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This article appears in the August 9, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

At the Brink of Mars

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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July 16, 2013

Yes, I was the one who authored that video called, "The Woman on Mars."[1] Then, why would I worry now, about my having orchestrated such a relatively successful role on the screen back then? When I think of some producers attempting such an attempted real-to-life project as that, today, I would shake my head and be sad for them, as I have often shaken my head for the stubborn follies of our nation in past times.

The cause for my concern on this account, should be considered as elementary, as follows:

Broadly, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a civilization of ours which had been progressing earlier, when that were measured in per-capita terms, has now, long since, fallen backwards, over the course of what is now more than a half-century of lost strength of our economy and the fitness of its culture; the result has been a loss which is to be measured in a long wave which has led into the present time, a time of a presently precipitously accelerating decline, per capita, at a still presently accelerating rate.

Our society, notably that in the trans-Atlantic region, has not only lost most of the truly measured wealth of our own population (except for what are mostly the filthy and useless Wall Street rich), but has also lost much of its former sense of an efficient, intellectual connection to the future. There has been a consequent, particular sort of deep relative economic loss on that account, a loss which I see as most conspicuous in the trans-Atlantic region.

Things here, have, lately, actually "progressed" both backwards and downwards (if we were to use such terms), as to be measured approximately in intervals of half-decades in forward time. During each such half-decade, that decline has been proceeding at a generally accelerating rate of physical-economic net inflation, a process which had been underway since the launching of the far worse than useless, virtually decade-long, post-Kennedy, wasting war in the Indo-China region.

Therefore, to correct what might have seemed mistaken to some among us, we must now consider, urgently, what had been wrongly alleged to have been errors of policy outlook in my own part in our nation's then current history: when, reality had since shown the direct opposite. The reality has now more than shown proof of my own judgment in these matters, all along.

For proof of my accuracy, we need only focus attention now on the special importance of that danger which is inherent in a commonly failed presumption on the part of the U.S. government, over more than a half-century. This includes the error of the presumption by some, to the effect that reliance on what is merely human sense-perception should be, inherently, a safe mode for proposing the landing and settlement of human beings on the planet Mars during the times ahead; whereas, at the same time, an ever-greater portion of our citizens have been frightened by the very mention of that subject itself.

The danger to be faced in treating that set of conflicting outlooks, lies, chiefly, in the effects of succumbing to the common fallacy of blind faith in a simple-minded appreciation of literal meanings, but what were wildly erroneous estimates of sense-perception as such, instead.

The evidence to be referenced on that account, could be considered, by some, as being only a partial truth; but, it were better to heed the actually awful fore-warnings, rather than attempt to avoid the issue posed by certain crucial errors of fact which, therefore, present results which should not be regarded as anything but disasters.

My own warnings are based on some already known facts which are now to be considered here. First, there is the evidence to which I had referred in my "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare" of June 10, 2013.[2] Second, my June 28, 2013 "The Great Ontological Paradox;"[3] and, third, my Thursday, Ju1y 11, 2013, "On the Subject of Oligarchy."[4]

Thus, the crux of my warning, is, that human sense-perception, itself, is not to be considered as a trustworthy metric for guiding the launching of such ventures as manned operations on Earth, nor, presently, on Mars. To begin with, sense-perception as such, is very far from being "what it is cracked up to be," especially so when that is placed by us as outside "the Earth's own immediate environment." My objection on that account, is not "a mere generality;" it is categorical. The subject is, "exactly how reliable might sense-perception be;" or, should the challenge be posed, first, by exposing the proven, systemic quality of a grave margin of error which is inherent in what is trusted as simple-minded human sense-perception as such?[5]

I had already referred, repeatedly, in earlier locations, to the follies of sense-perception, as those errors have appeared as disruptions of principle in Classical drama and music, or as, also, situated within the contexts of such as the frequently misread meaning of Johannes Kepler's vicarious hypothesis, even by what are merely putative "experts."

I explain.

Chapter I.

Some Call It 'Evolution'

"What was there? ... Is there Life on Mars?" Or, for that matter, some might even ask: "Does the universe itself really exist?"

Let us use a fair choice for a rough sketch, to bring this question into the foreground of our subject-matter here: that is to be done as quickly as reasonably convenient. Whatever the findings so prompted may be proven to be, the question should be: for what uses can we trust sense-perception, and that with what qualifications?

What we either do know, or should know, is that the universe does exist, and that the phenomenon of life on Earth can be arranged, roughly, for study, that to be done by aid of references to known evidence of evolution, sometimes in the waters; or, for one broad category of evolution of species, on land; or, flying in the air, or for other motives.

Study suggests that the sequences of life known as "on Earth," have had an ordering, and that some specific evolutionary sequences have entered "dead ends." The higher end of those sequences, as far as we might know this presently, appears as a kind of leap, a leap which appears to have occurred during some relatively recent time past, as if, for example, on Earth a million or so years ago: a leap which had occurred with the emergence of a unique species, one which is identifiable as "the fire-bringer," which is otherwise named mankind.

Mankind is distinguished from all other known forms of life, by that unique quality of characteristic, which not only "uses fire" willfully, but whose use of fire is the most readily apparent distinction of mankind from all other living species presently known to us, as this is presented to us by mankind's willful choice of the use of successively higher, specific orders of "fire." What we might define as the category of "fire," can be estimated conveniently, in terms of specifically ascending qualities of "energy-flux density:" qualities ranging from simple fire, to nuclear fission, to thermonuclear fusion, matter-antimatter, and onward, all toward still higher orders awaiting us as either dangers or hopeful endeavors, beyond.

For such classes of questions, we have the fact that a pair of modern astronauts had once landed successfully, on our local Moon, and, had, then, soon, quite properly, returned to their remaining years of life, on Earth. But, in all that, be cautious: the Moon is within the relatively convenient bounds of the Earth-system, for today; but, what about Mars, which is not so blessed, or whatever?

"We," mankind, in our role as a modern institution, have landed apparatus on Mars with some instances of remarkable, but only relative success, as the latter quality has been shown by the happy event of "Curiosity." We have yet to carry out the required measures of combined landing and return of persons, and of bringing some needed apparatus, and other improvements, made available to Mars from Earth. The continuation of such progress for Mars, will require an entry into means of such greatly needed improvements as both thermonuclear-fusion "propulsion," and those related technologies which must precede the preparations for those particular measures which should be expected to come during a much later time within this present century: an actually manned landing on Mars, and the not-to-be-overlooked return of those pioneers.

Notably, many among our population, are still a far, far cry from recognizing even the full implications of the scheme which I had published in my memorable broadcast, The Woman on Mars. Yet, in terms of even the nearby planet Mars, the distance from Earth to Mars, is "not that impressive" on a serious, future Solar-system scale, if and when the measurements are measured by more highly accelerated space-travel standards.[6] Meanwhile, "Curiosity" has succeeded, nonetheless, as in its assigned mission of "getting there," as an operating mission, and even longer-term effects of prospective benefits.

The Factor of Treason in America

Now, return our attention, for a few moments, to Earth.

It is important, even urgent, to actually understand the factors which had repeatedly ruined the U.S. economy since the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in particular, and, the awful error in U.S. policy which took over the U.S.A.'s physical economy which, therefore, had also, repeatedly, "turned up the green chill" against mankind's continued progress, even mankind's presently prospective existence under current threats, of either war or genocide.

At this point, we introduce some now crucial elements of background for our consideration of factors in the relatively nearby portions of the Solar system; we must summarize some extremely relevant facts respecting the history of mankind's exploration of nearby Solar space.

To that end, we must focus attention to man's design for a landing on the Moon, which had been set into motion into the United States, that, in fact, from origins shifted from early post-World War I Germany, and also with close attention to the crucial ebbs and flows of the U.S. Presidency in attempted acts of intended resistance to the backward, evil, imperial influence of Anglo-Dutch imperialism, as since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt.[7] This outlook carried us, through World War II, into the long struggle of our nation against the attacks against our republic from that Anglo-Dutch imperium first established during the Seventeenth Century, whose later, continued intention has been to capture and hold control of, and then destroy the United States, largely through aid of the "Wall Street complex:" the leading feature of global world history since that time. We are now hovering at the brink of the threatened sweeping destruction of the principle of the U.S.A. Constitution, now during the months, weeks, or even less, immediately ahead.

The course of the ebbs and flows respecting the decline of the U.S.A.'s integrity since the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency, has been a slump which had hit with decision as early as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since then, the Anglo-Dutch imperium's growing gain of global power over the United States itself, has had ebbs and flows during medium-term intervals, but the election of President George W. Bush, Jr., and now the British-created U.S. puppet-President Barack Obama and their launching of the "9-11" war against our United States, has now brought that United States to the immediately threatened brink of systemic destruction of its patriotic institutions.[8]

The last honestly attempted, if often frail efforts of note, for the U.S. program as a whole, had been those of the two terms of both President Ronald Reagan and President William Jefferson Clinton, respectively, with the wretched George H.W. Bush between their incumbencies. However, Reagan's excellent efforts for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) were blocked, chiefly by the efforts of clusters of sundry cowards-in-office, dupes, and rascals, whose ranks had been most notably associated with the legacy of one-time Adolf Hitler backer from the United States, George H.W. Bush's forebear, Prescott Bush, and the consequent impact of Prescott Bush's family circles, especially those which had served repeated and poisonous roles in the U.S. Presidency, as by a flagrantly avowed British agent still present in the Presidency at this moment, the Queen's own mass-murderous puppet-President, Barack Obama.

At this moment, the continued existence of the United States hovers near a threatened last gasp under this presently battered and often betrayed Constitution: it may be fairly said, that the political-financial whores seem to be flooding the streets.

It must be said, that the improved space program which had been effectively launched by President John F. Kennedy in a full-throated way, had lingered, after his death, in some relatively significant form of after-shock, but dwindling energy, until the time of President Obama's attempted virtually terminal wrecking schemes against it; but like the U.S. Government as a whole, the needed program, while it had existed, had already been shrunken, almost to a shriveling, by the co-thinkers of the fellow-travelers of the Wall Street successors of the Adolf Hitler backer, Prescott Bush and Prescott Bush's relevant family political heirs.

Treason in the U.S.A. Today

We must now look, more deeply than usual, into the older and deeper past roots of the present U.S. catastrophe. Consider the case of that multifariously treasonous British agent, professional assassin, Wall Street swindler, and murderer, Aaron Burr. Burr was the backer and the virtual creator of both the U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, who, in turn, were already typical late-comers in the implicitly treasonous, Wall Street pack of those foreign, Anglo-Dutch gamblers and other royal swindlers, who worked to undermine, even destroy our United States. These would be the products of the same pack of swindlers who have now been working, still, as from headquarters in—said once again—London and the Netherlands. Those scoundrels have continued that role against our United States, both from abroad and through boring into our republic from within, as has been variously attempted, repeatedly, during the past years.

Under the conditions established by such a background, it is very important to remember the case of the still beautifully heroic moment of an efficiently patriotic Pecora Commission!

But, do not blame Prescott Bush so much, that we overlook his predecessors in treason to the U.S.A., such as the series of scalawags led by Aaron Burr, and Burr's flunkies, and, in turn, their own immediate followers, and successors, such as U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and their Wall Street successors of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, such as the flagrant British Empire flunkies, the late Prescott Bush, his son George H.W. Bush, Prescott's grandson, George W. Bush, and by Barack Obama: all-in-all a truly biographical map of the ugliest implications of the very name of "descent".

Similarly, for a fair understanding of the "cut-backs" which have repeatedly undermined our economy, compare the inspiring exception which had been the preceding surge of the space-program during the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, with the ruinous effects unleashed by the assassination of Kennedy. Then, we must consider the effects of that assassination, effects which will have been caused by the successive "Vietnam War" and by those kindred later cut-backs in our national economy, such as the Bush family cases, or, as by similar declines accumulated through the successive collapses under the impact and aftermath of the Vietnam War, and, now, the declines, and economically and morally destructive cut-backs which have been represented by President Obama's complicity in accelerated, mass-murderous swindles.

For example:

Open, and also increasingly deep and fraud-ridden "cut-backs" in Federal programs, such as the Wall Street swindlers' variety, were merely the outer surface of the per-capita decline in productivity of the U.S. economy over the course of the period since the launching of the "post-MacArthur" insanity of the Truman Administration's policies of practice in Korea, and the pure waste of the intrinsically unnecessary long U.S. war in Indochina, followed by long wars in "The Middle East" and beyond; all of which had been launched later under the pretext, and the insanity launched in the entire Middle East by the chronic British hoaxster and chronic mass-murderer, Tony Blair of the long Iraq War and of kindred notorieties.

Remember Hamilton's Remedy

Take a brief look at some crucially important urgent features of our original, and truly magnificent leaders working within the original U.S. Presidency: Alexander Hamilton, for example. Alexander Hamilton was the truly greatest economist of the world at that time, and the man murdered in open daylight, by the British agent Aaron Burr, a Burr who had promptly fled for safety into the arms of his master, the British monarchy, the same Burr sometimes harbored by the administration under Thomas Jefferson.

With excellent reasons, the then-outgoing President George Washington in his time, had chastised his then-chosen successors, including the case of what was to become President Thomas Jefferson's complicity with the anti-American arch-traitor and murderer Aaron Burr, for having poisoned the Federal Constitution on which our nation had been founded by the collaboration of both President Washington and his original Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton. Jefferson, somewhat belatedly, later in life, had regretted some of his follies; but, the lackeys and admirers of the murderers and traitors-in-fact Burr, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, et al., had not.

Hamilton's point in creating the successful launching of the original Federal Republic's ability to function successfully, has been crucial, very much, through the whole span from then, to the present date of the current Congressional negotiations. The truth has been, that our Federal Constitution must now be premised, this time properly so, upon the original principle of our Federal republic as a credit-system, instead of the dubious, virtually customary European folly of a monetarist system.

Meanwhile, that implied curse which an outgoing President George Washington had registered against the misconduct of his immediate successors, has been, usually, misrepresented in excuses made by the actual monetarists, whose presently continued follies are still all-too-customary in our own ruling institutions, although with certain precious exceptions, to the present date.

The essential truth of this matter—the "hard core" of it all—has been, and continues to be: that mere money as such has no actually intrinsic value in an honestly real universe. Thus, for just that cause, the actual principles of our Federal Constitution continue to be violated even among institutions of our Federal Government, even often with great force most of the time (especially since George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama), while even competency has been limited, since, to a relatively mere handful of the even competent members of our national government since President George Washington had left office, and important other Presidents assassinated on behalf of the agents of the Anglo-Dutch imperium.

The Subject of 'Chorus' Again

Now to summarize this chapter's argument this far, I present you, now, with the opening of the body of my story here, a story which I already know very well: that, simple, fairly called European types of human sense-perception, when taken literally, are, each, essentially a fantasy, of a kind popularized as an "official" fairy-tale, a widespread sort of popular fantasy induced, but, nonetheless foolishly, with no actually competent doubt about that matter conceded.

You should recognize that fact, especially in light of what is happening right now!

I had already emphasized that fact earlier, as I had done in the three earlier reports of fact to which I made reference within the preface here, above. If you had thought that sense-perceptions are not only mere shadows, more like motion-picture images than real life, you might still be a bit disturbed by the effect of my following explanation; but, you should, nonetheless, have treated the nature of that experience as being, at least, more sensible than the customary public opinion which imagines that economy is an experience like that of experiencing a motion-picture image of real events, or as by studying the image presented to you through a telescope or microscope.

I am not implying that the images which I have projected here are precisely accurate in their ultimate end-results; however, in fact, as to what your powers of sense-perception could accomplish, if you were serious about all of this, you may have had no better source of accuracy than the fidelity of the performance of both the types of the instruments available to you, or to your acquired powers of comprehension. I also mean your ability (including your will-power) to interpret the specific function of the cast images themselves. However, this does commonly include such still preciously relevant images as those represented by those discoveries, respecting the true powers of the human mind, which had been presented, at the turn into the Twentieth Century by such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and, later, Wolfgang Köhler, in their respective initial appearances as among the true intellectual giants of their age.

Now, take a further step. Heretofore, I have pointed to the case of an instrument with a single function. Next, let us resolve the ironies presented by a correlative "over-lap" of several categories of perceptual functions and their associated reactions. Consider the result as comparable to the combined effect of "several kinds of senses." For human beings, there is, implicitly, nothing worth the name of "sense-certainty," but only those principles of action which are to be adduced from experiences which were properly defined as within the context of a universe, as I shall qualify that remark below.

For example, the evidence given to us, works to the effect that our Solar system, considered as an object, is as if on a "marked" pathway within the galaxy, a galaxy which is said to be guiding that Solar system along a course of even, perhaps, a rather troublesome turn, which, as we might ask, might have been seen earlier as a deviation from an earlier phase of existence of that course which Johannes Kepler had left for us by his presentation of a notion of vicarious hypothesis, in opposition to such silly frivolities as the current residue of the silly faculties of the ever-sillier Newtonians.

That point, made just immediately above, leads our attention to the subject of the specific effects of combining, both, differing categories of both combined varieties of relevant perceptual experiences, and also the effects of provocative actions by us on the medium on which we are acting. That much said thus far, we should now have a useful idea of what a truly useful "scientific idea" of experimental studies must tend to mean. It illustrates, that far, the difference between a useful scientific experience, and what is merely a relatively passive reading of an actual, or merely implied sense-perceptual experience.

All this requires a necessary "jump away from" the customary habits of the classroom, into the challenging concept of an experience of the actual future ahead of what we had identified earlier as "now." This point of difference, locates the essential distinction of man from the beasts. A merely experienced sense-perception "as a fact," will not do; there must be what we humans should identify as an actual motive, an underlying purpose, and its relevant, correlated effect.

The key to that aspect of the subject, is the intended effect. Take as an illustration of that point, that function which William Shakespeare assigned, specifically, to his super-character, the Chorus of King Henry V, a character which Shakespeare had certainly adduced from the Classical Greek notion of an implicitly "collective" personality of Chorus: the virtual genius of that collective personality, which also attests to the related case of Friedrich Schiller's dramatic poem, Ibykus.

This brings our attention to a crucial set of facts which brings the case of Kepler's vicarious hypothesis back into play here.

Chapter II.

The Genius of the Human Mind

As I have re-emphasized this point in sundry, recently published works of mine: the intrinsic incompetence of mere mathematics when seen as if in and of itself, can not be made clear without insight into the relationship of the physics of both Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Kepler to the function of Chorus in William Shakespeare's King Henry V. The root of such a difficulty as that, is to be located in the efforts to assign discrete, implicitly mathematical or quasi-mathematical meanings, to written terms and phrases (most emphatically). Those mathematicians, especially the tribes of charlatans who have followed the wretched Bertrand Russell, suffer their inescapable misfortune of having been merely mathematicians, rather than being actually scientists, and are, therefore, usually, among the worst offenders against reason on this account: they are entrapped in an incompetence which they show in the shabby notion of their merely arbitrary presumptions and prescriptions, such as the essentially masturbatory myth of "the mathematical infinitesimal."

The characteristic folly of whoever were the mere mathematician, is most quickly demonstrated by an effort to assign a particular, mathematical sort of value to the existence of an individual, living, human personality. Whereas, the principle of Classical drama deals well with such ironies, yet those who are merely mathematicians, for the very reason of their choice of profession, are often morally illiterates in such specific subject-matters; that is to be found, flagrantly, on Wall Street, for example. Only a special kind of illiterate, probably a vicious one, such as a typically malicious Wall Street "money-robot," could attempt to define the meaning of an actually living human personality by anything as dead as a mere number. Hence, the vicious mental diseases which tend to saturate and even also pickle the brains of the ranks of the economists, especially those of the stock-market addict variety, is: "They lack actually human notions of value, and, thus, do tend to make themselves fascists or something akin to that, simply as a matter of the dutiful coddling of their sordid choices of professions."

Whereas, the characters in a well-performed Classical drama, are distinguished by their aptitudes for presenting a character on stage with a penetrating quality of systemically profound human insight. For example, listen with insight into the remarkable direction of the greatest among Wilhelm Furtwängler's recorded performances, especially that of his direction of what became the greatest, post-World War II, recorded performance of Franz Schubert's Ninth Symphony. The fact of the relative failure of other directors in the post-World War II directions of that work, lies not in anything numerical or otherwise mechanical, but Furtwängler's deep power of insight which escapes the folly inherent in all mere conventions.

Then ask: where did Furtwängler's source of expressed genius for that extraordinary performance lie? Nothing specifically mathematical, but, when considered as such, what was involved in that extraordinarily potent quality of what had been that specific achievement?

Or, take the case of Johann Sebastian Bach's Preludes and Fugues. Where does the quantitative quality of the mathematics, as such, find its alleged control over the outcome of the Classical musical performance, and that of all truly great art? It lies within a human quality of insight expressed in the qualified performer, an insight which has no mere quantities of numbers, but a relationship between insight into the mind of the composer which has been given a nearly resonant insight, at the least, with the intention of the composer. The entire body of that successful performance is resonant with the searching for the intention of the composer.

However, this principle which I have just referenced does not apply to "just any" composition. So-called "popular music" rarely reaches anything profoundly creative in its making, but only rarely, perhaps when sometimes expressed as a fruit of something being achieved despite either the composer chosen, or the performer. Indeed, musicians of merit are offended by the fact that they realize that they had failed, on some relevant occasion, to grasp the intention of a qualified work which had been of a particular composition and its performance.

The truly worthwhile effect, as such, is, actually, predominantly "emotional," which is to say, properly resonant with the notion of properly assorted "human values" for that occasion. The same is true of the performance of the drama on the stage: does it grip the appropriate passions, and express that appropriately? Do the passions of the respective players on stage coincide, with the sundry set of intentions inherent in the unfolding of the drama itself—with the intermingling of the human motives which "drive" the drama on stage—hopefully appropriately? Does the motivation competently drive what should be those experienced passions which should drive what should be the properly intended effect?

Now, that I have outlined a sense of the case to be considered, let us consider the quality of the effect upon the society, whether on stage, or in an intimate moment, or among the streets. Shakespeare, in Scene II of Act II of Hamlet: (commenting on the part of the player who had just left the stage) "Had he the motive and the cue for passion that I have, he would drown the stage with tears and cleave the general ear with horrid speech; make mad the guilty, and appall the free..."

Shakespeare's Hamlet was no true hero, and that, of course, was an essential feature of the play's assignment by Author Shakespeare, to make clear the folly which true insight carries, if only as evidence of tragedy foreseen in the auras of the experience on stage. It is an insight shown in the discovery of a great principle of the folly which reveals the true tragedy as the instructive remedy which is to be observed in the self-inflicted doom of the kind of foolish mighty who bring their own destruction, something akin to those British and Dutch monarchical tyrants who presently seek to reign over the passing of the dreadfully mass-murderous truth embedded within the presently most wretched moments of today.

The Struggle for Reaching Human Creativity

The urgently needed lesson of this moment which I am presenting to you here, is, that some persons, among those who merely appear, only momentarily, to be relatively wiser, are of that foolish nature which impels them to conceal the fate which will have been wrought by what their own present desires would, unchecked, bring down in a terrible storm over all humanity. That includes today's presently reigning clutches of the brutishly arrogant, such as the Wall Street and like-minded hoodlums, who move ever-closer toward the brink of no destruction as awful as what were to be the ruin of their own.

This fact which I have thus stated, might be apparent to the wiser among those of us who share nothing less than a wavering uncertain certainty of a terrible horror which hovers presently over each presently arriving moment, a horror now posturing on the brink of a doom menacing both the entirety of the trans-Atlantic world, and beyond. In this awful moment, allusions to the tragedies depicted by Shakespeare have an emphatically solemn ring of authority for the actually witting. But, as solemn as it is, it actually reveals almost nothing to the audience. It is an omen, a conundrum. It is a prescience, now emptied of the benefit of true knowledge, a shadow cast by the unseen. It appears to be, thus, a song sung with no known music.

The Mystery of All This: So Far

The uniqueness of a qualified human mind, lies precisely in the distinction of mankind from all other, presently known species of life. Mankind is the only species presently known to us which is capable of being defined, precisely, as of the potential quality for voluntary self-evolution of the human species. Take the referenced cases of Max Planck and Albert Einstein as examples. They represent a quality of irony which speaks a tongue which knows no particular known language. Not that the message uttered does not exist, but that it speaks an effective, if often unknown language. With a few words heard, the source of the mystery is apparently demystified, even when not yet understood. Such is the true nature of mankind, the mind which foresees the discovery of the previously unknown future.

Take the cases:

The known spoken languages actually both spoken and heard, are the languages of human sense-perception. Such images as those noted immediately above, are not expressions of animal-like expressions of sense-perception. The matter is typified by the implication of the content of Section III of Bernhard Riemann's habilitation dissertation, his Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen, a language spoken in another science, the science of the physics spoken among the likenesses of the planets and stars, rather than that of Earth-bound sense-perceptions. True science, whenever considered apart from mere sense-perception, speaks an absolutely different language, but, nonetheless an efficiently actual kind of language.

However, literal human speech aside, what mankind encounters in physical reality, is "actually written" in the language of the stars, not the likes of Latin. Man today, urgently needs such truly relevant translations.

Chapter III.

The Domain of Creation

This is the most natural thing in the world, for any seriously committed human individual, especially those who are true scientists who have learned mathematics, but who are not so foolish as to believe in a truthfulness in the practice of accounting, even when they use it, especially when it were intended to deliver what they could recognize as fraudulent results. Recall the conclusions presented in the course of the now immediately preceding portion of this present report. For us, now, once we have considered the arguments presented in this report earlier, where the meaning of "principle"had been demonstrated to signify an unbounded process of creation, only the process of creating coheres with a truthful moment of existence.

The characteristic of the successful behavior of human experience, lies within what we may term, as for purposes of convenience, as "progress," especially ontologically evolutionary progress in what may be referenced as the ontological principle of universal physical progress. For us, there is no end to the process of creation; but, only the ontological progress expressed by "endless, evolutionary progress."

The facts which some parts of an educated population have made available to scientific practice, provide mankind adequate proof that mankind has some intrinsic abilities of implicitly "noëtic-like" characteristics, abilities which may be sufficient to develop themselves to a level of competence for developing the kind of scientific practice sufficient for providing mankind's growing "intellectual" form of capacity for managing those extended operations pointing to the ability for deliberate development of intellectual powers capable of a blending of direct and indirect operations functioning ultimately on a Solar-systemic scale, this by taking into account the possible case ultimately without the "outer limits" known to us presently.

That is, admittedly, "a generality," but up to some presently unknown limit, the implied potentials, especially those of noëtic significance, are sufficiently clear to define a proper approximation of directions adequate to warrant a decision of "must do," respecting an urgently needed emphasis. The emphasis has various implications. They are reducible essentially to two principal categories: (a) Can Do; and, (b) Must Urgently Do. "Urgently" includes the consideration of the likelihood that the human species might risk rather early extinction, if we do not do that which might be assuredly possible.

In Summary:

That brings us to the next issue to be taken up on this same account.

The probable issue to be considered as urgent, if in outline, here and now, is the fact to which I have referred along the lines of the discussion here so far, which, in turn, can be summarily identified in the following problem-set of choice of language.

  1. We humans are now implicitly "condemned" to derive a body of practice rooted in the delimited category of practice based on our own species-set of implicitly "chosen" biologies in a form of basis for a "biotic language-set" designed for the intended management of "willfully" modifying operations of changes within parts and the whole of the Solar system. This has been chiefly defined for us, this far, by the implications of our own systemic sort of human "bio-mental" potentials; we are biased by emphasis on behalf of those established, relevantly restricted sets of factors. This is not the specifying of a design, but of a search for evidence of such phenomena, and, at the same time, a fresh re-examination of assumptions bearing on categories of possibilities. We must seek out syndromes with characteristics which correspond to types which we may recognize as implicitly noëtic.

  2. The special challenge to be considered on that account here and now, is that the bio-mental system of human and other species, already pre-prejudices our policy-choices by providing an adduced notion of a principle of "mind" which may not be reality, but merely a seductive fiction. We were then controlled by the limitations implicit in such a notion of such an indicated choice of the limitations imposed in the system which implicitly "steers" the process's selection of what we should emphasize as a noëtic model built into the design of both the bio-system, and of its implications for the structuring of evolutionary processes, even on an imputable system of organization within, for example, the commonly accepted rules attributed to a popular opinion on the Solar system.

    Even without knowing such a design, we must consider the existence of such seminal proto-noëtic potentials within the Solar system. I emphasize the need for a very broad design-description.

  3. What should encourage us, is the importance, for human survival, and for related categories of concern, of recognizing what we might identify as marginal factors uttered on a relatively small scale, which may have "genetic-like" effects of radiated change within the process considered. (There will be more to come: at a not-distant, future time.)

[1] A March 3, 1988 television broadcast of a campaign video, "The Woman on Mars," by then Democratic presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. The shooting script was published in EIR, January 1, 1994.

[2] In EIR, June 21, 2013.

[3] In EIR, July 12, 2013.

[4] In EIR, July 26, 2013.

[5] E.g., consider the process of the relationship between Mars and Earth.

[6] Glance toward the following estimates. Divide the Twenty-first Century among four generations of 25 years of human life's currently early range from birth to twenty-five years: 25-year intervals, from birth to initial reaches of adult life of freshly matured scientists. Each such generation during its first quarter-century of life should have realized a performance level of scientific progress of increased energy-flux densities in discovery and application of science comparable to that of freshly-matured young scientists approximately matured at the age of a quarter-century. Contrast that to the trend measured in energy-flux density of performance in standards for increased productivity (i.e., energy-flux density) since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Compare rates of increase of energy-flux density in production.

[7] There had been two considerations, initially, for the movement of the German space program into the U.S.A. First, the launching of the U.S. nuclear attacks on Japan had forced the 1946 announcement of Bertrand Russell's prominent role in the proposed "surprise" nuclear war policy of the Anglo-American forces. Once nuclear arsenals were established, policy shifted into a dominant role of nuclear wars for extermination.

[8] The launch of what became infamous as the September 2001 British-Saudi attack on the U.S.A. by the consolidated, top-down Saudi-BAE force's "9-11" attacks on the U.S.A., was a stage of preparation for global thermonuclear war at some early time ahead. The facts of that attack on the U.S.A. are clearly known, despite the George W. Bush and Obama administrations' attempted denials of their authorship in the "9-11" operation.

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