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This article appears in the November 2, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The End for Dummies!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 18, 2012

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Several Opening Points Urgently To Be Considered:

1. The estimated ability of mankind to continue to live under the presently reigning, but evolving conditions of our present Sun, is by no means a kind of arrangement designed to endure simply forever. As some academic estimates which had been kicked about among physical-science circuits, have indicated, there is an estimated range of about two billions years, until the Sun "explodes," or, a much earlier doom for human beings still remaining on Earth would occur.

2. Nonetheless, if there is no evidence, yet, that the human species itself, even if not also our present Sun, might actually become capable of outliving such kinds of currently "guess-timated" dates, that remains a possible option until shown otherwise.

On this account, mankind is already known to us as being, intrinsically, unlike any other species known to us as presently existing now, or having existed. Mankind is essentially unlike all other living creatures presently known to us here on Earth; mankind is, for us presently, the only known case of a form of life which has actually voluntarily creative capabilities. The practical challenge to be considered for our references, here, is: "Should we believe that our species, with its uniquely, categorical noëtic abilities, might, therefore, be capable of continuing to survive indefinitely?"

3. I present these introductory points on that account from where I am now situated on certain, admittedly on "shaky" evidence, but evidence which is, nonetheless, sound argument. The systemic distinction of the already established "history" of our species, is that of a species which is biologically unique, a species which is presently contrasted, thus, to all others presently known to us.

This thought is not "wild guesswork" in any sense. Our own species possesses an inherent potential, which lies beyond the limits of the primitive notions of what is called "sense-perception;" we are capable of willfully upward evolution of its already demonstrated potential for action, that with an accessibly unique quality of systemically willful, noëtic characteristics. These noëtic characteristics are both absolutely unlike, and far, far beyond, the achievements of any other species known to exist, or to have existed for us presently.

Yet, we continue to surprise the usual doubters, that while we remain merely mortals, we now remain nonetheless, essentially a living testament to the specific uniqueness, among all other expressions of known life, of what is presently known as mankind. Individual persons are ostensibly mortal, intrinsically, but the noëtic mental capabilities within the bounds of our species, are in that degree, potentially immortal in our consequences.

4. There are several, sequential elements of qualitative-historical evidence, which now point us into the relevant directions for discovering what I am claiming in the course of presenting this report.

First of all: on that account, there is the fact that our human species has already proven its powers to embody a qualitatively innate, and evidently unique potential for mankind.

Second: that potential has been shown to such a foreseeable effect, that what we should choose to believe presently in this matter, must become recognized as the absolutely unique potentials respecting our species' future existence, potentials which are not known to exist in any other living species presently known to us, other than our own.

5. As I shall indicate in the course of this report, our species has, thus, an inherently unique prospect, for being able to endure as a species, like no other in the known history of this planet's living species today. The crucial question posed as a challenge to us now, is, "does our species really wish to achieve that kind of immortality in its character, if not of the individual person as such, but as a species with that species' immortal potentials for achievements of continuing as a species with our higher qualities of life?"

Therefore: On the subject of this latter question, if and when we take into account, as now, the world's existing trends in governments, whether that of the U.S. Obama administration, or the oligarchical systems of such as the original Roman empire, or of the present British imperial monarchy, for example, there are some very ugly reasons for what should be any of my continually persisting doubts concerning the actual realization of mankind's effective potential to bring on its own species' continued survival beyond that "barrier to continued human life" which is implicitly global, thermonuclear warfare.

It should now be obvious, that these considerations also include the requirement that we become capable of defeating the danger to life from asteroids and comets.

6. Nevertheless, the hope must remain within some among each of us, for the human species' actions to improve itself in the quality of a potentially immortal species, despite the fact, that each among us, is mortal, and that even despite the opinions of all those mean-spirited varieties of human beings which infest some past and present governments on this planet. That necessary evidence exists which is clear on this point; you, each, have but to discover it.

Therefore, in this conclusion of my opening summary: The evidence for a hopeful conclusion already clearly exists, as the recent "Curiosity" landing affirms this. Such is the discoverable nature, context, and the prospective outcome, of the converging array of subject-matters which I am now bringing for your considerations here.

I. On "Energy-flux Density"

Now, join me in considering, more deeply, that part of the evidence which most readily demonstrates what has been, and is in fact, that which might seem to be the relatively miraculous power of the human species. I emphasize that relatively unusual power which is potentially specific to each newborn from among our human species: the power to continue the individual's development of those unique qualities needed for the acquisition of ever more powerful means for our unique species to exist, and to gain increased influence within the setting of our living existence.

I restate the point, that this particular, implied intention, the which is embedded in our human species' nature, is apparently unique, a fact which is expressed in those actions taken on behalf of some additionally gained, demonstrably more potent, and universal physical principle. I intend such as the manifest principle which is properly identified as the willfully expressed subsuming "rates of relative increase in our own species' mode of energy-flux density," as by those many varieties of human cultures, which remain now still in a tortured state of intellectual decline which is now, unfortunately, more and more typical of recent trends and generations in the main.

The Matter of 'The Green Pest'

For the purposes which I might hope that you and I will share in identifying contrasts, consider the distinction represented by the phenomenon of the prevalently chronic decadence among the increasing ration of contemporary so-called "greenies," in particular.

When that deepening, "green" decadence within contemporary society is examined according to the physical test-principle of "increase of relative energy-flux density," the "greenies" represent, inherently, a decadent variant amid mankind defined more broadly. The "greenie" type is one which has committed itself to persist in dooming itself to ruin, and to becoming eventually extinct, all that amid such obscene and homicidal-suicidal follies as being the product of the influence of the current British Queen's argument. I mean her devotion to what is fairly identified, as large-scale and sweeping measures for promoting of that "green genocide" which is a presently fast-spreading stench of doom amid the general population of the human species, most notably that within the trans-Atlantic sector.

Continuing the category of relevant plain fact, consider the reductionist scheme of Her Majesty: she claims to represent us by means of her repeatedly stated intent to bring about a currently rapid, and increasingly depraved form of savage reduction of the global population of the human species. Whatever that which you might consider her own specific fancy on this account to be, what Her Majesty has actually done now, presents us with undeniable evidence of her avowed intent to bring upon us all, that scale of relative genocide implicit in her presently publicized, explicitly stated intention. Hers is the present form of a long-traditional, oligarchical cult-doctrine, whose present intention has been to reduce the present world's human population from a currently estimated seven billions persons, to about one billion, or, who might know how much fewer than that is ultimately intended.

The resulting conclusion is, that this must be considered as the kind of evidence which is sufficient to prove the case for Her Majesty's currently incumbent, implicitly genocidal social system's moral unfitness to reign among mankind.[2] Nonetheless, our species itself, considered otherwise, continues to embody a naturally far nobler intention than Her Majesty's own would now permit. Our argument on behalf of the contrary effect, depends on the condition of the sustaining of a qualitatively endless progress in accordance with the standard result which we should have committed ourselves to bring into play.

To introduce our subject more adequately, consider the following, ironical case in point:

A Slice from Recent History

Shall we now say "Back then"?

During one among my past political visits into more or less prominent British circles, I was invited to meet with a person of a certain relatively significant official rank, in what had begun as a mutually most courteous tea-session. It ended differently, in that moment when I was informed by a suddenly-turned-irate British hostess, that her particular British political interest was solidly committed to British alliance with that particular sort of British preferred asset, then known as the same François Mitterrand, the one whom I had happened to have justly deplored in our discussion, and whom I had continued to deplore, in effect, over the course of not only that immediate moment, but as a continuing view among her political circles for the following, disastrous years to come.[3]

The most notable outcome of that, brief, if modestly memorable encounter in London, would be brought to the surface a virtual decade later, which would occur in Mitterrand's using the occasion of the sudden fall of the Soviet system, to impose the tyranny of his own French administration to effect a virtual rape of the sovereignties of both Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl's and of other continental European governments, and to throw them into a hyperinflation which has been continued to accelerate and to loot the so-called "Euro zone" through the time of the most recent report.

The result of that, has been, in turn, a development which had come like a remorseless movement of the Earth's surface, quickly to comprise what has now become the present day's quality of the captive, virtually "stateless," and also seemingly hopeless, "Euro system."

In effect, what that experience has meant, expresses, in fact, what had been a recurring tradition left over from the Roman Empire, as "empire" is expressed in its contemporary British re-incarnation of, first, the New Venetian party associated with William of Orange, and the subsequent Peace of Paris which established the triumph of the British empire as a globally extended empire in fact. The tradition so expressed, has lately included the Saudi kingdom as the starring, and most wicked companion of the very much presently-existing, present British empire. That presently continued, latter connection, also typifies the same British-Saudi imperial impulses which had launched the original "9-ll" horror of the year 2001, first under the then nominal President George W. Bush, Jr., and then, the more recent Anglo-Saudi renewal of "9-11," as expressed recently in Benghazi, under British-sponsored virtual, but evil U.S. puppet-President Barack Obama.

In summation on this immediate point, examine the residue of the span of "world war" since the ouster of Germany's Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in 1890, a period continuing through the continuing (de facto) state of general international warfare over the span since, in fact, Bismarck's ouster.

Since then, there has been a continuously "off-on" state of general warfare through much, or even virtually all of this planet. This has been continued through to the immediately present hovering of the threat of global thermonuclear warfare. The nominal wars, greater, or smaller, of the span of such global developments since William of Orange's rise to power in Britain, have been essentially successive outbursts of increasingly extreme intensity of violence-in-fact, per capita, and per unit of territory, all within a continuing domain of a general state of fluctuating pattern of mixed war-fighting intervals, and, otherwise, preparations for reactivated warfare.

With the recent advent of transition from nuclear-fission weaponry, to presently global states of ripeness for a relatively immediate global breakout of general thermonuclear warfare, the world's affairs "have been careened" into a nearby, global state of threatened, imminent extermination of the human species on Earth. We are at the brink of a quality of immediately threatened outbreak of thermonuclear warfare which threatens to become the very early end of the existence of the human species.

All of that pattern to be seen from among those leading political circles to which I have been sharply opposed, increasingly, of late, has been promoted by representatives from the same set of leading players which have included, notably, the effect of what I have just pointed out: those under, particularly, the British monarchy's asset President Barack Obama. That is the same Obama who had now recently re-launched a far more virulent evil than merely an expanded variety of that original version of savagery against the United States' citizenry, and also the world at large, an evil echoing that which had earlier surfaced, in a more limited manner of evil, during the nominal tenure of U.S. puppet-President George W. Bush, Jr.

On 'The Oligarchical Principle'

The most essential error of presumption, respecting the cases of such reigning models of oligarchism as that of the worshippers of the legendary Zeus in the war against Troy, is the presumption, as implicitly according to the likeness of the legendary Zeus, that neither the Roman Empire, nor the modern Royal British oligarchy itself, had submitted itself to the same general standards of the civilized existence properly accorded to human beings other than itself.

So, the personal characteristics of the original set of ancient Roman emperors had been more or less "faithfully" adopted by successive European and related models of empire, by, and since the notable case of the Roman empire. By all that which might be considered normal human standards, the fact is, that imperial rule, as under the British empire, or by that empire's auxiliary, the current Anglo-Saudi imperium of that BAE which had been employed for launching of both the original "9-ll" and its recent sequel, had been continued under imperial British-Saudi puppets such as President Barack Obama. Each of those are to be recognized as possessing an actually, intrinsically ultimate, and also evil destiny for itself. This echoes the case of the implications of the execution of any human being murdered in the manner of such as the Duke of Clarence who had been drowned in a butt of Malmsey by the wish of evil expressed on behalf of Richard III. Such are among the notably relevant models for the particular quality of evil expressed by the present case of President Barack Obama.

Consider Emperors and Empresses in the actual, real-life likenesses of such as the Emperor Nero then, or such as the cases of the murder by such as Richard III, or by President Obama now. We have the typical case of Obama's actions, and UNO representative Susan Rice's complicity, in the matter of the maliciously intended wrongful death of the highly respected U.S. diplomat, Chris Stevens, and of his immediate companions. This case of Obama's actions now, typifies the ambitious lackeys of mass-murderous modern imperial oligarchs turned loose.

For the British empire, it is as for the case of the self-inflicted extermination of that satanic Emperor Nero, when his continued presence had affronted even an evil Roman god: that of the real-life principle of the Satan which was and remains as his memorably true master. So, there was Nero's departure, who was to pass pickled in his own self-won torment, vanished from life, as with a great sucking-sound, which left him as ultimately less than nothing, without as much as a consoling sip of the sweet taste of Malmsey given to his mouth. But, let such malefactors live a long life, whether Nero or Obama, dwelling amid the stubbornly persisting, living shame which each now bears in common, forever, that for the great evil he has already done. That was done not only to our republic and its citizens, but, to him, that creature of seething, Satanic-like hatreds, whose guilt has been, simply, on his own account, that for being that tragically despicable thing which those of his likeness have so willingly, and so wickedly become.

That much just said, such is the nature of the foregoing facts which now point to the root of the complexities of the present circumstance which I am presenting to you for your solemn reflections at this point in my account.

The principal source of the brutish developments now suffocating the legitimate rights of the generality of the citizens of my own United States, and, also, of Europe among other victims generally, represents the continuation of the denial of those rights which my own republic, that of the United States, had once claimed as its own. Thus, our republic has been repeatedly looted through such means as the British imperial grip which is extended via such instruments as "Wall Street," as repeatedly then, and as now.

It is from that vantage-point, that the obstacles to mankind's future are to be considered, as is being presented, by me, to you, here, and now.

Hence, a Message from Japan

Those considerations now bring us to turning about from the afore-stated facts presented by me this far, to focus attention on another topic, the more joyful alternative of a sharing among us the recollection of the recently happier public experience of the implications of the Mars landing of the craft called "Curiosity."

The most crucial implication of any significant experience of mankind in society, is not that a relevant event had happened, but, that, it had happened in a manner similar to the instance of a once famous published, modern story from Japan.[4]

In that once-celebrated instance, what was reportedly experienced by each figure in that drama, came, in turn, according to the sundry, but differing manners with which the relevant onlookers had, each, chosen to report their relatively unique view of their experience, each systemically different. That case also illustrates, in a different way, my present reading of the effect of the differing, practical human interpretations of the outcome of the successful landing of "Curiosity" on Mars.

The differing, even the conflicting readings of experience of that landing, are to be recognized as comparable to the just referenced example supplied from the literature of modern Japan.

I emphasize, thus, that man is much less defined by what mankind had actually done during some certain time beforehand, than by what both the solitary individual person, and also the relevant society intends to recognize that we must do, as an event's presently future significance for mankind.

In my own personal experience in such matters as that, now, during a span about sixty years of active attention to such matters, I have frequently experienced the fact, that very, very few members of society have yet grasped the kind of actual connection which I have just referenced. I include cases of even most of those persons who might be considered in their own opinion, as "sophisticated." Errant reactions which have been borrowed from the habits of past times, must be corrected, now.

The relevant, particular difference toward which I am pointing in this moment, lies within the precincts of what those among us may have chosen to consider as of importance. The case of the "Curiosity" landing, demands exactly such a cause for revision of the manner in which the literate classes among our citizens should react. That case of "Curiosity," when appropriately assessed, should generate the effect of a shocking change, for the sake of which society must now profoundly redefine its outlook respecting almost everything, on Earth, and under the Sun.

In this present case, that of the implications of "Curiosity," the necessary effect should be a powerful effect of a happy discovery, a discovery which has been adopted by people who have come, really, to know what constitutes a really important discovery of a sweepingly new quality in viewing the future of our species.

In the history of the human species, that is the way we should read our experiences. It is the experience which should define for others, both what the members of our species really are, or have merely chosen to be, or, what we might come to discover, later, even much later, that we really have been heretofore.

How the Human Mind Actually Works—or, more often, did not

The most essential distinction of the human mind, from that of other known creatures, is that the human being is the only presently known species whose mental processes are capable of knowing the changes which are specific to experiencing the future. To make that point clear, or clearer: in my experience of approximately sixty years of economic forecasting, most forecasters are inherently failures in that profession. The most typical of the failures of professionals of that type, is the prevalent case of systemic failures, the cases of that silly practice known as so-called "statistical forecasting."

I, for example, have made numerous economic forecasts since my first such, that delivered to my professional circles in 1956, which turned out to be not only a unique success, but the basis, since February 1957, for what should have been foreseen as the rather immediately expected course of the U.S. economy, into the early 1960s. That has been the first of a series of forecasts of crucial turns in the U.S. economy, in particular, over the span of the remaining years of my life. In each of those cases, the usual outcome is not necessarily a specific future date-certain, but a relative turning-point, such as my warning of September 2007, which defined the pattern of that U.S. hyperinflation which is still soaring, at this present moment, into the now onrushing, hyper-inflationary breakdown course correlated with that of western and central Europe presently.

The actually determining considerations under this present, actually global "breakdown-type" of crisis, are not actually monetary, but are physical-economic per-capita in their basis. That is to say that the factors to be considered are not intrinsically monetary, but real.

The Current Examples

Consider the current U.S. hyper-inflationary surge since 2007. The root of this surge into the direction of a hyper-inflationary U.S.A. and European breakdown form of economic physical collapse which is now still on-going, and also, naturally, still accelerating, has been rooted in the repeal of the Glass-Steagall law. The general effect of that repeal was the original basis for the "uncorking" of what has become the trans-Atlantic hyper-inflationary spiral now approaching a general breakdown-crisis, not only on both sides of the Atlantic, but most recently, in the outbreak of signs of a broader crisis of the type reported from China which we might have anticipated in present global physical-economic patterns.

To carry that case forward in a relevant way, the prescribable remedy for such an onrushing form of general economic crisis, would be a threefold intervention:

  1. Re-install the Glass-Steagall law immediately. Otherwise the present situation is now, already virtually hopeless.
  2. On top of reinstallation of a strict Glass-Steagall law, introduce U.S. Federal credit utterance to counteract the depressed economy with physical-productive and closely related expansion of the physical economy.
  3. Introduce large-scale, medium- and long-term physical investments in long-term basic economic infrastructure, as the principal driver of a physical-economic recovery.

At the present time, in the U.S.A., for example, there is no other reason for hope for avoiding a general economic breakdown within the U.S.A., in particular.

That typifies the same essential principle which was introduced successfully in the just-born U.S. Federal government under President George Washington. Later, altered policies, were largely failed national policies, until the general recovery under President John Quincy Adams, which was later destroyed, in turn, by British financial agencies operating under that nominal Jackson/Van Buren leadership which virtually bankrupted the United States in the resulting Panic which the Jackson-Van Buren Presidency had created. This is clear from a retrospective review of the contrast between the highly successful economic policies under John Quincy Adams, and the destruction of the U.S.A. economy under the incumbency of Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and the British spy and U.S. traitor Aaron Burr, the latter of whom was key to the economic looting of the U.S.A. accomplished through Manhattan-centered, but British-controlled banking.

That much said on that particular account, this far, the significance of monetary processes in a real economy, is located in the physical-economic processes and their effects, rather than the simply monetary considerations. That is typical, precisely, of where the essence of economic practice lies. The healthy functioning of any economy which is not essentially a predatory operation, is located essentially in physical-economic realities, rather than monetarist standards. That, for example, is exactly where the basis for competent economic forecasting lies, not in monetarist systems.

The Role of the Human Mind

The most typical failure of the performance of the human individual's mental processes, on all accounts, is to be located, often, in an habituated, stubbornly exclusive obsession of some, with the myth of "the actually past-completed" experiences of sense-perception. The urgently needed alternative to that, were mistakenly mis-classified frequently as "fantasy:" either pleasant, even euphoric, or otherwise.

The issue is, that actually competent physical science is never expressed a matter of simply completed action. It is represented only by a set of aggressively contrary-to-popular rules. Those are the type of rules which should be adopted for the ever-fresh making of better opinions; as the true meaning of competent science radiates, unceasingly, ever-outward, from within its extended reach into the new physically definable riches awaiting the future.

Now, extend the scope of what I have just presented.

To repeat a crucially important point: the essential distinction of creative thinkers, from those of merely ordinary opinion still today, is revealed in experiencing of the silliness of the customary manner in which what passes for "authoritative" economic forecasting, is customarily done, done as "statistical methods of forecasting." Those are methods which are, according to the unfortunately customary, essentially "statistical," and more or less "official" evidence available, and on principle, always systemically inhuman in the end. The practical issue is, "What does 'human' mean, in practice," within the context which I have presented, precisely here.

Enter Johannes Kepler

The future is to be defined for consideration as being a function which is inherently contrary to the systemic incompetence of so-called "conventional," statistical-forecasting methods. The discovery of the remedy for the customary incompetence of the popular, contemporary economic forecasting (in particular), emerged from within modern European science through, chiefly, the initiatives of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, as emphasized in his De Docta Ignorantia (A.D. 1440). It was from this source, that Johannes Kepler derived the original general physical principle of modern physical science, a principle best typified for references, by Johannes Kepler's vicarious hypothesis as interconnected with, also, the concept of metaphor. Without understanding of this connection, there could not be a systemically competent insight into the actually physical principles of economy.

These two notions, of vicarious hypothesis and of metaphor, are the founding principles of any competent approach to the notion of modern physical science, and, therefore, the unique quality of the powers of the specifically human mind, which are in opposition to all notions of customary reductionist methods. Those principles of Cusa and his follower Kepler, are, thus to be recognized as the truly universal principles embedded in a competently systemic, improved notion of modern physical science, that in contrast to the follies inherent in the presumptions expressed as deductions from the popular and also commonly academic categories of "sense-perception."

In modern European cultures' society, the discussion of the reconsiderations of currently future experiences, was introduced chiefly by the greatest of the several leading scientific minds of both the referenced Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa and his nearest co-thinkers, as I have just emphasized here. The appropriate methods, otherwise, have been continued since the discovery of the fundamental principle of physical science among such of Cusa's followers as Johannes Kepler, the uniquely original discoverer of what is referenced today by the discovery of the principle of universal gravitation by, uniquely, again, Johannes Kepler.

That is to emphasize, now here briefly, that the point of Kepler's discovery on that account, is that any competent practice of physical science is necessarily associated with what he identified as the universal physical principle of "vicarious hypothesis" and, implicitly, also as a reflection of a derivation of the same principle, which is known as that of "metaphor."

Notably, the common use of "metaphor" during later centuries, most emphatically the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries, has virtually shed the remains of its original, actually scientific meaning, as also happened, similarly, to the term "hypothesis," that done over the course of the Nineteenth Century, and, worse, beyond. For some readers, the meaning of the use of the term "metaphor," has not only lost all of its earlier intelligible meaning, but that with some consequently serious damage to the human capacity to understand the actually functional meaning needed for the serious work of "science."

It is necessary that I shall return repeatedly to those specific considerations here later, since all competent presently improved approaches to the subject of "physical science," depend on exploding the folly of those notions which attribute the roots of physical science to the attributed foundations of mere "sense-perception." That is otherwise intimated in the work of Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and the concept of "mind" which Max Planck shared with Wolfgang Köhler. Repeated emphasis on this point, is crucially required on behalf of competence today.[5]

The Culture Within Science

The root of what I have just pointed out here as the common cause for a loss of scientific competence, is to be located essentially in the modernist (e.g., "reductionist") emphasis on the notion of "sense-certainty." Thus, as in Cusa's argument in De Docta Ignorantia, the competent scientific thinker does not believe in a merely alleged, physically efficient "reality" of "sense certainty." Hence, Kepler's "vicarious hypothesis" and the experienced, related object of apparent "sense-perception," are to be assessed as being mere shadows of what is the actually experienced notion of Metaphor, as that which determines the symbolic actuality of what conventional speech defines as the "action" which is customarily identified as "sense-perception," and which is the essential truth of all composed Classical drama and Classical musical composition.

To restate the core of the content of that just preceding paragraph: "sense perception" is not reality; it is but merely the notion, of "the shadow cast" upon the human sensory processes, and is used, thus, as the symbolic surrogate for the actual experience of an event within some actually physical space-time. It is the actually physical principle which is reflected as the mere shadow which the actually physical domain, as distinguished by Kepler's definition of vicarious hypothesis and metaphor casts upon the human apparatus of sense-perception. Notably, this includes, categorically, among other considerations, a shared consequence of Wolfgang Köhler's and Max Planck's notion of "mind" as being "inclusive," rather than merely "included," in the relevant totality of reference for what lies contained within the bounding process of conception.

It is crucially important to be noted, that the emerging of opening of general warfare during the late Nineteenth Century, began with the events pivoted on, and within the bounds of that 1890 ouster of Otto von Bismarck, which actually unleashed the British measures for what began as "The First World War," a preparation which was continued with warfare which had erupted preceding the death of Johannes Brahms. The worst after-effects of the first period of "World War"-fare, called "World War I," had begun in the same Nineteenth-century period marked out, in one phase, by the assassination of France's President Marie François Sadi Carnot, and, in the relatively later phase, by the 1920s surge of the influence of the figure of monstrous evil known otherwise as Bertrand Russell.[6]

We shall return to the subject of what I enjoy identifying as "the riddle of the story from Japan."

II. The Decline since the 20th Century: the Immediately Present Economic Crisis of Our Planet

I now interpolate here, some highly relevant, waiting sectors of what Presidential candidate Governor Romney, has now set forth for my insight, in his conclusion to the immediately just-concluded set of so-called "public debates" between President Barack Obama and Governor Romney. Note that Governor Romney has many short-comings, but, his ostensible rival, President Obama's re-election—even during a transition to a different President, represents a threat to civilization generally. This is the predicament which confronts the United States now, the immediate prospect of general thermonuclear war for as long as Obama remains President.

The presently ongoing, mass suicide-plot, virtually national in scope, called the candidacy of President Barack Obama, is an example of the degree to which some recently incumbent Presidents have dived into their respective political cess-pools. While Obama is an immediate threat to the very continued existence of the United States above all; yet, former Governor Romney has failed to grasp publicly the crucial set of points which are now of the utmost urgency for our republic's survival, even during the immediate short term of the transition to a new term in the Presidential office.

My own estimate, after my having taken note of the Governor's proposals, is that under certain very special, but limited past conditions, he could become a fungible proposition. That were a possibility, if we could now presume certain crucial, changed features of his policies which would make that urgently needed transformation in his current "pitch" which could generate a successfully workable change in what must be considered as a fundamental change from what had become "the usual kinds of packages."

Romney's highly exaggerated admiration of the cult of "the businessman," is "the proverbial Achilles heel" of his stated programmatic outlook. Romney understands "business" as he has defined it publicly; but his stated intentions are not relevant to the present condition of the world's economy. What he has proposed so far, is to be commended as an escape from the sheer evil of the eyes of the savagely maddened, "stone-cold killer," President Barack Obama, but without a certain sort of help, the Governor would not be a successful President. Given the circumstances, the Governor would deserve his election, with certain crucial adjustments definable as within the domain of a science of physical economy, rather than the assured utter catastrophe which a "monetarist business-man" approach would virtually guarantee. That much now said in this present chapter, several very profound issues must be settled quickly.

However, having just stated that much on this matter, we must be aware that, at Romney's apparent "least worse," I repeat: he would still fall short of what is required as being a virtually beyond-compromise sort of need. I repeat my intent to indicate here and now, those relatively absolute preconditions for any actually acceptable sort of the most urgently needed changes in what might be identified as a proposal for a "reformed" Romney administration at this juncture. After I have set forth the nature and implications of these basic reforms, I shall turn to relevant matters of details.

A Governor Romney believing himself a "supreme businessman" in the White House, should make both him and any competent economist shudder—if one could find such an economist these days. Given the choices which confront the United States at this state of the national election-process, a President Romney in "the White House," might be tolerable, if the "businessman" side of his nature were subordinated to the implications of the original U.S. Glass-Steagall law. Without that Law, the U.S.A. were now doomed, and that would now come on immediately.

The fact of that matter is, most unfortunately, that the real state of U.S. affairs at this time, is, that we are likely to be left with Governor Romney as the only actually tolerable choice at this time. The question is, therefore, what would be required to induce Romney to become a success, but not as a business-man-in-occupation. He would tend to behave as "a business man," as he has admitted this weakness in his concluding this present series of debates with President Obama. He has failed, so far, to take into account his lack of the actual scientific competence absolutely required now, if the United States were to survive the crisis which is already accelerating under way.

Turn now to certain crucially urgent passages on the subject of the indispensable economic and matching social reforms immediately required. They are reasonably simple in outline, but profound in implications.

The History Behind Romney's Crisis Now

Just to begin that core-sector of the needed adjustments, we must summarize the history of modern global warfare systems since the specific "iron date" of the 1890 ouster of Chancellor Bismarck from the German Chancellory: that was the development which had set into motion all of the major warfare on this planet since that time, to the present date.

The set of rules required, against the backdrop of the continued implications of the Bismarck ouster of 1890, is what must be called into play for assessing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's essential national-economic and related social concerns. Those concerns of his have essentially nothing which does not fall far, far short of the actually desperate economic and social crises of either the United States, or the world as a whole at the present time. However, in contrast to Romney's implicit such short-falls, there is no condition under which President Barack Obama is fit for office as U.S. President. Whereas, Governor Romney's short-falls lie in his shallow attractions for a sort of pragmatic "business management lore," but are nonetheless, actually "old hat" business management lore, which has lost those pragmatic, short- or medium-term "business" viabilities, which went out of circulation with certain reckless lunatics' repeal of President Franklin Roosevelt's original Glass-Steagall Law.

The degree of functional validity that the economic and related social policies require to meet the actually required standards, would require that his policies take into account the actually practical issues presently confronting our planet as a whole—and beyond—which require us to step virtually outside all of the "programmatic issues" of the campaign of competition under the British Queen, which momentarily pits Governor Romney, presented as "fast forward," against the momentarily incumbent Barack Obama.

Romney has learned some useful lessons, but those apparently fail to reach the category of the ABCs of economic survival under present conditions now.

At the Threshold of 'General Death'

The essential preconditions, which it appears, presently, Governor Romney does not yet know, are nothing less than those minimal preconditions on which the continued existence of a viable U.S. economy most urgently depends immediately, now. The consequent conclusion respecting Governor Romney's qualifications, is that the ordinary qualifications of the Governor as a standard of a certain type of successful "business man," are "respectable;" but, unfortunately, he shows no public insight into the minimal requirements for the current survival of the present U.S. economy under the conditions since those set into motion by a systemically incurable trend of hyper-inflation since the repeal of Glass-Steagall in the U.S.A. itself, especially since the breaking-point reached in, approximately, 2007, and into economic Hell itself in late 2008.

The world taken at large, at this time, signifies that the world economy as a whole, has been caught up in an accelerating rate of combined physical-economic decline, and a galloping rate of global hyperinflation: a form of hyperinflation whose character has already now departed all possibility of any recovery from this under presently "conventional" anti-inflation recipes.

So far, Governor Romney has shown scant inkling of a comprehension of this fact. While his projected reforms fortunately lack the characteristic quality of personally Satanic evil of an Emperor Nero, or an Adolf Hitler, a type which has been presently oozing out from the political hide of President Obama; yet, Romney himself appears to lack any sign of the perspective which is indispensable for effectively challenging the presently accelerating rate of spread of global hyper-inflation.

More radical reforms for this crisis are indispensable, and, they exist, as I have prescribed those methods, but Romney has shown no sign that he yet understands that kind of situation. Therefore, what do I mean in pointing toward an alternative as being an active choice under presently immediate circumstances?

How the World War Began

If any significant distinction is to be made between the British empire's spreading of what was to become known as the British-Japan war against China and the later phases of so-called "World War I," it was the assassination of President McKinley, which worked to the effect of bringing an implicit child of treason, sometime U.S.A. Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt, into the Presidency through the means of the assassination whose effects were traced explicitly, by name (that of the traitor, his treasonous uncle James Bullock, by his name), to the network accountable to wretched Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt himself. The treasonous features of President Theodore Roosevelt's past as an incumbent trained under his uncle, the former leading British spy against the United States, were therefore thoroughly British, in what were the keys to bringing in another scoundrel of kindred treasonous breed, the later Woodrow Wilson, into play.

As U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson was notable for such White House achievements as launching a vastly expanded rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan directly from the White House itself, and was the worst among the political operatives in the conduct and outcome of a Versailles treaty which quickly mustered the arrangements for what was to be misnamed as "World War Two." Lest something had been left behind in that transition, another President of the United States, Warren G. Harding, was said to have died of an attack of fresh shell-fish poisoning, while dining, astonishingly, during a railway trip in the middle of the desolation of the American desert. (I can plead that I was an infant during that time.)

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a far, far different case; the best authorities in the matter have attested with evidence that Winston Churchill bitterly hated that President. President Franklin Roosevelt suffered the wretched Wall Street crony Vice-President Harry S (no period) Truman. The General, and, later, President, Dwight Eisenhower, contributed much to saving the U.S. Republic. President John F. Kennedy was not much feared to be a serious threat to London's Wall Street clowns, at first; but, when he did appear to be such a serious threat to British interests, President Kennedy was suddenly dead by assassination, amid the same antipathies which also menaced France's President Charles de Gaulle, and which were also part of the great warfare in Asia against which General MacArthur—the most brilliant commander of forces, on point of principle of method, in modern U.S. history—had warned, which brought the United States into a condition of accelerating disasters.

That turned out to be the end of the true independence of our U.S. republic this far.

Since that time, our United States has, frankly, slid into virtual economic (and, also other varieties of) Hell. In fact, since the murders of Jack and Robert Kennedy during the 1960s, our U.S.A., and much of the world, besides, has been sliding at uneven, but unbroken rates, into a sheer Hell, with much, much worse to come, under the very worst of them all so far, the "kill-crazy" mad-man, Barack Obama. Voting for Obama is virtually taking out membership in a suicide-plot, even against oneself!

I sense a demand from some quarters: "Explain what you mean!"

I now reply.

III. Human Nature, Then and Now

Taken at so-called "face value," and looking backward from modern, and even medieval, and ancient cultures, even the history of modern Europe remains truly a mystery, or a faith in mistakes, to most even in the relatively more familiar elements of the trans-Atlantic region. From the standpoint of a competent practice of science, what is required is a deeper insight into the human mind than is available through reliance on the notions of sense-perception as such.

The powers of the human mind must be regarded by aid of recognition of that which underlies the ordinary notions of the experience lodged within the bounds of sense-perception as such. For ordinary purposes otherwise, direct observation of sense-perceptions is useful, even indispensable in part. That evidence is usually useful, until we seek to penetrate the domains within which the powers for sense-perception fail: what lies beyond what sense-perception does encompass; to what extent does such a differentiation serve us as necessary, even indispensable?

The insight into such matters of the human mind, as best known in ordinary circumstances, is found in the performance of Classical musical compositions such as those of the heirs of Johann Sebastian Bach, such as Bach himself, Arthur Nikisch, and Wilhelm Furtwängler. However, a deeper insight is found in the followers of Nicholas of Cusa and of his follower Johannes Kepler. The significant differences which may be located there, are exposed in modern science through what I have identified above in preceding chapters of this report, as the notions of vicarious hypothesis, and the related, actually subsuming notion of metaphor. The significance of that paired set of distinctions of mind from mere sense-perception lies in the evidence, as presented in connection with Kepler's unique achievement of the notions of mind which were adduced from physical-scientific experiment as proofs which supplied the only demonstration of those universal qualities of universal principles knowable to mankind, as in the instance of Kepler's unique discovery of the principle governing the existence of any competent notion of a principle of universal gravitation, a notion which is reflected in modern physical science by the exemplary influence of such as Bernhard Riemann on the specificity of the leading discoveries by Max Planck and Albert Einstein: both of whom illuminated the physical reality of man's access to knowledge of principles of the physical universe.

That specific correction, made by those indicated authorities as human beings, constituted proof beyond concessions to sense-certainties and made independently of axiomatic presumptions derived from sense-perception as such. It is now, virtually a greater part of a century, since Planck and Einstein made their crucial discoveries on this account, and aided the by shared exploration of the function of mind as such in and of itself, that mankind has finally touched upon a sound view of the universe from the vantage of an actual reality. It is thus, in the matters of this discussion this far of the human mind, insofar as it is capable of knowledge independent of mere sense-perception as such, that we grasp the implications of the view of the human mind which has finally enabled us to take upon ourselves the practical role of the work of the human mind as such: a point, incidentally, emphasized in the wrestling between Plank and Köhler in confrontation with the reductionist standpoint.

The specific kind of error which has tended to block the significance of such as Johann Sebastian Bach for the discovery of the underlying principles of musical practice, poses the same issues. The point to be stressed is the following.

We human beings, ostensibly unique among the other creatures of our world, should consider the fact, that the adoption of sense-perception as the specific ground-basis for science, is an obvious absurdity. The fact that that might be a popular habit, is not a scientific proof. How might, we therefore, adduce some essential facts about the parts of the universe which we inhabit most immediately, and claim that that quality of human sense-perception defines, in the sense of enclosing, our universe?

That question which I have just posed, begs two considerations immediately. First, how can you claim to understand the universe in which we live, within testing the realities of that presumed relationship against proofs which depend upon ignoring the lack of a proof of the existence of the universe which, kindly, presents us with an habitat? The nature of the error of such presumptions respecting the nature of mankind should be obvious. It is only when mankind is asserting its powers within and upon the universe we inhabit, that we barely begin to define the real universe itself. The issue, the question is whether mankind itself, is enabled to infuse its controlling influences within the bounds of the Solar system, and then, other places.

This achievement, which I have demanded be identified in the course of this publication, must be accepted as the test of whether you have any provable claims to knowledge of the principles of the physical universe at all. If we accept the notion, that mankind is, indeed, bred as mankind, as a force whose power is that of changing the universe, at least somewhat, as a power which inhabits our Solar system, and implicitly beyond, the we inhabit a creation, and we are apprentices in its work of creating with the permission of Who might be the owner.

[1] Here, I return to a topical area which I have touched upon in some depth on earlier occasions. Here, I go into the core of that issue.

[2] That British Queen's stated motive on this account, is, in the end, nothing more, nor less, than sheer, wicked meanness among those relevant cases of those supporters of her professed cause who are dwelling on our planet today. The demeaning ones of her retinue, and their types, have refused to tolerate any cessation of their continued rule over this planet, which, by its nature, might offend the intentions of that oligarchical tyranny which has oppressed the greatest portion of the human species during the many centuries, even millennia, since some most distantly ancient times. That includes such as the guilt for an exceptionally guilty genocide and for the salting of a formerly inhabited territory, a horror which was reportedly conducted against a defeated Troy. The Roman empire and its legacy are typical of the subsequently recurring threats of a potential self-extinction of the human species, which has been a still recurrent contemporary focus of particular defense of the legacy of that oligarchical system still currently based in the Mediterranean and beyond. The pertains, especially now, to the conditions under the reign of the current British system of imperial outreach.

[3] I shall return to the implications of that particular subject, in a suitable place, below here.

[4] 1950 movie Rashomon, directed by Akira Kurosawa.

[5] Cf. The emphasis already placed on this in "The Coming End of the Cult of Sense-Deception." See LaRouche PAC or EIR .

[6] The actual warfare which set off what was later identified, mistakenly, as "World War I," was set into motion in 1894, shortly after the assassination of France's President Marie François Sadi Carnot. It was the combination of the assassination of President Carnot, and of the fraudulent pretext for the Dreyfus Affair, which set into motion the preparations for bringing France into the configuration which had already launched the British imperial intention to set into motion what was to be become "World War I," and which set into preparation the revival of active hostilities under the rubric of what as to be mistakenly identified as "World War II." Bertrand Russell was a key figure of corruption launched against competent science with full force during the interval between the Versailles Treaty and the 1939 version of "The Guns of August," and played a crucial and similar role in the period since 1945, up to, and even implicitly beyond his own demise.

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