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This article appears in the January 10, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The History Just Ahead

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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December 24, 2013

With yesterday's announcement, that the U.S. intention is to move U.S. Army combat capabilities more forcefully into the Pacific theater, the combination of military forces appears to have committed both Pacific and Atlantic "frontal" forces to the early prospect, of a general thermonuclear-armed, global war, one conducted by the increasingly, desperately bankrupt, so-called "allied forces."

This occurs under the condition that the economy of the trans-Atlantic alliance, has just greatly accelerated the dive into physical bankruptcy taken by the trans-Atlantic powers, while the now emerging economic alliance of north and central Eurasian nations, is moving steadily into a coalition of sovereign governments, a coalition intended to be achieved by the time of the close of the immediately coming year.

The foreseeable circumstances of the immediately on-coming new year are, momentarily, such, that if U.S. President Obama's de-facto current dictatorship retains power in the U.S.A., the Anglo-Dutch imperial forces will tend to maintain a postured commitment to thermonuclear warfare, against the nations of northern Eurasia, done within increasingly aggressive postures, and probable early deployment. The consequence of such a posture, would probably be an early extinction of the human species. Actual thermonuclear warfare under present capabilities, threatens to be like that.

Were Obama to be removed from office quickly, the U.S.A.'s tendency toward abandoning the Anglo-Dutch scheme, might become a serious, if not certain likelihood. Then, the medium-term perspective, might be the development of policies of constructive peace, and of ultimate economic recoveries among the greater part of the global nation-state authorities.

However, in the meantime, the bestialities of the Anglo-Dutch imperialism, may be quieted, but remain to be also quenched. In any case, "we must work at it," as a likeness of the late U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt would have done, had he not died when he did.


The Subject of the Global Oligarchical Principle

It will have been, hopefully, recalled, during the recent past days of this now passing December 2013, that the only serious hope for humanity, is that U.S. President Barack Obama will have been recalled from duty, that for excellent and urgent reasons, and, that the consequent revival of the souls of the U.S. population, will prevent the presently lurking threat of the human species' thermonuclear extinction.

That now still-threatened outcome of the months ahead, could, and must be, immediately blocked and soon prevented; otherwise, it were even probable that "people were soon no more." The British Queen's already ongoing commitment to the extermination of about six billions persons out of the presently estimated seven, is already no longer merely threatened intentions; rather, the continued reign of President Obama in the United States, has also been "upgraded" to a massive increase of the death rate within the present U.S. population, during this present new year: unless he were soon removed from office. That is already a virtual U.S.A. legislative fact. Most among the Republican leaders, so far, seem to be insane in this respect, while most Democratic leaders appear to be seriously confused on this matter at this same time: an unleashing of the Democratic members of the Senate from the inclinations of what is, ostensibly, their present overseer (or, should we say, "whip,") might be considered most helpful on this account—by some. Unfortunately, since the final illness of President Franklin Roosevelt, true courage against attempted tyrannies, has not been a strong point among either our own present political leaderships, or, also, even many ordinary citizens.

What I have just stated, in these immediately preceding paragraphs, contains no exaggeration by me. The question to be addressed to me, is, "how do we kick the relevant motor into starting? Where has the relevant 'political guts' been hiding itself?"

For useable answers, we must emphasize some crucially important recent facts, facts respecting the relative rise in power of a relatively large part of the main body of the Eurasian nations, nations which are now largely apart from the already ruined regions of Southwest Asia. There has been a gradually accelerating physical-economic strength, coming to the surface of trends in principal regions of Eurasia, that in sharp contrast to now highly accelerated declines in western regions of Europe and, in particular, the rapidly accelerated collapse of the economy of North America, the United States itself, most notably. The murderously disastrous ruin of the U.S. economy, is the most important factor in the fostering of the feasibility of the presently threatened, possibly very earlier outbreak of a global thermonuclear extermination of the human population. The presently rapid, virtually utter loss of the former agro-industrial ability of the United States, has been the most notable economic and general strategic factor in the entirety of the recently accelerating threat of a sudden outbreak of planetary thermonuclear warfare.

There could be no competently historical insight into this crucial factor—the U.S. factor—of the span of the recent and future history of the crisis which I have indicated here this far, without taking into account my own active part in the wave of the most crucial part of the history of the world since the passing of President Franklin Roosevelt.

It had all begun, in effect, at least, with the last moments of President Roosevelt's life, as the OSS chief had then just recently departed from his last meeting with that President. By the time that my continued military service had transported me to India, I had found myself politically engaged in mourning the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, and, at the same time, finding myself uttering the working equivalent of a solemn dedication to the continuation of the mission of President Franklin Roosevelt, all that in opposition to the hateful political image of the newly cast President Harry S Truman. It was the taste of treason already prophetically embedded in everything that Truman was then, and later, which had stirred me, during those times, to a permanent dedication to the cause which Franklin Roosevelt had embodied immortally in my mind. I shared, in that memory, a rich memory of the wonderful former President John Quincy Adams' living out of his own dedication to the future of our United States, and had felt the strong hand of President Franklin Roosevelt's commitments, as an echo of President Washington, and of Alexander Hamilton's murder by the British royal butcher, Aaron Burr, and of, notably, Presidents and the most American political martyrs-in-office, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy.

That fact, as known to me throughout the course of the ensuing decades, is what stirs my devotions to the future of all mankind, now, still, actively, today. It is not merely my memory; it was, and is a still-living, very active insight into the meaning of the ground of history through which I continue to walk, to walk as a still actively living active participant in the process which is the shaping of the Presidency of our United States and its mission for mankind. Those who had once known better than I had now later come to know, are presently given only the rarest of presently possible alternatives, that of the role of a qualified, still-active trustee of my own assigned devotion to the future of both our republic, and of mankind in a larger way. I encounter the effect of what is becoming now the fullness of a solitary reality, one of which I am most frequently, and most passionately reminded daily, since the retirement of the former President Bill Clinton from the Presidency, and from President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass Steagall Law, alike. To know current history, one must live it, that done in a certain fullness of a life-long experience.

That much, which I have just stated, is indispensable; I think I need add no more than that, in particular, for the moment.


Making the Future Now

On the condition that that much said in the preceding chapter, were already taken into account, we are freed to turn our attention to the future; it is done for that purpose, which should begin by looking backwards toward the outcome of what had been a successful peace among the nations: the actual future. The expressed practical aspects of the intentions now in the process of their design, must be clearly defined before attempting to explain why and how that result might be brought about.

By their nature, true leaders are those who have acquired that virtue of an experience which is foreseeing the future missions of mankind's rise to what could and must be done, as also I have done for my part. Most of our species, presently, have lost an effective insight into the making of the future; they dwell in the drudgeries and monotonies of a bare, and often bleak experience, rather than the creating of the necessary future as such as Nicholas of Cusa and his followers in science had done.

At present, there could be no actually competent, scientific approaches to this challenge as a present one, without taking into account the essential distinction between the human species and forms of essentially animal life. That distinction is truly elementary, only when it is stated in precisely those terms, as I have summarized the elementary distinction in an earlier publication, to the following effect:[1]

The Human Principle

Although, conventional opinion places the identities of Zeus and Prometheus, as characters confined to an ancient Greek mythology, the physical evidence of the chemistry expressed, is, that "Prometheus" is the name given to the model of a once actually living creature identified and equipped with the actual origins, and characteristics from which the origins of modern physical scientific practices are to be traced, historically, to the origins of the principle of human behavior based in the ever-upward evolutionary features of the origins of the practice which is, in turn, the unique quality of the ostensibly willful mode of upward evolutionary progress of the chemistry of the human species, a chemistry which has been uniquely specific to the relevant effects of the willfully induced effects which, in turn, are dependent upon the continuing evolutionary developments produced by the process of applied, anti-primitive modern chemistry. The avowed principle of the Prometheans, is their determination of true scientists to overthrow those intrinsically evil, intrinsically and viciously, and culturally stupefied and brutishly immoral, oligarchical cultures, such as those of the ancient Roman Empire, of the butchers who murdered the Trojans, and, who are the currently avowed devotees of the radically practiced "population-reduction" policies, of such as the British empire's current Queen Elizabeth II, and of the current U.S.A.'s "Greenies" associated with the pro-genocide measures of that political class whose current has been recently set into motion, again, by the "Hitler-resembling" practices prescribed by the presently current decrees and other legislation of President Barack Obama.

The practical emphasis on the facts of the matter, must be placed genetically, exactly so.

Any doubt respecting my emphasis on the biological effects, pertains essentially to voluntary choices of members of the human species as such. Hence, the necessity of the precise Classical representation of the history of the opposition between the followers of Zeus, and those of the actual current candidates for association with the name of "The Prometheans."

To Wit!

Actually, even the often so-called "greenies" could not have existed without a biological origin in the relevant sort of depraved characteristics of the human breed. We should perhaps emphasize the term: "It's in the breed!" No actually practicing, true human being would deny a notion of biological necessity of upward evolutionary biological progress of the human species per se. It is to be strictly emphasized, that biology per se, has no natural basis in necessity of breeding as such; the determination of the development of the human individual is intrinsically voluntary, not otherwise simply biological. The development of the children of Zeus, on the other hand, is the product of a moral degeneration conditioned within the personalities and communities composed of those who share a disposition for the manifestations of the oligarchical type; they are the products of an acquired, diseased, or simply depraved pathology, not a biologically natural predisposition for the true progress of mankind.

Healthy modes of human cultural trends, are not "naturally" related to oligarchical characteristics of behavior. The point was demonstrated in the achievements of the culture of the so-called Golden Renaissance of such as Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa. The prevalent mass-depravity incident during most of the following century demonstrates the expressions of the oligarchical influences of the enemies of Cusa and his legacy, a legacy including the generation of the Seventeenth-century period of the achievements of the Massachusetts Bay colony prior to its crushing by the evil Dutch tyrannies and by the later emergence of the intrinsically mass-murderous practices of the British empire through to the present date.

Similarly, the case of Thomas Jefferson's disgusting departure from the original Presidency, and of the British monarchy's official murderer Aaron Burr, typify the various mere scoundrels, such as the renegade Thomas Jefferson of his wicked days, on the one hand, and his sometimes sympathetic rival and accomplice, the British hired murderer, Aaron Burr on the other, who was the sponsor of both U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, the latter a pair of a type bred from the environs of British-banker scoundrels of the British-banker riddled New York City region of the United States.

For a clearer insight into these matters, contrast the type of those British bankers and their likeness, to that actually United States' principle of national banking which had been created by the same Alexander Hamilton who was the actual founder of the economic system of our originally constituted United States. The principle of U.S. banking's founding, was not the exchange of money as merely money, but, instead, the physical-economic values of the goods produced and exchanged at an appropriately prescribed, rising track in physically relative values of exchange as such. The Glass-Steagall law established by the actions of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, echoes and typifies, thus, the standard of the original U.S. Dollar. Money-per-se has no intrinsic such value. (Hamilton had made the distinction perfectly clear.)

The notion of an intrinsic value of a monetary standard of exchange, depends, typically and intrinsically, on the increased physical value, per capita, of the U.S. dollar as such. In other words, a steady increase in the physically productive powers of labor. Money per se could never be an honest measure of value per se. The honest value of labor could never be anything but the increase of the physical benefit to humanity's population, by the means of the increase of the effect of the physical increase, for mankind, of the physically productive powers of the productivity of the human intellect which drives the benefit of human labor upward per capita. It is the expression of a perpetual human productivity-in-fact, not money, which defines true economic worth for mankind.

That is the measure of the future of mankind. But, the future of mankind has a higher purpose than any man's mere greed; that subject is the next chapter on the agenda of this report.


The Value of the Human Species

The value of the human species resides in its successfully, and successively upward creations. In simple terms, this means the increase of the physical level of mastery of the processes within our Solar system (for example), as those may be measured in mankind's increasing authority in the development of the accessible aspects of our proximate, upward reach within the Solar system. Convenient practical terms of reference for this purpose, were also laid down since approximately the 1890s, this time in terms of those higher expressions of energy-flux density associated with the consequences of the progress set into motion presently by the work of such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein. Thermonuclear fusion's practical development is a conveniently approximated reference for the time being; the recent discoveries reported by China's success in its landing on the Moon, have now suddenly become a standard of reference for current practice, with the subject of matter-antimatter lurking around still.

The more commonplace sort of practical approach to the subjects at hand among me and my relevant associates, currently, is the effective energy-flux density approach to achieving missions inclusive of those by man within Solar space, especially relatively nearby space (if only for the next moment waiting ahead).

The human standard for measure of the same achievement, is located in the realized experience of the human being regarded in its terms of being a species. The quest for a higher achievement within human reach, is our most convenient standard.

That much said now on that account; the needed perspective is the perpetual commitment to achievement of the next one of the still uncompleted, "impossible" accomplishments available in foresight ahead. This subject of "foresight," is extremely troubling for the mere oligarchs; their shriveled imaginations are fixed on the subject of "money," when the real issue is the urgency of accelerating mankind's power to progress far beyond.

What is clear to those relevant persons among us presently, is that the foolishness of the children of Zeus, has put the human species, repeatedly, perilously behind what should be regarded, respected, and also feared, as representing a great risk to the continued existence of our human species. For example: the prospect of a fatal encounter of our human species with some satellite of one sort of another, should have been already worrying serious scientific thinkers for quite some time.

The implications of such foolishness as evasion of that threat, must be considered thoroughly on that account. Such is the proper measure of the practical value of the particular human creature in view of our nearby celestial habitats.

The 'Brutish?' Monarchy

The key to the present global crisis of mankind, is to be located, most typically for today, by the actual role occupied by the name of the present British monarchy, its predecessor-in-principle, and by its extended, earlier, and prospective future, expressions, as the modern heir-apparent of the original evil typified by the reality and image of the Zeus, who is otherwise identified as the enemy of Prometheus. The particular, rarely understood significance of those names, is that they were known under those names, as nothing differing essentially from certain real personalities and the principles by which they are identified-in-fact of still-contemporary realities, as a matter of still-contemporary practice. For example, the nominally "British Empire," was never anything differing in characteristics from the cult of the original Zeus.

These have become customarily identified as mythological creatures; but, that is intrinsically a systemic quality of modern customs of misrepresentation.

The actual expression for the principled characteristics of the incarnate evil of the character named "Zeus," is the name given to an archetype attributed, as in the relevant ancient Greek sources, to the original principle of human evil otherwise known to modern society as "the oligarchical principle."

As a somewhat clarifying matter of fact, the term Zeus, is presently a name for interchangeably-named organizations of societies whose systemic characteristic, and whose actual legacy have been what is typified in fact as "the oligarchical principle." The particular significance of that title, is not that equivalent to the ordinary notion of "king," or a simply defined "kingdom." The convenient modern term of description, would include the title of "emperor." The Roman Empire typifies the legacy of a kind of super-Zeus, as the relevant example from the Iliad, and its included genocide against the population of the mass-murdered citizens of the ancient city of Troy. The British Empire, as currently still extant, is the now customary model of reference for the currently modern history of our planet.

Thus, for example, the present form of the Saudi kingdom and its specific accomplices, are all an integral part, currently, of the British Empire under the present monarchy.

The particular, actually practical implications of such classifications from among the roster of forms of social organizations among humans, or the like, fits more or less exactly with the traditional meaning of the supposedly merely mythical figure of Zeus and his court. The implications differ very little from the recent classification of the U.S. unemployed under the just recently installed status of derelicts created by U.S. President Obama's prescriptions for the treatment of the "long-term unemployed." Cannibalism could be a variant of that same policy.

More immediately notable, is the policy of the currently nominal successor to Zeus, the currently, nominal Queen of England, who expresses a mimicking of the Queen of England's influence on President Barack Obama's policies toward the "long-term unemployed" U.S. citizens, by the Queen's demand for the reduction of the entirety of the current human population of Earth, from a recently approximate seven billions living persons, to something in the direction of less than one billion for the entire human species. Her stated intention on that account, illustrates the reality of the presently expressed aim of a rather immediate launching of a world-wide thermonuclear war in the prospectively very near term. The evidence is already in the process of implementation, and the Queen's active Saudi minion-dom is a currently most notable feature of both the general process afoot and its well-known advent in the so-called Anglo-Saudi "9-11" operations, just as the related actions under both U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and, now, Barack Obama, fill such roles.

Those immediately preceding considerations are essential facts, with respect to identifying the systemically defined implications of the legacy of the Zeus-versus-Prometheus matter and its implications for not only the world, but also much of the Solar system, presently.

Next: Zeus vs. Prometheus

The foregoing information respecting the Zeus-principle, prepares the ground for addressing the necessary references which I have presented immediately above, as to the implications of the reference to the mere name of Zeus. Now, our attention is turned to the "hard facts" of this present publication's facts, in its proper entirety, and the necessity for the preceding aspects of this report as a whole. The evidence which I shall introduce from this point of the current report, onwards, goes directly to the most crucial among the practical features of any actually competent presentation of the elementary principles of a competent study of modern economy.


Prometheus vs. Zeus

The actual existence, role and importance of the original concept of Zeus-versus-Prometheus, has no different basis in ancient Greek customs than the difference of man Promethean) from the actually human degenerates which are better identified as bestialized man. The crucial evidence is both the combined existence and progress of living mankind, and the viciously anti-humanistic (so-called "Green") characteristics of the degenerate forms of practice associated with a growing spread of modern imperialist systems and other systems characteristic of anti-human practices, such as those of the ancient Roman empire (in particular) and such nominally British and related imperialist cultures associated with the legacy of the notions and customary characteristics of imperialist systems.

The characteristics of modernized versions of systems consistent with the tradition of Zeus, are associated with what is precisely identified as the oligarchical system's characteristics in general, and the particular example of the degenerate practice still taught and known as Euclidean geometry, as distinct from a true, modern, physical geometry.

The distinction of a modern scientific practice, from degenerate forms familiar from many pre-Renaissance European cultures generally, stems from the beginning of modern European science of the Renaissance of such as the scientific achievements associated with the modern physicist Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa, and of Cusa's own, inspired followers such as Johannes Kepler and those whom both Cusa and Kepler had more or less directly inspired. However, the medieval tradition of relatively, historically outstanding actual science among human cultures had been reached earlier, on a grand scale, leading into pre-Renaissance and later modern engineering, with the exceptional achievements in economics and grand-scale engineering developments specific to the hitherto massive accomplishments of the work of Charlemagne in logistics and economy.

The most relevant feature of post-Renaissance scientific progress had been set into motion by such as Brunelleschi and Cusa, with Cusa actually the most outstanding of them all respecting the breadth and depth of his combined work and its consequences. These specific considerations, when situated in the setting of Cusa's part in the process, have been, if considered in retrospect, the most influential in the consequences of their accomplishments. That much now said in necessary preparations, we may now proceed freely to the specific goal of our intentions in this present report taken as an entirety.

The True Advent of Chemistry

Truth to tell, I admit now my now very rare, but still occasional glimpses of my continued harboring of a 1942 edition of what had been long the standard Handbook of Chemistry and Physics; but, without rejecting the merits to be recognized from later editions of that reference-work, there is a systemic error in the choice of the context which that customary approach to physics and chemistry, as such, had both neglected to consider, the actual role of the human mind and its living actuality as such. Here is where my part in the history comes most directly into play, as I shall now do as indicated.

The issue is the choice of the proper definition of the chosen subject matter. Are, for example, both chemistry and physics as such the actual subject, or are they not merely products of that which creates the discovery, the products which are the actually unique powers of the development of the process which is the human mind as such? Do you think that that is merely a fair description for purposes of polite conversation; or, is the human mind as such, to be considered the organ which produces the existence of good practices of chemistry? I present the case for the latter choice of principle.

Do you propose to punish the particular mind which fails to perform as prescribed? (A common academic practice! For example.) Or, should you not place the emphasis, not on the chemistry as such, for example, but, instead, let the mind develop itself, to assume the direction of the process? (That could cut out most of the worse-than-pure-waste of funding the now customarily utterly worse-than-wasteful appetites of stock-brokerages.) What, therefore, is the challenge to society now to be set before us?

This now takes our present discussion to the core of the matter being considered in this study and report as a whole: how does mere chemistry actually take over, also on behalf of the human mind itself, rather than the lower-ranking league of such as the mere U.S. Federal NSA?

The Little-Known Mystery of Actually Thinking

How could you know, with certainty, when the mind may actually not be thinking something which can be somehow unknown to the watching observer? That presumes that interventions of the type classifiable under the heading of externally applied torture of the mind of the intended victim are excluded, either mechanically or in a related fashion. Or, how does the torturer know who to torture for what purpose? In other words, presume we exclude the Adolf Hitler-style stuff. For example: how could you torture the guy you can not identify for torture? By now, you have pointed the finger to the alternatives used by the Adolf Hitler regime and comparable cases. That brings all of the crucial issues into play; in other words, the same old oligarchical system typical of the infamous Zeus.

That is, essentially, exactly what and why Zeus did it.

Does that mean that the issue is Zeus' methods of conditioning virtually mere slaves by means of actual or implicit mental torture? No; the issue is whether or not society will permit the existence of what can be considered an actually human quality of performance extracted from terrorized or like cases of some form of effective slavery, as by throwing Christians to the lions. The result, as the Romans demonstrated at the end of the torturing and murdering of Christians, for example, is what are fairly described as "dehumanized" human victims of such regimes as those, for example, of U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and, most emphatically, the currently incumbent Barack Obama.

That consideration, now properly considered, brings us to the actually experimental subject of the demonstrable difference between the conditions under the reign of Zeus's torture, and the creative mentality of the followers of Prometheus. The followers of Zeus, are, intrinsically, self-doomed to a probable species-extinction in the presently looming, nuclear-warfare-like prospects for the future of mankind.


The Missions of Prometheus

Sometimes, like good American citizens, we support and relish the life of being American citizens, for example, as all really good American citizens do; what we prize is the freedom of that citizenship, which I admire, and my adversaries such as George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama manifestly do not. That, in itself, is an important point of great merit, in and of itself; but the subject requires us to look much, much deeper.

The essence of the subject-matter, is what is often identified as "freedom," particularly what has been sometimes graciously known as typically American freedom; in particular, the freedom expressed by the brief existence of the Massachusetts Bay Colony before it was crushed by the Dutch mass-murderers of that century, and, later, the same tyranny was continued under the rubrics of the so-called "British" imperial system which continues to dominate the greatest single region, in subjected area, of that actual world empire up through the present date.[2] The Hitler regime was, from its actual beginning, originally a branch of the British imperial system, and that pretty much from the start, until the Winston Churchill bunch had decided it to be smarter to bring in the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with aid of certain British who thought that President Roosevelt was not scheduled to remain in charge of the United States for much longer after 1939. The death of President Roosevelt was used as the means for the crushing of the policies and practices of what had been the Roosevelt administration. The so-called Americans associated with then Hitler-associate Prescott Bush, played a crucial role in the process which included the convenient crushing, under President Harry S Truman, of everything essential in what had been the post-war intentions of President Franklin Roosevelt.[3]

The election of President John F. Kennedy until his assassination,[4] which had since been arranged to ensure that no one would be permitted to continue to live without coming under a very efficient degree of control over the associates and offshoots of the likes of Prescott Bush. If you wished to be President, thereafter, crawl before Wall Street and London, and a place might be arranged for you. The witting submission of much of the Federal system's reigning authorities, showed the truth of the matter, in the role of both two-term President George W. Bush, Jr., and, now, British puppet Barack Obama in their occupation of the U.S. Presidency.

The time has now come, when the mischiefs from such pasts as a U.S. Government whose best Presidents were usually assassinated, can not be tolerated by the human species any longer. The new mission of Prometheus must be brought forth, promptly, now. The present crisis-situation demands it.

The Principle of Prometheus

The principle of Prometheus, separates his identity from that of all presently known human oligarchs and oligarchies, alike. The following is the essential distinction of principle, of fully human persons, from the intellectually deformed, otherwise human victims of the quality of slavery which imitates lower forms of life. That is the essential point of distinction, of Prometheus from the children of Zeus.

The functional distinction which separates the two opposing categories in a fully systemic respect, is matter of mental distinction of the two apposite types, as finger from thumb of the same original breeding of the living stalk. The reduction of the actually human individual to a slave, is precisely a typical such distinction. The difference in type of behavior, and of the consequences of that distinction, is also the essence of the distinction of both slaves and also of slave-masters (the accomplices of Zeus), from what may be fairly identified as the Prometheans.

The most essential feature of that just-stated point of distinction, is the crucial point of emphasis to be addressed here. It is the effects of that in-bred distinction between the two types from common human origins, which is the location of the distinctions between the two apparent types. The root of the functional difference is an effect of the distinction of the creative human personality, as a type, from the willing slave. That is the core of the Promethean principle, the difference in principle of behavior of the child of Prometheus, as distinguished from the slave-mentalities which are to be associated with the notion of the qualities of the relatively systemically degraded victims of the contamination which is characteristic of the prevalent influence of the Zeus-influence.

The essentially functional distinction between the two contrasted functional types, is what is often identified as "intellectual." The one is creative, or "intellectual;" the other, is merely "practical." The root of that distinction can be defined as shown to be precise. However, the expression of the relative degree of distinction, which defines a greater degree of difference between the "creative" and "merely practical," is the locality of the distinction of relatively free persons, from those who are conditioned to submission to behavior characteristic among slaves. Such is the rule-of-thumb sort of distinction of a mental state of serfdom, and that of a person identified as animal-like bondage as slaves.

The crucial issues of distinction among the varying types which might be reasonably attributable, point to, above all, the expression of voluntary creative mental powers, in varying degrees of expression as such. The crucial quality of distinction among those exhibiting talents of active creativity, is found in those persons who have successfully cultivated the qualities of mental development of what is to be classed as scientific and related qualities of creativity comparable to those of great Classical musicians and what fall, otherwise, into both actively creative physical scientific discoverers of true physical principles, and artistic creativity of a comparable, but distinct expression of the same quality rightly identified as "genius."

It is those persons who have been advantaged by the development of what is usefully identified as genius, who demonstrate in practice the relative qualities rightly dubbed "genius." The proper intention of society, is to cultivate the development of all human individuals into an expression of the principle of such "genius."

[1] Prometheus vs. Zeus, in Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "Back to Genesis," in Science and the Solar System, December 9, 2013, in this issue of EIR, or LaRouche PAC.

[2] For example: the Saudi kingdom is essentially a satellite, like other subjects of that same empire, as we should have discovered from witnessing the so-called "9-11" murder of American citizens by the joint means organized under the funding and preparing of both the British monarchy and the Saudi kingdom.

[3] Essentially, the U.S.A. under Truman, had been a project of the British monarchy's supervision, in conjunction with what had always been British-controlled Wall Street operations in banking since the roots of Manhattan and the scoundrels who exploited the crushing of the original New England settlements.

[4] Sponsored by the widow of President Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, who had been the only effectively residual authority left alive following his highly successful Presidential leadership. John F. Kennedy was the last U.S. President who enjoyed an authority free from the legacy of the Anglo-American crew associated with the associates of the London-rooted role of Prescott Bush, and his off-shoots.

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