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This article appears in the August 30, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mankind Is No Beast!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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August 18, 2013

On Friday Aug. 15, 2013 I had sent out a report of mine titled "How the Future Builds Its Past."[1] That contained a summary of the principle to be presented here now. Now, in this present report, I elaborate on some other from among the broader and deeper details.

For mankind and beasts alike, sense-perception is regarded as having an acquaintance with a view of approaching events, but is, mistakenly, considered so, only insofar as extended as sense-immediate perception as such provides for this; in other words, it is merely a consequence of a simply continued process still resonating as if still in action. Whereas, for the matters of qualitative changes actually still occurring in the course of continued action: only a relatively very few adult persons, have been estimated to have shown the ability to foresee, wittingly, actually qualitative changes in the course of specifically future, qualitative changes in the environment: and, that only when they qualify as an expression of what is to be regarded competently as a qualitatively systemic change specific to the actually future course of developments.

The cases of those exceptionally gifted physical scientists who present discoveries beyond sense-perceived actions, such as those of Max Planck and Albert Einstein (as contrasted to the plainly evil hoaxster, Bertrand Russell), are presented by me here as a model of reference for the contrast of the mutually distinct, opposing two sets of methods: actually original discovery of principle, versus forms of deduction.

My own forecasting of exactly such changes in the economic processes, is merely typical of a qualitative forecasting of shifts in the directions of future developments which express discoveries of universal physical, or comparable principles, rather than (either true or false) deductions.

In my own treatment of such originally qualitative changes in original knowledge, I have attacked the relevant error of a credulous belief in doctrines premised on a relatively commonplace mis-reading of what is widely regarded as merely "sense perception." Therefore, let us now consider the principle of "humanly controlled fire" which presents us with an absolute distinction of the behavior of man from that of beasts.

Now, heed a note of special importance on what some would prefer to consider, mistakenly, as "a mere matter of style."

The introduction of a nasty sort of foolish Dutch and British, so-called "popular" styles of speech and reading, had been a presently depraved use of the English and some other language (for example), which has, since, become a successively ever-more crude chatter, which even the supposedly more literate strains of our populations have often mis-adopted as standards of modern literacy.

The victims of such currently "standard" styles of writing and speaking, even by the scientists otherwise considered literate, have included victims who have become accustomed to those depraved styles of speaking, reading, and science, which had been seized upon by the anglophile style of virtual "assassination" of the principles of both science and art, principles which seemed to have disappeared with the 1890 ouster of Germany's Bismarck from office, as by the subsequent, 1901, assassination of U.S. President William McKinley. McKinley's assassination was echoed by the threatened "death" of true science and art, alike, a mortal wounding brought upon mankind by the sheer evil of the likes of Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells. Let me now begin the following text by indicating some essential principles of a true science, as follows.


Mankind Was Never Intended To Be an Ape!

Now, look deep into ancient Africa. In one case, an ape-like creature is feasting on its customary raw foodstuffs. In another case, a creature is using fire as a principled means of consumption of foodstuffs, or a like purpose; in that latter case, he, or she, could, possibly, be human; but that evidence, itself, does not yet fully express an essential difference in their respective behaviors.

Mankind is not only distinguished by the willful use of "fire." The biological history of the human species, is to be measured in rising levels of what is termed "energy-flux density:" the practical fact concerning that of a progressive change from lower to higher expressions of qualitatively increasing ratios of energy-flux density, is a progress which is, also, in turn, the elementary distinction of the universal principle which separates the human species from that of the beasts.

Mankind's greatest achievements over the apes, this far, are to be measured, actually or, implicitly, in the progress from mankind's simply-controlled "fire," as this has led into such presently known categories of the much higher energy-flux densities of thermonuclear fusion and matter-anti-matter modalities. It is that progress in successively rising levels of energy-flux density, which defines the distinction between the intellects of man, and the crippled intellects of those misfortunate men and women who have adapted themselves to a doom implicit in their mimicking of those compulsive follies, of "green un-progress," the which are people who have made themselves into a likeness of those of mere imitations of talking beasts.

For example: the introduction of the British monarchy's presently ongoing campaign for a collapse of the level of human population of this planet, which has been brought about, since the latter portion of the decade of the 1960s, and, now, flagrant mass-murder according to the British Queen's stated policy presently: presents a lowering of the ability of the members of the human species to exist, as has been the recent trend in such continental regions as both the United States and Europe. This effect of the dictatorial, Anglo-Dutch models now being experienced as a succession of two "world wars" in Europe, and, in the United States since the time of the specific assassination of President John F. Kennedy, has brought about a presently catastrophic collapse of the standard of living throughout the generality of such geographic locations as the United States and Europe.

That pattern in the post-Kennedy U.S.A.'s continuing relatively qualitative collapse in culture, had coincided with consequent, continuing policy of the Anglo-Dutch tyranny, the which was first established with the subjugation of the British Isles by the Dutch oligarchy: a process based in the developments of the successive stages of that oligarchy's rise to take over domination of the Seventeenth Century and then the captured British Isles, too: thus, so producing the British empire composed of both its Dutch component, and, then, the British Isles, too. Hence, ultimately, the ugly fate produced by those Anglo-Dutch bankers who had dominated the original settlement of Manhattan, and, consequently, had prompted the making of a defeated late-Seventeenth-century Massachusetts, too, and the soaring rates of a plunge toward general genocide throughout much of the world, including the present trend toward the brink of mass-genocide, since 2001, against the people of the United States, too.

However, with the progress of mankind into the fields of thermonuclear fusion, and a still distant prospect of "matter-anti-matter," too, mankind is forever confronted with a new, contrary, better quality of challenge demanded by our species' prospective, new categories of qualitative steps upwards. The rise of "energy-flux density," for example, is the proper choice of a theme-song of mankind's prospective future. However, presently, we are not yet even nearly prepared for the human occupation of Mars, and similar such stuff. Perhaps, during the second half of Earth's present century, something of a change in that direction of matters might be expected. We should certainly be taking relatively cautious steps into that general direction about that time, provided we have freed our nations from the continued Anglo-Dutch pestilence still afflicting the planet presently.

In the meantime, as some of my associates are pressing this to occur, applying thermonuclear fusion to such tasks as an high-energy-flux-density, global management of water, is one of the outstanding fields of enterprise needed for such included tasks as building the human needs for greatly improved (i.e., higher energy-flux density) human water-management requirements around our globe, which is already a task to be brought into action during the already present and oncoming decades.

I explain.

Some Options To Be Considered

The ugliest, and most menacing threat to mankind's progress this far, has been the persistence of a long-remembered bestialization of human beings, the which had been long widespread in such forms as the culture of the Roman empire, or the reach of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy's influence presently. "The green political pestilence" is the leading source of such offenses presently.

The characteristic feature of that "green," moral disease, is typified by its inherent fraud against "carbon," of increasing, at a continuing acceleration of the actual cost of existence, per capita, and by relatively increasing the actual rates of both pollution and of the cost of production, of anything and everything consumed, per capita.

To state the same point: the world's dominant empire of the planet today, the Anglo-Dutch empires, has been the acceleration of the reduction of the planet's population, from the vicinity of seven billions living human beings, to less than one billion, all that intended to occur with catastrophic effects at a relatively accelerated rate, all of which intended to occur with sudden mass-murderous force not much later than early A.D. 2014 (when the Queen's own intended sudden collapse of the world population, has been virtually scheduled to have been set fully into operation, even general thermonuclear exterminations).[2]

The effects of the atrocities under the George W. Bush, Jr. administration since 2001, have since been "capped" by a more savagely vicious set of measures introduced under the thoroughly brutish and fiercely dishonest Barack Obama administration. Nonetheless, even the trend-line in bestiality of the successive George W. Bush, Jr., and Obama administrations, might appear to be relatively tame rates of homicide, relative to that which the British monarchy and its Dutch accomplices are now setting into intended motion at the moment that the full-throttle cancellation of U.S. debts to a bankrupt "Wall Street," suddenly shuts off the means of subsistence of the great majority of the U.S.A.'s population (through the intended "Bail-in" scheme)—if a rebirth of Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall Act were not installed (against Wall Street, London, et al.) during the weeks or somewhat more, just ahead.

That is "the bad;" what would now be "the good"? What is the source of the danger? Essentially, the fact is, that virtually no American citizen, for example, has, or seems to have shown presently, a truthful conception of what the present problem really is. It all goes back to the utter foolishness of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson in opposing both U.S. President George Washington and Washington's Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, the creator of the U.S.A.'s original economic system: a credit system: not a monetarist system. It is a credit system, rather than a monetarist system, which would be the only present means for preventing the general bankruptcy of the United States, and the ruin of its population. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's reform had been, essentially, based on Alexander Hamilton's policies. The same solution which Franklin Roosevelt had introduced, was, in essentials of practice, coincident with the policies of Hamilton.


Physical Science, Not Monetarism!

The time has come, of necessity, to free the practice of economy from a tyranny of money per se (i.e., monetarism). In fact, the entirety of the notion of "Wall Street," should never have been tolerated within the shores of our United States. In fact, the existence of Wall Street, and the related experience of a crushed Massachusetts Bay colony, earlier, too, show us the victims of an Anglo-Dutch, Europe-based tyranny of banking systems, banking systems which had already been alien to the principles of the Massachusetts Bay settlements under the rule of the brilliant Winthrops and Mathers during the times prior to the Anglo-Dutch crushing of those brave and wonderful settlements: those were the settlements on which the later establishment of the victorious United States, itself, would have been implicitly premised.

That, however, was not the actually unique beginning of our history as a nation. It had begun with what was referenced as "The Golden Renaissance," a development featuring a crucially contributing, truly revolutionary, role by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and by another great scientist, Cusa's follower, Johannes Kepler. Cusa, before his death, had already emphasized the fact, that continental Europe, if left to itself, was not capable of sustaining a valid form of progressive culture. So, the intellectual followers of the deceased Cusa had enlisted sea-Captain Christopher Columbus for carrying out an already deceased Cusa's mission of crossing the waters of the great oceans, such that a valid civilization might be brought forth on what we know today as the Americas, and that, most specifically, which was to become the keystone of an American civilization which emerged as the Massachusetts Bay institution of the Winthrops and Mathers.

The emerging modern Dutch empire and its swallowing-up of the British Isles, presented a continuing destiny of conflict with the Anglo-Dutch imperialism of the late Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries—and beyond, which has continued to be named, according to a popular fashion, as the same actual British Empire which soon dominated the world at large. The Anglo-Dutch empire (to choose the most fair and convenient description), has been the principal source of the ruin of the planet's humanity generally, up through the present regime of Queen Elizabeth II and her wicked scheme for rapidly reducing the planet's population, from seven billions human souls, to the Queen's publicly-stated, present goal of one billion, or less. The world as a whole, now hovers at the relative immediacy of a vast genocide against the human species. Adolf Hitler was, speaking relatively, a small-time sort of mass-murderer in contrast. Only with such words as those which I have just expressed here and now, can we even begin to measure the evil which the Queen's own, repeatedly stated intentions represent.

However, there is, most unfortunately (for you and your family) nothing actually original in that Queen's currently sported goals. The Roman empire, with its mass-slaughter of the Christians, among other designations, is, like the genocide at Troy, an obvious model for reference to the now publicly stated intentions of the British monarchy of today. Were that the only ancient or medieval case, the evil represented by the Queen's present role would be less menacing than it is actually today: a Queen who could demand, publicly and still repeatedly, the extermination of about 85% of the human population of this planet, which makes Adolf Hitler seem relatively a mere nuisance. Unfortunately, the Queen is the accomplice of an Anglo-American "Wall Street" and its closely related accomplices of the Queen's own scheme for a system of global genocide.

Obviously, that Queen's avowed, mass-murderous evil, must be promptly thwarted, for the sake of all humanity. Her early retirement could be considered as an urgent matter; perhaps, after all, speaking of public morality, there is no reasonable doubt that she is clearly insane, or worse, according to some appropriately chosen standard.

What I have outlined as the case as just presented, is a true judgment beyond reasonable doubt; but, I would also insist that, whereas the charges I place against that imperial monarch, are perfectly true as matters of fact, those charges, although truthful, fail to capture the efficient truth of the matter, merely in and of themselves. That is to pose the question: is it not evident that her mad scheme is the threatened extinction of the great mass of the human species, and, that this fact, thus, marks her intentions? What might a Creator cause, to bring about the prevention of such a horror as that?

It would be no less than fair of me to state that latter case, here and now.

The Matter of the Human Soul

Since the human species' earliest, presently known manifestation, the role of the human individual in society, has been always, implicitly, charged with filling the timely role of an immortal agency, that defined so by the intrinsic immortality of the human species, as a species, as such. Through the agency of the human mind (not the mere brain), the human individual is born, and then deceased, as a potentially available missionary in fact of being in service to the fruitfulness of the future.

Nonetheless, the notion to which I have just made reference, has, so far in known history, seldom risen to a true grasp of the implications of specifically human, intellectual powers. The greatest of the scientists and artists have been ostensibly limited to a merely improved approximation of their respectively potential creative abilities. The duty has been to promote the general quality of progress of the human species' population, to provide committed service to the proper mission for mankind's intentions from among some of the living human population. If some fail; others among us must fulfill. The essential thing is, that there be always a sufficient ration committed to fulfill.

True or False Laws!

However, it would be foolish of nations today, to assume that the right to govern any one, or several nations were merely a matter of a legal contract of some sort. Neither a mere contract, nor the lack of one, could fairly define the truly valid basis for a role of the government of a people. There must be some inherent principle respecting the discovered nature of a self-government of a people; it must be a principle which is inherent in the intrinsically noëtic powers of the human species; it is those creative powers, as distinct from those of the beasts, which, alone, define a system of natural law among human beings, and, therefore, mankind's predetermined rights and obligations.

This principle of truly natural law, is one to be adduced from the evidence of the highest development of the creative powers inherent in the specifically natural rights and obligations of the membership in a human society. Those are rights and obligations which exist nowhere other than the obligation to the specifically noëtic powers themselves. This highest of the lawful principles of government, is demonstrated as being such an absolute law by the certainty that those uniquely noëtic principles represent a pre-condition for the perpetuity of the human species. For this moment, let that working definition suffice, but only as a temporary hypothesis here.

The most essential feature for the fulfillment of that specific mission which I have just presented, is that there be a continuation of the progress of the development of the human species achieved to the effect of providing great leaps forward in the implicitly assigned missions for the destiny of mankind, as Nicholas of Cusa had prescribed progress in places across the great waters beyond Europe. Successive great leaps in the achievements of mankind for each generation is the sacred mandate implicitly given to humanity.

What that just-stated principle actually signifies, is a matter of the distinctive, implicit leaps forward, as being the prescribed nature of mankind. Therefore, taking such considerations into account, consider the following.

The human species is unique insofar as we have, heretofore, experienced our own existence, as by relatively irreversible leaps forward, generation by generation, if not by all, by some, in dedication to the birth and future generations of a magnificence of perpetually leaping advances of mankind into a better future. However, in practice, the ruling oligarchies of ancient Europe and other places, have demanded a contrary, bestial intention, an intention known by some cases, such as the perpetual oligarchy of such wretches as the fabled Olympian Zeus, and the continuation of that great evil in such expressions as the Roman Empire and its likenesses. Such had been the basis for Nicholas of Cusa's reaction to the regression of the once-great, so-called "Golden Renaissance."

So, Euclid is known to the wise, as like Bertrand Russell, as having been an evil man. We have, on the contrary, a mission of progress, a mission which reaches outward from within our Solar system, and, prospectively, beyond, in coherence with a true American's, Cotton Mather's, "to do good" in defiance of all practices related to "witchcraft."

The Power of the Human Mind

Insofar as presently actual knowledge of principles now reaches, the potential ability of judgment respecting matters of high principle, exists only among some presently declining number of living human individuals. Unfortunately, some most recent Presidents of the United States, for example, have failed to meet that standard, especially since the beginning of A.D. 2001; but, the current Queen of England, with her braggart's lies concerning what she asserts as being consistent with true principles, and a related policy of flagrantly expressed intention for intended mass murder on a global scale, is among those currently to be considered as among the worst offenders of them all currently: in such matters "the most important thing is the effect."

Unfortunately, the Queen's offenses on such accounts largely concern the matter of magnitude of the effects; were she not encumbered by great power, but were merely some "poor bloke and his opinions," the sheer ugliness of her personal opinion, be it as ugly as that of the Emperor Nero on that account, would be classed more as a public nuisance or silliness, perhaps the mere chirping by an irritating cricket, than a serious crime.

Before anyone might be tempted to rush into overly large opinions on the matters which I have presented, this far, in this ongoing report: how were it proper to define the mischief which persons of power might be enabled to bring about? What is the possible effect of the consequences which might have been left behind by a human being? How must we distinguish the intention of a human individual, from the effect which institutions of relatively greater power of action leave behind in their own passing? Take, for example, the effects of both legislation, and the consequence of a lack of legislation!

The quality of the implications of the questions which I have just now presented, when duly considered, points directly to the implications of defective behavior of both the action and absence of systemical implications of actions, and lack of actions, by government. Not to have acted, can be the greatest, or the worst, of all actions by institutions of government. Therefore, must we act, or fail to act in matters which are ultimately consequences of both government, and its lack of actions, when that is tantamount to those of government in their effect. What, for example, must we think respecting the necessary legislation which was withheld?

On such accounts, the enactment of mere legislation is never adequate; there is always a discovery whose time has come. True law is necessarily noëtic, never deductive. The contrary is left, necessarily, to the beasts. Now, look at the arguments presented by, for example, our Federal law-making, by our present standard for government. Consider the wicked glee of the giggles which defeat the necessary law, which the lack of honest law and which the empty head of the lawful body permit. Does law more often corrupt true law-making than it delivers the smirking shyster's decision?

Take the case of a restored Glass-Steagall law, for example. Or, what might be the criminality of the failure of government to establish means to defend Earth and its inhabitants from some large asteroid? Or, what price might be permitted for the refusal to promote the urgently needed development of NAWAPA?[3] Or, to downgrade the standard of education of students?

Take the case of an argument which says "Government could not afford..." "Could we not have made it affordable?" "Should we have defeated Hitler, and what should that effort have cost?" What might it have cost to the conditions of life of American citizens, through to the present date, to have experienced the replacement of President Franklin D. Roosevelt by Harry S Truman? In fact, we had never fully recovered from the replacement of Franklin Roosevelt, by that Harry Truman. The cost of electing President George W. Bush, had been monstrously greater. Obama was already far worse than Bush, but the cost of all the elected Bushes, when Prescott Bush is added in, has been a monstrous thing.

These, immediately aforesaid remarks here, bring us to a fresh category of considerations. We should never, as a human population, return, again, to the policies and practices which have dominated the United States, in particular, or, implicitly the coming developments of the world.

A World of Real Changes

In the last phase of what was to become known as "World War II," the closing battles with an already essentially defeated Japan, the last commander in world warfare this far, General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur, warned, that the nuclear bombardment of Japan had been a monstrously foolish concoction by the British empire and the silly Harry S Truman. By their very nature, the contemplated intention to promote nuclear general warfare among powerful nations had then, already taken the planet into a domain of actions from which war could never escape.

Presently, with a large panoply of thermonuclear weapons as now the principal, and also principled mode of general warfare, war as it had been known since ancient times, is no longer possible except as mankind's choice of self-extinction. Battle as we had known it heretofore, will next be fought, if at all, either for human extinction, or against menacing asteroids, or planets, or, at the least, comparable or greater means. Henceforth, from that state of affairs, defense among powerful nation-states, would be wars of reason, not of any actually surviving nations.

There is no longer any true reason for commitments to general warfare among powerful nations, as we have known such warfare heretofore. The decision had already been, thus, in the making, now, within the aftermath of World War II.

The only true cockpit of general warfare remaining today, has been the same British empire which, with the cooperation of the principal elements, launched the British and Saudi monarchies' September 11, 2001 attack on the United States of America. Indeed, the unlawful fraud by that pair of accomplices in the launching of "9-11," defines a presently on coming moment of either human rescue, or, extermination for our human species. All great powers are now thermonuclear powers, including the means of Britain's BAE. Although the U.S. part in such conflict might appear to be concentrated in the Pacific-Indian Ocean sector, the winds that blow, will blow almost everywhere.

Will it, or not, that is the truth of the matter: spoken concisely. All options for general warfare, are, concisely, hopeless options, for choices of, likely, a general human extinction as the thermonuclear winds might blow. It is now past the time for "other options." The principal felon is the Anglo-Dutch empire, an empire which extends its reign beyond about forty-percent of the world's nations, or more, now: the others would be merely lackeys (whether they choose, or not), not nations in any sane meaning of the terms.

What confronts us, now, is a reality which, apparently, virtually none of the world's governments has mustered the will to foresee.


The Prospect Now Before Us

To affirm the conception with which I had concluded the immediately preceding chapter, the still lurking, presently early threat of thermonuclear warfare has now "caught us without suitable preparation for taking the measures with which the lurking threat of thermonuclear warfare, now threatens the world, that with a prospect of defaults left over from what had already brought us to the threshold of global self-destruction." The considerations with which I had concluded the preceding chapter now come into play. Now, in place of what had occupied our attention with prospects of major war, and the like, we find ourselves "left" with precisely those foolish games with which nations and politicians had occupied themselves with their leading notions of rivalries between and among nations earlier.

What I have just summarized with the preceding chapter, is now to be turned upside-down and inside-out. Those "old ideas" of "chronic rivalries," are now to be replaced by what had been customarily considered as their virtual opposites. The issues posed by the threats from asteroids and also more deadly features of the Solar system, and beyond, now demand emphasis on the subjects I had treated from the outset of what had been the preceding chapter; commonplaces such as planets and asteroids shift our passions from within Earth's society, to planets and asteroids outside.

To proceed, so, consider one among the outstanding features of the world which some among us had considered heretofore, should now occupy our attention. Among those particular subjects are man's process of takeover of Mars, not by men and women as such, but as what some would wish to list under the category of quasi-"automatic" management by aid of virtual "robots" on Mars itself, and also among the asteroids of the region. In brief, mankind on Earth must now proceed to gain increasing reliance on controlling the environment of the Earth-Mars region at the same time that we, operating from Earth, will be occupied with qualitative leaps expressed in terms of early application of the development of thermonuclear fusion, on down, and that moving on to a planet-wide system.

There must be development in two principal directions. For the one, nearby space; for the other, the inner development of the minds of the human beings. On that account, in particular, we must avoid the potentially deadly folly of failing to recognize the most crucial obstacles to a gradually evolutionary and also revolutionary development of the human mind as such. At the start, there must be emphasis on national cultural standards of (inward) development; this must be supplemented by (outward) development expressed as assimilation of the selected, "relatively nearby" regions of the Solar system composed of nearby planets and related "stuff."

A relevant image may be adduced by considering the challenge of the fact that it were presently estimated (perhaps with large margins of error built in), that it has been considered that the present Solar system might be self-destroyed within two billions years. In any case, it is a fact to be kept in mind. It is of crucial importance, that we take into account, the obviously necessary increasing of volume of Solar space (and so on) in the course of mankind's advances in means of action, and the related necessity of coming to know the inner core of mankind as we expand mankind's ability to exert finer and broader capabilities for management of an increasing mass of options for mankind's "capturing" the means to exert control within the Solar system and beyond.

Mankind's physical capabilities, are, in and of them, limited; the bounds of the human mind's power to imagine effectively from within the developing processes of not the human "brain," but, contrary to popular opinions, the human "mind," have no presently adducible bounds. This is a fact to which I had pointed earlier: as follows.

What Is the Human Mind?

I now point your attention to an important publication of mine published this recent June 10th: "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare."[4]

As I had already emphasized in that report, but also earlier, the unique role of inherent human characteristics is pivoted on the same unique characteristic of our species which accounts for the ability of at least some of us, to forecast the future, as I have done, and others of similar interests and characteristics have done, too. All persons, if they had not been damaged in their ability to express this uniquely specific human capacity, will, under proper conditions, find themselves able to employ that naturally human, but otherwise relatively unique capability of a well-developed human mind.

In fact, however, in a large ration of cases, this special capability, at least often, is prevented, or lost, through a process which might be named "the vicissitudes of sense-certainty." What is properly described as the quality of "genius" of such as a Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, or Albert Einstein, all of them demonstrated to my confident findings as highly typical of this quality which is often named (whether rightly, or wrongly) as "genius." My "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare" is an illustration of what expresses a sampling of my own much broader experience in this matter.

The ability to recognize the experience of the future, as in those three cases I have chosen to represent the principle, the experiencing of the future, is the crux of this subject-matter. It is this feature of the process which is crucial for not only scientific discovery as a process, but all great, truly Classical artistic and scientific personal creativity. My own experience of myself in a "clinical respect," shows certain of the old skills lost in part, but the noëtic aspect remains stronger, "seemingly" for the sake of a lessened accountability for the past. That has been not only my own experience, but a pattern of the noëtic tendency toward experiencing the future, which has appeared to be as rather general, when sense-perception as such suffers the "friction" of the aging process. Whereas, if memory of past experience of the discoveries of the future remains, the emphasis on memory of the past tends to decline as if through attrition of aging of years. What remains as if to "make up for" the process of age: the relative strength of foresight gains in some significant respects, contrary to the attritional effects of "regular memory."

Perhaps, it is as if to say, "Old prophets are the best prophets;" the suggestion is, that of the two memories, those which express the future, tend to be generated markedly relatively independent of the experience of what were habits remembered from the past. The fact, that the insights into the future are ostensibly independent of the effects of the wear-and-tear of ordinary sense-certainty's memory, should not be surprising. Thus, the aging prophet, enjoys a freshness of discovery even superior to what had been left over from old memory, but this benefit is obtained only when the noëtic-generated discoveries of experienced principle taken from the future, are to be distinguished from the effects of wear and tear of a memory simply carried over from the past.

The lesson to be taken from this, is, I think simply, that people who failed to cultivate insight in the future, are inferior in performance to those who lived with greater relative emphasis on recognizing happily the invasion of the future into their minds.

[1] EIR, Aug. 23, 2013, or LaRouche PAC.

[2] The trend set under U.S. President George W. Bush, Jr., since the aftermath of the British-Saudi forces' "9-11" attack on the U.S.A., has been the efficient origin of physical collapse of rates of employment and of popular rates of real net incomes, since "9-11," to the present dates. The collapse of the U.S. automobile industry, has been a crucial factor in the general collapse which dominated under the George W. Bush Administration, and the more savage shutdown in the automotive industries.

[3] See, Benjamin Deniston, "The Nuclear-Thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI," this issue, p. 4.

[4] EIR, June 21, 2013, or LaRouche PAC.

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