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This article appears in the April 12, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 24, 2013

This past week-end and its immediate sequels, mark a threatened point of break-down in what has been a long wave of trans-Atlantic crisis since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and that of his brother, Robert. Now, in these present times, the probable outcome now awaiting the world, is the new general warfare, perhaps an human extinction, which Queen Elizabeth II's imperial regime is currently working, overtly, to bring on very soon. Without any actual exaggeration, that is her publicly stated intention: the near-extinction, or worse, of the human species.

The threat of such warfare by the British Empire, had been apparently lurking every time one of our few truly great Presidents had been faced with the threat of assassinations by the British empire and its agents. I mean such British agents as the monstrous Aaron Burr. In fact, the effect of the assassination of President William McKinley (which brought in the British asset and virtual traitor, Theodore Roosevelt), is also typical. The overt, rabid, Ku Klux Klan fanatic Woodrow Wilson, had been among the worst, as also Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. Britain's asset Harry S Truman, may not have been officially a traitor to the United States, but the effect might have been approximately the same, but for the interventions of such leading patriots as President Dwight Eisenhower, and General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur. However, the United States has, so far, never outlived the effects of the cases of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and of his brother, Robert.

The notable fact of our republic's history, to the present day, is that had Britain's Winston Churchill not played about every diversionary trick imaginable to delay a war-time victory over Adolf Hitler's regime, Harry S Truman would never have had the actual opportunity, in fact, to have been elected as U.S. President. The British empire had always remained the principal enemy (in fact) of our United States for longer than there had been a United States. The British empire, for as long as it had existed, since the mass-murders in Ireland by the New Venetian Party's William of Orange, has always been the most persistent enemy of any true civilization.

I do not exaggerate in the least. I explain the situation as follows.

The crucial historical fact of modern history, has been, that, so far, the Roman Empire had never actually died. The heirs of that empire had transferred themselves to new residences and new guises in the upper region of the Adriatic, where the leading original Roman imperial families had fled to establish their new base for rebuilding their power. Such were the causes of the later emergence of growth of the imperial city of Venice, and of the subsequent "New Venetian Empire" of such as William of Orange, which had led directly into the House of Orange's wars against the France of Louis XIV, and, the subsequent mass-murderous butchery in Ireland, as a part of the conquest of the British Isles generally. The British empire was established in fact, between the intervals of the 1763 Peace of Paris and the subsequent imperial Treaty of Vienna (1815) under the batons of Metternich and the British empire's Castlereagh.

Later, Germany's dumping of Chancellor Bismarck in 1890, uncorked an immediate series of rapid, global developments in assassinations and warfares leading into what became known as World War I, and, soon afterward, to World War II. Since that time, the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and somewhat later, of his brother Robert, have, in fact, led the planet to a present brink of an immediately threatened, global state of thermonuclear warfare. It was the arrant lies used to conceal the truth of the assassination of President Kennedy, and, also, of his brother, later, which permitted the otherwise preventable launching of the U.S. Indo-China war, against which General MacArthur had warned, together with President Kennedy, a war which had permitted the drift into Hell, this far, which is now threatening the entirety of the human species, even its not improbable self-extinction at the hand of the British imperial monarchy.

So, a thermonuclear war launched by the British empire, with the United States in tow, now threatens a proximate thermonuclear warfare, a state of thermonuclear warfare which means a virtual extinction of the human species.

To provide the best qualified readers here with some urgently needed, critical insights into the historical background for the present threat of general thermonuclear warfare, I have devoted my attention in the following pages to references to three cases. Those three cases have been: the crucially unique role of General of the Armies MacArthur's decision for the crucial action of the Inchon landing in Korea; the grotesque, British irony of the famous victory of Prussia's Frederick II at Leuthen; and, also, what is rarely recognized currently, the deep-rooted role of the modern, British background in the Roman empire still today.

The Legacy of Inchon Today

The most common of the great dangers lurking in modern warfare, in particular, is to be seen in the sometimes stubborn quality of so-called "practical" outlooks by the United States on strategically grave matters of global crises of sundry varieties. The danger to mankind represented by such "practical" dupes of (usually) the British monarchy, is to be recognized in such instances as the resistance to the U.S.A.'s Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur's successfully overriding insistence on the celebrated achievement of the Inchon landing's role in the Korean war.

Otherwise, Presidential candidate Dwight Eisenhower had played a related, leading part in his continuing the role which had been U.S. Presidential candidate General MacArthur's leading part in dealing with the launching of the warfare in Korea. This matter goes much deeper, and much farther in effect, than a mere "local war" would seem to warrant. What was at issue, had been shown by the hesitation of some other U.S. commanders dealing with the Korea situation, who had, rather stubbornly, initially resisted General MacArthur's insistence on the Inchon landing. MacArthur had momentarily overridden both the incumbent President Harry S Truman and the evil intentions of the combined policies of Britain's pair of that time, Winston Churchill and Bertrand Russell. The price of failing to carry out General MacArthur's policy then, would have been disastrous for the United States during that immediate interval. Truman had his typically childish revenge, not long after that.

I explain, briefly. Before proceeding further along those lines, it is imperative that we pause here, so-to-speak to set the stage for considering the implications of General MacArthur's experience with a succession of evils perpetrated by a U.S. President Harry S Truman who served as the British empire's virtual Wall Street-stuffed puppet, evils perpetrated under the de facto superior authority of the British empire's Winston Churchill and Churchill's leading accomplice, the frankly satanic Bertrand Russell.

Truman's Virtual Treason

Before presenting any perspective on both the warfare in Korea and the role of Douglas MacArthur in the conclusion of the war with Japan, we must take into account the dastardly changes in U.S.A. strategic policies which were introduced under the nominal Presidency of Harry S Truman, once President Franklin Roosevelt was conveniently deceased (for Churchill and his virtual lackey, Truman). The institutions of the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency were rapidly brought under the control of the Churchill-Truman apparatus, and every semblance of the post-war intentions of the Franklin Roosevelt administration was, in a large degree, overturned and reversed.

By 1948, every semblance of the strategic legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, had not only been overturned, but the most crucial elements bearing on the post-war world were largely reversed in order to begin a world-wide policy of nuclear warfare, and, very soon, the intention of rapid preparations for thermonuclear warfare. Anything deemed offensive to the British empire, tended to be overturned, according to British post-war requirements, by the lackeys of the Truman Presidency. Matters have largely remained so to the present date.

Thus, the most significant about-face, from a deceased hero-President Roosevelt, to British lackey Truman, occurred with the crime of the worse-than-useless nuclear bombardment of two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in Japan. Thus, World War II was transmogrified into being de facto "World War III." Douglas MacArthur was keenly aware of that fact; instead of the end of a world warfare, a new, future world warfare, nuclear war, was begun, and has been continued up through the present date. The unnecessary, long, useless, and ruinous war in post-President Kennedy Indo-China (as General MacArthur had warned), brought about the most crucial turn, downwards, in U.S. history to date.

Such is the general background needed to place MacArthur's part in the initial phase of the war in Korea into perspective.

Thus, the deeper issue in respect to the Inchon landing itself, was the quality of mind required to understand the grave national-strategic issues embedded in General MacArthur's insight into the effects of President Truman's role in bringing on the war in Korea. Truman's policy would have, implicitly, carried the war to the active brink of a state of thermonuclear warfare in that region.

Once the possibility of an Anglo-American nuclear response in Korea comes into consideration, the truth about the attacks against MacArthur by President Harry Truman and others, is essentially de-mystified. Step back for a moment to consider the situation in an invaded South Korea, and a new dimension of elements comes into play.

Consider the following relevant, and relatively "bare" facts on background.

The U.S.A. Enters World War III

The essential facts of the initially successful, "armored Blitzkrieg" into almost the entirety of the territory of South Korea, had established a situation which tended to assure a prolonged, slow-paced "slugging match" for the U.S.A. That was considered, initially, as the best option to be expected for the array of combat forces gathered in the battered southern tip of Korea. However, there was another aspect to the strategic situation inside Korea as a whole: the ghost in the woodwork of war then engaged within Asia, the Anglo-American nuclear (and also thermonuclear) global war-option.

No competent understanding of the actually global implications of the war in Korea at that time, could have been recognized then, except by a special quality of citizens during those immediate years. General MacArthur showed clearly that he did recognize those crucial future prospects which most among his immediate colleagues failed to foresee. This brings the matter of Korea into the proper perspective which MacArthur obviously employed, and which leading military and political associates concerned, evidently did not. That fact, which I have just now stated, is the really crucial matter to be considered, then, as also now. The crucial issue so situated is the crucial importance of shunning blind faith in what has already been experienced, to the degree that even most leading figures in warfare and other matters, turn out to have been mere bunglers who stumble as if almost witlessly into the future, because they can never see the actuality of history beyond the immediate period of a merely "practical man's" present moments' ongoing developments in the actual course of future history.

The actual commitment to nuclear warfare, of the British empire and the Truman Administration, had been declared in the Summer of 1946, by both Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Harry Truman's U.S. administration. Bertrand Russell was a leading intellectual influence in this scheme. It was Russell who, in the late Summer of 1946, had already declared a commitment to a virtually world-wide "preventive nuclear war," as he had done in widely published threats to this effect. At that time, it had been presumed in relevant public statements, that Russell had presumed that the Soviet Union did not yet possess effectively deployable strategic nuclear capabilities. The news that the Soviet Union had already developed such weapons, was a disappointment for "pacifist" Bertrand Russell, particularly when North Korea had launched its "Blitzkrieg" against South Korea.[1]

At the start of their "Blitzkrieg," the North Korea forces had launched a very effective assault with armored forces led abruptly, and virtually without effective resistance, down toward the tip of South Korea. It was a war by North Korean forces which had been prompted, rather gleefully, by the anti-Franklin Roosevelt policies of Churchill and Truman. At that junction, General of the Armies MacArthur, then based in Japan, was deployed for the defense of South Korea. However, until General MacArthur had stipulated the Inchon landing, the prospect for the U.S.-allied forces deployed into Korea faced a prolonged "slugging fest" which meant attempting to creep northward by "virtual inches of very bloody warfare." However, that was avoided once MacArthur's direction of the Inchon landing completely and quickly routed the North Korea forces from the region of South Korea.

With that development taken into account, the really deep issue respecting the Inchon landing, had been the need for a certain, favorable quality of mind in the strategic process which was adequate to meet the realities posed as a threatened nearness to a brink of thermonuclear warfare at that time. The actually grave danger to be considered in the matter of the Inchon landing, was not merely that decision itself, but, rather, the crucial factor to be considered was the role of the British empire of Churchill and Bertrand Russell in their shared intention to drive the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea, and the U.S.A., into an actual thermonuclear war, a war to be organized in the special interests of the British empire: a prompt and successful decision at Inchon had been a global factor in the situation at that stage of affairs. World War II leading veterans blunted much of the immediate risk of actually thermonuclear warfare.

Once that fact, and its implications, are taken into account, the continuing issue from that time, to the present date, is the danger to humanity of a national leadership which lacks both the intellect and the moral outlook of mind needed at this present time of the greatest crisis in the known history of mankind. John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, had shown the needed qualities of leadership. The only case of a U.S. President, since that time, who ever threatened to show the needed insights and outlooks, had been seen in the repeatedly stated policy of President Ronald Reagan on the matter of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

My intention here, is to address that matter of the danger to society represented by a leadership which lacks the quality of insight shown by such truly great U.S. commanders as MacArthur. He had had that quality; so had some other of the founders of our Republic, such as Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, or John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln, and so on. I focus my attention here on the specific quality of mind to be sought in a needed quality of leadership on which the fate of civilization depends, urgently, now, in its crucial moments of leadership of nations. It is war which lies essentially in the mind, not the battlefield otherwise, an effort on which the existence of civilization may be called to depend, urgently, at this juncture.

The Present Alternative

In my own experience, which I apply here, retrospectively, to the warfare in Korea, my own first clear insight into the implications of the warfare in Korea, came into a clear view in the interval 1956-57, when I had projected a virtually exact date for the outbreak of the deep recession which erupted on the forecast date of February 1957. That experience, which is reflected in my retrospective view of the developments in war-time Korea, assured me that the most essential distinction of the functionally performing human mind, is the ability of such a developed mind to foresee rather deeply into the future of society. That particular quality of skill, is otherwise obvious in a retrospective view of the role of General MacArthur in strategic outlook.

The conclusion to be drawn from such observations as that which I have just presented here, is that the essential difference, in principle, between man and beast, is the potential specific to the human mind, the ability to foresee the onset of the future in a certain way, in a manner specific to General MacArthur's insistence on an Inchon landing, a strategic thrust which transformed a state of virtual perpetual warfare in South Korea, into an early and brilliantly sweeping victory. MacArthur had patriotically outwitted Truman and Churchill, a fact which is not really astonishing when one might have examined the personal record of MacArthur.

"Really practical" men tend to make a bloody mess of everything in or about the likeness of a strategic mission of any kind.

The essential error among the nations of the world presently, has been the implicit presumption that thermonuclear warfare today is an actual option for the human species presently. Admittedly, there had been times when defensive war among nations on Earth had been a justified option. The advent of general thermonuclear warfare has eliminated that option. Any general warfare today, is thermonuclear warfare; and, thermonuclear warfare is presently war fought for the extinction of the human species. The truth of that matter presently, is to be recognized in the policies of mass-extermination of the human population which have been avowed by the empress known as Queen Elizabeth II, as her intention to reduce the human species to no greater than approximately one billion persons, out of a present population of approximately seven billions. The very fact of the Queen's population policies under conditions of thermonuclear means of warfare, now virtually assures that any general warfare is the conduct of war fought for the extinction of the human species.

The crucial fact of that matter, is the Queen's "green policy." Such a policy as that currently presented by the Queen, means a radical reduction of the potential existence of the members of the human species, which, in turn, means a policy for the extinction of the human species.

Nonetheless, from the standard of the tradition of the Olympian Zeus, the "radically green," pro-genocidal policies set forth by Queen Elizabeth II, are not unique as doctrines of practice. Mass-exterminations, such as those against Christians by the ancient Roman Empire, are more typical than exceptional in the history of oligarchical cultures. The essential difference between ancient Rome and today's British empire, is that today's technologies are better suited to bringing about an assured extinction of the human species. Extinction policies have been practiced against entire cultures in earlier times. In the meantime, that is a virtually assured result of the launching of thermonuclear warfare under present technologies, as it is also assured from governments which demand no more than the kinds of "green" policies being promoted in Europe and North American presently.

Furthermore, there is no presently known evidence to presume that even a negligent policy of practice respecting threats from asteroids, comets, and meteors, might not be sufficient to bring about a general extinction of the human species, if effectively active measures of defense against such threats were not developed in the prospective future. Whatever the actual findings turn out to have been, any factor of such a risk is already sufficient for decisive action against such factors of risk.

The Present Aims of Warfare

No longer can civilization fairly expect to outlive the carnage of actually thermonuclear warfare. The continuation of the Solar system's present track within the galaxy, portends reasonable expectations of changes in the course of mankind's Earthly experience within that Solar system. So, the advent of thermonuclear-fusion technologies now, means the expectation of changes in the "life-style" of our Earth. Long before two billions years ahead, the Solar system, as we have presently known it, will not be particularly habitable for our species.

That, in and of itself, is not necessarily "a bad thing." The practical issue, is whether, or not, we are disposed to mobilize the noëtic mental powers specific to our species, to realize a certain rate of leaps in scientific practice, for each typical generation. We have recently developed operating systems, positioned on Mars, which indicate not only the onset of mankind's outreach into development of control of Mars, in particular, while also enabling the outreach to Mars by an automated industry developed under the surface of our Moon.

Furthermore, mankind has accomplished leaps in our power to perform useful functions within certain regions of the inner set of planetary orbits. These advances are to be associated with mankind's leaps in advances within the relevant portions of the Solar system, leaps in the successive ordering of the scale of energetic levels of thermonuclear power imparted to mankind's intentions, as such leaps forward were brought under consideration by such figures from the 1890s and beyond as Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

Presently, the leading threats to the human species include asteroids, comets, and meteors. Those challenges can not be met competently by presently standard means. They could be met, by foreseeable options ahead. Hopefully, those discoveries, and related practices, will be realized in a timely fashion. The results would represent a blessing directly opposite to the avowed intentions of the British imperial monarchy presently.

Presently, under the leading edge of British imperial perspectives, mankind in the trans-Atlantic, and some other regions, has pushed practices into a directly contrary, mass-suicidal direction. The current British imperial monarchy, when taken into account as the true global empire which it currently still represents, is directing mankind's policy-shaping in ways directly opposite to the requirements for the survival of the human species.

Presently, unless the policies typified by the Anglo-Saudi alliance are now promptly reversed, the likely outcome will soon be a virtual certainty of self-inflicted extinction of the human species. Nothing demonstrates that awful fate for mankind as clearly as the presently adopted "green genocide" policies, as uttered by such as the British monarchy.

It should be clear, that the thermonuclear warfare option introduced under the influence of the British imperial monarchy, is the truly most deadly enemy of mankind at this time. The policies which Harry Truman and other errant persons had promoted during the post-World War II interval to date, must now be recognized for the evil which they have actually represented. It is the challenges posed by the threats from asteroids, comets, and meteors, which must be adopted as the markers for the progress which must be realized henceforth. The only permissible wars will be those which the human species could successfully survive.

Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur is among the notable leaders from the past who supplies a model impetus for the destiny of the future of mankind. To make the future, it is required that the relevant thoughts shall be launched by the men and women whose profession is the creation of the actuality of mankind's necessary future.

Appendix: A Matter of Principle

Among the deadliest errors in the study of history, has been the misguided belief in a deductive mode of interpreting what often passes for the study of history.

The necessary correction of the actually unscientific, deductive method of "factors" of "data" as a substitute for the top-down principles of a competent approach to history must be recognized as such. That does not mean that a bad method, such as the "Sherlock Holmes" practice of deduction, does not have any uses; it does mean that that method of deduction must never be trusted by well-advised human beings. The only competent approach to a science of human history, must be discovered by means of, first, examining the foundations of the principle of life, from the relatively more primitive standpoint of the history of the evolution of sub-human species. Once that aspect of the situation is taken into account, we may, and, indeed, must, proceed to the higher domain of the uniquely human characteristic of upward evolution; the "connecto" approach to human behavior must be excluded at all times. The Roman empire, for example, like the British empire of today, is an expression of the relatively depraved types of human beings who rely on the popular British brutishness of Conan Doyle's "deductive" fantasies. The difference in method of mere animals from sane people, is the superseding of deductive methods, by the true noëtic principle of Classical irony.

[1] After the death of Stalin, Bertrand Russell had "adjusted" his strategic policies, by means such as enlisting that then-incoming Soviet leader into Russell's own British intelligence organization.

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