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This article appears in the February 14, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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February 5, 2014

As of today, it is a fair estimate, that every living person on this planet is now faced within probably twenty-six days between now and Hell. There are potential alternatives, not many. This is, now, "count-down."

The word "strategy" has had two principal, competent sorts of meanings; within the few weeks ahead, it could, suddenly, have no meaning at all. Unless some factor supervenes, such as the impeachment of British puppet and nominal U.S. President Barack Obama, such that he is dumped in the immediate future, as by resignation, or impeachment-proceedings, there might be no, or, almost no human beings on this planet, left to live to be there, quite soon. The countdown for global thermonuclear war is virtually inevitable within no more than weeks, unless the removal of the shadow-President were to be accomplished very, very soon (as of this date).[1]

Let us, therefore, measure human reality in terms of the word "strategy," not the silliness of mere tactics, when that term, "strategic," were employed scientifically, rather than the commonplace (actually very stupid), chronically silly voice of what remains today, for most people, as a matter of highly popular, stinking opinion.

That much just said, let us describe the global strategic reality of this present threat of immediate thermonuclear warfare, globally.

Today's popular (Zeusian) opinion[2] is what might, even probably, be the disease, which wipes the existence of people from the planet's map. Even if an armistice were secured, to prevent actually thermonuclear-warfare-fighting, an immediate general breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic region, in particular, can not be stopped—as long as present Anglo-trans-Atlantic policy were continued. Wall Street, for example, is about to be finished-off, either way.

However, even given an urgently needed pulling-back of the presently escalating plunge into the arms of global thermonuclear war, still the threat continues inevitably to grow, if the British imperial-led thermonuclear warfare is not cancelled virtually immediately.

In all major warfare on this planet, since the ouster of Germany's Chancellor Bismarck, the entire planet has been locked in a globally-strategic commitment to general, globally-spread warfare, since the moment Bismarck was ousted by the intervention of the British empire. Since that time, a state of world-warfare has been in progress (despite brief intervals of recess from warfare) since the assassination of the President of France [Sadi Carnot], came on the heels of Bismarck's ouster. Since that warfare, globally imperialist warfare, centered in the British empire, has been underway (between breaks in sportsman-like "innings") until the present instant, with global thermonuclear warfare lurching to the brink of globally launched thermonuclear human extinction. That is presently, the future leering at all of you, everywhere, until the current plunge into global thermonuclear warfare, wipes you out, perhaps to the last on this planet.

Unless we impeach Obama now, the British control over their puppet, President Barack Obama, insures that thermonuclear war is an immediate prospect. Think now, what I am about to tell, immediately, here and now.

"Popular opinion (Zeusian)" today, says, "No!" "If I do not wish to believe it: 'it' does not exist." That is what would, most probably, be, what killed you—if there were any "you" still existing, to be killed. That is the future; now, re-examine your present.

That means: "Global thermonuclear warfare," for example; Adolf Hitler's 'SS' killers have now invaded Kiev, with strong backing from London, and, from many among our own jabbering Washington circles' own populist (i.e., lying) opinion. Granted: Hitler is long dead; but, he might just be waiting, somewhere, for you to join him there, wherever that is; or, perhaps you have been reading The Washington Post, too often—which might be one of those habits that had been sucking the moisture out of your brain?

History might not stop with a jerk; but, rather with all too many jerks: Barack-Obama believers, for example. Or, too many of the wrong kinds of Republicans, for that matter. Maybe "Wall Street," is today's meaning of the forthcoming "Towers of Bubble"? Which means professional masturbators zealously driven by the hot-handed pursuit of intrinsically worthless Wall-Street money: not for investing, but for President Obama's sucking the common folk, dead and desiccated, alike, too many people: that in ever-increasing rations (per capita), for diminishing numbers of once-living people.

I have said certain things (all wholly truthful), but, perhaps too simply said, as common-folk ("populists," for example) tend to do. Therefore, let me forewarn you, one (perhaps) last time: this time in retrospect. How, really, did the famous Joe Jerk get so many among you, so damned drunk, so many times, and that on the drug of puke-ably populist, mere opinions?

Numbers, for Example!

Yesterday, for example, just prior to the noonday lunch-time, a trio from among us were gathered at a conference table, to treat the subject of necessary improvements in physical science. "Yahoos" do not like serious scientific conversation; it upsets the "populists" on the premises. (I had a big dose of that lying, populist crap this past Sunday: too many people gather, ritually, to be virtually drugged into gatherings assembled for the kissing of the butt of yet another yo-yo's, a would-be "Andrew Jackson's" butt. (Sort of a bunch of would-be "hill-billy" actors gathered for seeking bit-parts around one of the late Burt Lancaster's screening-season performances.)

Among us in the United States, for example, the most notable butt-kissers, as a collection, are a combination of cross-breeding of Republican varieties of high-falutin' Yahoos (as in the Senate, for example), and Democratic, professional butt-kissers of the perceived opportunity. Scarcely a sane-person-in-an-election carload, with Jacksonian types of both political sexes, galore. No "F-types" among them; nearly all, essentially, D-generates.[3]

This does not mean that they are actually as stupid as most of them seem to be on the surface of the public performances. It means that they are very, very corrupted, and greatly inclined to faking almost anything, ranging from sex, to Wall Street investments. Yet, all that considered, those are nonetheless incompetent, and, implicitly, fraudulent (morally and cognitively) on that account. Faking in any form, is not to be tolerated. Horatio Alger was, after all, not as dumb as his characters were seemingly perfected to be, or to have been: after, all, Horatio Alger, himself, was a Wall Street swindler at heart.

For such types, the name-of-the-game is "money." At top (forget the bottom!), they are all fakers-at-heart: As in the essential plot of The Death of a Salesman.

That much said, up to this point in my writing here: granted, D-generates are D-generates: which makes them "tick." What do they do when they are acting like Junior Boy Scouts for Satan? In other words, "whore-masters"—or, "mistresses." What is the actually available alternative to that particular populist (and essentially wicked specimen's) variety?

What is the antidote to shysters (e.g. "Con men," like those who might be attempting to suck-the-intellectual-juices out of my true friends)? Whoa! That must now, be quickly brought to an end!

Con-Men Can Be Dangerous

How is it possible, that fraudsters are often mightily rich, when the honest are so damnably poor? The answer, in brief, is that successful businessmen are often mere swindlers at heart. This includes prominent Republican leaders, wealthy bankers, hustlers of all sorts of varieties, and even one or two, or so, among the secondary and tertiary leaders of my own organization. Given the circumstances, the clean-up must begin with matters close-to-home. With the example which we must set, to deal with the con-men among our own ranks, and within the upper-political-economic ranks, as well. There, are the "hustlers," the "sharpies," and the like, or, a significant ration of the ostensibly "top-ranking political bosses," and some judges, alike, all of whom prey upon the desperate modesty of the population more widely.

I recall, from such places as Seventeenth-century London, a great and sudden clean-up of a corruption-sodden English regime, which came, then, upon their very unpleasant times: times, when the murderous Dutch of the later years of that century, collected on the useless debts of the swindlers of the incumbent English regime: and, the similar decline of a corrupted Louis XIV's France: all, to create a merely nominally British regime which was, in point of fact, a Dutch concoction named, with astonishing irony, the so-called "British Empire"! A true Roman Empire was, thus, resurrected, like a stinking Zeusian corpse, under the appropriately stinking name, of the British Empire.

Wall Street, was a Dutch habitation on, or near Manhattan, from the start. It was the Dutch pestilence, now wearing English clothes (of a certain loutish sort), which murdered Alexander Hamilton (done by the British spy-assassin Aaron Burr) who was operating within the just-born United States: that, already, as a leading agent of the nominally British empire at that time; and, a Burr who was also the creator of the loutish buffoon Andrew Jackson and his Manhattan-Dutch supervisor, and professional thief, President Martin Van Buren.

Most of our own Presidents, from that time, to the present one, had been agents, or stooges of agents, dominating the greatest percentile of the office of the President of the United States: Bushes, for example, from Prescott (the Hitler-maker) to his notably, but also viciously silly son and grandson. There should be, on that account, insight into the moral frailties of certain, notable Republican and Democratic political leaders, and, certainly, certain bankers, and kindred swindlers, up through the present date.

Hence, the management of many public and private organizations of our United States, at the highest Federal level, and the lowest morals, down to both the petty, broad-waisted, fat slob of New Jersey, and the Wall Street swindler-class of alleged banking, centered in London: from which Wall Street secures its influence over the suckers in the government and parties of our United States. In our United States, gangsters come still in sundry disguises, not excluding those of Republican and Democratic leaderships: that on the highest, and, above all else, the morally lowest estates (and smelliest political, economic, and, otherwise, moral, estates).

That said, there remains a certain, specific question, to be addressed by me, and also by you. Here and now.

That question is to be well-stated, for our purposes here. It is the political and related moral muck which greatly pollutes all phases of current private and public life, alike.

What, then, must we do? Clean up the muck, itself? Or be rid of it entirely? It should be suspected, at the very least, that popular opinion has moral defects: defects, which, in the main, are not the fruit of immorality; but, are, not only the fruit of a lack of morality within the ranks, or not, of great swindlers and brutish power; but, at bottom, of the vacuum (the great sucking-sound) created by the slaves of popular opinion.

Take: For Example

Take, for example, the matter of what is called Classical artistic composition. That is the greatest source of corruption of the morality of our own republic, and, of its so-called "popular opinion."

That subject is, in one view of the matter as a whole: a monstrously complicated problem. Complications will arise from what I have been presenting here: no doubt, no needed dispute on that specific point of reference. To that point, I suggest a moment of focus on a particular work of my friend (although deceased, my publicly avowed friend) William Shakespeare. The point, however complicated it might appear, mistakenly, to be, has an effectively poignant expression in what has persisted as his palpably most famous composition and its performance: Hamlet.

"But, that dread of something after death—
The undiscovered country, from whose bourn
No traveler returns—puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others, that we know not of?
Thus, conscience does make cowards of us all;
And, thus, the native hue of resolution
Is sickli'ed o'er with the pale cast of thought;
And enterprises of great pith and moment,
With this regard, their currents turn awry,
And, lose the name of action—"

What Shakespeare brings here, in a particularly effective fashion, is the same principle made, most explicitly, in the role which Shakespeare had assigned to the function of Chorus, in King Henry V.

Shakespeare was no mere dramatist. He has been a scientist in the truest sense of that term. Ah, but, as Shakespeare's mind understood such matters, still, centuries later, for me, today. Therefore, you, standing, or sitting before me, at this moment in world history, must comprehend the actually intrinsic meaning of human immortality. Without that, there is no true comprehension of anything of serious importance now, as for him, then. As Shakespeare emphasizes in the passage which I have cited, above: it is the sense, or lack of the sense of human immortality, which is the great, dividing, moral principle upon which all that is good in mankind, and of the individual, depends.

The excerpt from the passage in Hamlet, to which I have made significant reference above, goes directly to that point. There is no plot in that drama, excepting that which I have emphasized in my citation from that address. That, and nothing different from that, is the essential meaning of mankind's existence within our universe. The lack of that, as the case of Hamlet's Act III soliloquy, encompasses, in a meaningful manner and degree, the essential meaning, in practice, of the moral apprehension of that which arises above (or, falls below) the essential standard required for the human individual, and for the human society. That which fails to measure-up to the standard which I just identified, once again, here, is a walk along the pathway to which is Hell, for both the life and the mortal death of the human individual, and the human species, therefore.

The principle is, by name: the intrinsic immortality of the individual human soul. All else, were merely dirt, or worse: like Wall Street's ugly rabble.

Now, Having Said That Much

What, then, is the manifestation of that sacred human soul!

For that form of the question, I have a readied response: an excellent response, in fact.

There are two, tightly integrated notions of science which do, in fact, bring us to an intellectual (and, also, practical) true insight into the remedy for the affliction I have just referenced, immediately above. These are, by example, rather than limitation, two conceptions which go most efficiently to opening any discussion of this matter presently at hand, here.

These two, are Classical artistic composition and physical science. Treating these two, as being separate in their function, is the symptom of the systemic idiocy of present-day custom, an idiocy running throughout, in particular, Europe and the United States. Those two, rival considerations, will be most sufficient for the tasks which I am evoking, here. The essential requirement for any competent notion of science, forbids the customary dichotomy of education in so-called "modern art" and (actually) physical science.

To call attention to the core of the error which I have (immediately) presented for study, here: it is best approached by exposing the inherent, scientific fraud perpetrated by the suggestion that physical science must be predicated in an elementary way, upon the kind of mathematicians' delusion, as typified in a truly most disgusting way, by the case of the moral degenerate of his own times, Euclid!

Saying that, and insisting on the clear authority of what I have just spoken, in this immediate location, presents us with direct access to understanding the systemic fraud of all Euclidean dogma: a fanatical form of radical perversions, which represents a fanatical passion for the corruption, even the destruction of the human individual soul. That doctrine, in particular, reflects, directly, an intrinsically atheist's denial of the actual existence of that human soul whose very existence defies the principle of the merely animal kingdom: it is a prescription for the murder of the individual human soul. A virtual Wall Street perversion, a virtual imperial Roman, or, a British-Dutch, imperialist abomination.

Shocked? I have committed not even the slightest margin of error here, on this account!

Permit me to leap from that launching-pad, to a modern scientific proof of the principle which I have just identified, here, above.

Classical Music & Actual Physical Science

Compare the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, as illustrating the actually, physically-efficient backdrop for any actually competent notion of physical science. That case is readily illustrated by the relationship of the work of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, as contrasted to the explicitly Satanic characteristics of the very dirty mind of Bertrand Russell. The followers of Russell, in their practice, had joined the camp of the actual Satan.

The basis in evidence for my foregoing remark, is beyond rational objection in physical science, or pretty-much everything. One excellent choice, among others, for clarifying my warning on this account, has a crucial importance for physical science, and, for a Classical musical composition derived, most perfectly, by Johann Sebastian Bach.

In particular, on exactly that specific point, is most useful for the introduction of the broader and fuller illustrations of this subject-matter, as I choose to do so, here.

The notion that physical science could be premised on mere mathematics as such, is a foolish, even evil misconception of man's existence in the universe. Bach's development of the empirical demonstration of the principle of counterpoint, defies all reductionist elementarism in the treatment of physical science. The evidence is now clear to able scientific minds: mathematics per se is not a competent practice of actually physical science. Johannes Kepler, the greatest student of Nicholas of Cusa on this account, made the point which I emphasize, here and now, clearly.

First, now, I shall presently divide the continuation of this argument into what appear to be two distinct approaches to the intrinsically problematic use of mere mathematics for the actual application of a truly modern physical science.

Bach was right, and Bertrand Russell was a person to be rightfully shunned by even any self-respecting swine. He was, and remains so, in whatever immortality might still linger as tattered elements of his access to the category of an actually human soul. Pragmatic people, are generally inclined toward shameful characteristics of that sort; Russell, differs little from others, like Friedrich Nietzsche and the modern fascists, such as those Hitler followers now rampaging in strategically crucial regions of Ukraine—in the common extremity of depravity shared with an Adolf Hitler or a Bertrand Russell, or lackeys of Russell, such as Prescott Bush.

What Bach accomplished, with assistance from his leading followers in his own genius, was to demonstrate the inherent incompetence of a reductionist's misconception of the role of mathematics-per se. Bach's systemic view, was, and is, intrinsically scientific. The numerological reductionism of swine such as Bertrand Russell (and of his present-day followers), is systemically anti-scientific. The microcosm of the actually modern physical experimental achievements, has no toleration for an actually physical reality: truth is expressed, in effect, in the micro-relations of physical science, not in mathematical reductionism of such as Russell's or comparable intellectual types (whether in, or out of the "physics" manuals.) Microphysics settles that argument conclusively. So, in fact, does stellar evidence.

True artistic composition and valid physical composition, are two, complementary phases of a universal process: a process which, ultimately, makes no sense in practice, unless the mated union of the micro- and cosmic-dimensions of practice are conjoined as in a single-experienced universality.

Why Mathematicians Are Often Immoral

The case of the related work of science by Nicholas of Cusa, is a properly identified keystone-of-reference for all actually competently practiced physical science, presently. All competent physicists recognize that, some explicitly, others, only implicitly. The two choices implicitly tend to converge. Those swine, the so-called "greenies," do not; they are, in the effect of their practiced existence, the herds of swine cultivated by the British monarchy's Zeusian fanaticism. Let them peacefully roll among the excrement of their intentions, and, let us hope that that fertilizer may descend into its peace, all the while to some usefully fertilizing effect for honest mankind.

That much said, this far. Turn our attention to the purpose of the existence of mankind: the realization of the intention of human personal immortality.

The human mind and human brain, must not be confused with one another.

No animal species has ever demonstrated (as a species) the unique difference of man from beast: of faithful from fauna. The distinction falls under the category of the noëtic principle which is unique to the human species. This lies not in the brain as such; it uses the human brain, on which it depends for the nourishment of the animal soil into which the seeds of noëtic abilities (unique to the human species as such (on Earth)) have been inserted. The remarkable feature of that relationship, the cohabitation of mind with brain, is such, that the mind, which is the product of that relationship, survives as a product of the relationship, even long after the demise of both the brain and its embodiment were long-deceased. This is, the convenient view of the origin and existence of the individual soul.

For convenience, let us consider the cases of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, as useful choices of models for reference. The key to interpreting such bio-mental relationships, is lodged, in its conceptualizable notion, as what are aptly identified in practice, as universal physical principles, which, despite the mortality of the discoverer of a universal physical principle, persist as a noëtic force in society, still: even when the brain of the deceased had been long extinguished. Such discoveries distinguish the human species from all other species presently known.

Those, who lack that comprehension of the soul within them, had settled the question: they are as if, already, morally dead, and, are merely dead heirlooms, as such: by adopted profession!

The history of physical science's practice, has been always a Promethean affair.

Man's power to improve, voluntarily, expressions of the infectious qualities of the souls of those whose bodily expression lives on, like haunting shadows in the dusks of memory, as the fruit of human noëtic process: a means, by which young minds, harvest the promise made by minds from the past: the accessible aspects within our Solar System, as shown by the experimental evidence, on the Moon, of the Sun's characteristic product, Helium-3.

It is human noëtic potency, so expressed which is the concomitant of the human soul, a soul, departed from the body out of which it had begun, to move on, in a community of such souls. It is to capture the implications, which the underlying moral principle distinguishes as the human soul, rather than from the beasts, and the human souls are to be enabled to reach toward the heights of realization of a divine intention within the existence of the once-living human species.

[1] "Strategy" designates two, complementary meanings. The commonplace, but actually only secondary connotation, is the, relatively inferior sense, of military strategy. The primary connotation is relative universality: the social-evolutionary process (hopefully upward) of the development of the human species as a social process of mankind. The types of "whole-ness," are principally, two: Promethean-versus-Zeus-ian. The contrasted meanings are, primarily, upward, as against stagnant, or even backwards and downwards modes of human cultures. After the relatively satanic culture of Zeus, the Promethean culture denotes an upward direction of the development of the human mind.

[2] The Roman Imperial regime, presented a Zeusian policy of genocide; of which the present (Anglo-Dutch) Empire is a virtual "carbon copy" of such a practice of warfare as presently intended. The historical difference is that, this time, the war is thermonuclear.

[3] I really hated Marvin Meyers' Jacksonian Persuasion; but, I concede that he did have certain clinical insights into the Horatio Alger varieties of still-contemporary populist cretinism (in short, he had been essentially an opportunist in the spirit of that time, but he was never a dumb opportunist: he was much like any other Zeusian: wicked, but not dumb, a true travelling salesman, as all Wall Street types, also, are).

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