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This article appears in the March 21, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Meaning of Life as Such

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 19, 2014

The following pages have been motivated by my concern for the momentarily, presently relatively high probability of a virtual extinction of the human species, a threat which has come about through the monetarists' hysteria located essentially in the trans-Atlantic sector's currently, on-rushing plunge toward effects converging on a relatively immediate dive into a planetary thermonuclear war. This horror reflects the effects, centered, primarily, in the present British empire and also the effects upon the United States, of two terms of the U.S.'s George W. Bush, Jr. and, additionally the two elected terms of the Barack Obama Administration. Mr. Obama must be, in fact, immediately removed from office for abundant, and also urgent reasons of cause.

The drive to thermonuclear warfare by the current British Empire and the current Obama administration, has been a product of a trans-Atlantic plunge into an actually lunatic financial bubble, which is comparable, historically, to the infamous Dutch tulip bubble, and also the "9-11" attack on the United States conducted by British Empire-backed accomplices of a plot organized in large part by the man who was already the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, inside the United States itself, who was operating on U.S.A. ground, in the process of organizing the attack. The period of both the Bush and Obama administrations emerged with the termination of the U.S.A.'s Glass-Steagall Law, a change in U.S. law, which prompted the greatest financial bubble in all modern history, as reflected in the effects of "Bail-out" and, then, "Bail-in," inside the Wall Street-directed trends inside the United States, and the closely related lunacy of the formation of the European Union, under British management in Europe. If we were to escape that now still lurking menace to all humanity, President Obama and his morally and intolerably offensive violations of the intention of our Federal Constitution must be terminated henceforth. The rising, and wholly justified clamor for his immediate removal from office must, therefore, be served.

This present development in-the-making, prompts my following reflections on the relevant social processes which are expressed in the referenced, trans-Atlantic mass lunacy expressed in the mass-murderous policies of the administrations of both the Imperial British monarchy's presently continued policies promoting a practice of global genocide, and the complicity with those policies of de-facto witting genocide under President Barack Obama.

The Subject of the Human Mind

Therefore, in furtherance of the aforesaid intention, I state the following:

In a few earlier reports, I have referenced the roots of incompetence in scientific matters, which are still rampant: as typified by the mistaken notion of sense-perception as wrongly presumed to be a basis for defining scientific evidence in respect to matters of physical fact. The most direct approach to an understanding of that error, is to refer to the nature of the discovery of any actually universal physical principle, that as distinct from what have been, in fact, empirically deductive methods for defining conceptions. This is an issue which goes to the rarely considered, but actual fundamentals of physical science, as, also, similarly, to the matter of valid examples of Classical artistic composition.

There are various, actually useful approaches to treating the fallacy of beliefs in sense-perception per se, but, as I have already approached the same subject, on earlier occasions, that from the necessary understanding of the connections and differences expressed by comparison of the human brain and the human mind: it were better to compare the two such, following choices of approach to the issues to such matters at hand.

It is mankind itself, who creates, chiefly by willful choices of means, those changes in what we call "nature," which are responsible for the actual achievements on behalf of mankind's specifically increased power to change the Earth environment willfully, as to the increase of mankind's willful increase of the relative energy-flux density of man's power to change the ordering in nature, upwards, in and of itself. That is the fact which, most clearly and directly, defines mankind's distinctive nature.

I. Which: Brain or Mind?

Also, times have changed in other ways, either known to us, or now to be immediately considered.

Mankind's increasing awareness, of the implications of nearby encounters with asteroids, relatively, that sometimes frequently, and, otherwise, occasionally; also, the approach of deadly comets, compels the sane among us to recognize, increasingly, that truth does not lie within the provinces of a mere Earthly sense-perception, and, therefore, absolutely not within the bounds of mere human sense-perception as such. Actually, in fact, it never did. The fact that we either can, or probably could defeat the threats from asteroids and, more distantly, even, perhaps, comets, merely illustrates a general notion of mankind's relationship to the universe which we now experience on and near Earth, as such.

The most of the considerations, which my just-stated remarks imply, is that the essential quality of a valid science, lies, uniquely, for us, as human beings, within the difference between animal sense-perception (and its immediate animal-seeming likenesses, contrary to the mind of man); but, moreover, within a qualitatively higher, and also a different domain; that of the uniquely noëtic qualities of the notion of an actually superior, more general ontology, an ontology uniquely specific to what are the intrinsically noëtic foundations of the powers specific to the human mind.[1]

While the human brain, so defined, has features of a type commonly necessary for all the relatively higher forms of animal life, the human mind expresses presently crucially little known, additional qualities unique to the human mind itself, qualities which go way beyond customary, but intrinsically incompetent doctrine respecting the mere animal brain as such, in general, but, are absent in all known other, specifically animal life. All of this, lies within, and defines the specific assortment of bounds of the principle of life per se, rather than being mere sense-perception, as such: the ontologically essential distinction, and higher quality of category unique to human life, is contrary to all other creatures presently known to us, otherwise.

This crucial difference, from even merely popular scientific doctrines taught generally, today, is located in the uniqueness of the effects specific to the designated human mind, the added, so-called noëtic principle, which resides beyond the function of mere sense-perception as such, and is, yet, the essential, universal difference of the human mind from the properties of all forms of mere animal life. It is, in fact, more a reflection of the behavior among the membership of the human species, rather than merely a property of the individual personality, as such. In short, the mystery of specifically human noëtic powers, is social, rather than contained within the mere individual brain itself. That, in principle, is the proper definition of a distinction of mere brain, from the higher category of human mind.

Hence, the profound distinction of actual human knowledge from the mere evidences supplied by mere sense-perception. The essence of the human personality, lies in mankind's characteristic distinction from all the inferior forms and classes of life, as expressed in the specially noëtic potential unique to the inherently social quality of the human mind as such.

The Mind of Prometheus

The set of the characteristic, seemingly genetic-like, categorical differences, has been what is known as the difference in characteristics of the Prometheus type, contrary to the characteristic imperialism of the Zeusian type; or, the unique meaning of fire for the practice of our human species. "Fire," properly understood as a principle of human action, is the essential, and practical manifestation of difference, of man from beast. The Zeusians, and their likenesses, hence, whether as Roman or British empire, typify the evil ones, whose specific zest is to remove the human species' unique quality of actually human creativity. The standpoint of the specific criminality of Zeus, is the true social-scientific principle of evil per se: the evil whose outstanding expression has been displayed systemically in the particular cases of the Roman and British empires, this far.

However, the reality of the difference, is not exactly the existence of fire as such, nor even the otherwise, highly essential role of the use of the principle of fire as customarily defined at present. The difference lies within the intention to use fire in a nominally specific Promethean mode: a mode which is unique to a certain cultural characteristic shown in mankind, as the Promethean type, as contrasted with the inherently deplorable behavioral characteristics of the Zeusian, or true oligarchian types, that as, most notably, the Roman empire, and its explicit successor, the specifically evil British empire which is the truly hereditary enemy of the existence of our own United States.

The so-called "oligarchian," or, the same thing, "Zeusian" stereotypes, occur in the form of a systemic quality of disease, rather than innate characteristics of systemically biological variations, otherwise. The Zeusian so-called "prototype," is a conditioned feature of psycho-pathological aberration in the behavior all-too common among the human type; that is to be associated, otherwise, with an intrinsically, chronically criminal type of personality, a state suggesting some form, or, an equivalent in effect, of a mode of induced "brain damage," as by the effects of exposure to certain classes of drugs which tend to produce the degradation of that quality which were otherwise designatable, as the healthy powers of the human mind.

Mind As A Social Process

Implicitly, the process of development of the human individual foetus, infant, and child, into adolescence and youthful maturity, can not be properly overlooked in our seeking to locate the sources of defects occurring in the behavior of the human mind's role as being a social process, rather than within the bounds of the biology of the human individual as such. The defects in human individual behavior, must be traced in bio-physical disorders, but also, generally, the functions of the human mind which are to be located primarily in social, rather then particularly individual-biological features of the human brain-function. Generally, the dysfunctions, at each level of maturation, will be social, in one way, or another.

To sum up my argument this far, this must be not be only the deficient view of the human society as one organized as a higher form of the model of the well-organized ant-hill, in which not all individuals are "equal" in behavior simply because they conform to a general class of type. Except, that mankind should never be considered as being a mere social ant-hill. The essential difference lies in the human quality of the apparatus represented as the effect we must recognize, in practice, as the, specifically, actually human mind.

My Relevant Experience: A Discussion

It is fairly well known, among those associated with me, and, as also, others, that much of my life, my adult life, more emphatically, has been occupied with a carefully corrected evolution of the notion of mind as such, as to be considered, presently, as a higher authority than could be competently the mere sense-perceptual presumptions respecting the human brain: hence, my frequent warnings of a danger present among those who are misled into the often mistaken belief in mere human mere sense-perception, as such.

My own experience on this particular account, has been, primarily, the obviously impaired mental defects of the minds of those persons who claim that there is no specific knowledge of the actual future; whereas, all of my achievements related to predictable expressions of foresight into the future, of which there have been documented examples in my own case, have been confirmed and corroborated, in each instance, by a fairly estimated margin of what might be best termed "reasonable approximations."

Two matters of actually principled distinctions, are notable in my experience as a physical economist, chiefly reportable experiences of firm commitments to a future development within, usually, five years, or less. All those occasions have been publicly confirmed as valid, by me.

Generally, the point here, is, that the time has now passed to treat the mere devices of human perception as being a standard of truthful sources of satisfaction for mankind's needs. The subjection of the topics of science to the virtual-damage of treating science as if in the modes of contemporary styles in literature, has become, in effect, a threat to the future of mankind. There is an available method for better standards in addressing the present and future domains of a better treatment of the crucially important goals of science. The fault to be corrected, is essentially readily accessible for use, and has the advantage of promoting progress in the fight against the presently murderous effects of contemporary, merely descriptive methods for the translating of science into conversion to accord with practice of the uttering of merely habituated jargon.

Examples of my point, are to be found within the following elements of my present report here. I am a specialist in the implications of an actual science of physical economy, which is an essential, if usually suppressed professional incompetence in the repeatedly proven malpractice of so-called "economic policies" practiced widely, generally, and currently, world-wide. The conception of the true design of the human mind, has been the root of mankind's plight, repeatedly, still presently. That error, must, urgently, corrected here and now.

The point is explained within the bounds of the following text.

II. On the Subject of Forecasting

My first such forecast of a precise case, came in the middle of the 1950s, in my professional capacity as an actually effective forecaster in my work as an executive in management consulting, since that time, and repeatedly later, over the span since approximately a year and a half from presenting a uniquely confirmed forecast within the specified the interval of the forecast's actual, and unique, realization.

A similar pattern appeared in a forecast which I presented in 1961; my more spectacular success occurred between 1968 and 1971, exactly in Summer 1971, in fact. Another case of significance, came in my 1983-4 forecast of a breakdown, within five future years, of the Soviet economy, a forecast met virtually "on the dot." There have been several comparable qualities of forecasts since, as have been demonstrated during the most immediate series of cases.

However, it is also necessary to specify the fact, that my earliest awareness of this phenomenon in forecasting, is to be credited largely to the fact, that I had resisted the common practice of schools, from grammar school, through university education: teaching the victims (in particular) what they are taught to believe about the future. The absurd notion, that the future of culture can be identified as a matter of a mere narration, is a typically monstrous quality of scientific incompetence, common to the expression of the aberrant popular opinions encountered as in a form of highly dangerous expressions of clinical, public insanity, as by the leading academic and other proponents of such dogma as that.

However, the difficulty which I have experienced, thus, now over many decades, this far, is the fact of the generalized, both popular and academic forms of ignorance of the actual implication of mind as a distinction from the deductive fallacy of mere sense-perception. The true meaning, and practice, of physical science, is the essence of a specifically human morality, as opposed to the characteristic of the cannibals, who have been, much more beasts, than people.

For example: "What cannibal has intended to eat you, or, kill you as a matter of a culling of the human herd, as by Queen Elizabeth II, on the presumption that you are "a mere underling?" Or, who believes that society must discard you, personally, or even generally, as representing a superfluous existence, in the interest of birth control, or, in many kindred types historical cases, as the current British imperial Queen, has done, so flagrantly?. The notion of population-reduction, a view which the current Queen Elizabeth II has prescribed as a kind of massive genocide for the population of the planet as a whole. Only inherently evil persons believe in such practices, and, under appropriate pressures, may not actually eat you, but will have your personal life-span curtailed, almost impromptu, even immediately, in the manner of a typically modern Dutch Treat, particularly if you are a visitor who has reached the age of 70 years.

On the Subject of Human Sanity

The principle of human sanity, is expressed, most notably, in a commitment to the realization of the human species' inherently voluntary advancement to higher orders of energy-flux density, per capita, and of the role of increased energy-flux densities in production of the higher ordering of the future. Adherence of the so-called "Green policy" popular among many in the U.S.A. today, even some university professors, is a mark of moral and practical mass-insanity trends, currently. The acceptance of that "green" doctrine, or its related implications, is tending to destroy the United States of America. Much of the blame for this must be blamed on the evil doctrines of the current British, pro-Zeusian world-empress, Elizabeth II, with her schemes of accelerated depopulation of this planet.

These faults in behavior which I have implicitly condemned in these pages, this far, reflect the vividly Zeusian trends which have been accelerated and continue to be accelerated, now, in, most notably, the trans-Atlantic regions, as, most notably in Europe and in our United States itself. The ancient Zeus-versus-Promethean thus continues, with a recent upsurge of the Zeusian trait, recently.

Now, Back to Science as Such

The scientific issue, which I had posed in the form of an implied question, in my opening remarks above, is made clear, by a more efficient attention to the roots of progress of our human species, which tend, fairly identified, toward the acceleration of per-capita human progress, as measured in increased energy-flux-densities of progressive physical, per capita, advances of human productivity. Or, in other words, increased energy-flux-density, per capita, and per unit of area and volumes employed. That is to say, for the sake of science, the circumstances of this experimental setting, require that we must shift our attention, away from attention to the systemically defective human specimens, to the relatively viable cases.

The most vicious of the evils against the human species, is a ruse which lurks under the criminally evil nonsense of such types as that "historical narrative" practice of obscenity which has been lately projected from among the perversions of anti-United States propaganda, as has been done by treasonous elements of claimed representatives of some U.S.A. personalities as such. My argument on this account, goes directly to those immediate concerns identified here, immediately above.

The point to be made, on this account, goes directly to my concerns respecting the meaning which I have adduced, as stated here, as a great, underlying principle implicit in the patriotic outlook on those lessons from recently contemporary historical experience which removes much of the early, relatively more cloudy rims of our still otherwise already valid U.S. Constitutional principle.

The essential history of mankind to date, is exactly, that truth is best stated in exactly these present terms. In other words, the greatest cause for misjudgment of the actually implicit intention of the very existence of our United States, has been the error of failing to recognize the source of the actually satanic quality of evil consistent with the existence and international influence of the practice of the British Empire, which has been the true Dutch-Anglo tyranny presently still composing the actual British Empire which is the authentic principal heir of the legendary Zeus, and that legend's Roman and British empires.

The Remedy

On this account, the principal roots of the errors of judgment of the United States and Russia, for examples, today, are the apparently ironical folly of both those nations (among sundry others) to recognize the fact, that the British Empire, and its Dutch roots of evil, have been the greatest regime of systemic evil on this entire planet, since the suppression of the Golden Renaissance associated with such names as Filippo Brunelleschi, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and their follower, the great scientist of Solar space's first actually systematic discovery, Cusa follower, Johannes Kepler.

During relatively ancient times past, into the modern era on this planet, there have been often massive shifts in the quality of destinies among peoples.

Whereas, that during earlier times, such as those of ancient and modern societies, as against what we would consider, properly, today as modern, contemporary history, the older periods of human existence, were separated in a very large degree, to occasional contacts on a limited relative scale, by principles of transportation, and the like. In the present technology, those conditions no longer exist as adequate; since the effects of the intentions of Bernhard Riemann, expressed within Germany, and, in revolutionary progress in his influences within Italy, the new-old societies can no longer pretend that we do not occupy, essentially, one, single, global space on Earth. We are far beyond the bounds of the originally perfected periodic table of elements, deep into the high orders of relative magnitude, as that was typified by such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein. The evil influence of the evil, British Bertrand Russell has been the virtual Satan of the world during the Twentieth Century, and the present new Century at this present time.

The process of change, thus expressed by me (and by numerous others) at this present date, means that the old notions, other than the Classical-cultural ones, no longer have much bearing on the need for a unity of a converging law in principle, under conditions in which the notion of a sovereign nation, is inherently cultural, more than political otherwise. The matter of choices of languages, and the historical implications of relevant language-cultures, as social cultures in fact, are the foundations of distinguishable national sovereignties, the principle factor to be searched out, and praised as practice, now.

III. Since W.W. II, Until Now

The possibility of realizing that reality, had come closest, heretofore, in the closing phases of so-called World War II, in the efforts to define such a form of relationships, as in the discussions between President Franklin Roosevelt and Josef Stalin. It was the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, which had permitted a British imperial faction into exerting control over the international policy-shaping of our United States. Indeed, the British domination over our United States was instrumentalized under an actual reign of terror under the catalogued rubrics of the wretched and evil U.S. President Harry S Truman, a Wall Street (therefore, British) tool who led, officially, in a reign of terror of a certain kind, under the Truman Administration.

The interval of the Truman Presidency, by supporting the launching of the Winston-Churchill-Bertrand Russell attempts to launch a nuclear war of terror against the war-weary Soviet Union, did not actually bring the world to the World War which the most evil thoroughly man of a century, Russell, was enabled to effect what was called a "witch hunt" for the case of our United States.

That evil sickness could have been reversed. President Dwight Eisenhower, like France's Charles de Gaulle, each in their relevant times, and in concert, too, had sought to prevent the Churchill-Russell evil from being continued. U.S. President John F. Kennedy, had successfully thwarted the British dupe, Nikita Khrushchov, in the effort to foster the utterly Satanic Bertrand Russell's backing of Khrushchov's attempted launching of a border-line Thermonuclear war, but, therefore President Kennedy was assassinated in a fashion which coincided with the Dulles tradition; immediately, thus, the British imperial intention was expressed in the launching of a general Anglo-U.S.A. warfare in Indo-China. With General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur's influence lost, the U.S.A. was sent down, deeper and deeper into ruin and despair, the circumstances in which, despite the efforts of Presidents Ronald Reagan and William Clinton, they had not succeeded in bringing the real United States into a true state of freedom from British pollution, to the present date. The British Empire had, thus, nearly destroyed the sovereignty of the United States and its population.

The British Empire had made both the United States and former Soviet Union, and the resumed sovereign state of Russia, virtually inept, as the Soviet Union had collapsed, when lost in a lingering war of bloody futility in Afghanistan. Indeed, I had warned, in the context of my part in my personal negotiation for a diplomatic agreement with Joint Soviet-U.S.A. (and others') pre-agreement to cooperation of the Soviet Union and the United States (among others) to the Strategic Defense Initiative which I had participated in drafting and coordinating, on behalf of President Reagan and the relevant, most senior intelligence experts who sought to redress the virtually criminal blunders consequent upon the assassins of President John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert (then about to be, virtually the next President of the United States), and the failed-attempt to complete an attempted successful assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

The new Soviet regime, which had taken over, acted under the influence of long-standing British imperial sympathizers in the Soviet leadership, to destroy itself under the guidance of its new leaderships.

As I had forecast at that point, I warned that the Soviet Union must either abandon its strategic folly in its recurring silliness of preferring ties to the British Empire, over its own national, and generally human interests, rather than recognizing the very large factor of British implicit agents in the Soviets' own camp, as in the case of the avowed enemy of the Soviet Union, the British-controlled and trained virtually typical British, Bertrand Russell agent, A. Oparin. The Soviet Union folded, exactly as I had forewarned, five years earlier.[2]

Thus, the British empire fooled and f...d both the United States and the Soviet Union (and Russia, itself, too), up to about my last personal trip to Russia. It is time for both the United States and Russia, today, to come to reckoning of their partial blindness to the truths of their respective histories on that present account.

We have now entered into an entirely fresh state of world affairs; all that is most essential to be done immediately, is to bring an end to the continued existence of the British Empire, and that, for the sufficient evidence of the sheer evil of the reigning Empress, Elizabeth II, and the monstrous evils she has, for example, fostered and festered inside my own United States. This would require the restoration of the respective sovereignties of the formerly sovereign states of Europe, and for Scotland, if the Scots wish it to be done; sometimes a well-delivered embarrassment to a once arrogant bastard, might improve his nature respecting other people's rights, with a general broader benefit for all considered parties.

Since the British Empire is now presently on the brink of a virtual inevitable chain-reaction collapse into relative bankruptcy, in its present form, let England toddle along on its own merits for a time; the stroll might be not only interesting to spectators, but to the thus freshly empowered citizens of a rejuvenated Britain, themselves.

IV. The Future Law of Mankind

Heretofore, most of the time, nations have tended more to falling into their future, frequently catastrophically, rather than choosing it effectively.

In fact, the recurring theme of a Zeusian tradition, such as those modeled in similarities, on the Roman and presently British empires, have taken turns, so to speak, in dominating either large parts of the planet, or by its attempted absolute tyranny over the whole, as presently in the present case of the British imperial tyranny, and its attached, implicitly treasonous elements typified, in fact, by the methods of practice associated with the roles of young Bush's mentor, "Dirty Dick" Cheney, and the case of Cheney's still ever-lurking mentor, and that of his sometime stand-in, Barack Obama.

Sometime, less foolish Americans than until-now, will once again remember what living inside our United States must be. That would be taken for God's Grace, by many American citizens and their future progeny, and, without doubt, fairly so.

What had been chiefly missed by more recent generations than my own (for example), has been the actually proper meaning of living into the future, in the sense of the existence-in-fact of a certain kind of proffered relatively immortal future, as the cases of such scientists as Max Planck and Albert Einstein have actually represented. In other words, you may think, mistakenly, of course, in the present; if you were really as intelligent as you might wish to brag, you are, in fact, a poor fool. You, as an actually living identity, live only in your future, until the moment you have actually died. That fact, is key to the actual notion of human immortality, that of those Saints who have passed on to us, our own living future. The principled nature of truly efficient discoveries of physical science, and of Classical artistic contributions, are to be admired, with very good reason, as the essence of human, the permanence of what the immortals-in-fact, have done. Man's choice of destiny is precisely that: what have you lived to do, which is human by virtue of immortal progress of the human condition which each must contribute to our relative next-in-place to do necessary good.

That idea, as such, is not alien to any truly decent living person. It is the proper goal; the question is, how might we realize it? The proper response to that question, is a matter of acquired foresight into the making of a future which were not merely an echo repeated from the past. The special quality of spirit, thus, is the increase of the power of the living individuality, to contribute a good which either revives what the past's errors, have denied us, or was actually previously unknown, but needed progress in the form of an achievement never known for actual practice earlier.

What I have learned to hate, the most, is an educational system, which teaches down to the students who work as if they were mere puppets created by the doctrines of their teachers and their likes. What the student needs, is not material rewards, as such, but to create some new good idea of principle for society. Such an achievement is rarely self-evident; it assumes the form of a process of progression toward truly accomplished discoveries of what is the necessary to know. The underlying, actually necessary feat, lies in the becoming, not a merely particular result.

The greatest crime in geometry for example, was the teaching the evil dogma of Euclid: that is like killing the mind of the child, before it were permitted to be born. Yet, that particular offense, has been made, repeatedly, even among many accredited scientists. The mission of man in life, is to make the germs of the future of a mankind yet to become. That is, for each among us, the greatest reward we inherit as having been what must become ourselves, for the future which shall remember what we will have done.

[1] My record of recurring, successful forecasts of future changes in trends of direction, of turns from previously current human behavior in societies, implicitly defines the necessary changes in characteristic direction of the meaning of properly current human behavior, for better, or, often, otherwise, for the worse: as for the cases of both the U.S. Administrations under the Bush-Cheney Presidency, and under the even more depraved, Obama Presidency.

[2] The Bertrand Russell doctrine adopted under Russell's oversight, pretended to define principle of life within an actually dead philosophy for chemistry, as opposed to the great hero of modern scientific progress, the great scientist, Vernadsky of that time.

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