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This article appears in the February 7, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Economy & Africa

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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January 29, 2014

In 2006, I had received an announcement of a book, which had been sent to me, with a hand-written message superimposed, by, apparently, the author, or on his account, titled: Compass for Economic Reform (2006). Since the author has been, (had been, hopefully, still an African scholar today) whose published book represents an appeal to the needs of the African continent (i.e., Nigeria), I think it appropriate to turn, finally, to a publication of his, even, now, a decade later. Africa deserves all the relevant sort of assistance which might be useful to its inherent mission for the future. My attention to that book then, has now been focused on particularly, a small part of his concluding remarks.[1]

I do not share, by any means, a view common to his references taken from the British imperial, monetarist school, of, such British authors as David Hume, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Karl Marx (authors with whose work I had been already familiar, seven decades ago). That issue of differences continued, on that account, has not diminished, since that time, for me, in the least: the worth of my proffering contrary recommendations, would be a better source of aid in the rescue of African nations from the toils left over since the predatory, Seventeenth-century Dutch imperialist school, and, its outgrowth, in the nominally British, imperial empire of today.

This has a history (and, the only history which could be known as the truth to be sought in, and from human experience). I continue that consideration, briefly, now, on essential background, here, to begin, as follows:

Man, unlike mere animals, is an actually, the only, wittingly creative species: the only one which is a consciously creative one presently known to us. The human species, is the only such species known to us presently. Only the human species' member is given the potential means to foresee the future, and, in this way: to make discoveries of those universal principles, the which continue to be expressed after the mortal existence of the person is enabled to continue, in principle, for the benefit of society, even long after that person is deceased.

This fact, is to be recognized, rather more readily, among those great poets and scientists whose personal discoveries of new, man-created discoveries in the principles of our universe, are the only true source of a knowledgeable future: a power of which no other known creature from this planet has ever been capable of accomplishment: only the greatest creative scientists and poets have ever, actually accomplished this. This principle of creativity, has never been expressed among the creatures of our planet, except by mankind.

In particular, the specifically human history of chemistry, shows the proof of this fact; progress in chemistry is a willful capability which exists only within the bounds of the human species as beings. Man is, potentially, a virtually universal chemist of the human will, that in both terms of physical-scientific progress, and in the passion of the great poetic experiences. No mere animal is capable of commanding either of those two, interdependent qualities.

The truth had been demonstrated, for example, in relatively modern times, and remains, so, still today: human creativity remains as being one which, by means of hostility to the absence of creativity, is to be recognized as the threat which has poisoned the souls of the tyrants reigning still today, as being within the imperial system which is currently still seated in its reign over the British Isles: that done, for example, by murderous, imperial, Dutch predators, from Europe's Seventeenth Century, and by those Dutch imperialists who imposed, by force, the British empire, during the Eighteenth Century.

These imperialists, were those who had, actually, turned the British isles into what has been, since, still, a Dutch concoction, that of an empire which has been an-eating-out-of the very soul of humanity, as since under the reign of the empires of this planet, still today.

In the matter of the modern history of humanity, as since the noble, great Golden Renaissance, or, the qualities of the humanity expressed in Shakespeare's legacy, that of William Shakespeare's scientific sort: and, as such as that of Shakespeare's excellently humanist approach to the subject of such matters (as shown by the case of the character (Chorus) in King Henry V): of a truly great tradition. Such was the tradition of William Shakespeare, as that tradition had been represented in his own magnificent insights into the creation of a sustainable, truly modern, pre-Twentieth-century, literate quality, of a then-educated, English-speaking culture: all that, in spite of the particular spirits of imperialist evil actually predominant in Europe's political structure throughout the history of successive centuries, still to the present day: an evil which has dominated European civilization, in particular, since far earlier than since the Roman Empire.

The facts to be stated, herein, in the light of current history, lie, in, inherently, an abhorrence of the particular horrors created by the transition into the Dutch butchery, an abomination which had been conducted as a dominant force in Europe during the European Seventeenth Century: a force created in explicit imitation of the Roman empire, and, of the continued destiny as imposed upon Africa, so widely, still today.

The True American?

I am, therefore, a "true American," which is to say, one who despises the treason-in-fact now still prevalent among many of the leaders of that evil which is that current British world-empire, which still actively represents the enemy-in-fact of my United States' founding principle, still today: that, as this legacy is now expressed in the specific sense of the meaning of actually dedicated patriots of my own specific tradition; that, which is to be found in the birth of the foundations of those, which are our own principles of economy, the which, are to be associated with what is, actually, precisely identified, indelibly, with the name of "The American System."

That same system, since the founding of the U.S. republic, has been that which had been consolidated under the definition of, the intrinsic meaning of the principle created by the actions of such as the Alexander Hamilton most closely associated with, the then great strategist President George Washington.

For me, today: there should be no toleration for a systemic difference, anywhere, today, for any dedication which is not coherent with the most essential principles of Hamilton's notion of the economic foundations of the original "American System." This would be a system of, also, not only Hamilton, during his crucial role, nor, for not only, President George Washington's administrations; but, implicitly, for such later Presidents expressing the principle of the same school: Presidents James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and, as, also, the excellent (but, also assassinated) magnificent William McKinley, whose assassination had cleared the way for the inherently treasonous administrations of Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Harry Truman, as to be contrasted to the magnificently great President Franklin Roosevelt (for as long as he had lived), and, most notably, later, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: but also certain others in good personal intentions, and more modestly successful degree; but, then, the actually treasonous administrations of foolish George W. Bush, Junior, and the actually evil, the not merely evil, but, also, otherwise sillier in mind, mere London-based, then, on the imperial-London-directed, President Barack: "basket-ball-brained," sweating Obama, roaming betwixt the private and public sides of the "White House" structure.

During the immediate post-war period, during and following "World War II," I had been actively associated in personal political support for President Dwight Eisenhower (a colleague of the General Douglas MacArthur), and, later, of my disposition toward the several achievements of President William Clinton, the last actually respectable U.S. President which the U.S.A. has now experienced—to the present date—since that time. Since the assassination of a truly great President John F. Kennedy, the U.S.A. economy, and, the western European economies, have been gripped by a persistent and accelerating continuous, physical-economic, overall trend toward degeneration: that since the assassination of President Kennedy.

At this moment, since the close of the second term of President Clinton, the United States has passed over from Clinton, into a plunge toward the current, breaking-point for the North-Trans-Atlantic "western European" nations: nations which had, since, fallen, so far, to the brink of a general financial, as, also, a physical-economic collapse, as, now, currently very much in a state of an accelerating—steeply downward-plunging—collapse-phase, presently—during this presently new, current year of an evil President Barack Obama:

Hence, now, during the dwindling, actually collapsing days of the January 2014 economy (under that Obama's direction), of the entire trans-Atlantic system (as distinct from the somewhat, actually advancing, Eurasian sector): Betwixt and between those contrary trends among the ranks of the trans-Atlantic region, trends which must be contrasted to the currently rising physical economy of the leading components of the Eurasian region. Now, the threat of an early outbreak of a thermonuclear outbreak-holocaust, now virtually readied to be launched, that brought about for the reason of the collapsing trend in the trans-Atlantic sector, were presently not unlikely to have broken-out in an early, global, thermonuclear warfare, during an interval, probably, at this present time, betwixt now and relatively early March.

Such a thermonuclear outbreak, globally, is likely, under any continuation of presently ongoing, global trends. Such intrinsically evil trends, unless promptly reversed, will be seen, probably, at this moment, no later than March of this present year: unless a sudden turn-over in a change of the President of the United States were to prevent a general thermonuclear casus-belli affair, but, probably, no later than the month of March; that presently threatened, thermonuclear collision, is already actively in progress as a global-strategic phenomenon, in a building-process currently.

However, I am reasonably certain, at this moment, that an alternative is a presently serious option; what remains inevitable, in either case, are the alternatives of peace, or globally thermonuclear warfare. The crisis-point, is now, inevitably, peace or war, either way, and, that, within the fairly estimated interval of a month or two, during the immediate future. There is no option, presently, but to have a state of "no-war" between the respective, principal global factions-in-fact, or a war between the "trans-Atlantic-region," versus Eurasia. Only the great fools who might fail to grasp the distinction between tactical and strategic conflicts, could be, or, would become confused on this crucial point presently at hand.

My certainty on that just-stated point, is now, otherwise, almost virtually inevitable, for the relatively short term ahead. The possible solution to this crisis-point, lies, explicitly, within the domain of the essential difference in principles of economy separating the actual American-System approach of Alexander Hamilton's design of the "American System:" as versus that, which is conventionally named as that British Empire," which is, currently, associated with the policies under Queen Elizabeth II, as under her continuing, pro-genocidal policy of a global, "green," population-reduction policy (rapidly): from the recently estimated seven billions living human souls, to approximately one billion, that to be continued under a continuation of the British empire's current "green doctrine," under her imperial household's currently active direction.

That tragic element in current global trends, now, for the very short term, must be removed, quickly. It must be changed, for the sake of a policy of population re-growth, through the means of emphasis on physical-scientific increase of the per-capita growth of the rate of increase of the physical-productive powers of labor (per-capita). This means, a required rate of increase of applied energy-flux density per-capita, that as a trend throughout the planet, and, implicitly, beyond.

The Role of the Political Will

I have now, up to this point of my account here, set forth, publicly, the terms which must meet the requirements for the avoidance of global thermonuclear warfare during the near term. The threat of thermonuclear war, which could still be halted among nations, by an act of a superior political will.

The ability to sustain continued peace and human progress, once peace were once established, would require an increase in the productive power of labor, per capita. That is the only way in which a presently accelerating decline of the potential economy of Earth[2] could be successfully defeated, and that defeat sustained, through such means as a rising rate of energy-flux density per capita and per square kilometer of Earth-surface. The resort to emphasis on the gross applications of increase of energy-flux-density, per capita, would be required, now, even to withstand the ongoing collapse in the fertility of the surface of Earth generally. Otherwise, the present collapse, in fertility of land-surface areas, will tend to cause a relatively, politically-forced effect: the presently continuing acceleration of collapse of the viability of the human population, such that the collapse might therefore be presently reversed: that for defeating what would be, otherwise, a terrifying economic disaster for those who are looking toward the coming few years ahead.

That is the proper choice of leading strategic concerns, a lighter baggage to be carried for the sake of carrying the intention of my years, in particular; but, also, more significant, the essential elements of the relevant luggage would be sufficient for my essential mission at hand.

What Is the Proof of This?

The proof should be considered as elementary: were the population to come to understand why all the terrible things which I have mentioned, in due course, here, so far, are an inevitable tragedy for mankind: unless, we understand the principle which separates the human species from the beasts. Zero-growth, such as the effect of a continued "green policy," is the characteristic of beasts, not actually that of human beings: unless mankind's own mental and physical growth-rates, were to reject the "green political disease," to prevent a deadly disaster for both man and beasts.

The Human Factor

The other side of what I have just described, up to this point in this report, so far, here, lies in the absolute distinction between mankind and the current crop of the "green," political beasts. For example, as follows:

A so-called, "fixed standard of human behavior in productive practices," requires, with absolutely needed intention, the turnabout from a presently catastrophic trend of presently accelerating decline (in the trans-Atlantic sector), presently, a disaster for any human culture which resists the urgent need for what is usually to be termed, accelerated rates of, in turn, accelerated energy-flux density, in support of "technological progress," upwards.

On this point, which I have just introduced, thus, here and now, the entire thesis which I shall have now, named: requires an effective understanding of physical-scientific principles on which the successfully continued existence of the human species depends, and, the related fate of the animals, too. This is, precisely, where the inherent incumbent of the British system of political-economy has repeatedly destroyed the economies (and populations) of entire societies, precisely so, under the same modality as the catastrophic fall of the ancient Roman empire, and the catastrophic decline of both the western European and general area of the Americas, currently, reveal.

Man Versus Ape

To understand both the meaning of the American System of political-economy, as opposite in meaning, and in terms of physical science, the American System, is an effect opposite in direction to what is called the category of "monetarism;" we must go further than merely describing the systemically physical meaning of economy under the original U.S. Federal Constitutional system; one, which had been one of an original devotion to leading emphasis on physical science, as contrasted with the inherent bestiality of the still presently British, imperial, system of monetarism; it is essential, to take the direct approach, that of studying the physical-scientific method of the American system which had been pre-defined for the U.S. Federal Constitution, a definition made by the solution presented, and proven, as, unique, by the crucial work of Hamilton in his three great theses for government: Report on Public Credit; Report on a National Bank; and, On the Subject of Manufactures: the three reports on which the continued existence of the United States of America had depended for its survival, even during the course of the Washington Administration, and which only American fools decry today.

However, to locate the physical principle which underlies Hamilton's unique genius in this matter, more broadly considered, in retrospect now: it is indispensable to concentrate attention on the same physical principle which distinguishes the species of the human being, absolutely, from the characteristic behavior of a mere ape—actually, or, merely aped by humans: the British system of political economy, has been based on the implicit notion of a mere ape called man: as the British imperial system imposes such sickening drool and drivel upon both its imperial subjects, and the credulously unwitting.

To state the difference clearly: it is also necessary, to recognize the identity of that British imperial system, when considered in the context of bestial, ape-likeness of the Zeusian premises of the oligarchical system: premises which are, presently, as if in absolute opposition to that humanistic principle opposed to the name of Zeus (also known as the Biblical "Satan"): the adversary of the Prometheus typified by the Christian principle. (For example: The Roman Empire was, intrinsically, a Zeusian, i.e., a pro-Satanic, system). In other words, the difference of beast (Zeus) to the humanistic principle implicit in the axiomatic implications of the name of "Prometheus."

That specific difference between the two, mutually contesting, cultural types, is the same as that of the name of oligarchy, in its opposition from the name of democracy in the sense of a Promethean principle. In other words, the oligarchical policy demands a changelessly destructive principle in human behavior; a fact which we should recognize in the case of the simply "traditional slave-type," as sometimes named as that of the "serf." In other words, "serf" means "slave." The ruling classes, as such, are also to be named as "oligarchs,"(e.g. "Wall Street") while the human cattle are rightly named "slaves," a notion which is interchangeable with the word "serf."

The underlying difference in meanings between the two, counterposed sets of contesting ideas, is that between, "master-versus-slave" connotation, as "animal-like," as distinct from "human." These same connotations had been traced from the early Classical Greek usage, an intended distinction of "master (oligarch)" from "slave," or names to the same effect of such a division, in any language implicitly in prevalent use, historically.

The two categories can be precisely located by the scientist, as being the same principle of difference as "man" from (the oligarchs), the "beast." The same sets of actively contrasted meanings, are key to the difference of "oligarch" from the "creative human minds," such as those of "good and talented scientists." The human being, when living in his, or her truly natural condition, here, is, biologically, an inherently creative species; whereas, the typical oligarch is, functionally, a mere "beast" as so defined, in practice, as being inherently defined by his or her culturally perverse, adopted nature.

The essential distinction of the human species, as systemically distinct from all other, presently known living species, is what is most efficiently identified as a specifically unique, characteristic underlying, absolutely, to be located, practically, in the difference of man from merely animals—and as also to be shown from the distinction of practice locatable in the varying quality of behavior among human beings: culturally, as man-as-a-creative-being, unlike any other presently known. It is precisely, the specifically noëtic distinction of principle of the human mind, which has been, so far, the lawfully defined, unique distinction of the human species, from all, otherwise, presently known species.

In the nature of the practice of human slavery, in each and all of its peculiar manifestations, is the systemically unique distinction of man living as man, from man suppressed into a crucial likeness to a mere beast with reduced qualities of a human species, as done, in an exemplary fashion of notability, by slavery in its sundry manifestations. Whoever employs slavery, or in such a guise-in-fact, is, himself, or herself, a beast to other mankind: as Wall Street merely typifies that political and cultural essence of criminal expressions of the extremes of human bestiality.

Hence, the conflict between the satanic tyrant, Zeus, and the children of Prometheus: the distinction from those bestial tyrants reigning over the tyrant's intended slaves: the victims of Zeus, as against the enemies of Zeus, the prototypes of that Prometheus who freed the slaves to become fully human.

This is the history of modern chemistry's progress, up to the present point, at which chemistry, as we had defined its development until the point of a new view of the meaning of a human factor for an evolutionary conception of physical chemistry currently struggling to emerge in a higher conception of itself, which is in the process of threatening to emerge soon, now, for the end of all empires as such. We must have nation-states which are respectively sovereign, but, never-again should we permit nations to play the role of Roman gladiators in a Roman-imperial-like arena, under the imperial system of the monstrously evil, international notion of Zeus!

In point of fact: that correction must be made, fully in practice among nations now; should happen, globally, now. It could be actually realized, now. That is my purpose, here.

I. Empire vs. Hamilton

"What is the evil essence of Wall Street predators, today?"

Again: "The most pervasive of the evils practiced in the mere name of 'economy,' is typified by the work of the scoundrels-in-fact, such as those bearing their publicized names as David Hume, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and, at bottom, Karl Marx, presently. Marx represents a separate case, historically, but, in the end, the results belong to the same category of error: a different species of footprints, but not credible, in the end." The common error shared among those named figures, is that none among those had considered the underlying principle of humanity which actually distinguishes mankind, essentially, from beasts.

That is, to sum up the point which I emphasize here, hereafter, the true distinction of mankind, an essentially, fundamental distinction of the human species, from all other cases of the characteristics of merely animal life-forms. Any attempt to derive the principle of human behavior from merely biological life in general, is, in effect of practice, a crime against humanity. There lies the living essence of the distinction of mankind from all other known categories of living species. The notion of monetarism is, inherently a crime against mankind, and Creator, alike. Such are the little errors of most so-called economists in general, presently, and of mass-murderers, such as Wall Street itself, presently.

That error to be located there, is properly summarized as the essentially systemic distinction of Zeus from the specifically humane Prometheus, still presently. The Roman Empire, as such, had been a relatively recent manifestation (within the larger scheme of things), of the same pure evil otherwise to be recognized as the essential characteristics of the Classical Greek notion of the name of Zeus. Likewise, the Dutch tyranny of the Seventeenth Century, and the Dutch-manufactured British Empire today. The notion of money-per-se, points out the pivotal distinction of the American System, as understood correctly, by Alexander Hamilton for, still, the whole wide-world of today, otherwise.

The problem of our planetary society, still today, lies in the inherently permanent conflict, between what might be a rough description of the unresolvable difference between the American System, and the British systems of recent history, as "British" is opposed to the conception of the great Renaissance legacy of Nicholas of Cusa: or, spoken otherwise: the conflict of Christianity against the British imperial Satan of the evil of the all too-prevalent, implicitly, religious worship of heathen Empire which had been conceived in the image of the evil legacy of a purely predatory and thoroughly beastly, Zeus: the enemy, in particular, of a faithfully professed Christianity, for example.

The founding principles of our U.S. Republic, were betrayed by President Thomas Jefferson, and by all later Presidents in their terms of office, since from the Aaron-Burr stooges, from Andrew Jackson until President Abraham Lincoln, and, often, after Lincoln's assassination (done in British imperial interests), for all but a relatively few, precious exceptions, until the assassinated excellence of a William McKinley's term in office, and from the moment of his assassination, effected, in service to the Confederacy tradition, under the Presidency crafted by Theodore Roosevelt's treasonous uncle, James D. Bulloch, and, later, through the Presidential Administrations of Woodrow Wilson and his Ku Klux Klan revival (from within "The White House," itself), and such despicable creatures as Calvin Coolidge and Herbert "Wall Street" Hoover, who were of the same stripe, at bottom.

Then, four elected terms in office, under President Franklin Roosevelt (not, Franklin Roosevelt's, politically very-distant cousin, Theodore, who had been implicated in connections to the McKinley assassination which had brought Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt into the office of President, earlier):

Harry S Truman (no middle name), and Richard Nixon, had been most typical of those frequent electoral travesties from among those named U.S. Federal elections; these had remained examples of the worst, until the still worse, three most relevant Bushes, Prescott Bush (who had heaved Adolf Hitler into power financially), and two other notable Bushes, George H.W. and George W. Junior. Then, worst of them all until, now, has been, virtually, the actually most impeachable President Obama: the absolutely worst of them all, so far!

U.S. trends in public opinion, are not exactly pretty evidence for any seriously well-informed citizens: those who are reasonably well-informed respecting the entire history of our Presidency considered to present date. I have not mentioned all among the relatively very good, or actually decent cases, otherwise, in that foregoing listing; but, the gist of the matter will serve adequately as a good one for our intended purposes, here. In fact, the British empire has dominated the overall balance of cases, since after the completed incumbencies of President George Washington and Washington's crucially important Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton—a Hamilton murdered by a nest of British whores situated then in the region of New York City: scoundrels such as the later U.S. President Martin Van Buren, who was, always, through to his own end, an agent of the British Empire's banking institutions, institutions whose major elements were in control of the central policy-making, that under the direction of the professional British assassin who had actually created and occupied the U.S. Presidencies, Aaron Burr, and of his successors in that same treasonous role, explicitly, Andrew "loudmouth" Jackson, and professional swindler, Van Buren.

The assassinations of crucially important Presidents, such as those such cases which I have mentioned, above, have been a crucial feature of the process continued through the deadliest enemy of our Republic, the so-called Confederacy, until recently. Our nation has been swindled and looted, as by such foreign-directed military assaults on our Presidency and its Constitution, up through the presently notable cases of the two Bush Presidents, and President Obama (to date).

How silly! Most citizens, and also, more so, members of our Federal Governments, have been lured into support for absolutely foolish, and even wittingly corrupted, leading positions in our Federal Governments, dupes who have been, even up to the present moment, as, variously ill-witted, or only virtually dupes of interests, such as Wall Street's, over the course of the existence of our republic, to date!

II. The Remedies!

The urgently needed changes in the practiced policy of our United States, are typified by the remarks which I have outlined during the course of the preceding chapters, here: during the course of my review of the trends in the quality of the order among chronically arrayed Presidencies of that Republic, as such issues are typified by the brilliant achievements of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

Competence has been limited to within the bounds of practice defined by Hamilton, which have been, speaking in broad terms, limited to those who have been among a precious minority of our Presidencies, such as Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams: as opposed too often to implicitly treasonous, or simply foolish ones, such as those which I have denoted within the bounds of the preceding chapter (most notably).

I write in terms of reference to Presidencies which should have not happened, but for one, or another, kind of corruption within the Presidency itself: such as that is exemplified, for reference, most recently, by the silliness of President George W. Bush, Jr., and the vicious non-entity who pretends to be actively President, Barack Obama (who is merely a loudmouth who has been, a stand-in, essentially, for the combination of the reigning influences of Wall Street and the British imperial monarchy). In brief: there is no really honest principle expressed from the mouths of either President George W. Bush, or his father, the earlier George H.W. Bush, who now sometimes amuses himself in the setting of a virtual kiddy-car, and, has been witnessed in strangely decorated socks. Harsh words? But, true for the record of their actual records as incumbents with a past: the past of the man who had placed Adolf Hitler into power, financially, Prescott Bush. Truth in such matters, as I have spoken here, and now, as, essentially puppets in history, each in their relevant manner and way.

It is a matter of a long history of truth about our republic's Presidencies. A record which recommends some important, and, often massive changes in precedents of practice, in the standards for elections and policies, alike. Most of the errant Presidencies to which I have made reference here, this far, have been more or less, thoroughly vicious as de-facto traitors to the principles of our Federal Constitution's origins.

This concern occasions an urgent call for sweeping reforms on this account, respecting citizens, attorneys, and judges and courts, alike, over the course of history since our Republic was originally established. The evil hand of the Anglo-Dutch empire, has been the relevant, principal source of corruption on this account, that since the Seventeenth-Century rise of the Dutch system of mass-murder, then, and throughout, in the main, since the birth of the British Imperial system was declared to be a restoration of the Roman imperial tradition.

My criticisms here, this far, pertain not so much to incidental turpitudes, as to the evil borne by highly-placed intentions stated as in law, or, in its perversions in matters of practice. Nonetheless, mere negatives, however truthful they may be, are just that: merely negatives. It is the perversions which ruin that which might, and must be, the implicit demands of the clearer manifest, intentional Will of the Creator, which is the only serious consideration, in treating this matter as a whole: as, otherwise, for the proper case of the clear intention of the properly required Constitutional design and spirit for the Constitution of the United States of America, itself.

The basis for any judgment respecting those subject-matters concerning moral intention, must be returned to the actually appropriate court, for consideration. What, then, we must ask, is the actually higher authority, on which the validity of moral standards among nations, must be properly adjudged?

There is a clear pathway, in history, which should enable us to resolve that issue presently at hand: a decision which has been already prescribed by the given implications of the U.S. Federal Constitution. That is an expression of actually constitutional merit, to be brought into consideration for the purpose of treating the matter at hand.

The Prometheus Principle:

The issue of the conflict between Zeus and Prometheus, is the highest of the presently known proper standards, for this purpose.

The crux of that issue, in turn, speaks to the effect, that the doctrine of Zeus prohibits the recognition of the members of human society, as constituting a lawful basis for reigning authority in this matter. That is the issue, underlying, most profoundly, the crafting and establishment of the Federal Constitution of our United States of America, and the inherent enemy, the evil expressed in the British Empire, presently most notably. Any proposed, contrary conclusion, is, wittingly, or not, a moral obscenity against our Creator, per se. Our own proper law, has been adduced from a true insight into the manifest intention of the Creator. No purported notion of "moral law," otherwise, conforms to the standards to be met.

There can not be reconciliation between Heaven and the imperial quality of Hell which is the Zeusian principle. So, I plead here, on behalf of the true law which underlies, still, that intended concept of law which underlies The foundations of our Federal Constitution. There is no higher law, excepting the Creator Himself, which has any rightful claim to authority over the nations of our planet, and our republic, in particular—and beyond.

Adducing the Proper Law

What, then, is appropriate standard for "measuring" the Creator's intention, as such? There are four degrees of distinction to be addressed immediately, before any conclusions could be properly considered for further consideration here, now.

  1. Where no evidence of the existence of life is evident.
  2. Where the lowest rank of sense-experience is found.
  3. Where active life's intention, as such, is found.
  4. Where human life is found: the highest ranking evidence, is found.

Since it is the human species which we are considering here, what is the practical distinction of merely life-in-general (such as merely non-human, animal life) as contrasted to the systemic elementarity of human noëtic processes, as such? Idiots, or, liars, may contest that thesis; but, there is no available present evidence to warrant a contrary view. Human life, is the characteristic manifestation of mankind's specifically manifest-as-demonstrated, noëtic performances shown by the crucial evidence of the living human mind, a living mind of the soul, which outlives the mortality of the human individual.

This acceptance of devotion to immortality, applies, and that done absolutely: in opposition to the explicit follies of atheism, which, on that account, will find no "reasonable" agreement with a competently practiced physical science, in fact. It could only lie "above the plane" of merely biological humanity as such.

Such, precisely, is the case in fact: it is located, precisely, in the actually noëtic powers specific to the human mind: in the higher source of the specifically higher "strata" of the actually creative (specifically noëtically creative) powers specific to the individual member of the human species: to the distinction of the human (noëtic) powers of individual, and also shared experiences, of uniquely human creativity: a creativity, which, properly understood, foresees the actual future: as all true creativity of the human mind, as in physical science inseparable from Classical-artistic creativity.

The most notable effect of all this presented, this far, here, is the fact, that, for precisely the reason which I have stated, immediately above, the death of the human individual, does not terminate the active influence of the deceased person's still living soul on the future of mankind. That immortal aspect of the once-established human individual, is (insofar as we presently have proof) a unique principle: the manifestly unique quality of what we may be enabled to recognize as "the individual human soul," an entity which does not end its existence with the death of the incumbent.

That is the only competent category to be considered as the foundation of the fruits of physical science, and, also, the inspiration of mankind generally. It is not, "in the flesh," but, rather, in that by which the death of the human individual, escapes the corpse of the deceased, in its influence on the shaping of mankind's future. The mind of the deceased continues the fruits of its performance, but the author of those specific opinions, remain silenced, while the principles discovered, thus, radiate, as if living principles, throughout the efficient spread of that efficient influence, into eternity.

That for those among us, who are actually, fully sane, is the ultimate source of the meaning of the mortal human individual: as the brief, but excellent I. Corinthians 13, states, without a shred of doubt, in that occasion. It is not the life of the person, but his, or her, continuing consequence for future humanity, which is the Holy mission assigned to the mortal human individual, a mission for service to the future of mankind.

III. Therefore: The Future of Mankind

The mission of our mortal human existence, is to be located in an attempted estimation of an anticipation of the development of the remarkably unique powers specific to the human mind. Call this, otherwise, the specifically human, intention. The conventional name for this requirement, is: human personal creativity: a creativity which raises the powers of mankind within the universe at large, according to an implied mission pre-assigned, implicitly, by the will of a universal Creator. That Creator we know, only, chiefly, as the effects of His reign. However, we are, nonetheless, permitted, increasingly, if we are wise, to observe, and to heed his works within the universe, as we may have discovered evidence in patterns which proffer suggestions of His Intention.

The disclosures, as just broadly identified by their efficient actuality, guide our intellects-as-such to the apprehension of the rules which are presented to us as implications of the evidence of His Reign. These general shadows of universal wisdom and its will, teach science to the more sensitively efficient intellects from amid the current existence of the human species. We, thus, in that degree, are enabled, if we are willing, to apprehend His Intention, and report, among we mortals, the revelation of those adducible laws in the universe, which should guide our steps to higher degrees of practicable reason.

The entirety of what is presently known as such conclusions as those, is modelled, heretofore, to our knowledge, in a conception typified by the well-known "Book of Genesis." Hence, that Book reflects the actual implications of the singular importance of that "Book of Genesis" itself. From this source, we are enabled to set forth, practically, verifiable notions of the interdependence of what we name presently, as commonly to-be-unified, in conception, as Classical-Artistic-and-Physical-Scientific Discovery as a single, holistic conception, inseparable from what we name, commonly, thus, as Science as a whole unity: an intrinsically indivisible unity.

All these, including these considerations, express, as in a single, often mysterious, pattern. From that, we properly adduce a shadow cast upon us, and upon our mortal existence, by the Creator. It is within that mortal limitation that we worship rightfully, for mankind as such, that which can be presently known to us, but with confidence in an unknown future as a whole thing: as I. Corinthians 13's, most powerful imperative, forcefully, but, ever-so-gently, and compassionately, implies.

We dwell within a Solar System, which inhabits a Galaxy, as the Galaxy inhabits, in turn.

Yet, we are not chattel. We are as workmen in a great enterprise, the universe, which employs each of us to a common end, out-of-sight; yet, it is also, the mysterious domain which we inhabit, all the more certainly.

That is the essential fact in every aspect of our knowledge of existence in the whole. The benefit to be sought, is the actual principle of creative human genius, a unique quality, which depends upon comprehension of the purpose expressed in the hope of the future which now confronts us, always, and the promise from the future, which the creative specificity of the human creative mentality reveals for our convenience, step by step, and, layer by layer. That is our future, and, is the meaning of the yet-to-be-known result of that which lies beyond mere mortality: in the implications of our creative powers of mind touching upon the future of mankind.

Hence: the crucial destiny of Africa and its population, then, and for the sake of the future of mankind. The ultimate reality for us all, is an intimation of that future of mind, but also a prescience of the future of its consequences: that which is known to us, otherwise, as the immortally creative powers of the sovereignly immortal human soul.

[The above text is the finished product of the author:
February 1, 2014.]
[As properly uttered in the appositive voice]

N.B. The best and the finest which I had ever done!

[1] I had, already, years before that time, my conviction that, the human soul outlives, in the consequence of its existence, as having been, an immortal soul, to be remembered as having been a still living person, that, emphatically in his, or her contributions to the future existence of mankind. I had not yet been certain of his demise, but, for that reason which I have given, above, my message is pertinent now, regarding him, as if he were, presently, still alive. I regret his passing, in a redoubled memory of a warrior for a noble cause.

[2] Especially, the present, trans-Atlantic part.

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