as such. This, for example, illustrates the actually physical meaning of a reflection of the results of the collaboration respecting the concept of "mind" as reflected in usages shared between Max Planck and Wolfgang Köhler, which are thus outside the domain of the banalities of statistical techniques as such.

The related, incompetent reading of evidence within the ostensibly same bounds, is an essentially statistical reading which is based on sense-perceptual experiences, which are not exactly universal physical principles. The currently prevalent, but incompetent classroom and related education programs, argue that the implicitly "statistical" treatment of the data associated with sense-perceptual experience-as-such, leads toward a statistical kind of convergence on what are claimed to be universal physical principles; that is an incompetent but commonplace option, one which is flatly contrary to the knowledge of such relevant authorities as the great Bernhard Riemann and such of his followers-in-fact as Planck, Köhler, and Einstein.

For a broader insight into what is implied in my own expertise in the matter of the physical principle of metaphor, it is necessary to examine the same difference between competent science and statistical methods, as that contradiction is presented by the original discoverer of the principle of gravitation, created by Johannes Kepler, and also by the contributions of such relevant scientific authorities as, specifically, Riemann, Planck, Einstein, and Köhler.

That is to emphasize that universal physical principles and statistical mathematics, do not actually occupy the same universe "ontologically." Good statistical experimental physics will tend to converge on values which seem, for a time, to conform to "physical principles," but, which do not actually conform to merely statistical methods.

There are several orders of magnitude of difference between the methods derived from the mere "nitty-gritty" of mere sense-perception, and those actually rigorous methods expressed, typically, by Johannes Kepler, as by the term "vicarious hypothesis." All competent notions of the actually universal principles which exist in knowledge, are known only from something located outside that of vicarious hypothesis, as Kepler himself had emphasized. The rest of the subject is, for most of us, merely shadows: that precisely because our experimental knowledge of true principles, is based merely on an attempt to approximate what sense-perception itself can not actually tell us.

That fact, as so just stated, points toward the exact same method by means of which my own economic forecasts have succeeded, when otherwise known, and otherwise leading economists had consistently failed repeatedly on this specific account. They have failed precisely because of their habituated obsession with what are the intrinsically most incompetent methods: statistical methods. That is the problem which occupies the central place of reference during the remainder of this present chapter of the report.

That, by the way, is the reason that virtually all of the leading institutions of commerce of the United States and other nations, have adopted the intrinsically incompetent methods cohering with post-hoc forms, which have never worked, and never will: the intrinsically incompetent method of "statistical forecasting."

What are fairly identified as "universal physical principles," are not derived from statistical evidence, but exactly the contrary.

Therefore, take the case of Classical musical composition, as opposed to popular "junk music," as a means for illustrating the point. Also, take into account some high points of the experimental investigations in the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, Arthur Nikisch, and Wilhelm Furtwängler, as bench-marks.

Classical Music: The Only Real Music

Start with the case of Wilhelm Furtwängler's defense of the essential, Bach-rooted reflection of a universal principle of Classical musical composition and its intended form of performance. Take the actually physical principles of not only Bach, Nikisch, and Furtwängler, but all of the leading "Classical composers and performers" from the period of Bach, through Brahms, as contrasted to the foolish fantasies of those composers and performers to be known as those so-called "Romantics" whose pathetic influence culminated in the twisted sort of strained influence promoted by the post-World War II influence of Britain's late and (I think) intentionally, and destructively awkward, Gerald Moore.

It happened, at the close of what was called "World War II," that what had been Classical musical composition and much of performance, were viciously and savagely ruined to a degree of what seemed to be the extent of the maximum intellectual mayhem possible at that time. This was what needed to be recognized, and that most emphatically, with the 1950 introduction of viciously existentialist tones of the "Congress for Cultural Freedom."

Furtwängler, who had become and remained the still-living, greatest intellect of the concert-hall of his time, was a giant of music who had become also a leading target of those against the Classical principles of composition and performance which Furtwängler had represented. His post-war influence struggled against the outright, and widespread sheer lies against him of an alleged "anti-Semitism" which has been and persists as known to be directly contrary to his personal and professional nature. The motive for those lies is to be located in the roots of the hooligans of the Congress for Cultural Freedom. Despite all that, the best of the leading musicians of that time, knew the depth of his deeply rooted mastery of the principles of the Classical musical tradition, as they had also known of his risks in his special measures for attempted defense of the Jewish musicians of those times in the then person-to-person mode.

For example, on this matter: during the 1970s and 1980s, I came into much more immediate knowledge, sometimes close personal knowledge of that generation of leading musicians who were, for the most part, either of older generations than my own, or notably of approximately the same generation. At my present age of 90 years, most of those leading personalities from among the professionals of those past times, are deceased, or have been incapacitated within the span of a decade or more ago. To my great regret at that time, I now also recall what creatures such as the late Gerald Moore did in the aftermath of World War II, toward forcing the capitulation to destruction of crucial elements of the standard of practice of those essential principles of composition and their performance which had been previously standard for the greatest voices of such times.

Soon, the method of then recorded performances which Gerald Moore's guidance imposed, had thus been crafted in a manner explicitly aimed at destroying the essential principles of Bach and other greatest composers and performing artists who had previously been relied on as being intended, and rightly so, as a voice of the legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach. The foremost emphasis on the targeting leading German performers for this certain kind of post-World War II victimization, is particularly notable on this account.

Truth be told, it was the British monarchy, and representatives of that same "Wall Street gang" associated with the attempt of replacing President Franklin Roosevelt with a Hitler-like regime inside the U.S.A., which had actually brought Adolf Hitler and his regime into power in the first place. Facts such as that must not be hidden.[2]

If one knows the principle of composition of Bach, the savagery which Moore imposed, as sometimes within my hearing, or sight (at a time when both of my abilities were still on sturdier legs), was brutal, and totally a savagery against the principles of the Bachian tradition of composition from the Preludes and Fugues onward. Classical musical principle was, thus, displaced, during the post-war years, by the opportunism of the bawdy stage of the Congress for Cultural Freedom. I need not identify the worst cases; their identities since that time have been very, very obvious, and chiefly very noisy.

The point about all that which is emphatically relevant to the matter of physical scientific method, is located most conveniently for us today, in adducing the principles of performance which are essential to the great Classical tradition of Bach, as that has been expressed by the leading composers and related musicians of the Eighteenth Century and the Nineteenth. Johannes Brahms' Vier Ernste Gesänge was, in certain meaningful ways, the appropriate requiem to be remembered for the musical aftermath of the Nineteenth Century.

It is for this reason, that some of the recorded performances of certain exceptional, leading Classical musicians since the beginning of the Twentieth Century, are of such great importance for studying the intrinsically Bachian root and relationship of the great Classical musical traditions, such as the work of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms. The work of these Classical composers and performers of that time, as distinct from the Romantic varieties, represents a quality of frankly scientific capability which is still indispensable at this time, for providing the setting needed for the progress of physical science.

Those of that Classical tradition, embody a deep power of creative insight and crafting justly envied, or even despised among the relatively brutish others. Those of the Classical tradition typify not merely the skills, but also the creative artist's and scientist's generative capabilities, abilities which typify the deeply scientific, creative principles of Classical composition, such as Bach's Preludes and Fugues, and that great St. Matthew Passion. Johann Sebastian Bach had set into motion exactly those necessary principles of physical science which are coincident with the conducting which such as Wilhelm Furtwängler embodied.

Furtwängler typified those who continued to embody these achievements after World War II, as such, that done with more greatly insightful and impassioned effect even more than before and during that war. This ability, as shared by such exemplary composers as Bach, Nikisch, and Furtwängler, leads the truly serious physical scientist into an essential insight, born of the spirit of the principles of Classical musical excellence, and carried from thence into the mysteries of those remnants of seemingly lost knowledge of the principles of physical science which lie still beyond the reach of merely mathematical descriptions of sense-certainties.

Science was never merely mathematics. Science expresses the passion which must come before the role of mere mathematics, the passion of the discovery of those true principles which are lodged in what Kepler defined as the higher realm within which created discoveries of universal physical principles are lodged, principles which remain outside merely mathematical roles of physical science as such.

Think so of Max Planck; see Albert Einstein's violin. Note the following. Then, examine the method which Furtwängler employed for his discovery of the great principle, that originally of Bach, which destroys the monotony of the literal score, and which marks the intention of the greatest musical composers and performers of all known great Classical musical composition in the Bach tradition. Then, hear what the greatest performers have done in ordering the manner in which the identified marks of composition have been adapted to the insights presented in the work of Bach and his tradition, We have, thus, entered into new dimensions of physical science, into the domain marked out by the principle of Nicholas of Cusa, and the notion of "vicarious hypothesis," that which is the same as the principle of metaphor.

This brings us to the continuing topics carried over into the following new chapter of this report.

III. The Definition of Physical Science

When one thinks seriously about the functions associated with the processes of sense-perception, has done as much work in depth in examining such and related matters and their functions as I have done, and when creative personalities have also experienced the waning perfections of the sensory functions, as I have done, the thought proceeds: "Actually, knowing what science has forewarned us, as during all of these accumulated decades as I have done, one might suggest that, perhaps it is God who knows much more about the world of sense-perception than we mere mortals do." As a matter of fact, when some among us grow old enough, and also wise enough, we will never tolerate blind faith in what is worshipped as sense-certainty, ever again.

That, which I have just stated thus, points to a very serious, and very powerful means for overcoming the failures which sense-perception alone could never competently resolve. Even the human brain can not be readily trusted on that account. What, then, is my particular advantage in this matter? I suggest the following.

I do not know, yet, and perhaps never will, how and why this indicated problem, can be overcome in a full degree. But, there is one fact on this account of which I am fully and rightly certain. Sometimes, as in the case which I have just brought up here, we may become really blinded by loss of insight, if we do not proceed, early and often, to let the powers of mind do the work which mere sense-perception could never empower us to master.

Indeed, the secret of what some people might consider to be "genius," is to become adeptly familiar with those powers of the human mind which do not depend directly on sense-perception alone. Fantasy? If you believe that, you are really no scientist.

Among the most significant of the accomplishments of physical science is presented to us by the implications of what become famous as mankind's entry into the direct and indirect functions of extra-terrestrial science, in which we struggle to craft both direct and indirect means for establishing what can be fairly considered as "artificial" sensory and related "synthetic" connections between those persons without means of direct senses, who can nonetheless communicate with man and the stars, and that without the help of impaired, or critically delimited use of sense-perception, The success of some famous personalities, who had lost control of essentially functioning sense-functions, would be enabled to connect the person inhabiting the living carcass to the means of guiding the stars, or tasks of a comparable complexity.

It were still more interesting, to focus emphasis on synthetic means for repairing lost sense-capabilities. The derivatives of that mission are most richly rewarding. precisely because the challenge compels conquest of the unexpected.

Thus, the development of space-exploration, turns the table around. We now require the development and use of the kinds of "sense-perceptual functions" which man had never needed for the earlier times' notions of the normal functions of life, Now, space-exploration and related subjects have their own new types of growing demands.

For example, the launching of a higher rank of intra-space communication, "Curiosity," represents a quality of development which impels us to change our thinking about the significance of communications within and beyond the confines of the Solar system. The need to deal with what we would presently consider, primarily, as very naughty and dangerous asteroids, directs us to build up a two-way system between Mars-base and Earth-base, which, by employing speed-of-light communications between Mars and Earth—and on certain things between, might well prove to become a prospective means of preventing the threatened extinction, as by the actions of errant asteroids and comets, of human life on Earth.

What we have, in that same general context, is the more general challenge of (hypothetically) relying only on synthetic successors to such synthetic creatures as "Curiosity," to defend life on Earth by means of synthetic arrays deployed as installations operating on Mars: the defense of Earth (as against actually dangerous asteroids) from electronic bases on Mars, by aid of a command based on Earth.

What, then, given such a direction of development within the range of "cooperation" between Earth and Mars, is the functional system of a likeness to a noëtically imagined electronic mind-system, which, by basing its work on the actual noëtic capabilities unique to the human mind, encompasses virtually all of the capabilities needed, excepting those noëtic functions themselves, which we must choose to reference as an attribution to the individual human mind.

Now, having stated that much on the hypothesis so identified, what does this impart to us as proffering a fresh view of the actual functions and potential of the individual human mind? Let us ask of the systems of intra-space control which man on Earth develops as I have broadly suggested here: What is the change this extended development implies?

The noëtic power of the individual human mind (as distinct from the mere brain—as Max Planck and Wolfgang Köhler shared their notion of a principle of mind) is a relative constant factor in the scheme. It is the extension of an intra-spatial system which is augmented by the network of connections arrayed by aid of the speed of light among the points of reference. It is that noëtic "element," within, which is the constant throughout; it is the greatly increased "computerized" and comparable augmentation of the power supplied to the noëtic "element," which is thus left remaining to our living biological selves, which defines the prospective future of mankind's destiny.

However, that is only a first step, albeit a giant step.

Consider the next capital challenge to be attacked.

The View of Man from the Side of the Universe Itself

The leading objective of this approach, and its challenge, is to see the universe, Earth within, and our selves on Earth, from the side of that view, virtually by the universe "himself," now viewing man's existence within man's living body, experiencing, thus, the noëtic expressions of the objects called sense-perceptions, which are to become the subject to be understood. We must build the pathway of escape from man's imprisonment in the character of the customary scientific achievements, of continuing to be the virtual "stumblebums of the Universe," stumbling across merely scented-out realities which we could never really understand.

What our usual economists, and persons of related talent have failed terribly to understand, is the essential difference between the human and all other known living species.

The intrinsic incompetence of our professional economists is exhibited, principally, in their religious-like devotion to the worship of the piece of folly called "statistical forecasting." The only competent forecasting is that of the developments which exist only in the future, which must be something intrinsically unknown to anyone relying upon statistical forecasting. The virtual insanity of Ben Bernanke and similar hyperinflation "freaks" from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, is typical of the majority of our nation's and Europe's hyper-inflationary fantasy-life from whose grip we must now escape.

As a result of all this, there is no hope for the United States, unless all of the conventional, post-John F. Kennedy practices of useless prolonged wars and other hyperinflationary long roads toward national hyperinflationary breakdown-crisis, are overturned and massive, Franklin Roosevelt-style, high-technology production and basic major science-driver projects such as NAWAPA are pushed through immediately, instead.

You might choose to reject what I say, but you can not refute what will happen to all of us, unless you adopt a recovery policy of exactly the type I have specified. Otherwise, the United States, the trans-Atlantic regions, and most of everything else is now immediately threatened with a greater collapse of life on this planet as a whole, that in a very rapid order during the weeks and months immediately ahead. The other short-term option presented to the world at this time, is global thermonuclear warfare, which signals a long, long nuclear winter beginning a relatively short time ahead. Check the record carefully; in these matters, I have not made important mistakes.

[1] I confess that I use, and praise twenty minutes on a treadmill-like bicycle. I would not have lived this long without it. Twenty minutes gives the quickest and best result. It is permitted, and highly recommended to do some serious thinking in the meantime.

[2] All truly competent scholars in such matters, know that the British empire is, essentially, an empire in the model set by ancient Rome. In the matters of warfare, for example, the common practice of such an empire as that of ancient Rome, or modern Britain, customarily reserves its own battle-forces to the duty of the nations and the like which serve as merely "toys" which the British empire plays, like toys on a Kriegsspiel chess-board: you and you fight to the death, so that we, the British masters play warfare from a distance, as in the case of the original "9-11" even, directed by a coalition of British and Saudi masters, as all true empires have acted like this. So, the British and Saudi imperialists play their games against the other nations of Eurasia, and against the United States itself, currently.

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