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This article appears in the March 7, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Strategic Situation, Globally

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 28, 2014

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Inside Our United States

The crucial fact is, on our side, that over 70% of our citizens are in opposition to the current President of our United States. However, in the U.S. Congress, there appears to be, for the moment, a collection of the gutless, money-hungry, or just-plain-cowardly Senators and Representatives who are apparently occupied with kissing President Obama's buttocks, and, for, that reason, are blocked from seeing realities. This is a fact which, therefore must be emphasized repeatedly publicly!

The effect of this gruesome incongruity of Senators and Representatives operating on the wrong side of honor and reason alike, is the greatest single cause for the threat of early-on thermonuclear extinction, at a time when true patriots wish to oust the evil President, and de-facto traitor (e.g., British imperial agent and mass-murderer), Barack Obama.

World War III

The world has been at global warfare's leading point since (implicitly) Jan. 1, 2014: when President Barack Obama had overthrown the U.S. Federal Constitution, by declaring himself a traitor to the United States, affirming this by promptly overthrowing the U.S. Constitution, in fact: in favor of what is, in fact, an actually fascistic form of dictatorship modelled on such precedents as those of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. All the evidence required for his immediate impeachment for major and massive causes, exists, openly, in fact: if the members of the Congress had shown the guts to do their duty.

Only Wall Street money keeps large parts of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives from throwing the Nazi-like son-of-a-bitch out of office. That treasonous statement by President Obama was delivered publicly (in fact) in Obama's 2014 State of Union address for this year. Many members of the Senate and House are refusing to recognize the fact that President Barack Obama has declared himself a dictator-in-fact, and a treasonous agent against the U.S. Federal Constitution.

This same President is committed, in matter-of-fact, to world-wide thermonuclear warfare, warfare which implies the relatively immediate extinction of the human species when all leading, relevant facts are taken into consideration.


What is presently pre-staged for the planet as a whole, is an actually global thermonuclear war, characterized by a thermonuclear war of the trans-Atlantic sector (including the British empire) versus the bulk of the nations representing the population of the Eurasian sector: an actually, global form of thermonuclear warfare. Such warfare would be a virtual extermination of the great majority throughout the planet.

The pivotal agency behind that war is the British Empire under Queen Elizabeth II. No significant Eurasian grouping, is for such a British-directed thermonuclear war, none excepting the actual Nazis now dominating the Ukraine, has an intention to launch such global, thermonuclear warfare. They have no proper motive for such warfare. Without the British imperial factor, there would be no such warfare now. Queen Elizabeth herself is the relevant principal figure indicated as responsible for this worse-than-Nazi crime against all humanity. She is, therefore, a tyrant worse than Hitler, in fact. Unfortunately, she has polluted the United States with her evil, anglophile subversion.

This new, global, thermonuclear extermination-war, is, at this moment in history, on the verge of an imminent general thermonuclear warfare within a proximate time as early as days ahead. The British empire's protection and utilization of Ukrainian elements maintaining the Nazi practices of Genocide under their role as mass-killers of Jews and Poles during World War II, and maintaining the same political and genocidal proclivities now, as an organized Nazi force, is dominating Ukraine and menacing Russia, still now today. Worse, representatives of President Barack Obama, have joined in supporting the forces of genocide operating within the Nazi component of the Ukrainian population presently (i.e., Victoria Nuland).

The Nazi component of the Ukrainian population, was not held to account, because the British Empire of the World War II period, had prevented Nuremberg-trial action against those Ukrainian Nazi elements which had mass-murdered Poles and Jews under Hitler's regime at the relevant times.

The British Empire had protected those Nazi-Ukrainian mass-murderers, and sheltered them as accomplices of the British Empire, still today. Since President Obama is, himself, a British, drug-trafficking agent of interest, the toleration by members of the U.S. Congress for these crimes, is in no manner or degree surprising. Under the present, actually Fascist usurpation of the lawful Presidency of the United States by the declaration featured in the most recent State of the Union address, the presently immediate situation as by the action and complicity of the now lawless traitor, Barack Obama, the Constitution of the United States, and of our citizens, are placed in mortal jeopardy for as long as this outlaw traitor-President and general criminal, remains in office.

The operation by the still-Nazi component of the Ukrainian population, has presently been deployed under British imperial direction and support, to serve as the trigger for a general, global thermonuclear war, during the very immediate future, a war of global extermination for which the presently fascist dictator Obama is nominally as responsible, in principle, as was Adolf Hitler. Only U.S. Federal Officials who have their heads securely stuck in down a Congressional toilet-bowl could have been likely to have missed that point-in-fact.

World War III as Such

The principal factors in any World War III now, would be the British-intended complicity of the forces of the United States in launching a thermonuclear assault, on behalf of the British Empire (and Wall Street and similarly despicable thieves and swindlers) against the nations of Eurasia generally. The targets are chiefly Russia, China, and India, which have no intent of warfare against the United States; only treasonous, insane, or simply ignorant or stupid Americans (within the Congress, or elsewhere), could wish any such warfare. (More than 70% of our citizens are not stupid on this account: only a dictator could bring the United States into such a war.) (Some members of Congress can not be convinced; they could only be kicked out of Congress, for cause. Their mental illness is called "money.")

The source of the lust for this thermonuclear war is not the United States; it is the British Empire, currently. Queen Elizabeth, or, if she is presently found to be demented, her successor. Unfortunately, at present, President Barack Obama, is, in fact, a lawless dictator, in the likeness of Adolf Hitler, but a President only-in-name, essentially a mere stooge for Wall Street and the Brutish Empire, which has pre-organized World War III now.

We are, in fact, as close as days to the actual launching of a truly global, thermonuclear holocaust. Everything, including the proverbial sink, would be deployed to kill en masse, on a global scale, if President Barack Obama were not properly thrown out of office for reason of treason in office, now. The British imperial scheme for warfare, must be halted, immediately, and conclusively immediately. This is not difficult in principle. If President Barack Obama is removed from office, the war could be readily called off. Russia, China, and India (among others) will not submit to a war for extermination of their populations! Start such a war, and many would be obliterated within about an hour and a half; that, the British Empire would hardly regret; the monarchy is already fully committed to massive genocide, reducing the human population from about seven billions persons, to less than one billion. Those who survived a general nuclear warfare (but only very much temporarily), would, then, not wish to have lived.

The "green policy" is a leading scheme for genocide on that scale; the British imperial Green has not only repeatedly demanded such genocide but has already been carrying it out, also inside the United States itself, for a span of now several decades since the assassinations of President John Kennedy, his brother Robert, and attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. Death under such regimes, is not the color of blood, but "green." As we said, back during World War II, "Know your enemy."

The threat is now immediate; it could be as near as days, if you are competent enough to read the signs of the times in Ukraine, today: only fools or sheer idiots could not read the signs of these times on that account.

Back Home on the Ranch

Peace by itself, is necessary, but not sufficient. We must, for ourselves, return to the principles of economy adopted by the Presidency of George Washington, the economic policies of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, to be specific. Admittedly, everyone on Wall Street hates the truth, in any form (as a matter of fact); but hates the Constitution of our United States the most, above all (and probably me, next).

The fact of the matter, is that Wall Street's motive for World War III, is the fear of the re-enactment of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall law. Wall Street, and much of the power of the British system would vanish as if in a mere whiff of smoke. (I know. Had I my druthers, it would vanish like a whiff of smoke: A money system would vanish miraculously, while our physical economy would soon begin to recover.) That is the British motive for World War III now. The Empire's motive for a thermonuclear World War III.

General warfare on this planet, can no longer be an instrument of government. The development of the capabilities for organized thermonuclear war do not actually exist, and will not exist on this planet, ever again—one way, or another.

Warfare, as we have usually known it in actual history heretofore, is presently not a possible option, except in the degree of peace-making, and corrections of abuses against fellow-mankind.

The great problem of mankind in known history, has not been human motives in any true sense. Mankind, in our true nature, is creative, not oligarchical. Human beings, to live, do not enslave other human beings. Rather, the creative powers which are unique to mankind, insofar as we presently know our Solar System and beyond, direct us, as truly human beings, to increase the population and mental-productive powers of labor and artistic creativity which make the grandfather proud of the children and grandchildren. "I built this, for you," said the grandfather to the grandson. That, in brief, is the proper nature of mankind.

Now, with the access to the Helium-3 deposited continuously on our Moon, and incorporation of that as an "ingredient" of thermonuclear systems of very high energy-flux density mode in thermonuclear fusion, brings man, within the reach of being enabled to control the volumes of space which contain the greatest common threats to the continued existence of human life on Earth.

The most essential evil within the ranks of mankind, has been typified, most clearly, by the precedents of the conception of the evil being known as the figure of Zeus: the Zeus-principle which has been the characteristic of the Roman Empire, and, also, the present British empire and its cohorts. That evil is that which is typified by President Obama and Wall Street. The message should be clear.

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