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This article appears in the August 16, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Wall Street Mafia Drives
To Stop Glass-Steagall

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Aug. 10—The criminal enterprise known as the Wall Street "too big to fail" (TBTF) banks has been caught red-handed in a desperate effort to block passage of Glass-Steagall. Bills have been introduced in both the U.S. House (H.R. 129) and the U.S. Senate (S. 985 and S. 1282) to reinstate the 1933 legislation that broke up the banks into totally separate commercial and investment entities. Through a lobbying effort estimated to have cost more than $300 million, Wall Street was able to repeal Glass-Steagall in 1999.

So far, 24 state legislatures have introduced or passed resolutions demanding that their Congressional delegations support Glass-Steagall's passage; and major labor, farm, and civil rights organizations have also endorsed the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall separation.

In response to that nationwide outpouring of support for Glass-Steagall, Wall Street has responded with a four-pronged assault to block passage, according to well-placed Washington sources. These reports grid precisely with evidence directly obtained by LaRouchePAC organizers.

First, the Big Six Wall Street banks (JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo) have unleashed their lobbyists and trade associations to target state legislators who back the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. Evidence of this operation has surfaced in Delaware, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, and California.

Second, members of the U.S. House and Senate have been personally contacted by top officials of the Big Six banks, and threatened with loss of campaign support and of thousands of jobs in their districts, unless they drop their support for the Glass-Steagall bills.

Third, the CEOs and other top executives of TBTF banks have been placing personal calls to Congressional leaders and other pro-Glass-Steagall influential figures, also threatening reprisals against any who persist in pressing for Glass-Steagall.

Fourth, LaRouchePAC activists mobilizing support for Glass-Steagall have been subjected to physical attacks, vandalism, police harassment, and other measures to blunt the growing support for breaking up the banks and throwing the top Wall Street criminals in jail. These attacks have been organized on a locale-by-locale basis, using whatever hooligan elements can be hired.

According to one informed Washington source, Wall Street and the Obama White House were caught completely off-guard by the rapid escalation of support for Glass-Steagall. The movement toward passage of the reinstatement bills moved ahead far more rapidly than anyone in the Administration or the Big Six banks had expected. The fact that half of the state legislatures in the country, including New York and California, have had resolutions introduced calling for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, indicated a level of mass public support that posed an existential threat to the very survival of the "too big to fail" criminal enterprises of Wall Street.

It should be no surprise that the TBTF banks have resorted to mafia tactics. The banks are being protected from long-overdue criminal prosecution by the White House and the Justice Department, which has officially adopted the "Holder Doctrine," under which the big banks, including their top executives, have been given a license to steal and murder with immunity from prosecution. With Detroit showcasing the genocidal consequences of such policies as the rigging of the Libor interest rates and the manipulation of interest rate swaps to loot already desperate city budgets, the ability of the Obama Administration to continue its protection racket is running up against growing popular rage.

LaRouche: 'A Showdown'

The Wall Street actions targeting Glass-Steagall are criminal in their own right.

Asked to comment on the Wall Street moves, which were exposed in a recent press release by LaRouchePAC, during his Aug. 9 webcast, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized the "showdown" nature of the current fight and made two essential points.

First, the criminal activity by Wall Street reflects the fact that the bankers realize Glass-Steagall is headed for victory, and that only by corruption and intimidation can they stop it.

Second, the consequences of failing to pass Glass-Steagall are nothing less than the implemention of the global depopulation plan of the real power behind Wall Street and Obama, the Queen of England.

We provide the transcript of his answer, which is available in video format at

"Well, the significance of this, is the fact that the relevant people have been caught right-handed, left-handed, and back-handed. And they're now, in a sense, subject to a thorough investigation before and after this proceeding is completed. In other words, they're not going to get away with this on their own basis, because they're still subject to what they've done in fraud, in this case.

"This means hope for the United States, because the actions that have been taken, and the fact that they are traced to these agencies—not just these banks, but political institutions which are responsible for this sort of stuff—means that unless Glass-Steagall is automatically victorious in this matter, then the question is: How much fraud was perpetrated in order to bring about a defeat of Glass-Steagall?

"So, the issue is not settled. It can be settled by a victory of Glass-Steagall, but it cannot otherwise. The fact that the charges that are made in terms of reported facts—and they are reported facts—means that you've got something very dirty going on, and it can lead to very serious consequences for members of the Congress, because in some cases, this was done, or was being done, under the instigation of members of the Congress and their agents. So, it's a very hot situation.

"The other side of the thing is the positive side: The fact that these guys were caught out—they had no anticipation that such an event was occurring in that form—indicates the importance, and the probable victory, which probably lies—an honest victory lies in the hands of those who were defending the Glass-Steagall reenactment. And therefore anything that's done which gets even close to that kind of problem, where there's a doubt about who actually got the vote, and whether intimidation was used—which is really a felony—intimidation was used to effect, say, a defeat of the Glass-Steagall motion—then that's another issue.

"So, we are not going to, obviously, sit back and watch this process. We will watch it, but we are also going to look into the hooliganism which is already in progress to try to defeat Glass-Steagall. The attempt to change the definition of what the law is, is in itself monstrous. And particularly when you consider the fact that what the intention is on the other legislation: If Glass-Steagall is not victorious, and if something like what has been proposed is introduced instead, you're going to see something else which is really darker.

The Queen's Intent Is Genocide

"The Queen of England, who is actually the controller of this process, including responsibility for participation in this fraud, has declared her intention to reduce the population of the planet, through her powers—the empire she controls—from 7 billion people, to 1 billion or less. She is presently headed toward less, which would mean the greatest mass murder that the planet has ever known.

"Imagine going from 7 billion people down to less than 1 billion people? Well, what's the population of China? The population of China is how many billion people? 1.4 probably, something like that. What about Russia? What about India? What about Japan? You mean you're going to wipe out, one way or the other, you're going to wipe out most of the population of China! You're going to wipe out most of the population of Japan, of India, of Russia, and other countries!

"This is what is at stake here, because the Queen of England, who is actually the backer of these policies—the one who's instrumental, and she's declared herself to be that, she's declared herself as intending to bring about a reduction of the human population from 7 billion people to less than 1. She's done it, she intends it, and she has the power to do so! It's not England, it's not the British Isles; she controls much more. She controls more or less directly about 40% of the human population, and has a great influence on others, a great pressure. So, you want to see, in a quick run, you want to see the population of this planet falling from below the 7 billion people it was at least recently, to the less than 1 billion people which is indicated now?

"This would be largely by starvation; that would be the key thing. You see starvation now: There is not enough food being produced in the United States to meet the requirements of the population of the United States. And that's what she [the Queen] has done.

"The green policy is one of the means by which the genocide will be effected. People have been fooled into this idea of green policy. But what that green policy has meant so far, is there's not enough food to feed the population of the nation. And that is not something that's a natural occurrence; that's something that was done deliberately, intentionally, and under her direction. And she takes responsibility for it! She says she's the one—and with her cohorts—she's the one who's pressing the genocide. She's the one who's demanding the genocide.

"And the other side: Look at U.S. history. You take from deep into the United States' history, that there has been a control over the banking system and related institutions of the United States, from Britain. These things are her policy now, but it goes back to the early part of our nation. And it's evil. It has been evil all along. It was only after we won the Civil War, that we were able to put some checks on the genocide which was already going on. And then afterward, we've had the same kind of problem as before, with Presidents who were controlled by banks—the British banks controlled around the New York area, and Boston. And this was a concentration of banking which was used to doing all the dirties against the United States up to that time. And that's where we are.

"So, we have the two things. First of all, this is a criminal operation, in terms of what the facts are that are presented. If you're hiring gangsters to go out and try to change the policy of the United States by gangster methods, that's a crime! And that's what they declared themselves intending to do! On the other hand, the policies that the Queen is pushing—which is their policy: The same institutions involved in this are the ones which intend to put this thing through.

"So, you're facing your genocide; your victimization and genocide is what you're facing. And these guys, these hooligans, who are using these kinds of methods already—hooligan methods—means that these guys are criminals. And if we don't beat these guys, you're going to see a lot fewer citizens of the United States and other countries surviving."

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