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This article appears in the March 28, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Satan Still Operating from
Inside Bertrand Russell's Corpse

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 19, 2014

The British Empire's trial policy which had ended, approximately during mid-week, in seeking to bluff Russia's President Putin, has failed in the effort to carry out the mission assigned implicitly by the British Empire. U.S. President Obama, who (perhaps, now, only temporarily) has been lately showing more and more of the qualities of an imitation of the mentality of Adolf Hitler-in-the-bunker. Obama's current reactions are about the same as in Hitler's rage-ball behaviorisms, earlier. He is now on the edge of readiness to be toppled, perhaps into prison for his own, actual crimes, crimes which, in fact, he has committed at increasing rates, especially since the beginning of his present, second term in office.

Obama is now operating fully in overt violation of the U.S. Constitution, and were likely, on that account, to end up, not only impeached, but also even in Federal prison for cause of the sheer, fascist-like offenses against the Constitution of our United States, or, perhaps, like Adolf Hitler, a defeated-Hitler-style suicide.

Nonetheless, Obama's crimes, this far, to the present date, have not yet shown the even far more monstrous crimes, which he is now fighting to add to the probable, and crucial, new phases of his intentions for his immediately intended repertoire: global thermonuclear warfare. This behavior of his, has been launched in his role as a lackey operating on behalf of the Empire of the current "British Imperial Queen prototype" (actually, currently in historical fact) the imperial Elizabeth II:[2] a globally coordinated, intended planetary, thermonuclear warfare throughout our planet, generally. Obama's frenzied rage, at this present time, is a reflection of his intention (and that Queen's) to take a presently leading hand in organizing a threatened, global thermonuclear war, now. Hence, what have been Obama's ostensible fits of apparent insanity embodied in the expression of his fulminating, anti-constitutional, "rage-ball fits" against the Democratic Party leadership in the U.S. Senate (in particular), and their own present co-thinkers generally.

Actually, Obama is justly categorized, as being about as much clinically insane, now, as Adolf Hitler preceding his own last days in the Bunker, that, thus, in the same sense as Obama's presently converging, recurring Adolf Hitler-like fits, his association with certifiably evil, witch-like, pro-fascist-leading personalities within his entourage, and his affinity to the kindred influence of former Vice-President and chronic rage-ball, "dirty" Dick Cheney, whose behavior Obama echoes, otherwise.[3]

However, for the purposes of historical clarity respecting current events, all of Obama's malfeasances, must also be classed, most emphatically, as being, actually, echoes of the Satanic-like intentions of the truly most evil man of the Twentieth Century, the British Empire's Bertrand Russell.

I emphasize the particular case of Bertrand Russell's overt roles, comparing those prior to World War I, and, his "acting-dictator and war-maker" role since the World War I armistice phase. Since that later time, Russell has been actually worse than Hitler, in terms of their respective spans of life, as the relatively greater force of the globally evil influence he had come to exert, so, over the trans-Atlantic region and beyond, as following the opening and close of what is now on record as World War I. We must consider, also, his uniquely leading role in pre-shaping the current vast moral crimes of the present British Empress over a great part of the planet now, which have existed to continue the earlier, murderous rages of the English Queen Elizabeth I, and also the presently British imperial Empress Elizabeth II (and the latter's actively complicit consort).

The former of those two Queens is to be frankly distinguished as the respectively English Queen, earlier, and her implicit successor, the present Empress of Genocide, the latter a monster presently committed, openly, to reduce the human population of our planet, from somewhat less than a totality of seven billions living human persons, to either one billion, or significantly less.

That is the current British Empress's guiding goal for practice: a goal which her flunky, President Barack Obama, shares in full: that in both intention and in the trends of his practice. The effusions of her policy, and those of her flunky, President Barack Obama, converge precisely to that, so declared, effect, by them both.

Among the contributing factors which have played a key role of influence in the corruption of the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries' progress, has been the influence, on the subject of mathematics and formal science generally, by the leading, wicked, Twentieth Century's influences on modern mathematical physics, of the pair of the pseudo-scientists, David Hilbert and Bertrand Russell, the notable enemies of the brutally persecuted Kurt Gödel.

I. The Ideological Roots of Such Evils

The facts to which I have referred in my prefatory remarks, above, are to be considered very seriously, as essentially, symptoms of the actual motivation of the relevant historical process itself, rather than merely the effect of the effects of that process.[4] To "get at" the actual motivation: we must, first, understand the systemic fallacy inherent in any belief in sense-perception as such. Sense-perception is merely, very often, a useful, mere shadow of the reality of the actually efficient shadow cast by the underlying influence of a valid communication of an efficiently accurate statement, underlying, in turn, the expression of an underlying human intention, not that intention as such, in and of itself.

I recommend that we must open the mission here, with attention to the excellent, if uncompleted argument, against the criminality of Bertrand Russell, an argument also made against the particular, systemic fraud introduced, not merely by the blundering Hilbert, but by Russell, a fraud addressed with systemic excellence, by the scientist Kurt Gödel, in his 1931 "On Formally undecidable propositions of Principia Mathematica and related systems I" (1931), and related writings on the same topical areas by Gödel himself. The considerations which I have just stated, in full, immediately above, in the opening of this report, are the most crucial factors in the shaping of the immediate, and foreseeably prospective future of the continued existence and progressive development of the human species.

The outstanding, continuing importance for all modern science, since the publication of that Gödel's1931 rebuttal of the fraud which had been specifically launched, formally, at the 1900 A.D. Paris conference, and which still serves as the presently, radical-reductionist concoctions which had been fomented by the public work of the mere numerologist, David Hilbert. From my own present vantage-point, I would choose, here, to accept the systemically competent argument by Gödel, out of hand,[5] preliminarily, as far as that went: as being an argument which is also a self-sufficient exposure of the actual fraud expressed as the essence of the specific Twentieth-Century hoaxes of Hilbert and Bertrand Russell combined.

The relatively merely foolish Hilbert, had turned out, in fact, to be the relatively stupid fool who, in the end, had merely opened the gates for what became the purposes of that sheer evil which are the more witting evil, characteristics of Russell's entire, thoroughly pro-Satanically evil adult life. Russell, essentially, denied (as a chronic reductionist) the effectively actual existence of anyone's actually living human life, and did so both systemically, and categorically. That was the result of his essentially, implicitly Zeusian thesis expressed throughout his adult public life, since his earliest, already vicious writings of the 1890s.

The positively relevant considerations to be noted here, pertain to Kurt Gödel's relatively keystone-thesis in his own referenced work, and its outgrowths. For me, Gödel's argument is, formally, thoroughly correct as to his exposure of an outright fraud by Hilbert and Russell, if,—specifically, only formally, as that, specifically, insofar as Hilbert had presented this, on record.[6] Although the formal aspects of Gödel's argument, were merely formal mathematics in their emphasis, they were also those defended by a close friend, world-famous scientific associate, the great physicist, Albert Einstein, with whom Gödel had been, and is still being, rightly, closely associated, still, retrospectively, today, as shown in the context of their frequent encounters and walks at Princeton, and so on. His mathematics, as such, as such, was, for me, impeccable.[7] That I could not match to the present day. It was his physics which had included that crucial element of error, which I introduce and address here.

However, while I do still, support Gödel's mathematical thesis against the reductionists, as formally true, for me; although his thesis is far from being adequate for actually physical, rather than merely formally mathematical science as such, today. My own approach to the subject, as presented by me here, has sought out a more essential basis for the subject, in a contemporary requirement for physical science presently, rather than what an argument from the context of merely mathematical disciplines could adequately sustain, if science were to be defined satisfactorily for my purpose in writing here.[8]

Indeed, this needed distinction is the most crucial aspect of my own successful, professional achievements as an economic forecaster over the 1956-2014 interval, that in a different field of science, a practice in which I have been notably engaged, successfully, my first breakthrough in economic-forecasting principles' application, a breakthrough which had obtained my relatively conclusive successes in forecasting since then: all of this, despite a related expression of displeasure by the FBI, since, about that time.

Since those of my earliest successes as a forecaster, with numerous successful, and often relatively unique records on this account, up through, still recent times, I had also, in a non-unrelated way, a way which had often succeeded in a relatively very precisely stated and placed reference to many, of the most crucial, even relatively global effects of the post-World War II history, to the relatively present date.

The point to be expressed here, in that fashion, is my successful such forecasts have borne directly on either the fate of a particular nation, or, of several, or more nations, such as my precisely accurate forecasts of the crash of the U.S. economy in 1971: forecasts which I had presented, publicly, as oncoming, since first presented as "within several years," beginning 1958, approximately, that precisely as I had forewarned, later, during the Summer-Fall of 1971. Skipping over other relevant cases of my forecasting, there came my, 1980s' "Five-Year" forecast for the collapse of the Soviet economy, exactly on schedule as to year, and, and, later, a series of successful forecasts for the U.S.A., and, also, the trans-Atlantic sector (including the United States itself as such), since that time.[9]

Emphatically, the making of these forecasts was never a matter of the immediate occurrence of the actual effect. However, insofar as accurate forecasting provides clinical qualities of insight to the causes of systemic aberrations in the economic and related processes, the existence of excellent forecasts which had been made for the relevant future, are among the most valuable, sometimes even strategically critical contributions, and, are, even often, consequences required for the actual prevention of disasters which had actually been voluntarily promoted by a broader practice of active incompetence, or simply ignorance by governments of nations, including, sometimes, our own. One among my favorite themes, on this account, has been the relevant cases of the history of grave failures of performance of the United States' economy actually caused by the widespread ignorance among Americans, even the U.S. Government itself; but, above all else, there has been a stubborn ignorance of, or, simply refusal to accept, the physical-scientific excellence of the method of forecasting associated with U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton (the greatest of the modern world's known record for principles of an actual scientific method of forecasting).[10]

I.e.: All nations which base the notion of economy on "money" are acting incompetently respecting relevant matters of actual principle: that specifically, respecting the prospect for that nation's economy. The systemic incompetence involved in the fraud of "money per se," is that which is, chiefly, the reason I have been repeatedly, almost inevitably right, when leading opinion throughout our general population, such as leading business interests, and, also, our government, have been seriously, or even more often, terribly wrong in the shaping of the nations' general economic policies, as, for the case of the United States, U.S. economic policies since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, a true heir of the principle of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (and of the widow of that President). In fact, virtually all the truly great stupidities and frauds of the U.S. government since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, have been a fruit of the elections of most of those later Presidents, with several notably rare exceptions. A careful and competent study of the relevant history, securely proves the case of my argument here. The difference is, that, for example, the "Dirty" Dick Cheney and Obama Presidencies, were not merely incompetent, but intentionally evil, and by no means paragons of the art of true fact.

"Money" can be intrinsically evil, whenever it follows the administration of a government conducted under the reign of fools, or, worse under virtual traitors, such as the Wall Street gang: the latter, most notably, being, this far, the three-plus terms of Presidential, recent, monstrously and malicious terms of incompetence (by malice, or incompetence) of Wall Street, in particular.

Thus, whereas, Kurt Gödel was both a genius, and often a companion of one among our republic's greatest scientific geniuses, Albert Einstein, the excellence of that pair's outstanding work as true scientific geniuses, were not the province of the systemic principles of current human society's present governments. A different aspect of physical science, rather than the predominant, popularized trends, must therefore, be called into play. That is my subject in science, for these, now following pages.

The subject of the underlying, fundamental principles of an actually, specially human-biological examination and applications of the processes of physical-economic conditions for enhanced trends in human-social reproduction. Kurt Gödel was right in his argument against the accomplices of Bertrand Russell, et al., as such; but, Kurt Gödel had not actually addressed the truly human aspect of that process, as such, itself.

Nonetheless, that qualifying consideration, while truthful in its own right, does not diminish Gödel's actual achievement, not at all. It simply signifies, that the needed proof for the effect of Gödel's relative success, in his charges against the follies of Hilbert, Russell, et al., must now take into account something which he had, persistently, overlooked. He had neglected the actually physical, rather than a merely formal-mathematical consideration.[11]

Thus, this obliges us, now to emulate the model utterance, for science generally, of the concluding sentence of Bernhard Riemann's famous Habilitation Dissertation: "This [the conclusion of the Habilitation dissertation] leads us, thence, into the domain of another domain of science, into the domain of physical science, which the auspices of today's proceedings do not permit."[12] This time, the processes of the human mind's uniquely noëtic powers.

II. The Ontology of Economy

The crucial, physical fact concerning the human species, in all relevant respects, has been the failure to recognize (at the least, not adequately), an intended hoax which has been widely adopted from among the presently working majorities of the credulous. I mean: the hoax otherwise known by the name of virtually, intellectually blind, sense-perception per se. It is only, if and when we acknowledge that particular truth concerning commonplace errors, that we are both enabled and qualified to address the actually essential nature of the systematically common frauds of David Hilbert and Bertrand Russell,[13] that we are to be properly impelled, more or less adequately, to recognize the converging evil of the representation of them both.

The leading root of the fallacy of sense-perception, lies in the appearance of a lack of generally available competence to be met in the commonplace means required for recognizing the intrinsic absurdity of sense-perception as such. The actual solution for that still widespread intellectual incompetence to be seen among the generality of the human population, is the reliance on the merely putative authority of what is sometimes named, more, or less, as "sense-certainty." The fact of that matter, is that most among humanity has, this far, customarily overlooked, the efficient means of proof of the fact, that the notion of sense-certainty as such, has always been no less evil than mere stupidity, but, also, frequently enough, used as a means for turning actually human personalities into turning many otherwise, seemingly humanoid folk, practically, into what were, in fact, political, or even scientific sheep.

The remedy for such widely spread, infectious incompetencies of the virtually Zeusian, "human sheep," lies in proofs of evidence to be recognized as existing only beyond mere sense-perception, as in the universe (the Solar System most immediately) outside the Earth's human mere sense-perception environments, presently. The fault lies not in the universe, but in the follies of human errant confidence in mere sense-perception per se. I have recently taken the advantage of certain foundations of the highest level of competence in the study of those foundations of human science which pertain directly to the means and methods of what has been traditionally regarded, unfortunately, as the Earth-bound limits of mankind's Earthly science.[14]

The Actual Foundations of Today's Physical Science:

Henceforth, now, there are two sets of experimental evidence respecting well-known principles of a physical science, presently premised, as by the triad of scientists whose work is to be traced from roots of discovery made in the Golden Renaissance, in order of appearance, by the great scientists: (1) Filippo Brunelleschi, for physics in the small; (2) Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, for the physics of the very large; and, (3) the discovery of the resolving of the underlying, universal physical principle (not an attempted mere deductive view of the Solar System), and beyond, by Johannes Kepler. All competent physical science since that triadic achievement, itself, had been rooted in its already given foundations, and has been implicitly defined for all competent practice of science, since, by the triad of that Brunelleschi, Cusa, Kepler, principle: that, up to a certain, later, crucial point in the progress of modern physical science.

In recent centuries, especially in matters of science, the new quality of effects has emerged around the pioneering role of, most notably, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, and, crucially, of the pair of (1) Max Planck (echoing the role of Brunelleschi); the combined roles of Max Planck (the small); and, (2) Albert Einstein (the large), and, then, the approximation of a still wanted third, completing statement proffered, but not yet attained principle (comparable in effect) to the precedent of Kepler's unique element: in respect to treatment of the principle of life-per-se, by the (3) accomplishments of V.I. Vernadsky. Kepler's role was, thus echoed, in goodly useful approximations, but without completion, by the implications of the universal scientific figure of Vernadsky, implications which require a more exact conclusion.

These two cases, which I have just identified here, so far, afford us a merely approximate, but, nonetheless, most highly relevant, present, access to searching out a quality of principle (the principle of life-per-se), which will no longer be confined, presently, to Earth-bound, mere sense-perception as such.

The old mathematical physics, while still part of an increasingly limited scale of useful practice presently, awaits the urgent needed for realization of the implications of the history of the Solar System itself, as implicitly to be defined by the relationship of my first and second hypothesis pertaining to the combined relationship to be understood as the contradictory meanings of the Earth habitat with respect to that of the outer parts of the Solar space, from which human practical understanding of the actual universe has been generally excluded by the influence of sense-perception, as such, heretofore.[15]

The latter considerations, just identified, therefore, bring us closer to solving the fault in the efforts of such as the practical application of a properly refined physics of Earthly relations to the higher order, and, also, the higher authority of the physics of a full supra-Earthly space-time, which could enable us to integrate the two, much more adequately.

Under that desired achievement, we are then, prospectively enabled, to translate the excellent formal argument, but ontologically limited, by Kurt Gödel, into the actually applicably physical terms of a true modern physical science as such, as I have done in the several, immediately preceding paragraphs, here.

This, notably, is in the nature of an increasingly urgent venture into the practically human action, more generally, into space, and respecting space's implications for Earthlings, than we have been enabled heretofore. This perspective, might, therefore, be regarded as the practical approach to expressing the intention of the late Kurt Gödel, to the effects of its greatest potential contribution to the current state of mankind. I am certain, that the late Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel would have agreed, alike.

A Closing Note on Forecasting:

Forecasting should never have become, by any means, a kind of witchcraft, nor the like. Rather, it has such an exceptionally high degree of significance for the entirety of even an entire society's actual future, that the lack of that ability, on which I, for one, rely professionally, must be sustained by future progress. Without that, there is cause for implicit damage to society, and, the particular risk of serious psychological damage to the mind of the human individual.[16] The principle involved in that determination, is specifically identical in nature, to the faculty for discovering original principles of physical science: the principle of Promethean Fire, to be precise. All truly great scientists and truly great Classical artists, alike, have been specifically creative on that same account. It is the cases of those who have been injured by their surrender of that natural birthright of the human individual mind, which fosters the great errors to human life, through the often intrinsic fallacy of merely common opinion.

[1] Edited by the author himself, for the purposes of the necessary great precision respecting the intention inhering in drafting given for what have been the finally edited version containing the author's own corrections. Any changes, even minor, sometimes, a single comma, in the editing of the text of such a composition, might, sometimes, as here, cause misreadings of the essential argument presented to the reader. Laymen might miss the point which only the relevant scientist would "catch": with no harm to either.

[2] The de facto successor of the original, also ill-tempered Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth I, of Shakespeare's time.

[3] The apparent source, and clearly an accomplice, of the virtually criminal hoax of denying the virtually entire, de facto guilt of the British monarchy and Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar, to the United States at that Bush-Cheney time.

[4] The point of the distinction which I have just made here, is of the relatively greatest strategic importance at this present momentary interval of global crisis. The empirical features of any process actually in motion, and the future extension of that same process, are implicitly (systemically) contrary topics. Mankind is a species, which, by our inherently qualitative distinction from the characteristics of the lower categories of animal life, are such, that we are to be guided in action, and are enabled to be guided in our voluntary selection of our future destiny, by an active influence of an intimation of our future, amid our willfully changing of the course of human history willfully, not as lower form of life would do. All human discoveries by persons acting in the role of geniuses, are to be contrasted, categorically, to the cases of all-too-familiar, failures of those others to both understand that distinction, and to act in accord with that implications of that distinction. Those latter cases of failure, are the essential key, and usual cause for failure to have avoided the greatest crises of the human species—like our foolish Republican Party leaders, who, facing a virtual terminal crisis of the human species, wait, silly and credulous, devoting themselves to a future Republican Party victory, which, under their silly outlook on wishful greediness, would never come, as long as they were in charge. The U.S. failure, by Republicans, and others, to have dumped President Obama, is an example of the systemic stupidity shown by the plain fact of the failure to have dumped Obama from the Presidency, already.

[5] For as far as he actually goes.

[6] I.e., the content of Volumes I and II of Kurt Gödel Collected Works, (1986), and from my discussions with relevant professionals associated with both Albert Einstein, persecuted, and the gentle Gödel, who was brutally persecuted by the prevalent sheer mass of hate-filled reductionists of his time.

[7] I rely here, chiefly on that specific point, on Kurt Gödel, Kurt Gödel Collected Works, Vol. I and II, Oxford, 1986.

[8] See the concluding argument introduced below.

[9] All of these had been "on the records" of my association. In my part in creating the SDI, I had, with oversight by the intelligence services of the President Ronald Reagan administration, personally negotiated with a relevant Soviet diplomat assigned then to the Washington, D.C. diplomatic environment, an agreement to seek Soviet participation in the launching of the SDI, thus, returning the issues, then on behalf of President Reagan, to the agreement between President Franklin Roosevelt and Josef Stalin. SDI was never a war-intention policy, but a nuclear-warfare-prevention doctrine and agreement. It was the folly of a sudden replacement in direction of the Soviet Union's policy, which had foolishly prompted the then inevitable collapse of the Soviet System five years later. Every leading Russian official with whom I had had intimate dealings during my active discussions with those circles during the 1990s and beyond, knew the entire story, and this provided me, subsequently, with deep insights into the related case of the causes of the collapse of the Soviet System, and the consequences of the sundry blunders and achievements of Russia under extremely difficult circumstances.

[10] Incompetent economists, and other would-be forecasters, rely, incompetently, on statistical forecasting (an habitual flop), or in denial that forecasts of the potential future can be competently made. My own experience over my career to date, have repeatedly demonstrated the professional incompetence of those attempted denials.

[11] E.g., the factor: that the human species is mis-acting willfully, without adequate regard for the actually "bio-physical" context of the uniqueness overlooked in the course of the customary misappropriation responsible for the most common, and also profound misconceptions of the nature of mankind as such.

[12] Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen (1867). Few scientists, even still presently, appear to have recognized the richness of Riemann's closing touch of irony, as notable for me from either during my experiences of the 1970s and early 1980s, or, still presently. There exist, actually, no congruences of the two distinct categories of (merely) ostensibly related notions: e.g., the same stupidity of some scientists, still presently, who have not yet abandoned entirely the poisonous influence of the model of such as the purely intellectual fraud of Euclidean Geometry, and of the related Classroom and laboratory refuse of Aristotelean, ontological reductionism. E.g., the worship of souls which exist, but, therefore, remain unknown, in fact, to those misguided, but self-alleged believers in "the existing system." Importantly, those misguided, but usually intimidated folk, tend, therefore, to miss the point, for example, of I. Corinthians 13.: the misapprehension of the work of Apostle Paul, and others of his time, is effectively an offshoot of the strong influence of the Zeusian tradition of the practice of servitude, including the element of systemic oppression inherent in seeking even the permission to continue to live under the Emperor's terms. This is most notably expressed by the existence of both the persecution of Christians and Jews by the Roman Empire then, and the copy of the Roman Empire, that in the guise of the British Empire, and its continuing legacy, presently. We, who have enjoyed providing an indispensable insolence with respect to the arrogance of pure reductionist evil, know the price we pay for what we do, and we smile, if, faintly on that account; but some among us must enjoy the courage to defy the virtual evil tolerated among the dutifully terrified worshippers of the virtual Satans of their times.

[13] Hilbert's hoax was technical, and also absurd; the essentially similar hoax-in-fact, this time by Bertrand Russell, was explicitly homicidal in frankly outspoken intention. Their arguments were otherwise, convergent in character, and intentionally identical in their formal implications.

[14] See text below.

[15] The fact of the matter is, that sense-perception is not reality; it is, merely, at its very best effort, merely a distorted shadow cast in an uncertain light. As a matter of contrasts, competent science can, and must stand outside mere sense-perceptual experience as such: as I have done in the stated thesis on which the entirety of my report hangs, absolutely.

[16] The practice of teaching-down to the classroom student, who is intellectually bludgeoned into submission to belief in what is taught, is among the typical cases for the majority of the young members of society, in the United States, and elsewhere, still presently, and in much worse effects, than before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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