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This article appears in the June 7, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA Now

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 31, 2013

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For me, an uncertain new modern history had begun with the virtually sudden death of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. That true great warrior of his time, had died not long after 1 PM, on April 12, 1945. That news of his death had come to me on the evening of the same day, for me, but in India, where I had been just recently stationed for a certain time, within the area of British India's Kanchrapara, not far from what was still named Calcutta.[1]

Sometimes, "simple soldiers" also make future history, as I have done during more than a few occasions, in my time.

As I have often related, as soon as we soldiers there, had been informed of the President's death, a group of several among the troops with which I was associated in that part of South Asia, then, approached me, asking me for a meeting at dusk — after retreat.

At that fairly discreet meeting, I had uttered the reply for which I was to become known as published among some of my acquaintances of that evening. The point to be made, is that that meeting had defined for some of them, as also for me, each personally, a marked point of separation between the world as I had experienced that ongoing war that far, and a new outlook prompted by the impact, on me (for example), of both the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and its aftermath.

That impact then, and hence, had defined the world for me as I would always recognize it thereafter: up through the present moment. From that time onwards, throughout the course of time, I considered "us," as what was being menaced by a then still present trend set into motion, initially, by Harry S Truman. It was a trend which remained as inherently contrary to the optimism which then reigned, even while it was troubled during that time. Nonetheless, that still inspired my groping toward a hopeful future, even from the very moments in which I had first encountered the fact that the death of President Franklin Roosevelt had happened.[2]

Since that time, my sense of the meaning of those distinctions of past from future, has been, that: "You might be enabled to win the fight, if you are prepared to fight for what might mean the truly right issue. That is to say, if it is the right war, or a needed not-war, and in the right place, and on the right occasion." The "right non-war" has been, perhaps now, hopefully, is, perhaps, now about to have begun once more—perhaps, if we make it so; but, in any case of true justice, it will not be "war" as a reductionist would wish to depict it!

Now, for example, without the hope for a presently immediate re-installation of what had been President Franklin Roosevelt's original "Glass-Steagall Act" (which entails the immediate, pre-emptive cancellation of the systemically mass-murderous Dodd-Frank scheme) there should be – should be! – no immediate hope for avoiding a complete, sudden, and precipitous, economic and social collapse of the United States of America, and also other trans-Atlantic regions. That challenge is now immediate; but, we who would still hold themselves responsible, as I do, still, in these present times, must reject any notion that any part of the worst remains inevitable. Without the immediate re-activation of the original systemic principles of President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall recovery of the U.S. economy, the United States, like the nations of western and central Europe, for example, is now at the more or less immediate state of a combined trans-Atlantic financial hyperinflation, and, also, an ensuing, suddenly plummeting collapse of a nation which is already more than ripe for a general spread of sudden mass death through such trans-Atlantic regions of the world as the present, so-called "Euro" system; the general need is even more urgent than that. The attempt to substitute the probably immediate and vicious stupidity of the presently fraudulent, so-called Dodd-Frank concoction as an alternative, for example, would mean the pre-assured virtual, and immediate extinction of the U.S. economy itself (and also very many citizens) at this time. We must, and could defeat that threat.

In principle, the immediate re-installation of the original Franklin Roosevelt, Glass-Steagall Act, would be the only effective policy-action which could rescue not only the United States, but other present nations of our planet. That rescue still could be done at this late date, with the means of a sufficient basis for preventing that Dodd-Frank threat immediately—that for not only the benefit of the U.S.A., but the nations of the world at large.

The strategy which we should wish to bring on now, on this occasion, is fairly defined as, mainly a three-fold basis in leading points of memory:

  1. Glass-Steagall;

  2. A globally extrapolated version of NAWAPA; and,

  3. A commitment to qualitative advances in "the energy-flux density" of the economy, that on, and beyond Earth; without that, there were no credible prospect for progress in even any among the national cultures of the nations of the planet.

I shall return to the subject of that perspective in due course in this presentation.

Now, were the pack of the twenty-odd European Union nations rallied around the current Queen of England, to choose to persevere along its presently intended course, the immediately prospective outcome would be a virtual extinction of the human species. This extinction would be done, through precisely those almost immediate, trans-Atlantic and related effects of the virtually immediate Dodd-Frank-charted mass-killing throughout the trans-Atlantic region, and beyond. If that present design is continued under the title of "Dodd-Frank," with or without Dodd, or Barney Frank himself, the effect will be virtually immediate: it were only necessary to take into account the scale of the trans-Atlantic "bail-out" which the scale of the debts of the present Dodd-Frank scheme and its European complement has specified for the pure evil called "bail-in."

For example: were the Glass-Steagall law applied, instead, most of the current "Wall Street" swindle would be wiped out; but, the people of the United States (for example) would begin to prosper almost immediately.

See the True Picture!

There is an available alternative. The intention of the Dodd-Frank cabal and its presently pre-adopted, mass-murderous choices, has been a cancerous-like political evil, an evil which has been lurking for immediate installation on virtually any very early day. The factual knowledge of that threat, which remains an early virtual certainty at this time, is the warning which must be used now as a remedy for the presently oncoming general, and virtually sudden general breakdown of the present trans-Atlantic system. For the prevention of the breakdown with its accompanying actually terrifying reverberations throughout the remainder of the planet.

The crucial aspects of the present threat, lie in the fact, that the world at large is now threatened, and that now immediately threatened, with exactly such an effect within a matter of as near as even mere weeks, or less. This would be the same effect as that currently proposed by the current British imperial monarchy's system's current intention to bring about a rapid, and suddenly precipitous collapse of the human population (and other categorical elements) of the planet.

That Queen's active role in these developments is evil in its effects, whatever she might think her role in the heritage of that butcher, William of Orange, were to be.

Specifically, the present Queen of England, is notable as the currently witting and leading author of this evil, and together with the evil Tony Blair, of the explicitly stated mass-murderous goals of that Queen. They have not only proposed, explicitly, to reduce the planet's human population in a rapid collapse from about seven billions persons on this planet, down toward approximately one billion. The presently actual launching of the currently adopted doctrine of Dodd-Frank would be sufficient means for bringing about a launch of precisely such a precipitous collapse of the present population of the United States and other places, if the current U.S. President's policies continued to be tolerated.

Currently, Dodd-Frank, as put on the market presently, has the crucially decisive earmarks of precisely such a virtually global form of genocide: the evidence presented by the advocates of a virtually global Dodd-Frank scheme, leaves no sane margin for doubt of the genocidal implications of such a current design for the presently designed, mass-murderous Dodd-Frank scheme, and its leading spokesmen.

Only the immediate retraction and cancellation of the Dodd-Frank hoax, if and when Dodd-Frank were prevented by the means accompanying an immediate installation of Glass-Steagall, could prevent that kind of massive genocide against the people of the United States. That is the evil which Britain's avowed monster, Tony Blair, has prescribed as his personal policy-outlook. The evidence already placed "on the table" by the current Dodd-Frank's trans-Atlantic cabal, provides us with conclusive evidence of the current version of the Dodd-Frank intention, an intention of genocide against a massive ration of the U.S. citizens (and others in the trans-Atlantic region—among other victims). The evidence of that fact placed on the public record, already monstrous in scale of intention.[3]

Truly thinking U.S. citizens, for example, have only one choice of alternative: that choice must be Glass-Steagall, immediately, now! The trans-Atlantic, nominally Dodd-Frank conspiracy, has crafted a situation there, and beyond, which allows no other actually competent measure of defense, than Glass-Steagall. Your options can be expressed in terms of the motto: "Glass-Steagall, if you wish to live!" The now-exposed, global intention of the Dodd-Frank scheme, would be a vastly worse orgy of death than that of the "Adolf Hitler regime:" the worst of all of the crimes ever committed by the Hitler regime itself! The doctrine associated with Dodd-Frank, has now been exposed by the fact of its inherent, prescribed, global crimes; what is thus exposed to the view of the witting, is a monstrous intention comparable to, and arguably beyond the imagination of any Roman emperor, or an Adolf Hitler, against the essence of the meaning of mankind. However, Glass-Steagall. if enacted now, is a unique, preventive remedy against that evil.

Dodd-Frank always was, and now remains as a thorough, and mass-murderous fraud: its present set of proposals is, inherently, a mass-murderous crime against humanity, even at its inception – and that now globally so!

The evidence on which I and my associates rely, and that with relevant expertise, is conclusive. Scrap the explicitly intentionally-criminal, and otherwise treasonous measures of such as Dodd-Frank, now, while it can still be done. Again: there is no other present policy-option which is both visibly acceptable and also feasible for the immediate future of this planet. There is, in particular, no contrary, imperial option, nor options which are not implicitly treasonous schemes, and to be most suitably recognized as expressible in the evil genre of the Netherlands-rooted, presently continuing, already centuries-old, "Orange" imperial legacy of the now nominally, merely British Empire and its witting accomplices.

I have set forth the essential evidence and options already, as referenced in the forewarning of the leading points presented in my own (LaRouche) video Webcast of May 24th, and, now, as amplified in considerable detail in the noontime meeting of the LaRouche organization, this past Saturday and Sunday.[4]

Now, that much said, and otherwise referenced, I now turn our attention to what, hopefully, will be your nobler prospects for our future. That completes the foreword; next comes the subject here and now.

The Future Prospects for the System

The duty of crushing the inherent consequences incurred by having permitted the Dodd-Frank bill to be installed, could be shown in the fact that the Dodd-Frank "package," as presently positioned, is not only, already, a monstrous crime against humanity, but would be certainly, unless prevented, one which descended, suddenly, like a thermonuclear detonation on a global scale. Hitler's now dimly-remembered crimes, as awfully monstrous as they were, are scarcely felt in memory, when compared with the innate effects of the current Dodd-Frank genocide of Her Majesty. Implicitly, the honest effects of the British monarchy's current policies are effects would probably be fairly considered as the greatest of all known crimes against a global humanity in historical times.

What, therefore, are the possible indispensable alternatives to the great crimes which Dodd-Frank now typifies? What is the true imperative? How must we crush the scheme of mass-murder which the present Dodd-Frank-centered scheme embodies?

'The Fire-Bringers!'

To begin to understand the uniqueness of our human species, we must pivot our investigation on the subject of the notional principle called "fire." Only human beings bring fire willfully in the form of mankind's unique "choice" of access to progress. It is the course of the necessary, unique powers for the development of mankind as a "fire-bringer," which marks out the contrasting evolutionary qualities of both the good and the bad of the progress of our own, uniquely human species. We are then enabled to proceed in a language of leaps upward into successfully higher categories of "fire" as the pre-condition for the progressive survival of our species. In modern physical science, we have named this latter effect, as during the preceding century's use of modern science, as "energy-flux density." We have now progressed, on that account, past the controlled use of a fossil sort of nuclear-fission means, toward the lurking prospect, and proximate goal, of the "matter/anti-matter realm."

Yet, it is not the sundry forms of "fire," which define that sort of progress. Recent history demonstrates, with a certain stubborn persistence, that the controlling aspect of the human species' capabilities lies, fairly described, within the means for man's fostering of those uniquely human qualities of voluntary powers which are truly, and uniquely human-specific, and intrinsically willful in the nature of their origin; yet, this quality of progress is beyond the powers given to any other form of known living species otherwise.

I have recently adopted several newly added steps, those of searching toward a deeper insight into the more formidable fruits of insight into the implications of such phenomena which are deeply beyond nuclear fission. With those categories of evidence taken into account, the essential distinction of man from beast, is to be located in mankind's power to create, voluntarily, future states of nature reaching beyond any means of any biological process itself as such, into the realm of such as thermonuclear fusion. Hence, this indispensable emphasis is upon the willfully induced effects of the living human processes to "command" voluntary abilities which shall reach beyond the apparently voluntary powers of biology, abilities which reach in effect beyond the biology internal to the human biology as such. We are confronted with a quality of a power apparently located as "voluntary" in nature, but "intellectual," rather than appearing to be merely a form of organized activity which might be generated by the biological progress far beyond those of the much exaggerated "mere" human brain.

When human civilization were able to reach a level at which it could voluntarily create physical states of intellectual processes which reach beyond the point at which the biological process of the brain, as such, no longer suffice, we have touched matters at which honest men and women, even great scientists, must stutter with astonishment, if and when they are first challenged to locate those higher, actually noëtic powers of the human species which distinguish men from apes. At that point, those same, characteristically noëtic principles, compel us to speak of the uncanny function of the human "mind," as to be distinguished from the often popular, but actually silly notion of a merely human "brain."

In a very significant degree, we have some excellent hints at the nature of the solution for the apparent paradox of what we rightly distinguish as the "human mind," rather than the intrinsic inferiority of the mere "brain." The probable best answer available at this point in the discussion, is to be located in what might fairly be described as "transcendental" qualities of noëtic social functions which our society has been enabled to generate in the process which we may cheerfully propose to be a highly probable "explanation" of the indicated ironies. I have recently emphasized some highly relevant categories of evidence. On that account, I reference a subject-matter which I had already pointed out in a preceding publication of mine: "A New Meaning For 'Space.' "[5]

Review Our Human Species' Fateful Options:

Now, consider the safe options which the choice of Glass Steagall would represent, as opposed to the genocide against our U.S. citizens, which an implemented, currently redesigned Dodd-Frank would assure. Look at the facts! Calculate the relevant data!

The scale of the already extant hyper-inflation in the trans-Atlantic region, means, that if the present mode of Dodd-Frank were actually implemented, there would be a rapid, and sweeping extermination of most of the present population of the United States (among others) beginning virtually immediately. As I have just stated: consider the facts.

My Current Project

For reasons which I must now make clear, there have been four, recently published items by me, four publications of mine which were produced during the Winter of 2012 and Spring of 2013, all of which have been items which are probably the most critical among the presently available references, which, combined reflect my most significant progress on the subject of the human mind during those months. The formal progress on this account has been located beyond preliminaries, essentially during 2013 to the present date.

The presently completed elements of progress this far, feature four-plus items. These are:

(1)—Brain or Mind? A Good Old Thought Revived (February 7, 2013;[6]

(2)—A New Meaning for "Us": The New Governance of Inner Solar Space: March 16, 2013;[7]

(3)—Why Her Britannic Majesty Is Illegal!: True Law Was Never a Matter of Any Ruler's Mere Opinion (March 27, 2013);[8]

(4)—The Mars Debate: A New Meaning For Space: (May 11, 2013).[9]

That foregoing list, does not yet include a fifth (still uncompleted work now which is still in progress at this time): the core combination of Glass Steagall and NAWAPA: May 27, 2013.

Now, I shall restate the essential argument which I supply here, in several "voicings" of the same set of an array of meanings, as now follows.

The common subject of the sequence of those combined reports, when they are treated as if they were chapters contained in a book, would be a reflection of the successive progress in the actual creation of a modern science, a science which had been, most notably, the successive, modern achievements typified for all modern science by the work of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa and his most significant, if slightly belated follower, Johannes Kepler, and his subsequent modern followers, including, actually, the genius-dramatists such as, most notably, William Shakespeare and Friedrich Schiller, along with the fruit of the work of the great Classical musicians of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries' faithful followers of Johann Sebastian Bach. That is the theme to which I resort in several variants in the following paragraphs.

On that latter account, I have already emphasized, elsewhere, the unique and crucial fact of the principle of "Chorus" introduced by Shakespeare in his King Henry V. What Shakespeare had emphasized by the means of his introduction of the principle of the Chorus, there, as in later works, is that the other part of the text of the drama, that seemingly hidden part, which is supplied as under the title of Chorus, is a hint at the truth of the history portrayed; the Chorus leads the audience to the brink of the truth of the matter. The same superior principle of ironical reality is employed by Friedrich Schiller in such locations as in the Wallenstein trilogy. The same principle is essential for Johann Sebastian Bach's composition of the sets of his preludes and fugues, and also the compositions of such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, et al.

In brief, the ostensibly literal text is never the truth of the matter; the truth is spoken by Shakespeare's specifically identified notion of Chorus, not the literal text assigned to the characters of the drama. The exact same principle, that of Chorus, is expressed, as I have noted in published locations such as my "True Law Was Never a Matter of Any Ruler's Mere Opinion." The properly defined function of Metaphor, as the true reality beyond simple sense-certainty, has a corresponding implication. It is the same principle of Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia, and the principle forcefully identified by Cusa follower Johannes Kepler's notion of vicarious hypothesis.

In other words: as Kepler demands, as respecting sense-perception as such, perception is not "real;" it is the mere shadow cast upon the mind by events, rather than being the direct image of the activity of the event as such.

That was, in principle, the same lesson taught by William Shakespeare since no later than the production of his King Henry V - - Indeed! "Admit me Chorus to this history..."

That, I claim with better than fair certainty, is the truth which the generality of the members of societies had yet to have learned. Sense-certainty? Not at all: sense is the "drug" which makes whole societies senselessly dumbed by an intoxication with mere shadows cast upon the senses, as if drugged. So, do ordinary Men make themselves as if they mere shadows of themselves. After all: pain, too, is, essentially, a mere shadow cast by the reality which we inhabit!

What, then, is the reality hidden in the shadows of mere sense-perception? What lies beyond mere sense-perception? What is the true relationship between mind and the true voice of the "Chorus" of our universe? That is the lesson to be learned now; let it open the senses for the stars' delight. Those are the considerations, not mere sense-perceptions, on which true knowledge of the experienced universe is accessed.

On this point, take into the following point into account.

Does Sense-Perception Actually Make Sense?

What is to be regarded customarily as a science crippled by belief in mere sense-impressions, is a science which wishes to derive knowledge of our Solar System's content from a merely mathematical basis in sense-perception. Man, even otherwise seemingly reasonable scientists, often, judges the phenomena of the Solar system beyond Earth as such, by a system of mathematical calculations used to measure the world outside the study of the Earth, from the standpoint of the mere Earth-bound "wisdom" of the lame speculation on mere, essentially merely mathematical, experimental sense-perception. Notably, that practice was shown to be incompetence by Johannes Kepler's uniquely proven principle of vicarious hypothesis!

Compare to that, the observation which I have just presented, which includes the type of evidence typified by the dramatic principle of both William Shakespeare and Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein Trilogy, or Classical musical composition and its appropriate performance as derived from the method of composition of Johann Sebastian Bach. The principle of both composition and performance of competently composed and performed Classical drama and music, is located essentially in the same notion which Shakespeare employed for the function of the method of Chorus in King Henry V, and exactly so for all competent delivery of Classical musical composition and its performance, as by the matchless performance of Wilhelm Furtwängler's direction of Schubert's Ninth Symphony.

Add the two sets of Preludes and Fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach. Consider the worthlessness of the product of Franz Liszt, the much worseness of the brutish produce of Richard Wagner, and the overwhelming lack of any actually noëtic notion, or even pretended artistic creativity in contemporary musical composition. What is the character of the failures? I restate what I have recalled to the readers' attention as the "keystone case" of Johannes Kepler's vicarious hypothesis. The crucial implication of Kepler's attention to his subject of vicarious hypothesis, is the fact that sense-perception itself, in its most essential characteristics, is, universally, a mere shadow of sensory unreality. The simplest, and, formally, the clearest definition of this experience of a sensory unreality is that presented by Shakespeare for the meaning of the Chorus of his King Henry V. The quality of reality in Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein Trilogy, is a strictly typical case of the same principle as that of Kepler's principle of vicarious hypothesis. This was already foreseen in Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia. The same principle is demonstrated, with essential uniqueness, by Wilhelm Furtwängler's celebrated post-World War II direction of the Ninth Symphony of Franz Schubert.

The same cases with which I have illustrated the function of the principle of the indispensable hypothesis, I have now illustrated by the case of the Chorus of Shakespeare's King Henry V. The cases which I have adopted for purposes of illustration of the indicated principle of hypothesis, here, are the key to locating what is properly termed as the specific quality of insight which must be adopted as the remedy for the prevalent ignorance radiating from an ordinary notion of "literal meanings" in the use of spoken language. Thus, the key to truth lies in the freeing of the human mind from the widespread travesty of an essentially deductive selection of so-called "literal meanings."

[The above is the introductory version of the report, the which I shall produce in this present, provision form, but will restate the argument in future recastings of the same theme.]

[1] The British (e.g., Winston Churchill) interest had, as a matter of then known fact, deployed successive subterfuges to delay the crucial invasion of western continental Europe, in order to dealy the victory to a time when Roosevelt's strategic intentions, had been largely eliminated, often savagely, by the combination of that President's death, and the complicity of Churchill's accomplice, Vice-President Harry S Truman's consequent promotion to U.S. President. A generation later, the combination of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the fraudulent, virtually treasonously foisted, official treatment of President John F. Kennedy's and his brother's assassinations, had been a hoax with effects now properly reminding one of the witting effects of Churchill's role in the protracted delay of the entry into continental Europe from across the Channel, that a delay for amost as long as President Franklin Roosevelt had lived. The changes from what had been the original intention for a victory of a war of the Allies against the Nazi-led forces under a still-living President Roosevelt's strategy and related policies, were crucially made under Truman, a revision which was implicitly treasonous in both the fact of that action, and which would prove to have become more ugly than even its persisting effects up through the present date.

[2] My highly relevant knowledge of the end of the O.S.S. came as stated by General "Bill" Donovan in a last meeting with President Franklin Roosevelt. This report came to me through a wartime O.S.S. officer who personally witnessed Donovan's remarks as Donovan had just left the President's office in the company of his companion. He said: "It's over! It's all over!" After the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, and more and more since the fraudulent official treatment of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, the truth about much of the history of the United has been buried under popularized official lies. There are those among us from World War II and beyond, who remember, as I remember many things, as I did the reaction of some of us to the memory of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. As I am still here, worn but dedicated, I have lived to remember some certainly truthful things as if forever, as in the incident at Kanchrapara.

[3] EIR, or Lyndon LaRouche PAC.

[4] Lyndon LaRouche webcast of May 24, 2013.

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