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This article appears in the January 3, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Strategy for the New Year

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 22, 2013

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The New Year of 2014 brings with it, the presently, highly possible, even likely, early threat of a global thermonuclear warfare of coincident, but contrary motives, those between the leading, Anglo-Dutch-led imperialist forces of the presently trans-Atlantic-centered alliances, and the contrary, defensively motivated aims of its trans-Pacific-centered opposition. Shades of the memory of the extinction of Troy! The continued incumbency of the Anglo-Dutch puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama, carries with it the presently high risk of a global, mutual extinction-warfare, threatened for some time during the early weeks and months of the momentarily on-coming new year.

Only childish dreamers of sundry ranks and ages among us, could doubt the high probability of such a consequent early outcome, unless the urgently necessary changes in current U.S. policy were to intervene to prevent such an extinction-threat.

The most relevant strategic facts of the matter are presently known among, notably, relevant strategists from among the patriots of the United States. What threatens to be lacking, is the effective chorus of those public voices which know, but who have difficulty in delivering an efficient public voice in a timely fashion. I shall not willingly fail to do my duty on this account.Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., December 2013.


The Oligarchical Principle

The Menace of Popular Opinion

It has been long-since that "popular opinion of the certified multitude had actually been a trustworthy instrument of government." The assassination of Alexander Hamilton by the British murderer, thief and spy, Aaron Burr, who had operated with impunity under the purview of President Thomas Jefferson, or the early onset of the foolish rages of the senior John Adams, had left the people of the United States with no more than some relatively few, if wonderful exceptions as Presidents, in contrast to the more customary, culpable fools, or kindred incompetents often occupying the highest ranks among the past leadership of our republic. Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren have become merely typical of the relatively many scoundrels who have ruled or otherwise reigned upon both the Presidency and closely related categories of high office of our republic. The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, by British agents of the Confederacy, the assassination of William McKinley, the "Teapot Dome" swindle associated with the death of President Harding, and the work of the utter scoundrel Harry S Truman, are only typical.

Within the role of the U.S. Presidencies under both the Presidencies of the pitiably wretched George W. Bush, Jr., and now Barack Obama, and the frauds perpetrated under the shabbiest of pretexts of particular Presidents, we have condoned mass-murder among our citizens, under the same shabbiest of pretexts, as in the exemplary case of "9-11." In such a fashionable trend, imposed upon our citizens, in the main, we have been lately ruled by "de facto dictators" appointed under the British empire, and by thieves who are now preying in mass, as do those of London's Wall Street puppets who have been leading accomplices in carrying forward an avowed mass murder of the citizens of our republic.

Since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and of his brother Robert, our Presidency had fallen into the soiled hands and opinions of both the George H.W. Bush Vice-Presidency, and that younger and dumber Bush's pathetic behavior as President: thence, the reigns of the mere stooge, George W. Bush, Jr, and of the British-Empire-created incumbency of the frankly evil Barack Obama, have now brought the United States to the threshold of its likely self-extinction as a sovereign nation.

There is very little actually remaining of the actual Constitution of the United States, unless we, the people of our United States, were to promptly end the reign of rascals among us, and bring back the essentially neglected, original powers of the U.S. Federal Constitution.

In our republic's better and wiser times, we had elected a Franklin D. Roosevelt whose Presidency had saved our nation, and more besides, and that despite the rightly despised Richard Nixon. We had elected the choice of Eleanor Roosevelt as the brilliantly accomplished, true guide and patriot of the United States, President John F. Kennedy, whose assassination was condoned, and implicitly secured, by a rotten cabal of literally "high-ranking" treasonous wretches. We had been maneuvered, as a nation, as having virtually sidelined a President Ronald Reagan on certain matters of crucial issues, to the advantages of the cronies of the Vice-President George H.W. Bush incumbency, including some among ranking figures in the White House, during the time this process was unfolding during President Reagan's term in office.

The justified lament for our ruined quality of national government, had continued, so, beyond that, and, actually, as the consequence of our failing to have recognized the truth of the assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers.

Presidential candidate Bill Clinton, in his turn, had been selected for his role by a citizenry more than disgusted by the morally naked Presidency of George H.W. Bush. That embarrassment had, fortunately, elected President Bill Clinton for two terms in office.

President Bill Clinton had had some degree of promise, until he had made a fool of himself, and barely escaped the virtual political noose posed over the case of a young woman who had a certain kind of chronic record which should have excluded her from even the smell of her presence in "The White House" basement; since the end of Bill Clinton's incumbency, we have had little which has not been shown, in early due course, to have been something far worse than trash.

Meanwhile, the common swindlers and thieves of Wall Street and the like, have looted, as thieves would do, the vast majority of the people of our United States. They have made even the name of law, a record of corruption beyond all imaginable bottom of what has been turned into, at large, a functionally illiterate, and chiefly witless citizenry, whose manifest powers of comprehension rarely reach above the level of performance of silly press gossip, even among some ranking magistrates of our elected Federal and other officials.

Our citizens, in their relatively greater numbers, have crawled before the boundless corruption imposed upon them in the name of "Presidential" and related election-campaigns. Our citizens succumb in obedience to the liars, dupes, and the addicts who submit to a system of destruction of the very essential requirements of the continuation of the right to life according to the monstrosities practiced by a President Barack Obama: we have, thus, currently prospective candidates for high office, whose competencies are far below the quality of the silliest of fools being considered for high appointed, or even elected office.

The poor, fooled citizens, now excuse themselves, by insisting, like the fools they cause themselves to be; "I cannot believe that that could be true." They act, thus, as the victims of Adolf Hitler's alleged "reforms" all of which had led a deeply discouraged, post-World War I German leading population which had been victimized by the effects of its own hysterical reaction to those crimes in warfare, which had been organized among the leading fools of a German government who had abandoned the representation of their only competent representative, Otto von Bismarck. This was a Bismarck dumped by Germany's oligarchically inclined fools, who had brought war upon themselves by their abandoning the policies of Bismarck respecting relations of Germany to both what had been its ally Russia, and the aging foolishness of the Austro-Hungarian house, all that for the sake of the accommodation to the desires expressed by ever-loving cousins of the imperial British monarchy.

The great disease of widespread beliefs among our U.S.A. citizens, has been their cupidity, heretofore, in the worship of "popular opinion." They, in the main, know very, very little of the actually real world, and are fools enough to believe in their choice of silly mere sentiments: dumber than even the Kaiser's German admirers of their affections toward their intended deadly, British adversaries-in-fact of those perilous times.

American citizens, still today, tend to be even sillier than the German aristocracy of those past times of the onset of the "great war," which had been then orchestrated among the great fools of continental Europe, as many typical U.S. citizens of today had done. It has already gone far beyond time for an urgent change in the practices by our citizenry generally, especially the shameless cupidity among so many of the officers of our government.

The Needed Insight

It must now be recognized, that the specific event of the ouster of Germany's Chancellor Bismarck, was an ouster which was the essential social-political mechanism which set off what became known, popularly in the U.S.A., as World War I and, also, II, and was, also, the predecessor of a presently threatened thermonuclear, essentially world-wide crisis, the which, by its nature, now threatens to carry the planet Earth into "extermination of our species," that to be done within something like the range of as brief as, perhaps, as little as about an hour and a half of full-scale muster.

The crucial point which these facts emphasize, is, that the present level of means of global warfare now lies within a merely brief moment of the application of means of warfare—even extinction warfare—which is now not only possible, but highly probable, and that urgently to be considered so.

I. The Estimates Before Us

The fair estimates on this account are as follows.

The essential fact, here and now, is that the trans-Atlantic system of nations, is presently pivoted on the prospect of an early extinction, that largely by means of currently threatened warfare between nations associated with the trans-Atlantic powers as such, versus the Eurasian powers, inclusive of Russia, Ukraine, and Asia generally. The awesome thermonuclear means represented by the United States and the presently remaining shards of western and central Europe, are massive; but, on the assumption that the Asia bloc is capable of a "second strike" effort, the notion of a relative impunity of the trans-Atlantic powers for inclusion of their massive nuclear action, is thus placed somewhat in doubt. Under those conditions, the feasibility of a strike against the relevant Asian set of powers, has been put into at least potential doubt by the combined effects of: (a) the presently precipitous disintegration of the powers of subsistence among the trans-Atlantic powers of relevance; and, the fact (b) that the relevant Euro-Asia-sector powers, have shown significant strategic capabilities for a highly suspected, strategic resistance to capitulation to a trans-Atlantic-based assault, that for reason of indicated "second strike" capabilities from within the Eurasia sector.

The resistance by the government of Ukraine, just recently, in response to the desired prospective effect of bringing the entirety of Ukraine into the trans-Atlantic bloc of militant powers, places great doubt on the effectiveness of the highly self-depleted regions of both North America and western and much of central Europe. If the indicated Eurasian "second strike" capacity is the case in point, then a trans-Atlantic-based assault against the Eurasian party is a scheme for approximately universal extinction of the human population throughout the planet.

Thermonuclear extinction would be, then, a probably universal effect throughout the planet. There is no actual secret involved in any of this; the development of the means of the estimated thermonuclear strike presently existing, tends toward a virtual certainty of a suddenly mutual extinction. Neither set of powers would then "give in."

The Deadly Potential

The "ifs and buts" duly taken into account, then, the allowed estimations of effects of a confrontation, must be reconsidered under a more carefully crafted light. The causes involved in the intention of the Anglo-American intended assault, must be reassessed in terms of the present Anglo-American purpose in intending such conflict. The Queen of the British empire, Elizabeth II, has made that intention fully clear: the motive and goal of the globally-based set of imperial power associated as centered in the Anglo-Dutch cores of those imperial powers, has been in motion toward such ends since earlier than the actions radiated from those Anglo-Dutch powers and their associated Wall Street interests, the which had prompted the assassination of the Eleanor-Roosevelt-sponsored Presidency of John F. Kennedy.

Since that assassination, and with the related, repeatedly attempted, but failed attempts of assassinations of France's President Charles de Gaulle, the United States, operating under the direction of the British (i.e., "Anglo-Dutch" imperial cabal) has since been engaged more or less consistently, in the bringing down of the effective powers of labor, per capita, of the United States and western and central Europe (among other, related such targets). The related case, of the British Queen's avowed commitment to the reduction of the population of the entire planet, from seven billions human individuals, to less than one billion, is an already practiced policy to which the United States, among others, has been subjected since the occasion of the launching of the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert.

That policy for destruction of the productive powers of labor in the United States, and in Europe, has been, in fact, a continued policy of practice of both the United States government and that of other nations of the trans-Atlantic regions since the time of the institution of the suppression of the practice of technological increase of the technological productive powers of labor, in both the United States and Europe, among other targets. The fact is, that during the most recent years, the Queen of England has insisted on a reduction of the planetary population from approximately seven billions persons, toward less than one, which is the crucial feature of the policies of practice conducted presently under the recent Presidents of the United States, emphatically including George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama.

The evidence is, that the Anglo-Dutch policy of the practice of global genocide has presently reached such a point of its more than forty-odd years of decline, that the intended Eurasian victims of the essentially Anglo-Dutch and "Wall Street" wretches have reached the indicated state of affairs, beyond which the Anglo-Dutch-centered-forces have lost any secure margin of impunity in attempted assaults on the targeted Eurasian regions. In particular, the failure of the effort to "grab off" control of what had been misestimated as a crushable Ukraine, has shifted the strategic situation into such a direction, that an attempted thermonuclear assault portends human extinction from this planet. The exact account would indicated by the admittedly uncertain second-strike capabilities of the Eurasian forces. The prospective outcome of that could likely be a general human extinction.

Such an extinction is not beyond the acceptable risks integral to the centuries-long, traditional Anglo-Dutch intention.

II. The Legacy of Ancient Rome

The most convenient demonstration of what I have remarked in the preceding chapters, could be adduced by the examination of European history since the Peloponnesian War, as by reference to the models of the history of the essential Zeus-Prometheus controversy, and the policy of extermination of the population of Troy. The Roman massacres of Christians are exemplary, especially when considered in the light of the later, great evangelical achievements of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, in the effects of those expressed, in particular, in the migrations of Christians (and, notably, Jews) from Europe, into the Americas.

On that account, the effect of religious teachings must be considered from the vantage-point of a compelling obligation to bring about the increase of the physically productive powers of labor, that stipulated as being the required achievement in the intention of human civilization, as that is to be contrasted, essentially, with the satanic quality of evil typified by the infamous Roman empire and its likenesses, and by the related crushing of the intention of the New England leadership in human progress, prior to the Anglo-Dutch tyranny which had crushed the excellent civilization of Massachusetts, that under the heel of the same Dutch imperialists who crushed New England's progress, as it was also done against Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland, during the terrible times preceding and during the founding of the struggle for national sovereignty in the course of the founding of our original United States of America.

The evil of the spread of those Anglo-Dutch phenomena, is to be recognized, in practice, as a relatively modern continuation of the same evil expressed by the legacy of the Olympian Zeus and by that mass-murder of those Trojans whose fate did not, ultimately, escape the accounts of actual history.

What must be exterminated, is the continued practice of oligarchism, ranging from that of ancient evils, to such atrocities as the current practices of Wall Street and its likenesses. The charge to be placed against oligarchism generally, including that of the evils of an "Anglo" Wall Street presently, is not anything as relatively trivial as merely the lying and cheating which is native to the practice of Wall Street and its thuggery generally. The evil is that of Wall Street's denial of the human individual's right to access to the essential attributes of the human personality, as that had been first presented by the particular distinction, which is the command of the use of fire in all its derived expressions of progress to higher standards of "fire," as distinguished from what are merely "animals." It is the noëtic powers specific to the member of the human species, which, alone, distinguish all among the species of the human individual, from what were inherently, otherwise, the mere beasts, as from human beings who conduct themselves as bestial.

Notably, this crucial feature of the principled difference of the specific difference of the human species, denies any resemblance to the animals' species otherwise; it defines a line, between man and beast, which can not be crossed lawfully. In other words, the notion that the protection of human beings is that of the kinds of notion of "rights" which might extended to animals, would be a characteristic of the bestiality inherent in the oligarchical system.

The distinction of every human individual from the merely animal species, lies in that noëtic principle whose application is unique to the human individual, but not to any individual properly classed as a virtual animal, nor can that principle be awarded to any person whose practice represents them as consistent with the behavior of merely animals. The distinction, both in respect to the principled distinction of the human species, and in opposition to the choice of behavior as if the human were qualified in practice as merely an equivalent of an animal, should be recognized as an essential standard of difference inherent in the actual practice of true law.

The Principle of Justice

The crucial feature of this vulnerability of our United States' continued existence, is a very grave one at this time.

Therefore, we must adopt a view of such matters which abandons the still prevalent, but silly interpretations. The issue of the cause is not anger among populations; it is the evil of the management of the populations under that which are the global-wide expressions of what are actually the oligarchical population-control mechanisms which have been used to effect the intention of minimizing the qualities and numbers among human populations: exactly as the present British empire's Elizabeth II has now demanded the reduction of the entire volume of the human population of this planet, that from an estimated seven billions persons recently, to a mere one billion, or less, as soon as Her Majesty's publicly stated intentions might be realized.

It is against that larger historical background, that we must consider the actual causes and effects imposed upon the human species generally, now. The same concern must be recognized, more narrowly, in today's immediate situation. That is the concern which must be considered as lodged within the surface of the immediate conflict within this planet, and the reality of the threatened developments which already lurk, as if a reality, as, perhaps, to be reached during some occasion of Europe's present or otherwise morally weak end. For those among us who actually understand, the margin of victory which was gained—this far—in its defense against foreign abuses, has been clearly recently affirmed by the Ukraine's government.

This indicated, brief moment of achievement, in resisting the forces of genocide among the world's present nations, had not been an exception in any proper sense. It had been the expression of what had been already emerging as a broad trend aimed in an upward economic direction; that has been occurring at the same time that the economies of the trans-Atlantic continue to be gripped by a presently still accelerating rate of the presently accelerating economic collapse, per capita, which now continues as the currently dominant trend. In fact, that has been the trend including inside the United States of America, in particular, since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and of his brother Robert.

These Issues

This had also emerged among some of us now in the United States, in particular.

That pattern has come to the surface since approximately September of 2012, since when it has been associated with that now already visibly accelerating decline into collapse which had greeted the U.S. Barack Obama Presidency's entry into his renewed term in office, however brief that term might soon turn out to be.

How soon might that be?

The threat to be considered, if Obama were not impeached, and that, now very soon, would become the greatest chain-reaction-driven trend into collapse in modern world history. The greatest of the cumulative effects of the impact of that disaster would be experienced in the leading nations of the trans-Atlantic regions; but, such a collapse in the principal trans-Atlantic economies, would soon turn into a disaster for the planet in its virtual entirety. If we were to have acted more appropriately, as if within a presently needed, very brief time, that collapse could be halted, at least significantly. Survival means shutting down the presently hyper-inflationary Wall Street and related, comparable monetarist bubbles. However, a return to our U.S. Constitution, if done as an echo of what President Franklin Roosevelt had done, would create the opportunity for the necessary choice of the timely direction required for the conquering of this presently horrifying crisis. That would be a crisis caused by the continued existence of both the current Wall Street organization, in part, and its likeness in other regions of the planet, such as both the Americas, and the imperial Anglo-Dutch pestilence, generally.

In one sense, you might think of explaining that that phenomenon is to be seen in terms of, simply, reactions to merely apparent causes of the presently hyper-inflationary, trans-Atlantic, international panic of events.

If you choose that option, you are, most probably, like most among your probable acquaintances, self-doomed to horrible consequences, and that soon. In fact, Wall Street regulars are actually among the worst performers among those culprits who have actually caused this present crisis. Simply said: for example, virtually no one on Wall Street actually earns his, or her income, today. Wall Street combines the practices of swindling and gambling, a lot of both of them at the same time: Wall Street and its likenesses, are a "species" of parasite which has no legitimate right to continue to exist in process. For example, if we cancelled all payments to people who gamble in Wall Street modes, the U.S. economy would lose vastly less than nothing actually human as a result of shutting down Wall Street (even virtually instantly).

For example, you should contrast monkeys and apes to people, on that account; the apes might have a better track record for contributing to actually physical human progress, both per capita and morally, than any roster of gamblers, especially those from the ranks of the modern Wall Street gamblers and their like.

However ...

Consider a different kind of life: compare the case of that "modern cave man" who had probably contributed more in his time, to the ruin of human progress, than any swindler to found in such places as Wall Street or London recently.[1] In fact, the entirety of the net progress contributed to mankind by the members of society, is a fruit of physical-economic progress into ever-higher per-capita energy-flux density. Even that progress is dependent chiefly on creating better goods made under the increased energy-flux-density achieved by better practices. The history of physical progress demonstrates that most efficiently.

Therefore, ask what should be meant by "ideas" as a weapon of progress?

It is ideas! Ideas which are expressed, in effect, in discovery of the kinds of advances which increase the net progress of the human species, or, what is otherwise, the effects of increase of energy-flux density in the increase of human per-capita productivity achieved through the discovery and practice of inventions which, in effect, increase the physical-productive power of labor, per capita, not simply by work, but by the creation of the ideas which actually effect the increase of the energy-flux density per-capita, of human contributions to mankind's progress.

Progress, like what had been actually discoveries of principle, is created only by, and in the future! And that only by mankind. "That is what you must 'work to act' as actual progress."

Therefore, on that account, each of you must define what you choose to mean as forms of progress. Take the case of what I do, often, in my role of a discoverer of both better physical principles, and of a greater fertility of the human mind's efforts to achieve greater advances of the creative factor in human voluntary discoveries. Or, to close in on the essence of this subject of human progress, it is only people who create fruitful discoveries of principle; but, the issue to be posed to the debater does not end with that!

Human Creativity

The "very essence" of the distinction of the human personality from that of all principles associated with the authorship of other living species presently known to us, is the human society's essential commitment to discovering new, and higher qualities of newly added universal physical principles, a talent without which a human were no more than virtually (in practice) just another animal, albeit all too frequently, also "a human talking animal." This distinction is characteristic of the discovery of originally new universal physical principles on which the actual progress of the human species depends. Replications of what have been original discoveries of mankind earlier, are to be taken proudly into account, as they are exceptionally useful for society; but, it is uniquely original discoveries such as those of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein, who exemplify the scientists and the great Classical artists on whose work, and its influence, the progress of the human species depends.

The emphasis is to be placed on discoveries which, in one sense, or degree, had not been presented to human authors of original creative performances, earlier, or, otherwise, those whose discoveries of a similar, if lesser, significance, whose work and influence work to an almost a comparable, but of less exemplary effect. That illustrates the need for the actual universal principle of creativity-per-se, on which the net progress, and also the survival of the human species depends. Original-to-the-discoverer, is the standard of progress by and of humanity. The history of chemistry, including the higher contemporary discoveries beyond all earlier science, is exemplary of the importance to be attributed to the original discovery of universal principle.

It is on such principled discoveries, and those above all others, on which the actual progress of the human species' development depends. Humanity does not learn much from experience; creativity is to be located chiefly in the discoveries of principles of ever-more advanced universal physical principles as presently limited, heretofore, to, chiefly, the characteristics of the rarer individual, on whose development the condition of the whole people has depended. The answer to that implied set of questions will provide the solution to the mystery to be considered.

[1] Compare the printed statistics presented by the Friday, Dec. 6 Weekly Webcast feature at

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