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This transcript appears in the July 12, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Events Are Shaped by Outside Forces

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The first question to Lyndon LaRouche, during his July 5 webcast, concerned the revolutionary developments in Egypt. Here is what he had to say:

All is on a stage. These are not actions which are motivated by the immediate interaction of forces in Egypt. This is a global operation, with global partisans orchestrating Egypt as a stage on which the performance is presented. But this is not the cause or origin of what's going on in Egypt. And you see, obviously, in the past couple of days, we've seen orchestration which can only be attributed to further outside manipulations. And we can assume that, of course, Obama is very much involved in trying to manipulate the people on the stage, as actors, as such. And there are other forces are doing the same kind of thing....

What happened was: A successful—in the short term—staging was pulled. The U.S. military played a role, together with the Egyptian military and others, to try to pull something off which would be a peaceful solution to what was being done to try to create a crisis which would spread throughout the whole region. So, therefore, the peace was achieved; the people who spoke were at peace—largely at peace, at least.

What happened? Well, somebody else put a hand in, and changed everything. So, now in the recent two days, the last 48 hours, there's been a change in the situation, because somebody orchestrated to create the effect of a change in the situation! The change in the situation did not occur in Egypt; it occurred in those who were pulling strings from outside, into Egypt.

And that's the way we have to look at this thing. Now, of course, Obama is a key factor. The British are a factor. Saudi Arabia is a major factor. You have other factors that are going on on stage, independently of the stage itself, and you have all kinds of interventions. So, the point is now, to realize that we cannot sit and hope, in any case, that we're going to achieve, as we did a few days ago, a success. But that success was not conclusive—not because of the people on the stage, but the people who were maneuvering things from behind the stage—including Obama....

And we have to understand the fact that we have not reached a point of stability in any sense. What was done in Egypt to pacify the situation is an accomplishment. It is a permanent contribution to whatever the outcome is, but it has not yet defined what the ultimate outcome will be.

We have to be prepared for anything. We're in that kind of time. Don't panic; don't take things for granted; don't assume there's a control in sight. Don't assume there may not be even a thermonuclear war—which Gen. Martin Dempsey and others have collaborated to try to prevent. And the major stabilizing factor in this region has been the role of Martin Dempsey and others, who have been focusing specifically on the fact that you have an unstable stage on which the action is occurring, and you have to have a factor of behind the stage, which is prepared to react to prevent a catastrophe from occurring from a new quarter and a new source.

Get Obama Out of Office!

And that's where we are. If we had a President of the United States who was fit for anything, we could use the President of the United States very effectively to try to control the global situation of instability which is all over the place. So, we don't have that. We don't have that because we have a President who is useless—worse than useless. Martin Dempsey and company are people who have come in to take the place of what the President of the United States should have been committed to do: to say "We, the United States, have the leading responsibility on the planet to try to create stability when people are trying to create instability throughout the planet."

And as long as Obama remains President, we're always going to have an absolute uncertainty of what might or might not happen on any given day in any part of the world.

And that's the point. The fact is, if you're smart, your conclusion is: Get Obama out of office! The grounds for removing him from office are more than abundantly clear. If the United States is going to do anything good, beyond what Dempsey and some other people have done, we're going to have to get Obama out of office first.

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