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This article appears in the March 14, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Doctrine Concerning Man, Again

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 2, 2014

About a year ago, on February 22, I had written the following remarks, which remain true to fact, in and of themselves. I find it necessary now, to repeat the beginning of what I had written then, exactly as slightly more than a year ago: this time, posing the question: Why do we not recognize President Barack Obama as a virtual Nazi in intention and practice, now. I repeat much of what I had written then, here, now, but also attach extremely relevant, additional remarks here, now, as a matter of considerable urgency, and deeper meaning for the present date of global crisis.

I place the original material from slightly more than a year ago within quotation marks, and then add, as now urgently important additional remarks for the presently much more urgent situation today, as follows:[1]

"What has often been passed off to us as being our human species' conventional view of the universe, has often been merely a literal interpretation of an experience of merely sense-perception as such. The crucially important question which that experience should have posed to mankind, is, therefore: could individual sense-perceptions be either literally true; or, to what relative degree are they merely correlatives of a quality of sensory experiences such as those associated with the distinctions of pleasure from pain? My subject-matter here, is related to the fact of the inherent error of any presumption to the effect that a particular sense-perception, as such, has an inherently "literal" meaning of "wrongness" or "rightness" on its own particular account.

"The misguided popular view, which is prevalent among today's so-called "leading popular opinions," is to be recognized as being, so-to-speak, both"upside-down, and inside-out." The fact is, that the appropriate proof can not be found in any collection of mere facts of sense-perception as such; but only, on the contrary rule: the validity of evidence must be derived, not from so-called "facts as such," but only from the role of a proof of truths of relatively universal principles, such those of Max Planck and Albert Einstein in their time.Which is to say: The validity of facts depends upon the experimental demonstration of those universally proven cases which supersede the uncertainty inhering in any simple collection of facts. Such proof is typified by what are proven to be universal principles, such as Johannes Kepler's discovery of the principle of "vicarious hypothesis," an hypothesis which touches the greatest of the known issues currently faced by mankind.

"However, there are also certain extremely important aspects of the matter to be considered, aspects which reach far beyond hitherto conventional notions respecting the notion of "a physical economy."

Chapter 1: The Principle of The Drama Per Se

"Experience among such as human, other living, and non-living entities inhabiting what appears to be a common space, invites a special set of categories among some special ironies inhabiting what appears to occupy a common domain.

"At first glance, the intention of my report here, this far, might therefore appear to some persons, to depend upon a certain variety among commonly experienced sense-perceptual effects. These include quasi-random experiences for which relatively no adequate consideration has been sustained, this far, respecting the ironies among ontologically different qualities of sense-perceptions, as for the case in which the content of such a collection is considered as a whole class in and of itself. Consider, for example, the startling irony of any attempted principled distinction of "physical science" from "Classical artistic composition," if and when both might be usefully considered as relatively truthful by intention in some functionally related way.

"This is demonstrated, most simply, by the case of what are the relative, categorical separations of the subject of Classical artistic composition from what might be described as the subject-matter of what is rightly called "merely physical science." Whereas, the ranges and varieties of sense-perceptions for those thus contrasted categories, are manifold; the fact persists, that the entire range of the cognizable set of sense-perceptions might otherwise be treated as if implicitly united as part of an indivisible, universal fabric, as if it were one in which the combination of Classical artistic and so-called physical experiences were to be resolved by their being defined as if a single domain which must be considered as if indivisible.

"For example: Classical musical composition, as typified by Johannes S. Bach, and by Classical drama and poetry, are essential elements of statecraft which have a uniquely essential part, in their role as preconditions, in providing such categorically essential elements of human culture as may be urgently needed, still, for the promotion of human progress and security.

"This quality of ironical unity which I have just described, was implicitly noted by Bernhard Riemann and by some relevant cases among his contemporaries and followers in physical science. It is to be noted, that the unified state of what were otherwise distinguished matters, could be continued for as long as what was known as the strictly Classical tradition in both Classical-artistic and physical-scientific activity, still persisted under the common reign of a somewhat general influence, as, for example, as associated with a continuing influence associated commonly with such names as Johannes Brahms, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein.[2]

"When that intellectual territory within modern history is traced from the time of the influence of the related figures of Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa, and is taken as a point of historical reference, and, when several stunning achievements of Cusa's follower Johannes Kepler are included, both physical science and Classical composition expressed as in the evolutionary progress in the Classical arts, are thus shown to be not only inherently inseparable, but also qualitatively distinct features of a general and profound quality of a single, as if a seamless body of integrated physical science and Classical artistic composition combined, all of which must be conceived as a single, inseparable body of scientific practice.

Art & Physics

"Take, for an example, the case of the set of the later plays of Shakespeare, as, beginning with developments associated with the presentation of Shakespeare's Henry V as a relevant subject-matter. I have emphasized that selected case for its included, forceful attention on the function of Shakespeare's assigned category of Chorus throughout that drama as a whole, as from the very outset. That much said in opening, now, compare the actual commonality of the method of the composition of Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein trilogy, with the method emphasized by Shakespeare for the function of Chorus in Henry V.

"Now, compare what I have just identified as the functions performed as for Henry V and Wallenstein, for the stage, with what I shall demonstrate to have been the related cases of Johannes Kepler's Vicarious Hypothesis and the general principle of Classical Metaphor, as, for example, the Preludes and Fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach.

"Thus far, we have thus placed under consideration, the general notion of a higher reality than that of the visible drama on stage: reality is now to be located in a reality which exists only off the literal stage: which only exists within a reality of pure irony, which, in turn, can only be experienced off stage when the subject is properly situated specifically within the range of the imagination of the audience, and, hopefully, also the adopted roles assigned to each of the players on the stage, all of this as now to be more imagined than as seen and heard by the audience.

"What I have already referenced here as the case of Kepler's Vicarious Hypothesis, takes us more directly into the essence of the matter now under consideration. "Is the principle which Kepler presents by that means, a product of a substance of sense-perception of "matter as such," or, is it "a principle of the universe?" From the standpoint of Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia, and, accordingly, the intention of Kepler on the same account, it is an expression of a principle within the present experience of what is a part of a universe.

"That approach to the subject now placed immediately under consideration here, is the relatively more fruitful one for the short terms ahead. What are to be distinguished, as by merely raw popular opinion as what may be identified as the respectively separate subject-matters, so-called fact and fancy, are now united under metaphor: two, nominally distinguished domains, are being as if a fusion of two domains of the imagination, the sensed versus the imagined, are now fused into the combined reality which is the actual experience of the combined powers of the human mind. Neither medium truly exists as a proper experience without the concurrence and conjunction of the other.

"Take as an example of the distinctive principle, the essentially absolute difference of the musical intention of such composers as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms, as contrasted to the relatively depraved Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner and also [what] the latters' [followers] continued [to express] in the quality of Twentieth Century clownishnesses. The crucial demonstration of the absolute difference between the two classes of sets, is located most efficiently in its essentials, with the specific sets of Preludes and Fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach.

"Crude estimates fail to recognize an essentially categorical distinction between the "Classical" and the so-called "Romantic,"

"Therefore, with that point now stated, return attention to the example of Shakespeare's stage, with repeated emphasis on the implications of the "adjustment" of method encountered in the role of the Chorus in Henry V: The command to imagine! A command delivered to the players as to the audience, delivered to both by the means of the suggestion of pointing toward a directed quality of action.

"The difference between sterile, if noisy clowns, and the Classical artist's performance, is to be located, thus, "within the domain of the creative imagination." That now said: Hold up, right now!

"Is the 'imagination,' so defined thus far, relatively defective when compared with the proceeds of a "so-called direct" sense-perception itself? Ask that question again! Who communicates better? The professional actor working in a Classical mode, or an ordinary participant in a conversation?

Who Is Addressing Whom?

"We often hear ourselves speaking aloud, or as if to ourselves; therefore, what do we hear being said, and to whom, or to what effective end? Or, when we are listening, what are we hearing? How does that differ from what our intention is as part of an audience? What is the efficient content of that attempted communication, either to us, or from us? What are we demanding, from whom, and to what intended effect?

"In the instance of a Bach fugue, the utterances are governed by a principle which permits no margin for careless direction. The same confronts us with a play of Shakespeare, with a Classical poetical composition, and so on. The order so directed is compelled by the relevance of its circumstances; even the composer is properly compelled by the rules which the composition's order compels. It is the composition which compels; but, it is the ordering of the design of the composition, which also compels; hence, a certain lawfulness demands a compensating, correlated ordering in both our intentions and actions respectively.

"I have a surprise here for some of you. Consider a case of that quality to be found in the instance of the policy of General Douglas MacArthur in the prospect of the Inchon landing in Korea. Had General MacArthur not secured the command decision he had made, it must be said, still today, that a relatively horrid disaster would have been added to the strategic situation at that juncture.

The Legacy of Inchon!

"Even after the success at Inchon, even relatively later than the Inchon victory, when the case had been proven, the stubborn critics refused to accept the clearly demonstrated need, not only to win at Inchon, but to prevent the British wish to bring on a nuclear conflict there. Fortunately, while the British intention for an expanded war was continued, the U.S.A.'s Dwight Eisenhower acted to the effect to bring the situation there under strategic control. The later assassination of President John F. Kennedy, cleared the way for that long war in Indo-China whose consequences prepared the way for what British imperial interests demanded as a long moral decline in the U.S.A. and its economy up through the presently disastrous situation in the trans-Atlantic region and the lurking threat of thermonuclear war beyond today.

"Worse, through the agency of the present British Queen of England, she has now secured, through the assistance she had secured from two successive U.S. Presidents, George W. Bush, Jr., and, now, Barack Obama, the world is presently gripped by a criminally insane combination of measures of global genocide aimed to bring about a general collapse of the population of the planet from seven billions human beings, to little more than the vicinity of one billion. That intention is a currently accelerated target which has been publicly decreed, and that repeatedly, by the current British Queen Elizabeth and her former Prime Minister, the same mass-murderously-inclined Tony Blair who participates in steering the policies of the leading world "food-killers," President Barack Obama and the current Queen of England; theirs are policies intended for an accelerating rate of mass-death in the U.S.A. and elsewhere, policies of mass-death currently intended throughout the planet, an intention which is now a policy presently very much in accelerating practice, globally.

"The properly most shocking fact about all this, is that the government of the U.S.A. itself, as of other nations, are currently posing a wild state of hyperinflation throughout the trans-Atlantic regions and beyond, which is already the gravest threat to the continued existence of the human species ever yet actually posed to modern human knowledge.

"However, for myself at this moment, my subject here, in this present report, has a particular aspect, an aspect which addresses that most shocking evidence just referenced, but in a relevant, but nonetheless indirect way. Obviously, I do not share command over the policies of the current U.S. Presidency, nor the present, very-much-imperial, British Empire. My personal abilities are far more limited, but, nonetheless, must be addressed as a subject of scientific and related strategic considerations best suited for the information of our relevant patriotic agencies.

Chapter 2: Who Are We?

"The fact told to us from putatively credible sources, has been that the continued existence of our Sun can not be expected to continue beyond two billions years. More saddening than that, is the likelihood that our species will not be able to continue the habitation of this Solar system for anything near to two billions years. The only significant presently known source of consolations, is that the noëtic characteristics of our human species provide us, if we are willing, with the potential of an accelerating rate of human power for self-development which would put into the proverbial hands of mankind rates of increase of forms of higher energy-flux density which might provide our species with new options to be delivered in a timely fashion. That presumes that we have a reasonable expectation of new places of residence in a relatively timely fashion.

"We have good reason to be optimistic about the potential which may lie before our species. I point to the foolishness of empires and similar tragedies in the known past of our species to date. The greatest degree of avoidable losses of options are attributable to the reigns of oligarchical systems such as those from the Roman Empire through to its present descendant, the British empire of the present moment. Indeed, there is virtually no systemic difference in performance between the collapsed Roman Empire of its time, and the British world empire under Queen Elizabeth II presently.

"Moreover, the rate of development of successively higher orders of the prospective increase of energy-flux density, from nuclear fission through thermonuclear fusion and matter/antimatter fluxes, provide encouragement for mankind's prospects within this galaxy or beyond. The principal obstacle to such progress is met in oligarchical phenomena such as those from the original Roman empire to the British empire of the present time.

"That is not the end of the subjects for immediate discussion on that account presently.

"We are now, despite the British-controlled puppet-President Barack Obama, impelled to accelerate mankind's practiced ability to bring menacing features of regions internal to the inner planetary circles of our Solar System under human management. It is clear that the greatest threat immediately before us, has been the fruit of our own damned foolishness in tolerating oligarchical follies such as those of the British Queen and her present American puppet-President, Barack Obama.

"Note, for example, scientist Edward Teller's earlier efforts on behalf of defense of Earth against both asteroids and the much more than merely deadly hazards threatening mankind, such as nuclear warfare. The virtual shutting down, by President Barack Obama, of the full program of NASA, which has greatly increased the risk to the continued human habitation of planet Earth.

"The increasing difficulties in efforts to supply effective defense of life on Earth, difficulties which were already increasing during the 1970s, but had entered a threatened collapse-phase with the retirement of President Ronald Reagan, now pose a monstrous threat to continued human existence. We have gone backwards in net physical-economic capabilities since the close of the 1960s.

"The most severe loss of potential came with the collapse of the Soviet Union, not only because of the Soviet collapse in and of itself, but also through the continuing, systemic dissolution of the array of both the formerly or still nominally sovereign nation states in the central and eastern states of Europe.

"However, that much said this far, the situation immediately before us, is dominated, in one degree or another, by the increasingly challenging circumstances confronting us on this planet, among the regions of the Solar system which now confront us increasingly from relatively nearby Solar regions. Some relatively radical options must be introduced in relatively nearby regions of the Solar system. The time for such achievements is already more than overdue, and, correspondingly urgent.

"It is already past time that we take correspondingly urgent measures done in the name of "defense of Earth." The options available are, fortunately, better than present economic circumstances might imagine.

Cleansing the System
"On the surface of economic matters presently, the U.S.A., western and central Europe, and beyond, are presently gripped by the worst hyper-inflationary [developments] in known world history. The first remedy to be secured, must be the obliteration of the monstrous and utterly fraudulent hyperinflation of the present financial markets of the trans-Atlantic regions. The hyperinflation must be simply annulled, thus wiping out virtually entirely the greatest mass of fraudulent financial claims ever conceived by mankind. My associate, Dennis Small, has summarized the causes and nature of that fraudulent debt.

"The elementary features of the required measures include the simple cancellation of the essentially merely speculative and fraudulent debt of the trans-Atlantic and other merely speculative financial indebtedness. The essential reform required is accomplished by two typical measures required for the United States itself, but also suitable models for the urgent reforms of economies of the Americas and Europe, for example. First, a renewal of the original Glass-Steagall reform instituted under U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, as augmented by the addition of a Federal credit-system used to fund a continuing upsurge of physical-economic expansion per capita and per square kilometer of territory.

"The other elements of debt are simply to be annulled as being fraudulent in their essential nature. A monetarist system must be replaced promptly by a credit system, with strong emphasis on increase of energy-flux density per capita and per square kilometer.

"Without those measures' introduction presently, the greatest mass-death rates ever known will bring on the sudden mass-death rates, if not even the extinction of the human species. We are already, presently, on the brink of such a wave of mass-extinctions of the peoples of the nations. The corrective actions must be taken now. You have already run virtually out of time. My associate Dennis Small has already supplied the most crucial evidence needed for such an emergency action."

'An Addendum Which May Be Necessary:

'[Monday Feb. 25, 2013]

'For the purposes of clarity, I add the following supplementary remarks.

What is Real?

'NOTE: That I support as "real" only that which is proven to be the event and its date, of that which constitutes the date of the establishment of a true physical principle: putting to one side any discovery which does not represent the date of discovery of a truly superseding notion of the relevant universal physical principle.

'This is necessary, in light of the gross error of deducing of what has been claimed to have been a discovered principle if the claimed discovered principle is derived from "Earth-based, human sense-perceptual evidence."

'That was the starting-point of the approach I had taken. I followed that criticism, by concern for other problems respecting sundry varieties of comparable types of ontologically-defined, bounded types of relationships among the origins of considered evidence."

Now, A Year Later

That foregoing part, was my then incompleted textual statement made in February, 2013. I think it urgent, right now, to add a statement which I have now made, under the monstrously deadly menace in which the world lives, now, virtually a year later, today. I find it necessary to place the remarks which I had made a year ago, within the now consequent reality of what is now the immediate global thermonuclear crisis of the present moments which had taken clear shape toward relatively immediate thermonuclear world-wide war, since no later than the early February of this present year.

The same problem which had been taking shape more than a year ago, has now become the virtually certain, global thermonuclear war presently. While the trend in that general direction, had already been under way since the end of the Presidential Administration of William "Bill" Clinton,[3] which had been the same problem, the same which I had viewed a year ago, I point to answer today: a fresh view of the sheer evil represented, now, today, by President Barack Obama and those two, particular, killer "maenads" of his roster presently, as stated by me now, in the following, now-fresh terms, approaching their presently threatened conclusion: as follows, here, now.

History, when and if we understand it, has a current meaning to be located in a sensitivity to the manner in which the past and future find their continuing meaning: is as follows.

History, the real history of our human species, is not that of a mere animal, such as, animal-like Barack Obama himself. Mankind, unlike any other living species, has an ultimately voluntary, human, rather than animal history. We might change our species, from human, voluntarily, yet we do not escape what we are, nonetheless. Yet, those very same changes, are, often, at the same time, quite different from one another, as a change from good versus evil, or, the reverse, for example. Since the beginning of the Second Term of U.S. President Barack Obama, the British Empire had been moving toward launching thermonuclear warfare on a global scale, as was already shown as a trend-in-the making since the September 11th British Empire-led, Saudi-implemented attack on New York City during President George W. Bush, Jr. Presidency, in coordination with the British instrument known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The intention to launch a continuation of the destruction of our United States of America, had been continued since that attack, under both the relatively witless, not nonetheless evil, President George W. Bush, Jr. (for two terms in office) and, now the second term of an intrinsically evil, merely British imperial stooge, the ultra-alien President Barack Obama.

The intention did not come from the U.S.A. itself, but from the British Empire and its U.S. Wall Street economic-political instrument, the same combination which had directed the installation of dictator Adolf Hitler to power into his launching of what has been designated as "World War II." Once U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had died, U.S. policy was turned, immediately and directed into a takeover of the direction of the United States of America in search of British and Wall Street imperial advantages. The continuation of that program, first led under the British Empire's scheme for a nuclear world-wide war then led, initially, by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the ultra-evil Bertrand Russell, was continued, despite the stiff opposition of U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, France's President de Gaulle, and as of President John F. Kennedy—until he was murdered by powerful forces within the authorship of United States special interests, itself.

To remove those obstacles, including the almost certain election of Robert Kennedy (otherwise), and the resistance to such plans for warfare by the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, as continued by the march of evil toward British-imperial-led schemes for general warfare and massive depopulation of the planet, a policy of practice has been continued to the present date. U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama are the most notable instruments in the scheme for global, thermonuclear genocide, as that policy had been authored by the present British Empire, a scheme of thermonuclear war developed under the direction of the Imperial, monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II and her so-called "green" cult: a massive, global scale of genocidal reduction of the world's human population, presently, notably since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Wall Street has been the keystone of that pro-genocidal scheme for generalized, savagely mass-murderous global population-reduction. The present methods for such population-reduction, are essentially British imperial intentions under the conditions of a looted and relatively powerless set of the presently un-sovereign, and savagely looted nations of western and central Europe, the present "Euro" system.

Obama is, nonetheless, essentially evil himself, and has, therefore chosen, by aid of such evil means as massive promotion of blatantly British-directed drug-trafficking, and weird youth-cults, to bring about his election, as that has been now manifest ever-more clearly, in exactly the same sense, today, as since the beginning of this present year. The British empire's role, with aid of its mere stooge, President Barack Obama, as like Adolf Hitler before him, or the earlier precedent of the ancient Zeus, the latter which is known to the common history of mankind, as having been the author of the Roman and British empires.

This present, British-empire-led attempt at global "green" genocide of the human population of the globe: the Queen's explicit demand of a reduction of that population, from approximately seven, to less than one billion human beings, is the keystone of the present politically mere existence of U.S. President's George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama. The duped citizens ( carefully pre-selected for the bribery of Wall Street's massively monied fraudulent means) have been the nominal majority of the ruling governmental agencies of the United States, as since the ouster of former President "Bill" Clinton, and the cancellation of the Glass Steagall Law, events which have corrupted and destroyed the citizenry of our United States, a reduced status of the many into a state of relative submissiveness to the demands of the British Empire and its notable Wall Street accomplices.

An Ancient Evil

The term "fascist," as Mussolini's circles understood themselves, and as Adolf Hitler, too, differs in no way from the legendary tradition of the monstrously evil Zeus, or his followers, such as the present British empire, itself, each with its own mass-slaughters and corruptions of Christians, in particular, as by the British empire which had consolidated itself, to be as identified in Edward Gibbon's account of the creation of the British Empire. That British Empire, as reported, at first hand, and that in great detail by Edward Gibbon's properly infamous, actual (if also fanatically romantic) account of the roots of British imperial history and the true roots of its social philosophy, as in his The Decline & Fall of The Roman Empire. The latter is the guide-book for the true design of the British Empire's creation as a thoroughly evil empire, like the Roman Empire, by that same actual name of "empire."[4]

What is particularly notable for us, today, is the frankly lunatic, but, nonetheless definite Barack Obama and his strange, salon-like, personal cult of a small coterie of brutish women, with their peculiar sort of husbands to match, as the actual distaff elements of their nominal sex: psychological perversity in one among its more extreme expressions.

Obama, in particular, was, and is, very much, a sort of child of perversity in the extreme, fully a likeness of Mussolini and Hitler before him, on this account. He is, presently, a creature as if from a weirdly strange zoo, each of which has been modeled in the root-likeness of the species of the infamously legendary Zeus himself. Since I do enjoy a certain, accumulated excellence in insight into history, myself, I am presently urged by the immediately perilous circumstances of us all, to put this psycho-therapeutic national catastrophe which is known as the Obama itself, into what might be described as clearly among some as greatest moral and psychological type of a perversity of sheer evil, which is to have been recognized in such passages of relatively recent human history, as such as the same Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, who were so very clearly: the same breed of extremes in perversity of such still legendary "dark ages" of mankind, as the original Greeks' image of Zeus, as also, the same expressed in the cases of Hitler and Mussolini, or the current British monarchy, or the Nazis who had polluted the Ukrainian population, itself, still fully backed by the Hitler legacy which they serve under Obama, still today.

The British Imperial Psycho-Pathology

I had occasion, most recently, to comment on the phenomena of chronic psycho-pathological patterns which are often locatable, clinically, symptomatically in recurring patterns of nightmares, as in often the cases of the breed of accountants associated since the birth of modern U.S. accounting practice in the aftermath of the family-bred, Confederacy fanatic, President Theodore Roosevelt (who delighted in the death of his hated rival, the actually great President William McKinley), and as shown by such followers of the school of the political perverts represented by such as Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover, Harry S Truman, and by the breed of the Wall Street creature, the Wall Street agent, the Wall Street-urchin Prescott Bush, who rescued Adolf Hitler from being placed in prison on debt-charges, and by the relevant evidence of the related careers of his notoriously well-known son and grandson.

Truly, there is a collection of very strange "political animals" and their emotional disorders assembled around a President Obama's legacy of today. It is a pathological state of mind and morals which is of the same class of the very worst of such political types, including the same type as the wretched, if merely clever, but nonetheless true slob, personally, Edward Gibbon. My clinical emphasis at this moment, is also the special, but nonetheless crucial historical subject of such nightmares as those cases I have mentioned here.

A once famous British film, for its time (some decades past), provided a truly excellent clinical insight into the relevant pathological phenomena of recurring nightmares which are chronically, recurring, "living" nightmares, such as those which are a recurring experience of virtual death from which the victim often awakens, shaken, in the morning: it might be called the chronic accountant's disease, or, might actually die of the effects of fright at loss of money, directly, or implicitly (clinically).

I had raised this matter of psycho-pathology during a most recent meeting of my immediate associates, that for such clinical reasons, at that time. I classed such occurrences as "recurring death-experiences during sleep;" I dubbed this as a typical "Wall Street accountants' disease," whose triumphs and economic defeats are in the actual likeness of a recurring nightmare. Sleep, for such as those, is potentially dangerous, directly, as in suicide, or in lingering effects (or, frequently, simply murders, as in a certain region of nearby New Jersey). It could also be well-named as the systemically psychological disease of Zeus. Call it, otherwise, the perpetual death-experience of the living dead, such as President Barack Obama's own manifestly immoral, and particularly Adolf-Hitler-like, recurring moral insanity: his likeness of the satanic beast whose presence strikes terror in the heart of weak-souled citizen, or, may come to be located in a comparable member of the U.S. Congress.

"I dreamed I had died last night," is a fair expression of the type of psychological terror lurking for many in their fear-stricken dream-world. In many cases, the clinical insight, and its portent, is not grasped adequately; the experience of the plain terror in such a person's sleep, remains as a powerful influence on the moral weakling, nonetheless.

A Reflection from Childhood

Thus, I have been impressed, increasingly, over the course of several generations' worth of time, on the subject of the obvious import of and consequences of sleep experienced as recurrent nightmares which might induce voluntary or involuntary suicides.

I recall readily such a clinical experience which I had had during one night in early childhood: an experience during which I dreamed that the family kitchen's 1920s style, electrical washing-machine was coming to consume me. I had awakened, screaming already in my sleep, and, thus, was awakened by what had been sleeping parents.

That had presented me with a basis in memory for what I had later, as a management consultant, identified, clinically, as "the typical accountants' nightmare:" living throughout the night in a day-after-day assault of the increasingly terrified sleeping soul, a syndrome which bespeaks a most terrifying, meaningless nightmare of financial practices among accountants and the like, as such. "The Death of A Salesman," is typical. That is to say: forever dying at the close of each day's going to sleep, but, then, aroused, once imprisoned by sleep, but, now shaken by a mysterious, but insistent terror to be faced, awake and shaken, in facing the later awakening at morning of the next day.

In fact, such experiences do occur, often, within the waking day, among many people, day after day, especially after a recurring frightening night; it is the night-time which is the most terrifying part of the day, in such cases. This is what Obama and his closely held ladies of the night, represent for fear-stricken citizens presently: a living nightmare, in which the ill-disguised identity of the Satan-like Obama self-image strikes great fear in the terrified fearful. The effect on the afflicted citizen (or, child) is sheer terror, a terror like one of the child's fear that he, or she, or other members of the family, will die during the night. Indeed Obama's economic and other victims are terrified into submission in precisely this way. The excellently crafted British film of a recurring nightmare, makes this vividly clear to me as something for me to understand, in principle, then, and, ever since.

However, that British movie itself had a wonderfully pleasant effect, a purgative for me, at least (and perhaps some more insightful witnesses of the performance). The producers and actors had presented a most wonderfully credible exposition of the actuality of that motion-picture drama.

That much said on that account; what does this really mean?

I had settled that question, now, long ago. My experiences as a consultant in management affairs, helped my making the elementary mystery about such experiences much clearer to me than for most others. I had recognized a pattern in the relevant syndrome in many among my own clients and the members of their staffs, for example. I tended to identify it, categorically, then, as the financial-accountant's disease, or, that of a typical Wall Street-like mental disease after a bad day on Wall Street, or the like (both choices of cases were valid, but the Wall Street types most frantically and often fantastically).[5]

Wall Street creatures tend often to seem to die every night, and are horrified by the fear of one another's night nightmares, on precisely this account. The financial world, is such a nightmare, inherently. Call it, not a "nightmare," but a "might-mare:" you are dead, and being tormented in Hell, and fear there is no escape, not even by dying! People driven toward the brink of suicide by personal "financial disasters," or for the sake of the accountant who seemed to have known too much: every damned night of the business day: Hamlet's Disease! As in the recurring nightmare of William Shakespeare's still living drama.

To understand such diseases of the mind; the flight into insanity or even sudden death, sought to escape the terrors of the night, which live, instead, within the progress of the day. The possession by the mere idea of money devours the human soul by day, and by the victims of the night: all this systematically. So, in the lust for money, the terror of not having more money, may appear to tear apart the human soul, and even, often, incites suicides, desperate flight from the terrors striking down from the world of dreams, as Shakespeare's character, Hamlet, had done.

Too afraid to die; too afraid to live; too lacking in courage to face reality: he must seek to wish he were killed, like the cowardly Hamlet, in seeking to be killed. How little the dramatist acting on stage actually knows about himself; like the Hamlet who was terrified in his mere play, and, was, then, more terrified by the lack of the sleep of the play, fleeing from the mere shadows of fear of the night of sleep, more, much more, more than any actually living adversary; the fear that the night itself might not come, or, worse, would be all too real.

Hence the essence of Barack Obama and his small coven of witches, who appear to be soul-less (and, properly are), but ever rabid maenads, the witches representing the very dogs from Hell. But, Hamlet could not will himself to die; he lacked the courage even to resist that poison itself, alone, lest it free him from his evil self; he died evil all the way, deep into Hell: he escaped nothing at all, excepting his permanently perfected evil where he lay, in some final moments, in permanent torment flowing with justice from Shakespeare's insightfully penned denunciations of all such creatures, and the cases of the stubborn witless compulsion for denial of the truth of that particular case, even by many of the professional actors performing publicly on stage. There are no happy endings in Hamlet, nor were there any to be discovered, or to be desired, there: merely sentimentally silly people's wishful, and cowardly foolishness, not withstanding.

Coward that he was, Hamlet had let death itself do the dirty work, while he watched himself go dead, gloating, so, at the evil pleasure of his love-hate pain of death, and his own mounting murders of his selected victims, even while his own mouth's prattle ran on, meaninglessly, until the dying juices of life might mock even his own death as never anything but a wasteful thing: a true coward to the end, staring forever, eyes wide open, but soon glazed forever. Too evil to know virtue, and too wicked to die honorably; he let Satan himself deliver him from pain to meaninglessness. The insights I admire in Shakespear's work, are rarely accepted for their truth. That is the greatest irony of his work in all, when that result is placed on a foolish stage.

So, the character Hamlet had truly worshiped Satan, but as a whimpering fool, before his true master, his silly soul. Shakespeare himself understood this clearly: not as some poor wit's silliness, but as the persistent folly of the people of his own times. He was a truth-giver, not a mere apologist for sentimental foolishness; his were plays which tormented foolish souls. Such as the fruit of the treason which menaces the numerous cowards of our nation's leadership presently. Those of the lurking night: the nightmare of the silly pompous and cowardly ass in positions of power could not bear to ask about himself. For, in it all, Shakespeare's Hamlet considered himself an evil person and must die in evil, so that he might hope, even futilely, to poison the good for the sake of the ghostly evil which haunted him, as Hitler and Mussolini had done before him, and, as, each like him, would do for himself, like Obama and his attending pack of attending witches, now. He, like the typical oafs of Wall Street, never had any truly human reason to live; for, in fact, their life as such was a morbid fantasy, and no more.

That curse which Obama placed on himself, on the most recent Friday evening—shrieking like a witless demon speaking in sundry witless voices, at the end of that occasion! (The evidence is actually on the manifold, video-created record in many parts of an astonished world )—how could anyone actually succeed in insulting a virtually would-be mere pathetic mimic of Satan, such as Obama himself? Bring the entire world, now, into a global, thermonuclear holocaust, when only mere cowards would seek to hide themselves from the reality of a pending, global, thermonuclear holocaust, from which no one might ever return. Only a true child of Satan, or an absolutely stupid creature, could nourish such desires as the global thermonuclear, all-exterminating warfare, "the one" which President Barack Obama is now so fanatically (with his witches), has been now determined to launch as the terminal event for the human species, his war.

The Adult's View of Present and Future History

The essence of Obama, is that he is, by moral human standards, clinically, criminally insane. That insanity is not peculiarly his own; It is the insanity of his adored fantasy life under the British monarchy, currently, in particular, but it was also the legacy of the celebrated image of Zeus, and of such Zeusians, in fact, as the Roman and British empires, in particular. The understanding of this matter, can only be accomplished by referring to the legendary conflict between Zeus and Prometheus. All Zeus-ians always were, and are intrinsically evil, and are, accordingly, literally Satanic in adopted nature and essential habits. Or, to describe them fairly, they are merely animals with a peculiar difference of less fur than other animals.

Animals are, by comparison, relatively innocents; they have no efficient capacity for comprehension of a non-bestial modality in life. Animals, at their very best, are what mankind might make them enabled to do. This natural distinction of human from beast, or, humanoid beasts such as the Roman and British empires in the Zeus-ian traditions, are not the mere sinner, but are essentially bestial in their behavioral characteristics, as both the Roman and British empires were each far more evil than even Hitler or Mussolini, not that the latter were any good, but, fortunately they were not around for as long: excepting the Ukrainian Nazis whose families continue to serve in devotions to the varieties of Nazis assembled under the continuing British sponsorship of the same Ukrainian Nazis now so richly beloved of President Barack Obama and his own itches and witches.

No practitioner of the "Green disease" sponsored by Queen Elizabeth II, is morally human in outlook for practice: for example. Nor are the traditional Ukrainian followers of the actively Nazi legacy of today, of the original Adolf Hitler system's then resident witches and kindred accomplices then, as presently.

I write and speak here for nothing less than the true cause of humanity, the evil which Hitler, even before Elizabeth II, had done, and the morally guilty followers of the likes of President Barack Obama and of the evil wretches of Wall Street on that same account.

To wit:

What the British monarchy did in Nineteenth Century China or, earlier, in British India, or, regularly in Africa, and in the Southern slave-holders' States inside the United States of the British legacy of British whores (e.g., British Aaron Burr whores such as Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, and what they did in wrecking the economy and laws of the United States). All done under British imperial direction, and by aid of financing under the control of British royal, and Royal Dutch and other European banks, and also kindred buncombe. These are not past practices: they are the living evil practice of the British empire, from past and present alike, still presently. They are also the crimes of Wall Street against our United States and the world, most notably, at the present time. The worship of money as such, is among the most dishonest, and most evil enemies of humanity existing, still, today.

The proof of my argument on this point, here, is scientifically infallible; it is the very essence of a true law as such: the truth about mankind as a living species. The proof of my argument, is virtually absolute: the essential principle of difference, of man from beast and human-slaver alike. The most evil known are the children of the legendary Zeus. It is the fact of human life, and, life itself, as such, as itself.

The Living Prospect for a Bettered World

I must, therefore, now take you into a deeper and richer domain of human knowledge, the distinction of human life from the intrinsic folly of mere sense-perception, as the greatest genius of modern European civilization, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, for example, had comprehended this already. Modern science, if competently pursued, provides much of the same evidence. The distinction of the human mind, from that of the beasts.[6] Queen Elizabeth II, Obama's British imperial mistress may be more efficiently evil in practice, and more evil in global scale of planetary and long-standing effects; but such refinements as theirs must be relegated, as matters of relative taste to further debate of that matter at some distant time and place. The task is to deal with the crimes immediately at hand on a global scale. Science is the matter at hand.

The Prospect for Life as Such

The notion of a meaning of human life, has been customarily divided between two contrasted meanings: the, inferior one, merely in the flesh (the greatest curse of mankind), and the greatness of permanently living human soul, the triumph of the true meaning of the immortal human soul, as I find myself in accord with Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa himself, and others of his leaning.

The distinction between those two, contrasted states of human co-existence, reposes in the notion of the future: the true notion of the human soul, as taught by Christ, by Apostles in the spirit of the Apostle Paul in I. Corinthians, 13, and the good men and women who lean toward such affinities, even without fully grasping their true meaning. Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, the greatest mind of his century, understood this explicitly, as other readers of Paul's I. Corinthians might have overlooked the crucial point.

That distinction, which I have thus, just stated here, is the essential difference between the living and the ostensibly merely dead in their own mortal intentions. This seeming miraculous distinction, characteristically accessible to the human, if not the human body itself, is more familiar to us as the human practice of true physical science. All the great discoveries of physical principle in the universe are embodied in the costume of great, universal physical principles, such as those, for example, of the physicists Max Plank and Albert Einstein, as made explicit in the writings of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and the immense achievements of his scientific under-study, Johannes Kepler and Kepler's followers in physical science of the organization of our Solar System.

There is no distant distinction between the two opinions. The enemies of Cusa were also the enemies, or plain damned fools, of mankind's true destiny. It is the principle of a true physical science, however limited current scientific practice may remain, otherwise, imperfectly comprehended.

The certain proof of the truly universal principle of which I have thus, just stated, lies in the creative powers of the human mind, which no other form of life known to us, has ever achieved. Not the brain, which dies with us, but the human mind in its own true sense. The great principles of physical science, never die (like Douglas MacArthur's old soldier); the discoveries of principle which they have achieved in the expression of their own time in life, however imperfected those discoveries of principle may be, are permanent forces in our universe's history of human life; they are the sacred stepping-stones of true human history's plunge into a greater future for mankind.

The idiots, like the virtually minor Satans of Zeus and his heirs of the Roman and British empires, have no actually human future to be admired; they are the permanent trash-bins, like the followers of the Nazi members of the presently challenging European cults, as in Ukraine and elsewhere, and admired as satanic elements of society under the British Empire and the U.S. Presidents Bush and Obama, are the satanic filth of the present-day human experience, and must be seen and remembered as such, together with their willing accomplices.

All competent physical science, for example, demonstrates that fact in practice. The potential energy-flux density, per capita, of both the merely sane and more fully human individuals of our time, is one of a persisting increase of the power of the human individual soul within the presently known Solar system and beyond. Those who preach the contrary, are evil in themselves, whether they know this fact, not. The others are the permanently dead in spirit, even if they seem to move still, since they make no witting contribution to the future. Those who are innocent of knowledge, must be forgiven for a negligence for which they may have not been responsible. But, the mission of mankind in mankind's own future, is certain, and relentless passion for the future of mankind, for as long as the true representatives of the principles of the human soul persist.

[1] A Doctrine Concerning Man, EIR Vo. 40, No. 10, March 8, 2013 []

[2] "B. Riemann, On The Subject of the Hypotheses which Underlie Geometry: This would lead into the domain of another science, the domain of physics, which the nature of today's proceedings do not permit us to enter.

[3] In fact, the beginning of the British Empire's, and the U.S. Republican Party's intent was to oust him from the U.S. Presidency during his last term in office.

[4] Cf. Note historian Rebecca West's Introduction to J. Christopher Herold's Mistress To An Age. The case of the sometime love affair between poor slob Gibbon and Madame de Staël, was, in a curious, but in a definite way, the birth of the British Empire: the bedroom of (a truly evil) empire, so to speak: an empire conceived in the conception of the satanic Zeus, and the truly Zeus-ian Roman and British empires which had preceded them.

[5] Periodic spurts of chronic waves of deaths are inherent in the trade.

[6] Such as the stated opinion of the essentially ignorant, and very brutishly mentally inferior figure of President Barack Obama, an inherently bestial creature, morally, who seems to come virtually from no clearly defined spiritual or intellectual origins worth considering by honest human beings.

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