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This article appears in the March 14, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Executive Order of
President Barack Obama

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 6, 2014

False Claims in Fact of Executive Order

  1. There exists no competent evidence that the actually fascist faction of the pro-fascist claims to the presently suspended Presidency of Ukraine represents the actual Presidency of Ukraine as an actual entity. It appears to be nothing more than a baseless claim by a mentally disturbed Barack Obama.

    There exists one, temporarily suspended claimant to a desire to occupy the title of President, but no actually clearly established claimant. The alleged, false claimant to the Presidency, is a Nazi-rooted faction sustained, in fact, by a violence-prone, currently actively terrorist, pro-Nazi group whose origins are a component of the actively pro-Hitler-Nazi agency backed by the British intelligence services during the immediately post-war period; Nazi relics who continued their conduct of Nazi-like practices.

    For President Obama to support such wretched creatures, is intrinsically alien to the principles of our own United States.

  2. The only probable consequence of President Obama's false and dubious claims in this matter, is to be considered in his strange mental behavior expressed in response to a challenge by a questioner on Friday evening, February 28, 2014. No actual facts support President Obama's false pleas in his asserted Executive Order. Might he, therefore, be considered as possibly insane?

  3. The effect of the dubious sanity of President Obama at this time, would be, in fact, inevitable Thermonuclear War (#3 in the post-Bismarck series). This evidence, tends to reenforce serious question respecting the actual sanity of President Barack Obama. Who, in fact, is sufficiently mentally deranged to support President Obama in his presently lunatic venture?

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