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This article appears in the March 21, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Wicked Witches of Obama

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 8, 2014


The torrent of lies pouring out of the attendant maenads of the rage-ball, Obama Presidency, has brought the entire planet to the thermonuclear brink of a general, planetary, extinction of the human species: that done by the margin of aid supplied by Obama's coven of virtual witches: witches of a quality ostensibly coming from Satan's domain, and also the family tribe of Dick Cheney.

For example, what if there were no threat of war now being caused by the Hitler Nazi-rooted elements (left over, now, from Hitler himself) in the Ukraine: as if there had not been a present threat of an actually global, thermonuclear war coming out, centrally, from the imperial monarchy of that Queen Elizabeth I, who is to be recognized as, personally, otherwise, the world's presently leading international drug-pusher.

The coven of evil witches closely associated immediately with the Obama Presidency, are merely the bat-like bearers of an actually thermonuclear disease. The failure of the U.S. Congress to respond with a lawful defense of humanity's continued existence, lies largely in the fact that Wall Street's electoral campaign-funding of many members of our Senate and the House, is paid, significantly, with financial-campaign means supplied from the British-steered swindlers of Wall Street, especially so, since the treasonous repeal of the Glass-Steagall Law, a repeal which has robbed the citizens of the United States, generally, of their birthrights.

Notably, the Obama coven of witches has played a critical role in the Obama horror-show now on stage. One honest action by the majority of the Congress, even a large ration, would only need snap its fingers and the already much-hated Obama would virtually disappear from the global scene, falling, thus, deep into the obscurity, or properly, of his prison: all that done for the reason of his massive accumulation of crimes repeatedly committed, for which Obama himself is richly guilty.

What is urgently needed, is about a dozen, or more members of the U.S. Congress with the guts to report this publicly; the majority of the citizenry is in desperate need for this urgently needed change to occur: those among us who are not feeding on Wall Street campaign-fund donations. The recent level of lies to be heard from the U.S. Presidency and, also, some complicit members of the U.S. Congress, must abate, considerably. All after nearing sixteen years of Hell, all under the combined reigns of fracking Dick Cheney (the controller of the former President George Bush, Jr. puppet) and his successor, Barack Obama.


Among the larger, and longer scheme of events, both among our citizens, and much of the world besides, there is presently a deep fear, one not unlike the effect on those Germans who first recognized, sometimes reluctantly, the reality of that Hitler as a Hitler evil which is, presently represented by the usurper faction of direct political descendants of Hitler's own Ukrainian Nazis, Ukrainian Nazis which are still an organization today, now serving Obama's cause, still being steered presently, as continuing Nazis often still wearing emblems of their Hitler past, all under the British imperial monarchy presently. These are the heirs of Hitler and his genocidal schemes, who have been awarded, currently, support taken, essentially, from the regime of the presently British imperial mistress of the world, "the one" (as Obama might say), the Empress who is steering the crimes of her notable puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama, at this time.

This cowardly sickness of fear from among so many of the underlings of our society, is presently shared, richly, among many of those citizens who, actually, otherwise hate Barack Obama (perhaps more than 70%), for the actual evil he represents; but, they fear to take him on directly for reason of their fear of his known criminality.

This Obama situation smells as if Adolf Hitler's ghost were occupying the body (in the absence of a true mind) of our current U.S. (virtually British) puppet-President Obama. Meanwhile, our own frightened political cowards and opportunists, adapt themselves to both their waning hope for personal greed, but also with an increase in their fears of the monster who is the current U. S. President. The price of giving in to their frankly understandable, but still unforgivable fears, now threatens the probable extinction of the human population of this planet. We are, thus, obliged to fight for the regaining of the freedom which had been taken from us by the junior Bush (i.e., Cheney) and Obama Administrations.

Now, the early prospect for global thermonuclear warfare for the weeks just ahead, is like that: under the realities of planet Earth's surface, today. Heros die in honor, but the present threat of global thermonuclear warfare removes the very meaning of the existence of nearly every fearful person; that fact now reappears from deep into an evil, Zeus-ian past of our human species, as under the times of the Roman Empire and the almost global British Empire of today. This situation comes with the added threat, that there might be no one left to bring a new human soul into existence.

This now brings the meaning of this present report, that here and now, toward the actually crucial point in fact, a fact with which, I must confront our readers, here. The crime of the citizens, but especially those among us with the powers of government, but the fear to properly use them, is, in itself, a crime against humanity, the crime of cowardice by people in high places, submitting to one's fears when the stake is mankind's very existence, and infecting the lost courage of those driven into fear. Such is the price of spiritual gutlessness, and cupidity, which are already to be seen readily from among the putative leaders of our own republic.

I. The Issue Is that of Immortality

" ... thus conscience doth make cowards of us all:
And, thus, the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment,
With this regard, their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action."

                     —William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The typical member of our present society, and, that since long past, may pretend to be even a Christian, for example, but, recently, more often, that member seeks presently base sorts of diversionary mortal entertainments, rather than the actual meaning of his or her existence, or the meaning of the courage of an honest soldier's oath not to turn himself into a coward of that stripe which mimics the personality of that intrinsically cowardly Hamlet, whom Shakespeare has presented with his own exquisitely refined, and truthful judgment, in the drama named Hamlet.

In each and all among our meantimes, Death comes toward us all; but, the fallen soldier, or his likeness, may be, nonetheless, an immortal in the consequences of his performances of his mission. However, that being true, is not yet the sufficient reason for courage which we must each yet realize in and of our selves. As in all such matters, what is essential is the reason for that itself: the reason, in particular, of it all.

The far more crucial subject-matter for appropriate concern, is the question: what becomes of one's continued mission in having lived, even still in that time when our brain and living body exist no more, when only a seemingly mere residue of our truly immortal aspect of one's self, is still a force for good throughout generations to come.

It is, so, exactly as Shakespeare had warned, in the thesis of his Hamlet: that, when that play were duly considered in its true significance for foreseeing the future of our human species. This challenge, is then, thus typified for us, as in the case of all great modern, expressed physical science, great poetry, Classical music, and Classical drama. It is the same quality of surviving genius which those cultural qualities have not only expressed, but have been demonstrated in the discoveries of the actually immortal benefits given to mankind by each true discovery of a universal physical principle, as by such illustrative modern cases as those of such particular cases as those of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, or, earlier, such voices of the scientists of the modern Golden Age of Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa.[1] The essential difference of man from mere beasts, reposes in the creative power inherent in the design given as opportunity to every living human individual: as follows.

The true mission of the truly great artist's life remains, immortally, the fact, that while the great poets' voices still resonate, and are to be heard, in what had been the mind, a time beyond death: to be heard, by the willing, that they are still the message of a voice which rings throughout the ages, singing, thus, the songs of the immortal souls. That music is the essence of the difference which must be expressed as the essential difference of man from beast.

The discoverer of a universal physical principle, acts, indeed, for nothing as much as the sake of the human species' future prosperity as a species. He, or she, is thus exemplified, chiefly, by participation in the same principled intention as the great Classical modes in the combination of Classical art and true physical science. These are to be admired, largely, for their discoveries of actual such principles as are, presently, almost universally unknown to the intrinsically hateful, nor even tolerated by the denizens of Wall Street, and, unfortunately, too large a challenge, by far, for the behavior of the cowardly and opportunist members among the members of the U.S. Congress presently. I mean, most notably, those members whose vent is given to lonely prayers for the blessings sought from whatever might be the currently presiding Satan of Wall Street.

The question to be considered, before attempting to bring on conclusions respecting the subject which I am placing in hand, here, concerns the matter of those evils which are nourished by foolish ignorance, rather than an actually witting intent to be evil as such. Generally all recognized representatives of Wall Street, or the like, are, in fact of practice, intrinsically evil persons, by that standard of measurement: little Satans likely on their way to their own peculiar destiny in a true Hell, fellows who might, therefore, receive the greatly healing gifts of humility (and, also, some soul-cleansing poverty) which might take away some of the dung which had still been fermenting within their seemingly dead souls.

Aha! Stop and listen. Listen very carefully.

What Are We Human Beings, Really?

There is, in respect to matters of principle, a specific quality of difference between an honest person and the model consistent with a spirit of the Wall Street type.

The only way for purifying the sick soul of a Wall Street potentate, is: remove all his self-corrupting possession of sheer money and its trappings, as being the poison which might have, probably, destroyed his dead usurers' soul. Almost nothing else would do such as he is, any significant good, then. Forget prayers; he is actually, not one who prays, but preys instead; such is his miserable, probably forever lost, and, dead soul. It is truly a fact, that the idea of money as having an actually intrinsic value, is, in the end of life, implicitly a satanic delusion, as the great Alexander Hamilton warned us, implicitly, a satanic delusion.

Let us be, therefore, always a follower in the profession of our great Benjamin Franklin, that also of General Alexander Hamilton.[2]

What has been regarded, among contemporary (prevalently) ignorant persons, respecting the principles of an actual economy, is their foolish presumption, that money is a kind of store-house, a "parking place" for economic value, where it were, actually, merely dead paper, in reality. As any one might know with even a slight degree of competent education in the experience of life as such, money never had an inherent relationship to any actual economic value for society. Any contrary presumption of an inherent value of money as such, were either an outright lie on that person's part, while he, or she were still alive, to masturbate in an only imagined state of glory; but, are to be considered, in fact, as, actually, nothing but the empty name of a dead word, soon to become lost amid the dust of all aimless ends.

The Martyred Hamilton as a Prophet

Martyrn Alle Arten, indeed! That is not a matter of an occasional event, but, in fact, a state of the only true immortality of the soul of the deceased heroes of mankind: the deceased persons who have acted to create a true future for mankind. Alexander Hamilton, among the relatively few, actually truly greatest souls of our American Revolution, created the image of the realization of an immortal principle in human existence, as would the also martyred President Abraham Lincoln, and all other kindred, great and most truly memorable souls of our, hopefully, still continuing American Revolution, wherever it still lives in these presently desolate times.

Those from among our leaders, who have been truly still living souls, but now serving, as souls, as if from afar, in the perpetual glory of our original American Revolution and its struggle against the satanic beast which has been the Anglo-Dutch reign of imperial evil throughout so much of this planet, the futility of a reincarnated birth for the servants of a vividly Satanic regime—the regime of the originally known Satan, Zeus himself, this time for an awfully long time, like the evil principal descendants of Satan, such as those typified today by the succession of the bestial quality of evil embodied in the Roman and British Empires, this far, or the likeness of Barack Obama's evil soul, presently.

Read the known legacy of that traditionally historic Satan, otherwise known to living tradition, as Zeus. There is no mere fancy in presenting the satanic part in a presently continuing reign of ultimate evil, in the shadowy likeness of pro-Satanic cases. The characteristics professed by each and every example of that specifically Satanic evil, is not a mere suspicion, a mere rumor; it is an actively expressed attribute of the monstrous evil which all evil empires and their hierarchies have embodied in their virtual existence. The evidence for this necessary to-be-considered, and profoundly true fact of the known history of our species, is conclusive. That is shown on a clearly scientific basis. It is sufficient to compare all followers of the Zeus tradition who are not normally men and woman, but merely humanoid beasts, like Nero, then, and the Empress Elizabeth II, today, and her regime, today.

The current name for that satanic quality of evil, were what Her Britannic (or, also satanic) British empire represents, as a direct and exact model of the reign of the ancient Zeus, or, the Rome of Nero's reign, and its like, as also the Dutch-spawned British (e.g. "Brutish") empire of today. The specifically scientific evidence for that conclusion, is beyond doubt for any actually competent science: any denial of that fact, would constitute a fraud endowed by evil intentions: the satanically "green" policy of Elizabeth II, for example. Her "Green" policy, itself, is a precise, and systemically scientific proof, of her Satanic touch of evil. Hence, the policies of a President Barack Obama, her notably misanthropic, virtually satanic stooge, presently, whose worst crime is, simply said, being himself.

So much to be said, of Satan and his people.

The Absolute Difference of Man From Beast

The simplest, direct evidence of the difference of man from beast, is located, to the best of our best, currently available, archeological and current information, alike, in any person, not yet known to us by any exact name, but, presumably, also his wife-in-effect, somewhere, then and there in Africa, where the family of, presumably, the gentleman in question, was doing what no mere beast would do: cook his (or, her) food, with the practical use of fire.

Call that the presently earliest evidence of the essential difference, of man from beast: or, for clarity, the presumed birth of man's practice of chemistry.

The principle of chemistry serves our need for the more distant vision of future implicit in archeological knowledge of the explicit existence of actually human beings, still today. My use of the name of "chemistry," is no fantasy in any sense. The effective practice of Chemistry, exposes the fact of the essential difference of man from ape. The mass-murderous Queen Elizabeth II, taken in her royal tradition, as a tradition since the Dutch mass-murder of the Irish, by contrast, belongs in her expressed social policy, as better suited to the category of ape, or even some fabled infestation of Buckingham Palace by a family of some particular variety of monkeys, or, perhaps, even, according to the reported evidence on those premises, of the existing there of old bats: sucking (vampire) bats.[3]

I am, therefore, impassioned by my devotion to the cause of humanity, against all would-be contenders for a satanic disposition. Happily all actually competent scientific evidences are, in their traditions, on my own side in this matter; leave anything different to the baboons, who are known, honorably, for their industrial qualities in that species' extended family's gatherings of nuts.

The Crucial Distinction To Be Made

The essential and thoroughly proven, distinction of human from beast, is located essentially in the specifically noëtic principle which is known to be the absolute distinction of man from beast. The best suspicion as to what that may imply, is immediately available, in this matter.

The relevant appearance is, that the Creator acted to introduce that distinction of man from beast, which is the noëtic distinction by some means which we, still at present, might plausibly consider as miraculous, at the least, until more precise information were provided to us. However this need is fulfilled to a large degree, in the fact of the outcome of that noëtic distinction: the which is that which the human mind's manifestly specifically noëtic powers are to be recognized, as unique to our species. No other known living species has yet been known to us to have crossed the, otherwise, systemically impenetrable barrier of evidence which separates the category of the species of mankind, from that of all species of beasts.

However, there are still presently cases of human beings who act more like beasts, than humans; the legacy of Zeus thus presents a principle of evil which condemns such a practitioner to the ranks of the bestial domain, like the ancient Zeus, the Roman emperor, and the modern Roman-imperial-like British Empire.

The traditions of the Roman and British empires, or their like, occupy that latter category, that of bestiality, which is to be seen so, on no less basis than the clear record of comparative performances, such as the performance of the manifest intention to do evil against mankind. The Nazis and their outgrowths, such as the Nazi elements which have a continued existence among some perverted Ukrainians who are like all of the outgrowths of the original Nazis of Bandera's terrorist methods, deployed mass-murder against Jews and Poles under the horrid Nazi regime, all of which are merely typical of such sub-human manifestations.[4]

These considerations, while also concerning traditional concerns respecting the principle of lawful relations among peoples and persons, have entered us into a new dimension, with the expressed intention to seek the means of contemporary thermonuclear methods of warfare and the like, to the effect of such presently threatened effects as the launching, as proposed by the administration of the British Empire and its accomplice, President Barack Obama, in seeking what are clearly the intention of entering into implicitly declared, globally expressed thermonuclear conflict, essentially between the principal parties of the trans-Atlantic and Eurasian masses of areas: an action which implies the sudden extinction of a great mass of the human population as a whole, such as that which Britain's Elizabeth II has demanded be a global policy, and, thus, her indicated intention that an induced state of worse than mere death might be suffered, if temporarily, or not, by the residue of survivors of her prescribed holocaust against the innocent.

This, reaches to a degree of bestiality beyond all limits of humanity. Yet, we must not presume that such an effect might be contained by the will of some among the contending powers. General thermonuclear homicide, the Anglo-American imperial thrust, now menaces the world, under the combination of the U.S. Obama Presidency and the Imperial Queen, Elizabeth II, presently. The case of the Roman Empire, should forewarn us of the effect of such arrangements in conflict when repeated under the circumstances of modern thermonuclear weaponry, as by Barack Obama and others now. There is also the important, historical fact, that empires, such as the Roman Empire earlier, or, also, the temperament of the British empire, presently, have given us evidence of the psychological characteristics of the Zeus-ian tradition: a tradition which would rather bring down Heaven and Hell alike, rather than accepting its own just defeat and necessary condemnation.

Tyrants of such natures as the Queen of England, and her currently notable puppet, President Barack Obama, are to be considered, psychologically, as embodying evil impulses of imperial oligarchical impulses of such horrible dimensions, like the end-result of the Hitler regime itself, a regime pre-created, actually, by the British Empire of the relevant, modern times.[5]

II. The Prospect of World War III

I am now in my 92nd year of life, since being born in Rochester, New Hampshire, on September 8, 1922. In the course of my life, as during the period of World War II, and a career, chiefly, in the practice of management consulting and a related actually strategic practice, I retain, that, fortunately efficient intelligence capability exceptional for what had been my entry in the domain of the physical science of successfully forecasting the future. My particular speciality in this outstanding skill, is now become presently a notable, if only potential factor in the present world situation.

This fact, is rather well known among certain highly relevant circles within my own United States, and also other places, who know me very well (if, often, at a pragmatically discreet distance), and with whom there is a flow of often indirect, but effective exchange of knowledge in economic and related strategic factors of global implications. I have been among the most effective of current economic forecasters, often to the dismay of my more conspicuous rivals, and feared and hated among many of those often hostile groups, such as the groups of those of the justly hated actually British international asset, Wall Street, with which I have occasionally interacted.

The present global situation has now become what most fear, including the Wall Street gang which not only hates, but also fears me presently, especially since about September of 2013: those who had first been alarmed by my political potency respecting the campaign for a return to the now indispensable Glass-Steagall law. The fear of my Wall Street and British-imperial enemy's[6] assorted fears are, presently, greatly enhanced by the fact that what the presently intended "bail-in" policies of London and Wall Street mean, is a most unpleasant fact for them, too: that the now immediately threatened, precipitous and implosive collapse of the trans-Atlantic, U.S.A.-British imperial system, is upon their heels. A vast mass of futilely fictitious wealth, is at the point of not a mere trans-Atlantic implosion and utter collapse, but—ironically—an immediately impending, sudden implosion of the entirety of the present nations of the London/Washington-New York, globally-extended cabal. The implosion set off by "Bail-in" is imminent, virtually immediate, now.

That has been the root of the Anglo-American/Obama-Queen Elizabeth plot which has motivated a merely preliminary, pre-war-intended push-back against Russia now.

The meaning of that present "push-back" toward bestiality, coming jointly from Queen Elizabeth II and her American puppet, President Barack Obama, et al., is the crucial issue. Her preliminary feint, has been constructed by the relevant Anglo-U.S.A. circles centered in Elizabeth's ties to her created, probably psychotic, rage-ball puppet, President Obama.[7] We are, so, presently in an immediately, pre-World War III, opening phase of preparations for immediate launching of an actual global thermonuclear war, World War III.

Perhaps no one would survive such a war, when the forces, of trans-Atlantic-versus-Eurasian giants are taken into consideration. Pushing back Russia, has been merely a British imperial gambit, in the hope, from London and by Obama's regime, that a deep crushing of the strategic flank of the territory of Russia's geographic underbelly, could trigger a chain-reaction of collapse started in Russia, and, therefore, a chain-reaction defeat of the remainder of Eurasia. All of this had actually begun with the two Chechen wars against Putin's Russia, and the extended role of the British puppets in Saudi Arabia, such as that former Saudi Ambassador to the United States, who had played a directly leading hand in the Anglo-Saudi attack of September 11, 2001, and in the continued perpetrating religious warfare throughout western and central Eurasia, and parts of Africa.[8]

A Global Thermonuclear Warfare, from which, ultimately, no one could survive for long, is the immediately lurking strategic reality, that of today's immediately present historical reality. Persons of a different opinion, whoever they might be, are, ultimately, essentially brainless idiots in effect, including all too many opportunist members of the U.S. Congress, let alone the disgusting, and the now widely hated President Barack Obama himself, by about a 70%+ ration of U.S. citizens, personally.[9] Only a relative handful of fools or virtual "creeps" express a contrary opinion against Obama, "creeps" still intent on carrying the United States into the snare of a British imperial-launched global homicide.[10] Presently, the Queen's reported collection of vampire-bats (or her husband's) into the Royal belfry, has a more ominous implication, than earlier: homicidal implications for all mankind!

Thus, the world is already poised for the immediate unleashing of thermonuclear World War III, unless the United States, which has the power to prevent such war, shows the guts, perhaps by our Congress, for example, to defend even the very existence of our citizenry, under these most clearly menacing conditions. Remove Obama from office, on proper and abundant grounds for his impeachment, including for reason of his pressing for extended lawless war on this planet, and he were, therefore, properly, virtually nullified as an acceptable personality (in prison). Only some mentally, or acutely morally disturbed persons in government, could long sustain a contrary conclusion.

That much said on this particular aspect of the larger questions to be considered, the question to be considered is:

If we escape this threatened mass-extinction of the human species, which the London-centered interests have concocted, Zeusian style, what next for mankind? The bankruptcy of Wall Street, for example, is among the simplest and most effective remedies then to be considered. Here is where my particular scientific skills come most directly into a most useful play for the benefits of our citizens, and relevant others.

When Peace Might Break Out

The greatest single factor of threatened resistance to a readily definable economic recovery for the United States (in particular), is clarified by the simple, but summary shutting down of Wall Street: that done, simply enough, on the grounds of that pestilence's, presently utter bankruptcy in fact: look back to the causes for the threat of World War II, for references!

From the standpoint of the original law of the United States, as under the first U.S. Presidential administration (and, also, its immediate successor), the very existence of Wall Street was a violation of U.S. Constitutional law, a violation conducted by such flagrantly overt British agents as the professional assassin and thief, Aaron Burr.

There was never any real mystery of why General Alexander Hamilton, the designer of our original U.S. economic recovery under the George Washington Administration, was assassinated by the British monarchy's assassination specialist, Aaron Burr. This goes directly to the culpable certain notable gentlemen in the region of the island of Manhattan, where British (and Dutch) financial channels were already actively penetrating the government of the United States: the site of the actual birth of Wall Street, with seeds imported from the British empire and its Dutch inside-kernel.[11]

For example:

The evil Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, were placed in office through British financing by British spy and assassin Aaron Burr, that foreign operation against our United States, then, against one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history, the John Quincy Adams who had built up the forty-eight-state system of the United States within our original borders. The number of skunks who have operated, treasonously, inside the United States on this account, even within the Presidency of the United States itself, and the selection of particular, British-selected appointments to the Presidency of the United States, should leave the competent historian with no real mystery concerning many of the reasons that awful mistakes such as Barack Obama, could have successfully polluted the Presidency of our United States.

Indeed, the listing of Presidents who have been assassinated during their elected terms for office, is also most revealing of the pathways leading toward the British paw-marks in the matter of the assassinations of, especially, relatively many among our greatest Presidents.[12]

"Conspiracy theories?" What poor idiot is so stupefied, or simply lying, to the effect that he, or she, pretends (or, is simply stupid) that he, or she does not recognize the proliferation of conspiracies, large, or small, while at least much of conspiracy permeates, and menaces the very existence of our republic's system, as right now? The "Cheney administration," fraudulently attributed to the intellectually pathetic George W. Bush, Jr., has been the continuation-in-fact of the British Queen's puppet, the hideously evil Barack Obama, whom so many citizens (fearfully) hate.

The problem of our republic's presently widespread corruption, lies, otherwise, essentially, in the violations of the original design of the Federal government. The error has been the condoning of the disease, such as that of the Obama pestilence, presently, rather than rejecting it. Witness the roles of Benjamin Franklin, in crafting the existence of our United States, and the role of the greatest American economist since Franklin, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and, also, the subsequent examples of Presidential genius by Presidents James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, later followed by the economic genius of President Abraham Lincoln,[13] and the genius shown, still later, by the President William McKinley (who was also assassinated to make way for a Confederacy-trained heir, Theodore Roosevelt), and, in addition the case of another, similarly evil case of another equally evil, and also insane President (also of the slave-holder persuasion) Woodrow Wilson (the re-founder of the Ku Klux Klan during his Presidency). Truman had been purely Wall Street punk-material, who did everything possible to destroy the work of President Franklin Roosevelt, (that chiefly from inside the Presidency), by the Churchill-worshipping punk, Harry S Truman. The assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy, and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, are relevant other prominent instances.

In all of the relevant cases of evil, it was the hand of the British empire that did the most of it. Anyone who screams "conspiracy theory" has to have been a liar, or simply an idiot, or, at his best, a poor fool: but, otherwise, may have been a traitor for hire in some mode or another. Naturally, the corruption against our Presidency, has been vastly greater in quantity than the actual treason done against the Presidency: more often fools than rascals. Our Presidential system has been among the best in the world, were it only better defended from within: where the worst penetrations tending toward what has been tantamount to treason are to be recognized: attacks which assail us when elections are not, unusually, sufficiently crooked in themselves.

Those considerations listed, thus, the most important subject for us to take up here and now, is: how might we actually save our republic, given the mess we have in the cases of the mortally monstrous expressions, now currently, immediately at hand?

How To Recover From the Evil Which Is Obama

Come back, now, to the case of our heroic genius and General, Alexander Hamilton, the greatest economist, and Treasury Secretary, of our Presidential system, and one comparable to the common legacy of President Franklin Roosevelt, and, potentially President John F. Kennedy (had he not been murdered by an "inside political job"). This is the political territory which I can otherwise claim fairly as my own, barring my advanced years. Here is where I might hope to live out the few remaining years during which I must continue to seek to bring such a needed, restored, patriotic intention to its urgently needed, and early, current success. For my age, it were probably the best I could still actually contribute for the sake of our republic, at my present age.

My profession, which is to say, my principal scientific skill, is in the domain of physical economy (a field which no Wall Street maven has ever even wished to know). Wall Street's access to the luxury of being a public parasite must now be ceased.

The essential evil to be eliminated is, as the world's leading economic genius of that time, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, had warned the government which was, then, under President George Washington.[14] Virtually no current economist has grasped the systemic implications of that fact, despite the evidence that Hamilton had been the relevant expert of record, like such Presidents as Monroe and John Quincy Adams, an Adams who had been formerly apprenticed to Benjamin Franklin's international intelligence service (plus a handful of other Presidents, who have shown competence in comprehension for practice).

Hamilton's most notable feature of genius was shown in his science of economy, the first of the then surviving, competent economists of the United States, that after the matured Franklin himself.[15]

My own achievements in economics expertise have depended essentially on my systematic appreciations of what Hamilton, variously, did not, and did state, on the subject. There is no reasonable doubt that I have it right on those accounts, as most of the contrary views which I have encountered in this field, had either failed entirely, or have left out actually crucial elements.

As a matter of course, the foundations of my relatively outstanding success as an economic forecaster, which is coincidentally specific to my own special personal talents, has been dependent upon much progress in physical-science matters of relevance to me since the close of the 1960s, to the present time: my coherence with the most crucial factors of Hamilton's argument, as in his celebrated four reports to the Congress during the first term of President George Washington, are of the highest importance for any economists worth considering as competent presently, especially in the light of the implications of the general breakdown-crisis which the world as a whole confronts at the present moment.[16] I have adopted Hamilton's genius as a leading factor in my pursuit of my profession.

The essential genius of Alexander Hamilton, has the special quality, that what he had not known in his time, bears out still, in mine, consistently. The generally popular standard of practice of economics today, but often including throughout the United States, up to this time, has been, chiefly, a chronic disaster, excepting even the omissions from the field, left to me since such really first-rate economists of my own age and disposition, such as had been Benjamin Franklin, Hamilton, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. The frontiers of today's physical science in the current exploration of the physical principles of Solar space (and implicitly beyond), are compatible with mankind's present encounters with matters of our opportunities in nearby Solar space. These opportunities, which include the open questions now posed in matters bearing on nearby space and the Sun's currently most inconvenient behavior respecting the U.S.A. food supplies currently in grave jeopardy, are largely because of the deadly effects of the actually evil "green ideology" intended to reduce (radically) continued life-support for our U.S. population, and the deadly effects on life-support under the successive Bush and Obama administrations. This murderous "green" abomination, takes its origin from the ancient cult of Zeus, and the more recent mass-murder policies of the Roman and British (e.g., "brutish") empires.

In general, the grave dangers facing us now, of which I have either direct or qualified indirect knowledge, could be treated effectively by high-technology developments, the which are presently either being blocked, or hindered by the morally corrupted policies of the United States Government itself, that since about the 1960-70 level of leveling-off, and later contraction of those programs which had been launched by the John F. Kennedy administration. The post-Glass-Steagall developments have been frankly open genocide against the U.S. population, since the suffocating close of Clinton's Administration and the cancellation of Glass-Steagall by the Dodd-Frank swindle. The assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, were largely deployed for reason of the British empire's hatred of scientific and technological progress in a general human practice of precisely the type which have been not only President John F. Kennedy's, but that of the entire President Franklin Roosevelt revival of the United States' economy under Roosevelt.

That means, essentially, reversing the presently accumulated effects of the de-facto crimes against the government and people of the United States, by Wall Street's systematic looting of the U.S.A. and of its population under the direction of the influence exerted under the merely nominal Presidency of George W. Bush, Jr. and, the sheer, British- and Wall Street-directed pure evil of the Obama administration.

These crimes had begun to take increasingly important roles since the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert, and the set-backs caused by the assassination-attack on President Ronald Reagan. All of these cases of repression against scientific progress, had set into motion an oncoming, plunging disaster for the United States, since, actually, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The British intelligence service's and Republican Party's creation of such elements of the concocted event used against President Bill Clinton, had, in turn, cleared the way for the pressure on Clinton to submit to the morally criminal Dodd-Frank hoax against the most vital self-interests of our United States, and for the consequent virtual treason permeating the record of the British Queen's own personal stooge, President Barack Obama.[17]

Most notably, the center of the global strategic policy of the British Empire, has been, in all respects, an Obama tail claiming to wave the British donkey. (Naturally, that is not true.) The collection of de-facto witches associated with the ladyships of Obama's donkey-like tail, are a pack of evil furies which seem to wave the donkey, Obama, himself. One might sometimes wonder if that mini-basket-ball court, in the room between the two sides of the White House, is not, sometimes, playing his own head as a basket-ball, to keep the perennially bored, but emotionally rabid , and also frequently lying ladies of the coven amused by the evil games in which he played a secondary role-in-fact. That might tend to explain the sometimes punch-drunk manner of Obama's public expressions of acutely emotional disorders, as when, about a week ago, he entered into a seemingly psychotic, fully hysterical sort of unhinging of himself, all-the-while flagrantly lying, in the public event which had occurred a about a week ago. He may be the President of the United States, but he is clearly not one of those actually controlling, either himself, or the British reign over the official U.S. dummy-President's performance on the public stage on that particular, and other occasions.

His one clearly intended function, as an essentially more nominal than sane U.S. President, was to have been the bait which sets the trap for the like of a British witches' imperial scheme for world-wide thermonuclear warfare. In short: he is a definite Zeus-like beast, in his original model adopted from the influence of a supreme evil, like that President's echo of the precedents shown in his Roman and British incarnations, such as the case, in particular, of the Emperor Nero. Obama is certainly in the image of a Nero-like personality, for his time.

Now the Good News

As I have indicated, earlier here, were President Obama to be effectively restrained, or, preferably, summarily impeached, the feasibility of the British Imperial project for the currently, immediately pending, attempted thermonuclear warfare against the human species, would be reaching whatever the approaching conclusion might become.

There is, in the meantime, no clinically not-insane reason for a general thermonuclear warfare, or even the Nazi-attacks on Russia by the British sponsored, and Obama administration's manifest affinities to those Nazi veterans of World War II service to Hitler as their inspiration, than, as now, which are now being deployed via part of the originally Nazi-rooted elements within the constitutionally unlawful, puppet-government of the Ukraine presently. Those elements now self-linked to President Obama's mass-murderous impulses, are essentially British imperial operations, with the mentally unstable Obama as adopted patsy for the crimes committed. The combined resources of the United States, Russia, China, India and others, would be enabled to halt the threats, unless the British Empire, or the current political house of Windsor wished to commit thermonuclear global hari-kari before the horrified spectators of our planet at large.

There is, however, no presently known, actually truthful evidence existing and presented this far, which does not presently point to presently ultimate culpability of the House of Windsor for the spread of international terror which began with two initial Chechen wars, as continued through the British-Saudi organized attack of 9-11 against the United States of America (and the lies of both the Bush and Obama administrations).

We of the United States are not going to take physical revenge for the crimes of the British, nor, for those of the relevant culprits of Saudi Arabia. Revenge per se is a cheap and worthless enterprise, suited only for the mere entertainment of worthless thugs, such as Alexander Hamilton's British professional murderer, Aaron Burr; but, nonetheless, we should be committed to crush the wave of terrorism which the British empire has organized from within the ranks of certain errant Moslems lured into the practices of truly brutishly British criminalities. It were not necessary to kill people, but merely to tame them for their turn to the leading of productive lives. Our mission, is to build the future, rather than wasting attempts to correct the more and more long-gone past; replace the bad which had been in the past, for the sake of what must now become the future.

The time for wars on this planet, in general, has passed. War, under conditions of current and imminently higher technologies, as we must now, urgently, understand this, is no longer a feasible consideration in what is now already beyond what has been known properly as the more than merely thermonuclear age. General thermonuclear war, were not permissible, if, in fact there were to be any human being alive for much longer on this planet. No other option is actually, immediately available to us. Shut down the entirety of the past and present British Empire, and proclaim Zeus and his Roman and British imperial offspring, as necessarily permanently dead phenomena on this planet.

To maintain the human population, the lunacy of green policies, and, also, Queen Elizabeth's other psychotic fantasies in geo-strategy, must be calmly interred in some planetoid outside Earth itself. The only legitimate agenda presently left to the sane, is coming together, that to begin to really understand what the unique principle of humanity is. What we actually know, concerning the nature of our species, is merely approached by some of us, as I am enabled to know some of this matter, but remain, as the best among us in this respect, as still a learner otherwise. What is clear, but yet obviously beyond the experts as I have lived among some of them to some significant degree, must come to understand, more fully, that the language-culture, as we, admittedly describe the matter rather crudely, here, are the basis for the global coherence among a system of respectively sovereign nation-states, such as our own United States, in our own case. Cultures, by their nature, are also personalities, as experience on planetary scale, has shown, notably emphasizing what are nominally termed "language cultures," but that is only a superficial aspect of the matter itself. We are not to be considered as isolated personalities, cloaked in pseudo-scientific individuality, but in terms of the role of the individual personality in advancing mankind's mission for the future.

At the same time, we must take into active account, how little we actually know, yet, of our Solar system, how seemingly infinite what have yet to be glimpsed of the galaxy which seems to hold our Solar System in indenture, and, then, also, matters beyond. The dream of an Earthly paradise, has proven itself to be inclined to tend, often, to misdirection toward foolish, even sometimes suicidal goals. While we are not, as human individuals, well selected to travel to other planets, at least not much considering what may lie out there, so far: we have recently touched, through fundamental scientific progress, into the edges of the ability to participate, even from a distance, in the management of the clusters of objects in even nearby Solar space, and beyond, as we are enabled to greatly accelerate the speeds of mankind's connections to relatively nearby parts of the Solar system, and to gain important insights to matters beyond that.

For the present time, we alleged "earthlings" shall remain inhabitants of Earth, but there will be our increasing tendency toward the development of our capabilities respecting the myriad of the objects in regions of Solar space, and beyond, that directly, or implicitly. But all that I have written here, this far, is only a prelude for an introduction of people generally, of some of the most crucial subjects with which we must begin to become acquainted: even concerning the most elementary subjects of which mankind, in general, has no knowledge presently, even about the most crucially important, relatively elementary knowledge is not knowledge, presently, of man himself—the human for itself. These are the matters which I shall next, now address, in the following, and, still later concluding chapters of this present report.

III. The Wonders Inside Mankind Itself

The distinction of mankind from species of beasts, and of even lower forms of life, lies within the bounds of a singular principle of the presently known universe-in-general, the Solar system in respect of immediately practical contemporary considerations. No other living species, such as those of the beasts, has ever been, to our present knowledge, enabled to duplicate the unique and true intention of the inherently and uniquely special design of our human species.

This quality of our human species, has a uniqueness, which is separated, unconditionally, as our being the human species in principle, against all other specimens of existence presently known to modern science. That difference reposes, not in the most advanced type of animal mind, but exists only, as known so far, as the unique quality of mind of our uniquely human species.

No other living species, ever known to us, this far in history, has been enabled even to replicate even an approximation of the absolute quality of the known-to-be-categorical potencies of the human mind. The attempted attributes projected upon the presumptions respecting the connections of the human mind, to the merely animal mind, persist only as a typical reductionist's ideological buncombe, a form of buncombe typical of the currently fashionable incompetence of the outrightly impassioned, but worthless presumptions of the contemporary, radical reductionists of the "green" varieties, such as the British fakers following Bertrand Russell's cult, and who are typified in such literally British-Brutish creatures as Russell's dupe, A. Oparin, back during the days of Soviet Russia, as by the stupidly of reductionist adversaries of the scientific discoveries of the master modern scientist, V.I. Vernadsky, or the great contemporaries and co-thinkers of the same class as Vernadsky as the true universal-scientific geniuses such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

The most essential feature of modern scientific practice, is the principle of the unique qualities of the human mind. Only the study of the principles of the actually human mind, present us with the needed foundations for a contemporary modern science. No other living species presently known to us, has ever actually replicated the functions performed under the influence of the human mind's inherent characteristics have shown, the human characteristics. Any contrary view in this matter, is either sheer stupidity, or intentionally evil.

It is the study of the specifically noëtic characteristics of the human mind, which is the only clear distinction of the human mind from the lifestyle of the mere beasts. No experiment of any other type has competent bearing on the absolutely distinct quality of capabilities specific to the development of the actually noëtic powers specific to the human mind. Everything else, ever, were merely a hollowed-out fantasy, in comparison. It is only by concentrated study of valid evidence respecting the noëtic characteristics of the highest level of human development of systemically applied cognitive functions, which actually contains the essentials of truly human behavior.

Speaking truthfully, mathematics were merely less than a virtual animal dung, relatively, as a matter of contrasts; unfortunately, many accountants approach the lowest degree of relative bestiality on such accounts whenever they go beyond mere measurements of matters of visual or auditory perceptions, and sensations of pain; it is a bestiality of a malpractice which had been introduced by means of pseudo-science: in which Wall Street, and today's British Empire, typify that as abundantly as much as they do.

Such is the distinction of mankind from species of mere beasts, and of even lower expressions of the otherwise unique principle of life-as-such. Such, we do know, in demonstrated fact, as the unique and true intention of the existence of our human species, as being distinct from the inherently less-than-bestial models of the ancient Zeus, and his principal, presently known progeny with their similarities to the respectively evil such types as the Romans, and also the nominally and present British empire. Such are the strict, contrary standards for defining the meaning of the noëtic characteristics of the healthy state of the actually human mind. It is that notion of the mind on which all efficiently competent human knowledge actually depends. We, in our incarnation as a species, are the prospective great experimenters, and it is our refinement of our discoveries, reaching to ever-higher qualities of achievements relative to our present Solar-systemic and galactical experimental realities, which defines an actually, intrinsically, human sanity of outlook, in practice.

It is the specifically, uniquely noëtic, specific characteristics known to us as the manifestations of the powers of the relatively perfected case of the human mind, which define the reality of our own species existence, our own actually scientific knowledge, in physical science and uniquely Classical artistic expressions: the alternatives are to be measured in approximations of bestialities.

Standing as we are, at the brink of a threatened self-extermination of our human species, these are truths which make all crudely proposed options on that account, unforgivable crimes against humanity as such.

Therefore, the Principle of Fire

The quality unique to mankind, and, implicitly so with reference to the progressive development of the relatively inferior living species, of the necessary increase of the principled notion of advances in energy-flux density, that in the successively advancing modes of human productivity. In brief: the so-called "green" policy is intrinsically a relatively satanic expression of sheer evil, and, correspondingly, factually, represents pro-Satanic doctrines and practices, such as which, show in their effect.

Throughout the now relatively well-documented evidence of human existence, that distinction has marked the aspect of the developmental progress of our human population as of a quality fit to live into future times. It is the devotion to that dedicated mission, which has marked the unique necessity for the human species to live, and to prosper throughout generations yet to come. President Obama, by that test of standards, is a beast, in his practice. He must, therefore be immediately impeached, and thus, expelled from high office, according to the proper measure of the standard for distinction of man from beast. He must not only be immediately expelled from high office, but, a new policy of rising powers of productive human labor and its associated life-existence assured through aid of rising degrees of productivity must be achieved through rising energy-flux densities applied; it must become a policy which must be resumed immediately, as the most crucial among the founders of our republic had intended.

Mankind is to be properly engaged in applications of energy-flux densities reaching toward the reality of the stars. The very risk of life on Earth, is among the presently, properly leading concerns for a mankind now living on Earth, for example. The development of the application of very high energy-flux densities, including the use of prospective Helium-3 fuels captured from our Moon, as integrated with urgently needed, advances in thermonuclear fusion processes, are advances on which assurance of continued human existence now depends in prospect. Now that our Sun has retreated into a quieter motion of its own existence, prospectively for decades, or more, to come, we must define the predetermined requirements for human continued survival on Earth itself, raising the science-driven standards for the promotion and protection of human life.

If the Creator's intention were the preservation and progressive development of the human species, as Genesis 1, asserts, then the "green" devotion were intrinsically Satanic. It is past time, to bring the nonsense of Wall Street and its likeness throughout the world, to a presently abrupt end.

The British empire, and its Obama attachment, must be brought, therefore, to an immediate close. The satanic cult of Zeus, which the Roman and British empires embody in their presently systemic natures as institutions, must now be brought to a close. Humanity must survive its mission of the performance of its intended mission; there are no other acceptable considerations. Obama, and his mistress, Her Majesty must now go peacefully, into a carefully managed and permanent retirement, together with the predators of Wall Street itself.

IV. The Matter of Institutions

The distinction of mankind from species of beasts, and of even

lower forms of life, is to be considered as a singular principle presently known of the presently experienced universe, the Solar System, and, significantly, the galaxy as well. It is a singular principle of the presently known phenomena of our universe, in respect to its presently known principles of action. No other living species has ever, to our knowledge, been enabled to duplicate the unique and true intention of the inherent design of our human species. This uniqueness is expressed as the human species' commitment to the use of increasingly higher energy-flux density met presently in the principle of thermonuclear fusion, at this time. From the primitives of what we tend to identify as our cave-men and their households, to the high energy-flux density of thermonuclear fusion, and, still beyond, man's power of discovering and employment of increased, high-value energy-flux densities per capita, and also per cross-section of action, reflects the unique genius which separates the performance of our human species, absolutely, and necessarily, from that of all of the mere beasts.

Throughout the relatively well-documented evidence of human existence, that distinction has marked the portion of the human population which qualifies itself as fit to have lived. It is the devotion to love for that specific mission of mankind, over the course of generation and generation-to-come, which has been the only practical distinction of man from beast. President Barack Obama, as a matter of contrasts, is a beast by the standard of his own stated and practiced intentions. He must, therefore, be immediately expelled from high office, and that done under a policy of the requirement for a policy of rising degrees of higher and higher production, that aided by ever higher degrees of energy-flux densities used, as the founders of our republic had implicitly intended in practice.

Today, we are at the verge of bringing the store of available Helium-3, from the stocks on the Moon, into the development of enhanced thermonuclear fusion, back here on Earth.

The consequent enhancements, will be sufficient to provide mankind here within the relatively new generation soon to reach adulthood in practice, as also intent. Such enhancement of the available means of high energy-flux densities of per-capita and per-unit of cross-section density. The harvest of Helium-3 taken from the continuing harvest as executed from the Moon, presents mankind with the resulting earlier prospect for acceleration of the productive powers of labor, per-capita and per unit of cross-section, thus providing options for increasing the rates of energy-flux density in production, and for extending mankind's efficient reach on the challenges of nearby Solar space proximate to the lines of travel provided, predictably, as likely trajectories explored as through convenient trajectories for man's productive benefits, here on Earth.

At the same time that we must seek the benefits of nearby resources which pass, conveniently within our reach, we must also emphasize the importance of adjusting the course of travel of nearby-flying asteroids, to prevent collisions with Earth.

It is the truly expressed nature of our human species, to enter into precisely those kinds of increments for the enhancement of our destiny. What the Creator might donate to us, is His gift, which we must use and also treasure for the good aims of mankind.

Against the backdrops of our present prospects, we must put aside the follies of such as former empires and related tyrannies, such as that of the presently wicked President Barack Obama, for example. Your own personal obligation, on this account, is to select a life worth living, not only for yourselves, but your descendants and their neighbors. Burn the Satanic rubble, and build a true and confident future for mankind.

Our planet has now entered a phase of its human cultures, in which the reductionist mental state of mankind, can not longer be sustained as an acceptable notion for actually human behavior.

The Urgent Reform of Education

For example, in my experience of education, from earlier grades in grammar schools, into adolescents' education, into university trained, predominant, and often evil practice, which, in a majority of cases, has been a radically reductionist system of cults, under whose direction the teachers are often assigned to indoctrinate, rather than educate the students to their experience of the yet-to-be-improved quality of generally shared progress in the development of the human species' intelligence in practice. Rises in relative energy-flux density, distinguish mankind, that essentially, from the ranks of the talking beasts who tend to be degraded to a likeness to mechanically-ordered talking machines, and matching trends in behaviors. "Popular" becomes, often, a practice of "popularized ignorance," on precisely that account. The principle of accomplishments, is now widely misrepresented as pre-determined merely popular forms, even, trends to intellectual and physical regression in popular and official practices, alike.

Thus, the true principle of individual human creativity is lost in the myriad of such widespread, popularized processes of often worse than lack of intrinsic merit. The accelerating rate of moral and intellectual degeneration has become correlated in a downward direction, since the interval of the absolutely unnecessary U.S. war in Indo-China, which was a war created only by aid of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and, in a related sense, by the strategically untimely death of the General of the Armies, the singular victor at Inchon, Douglas MacArthur. Popular sanity, combined with general intellectual and moral degradation, has since become the characteristic of our political, economic, scientific, and moral culture.

We are, in the continuing course of that process of U.S.A. and European moral and economic decadence, and the outright moral degeneracy typified by the influences such as the British global tyranny and the nadir which is President Barack Obama, into a virtually evoked self-extermination of the human species under the present tenure of President Barack Obama, and his presently true mistress, the evil Empress Elizabeth II: the mistress of her own evil cult, with its evilly green, moral perversions.

V. The End of Warfare on Our Planet

I emphasize, that the human race is presently poised at the potentially immediate threat of human self-extinction. The principal source of this menace is located, centrally, in the present British Empire, currently under the reign of an evil Queen Elizabeth and her accomplices throughout much of this planet at large. Such a war, would be truly both a world-war and more than that: one chiefly composed of the prospective conflict between the present Northern trans-Atlantic and Eurasian components.

The cause for this warfare, is to be located in the present alliance of the British Empire, and, otherwise, chiefly, the present Obama administration in the United States. The practical prompting of a general, planetary, thermonuclear conflict for the presently immediate future, is to be located presently, as to proximate cause, as the effect of the so-called "Bail-In" policies of the trans-Atlantic financial system being launched currently.

I explain:

Since the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, of his brother, Robert, and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, the Anglo-American faction of the North Atlantic and wider regions, has trapped itself into, first, the wildest acceleration of hyper-inflationary, essentially merely speculative financial investments.

The total effect of this, presently, has now reached far beyond all tolerable limits, into a present breaking-point in global financial speculation centered, functionally in the British Empire economy, but also the United States, itself. The British, alien, on the occasion of the canceling of the Glass-Steagall law which had been the last remaining bulwark of the defense of an already gravely damaged U.S. economy. The combination of the nullification of Glass-Steagall, and its replacement by the intentionally evil, Dodd-Frank whoredom, had shattered the residual stability of both the U.S.A. and its economy.

Since that implicitly criminal act under Dodd-Frank influences, have been effects of the influence of foreign imperial systems which participated in common in this attempted destruction of the economy of the U.S. Federal Constitution.

Thus, this presently sky-rocketing hyperinflation has been the inherent evil of the repeal of the U.S.A.'s Glass-Steagall law. In other words: the speculative whoredom of the authors of the now vast, and utterly fraudulent, Dodd-Frank fraud and its British Wall Street (e.g., British imperial) accomplices. This present inflationary trans-Atlantic "hyper-bubble," thus fermented as "bail-in," has now more than reached the proportions of an actually popping, globally financial bubble, "Bail-in," whose center of implosive gravitation, is presently concentrated in the Americas and Europe, but otherwise, radiating its effects, also, in the colonial and semi-colonial regions of the Americas and Europe, most emphatically. There is no hope for our United States' economy, now, unless Glass-Steagall were immediately re-installed, and all the implications of the intent of Dodd-Frank annihilated summarily.

That Dodd-Frank bubble and its coincidences, is now more than over-ripe to pop; it is already popping, virtually immediately, even in a lapse of time of implicitly today. Hence, the timing of the Anglo-American partnership of Barack Obama and his Imperial Queen in a scheme to launch the immediate threat of a thermonuclear war, globally, at this presently immediate time.

Dodd-Frank & Thermonuclear War

At this very moment, the entire machinery of Wall Street's larcenous efforts at economic and related mass-murder of the present U.S. population, has been brought into effect, since the beginning of our national tragedy, that with the termination of President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall law. This effect has enabled the British Empire and its Wall Street agents, such as the late Prescott Bush who served Adolf Hitler's interests, in particular, and the ruin of our State of Texas, through the wicked mechanisms which Prescott Bush's tribe employed to destroy the best characteristics of that Federal State of our Union.[18]

Within that same context, from then to now, the world has come to the immediate prospect of a general, thermonuclear war, from which no one were actually likely to return.

The present, Obama-implicated Anglo-American conspiracy for an immediately threatened, global, thermonuclear war throughout the planet (in effect), was attempted, foremostly, but only relatively preliminarily, to seek to shift the balance of strategic forces against Russia, hoping to unleash a chain-reaction collapse of the Eurasia sector of the planet.

That, presently current phase, has involved, since early during the past month of February, an attempt, led by Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. Barack Obama, to intimidate Russia into submission under Anglo-American terrorist, thermonuclear threats, threats based, as by the President Obama regime, personally, on the utilization of habituated products of the Ukrainian elements of the same Nazi SS group which had slaughtered vast numbers of mass-murdered Jews and Poles during and under the reign of Adolf Hitler's regime, of which those same Ukrainian elements now continue their long-standing Nazi-genocide habits at the present time.

In this regard, the officials of the President Obama Presidency have been leading, active elements in complicity with those unregenerate Nazis on exactly this account: the Obama Presidency has been wittingly implicated in this relaunching of the Nazi crimes against peoples; the British empire is the principal culprit while the Obama administration kisses the Queen's proverbial butt—not surprising to both the actually witting and Obama's own Dick-Cheney-like coven of maenads.

Russia will not willingly submit to this mass-murderous swindle; but, as long as President Obama remains in the Presidency of the United States, the effects of the equation of thermonuclear war globally, were virtually assured for the very near future. President Obama is currently playing that game. Only his immediate removal from office would prevent the British empire's genocidal intention from taking place.

Whereas, the prompt impeachment of President Barack Obama, would in all probable effect, prevent a presently probable general thermonuclear warfare, and, thus, throw Obama himself into summary impeachment from office. The general thermonuclear warfare would be, thus, frustrated. With U.S. opposition to such warfare, and the expulsion of Obama from office, we would prevent the enactment of thermonuclear warfare by the culpable forces of the British Empire.

Bail-in & the End of Obama's Career

In the meantime, there is another crucial factor to be considered immediately here: the "Bail-in" implosion is more than ready to pop, and that globally. It is, in fact, already hastening toward the business end of "popping."

I explain the coincidences, summarily, as follows.

  1. The British Queen's plan for global genocide: which is the so-called "green policy" of programmed worse-than-Hitler, genocide, as launched by the Queen, the which was actually set into motion, fully, and openly, during the period of the failure of her efforts in a Denmark [2009] conference. Her policy is to reduce the population of the planet, rapidly, from an estimated seven billion persons, to the vicinity of one. President Barack Obama has a similar program of mass-genocide among U.S. citizens at this time. "The Green policy," already being inserted into a genocide program for unemployed U.S. citizens, is an integral part of the operation.

  2. This program of the Queen of mass-genocide throughout the planet, had been launched under the influence of the anti-technology policies introduced by aid of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert. The U.S.A. entry into a U.S. long war in Indochina, was made possible only by the assassination of President Kennedy, and perpetuated, in subsequent effects.

  3. The assassination of the Robert Kennedy who had been, then, on the verge of a secured gain of the post of President of the United States. The attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, belongs, systemically, in the same category.

  4. Forcing President Clinton into a corner, through a set-up organized by British intelligence working with some stupid, but then leading Republican opportunists prone to kissing British political butts, wrecked President Clinton's second term in office, and trapped him into ultimately assenting to the Dodd-Frank fraud, the fraud which sent the United States spinning into its present state of a mass-murderous virtually hopeless bankruptcy of now approaching four terms of the combined evil of the succession of the silly George W. Bush, Jr, make-believe President for two terms, and the viciously evil Obama regime so far.

Consequently, the hyper-inflationary bubble, thus built up, successively by the George W. Bush, Jr., and Obama Presidencies thus far, has created a human disaster on a global scale, one, notably echoing the infamous Dutch tulip bubble, but on a nearly global scale. The United States, if it remains under Obama's control, is condemned to destruction even if Obama were to remain in office: François Rabelais' "The Sheep of Panurge" fully in its true panoply.

To understand the economics of the Anglo-American bubble now about to pop world-wide, two lines of investigation are each essential, but, are also interlocked at the same time, and for the same reasons. Unfortunately only a relatively tiny fraction of the U.S. population have any understanding for the actual causes of the great pop about to burst open into a general breakdown-collapse of the entire U.S. economy, that for exactly that reason, most Senators and others have not the slightest insight to what this ugly business is all about.

How Financial Superbooms Suddenly 'Go Pop'

Implicitly over-inflated balloons, and, also, poltroons, are now converging on an actual popping: actually the biggest go-boom in all trans-Atlantic history, and beyond that. In the present moment, that means the lunatic scheme of transition from a prolonged span of hyperinflationary rates of Wall Street and London (chiefly) "bail-out" to its relative, counter-action, inevitable "bail-in."

"Bail-in" is simply a suddenly, inherently accelerating collapse of the entire monetarist system, something rocketing downward far faster and vastly bigger, in effect, than the infamous German [1923] bubble. "Bail-out" created the biggest and worst ballooning of a financial-speculative bubble in all world history. This has brought the ability of Wall Street to continue in existing toward an abrupt close. The Wall-Street/British financial system, is in the global process of plunging all the way to a true financial bottom, and, then, also, far below.[19] That is now, very, very soon. That accounts for the haste of the British and Obama administration, to go to thermonuclear warfare globally, immediately, now. Bail-in is the bomb which implodes downward the world economy, especially that of the trans-Atlantic sector, this the evil one being directed through Obama's role by his own cult of hideous maenads.

The British system is, of course; the U.S. is simply assigned to build and detonate the biggest bombs. The entire trans-Atlantic region is in a similar, terminal state of fix.

Hence, for that reason, above all others, the immediate threat of global, thermonuclear war, is immediate, indeed. In fact, without the re-enactment of the actually original Glass-Steagall law, the continued existence of the economy of the United States were virtually "nihil-fried," without any presently foreseeable bottom. That is what had determined, the Anglo-American impulse for global thermonuclear warfare now threatening all humanity this far.

The Matter of Solutions

Bubbles, such as those created since the overturn of Glass-Steagall, require sudden, and conclusive means of debriding the very existence of the putrid financial matter, whoever they must bankrupt to rescue the system of the economy as a whole. It is obviously, the most avaricious of the speculators who are literally "wiped out" financially, with vastly unpaid, and also currently unpayable debts, to match. With the arrival of "Bail-in," Wall Street as we have known it, will suddenly non-exist. The mission required, is to save the organized structure of the physically productive functions of the economy of the people of the nation. The speculators had gambled recklessly, and their careers are finished, and, happily, their reputations, too.

President Franklin Roosevelt understood the problem of "1929" very well, but the thieving-rascal type never forgave him for that. The virtual "pirate ship" was, thus, then, properly sunk, but the Supreme Court was not an honest and fair judge at that time: the factor which threatened the continued existence of the U.S. economy at that time. Never allow a speculator on the Federal bench at any time, especially if he or she has a big interest in their filthy-rich friends' financial affairs: the lesson of 1932-33.

However, the business at hand has not ended with that. A more profound measure of general reform must be put fully into place. Alexander Hamilton's great genius, now comes back prominently into play. We can, and must, be true patrons of our republic, at long last!

The Solution

The solution, not only for our United States, but the world at large, starts with the re-enactment of a strictly duplicate re-adoption of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's original Glass-Steagall law. I think it absolutely fair to say, that, recently, there has been virtually no apparent competence in understanding the principle of the matter as the First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, had actually done, in his design of the principles of economy which, in fact, prevented the relatively immediate destruction of the U.S. Republic. On this account, our present educational system (in the broadest sense of the term), really stinks!

He had designed what would be, in his intention, later, a precise echo of Hamilton's scientific genius: a precise echo, today, of what had been President Abraham Lincoln's strategically crucial "greenback" policy. Without that Lincoln "Greenback" policy (from which a truly wise United States would have otherwise never returned), what the British had intended, would have succeeded in destroying the United States, that as if with a virtual single blow. Without the pure genius of the greenback policy: a policy which had been in accord with the systemic genius expressed as by President John Quincy Adams, and President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall reform. The United States is obliged, now, to do as much, very, very soon, in a similar way, and for a similar reason.

The foolish error in opinion among even many otherwise good Presidents, was their tendency to regard Hamilton's genius from a monetarist's, rather than a physical-economist's viewpoint. I am a physical economist, by profession and decades of practice; that begs certain presently highly relevant conclusions, which I shall submit here immediately, now.

The Global Solution

The crucial, historical decision by Hamilton, on this account, would be made only by taking directly into account, all four of Alexander Hamilton's explicitly identified four, not the mythical roster of merely three statements, but all four. Ignoramuses in economic practice omit the essential meaning of references to Hamilton's "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank," a subject-matter in which I have been an outstanding expert, contrary to the shallow-mindedness of those relative illiterates who admit only three acts in a four-Act play, omitting the most centrally crucial issue of the entire drama. The Constitutional principle of constitutionality, was, in fact, the central physical principle of policy upon which the entirety of Hamilton's genius, in its effect, had actually depended!

The meaning of my statement, right here, is the same meaning as the physical-scientific notion of a universal physical principle, such as those of, in particular, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein, or Brunelleschi, Cusa and Kepler, earlier (which only aberrants in the field of physical science would contest today).[20]

In the physical science of economy (the openly competent economics), which is my particular expertise, the issue of the basis incorporated in fundamentally constitutional law, depends not as much on particular, included designs, but those singular principles of scientific physical law as such, on which the competent actions of principle by government essentially, and, ultimately and also absolutely, depend. The issue of locating wealth in its regenerative process of forward and upward production, Hamilton's emphasis, in the third of his four principles of the economy of government absolutely depend for their assured competence. It was President George Washington's initially mistaken opinion, which had prompted and gained Hamilton the essential victory in establishing competent notions of the principles of sound national-economic law.

Approximately competent U.S. Presidents, scarce as they might have been, had a generally workable notion of those raw principles of general economic reforms needed; the errors of some among them, have been largely in the failure to conceptualize Hamilton's emphasis on the essential lawfulness of a national banking system, as being defined as a working principle which must operate under the custody of Federal Treasury as indispensably superior to the alternative notion of banking systems otherwise.

The stupidity of many on that same account, respecting the authority of the Treasury, was, happily, not repeated by President Abraham Lincoln's Greenback policy of his administration. Another genius-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, would have carried out such a policy, but for the blockages imposed by a corrupted membership of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The very existence of the present hyper-inflationary crisis of the U.S. economy now, shows a most flagrant effect of the violation of Alexander Hamilton's defense of a National Bank, as also that defense by Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams, and by Adams' admirer, and friend, Abraham Lincoln. The notion that national banking is a substitute for a Treasury System; competent National banking can occur only as Hamilton's notion of a National-Banking principle, as John Quincy Adams understood, both in theory and practice, and as Alexander Hamilton had already recognized, prophetically, earlier. The idea of economy in the market-place as such, is the folly of one who does not grasp the notion which I emphasize: the principle of physical economy, rather than any merely so-called alternative.

Agreed: Monroe, John Quincy Adams, like Lincoln later, had all been committed to the principle which Hamilton had presented in the matter of the necessary principle and practice of national banking. Although it might be supposed, wrongly, that John Quincy Adams had not enforced Hamilton's principle of national banking, Monroe and Quincy Adams had, effectively, step-wise, placed the banking system itself into an accord with Hamilton's principle of national banking, as Lincoln had done in the matter of greenbacks, and Franklin Roosevelt had demanded as law, in his administration.[21]

The tendency toward the implicit lunacy of a "free market" doctrine is the guilty point of compromise, which relatively many deluded persons consider as an adjustment to financial markets, and so on, outside the province of national banking as such. Lincoln's use of greenbacks was a perfect expression, in intent; it, and it alone, enabled the United States to fight destruction by the British empire in his time.

The principle of economy exists only in physical-scientific determinations; Those who ignore that fail, will be wrecked for that reason, sooner or later. The laws of economy are physical laws of the universe, and will demonstrate that fact most forcefully, when fools seek to place themselves above that law, as I shall emphasize, immediately following.

Today, Hamilton's same principle of national banking, is the one device which allows the present U.S. economy to exist once more, again, if we have the brains to recognize that fact.

The only true motive for the current attempt to bring the entire planet into general thermonuclear warfare, has been the desperation which reality has fomented in the actually, hopelessly bankrupt British Empire, and its Wall Street offspring, by the effect of the so-called "bail-in" turn from "bail-out." The British Empire, together with its Wall Street offshoot, is now hopelessly bankrupted by the effect of its own policies of practice. Both, together, comprise a single, now hopelessly bankrupt, general and hopeless fraud. They both, together with their disgusting attachment, President Barack Obama, should be relegated to enjoy the utter bankruptcy which true justice now demands of them for the sake of justice for all mankind. Only victory in a globally extended thermonuclear war could rescue the actually Brutish Empire, but would also immediately doom it, and, perhaps also the human species, too, together with the Zeus-ians' own satraps. Hence, that presently explains their haste to launch what would be an actually global thermonuclear warfare: with few enough left among the (temporarily) living, who might soon regret they had not died, too.

Glass-Steagall, now, means rescuing civilization from that horror. Naturally, Wall Street will be discontinued by means of something akin to international "Flit," called bankruptcy. Economic recovery in the trans-Atlantic community will be difficult, but it will be successfully realized in an accelerating rate of recovery.

VI. The True Principle of Physical Economy

The common folly of otherwise reasonable economists, and of lawyers, who are often worse performers in such matters of fact, is that they lack a competently physical-economic basis for their all-too prevalent, mere misconceptions. The "hot issue" involved here, is that the implicit, common presumption, is, that competition is the basis for judgments. However, this is true only among dreamy romantics, not scientists. Since most economists today are more or less incompetent, like those who select lawyers they regret they had employed, rather than actually competent scientists, in respect to the underlying, most essential principles of economic processes.

The chief route for the common foolishness of my contemporaries, is their ultimately silly, misplaced confidence in the footprints of mere sense-perceptions. They mistake mere shadows for actual substance, with their childish devotion to the notions of sense-certainty. Self-certainty is a game of silly fools, those who worship their own footprints as their own substance, instead of seeking the truths which exist only beyond the reach of mere sense-perception as such. Thus, they are engaged in a certain kind of masturbation, like the two famous brothers in New York City who left behind heirlooms of what they worshipped as the careful collection of their own stool-productions. They had lost track of the truth, that true science depends upon the capacity to ridicule the sillinesses of mere sense-perception; less emphasis on the anal were the better pathway to actual reality, than the customary habits of sensory masturbation, oral, or anal: by such means you would never make babies, otherwise.

I do not exaggerate in treating sense-certainty as merely a morbid sort of diversion from the actual laws of the universe which we actually inhabit.

The problem for the mere social pragmatist, is that the only tie to actual realities, which we humans are enabled to actually discover, lie, implicitly outside the domains of sense-perception as such. Thus, an impassioned belief in sense-certainty as such, is a delusion, which can never correspond to the special class of demonstrated certainties which exist only the outside merely local sense-perceptions as such. Only what are discovered to be universal physical principles, beyond any mere sense-perceptions are scientifically truthful. So, merely practical people swarm in a dizzy domain of uncertainties, because, in fact, what they wish to have believed, was never real, but was composed merely of the shadows which sense-perception could never actually know. They are, in short, ignorant of a universal reality; as Alexander Hamilton was not.

For example, if we were to presume that sense-perception as such were our access to the reality of the nearby parts of the universe which we inhabit, we were, in effect, merely masturbating; for, in fact, we have no simply sensed experience which does not reflect the fallacies inherent in human sense-perception as such. The object of a competent sort of physical sense, must infer reality by treating the ostensible experience of the universe we inhabit, for those effects which qualify as universal principles, such as those typified by the work of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, or those of Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa, much earlier. These notions are coherent with mankind's effect, to locate a universal principle, coincident with the conception of a governing God, as all valid physical scientific discovery does. The merely practical man of sense-perception is a pathetic fool, for believing his own errant, sense-perceptions, as the reality of the universe which encloses his own existence.

So I address a sort of common error, which is equivalent to the mere opinion, that Alexander Hamilton had not employed a special principle of the universe in defining the subject of his February 23, 1791 "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank." I was sorely shocked by the utter stupidity expressed in some persons' denial that that argument of Hamilton was anything other than the deeply underlying physical principle of the entirety of the remainder of his argument on the subject of the principles of physical economy. Despite those errant fellows, Hamilton's argument was the only absolute, i.e., core principle, in his entire argument: a truly universal principle of human nature! He came upon that deeply underlying principle, through the manifest blunders of failed judgment among his circles.

Therefore I was not only shocked, but rather horrified by the stupidity shown by some of my associates on that account. The opinion they expressed was, certainly not, by any means, really scientific. They were not thinking actually as the true scientists who pursue the goal of actually universal principles existing apart from mere variables, but search for an accord for a search for universal constants, or their fairly reasonable approximations, as Planck and Einstein had both done, like Brunelleschi and Cusa before them. Hamilton was truly a scientific genius by virtue of his passion for truth.

The principle here, is not merely economy as such. The principle is a uniquely human species one. The principle on which the very existence of the human species depends, is the successful, ever-rising leaps, upward in energy-flux density which are accomplished by the uniquely creative mental potentials of not the mere brain, but the actually immortally creative human mind, as in both physical science and Classical composition and its performance, in art. Any contrary policy is that of creating wastefully mere debris, perhaps mere filth, but also of an inherent evil, such as that of the ancient Zeus, and the Roman and British empires, for example.

[1] In contrast to the stark, Satanic quality of evil, inherent in both Britain's Satanic Bertrand Russell, and his morally tainted followers of the 1920s and beyond, as through to the common evil of the British oligarch and the slimy soul of his lackey.

[2] Actually, properly promoted to the military rank of General officer, in his concluding period of his life. He had been among the greatest leaders which our republic had produced in his time, and remains for us, still today, worth more, in virtue, that all those of the members of the financier and accountant class, who have earned the attributes of a practice of evil, as the latter class's gloomy heritage, in their pretending that money has any intrinsically moral value in and of itself. Money is to be circulated and used in support of the productive powers of creating physical and related spiritual wealth. Money as such, takes on the accursed quality of the truly Satanic.

[3] I speak (in this case, write) with the excellent evidence in hand, of the cause of an American citizen justly devoted to our patriotic heritage.

[4] The role of the British services' protection of the Bandera group's Nazi killers, as the complicity of elements of the Presidency of Barack Obama in such criminality, has shown flagrant violations of the principle of decent law on this account: this implies a basis for considering the possibility of impeachment actions against the relevant official accomplices in this mass-murderous fraud, and even a cause of thermonuclear warfare, perpetrated under the Obama Presidency. He must be impeached for the crimes against humanity which he has authored in his capacity of a President.

[5] In respect to the original launching of the Hitler regime in Germany, Churchill was no better than Chamberlain, on this account, only much less stupid. The Nazi monster which London itself had created out of the rubble of World War I, had reached strategic capabilities for the prospect of becoming a global empire. Churchill reacted to the immediate prospect of a submission to Hitler, by turning toward a tie to U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The U.S. arrangements with the British forces, and, the not-incidental genius of Charles de Gaulle, saved Britain, with great help from the Soviet Union and resistance forces with similar aims. With the most unfortunate Republican Party gains in a mid-war election, and the imposition of the wretched Wall Street maven, Harry S Truman, the peaceful victory of mankind was turned into a nightmare of the British Empire's use of its most evil man on Earth, Bertrand Russell, to launch a post-World War II, fascist-like terrorism throughout the world, all which was dedicated to an intended nuclear victory over humanity. Bertrand Russell was perhaps the most evil man of his lifetime, as long, and even longer than he had actually lived. See: British in India.

[6] It would be silly to overlook the fact, that the Queen's actual power reposes in her role as the reigning authority of the British Empire, not her modest influence as merely the British Queen as such. She is the reincarnation, in effect, of the Roman Emperor Nero. Don't kill the citizens of the British Isles; destroy the empire (if you have sufficient brains to understand what that means).

[7] With a character comparable to that of the surrogate U.S. President of the George W. Bush, Jr., Bush-league "dynasty," the brutish Dick Cheney of thuggery's fame, a true "Vice President."

[8] Both the regimes of nominal U.S. Presidents under the direction of such as Dick Cheney's puppet, George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama, have maintained the lies which they have perpetrated against both the people of the United States, and, perhaps God himself.

[9] I.e., citizens more than ready to hate Obama (as they should have the brutish thug Dick Cheney), but reluctant to challenge him effectively: nonetheless, they are Obama's greatest basis for political fear for the relatively near future: specifically, he could, and should be, soon, not merely impeached, but also imprisoned for reason of the unprecedented evil, such as multiple war-crimes, and rampant homicide, which he has both intended and continues to wreak, for the United States, which he continues to represent. Shades of the Emperor Nero, except, fortunately, that he does not (we must hope) also sing!

[10] I have, quite justly, questioned President Obama's sanity for a period covering a few months, or so, of his occupation of the Presidency to date. His obvious mental instability has been demonstrated by witnessed events, afresh, recently. Otherwise, the signs of his political outlook, as expressed through a strange, if small assembly of women attached to his Presidency, are strong suggestive of acute mental instability, as in an incident which occurred as witnessed just more than a week ago: an event whose essential details were widely publicized. There is no honest reason why he should not be impeached. All essentially sufficient evidence is virtually in the oven, ready for the relevant political fixings.

[11] The principal expression of political corruption within the young United States, can be attributed to the implications of "state's rights." For this reason, Hamilton was actively hated among certain leading circles of the young United States. The needed correction was postponed until the successive administrations of Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams. Presidents opposed to their legacy, were, either, outrightly treasonous skunks, or cowardly opportunists, and, often, with the additions of assassinations of all good elected Presidents, until President Abraham Lincoln (assassinated on orders from the British Empire). The same pattern of implicit, or even explicit treason in the Presidency, or assassinations of honest Presidents, continues to the present day, e.g., Truman, two Bushes, and Barack Obama, and also including President Harry S Truman, whose intrinsically treasonous evil I had known at first hand.

[12] On several occasions, I have documented the lists of cases, all of which shows that our Presidency has been infested by more skunks than honest public servants in that office, not counting other varieties of combined flops and foul balls. Obama has been among the very worst, and most disgusting of them all.

[13] In the creation of the Greenback system, an action which saved the United States from the destruction which the British Empire had intended in the launching of the Confederacy.

[14] Hamilton had also become a General officer of the U.S. Army, and a keystone figure in the war to defeat the British imperial tyranny.

[15] The precedent for this quality of leadership, is to be recovered in the work of the 17th-Century Massachusetts Bay Colony of the Winthrops and Mathers. Cf. H. Graham Lowry, How The Nation Was Won: America's Untold Story (Volume I 1630-1754), EIR, 1988 . Graham was a professional scholar in American History. He would have produced the Second Volume but for some skunks, who pushed him out of place, during a time I might have otherwise restored him to his work. Despite that, he remained a master of the field of American history on this account in many ways as an educator. His Volume I edition would save still-living scholars from prevalent blunders of judgment in the field. (pp. 495 ff.).


  1. Report on Public Credit (Jan. 9, 1790);
  2. Report on a National Bank (Dec. 13. 1790);
  3. Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank (Feb. 23, 1791); and,
  4. Report on the Subject of Manufactures (Dec. 5, 1791).

The Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, has been the most crucially fundamental of all four of Hamilton's great economic four principles. Fools who deny the Opinion are merely scientifically incompetent, in both economics, and the constitutional law of a true republic: law as a matter of universal physical-scientific principle.

[17] Careful consideration indicates that Obama has been only a false-face for Queen Elizabeth II. There is no strategically crucial policy of President Obama which has not been merely consistent with the already standing, preceding grand-strategic policies adopted by that Queen herself. Nothing shows there to be anything of strategic significance in his policies, which were not already her own direction.

[18] This was the same Prescott Bush, whose Wall Street ties to the British Empire were established by Bush's Wall Street and London cronies. Prescott himself, had knowingly bailed Adolf Hitler out of a prolonged prison-sentence, by paying Hitler's debts, just in time, always in complicity with the British empire, at that time. In that particular sense, Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. and his pathetic token-President son, George W., Jr., had put the purely evil Dick Cheney and his treasonous like in charge.

[19] Like an elevator, falling free down its shaft from the seventieth-floor, down. That is what is currently happening already, right now. That is why Barack Obama is being sent to launch global thermonuclear warfare; he is criminally insane to agree he would willingly do it.

[20] Wall Streeters are not known for sanity.

[21] The Republican dinosaurs on the Supreme Court had nearly ruined everything.

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