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This editorial appears in the January 31, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Obama's Wicked Lurch

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This evening [Jan. 28], if all proceeds as presently planned, the (so-called) President, Barack Obama, will not play the game of jock-strap-and-basket-ball, but, rather a dubious sort of playing the game of dictator to a threatened population of citizens tonight. Will he, like Adolf Hitler, find some simulated Hermann Göring deployed to burn down the Houses of Congress, tonight?

The question may be moot, but the consideration posed here, has a certain ring of possible verisimilitude. Obama has already threatened, during earlier days, to have imposed something echoing, implicitly, Adolf Hitler's bloody rise to a tyrannical power. Something which is implicitly threatened, to occur with the virtual consent of a virtually cowardly possible majority of some large ration of one or more of the batches of membership of the Congress? His threats have been made, and already heard in recent days?

Already, statements uttered by Obama, or on his behalf, by his relevant lackeys inside, or outside the memberships of the U.S. Congress, have employed language which virtually assured an immediate surge toward a dictatorship. Even during the first years of his President, Obama had already introduced implicitly murderous, farcically, alleged sweeping measures of de-facto genocide which had been steps taken echoing Adolf Hitler's pro-genocidal "T-4" "health-care" measures. Now, most notably since the actions which he, himself, had predated to January 1 of this still-young 2014 year, he has already launched a far more extreme measure of genocide-in-fact, upon large portions of our citizenry as a whole, measures whose near future, during this presently young year, attack, explicitly, a large minority from our citizenry as a whole, a complement larger, in terms of relative scales, than that expressed outrightly, in the beginning of the Hitler dictatorship's initial year in power.

On that latter account, President Obama's threats, specifically action intended for this evening's address, are to be notable, on both accounts, then, as now.

These actions, are not really the work of Obama, a mere stooge of the British empire. He, with respect to both past, and possible future existence of this menaced population of the world, presently, has now already brought the entirety of the planet to the threatened, very brink of globally extended, sudden launch of a mutual thermonuclear nightmare, a nightmare which threatens, implicitly, to bring about even as much as extinction of the human species itself, in the aftermath of a thermonuclear extinction throughout the planet, as if in the sense of a Zeussian horror, a thermonuclear, Roman Empire "Ides of March."

Who are the pathetic idiots among us, the virtual merely obedient slaves, who might be so depraved in mind and spirit as to encourage such a homicidal threat to the human species itself, rather than a properly Promethean American patriotic heritage?

Do not overemphasize the weak-minded Obama for this danger: he is merely the official silly fool who is being presassigned, like "patsy-President" George W. Bush (the fool, the mere silly "scapegoat" who had worn the blame for "9-11") over the span of two terms of office, or the nasty "bogey-man," Barack Obama, whose intended role in future history, is to take the "official blame" for the monstrous crime which the British Queen already hung around her own neck. We have come, thus, into a time, when U.S. recently elected U.S. Presidents, such as that oafish pair, are merely weak-brained, silly fools, as if wearing a "Hallowe'en" mask of tyranny, as the bearers of the blame for the evil work of truly monstrous monsters of imperial, Zeussian pretentions and evil.
—Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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